I’m Tahmooressi: I call on my brothers and sisters in uniform to start a campaign

While everyone is locked onto what’s happening — actually not happening with ISIS – I just want to ask, where is Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl? I mean how long does it take to bring charges against a known deserter?

Bergdahl left his assigned duty post without his weapon, body armor and sensitive items. His desertion from a combat outpost is known, not debatable, and carries a serious punishment. His platoon mates have provided testimony which was part of a 2010 classified Pentagon report. So I just have to ask, what is the holdup?

And while Bergdahl is free to roam about Ft. Sam Houston, what is the status of Marine SGT Andrew Tahmooressi? You know, the U.S. Marine who simply made a wrong turn — although the progressive socialist Left has begun an internet campaign to discredit him — a two-combat tour vet who suffers from PTSD.

Well I have a campaign in mind as well.

In the mindset of a progressive socialist, Bergdahl is a hero — hence why Obama hugged up Bergdahl’s mom at a White House Rose garden ceremony. Bergdahl refused to fight for his country and turned his back on America while condemning it — in a combat zone. And that’s why he’s being shielded by the Obama administration — not just to show regard for Bergdahl, but to deflect shame from Obama. Fighting and killing the enemy is a very bad thing to progressive socialists. Deserting your post in combat to condemn your country’s war effort is perceived as courageous by the party of Code Pink.

On the other hand, Andrew’s mother Jill Tahmooressi has never heard from Obama and sits forlorn as her son languishes in a Mexican jail for no apparent reason, abandoned by his Commander-in-Chief. Obama and his ilk care little for Andrew. I can imagine in their private gatherings they deride him and consider him a dumb Marine who got what he deserved for doing something they think is stupid. Remember how the Left elevated Cindy Sheehan and even thought of running her for political office? So where is the sympathetic shoulder for Ms. Tahmooressi? And for that matter, where are the Leftist voices screaming out for the mothers who lost their sons in Extortion 17?

This tale of two sergeants shows how the progressives view our men and women in uniform. So here’s my idea for a campaign.

The next time Obama travels to a military installation and gives one of his pathetic teleprompter speeches, everyone in uniform should refuse to say a word and just hold up a sign that reads “I’m Tahmooressi.” Because as far as Obama is concerned, it could be any one of you. I dare any member in the chain of command to reprimand a man or woman in uniform who does it. Disrespectful? No, it’s a statement of unity in the Brotherhood of Warriors, something about which Obama needs a lesson.

And until SGT Andrew Tahmooressi is brought home — with his car and three weapons — wherever Obama goes he should see signs that simply say, “I’m Tahmooressi” – Just like that famous scene in the 1960 movie “Spartacus.”

We are all Marine SGT Andrew Tahmooressi until he comes home and let Obama go nowhere in this country and not see his name. I’m Tahmooressi!


  1. I have been absolutely OUTRAGED that this has gone on for so long with utter silence from the Administration and lack of challenge from the media for it. Honest question – is there something behind the scenes or some un-reported piece of information that excuses this? Why is this not a national outrage with people marching in the streets? I HAVE to be missing something.

    • National outrage over what?

      A US Citizen voluntarily went to a nation, arguably broke the law, and is now being held accountable for his actions.

      You want the US to step in because one citizen is accused of breaking the law?

      Perhaps you think that wearing the uniform (except that he wasn’t) is some special talisman that permits you to evade personal responsibility?

      The reason there is no outrage is because most Americans believe in personal responsibility and the rule of law.

      So sorry you’re not.

      • So its you again…the man that refuses to see and hear facts…I think you could use some facts….He did nothing wrong except not see the Mexico only sign and could not turn around. So yes I think your leaking BS from your mouth.

      • He did nothing wrong — says you. Mexico says otherwise. I have no opinion.

        If only there were some way to determine who is right, the accused or the government. Some kind of hearing, wear maybe a trier of fact and a trier of law could determine what happened and what laws apply … oh, wait, there is.


        It doesn’t matter what you and I think about the facts, that’s what the legal process is for.

        Under your logic, any Mexican who declares that he did nothing wrong should be released from our jails absent a hearing, yes? Maybe only those who served in the MX military, to make it on the same footing as Tahmooressi.

        The rule of law should prevail. He should work his way through the MX legal system just as we make Mexicans work their way through ours.

      • Our unbeloved president is remise in his duties…here are the rule of law requirements for him….he is out to lunch and gives no credence to this mans plight.


        Whenever it is made known to the President that any citizen of the United States has been unjustly deprived of his liberty by or under the authority of any foreign government, it shall be the duty of the President forthwith to demand of that government the reasons of such imprisonment; and if it appears to be wrongful and in violation of the rights of American citizenship, the President shall forthwith demand the release of such citizen, and if the release so demanded is unreasonably delayed or refused, the President shall use such means, not amounting to acts of war and not otherwise prohibited by law, as he may think necessary and proper to obtain or effectuate the release; and all the facts and proceedings relative thereto shall as soon as practicable be communicated by the President to Congress.

      • “unjustly deprived of his liberty”

        He was arrested on the suspicion of possessing illegal weapons. The reason he was arrested was that he was, in fact, possessing illegal weapons. Other elements of the crime remain, so he may well prevail at trial and be found not guilty. I hope that is what happens.

        However, on its face, he is not being “unjustly deprived of his liberty.”

        The President is not a trier of fact or law in Mexico. If Mexico reveals a prima facia case against a US citizen and demonstrates that it is treating the American humanely and in accord with due process, 22 USC 1732 does not apply.

      • The fact remains the president has done nothing. Nada. zilch. zero….. I find it very odd for you to be taking the mexican view on this. They may have a right it exercise their laws as we do but 7 months in jail is a bit much for a mistake. Our president is obligate by law to be involved…he is not…so much for this military hating POS. I bet if he was a black man he would be all over it like he was in furguson…

      • The President has done a lot on this – John Kerry discussed this with the Mexican President and the DoS is working to ensure he gets treated fairly. That’s all he can do.

        Somehow this guy became a cause celeb for the ultra-right, but he’s just like a dozen other every month who get busted for the exact thing. There’s literally more than 100 gun arrests every year of Americans in MX. Should the President get personally involved in each?

      • Yes. It is his duty to make sure all are not falsely arrested. In Tahmooressi’s case it is appearing more and more that the mex cops screwed up with the warrant. We will see, but just my opinion this is looking more and more like a political pay back. going on 8 months for a mistake…hmmm…so yes the president needs to be involved. its his job.

      • He had guns. Guns are illegal. You’re looking for a child-molester’s pardon for this guy: escaping on a technicality without even a hearing.

        It doesn’t work that way, here or in MX.

        He wasn’t falsely arrested, but he may have been arrested without lawful probable cause (or whatever MX calls it.) That’s his defense when he goes to trial and I hope it works. But, due process has to be followed. I hope he gets released at a pre-trial evidentiary hearing, but I don’t think its the President’s job to act on the arrest of a guy who took guns into MX.

      • 1) Yes. I want the US to step in.
        2) No. I don’t think wearing the uniform is a special talisman. I think having served and returned with a debilitating affliction is. More, I think any Commander-in-Chief worth ANYTHING would IMMEDIATELY agree and make a huge production out of supporting him.
        3) I think you are a pathetic little man in the mold of other “men” who identify with the Pajama Party.

      • So you don’t agree with the Rule of Law and the respect of foreign sovereignty?

        I have no opinion on whether he is guilty. I hope he beats the rap, but the rule of law needs to prevail.

      • 1) Incorrect. I believe strongly in it.

        2) Then it would seem you need to pay closer attention. The guns were legal here and there are plenty of people that have commented on how easy it is to make the mistake made by the Marine.

        3) With a simple phone call from our C-i-C, this Marine’s case could have been released on humanitarian grounds and he could be undergoing treatment for PTSD rather than rotting in a Mexican prison.

        4) I concluded from your aggressive approach to this that you are a lib troll. If that is not true the very best that can be taken from your posts is that you are an uninformed loudmouth that doesn’t value the contribution of our service personnel.

      • My aggressive response? You mean disagreeing with you.

        The guns weren’t legal in MX and that is where he is on trial.

        With a simple phone call? Are you that naive? How many cases should the president involve himself in, and what would you be willing to trade away to see that this guy avoids a fair and free trial?

        How many phone calls should he take from MX and then release some of its offenders here in the US?

        Do you propose a sway of “get out of jail free cards?”

        If you truly believed in the rule of law you’d let this case proceed. Perhaps you might argue he needs access to PTSD counselling while in custody, and I’d support you on that, but you would never argue for a person accused of a serious crime to be let out without a trial.

      • Well, I didn’t want to comment any further on this but I have to ask you. Do you really, really believe that the “Rule of law” in Mexico runs the same way it does in the U.S.? Mexico is a corrupt country. They are probably just waiting for the proper “mordita” to be offered.

