Iranians caught with fake Israeli passports: Time for biometric versions?

Obviously immigration security is vital to the security of a sovereign nation — well, at least most of us do — progressive socialists don’t seem to like the concept of a border. But at a time when transnational criminal organizations, narco-terrorists, and Islamic jihadists are looking for that soft underbelly, we should be even more vigilant with our border security but also with our visa processes and passport security.

We know ISIS has been quite adept at transiting wannabe jihadi fighters from the West to enhance their ranks. And we’ve come to realize the Obama administration hasn’t been forthcoming with tightening our visa security — especially student visas to individuals coming from countries on the terrorist list. Heck, we need to list the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization as a good start.

Anyway, our best ally in the Middle East — no Obamabots, not Qatar or Turkey, but Israel — has uncovered an issue with passport control. As reported by, “Two Iranians in their early 20s, a man and a woman, were arrested in the Kenyan capital Nairobi earlier this week when they were discovered using fake Israeli passports and going by the names Adi and Avshalom. This is not the first time Iranian nationals are caught abroad with Israeli passports. These passports are very popular in the world because of the relatively extensive freedom of movement they grant their owners. The difference this time, however, was that the two did not intend to use the passports to move freely in the western world, but in order to enter Israel.”

Now at the time of this report there was no definitive indication as to why these two Iranians sought entry into Israel — it could have been they were trying to escape the Islamic totalitarian rule of the Ayatollahs. Then again it could be to spy or in the worst case, carry out a terrorist attack. says “the two tried to board a Brussels Airlines flight to Belgium, and from there, board a flight to Tel Aviv. They were arrested at the Nairobi Airport and taken to the Kenyan immigration office, which informed Israeli authorities of the arrest. The arrest was also reported to the Israeli Embassy in Kenya.”

“The passport documents were not forgeries. An investigation found the passports were real passports stolen abroad. It is yet unclear how the two Iranians procured these passports and who replaced the original photos with their photos. In this day of passport theft and global islamic terrorism this incident does demonstrate the necessity and advantages of biometric passports, which are impossible to forge.”

“A biometric passport ensures that even if the passport is lost or stolen, no one else would be able to use it, as it would be immediately evident the user is not the passport’s original owner.”

So for all of you traveling abroad, make sure you are protecting your passport because it’s worth more than its weight in gold.

Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority introduced the option for a biometric passport in late June 2013. A biometric passport requires fingerprints of the two index fingers, and a picture of a person’s facial features. Imagine if we had such a system in America? We’d have a much better chance of tracking these Americans who’ve gone over to fight for ISIS — or perhaps we already do have such a system in place.

However, if it were not for elements in Syria, we may not have known about the two Americans killed on the battlefield fighting for ISIS. Their passports were used to confirm their identity. Regardless, we have some serious work to do in the Western world in order to preclude this infiltration. The 21st century battlefield isn’t very complex, it just requires understanding your enemy, cutting him off and not exposing any gaps by which he can exploit you.


  1. “[P]rogressive socialists don’t seem to like the concept of a border” except around their own residences, and those of their heroes. People who climb over the fence at — say, the White House — are called intruders, rather than undocumented residents.

  2. Okay, on to the real issue. Yes. Anyone anywhere caught using a false passport should be subject to long-term imprisonment, possibly in the nation in which they are found to be using said false document. Alternatively, the nation to which the false passport purports citizenship might also be granted jurisdiction.

  3. Well we have been allowing Iran since 1979 to counterfeit U.S. currency, which in turn they use to pay for a lot of crap. There is a cure for all of this, it starts with a live fire missile exercise, one Missile, 9 reentry vehicles 9 targets in Iran with out warning and keep doing it one per day till they decide that the only choice they have is to either surrender or go into oblivion. One of our SSBN’s carry 24 missiles, we might have to shoot three at most, I bet one will be all that would be required, Its time to end this stuff, but we will not, so never mind!


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