      • I think there are HUGE problems in the Mexican court system. The US has spent something like $3 billion trying to teach Mexico how to run a legit judicial branch. That’s why I think the US must REMAIN active in monitoring and ensuring this hero gets a fair trial. However, we must respect the rule of law, that means letting this case work its way through the system.

      • TruConserv, how dare you have a brain and use common sense when looking at the truth about a soldier or an issue that west tries to make a lie out of or minimize what really happened just to make a stupid comment against the President. That Sgt.made a ill advised decision and got caught. That is no comparison to the Army solder that left his post. The govt should not get involved with a possible civilian crime by a soldier. West, and those who are gullible enuf to listen his bad advise to blame the president, as always, learn to thnk sensably for a change.

    • Why should there be outrage?
      He illegally transported weapons and ammo across the border and got caught… he then lied to investigators

      He hasn’t been thrown into a dungeon.
      He is going through the Mexican criminal court system… he hasn’t even been found guilty or sentenced yet.
      He may well be released.
      He is not being denied due process or treated unfairly.

    • Your son is an idiot who goes to another country and breaks the law and then whines that somehow he should be exempt from personal accountability?

      Is that what you taught your son?

      The he’s not responsible for his own actions? That if he breaks the law he will get special treatment?

      I hope you son rises above you.

      • I’m guessing you’re a follower of John Kerry and Bowe Bergdahl, soldiers who would rather side with the enemy than follow the oath sworn by every military member upon joining. Bowe committed treason, while in uniform, while in a combat zone. What is the punishment for that? Sgt. Tahmooressi took a wrong turn, couldn’t get off the road going into Mexico, had his car searched prior to a search warrant being obtained, had been held without counsel, something the Mexican government highly protests when it’s one of their citizens held in jail in the US.

      • You didn’t reply because you don’t have the intellectual capacity to reply intelligently. You know I’m right. Personal accountability and the rule of law are hallmarks of conservative thinking.

        I get how we all want the Marine to come home. I certainly do. But the rule of law must prevail. He has to work his way through the MX courts just as we make Mexicans work their way through ours.

      • Maybe because he knows I’m neither a liberal nor a troll. I’m just a mainstream (R) with a different opinion. Perhaps engaging me will (1) strengthen his argument, (2) weaken mine or (3) cause him to change his views.

        Most people aren’t afraid of dissent.

        You’re the kind that is.

      • I’m guessing you’re wrong. No, wait, I’m not. I know you’re wrong.

        Bergdahl is entirely unrelated to this idiots behavior. Efforts to link the two only work on the weak minded. Need proof – read the comments in this thread.

        No search warrant is needed at a border and if questioning with a consul representative present was such a big deal to Americans then we’d actually honor it on our side of the border as well.

        I’m sure the next time that you read about a Mexican having his right to a consular representative being denied you’ll stand up for the Mexican, right?

        The idiot broke the law. He did not have to drive into the country. There’s no “I was stuck in traffic excuse” recognized at law. There are ways out of bad circumstances — he has to accept personal accountability for his actions.

      • I think you could use some facts….He did nothing wrong except not see the Mexico only sign and could not turn around. So yes I think your leaking BS from your mouth.

    • First tell your sons to stop invading other countries and their privacy. Stop it. If they dont, they have to pay the price. This is all stupid politics. This is all about selling the weapons. Rich are getting richer, and you stupid middle class are getting poorer. Wake up.

      NATO has struck in Iraq. Or, more precisely, two French Rafale warplanes bombed a storage depot in northern Iraq believed to be used by ISIS.

      Washington cheered the French attack as the first wave of NATO military operations against the new enemy du jour, ISIS or the Islamic State. French president Francois Hollande, whose abysmal popularity ratings are now lower than Robespierre’s, butcher of the French Revolution, was elated by his show of machismo even if French voters were not.

      What the French were really doing, of course, was show-casing their new Rafale fighter. There’s nothing like bombing Arabs to sell military hardware, as Israel has long shown.

      Paris has been desperately trying to sell the Rafale, which is a very capable aircraft, to the Gulf Emirates, Saudi Arabia and India. Delhi signed an order for 126 Rafales in 2012 but has yet to implement it.

      India knows France is desperate to sell Rafales and has been torturing the French with endless bureaucratic and contract delays while it tries to haggle down the price and improve co-production terms.

      Two Rafales hardly mean full-scale NATO intervention in Iraq. Washington has been pressing NATO for decades to act as its gendarme in the Mideast. However, Europeans have been very reluctant to wade into the swamp of Mideast affairs or act as Washington’s native troops the way the Indian Army served the military needs of the British Empire. As the late Bavarian leader Franz Josef Strauss pithily put it, “we refuse to be foot soldiers for the American atomic knights.”

  2. NATO has struck in Iraq. Or, more precisely, two French Rafale warplanes bombed a storage depot in northern Iraq believed to be used by ISIS.

    Washington cheered the French attack as the first wave of NATO military operations against the new enemy du jour, ISIS or the Islamic State. French president Francois Hollande, whose abysmal popularity ratings are now lower than Robespierre’s, butcher of the French Revolution, was elated by his show of machismo even if French voters were not.

    What the French were really doing, of course, was show-casing their new Rafale fighter. There’s nothing like bombing Arabs to sell military hardware, as Israel has long shown.

    Paris has been desperately trying to sell the Rafale, which is a very capable aircraft, to the Gulf Emirates, Saudi Arabia and India. Delhi signed an order for 126 Rafales in 2012 but has yet to implement it.

    India knows France is desperate to sell Rafales and has been torturing the French with endless bureaucratic and contract delays while it tries to haggle down the price and improve co-production terms.

    Two Rafales hardly mean full-scale NATO intervention in Iraq. Washington has been pressing NATO for decades to act as its gendarme in the Mideast. However, Europeans have been very reluctant to wade into the swamp of Mideast affairs or act as Washington’s native troops the way the Indian Army served the military needs of the British Empire. As the late Bavarian leader Franz Josef Strauss pithily put it, “we refuse to be foot soldiers for the American atomic knights.”

  3. Well, I’m afraid I’m no soldier, but if I have to make a sign MYSELF, I’ll put one up in my apartment window! I HATE what this fraud-in-chief is (& ISN’T) doing!!! I AM TAHMOORESSI!!!

  4. November is coming around the corner. Increase seats in the House & Senate with conservatives. Then, start beating the drums for impeachment. This rag-head sympathizing douche-bag has got to go.

  5. There’s a Leftist troll on here called “TruConserv.” Don’t bother wasting your time. Just block him. I did, & the room smells SO much nicer, now! You needn’t believe ME, though–just read his words for yourself!

      • I still don’t get why you are lurking on Col West’s site if you hate this topic? Why don’t you go play in your own playground and get out of ours?

      • Interesting that you would call this your “playground”. Does that mean you think it is a place that you can come and spread lies and misinformation?

        I don’t cotton to that. I, along a few others, am trying to spread truth. It may seem like a small thing, but lies and misinformation combined with xenophobia and partisan hatred can sometimes start wars.

        And I obviously don’t hate the topic. I’m fascinated with it. I can’t wait to find out what old Andy was up to. We may never know. But I can’t believe that he drove into Mexico “by accident”. I also can’t outright dismiss the possibility. I do think, however, that to “accidentally” drive across a border like El Chaparral, you would have to be drunk or high or completely out of your mind or some combination of the three (that’s just opinion there).

        Don’t you prefer being informed to being uninformed? Silly question really. You asked me to leave didn’t you? And I am doing nothing more than providing factual information….

        Asked and answered…

      • Justify for me, if you would, why this admin has not contacted the Mexican President to step in and release Sgt Tahmooressi. Why did the Gov of CA invite the Mexican President to a luncheon in his honor while this Marine sits in a prison? Our current admin couldn’t wait to shoot off it’s collective mouth regarding the shooting of a black kid in Ferguson, certainly not a national matter. But a decorated Marine Sgt? The silence is deafening.

      • Sure –

        (1) This administration has contacted Mexico, at the highest level, to ensure the Marine is treated fairly, per due process and human rights standards.

        Please read: http://www.latimes.com/local/abcarian/la-me-ra-tahmooressi-spin-machine-20140807-column.html#page=1

        (2) The Marine’s case is working its way through the MX legal process. He has a rich, successful private attorney, he has a private cell, he is in a safe prison, he has extra communication privileges. Just as we demand that MX allow our system to work when MX nationals are accused of crimes in America, so to we must allow MX to work this case through its system.

        It’s called the Rule of Law.

        Now, please justify for me why the US President should get involved in a routine criminal case in MX where the accused is not an active-duty member of the Military and wasn’t there on official business. Sure, we want the US to monitor foreign criminal cases of US citizens, but what do you really think the US President should be doing and why?

      • why should the president and his top cop get involved in a routine criminal case were a THUG gets shot? That case should be handled by the state, not the federal thugs!

      • I agree that Obama and Holder should have stayed out, but they did have the legal right to go in. 42 USCS 1983 and 18 USCS 242, among other sections of the US law, make deprivation of civil rights actionable at the Federal level. They didn’t go in to examine the shooting, but whether the shooting deprived the man of his civil rights. It’s a distinction without a difference in my mind, but there you have it, why Obama had the legal right to go in.

      • FWIW: The mother says she is grateful for the level of involvement of the White House.


        His mother, Jill Tahmooressi, said in response to the White House statement, “the family is grateful that the White House is actively urging Mexico to expeditiously proceed through the judicial due process on behalf of Andrew.”

        His case has to work its way through the legal system – why should it not?

  6. When the evidence is coming out so strongly in his favor, an experienced lawyer can take the gamble and say what he really thinks.
    No purveyor of justice could honestly believe that Andrew posed a threat to Mexican authority or its people.
    Andrew had no intention of entering Mexico with firearms, and there is proof. The video evidence taken by Mexican customs officials at the border, which was entered into evidence at the hearing in Tijuana Federal Court on Sept. 9, confirms Andrew’s version of the facts and impeaches the testimony of customs officers who previously testified under oath.
    It is clear that Andrew received the green light to enter Mexico without being stopped, and that he was the one who decided to contact a customs officer in an effort to find a way to turn around. Therefore, he lacked the necessary criminal intent to commit the crimes alleged.
    The border video also contradicts the customs officer’s testimony on the constitutional issues of illegal search and prolonged detention.
    The Mexican Constitution requires that a search warrant be issued prior to a search of a vehicle stopped at the border. The video clearly shows customs officials searching the truck long before the search warrant was issued, a point specifically denied by customs officers when they testified.
    Further, the timestamps on the video show that Andrew was subjected to a prolonged detention and was not timely provided an interpreter, both of which are violations of Mexican law. These violations are sufficient for the judge to declare a mistrial and suppress the introduction into evidence of the firearms and ammunition illegally seized in the search.
    Finally, and perhaps most profoundly, Mexican law requires that inmates in Mexican prisons receive rehabilitation treatment to prepare them for reinsertion into society.
    On Sept. 9, a psychiatrist was sworn to testify about his testing of Andrew for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Should he confirm the diagnosis of at least three other experts that Andrew suffers from PTSD, Andrew could be released for humanitarian reasons, as Mexico does not have the ability to properly treat such a condition. Mexican military personnel have not suffered through the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and therefore there is no recognized protocol for PTSD.
    Enough evidence has been submitted to prove Andrew’s lack of criminal intent and the violation of his human rights at the border, and soon – within 10 days – we expect further confirmation will surface that he continues to suffer from PTSD.
    Despite having another hearing within the Mexican court system scheduled for Sept. 29, the time has come for Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi to be released from El Hongo Prison.
    Since Mexican law provides for humanitarian considerations regarding the care and treatment of its prisoners, a just and/or compassionate ruling ordering his release should be forthcoming.

    (Philip R. Dunn is president of Serving California, a non-profit foundation dedicated to the care and treatment of veterans suffering from PTSD. He has also been a criminal defense attorney for 30 years. He is representing Sergeant Tahmooressi and his family in the U.S.)

    • Good, then all this can come out at trial, right counselor? You’re not afraid of the rule of law are you?

      You don’t think that the accused can simply walk out of jail by declaring themselves not-guilty, do you?

      Of course not.

      You’re not one of the fools who think a raid is needed. You don’t think that America can simply demand that a foreign nation do as America desires, whenever America desires it.

      You respect the rule of law. Tahmooressi should have his day in court, and if the facts are as you claim, and I hope they are, he will be released.

      What really do you think the Obama administration should be doing that it is not?

      • they should be asking you to shut your worthless mouth. What is your solution? Mr West shows the actions that can be taken, to make it something bigger. But you are here shooting your mouth, spitting nonsense and annoyance..

      • My solution is to follow the rule of law. Ensure that the accused is treated with respect and that due process is followed. Ensure he gets continued medical and psychological treatment.

        My solution is to respect foreign sovereignty.

      • Then the mexicans should respect our sovereignty and not come here illegally. If we treated all the illegals here, the way this SGT has been treated mexico would be in an uproar.

      • Can I ask why your name is TruConserv? You sir don’t know much about illegals in this country do you? How about the repeat offenders that were sent back and yet made their way across our porous border yet again, and again, and again. There are many people dead in this country due to ILLEGALS who never were sent back to their home country. Were did they get their guns? And you can google search how many homicides were committed by ILLEGALS who should have been in OUR PRISON!

      • I deal with it on a daily basis. I’m actually pretty well versed. As a conservative, I can discuss the issue using fact and law, and not scare tactics. I favor a strong border and stiff penalties for those who ignore our immigration laws.

        Some questions for you: did you know that most “illegals” don’t come into the country by illegally crossing a border? Most enter legally and then overstay their visas. Did you know that virtually all immigration cases are considered Civil, not criminal in nature? That’s right, very few “illegals” are actually considered criminals, they are considered “unauthorised,” as a matter of law, and not “illegal.”

        It’s been that way since the 1800’s. I’d like to make them criminals, but then we would have to give them even more due process and that would cost us even more. The solution is to go after the consumer of illegal services — the companies that hire them.

        You likely didn’t know any of that, and that is okay, most people are unaware of what is really going on with our illegal issue.

        As I hope you can see, I’m actually pretty good at this. If you need citations or support for anything above, I will be happy to provide you with them.

      • Do you live anywhere near the border? If you do, then you should know well that Mexicans do not pay much attention to that “right to a speedy trial” nonsense that we have in our country. They could hold him for years and nobody in Mexico would give a rats ass. The border shenanigans are well known by most who have ever been in TJ. Wise up and stand up for your fellow American!

      • I’ve been to Nogales more than I have been to TJ, though TJ is just a quick hop on the trolley from my office.

  7. Terry Sharpe and Allen Brown are doing something! They are walking 300 miles to be seen by the President and to raise awarness. They will arrive Wed night and Andrew’s mother, Jill, will arrive Thursday. They will all demand to be seen by the POTUS. Please get the word out and make this something bigger!

  8. Obama loves to remind us endlessly that he is the Commander in Chief. Makes me wonder what exactly he thinks he is commanding. I can’t remember a real Commander in Chief who didn’t have the backs of our Service People.

  9. This is a little confused. Tahmooressi was honorably discharged from the USMC in November, 2102. He’s not a prisoner of war. He’s legally a civilian who got into legal trouble in a foreign country. Happens every day. The article seems to imply that any veteran should be allowed to commit felonies. Of course this is nonsense.

    • Usedtobe Fishfry, your response is a little fishy….he couldn’t possibly have been discharged in 2102, that year hasn’t arrived yet. The article doesn’t imply any such thing that veterans should be allowed to commit felonies. Don’t put in things that aren’t there, hmm…..

      • Well.. he also broke the law in Mexico…..That is why he was put there….. Jail is where criminals who break the law go (anywhere in the world works like this)

      • Is there any reason they couldn’t have “escorted” him back into the USA? I once got tied up in the Canada/USA Border and they let me turn around. SIMPLE.

      • Well, it is very simple indeed. Did you have loaded conceleaded guns illegal in Canada hidden in your car????. If NOT, then it is not the same situation lady.. I mean, even YOU. Can understand that….

    • Where did you get the idea he was discharged? He was being transferred from Camp Lejune NC to Miramar SD He is still a US Marine, I agree with you Fishy, You are confused!

      • Hilarious that you would think that. It is common knowlege that he was discharged in 2012. It’s even been on FOX news!

      • That’s hilarious. Where do people get this stuff? He was honorably discharged in November, 2012.


        He travelled cross-country from Florida to San Diego to stay with his Marine buddy.

        He spent his time travelling to Tijuana and had a girlfriend there.

        I’m just curious, did you make that up about his transfer? Or did you read it somewhere? I’m curious to see the link.

      • I don’t make things up. He is still in the reserves ,And being in the reserves means he is still in the Marines.What do you think? that you are my superior? Telling me to give you resources? That’s laughable! look it up yourself! I know there are a lot of liars on the internet, I get that, but it is so easy to find out for yourself without reverting to calling people liars.

      • Your claim that he was being transferred by the military is the silliest thing I’ve read about this case … and I’ve read everything there is to read about Tahmooressi’s situation.

        He is in the inactive reserves. He went from Florida to San Diego to stay with his friend and to get busy hanging out in the hooker zone of TJ. That’s a documented fact, as his bank records prove.

    • He was not discharged, he was transferring from one base to another which is why he had ALL of his possessions with him, including his weapons. He was not committing a felony. Ignorant people like you shouldn’t make comments on subjects about which they know nothing.

      • You too are hilarious for thinking that. Where do you people get this misinformation?

        If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe Marine Corps Manpower and Reserve Affairs Commander Lt. Gen. Robert Milstead, who when asked about Tahmooressi’s PTSD stated:

        “The Marine Corps is ill-equipped to help: Since Tahmooressi is no longer active-duty, Marine officials are unable to access his medical records or comment on his status.”

  10. Bergdahl was a means to an end. It was politically expedient for Obama to obtain his release. He wants to empty GITMO. There’s no benefit in obtaining Tahmooressi’s release.

  11. What should Obama ask the Mexicans to do? Drop the charges because Tahmooressi swears that he didn’t mean to do it? I mean, maybe it could be done but they’d want something in return. What are we going to give them? Also, apparently he already had crossed the border once by foot on the day of his arrest, checked into a hotel, then walked back across the border and when he drove through later and got searched he said he’d never been to Mexico before. That’s a bit fishy right?

    • According to US Immigration he had crossed by vehicle 3 times as well.
      This is born out by comments made by Phillip Dunn that Tahmooressi had, at least once been driven across by a female friend.

      In an interview with Greta Van Susteren she threw up a couple of very softball question which Tahmooressi popped up to the infield. But strangely Greta did not catch them. You think she had and agenda to prove his innosence vs. getting to the bottom of his story?

      Q: So you had never been to this border crossing before.
      A: Yea, I’ve driven the straight part that goes into Mexico, but never on that onramp before.

      later in the interview

      Q: Did you EVER intend to drive into Mexico?
      A: NO, never intended to drive into Mexico…not that night… no…

      Certainly sounds like he’s all but admitted to having DRIVEN into Mexico before!

      • How does his driving to Mexico before mean he meant to do it that night? Maybe the other times were at different crossings? Then he still wouldn’t have realized he couldn’t go back till it was too late. Everyone seems so determined to believe he’s guilty. But you refuse to even think that he could be innocent!

      • Sorry Marjie, but there’s no “thinking” that he is innocent or guilty. He IS 100% guilty of the crime his being held for: bringing guns into Mexico.

        Saying he “didn’t mean to” is a pretty poor excuse. No one “forced” him across that border. He drove across a clearly marked border past a green-lit “nothing to declare lane”. How in heaven’s name can you do that “by accident?”
        And besides, when you run a red light in your home town and a cop stops you, is “I didn’t see it” or “I didn’t mean to” a valid excuse? Will that get you out of a ticket?

        I do hope he gets out soon, because the penalties for gun possession in Mexico are enterly too harsh, but there is absolutely zero question about his guilt in relation to the possession charges.

        But all this “rallying around” Sgt. Tahmooressi is ridiculous. He is not a Sgt. He is a civilian and he broke the law and will have to deal with it himself. It is NOT my problem and not the Goverment’s problem. There are THOUSANDS of other americans in prisons in Mexico, and around the world many of whom likely deserve a lot more support than this kid.

    • They already get a lot MORE than they deserve. They come across our borders ILLEGALLY! That means in our country, they are criminals, but what do we do? Do we send them back home where they belong? NO! We welcome them with open arms and give them money for food, for rent, and other things, and let them live off us without having to even go to work! Is that fair? They already get that! The LEAST they could do is send our Marine home where HE belongs!

  12. As to Bergdahl, Mr West, you should know from personal experience that the military takes its time conducting investigations before deciding whether to proceed with a court martial.

  13. Allen West the demagogue at it again. Do tell West so we can share it with Obama…

    What is that YOU want the United States to trade Mexico for his release?

    Perhaps its YOUR contention that the United States is the Dictator of Mexico and that they should just fall to the ground and acquiesce to whatever demand the United States puts forth?

    Do you suggest that the laws of Mexico are subject to approval by the United States as to their validity or enforcement against our Citizens that break their laws?

    That we invade yet another sovereign nation that has broken no international laws, violated no international treaties or treaties between they and the United States if they refuse?

    Just exactly what is it that you want the United States to do to secure the release of man that broke the laws of Mexico?

    If we do this for him, we shall then be obligated, and constitutionally so, otherwise we will be sued by every family member by way of the 14th amendment, to put forth the same extraordinary measures to secure the release of our people in every nation on earth, irregardless of the crimes they committed.

    Do prove Allen West to all your blind devotes that you’re more than an bag of hot air, and for once put up citation for the legal authority, and what it is you propose using that authority that President can do, which he has not already done and without opening Pandora’s box, to secure the release of this man that broke the laws of a foreign nation, and was within that foreign jurisdiction when apprehended.

    • Mexico has come on OUR side of the border and shot at OUR border patrol. They have killed one of them, and we do NOTHING!! What is your excuse for that? Should we just let them invade us, and shoot at our people without doing anything? They have shot at us from a helicopter on OUR side of the border. They have no excuse to do any of this! Just because OUR law says the people coming across the border ILLEGALLY are criminals! Criminals that we just want sent back where they came from. We aren’t putting them in prison and chaining them to a cot! We have plenty of reason to be mad at Mexico, and the Marine is just one of them!

      • You should start reading more, Illegal immigrants, from Mexico and any other country in the world are put in prison and then deported to their countries; and US Border Patrol agents have shot and kill Mexican Children on the Mexican side of the border because the children were “throwing rocks” into the US, but this has nothing to do with Tahmooressi. He broke the law in both countries (US & MEXICO) therefore he will have to go to jail probably in both countries.. sorry to brak the truth to you like that, but it is the truth.

  14. as much as I support Obama, I have no defense for this. He could have done more. I don’t understand how it could have gone so long.

  15. I’m certainly NOT Tahmooressi! I wouldn’t be STUPID enough to drive into mexico with three loaded weapons and over 400 rounds of ammo.

    And sorry to disapoint you Mr. West, but I am not a liberal and don’t support Obama. I simply don’t support stupidity and disrespect of our neighbor’s laws either.

      • You know nothing & follow nothing! Your comments prove it!
        Bet you think Bergdahl is a hero & 5 senior terrorists were an excellent trade!

      • Nope bergdahl was most likely a deserter.

        But what’s that got to do with Tahmooressi?

        Any more questions? Ask me anything about the “Tahmooressi Affair” I can bring you up to speed if you’d like.

      • I have more answers then you as I have been following his entrapment from the onset & correspond with his supporters.
        My question to you…
        WHY, since we are all innocent until proven guilty & I’m assuming you’re not the prosecutor in his case, would you take
        the side of the Mexican government?
        I find it very disturbing! You’re either #1 anti-American #2 un-Patriotic or #3 you’ve crossed the border illegally & although

        you want to be here, hate fills your veins!!!

      • Who’s taking the side of the Mexican Goverment?
        I’m taking the side of TRUTH vs. LIES!
        The presumption of innocence is only a legal concept. It is not a societal mandate. I am perfectly free to think Tahmooressi is guilty and still call myself an American, and YES a Patriotic American!

      • Tahmooressi IS STILL in the freakin military, let Military Justice decide, who is blocking this? The Mexican Justice system just like their police and political are VERY VERY crooked and can EASILY be bought, try talking to the live and work there BEFORE you talk out your butt.

      • It is amazing how people react when they cannot handle the truth and you do not agree with their way of thinking, then they star making up lies and calling you names in order to disqualify your arguments, but with no facts just assumptions they take as facts…
        #1.- Tahmooressi is no longer a Marine. he was discharged on 2012. He might always be a Marine in essence but not legally that is why the Marine’s legal department has done nothing to help him.
        #2.-Tahmooressi broke the law in another country. Either you like it or not THAT is a fact you cannot do anything about it. You can scream from here calling for blood and invasions and liberation schemes but other than that you WILL DO NOTHING because you know you can’t.
        #3.- The law in every country is DIFFERENT. You cannot be so ignorant to expect it works the same as in the US because let me tell you something.. IT DOES NOT !!!
        #4.- You can call me names and make assumptions about my patriotism and legal status in the US, I honestly don’t care although I must confess your creativity always makes me laugh… a lot !!!.
        Have a great life… (oh.. and Tahmooressi will go to prison in Mexico and then after he’s deported to the US as persona non grata, he will do time in the US too…)
        Now.. Have a great life

      • There are over 1 million U.S. Citizens living and working (retirees mostly) in Mexico. If it is so god-awful down there, why are so many gringos moving there?

      • I have more answers then you as I have been following his entrapment from the onset & correspond with his supporters.
        My question to you…
        WHY, since we are all innocent until proven guilty & I’m assuming you’re not the prosecutor in his case, would you take
        the side of the Mexican government?
        I find it very disturbing! You’re either #1 anti-American #2 un-Patriotic or #3 you’ve crossed the border illegally & although
        you want to be here, hate fills your veins!!!

  16. There are no words for the leftist morons who have posted their vile on this site. The USA is indeed not ‘dictator’ of Mexico, but there are many things which can be done to get OUR marine back. How’s about we start treating all the illegals (ALL CRIMINALS) crossing the border from Mexico the same way Sgt. Tahmooressi is being treated? It appears that Mexico is the dictator of what goes on here in the US as far as jmtaylor700 is concerned.
    As for Arturo Vega-Llausas why is Sgt. Tahmooressi a ‘criminal’? Are you so ignorant that you do not know the circumstances of what happened? I’m sure you are, so let me explain. He was moving, ALL his possessions were in his truck, including his weapons (the tools of his trade), it is dark, he missed his exit, as soon as he realizes he cannot turn around, he calls 911 to tell them he’s lost, when the Mexican guards approach him he immediately discloses that he’s going the wrong way, wants to go back to the US, and that he has his weapons with him. Now any ‘ally’ country would have told him how to turn around, given him directions to where he is supposed to be and sent him on his way. Mexico is no friend or ally. It is ludicrous for OUR marine to be locked up and abused like this. Any real American POTUS would have had him home within the hour upon finding out what happened.
    I’m not reading any more of the vile comments posted but I will say every last one of you is mentally ill if you find something wrong with doing everything possible to get Sgt. Tahmoorissi back to the USA ASAP.

    • How about this: I don’t have an opinion on whether he is guilty. However, I do have an opinion about the rule of law: it should be followed.

      The weapons were not the tools of his trade. They were not Marine issue. Don’t lie to people about such simple facts.

      Dozens of Americans like him are jailed under the same claims every year.

      What is it about the rule of law you hate?

      • He should have been redirected back to the USA He was carrying those weapons legally. He used weapons for a living, having one or more of his own would still be tools of the trade, I never said they were government issued, you did. Read the facts of the case. What is it about America and OUR military that you hate?

      • You do realize that the “trade” you are referring to is killing people, right. When soldiers do it it’s called “war”. When civilians do it, it’s called “murder” (not fair I know).
        So you are basically calling Tahmooressi a “murderer”…

      • Ohhhh, now you get to dictate Mexican law to the Mexicans?

        Those guns were not legal in MX. Do you understand that he was in MX when he was arrested? Its laws apply.

        Those guns were not the tools of his trade.

        1) He was no longer in the Marines
        2) Those guns were not appropriate for Marine work.

        You tried to lie to us about the guns being legal and why he had them.

        We have a right to secure our border, they have a right to secure theirs.

        In all likelihood he will be released after his trial. Like anyone who respects the rule of law, I am willing to let the case wind its way through the system, as the US has done for literally hundreds of people caught under similar circumstances.

        What specifically do you want Obama to do? Invade Mexico?

      • Why not? Mexico has invaded us! Or do you think that all those people coming across our border ILLEGALLY are NOT criminals?

    • Almost all of your facts are WRONG. Maybe you need Mr. Arturo Vega-Lausas to explain to you what really happened. You’ve been drinking too much Kool-Aid.
      Sgt. Tahmooressi – Civilian Discharged in 2012
      Was moving – had been in San Diego for 2 months
      Called 911 as soon as he realized he couldn’t turn around – Called on hour after crossing the border
      Immediately disclosed – Mexican Customs refutes that.

      So all you know is half the story and half of it is wrong.

      Not a leftist
      Not a moron
      Not Vile, just facts…

      • What you say is a lie and I have no time to waste with you I have work to attend. Sadly you probably consider yourself an American and you no doubt have no problem with the way the sleazy mexicans treat America. You are a very sick self loathing individual.

      • Please feel free to refute anything I’ve stated and cite references. Otherwise don’t call them “lies”.

        I have MULTIPLE references for everything stated above. Mostly Tahmooressi’s own words and those of his mother really…

        Whether or not he actually disclosed his weapons is still in question. I just thought I’d point out to you that it is most definitely NOT a FACT since it is disputed by statements made by the Director of Customs at the El Chaparral Crossing.

      • statements made by the Director of Customs at the El Chaparral Crossing. Yep, and we can believe that man, right? It is amazing how much knowledge you posses! Why did he walk across the border the first time that day? Because he knew he had the guns in his vehicle. Then when he got turned around and found himself in the lane of no “return” he just asked if he could go back, WHY didn’t the Mexican’s escort him back?

      • Jodi, you can believe Alejando Gonzalez Guillbot or not believe him. Makes no difference to me. But Tahmooressi has already admittted to lying about how he ended up in Mexico on the night of his arrest and lied about not having been in Mexico before.

        You seem to know a lot more about Tahmoressi’s motives than I do for sure. You must have gotten into his head to know why he walked into Mexico that day.

        If you really knew that crossing you would know that there is no such thing as a “lane of no return”. There are plenty of places to stop and wait for help or even turn around and go back to the U-turn. There is no way you can be “forced” to cross that border.

        It is Andy’s “claim” that he aked them to turn around. Mexican customs agents refute that and say that he never mentioned being lost, wanting to turn around or having guns. Again, believe who you want. I’m just giving you the facts.

        And he was not escorted back bacause that would have been against Mexican law. Once you are in possession of illegal weapons inside Mexico you have to be turned over to authorities. There was never an option to be “escorted back”.

      • Believe whatever you want to believe. I am not here to convince you that you are either right or wrong. I am just posting the facts. You can write anything you like. I understand life is not fair but calling people a liar will not change the facts we are posting here. I would advise you to read more and do more research.
        Tahmooressi had ben in Mexico in multiple occasions. he was indeed in Mexico earlier that day. He even rented a room in a hotel near by the border. He had been living in La Joya for 8 weeks in a friends house, that is where he kept his triumph Motorcycle. He had more than 100,000 US dollars in his bank account yet he had not held a job since he was discharged from the Marines in 2012, therefore there was no excuse for him to have his truck filled with all his belongings. US CBP has tapes of three or four times he had crossed the border previous to that day. He gave three different versions as of why he crossed the border to Mexican Customs before making the 911 call and that was after the founf the conceleaded weapons in his vehicle. He lied again (he blamed his lawyer for the last one). He tried to scape TWICE from prison.
        The only thing missing is the neon sign with the arrow pointing at him that reads “GUILTY”

    • What about the hotel room though? If it wasn’t for that I’d be on your side but he walked across the border that same morning and checked into a hotel room. There’s pictures of the receipt and his story about why he did it is weird as hell. I think he’s probably in need of mental health care but there are a lot of mentally ill Americans in Mexican jails right now. The only exceptional thing about Sgt. Tahmooressi is that he’s a vet, which is great, I’m a vet too. But it’s not a literal get out of jail free card.

      • Maybe, but it’s pretty suspicious no? If I was a Mexican district attorney I wouldn’t be inclined to assume the most favorable explanation.

  17. I just love it when ass wipes jump in with out a clue or knowledge regarding Sgt. Tahmooressi’s case! We’re already clear, (judge included) his rights, by Mexico law were violated, so what’s the hold-up? Frick’n politics, that’s what!!! I am fed up with an anti-Amerca, un-Patriotic President & the infiltration of Islamist ideology. He’s a Muslim people!!! As soon as you get that thru your ass-kiss’n face & take hold of something besides what the liberal media feeds you, all the pieces will fall into place!

    • The hold up is that nothing you wrote is real.

      He’s stated his rights were violated. No judge has so determined. Further, a violation of your rights in MX, as in the US, is not an automatic get-out-of-jail-free card. It may lead to the exclusion of certain evidence, or to a more lenient sentencing, but it’s not the end of the inquiry.

      It’s taking so long because this is how long it takes for an American who gets arrested for weapons charges to work his/ her way through the MX legal system.

      Literally dozens of Americans are arrested each month for these charges and literally all of them claim mistake. The MX government has elected to take a hardball approach to these crimes. No one gets off due to “mistake,” It’s been that way since at least 1986 when I first encountered a case like this.

      So, which of the other dozens arrested that same month, or in the months since, do you also want to the US to invade over? When Bush was unable to secure a release for any US citizens so charged, did you accuse him of not caring or of being a secret Muslim?

      To people who actually know the border, this is just another day at the office. For people looking for another excuse to hate Obama, well, then I guess it’s just another day at the office for them as well.

  18. By Brian Hayes | Top Right News


    So our last report saw Mexican troops invading our borders — even drawing weapons on our agents on U.S. soil — and facing absolutely no consequences by the Obama Adminstration.

    But let one American make a wrong turn into Mexico — and there will be hell to pay.

    That’s exactly what happened to a U.S. Marine veteran last month, after he accidentally drove into Mexico with three legally owned guns in his truck. And he has been rotting in a brutal Mexican jail in Tijuana ever since.

    California Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter sent a letter Friday to Secretary of State John Kerry asking him to secure the release of Afghanistan war veteran Andrew Tahmooressi, who had just moved to San Diego from Florida and had all his belongings in his truck, including his pistol, shotgun and rifle, when he missed the last U.S. exit on April 1, forcing him to cross the border.

    Road closures because of checkpoints and construction added to the confusion, and there was no opportunity for drivers to turn around, Hunter added.

    WATCH: (Go to the site to get the video)

    Hunter wrote that Tahmooressi was recently treated at the prison infirmary for a knife wound to his neck, Hunter said.

    His mother, Jill Tahmooressi, said her son took one wrong turn in the dark and found himself in Mexico. She visited him April 14, and he told her he has been threatened by other detainees, though he did not explain the neck wound. He told her he had been placed in solitary confinement briefly. He called her Sunday and told her has been chained to a cot.

    Jill Tahmooressi said her son moved to San Diego to get treatment for his recently diagnosed post-traumatic stress, after returning from his second tour to Afghanistan in 2012. He finished active duty in 2012 and is now in the Marine Reserve.

    Where on Earth is John Kerry? He has said NOTHING about this imprisoned U.S. Marine after a full month in prison — yet Kerry lobbied Texas on behalf of the Mexican government to spare the life of an illegal alien cop killer back in January.

    This is the absurd, unequal relationship we have with Mexico — which demands endless respect for its citizens here, but offers none for ours in return.


    Sgt. Tahmooressi was still a marine when this incident occurred. Herein lies the proof:

    Jailed Marine Gets a Surprise – An Order to Report to Training
    (go to the site and see the order)


    • “with three legally owned guns in his truck”

      —–He was not in Kansas anymore Toto, he was in California with some of the strictest gun laws in the country. In California you can NOT own that assault rifle, those high-capacity magazines or all those bullets. You can NOT drive around with loaded weapons in your car. With all the violations he could have been looking at up to 5 years under California law.

      “Hunter wrote that Tahmooressi was recently treated at the prison infirmary for a knife wound to his neck, Hunter said”

      —-Self-inflicted light-bulb scratch

      “when he missed the last U.S. exit on April 1, forcing him to cross the border”

      —–Proven to be a lie – he had spent the day in TJ and there are no more exits when you get on the freeway there at that onramp where he made his “wrong turn”.

      And nothing but your foot on the gas can “force you to cross the border”. It literally requires a conscious act to drive a truck through a “nothing to delcare” lane and literally CROSS a border. There are not tractor beams in Mexico “forcing” gringos across their border!

      “He finished active duty in 2012 and is now in the Marine Reserve”

      —–Kind of speaks for itself, but he was in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) which is an inactive reserve component. IRR=Civilian.

      His “order to report to training” was a yearly “Order to Muster” which is your only responsibility as an IRR reservist wherein your contact information is updated and maybe a cursory physical examination. Then you are free to resume your CIVILIAN life.

  19. This guy is a criminal and a liar. He had loaded weapons concealed and within easy reach. What if he was stopped by police? Would he have a shoot out? Why did he have to have three loaded weapons and 400 rounds of ammo. He had crossed that boarded numerous times in the preceeding months, but now that he is caught, he claims he was lost? He did call 911 right away but later. He is a liar and a crook and we do not tell Mexico how to run its immigration and justice programs

    • IF he had intentions to use the weapons illegally, why the heck would he tell them that they were there? He made an accidental turn that he didn’t mean to make and that’s the whole story. Mexico is holding him for nothing! And I used to live in McAllen, TX., and it is DEFINITELY possible to accidentally get stuck in a lane going into Mexico and impossible to turn around before you get across the border. The traffic is horrendous, that’s why when we were going shopping in Reynosa, we parked on our side and walked over the bridge! This kid is innocent of any wrong doing and should be brought home immediately! There is NO excuse for letting him rot in there this long, NONE!

      • Oh yes, there is one… It is called “Breaking the law”.. I am sure even you can understand that…

      • Marjie we have only his word that he told them the weapons were there. Mexican officials refute that claim. That’s why he’s on trial. A judge has to decide who is telling the truth.
        Andrew has already lied about how he ended up in Mexico that night, and about not having been in Mexico previously, so his credibility is suspect.

  20. how long does Congress take to make the right move and REMOVE this traitor from the white house he has disgraced the title of president he and his family have spent more time on vacation than all the past presidents together or close to it.

    • Not soldier. Civilian, ex-marine civilian. I know, I know, “once a marine…”
      But legally a civilian, not subject to the UCMJ and not the government’s concern. Sorry, sad but true.

      • BS! He may no longer be a marine SINCE BEING HELD PRISONER, but he damn sure was one when he ACCIDENTALLY crossed the border! Besides, WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH IT ANYWAY? WHY IS HE THERE?

      • He’s there like literally hundreds of other Americans over the years because he’s charged with possession of militarized weapons. He’s charged with possession because they caught him with militarized weapons in his possession. (see how that works out.)

        Maybe the facts are you declare, you being an eye-witness and all. Or, maybe that’s just the story his mother is putting out. I don’t know.

        Maybe he has PTSD, maybe he doesn’t. We have only his mother’s word for it.

        I do know that in a courtroom there is a trier of fact and a trier of law and they can sort all this out.

        That’s all that is going on – his case is working its way through the Mexican legal system. The DoS is closely monitoring to ensure he is safe, is being respected and is afforded due process. He’s been given extra privileges and is in Mexico’s safest prison.

        We demand that MX let us process its citizens in our legal system, MX is demanding the same of the US. Is that really wrong?

      • He’s an American Citizen………..a difference without a distinction………….bring him home…………….

  21. I have a really fantastic idea trade Bowe Bergdahl for Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi That scumbag Bergdahl deserves to be in his place.

  22. I lived in a border town of EP and it’s easy to take a wrong turn into Mexico, the hard part is, in a line of 3 or 4 lanes if you are in any two furthest lane to the right, it’s impossible to turn around BEFORE entering Mexico! The drivers going back are not going to let you in
    “their lane” either TO turn around. If you stop before the crossing they will get pissed and force you into their country, then check your vehicle for weapons, even when you TELL them you are carrying!!!! So don’t get fooled by those idiots from the left who dont know their a$$ from a hole in the ground dispute this because they DON’T know!

  23. Still, no one has explained why this troubled young man was heading towards Mexico (long before he entered the fabled “confusing lanes”) with an arsenal in his trunk.

    This was not going to end well.

      • You make me laugh! Greta….
        You mean that grainy video where they didn’t show ALL the signs indicating you are going to MEXICO. Where she turned around about a half mile before the actual border crossing and did not show ALL the places to stop, pull over, turn around before you get to the border crossing, you mean the video.

        Or do you mean the inverview where Andrew admitted having driven that route previously but just “getting lost” on that night?

        And why on earth would anyone take the word of an acccused criminal as fact. Everyone in jail is innocent. Didn’t you know that? Especially if they are known to have lied and changed their story: “I was driving south on I-5 from La Jolla to San Ysidro to meet friends for dinner and missed the last exit.” “I have never been to Mexico before”.

        So the question was not “why does Andrew ‘claim’ he was headed to Mexico that night?” Everybody know that: “wrong turn”…

        The quesion was “why WAS this troubled young man was heading towards Mexico that night?”

      • He left South Florida in January and was arrested in Tijuana in April.

        Sure takes this kid a long time to “move to another state”.

        …and he should have checked California’s gun laws before he decided to make that move with those guns. Some of them were illegal to possess in that state.

      • I guess some people live in their car, no? But you know all about this man, sorry, forgot that you are the expert on Tahmooressi
        s life.

      • That’s exactly my point Jodi. If he was “living in his car” he wasn’t “moving to another state” now was he? He had already moved; yet CHOSE not to store his weapons safely like a responsible gun owner.
        And what kind of person lives in their car? With 3 guns and 457 rounds of ammo?
        His current incarceration is the direct result of irresponsible CHOICES made by Tahmooressi. It’s not Obama’s fault, not Bush’s fault, not the Mexicans’ fault, my fault and not my problem.

      • and it is not like he didn’t have any money to rent a storage unit or an apartment. HE HAD 100,000 US DOLLARS IN HIS BANK ACCOUNT…. So why was he “Living in his car”?

  24. How about letting the facts come out in this case and reserve judgement, that ex-marine is going through a legal process and has legal representation. Or are you guys against mob rule only when a black kid gets shot by police?

    • Is there a legal process, and does he have legal representation, and even if he does is it for him or to provide cover for a government, Mexico, and a US administration that hates the US military, that is racist to the core, and yes we are against mob rule including when a black teenager is shot by police. I can’t speak for everyone else but I know how to be consistent, do you? Or do you even care. Just a question not an accusation.

      • There is absolutely no reason for this to be taking so long. Mexico and the US have shared much over many years. You have a President who doesn’t find it important to him yet to bring this soldier home. Nor did he find the men in Benghazi important enough to him to save them. I do not believe this young man has got any kind of decent legal advisers. I don’t want an argument. I am just stating my opinion. Off my soapbox and on to read more of the day’s news.

      • Hi Patandfritz.

        Cases in MX can take years to find resolution, just as in the United States. There is nothing unusual about this case, so far it’s like the literal hundred of other weapon cases that will be brought against Americans this year. That’s right, every month dozens of US Citizens get arrested for exactly the same reason – and literally all of them claim it was a mistake.

        I suggest you read the following document to learn about what the US can do to help a citizen arrested in MX.


        Nothing out of the ordinary is happening in this case.

      • Well, if you believe the Mexican authorities, the Sgt. did say he had made a wrong turn and just wanted to turn around. And you approve of his being chain? And we, well, give so much to the illegals that Mexico allowes ti cross THEIR southern border and pushed them past ours.

        I know that area and it is very feasible that he made a wrong turn. Myself? I lived on the outskirts of San Diego about five years. The Border? Nasty and I made only one trip across the border.

    • Mob rule when minorities get shot equates to destroying their neighborhoods and each other for what, justice?! What a shame the minorities need this negative attention to boost perceived inequalities perpetuated by a servant and subsidized mentality. Money for nothing. This guy served for retards like brown to bully Lil Indians and become institutionalized douches. Your tears should go to all the fatherless children these scum leave behind. I’ve made that wrong turn in Juarez when i was active in the Army. Mexico is a third world cesspool, let’s bring every American back falsely imprisoned, but especially our veterans.

      • You may need to explain this to me, I was under the understanding that Tahmooressi was being assigned to another post, and that is why he had ALL OF HIS POSSESSIONS in his truck, even “GASP” his guns.

      • Let me explain this to you. You are woefully misinformed.

        Andrew was discharged in 2012. Since then he has been unemployed, tried college some, but dropped out, broke up with the girlfriend, started drinking and having behavioural problems.

        So he decided to pack up all of his belongings including his “GASP” guns and even a “SMH” ladder and mattress; and take off on a cross-country journey to San Diego; ostensibly to seek treatment for PTSD. This despite the fact that there are excellent VA hospitals in South Florida, where he’s from.

        No one has confirmed that he ever was seen for PTSD or diagnosed with PTSD, but let’s go with that.

        We don’t know if he was being treated but we do know he spent quite a bit of time “hanging out” in Tijuana, he had been there about 6 times according to his own account in the approximately 6 to 8 weeks he was living in the San Diego area, sometimes living in hotel rooms and sometimes staying with friends. Until the night of April 30 2014.

        He had, according to his account parked his car in San Ysidro and walked across the border at about 1:00 p.m. and “hung out” (whatever that entails) all day, even rented a hotel room. Some time around 10:00 p.m. he walked back across the border, drove back to Mexico, and got arrested for having 3 loaded weapons and over 400 rounds of ammo in his truck.

        So no, he was NOT “being assigned to another post”…

        Where DO you people hear this CRAP?!?!

      • I asked what the heck IRR is? I didn’t ask for your diatribe! Oh, and you must be personal friends with Tahmooressi? You sure do know a lot about his life! LOL

      • IRR stands for Individual Ready Reserve. When you leave the Corps you are subject to a recall, and once a year you show up to get a physical and confirm your address. You are not in the Reserves. You are not on Active Duty. You are not assigned to a unit. You’re a civilian who can be recalled to war.

        He had been in San Diego for a few months and hadn’t found permanent housing yet. His guns were not Marine-issue and were not even legal to have in California. If he had been inspected leaving the US he also would have been subject to arrest.

      • But seriously, about the ladder, that thought just ocurred to me the other day. What was the deal with the ladder? The Mexican report said that one of the things in the back of his truck was a ladder.

        Who moves cross country “with all his belongings in his truck”, and while packing says…”hey I might need this ladder while I’m getting treated for PTSD in La Jolla”…SMH…

        Or all those guns and ammo for that matter…

    • No black kid got shot by the police. If you are referring to that 6’4″, 250# thug, want-to-be gangsta who was stupid enough to attack a Ferguson police officer. Now that’s a more accurate description.

    • Are you referring to Ferguson, MO.?

      The policeman, as the report said suffered, among other injuries, a fracture over one eye. The fact that, was it three or two bullets fired and hitting his arm, shoulder before the death shot, is telling me, he sight was affected and he was in fear. Me? Well if any man/woman, regardless of color, weighting three hundred pounds, well over six feet, I would a dangerous weapon to me, especially if , again as no one, so far as disputed, he/she fought after being placed in the rear of the police car.

      But by all means, for your benefit, make skin color an excuse to disobey law enforcement who do stand on front of you.

      • Fracture never happened been debunked as a filthy lie that only racists believe. He saw well enough to shoot him twice in the head from 35 feet away. Don’t think the feds need your help on this one detective.

      • I haven’t seen such a report but will check. And the number of shots fired, well, our system of justice demands the befit of the doubt. This was no goody, goody young man. If he had obeyed the policeman and stayed in the car, no problem. Do you think maybe, just maybe because he had used his size to rob and push the clerk, so much smaller, had any bearing on his arrogance? And there is the video to prove he was a thief.

        By the way, what are your thoughts on the young white boy, similar in age, shot by the Muslim while stopped at a signal light? At least sympathy?

      • Benefit of the doubt goes both ways. Michael Brown didn’t get the benefit of the doubt just for walking in the middle of the street. You’re not giving it to him even after his death. He’s already judged in your mind. And that earned him a death sentence, does that sound like due process to you? Cop didn’t know about the theft MB did not get shot in the store. Arrogance don’t earn white kids a death sentence by police either. And even if he did deserve a death sentence, wasn’t up to the cop to be judge, jury and executioner. For your last question, I havent’ seen such a report but will check. I feel sympathy for every needless victims of gun violence including that accident with the shooting instructor involving a 10 year old girl and uzi. All the people involved are white.

      • As everyone seems to agree, Brown was placed in the back of a squad car where he did arrack the policeman, Maybe he thought he was being arrested for robbing the store, (video, remember?) but while he had turned 18, he did have a juvenile record that a court refused to open and apparently, Brown was continuing his taking robbing attitude, If he had stayed on the car, and the video was produced, he’d would have been charge as an adult.

        And, yes, benefit of the doubt is supposed to be for all. So I wonder, would there be such an uproar of the Brown who robb by size intimidation, over his death?

        As for the young white boy, I wish I could remember his name, he didn’t have a juvenile record. Do check.

        Our Lady of Justice s blindfolded and that means she needs the help of all of us. So much is being taken from us. There is no equal justice. Some stares slap the hand of a sex offender, even those found guilty of molesting children, with 30 days (yes, I know that sentence was review and the mandatory sentence applied,m but that is. rare) and released on probation. Obama and Holder are both accused of not following the US Constitution but Congress just spouts dismay. Holder ignore the com temp charges against himself and Learn and Congress spouts some more. I believe Obama will pressure one member of the US Supreme Court to resign so he can put another of us cult followers on the bench. I do believe Senator Reid will insure Obama’s chic for US Attorney General will be pushed through.

        But to be selfish and think of myself…I am not better off than I was before Obama.

      • The police officer himself said he didn`t know about the store. Police chief confirmed it so did Dorian Johnson that was with him at the store and when he was murdered. They where stopped for walking in the streets. No one knows if he has a juvenile record and it`s no one business. He wasn`t under arrest therefore didn`t have to be in the police car. No one agrees on aything exept the six witnesses who saw him get shot with his hands up. And in case you didn`t know Holder resigned, you can take his name out of your mouth.

      • That is why I said “if”.

        Correction, Brown does have a juvenile record, Prosecutor went to court to have it unsealed but Court refuse. As you probably know, all juvenile records are sealed when 18 is reached, Check it out. And in certain cases, it os necessary to know id such a record exists. He wasn’t under arrest but we don’t know why he was placed in the car. There might be a food reason. As I said, he didn’t want the robbery to come out.

        As for Holder, yes, he has resigned as of Dec. 3, 2014. Holder’s name is in history and will be heard frequently over the next year,and years to come. And I wonder if he will rate more than the page and a half given to our President George Washington as some new History books are doing? But that;s alright I guess, Christianity isn’t given any. But don’t fret, Islamic is given 36 or so pages,

      • Lawsuit was filed by racist blogger Charles Johnson and the St-Louis Post Dispatch. Sued to have the records released if there was any. Lawsuit was rejected did not confirm anything one way or another. US constitution says everyone has equal protection under the law. No one sued over the police officer’s jacket, psych eval, employment history. Shouldn’t all that be relevant as well?

  25. So hypothetically speaking, if a recently discharged member of the Mexican army tried to cross our border with let’s say 5 hand grenades in his truck (not a perfect analogy I know, is there anything that’s legal in Mexico and very illegal here?) and then claimed to be lost once he realized they were going to search his car. Then the right thing to do would be to dismiss all charges against him and send him home? For extra credit imagine what the title of Allen West’s blog post would be about that story.

    • Mexican Army? So you mean government cartel member? Apples to oranges my friend. You ever been to Mexico and had to be robbed by first the locals then the federalies, then avoid bandits just to travel their? There is no rule of law, unless u have a phone number. Or enough money to grease the palms of government officials

      • I have no idea what you’re talking about. The point was that the Mexican government caught a guy trying to cross their border with illegal weapons and his story was pretty suspicious to them. Why should we expect them to let him go? We certainly wouldn’t do that if the situation was reversed.

      • “illegal immigrants” are not crossing over active borders with through a “nothing to declare lane” with loaded weapons getting turned around and escorted home.
        It’s a false analogy
        Illegal immigration is completely unrelated to the Tahmooressi case.

      • It’s nonsense!

        Illegal immigrants are not crossing over active borders through a “nothing to declare” lane with loaded weapons and being turned around and sent home.

        It’s a false analogy!

        Illegal immigration is a problem in this country, but it’s unrelated to the Tahmooressi case. He was arrested for illegal possession of firearms, not illegal immigration.

  26. This happens to literally dozens of people every month. Why is this ex-marine the only one that West wants returned?

    If only there were some warning that could be given to travelers. Oh, wait, there is




    Don’t bring firearms or ammunition across the border into Mexico.

    Don’t carry a knife, even a small pocketknife, on your person in Mexico.

    You may become one of dozens of U.S. Citizens who are arrested each month for unintentionally violating Mexico’s strict weapons laws.

    If you are caught with firearms or ammunition in Mexico…

    You will go to jail and your vehicle will be seized;

    You will be separated from your family, friends, and your job, and likely suffer substantial financial hardship;

    You will pay court costs and other fees ranging into the tens of thousands of dollars defending yourself;

    You may get up to a 30-year sentence in a Mexican prison if found guilty.

    If you carry a knife on your person in Mexico, even a pocketknife . . .

    You may be arrested and charged with possession of a deadly weapon;

    You may spend weeks in jail waiting for trial, and tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees, court costs, and fines;

    If convicted, you may be sentenced to up to five years in a Mexican prison.

    Claiming not to know about the law will not get you leniency from a police officer or the judicial system. Leave your firearms, ammunition, and knives at home. Don’t bring them into Mexico.


      • Because the Bush Administration thought it would help them track how illegal guns flow through the border region and then the Obama Administration was dumb enough to continue the program. It was a dumb idea poorly executed and if the radicals on the right hadn’t pretended it was an effort to arm a revolution then maybe we could have had some serious hearings about it. A pox on both houses for that mess.

    • He is a Reservist. Just curious….What is your obsession with Mr. West? He has also SERVED under some of the dire circumstances and PROVED his HONOR! I understand you would have no clue what that entails…

  27. Also, what do you people have against the RULE OF LAW!! You follow Allen (rob these loons blind) west who broke the RULE OF LAW!! He asked for a convicted murderer to be pardon…BROKE THE RULE OF LAW…

  28. Just another attempt for Allen (rob these loons blind) west to get his supporters to donate MORE to the FRAUDULENT GUARDIAN FUND! Over 4 million collected only 35k given to candidates while 3 million spent on FUNDRAISING!


  30. LTC. Allen West identifies with the armed ex-marine who got arrested at the border with guns in his car but does not identify with the teenager that got shot by the police. Well I’m not Andrew Tahmooressi, I’m Michael Brown.


    • They had it all planned to block the border just a few days ago. However the guy that organized it got to many death threats from the Cartel and had to cancel the event. We’re just letting all these thugs run our country.

      • Sad part is you LOONS believe this man has something offer!! The only thing this man has to offer is to give you a opportunity to make him WEALTHY!! What do u get in return?? A BLOG POST!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  32. I am NOT Tahmooressi.
    I don’t transport weapons across orders and lie to investigators.

    Being a veteran doesn’t excuse every action you take.
    Being a veteran is not a “get out of jail free” card.
    He illegally brought weapons across the border, into Mexico.
    He lied to investigators about having been there before… it turned out he was there just a few hours earlier.

    Yes… he says he didn’t mean to break the law and it was all a misunderstanding…. the same thing almost everyone who is arrested says.
    I would believe his story more if he wasn’t caught lying.

    Will he be released?
    Yes… most likely.
    He has not yet been convicted and is still going through the Mexican legal system.
    He f’ed up and lied… but he will probably be released.

    Anti-Obama wingnuts are, of course, jumping the all over this and demanding the government step in and interfere with the due process of another nation and free a man who has not yet even been convicted and probably won’t be.

    • But it is okay for the Obummer administration to sell guns to mexico so they can be used to kill Americans. Boy some people are just mushrooms.

      • Yes, but Bush’s admin put trackers on the guns. Holder and his minions, didn’t see the need for them! Get the story straight!

      • Quite frankly I don’t really care that whole Benghazi/Fast & Furious/IRS scandals are just made up horse manure. You guys weren’t able to turn them into a biscuits no matter how many times you put them in the oven.

      • You think? Maybe because Holder won’t do anything about the illegal actions of this administration! You will see, it will all come out. And if you think the IRS is a false scandal, then tell me why Lerners emails were all “lost”? Why did her hard drive get destroyed? Why did her phone with emails for work get “lost and destroyed” ? Wow, hope you are enjoying your koolaid, because when the socialist take control of this country you will loose the freedom of posting your silly diatribes on social media!!!!!!

      • Dubbed “Operation Wide Receiver,” the Bush-era operation was run out of Tucson between 2006 and 2007, ending before Bush left office and before Fast and Furious began under Obama in 2009. The differences between it and Fast and Furious are vast, starting with the fact that Wide Receiver produced no dead bodies.

        Operation Wide Receiver used the common law enforcement tactic of “controlled delivery” in which the illegal sales of weapons were allowed to take place, the movements of the weapons were closely monitored and the end purchasers were then apprehended. It involved gun-tracing, not gun-walking

        Read More At Investor’s Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/062212-615871-fast-and-furious-different-than-wide-receiver.htm#ixzz3E9mDG250
        Follow us: @IBDinvestors on Twitter | InvestorsBusinessDaily on Facebook

      • Get your facts straight. Operation Wide Receiver was most certainly a gun walking operation. It ended before Obama was sworn-in, but the very same people who did it for Bush then turned around and did it for Obama.

        (You do realize that at the field office level you don’t fire every agent when a new administration comes in. Officers outlive presidents.)

        It was dumb idea under both presidents and it was executed poorly under Obama.

        Maybe if we talked about it honestly we’d actually get some insight to what really happened.

      • Yeah, I kinda though IBD would be a neutral source, but even some ultra-conservative sites are on board with the idea that there was little difference between the two programs.

        It appears to also be a misconception that OWR used RFID or GPS tracking chips. May have, but some sources say no.

        It’s odd that it was kicked back off again under Obama after it was clearly a dismal failure under Bush, though it is doubltful that either President authorized the operation. But F&F was not a “continuation of OWR”. That program was shut down when it was realized that it was simply not working or maybe even because DOJ found out about it.

        In any event, F&F is a non-sequitor and is completely irrelevant to “our Marine’s” predicament.

      • The big difference between the two seems to be that the local office chief didn’t co-ordinate with the MX authorities. That proved to be a huge mistake.

      • Get a grip and stop . blaming Bush he has been out of office to long.. the last 4 years are on that man that has screwed this country so bad my grand kids kids won’t be able to fix it

      • No one is blaming Bush. I’m just laying out the facts behind F&F. The same career agents that did it under Bush did it under Obama. I’ve stated it was a dumb idea with a bad execution.

      • Okay, let’s just say you are right. I thought Obama was all about “CHANGE” then why didn’t he stop it?

      • No, it is absolutely not okay. Why would you think that?
        Are you saying you believe that it was okay for him to sell guns to Mexicans?
        Or are you just making a stupid wrong assumption that I think it’s okay?

      • He was!
        Tahmooressi was there to sell guns,He rented a motel room went to the room met with someone then went and got his truck that was parked on the US side of the border,He wanted to verify the money first.This is when he got nabbed!

        And using another wrong to justify a wrong is dumb.

    • yeah and it’s ok for obama to trade 5 terrorist for 1 traitor… and bring him home as a hero… you’re sick, just another obama bootlicker.

      • Wow… You’re crazy.
        You just stated that it was okay for Obama to release five terrorists (something I never said) and then called me sick for supporting it (something I never did)
        Here’s a piece of advice kid… next time you want to call me sick for a belief I have… make sure it;s something I actually believe and not something you just assumed i believed.

      • Let me guess you also believe 9/11 was a cover up.. your a dumb ass Obama loving herk.. go join is is and get out of my country, that I have stood up and fought for.. but sure as hell not for people like you

      • Wow.. Candy, you are batsh*t crazy.
        I wrote that I don’t support someone who illegally transported weapons a border and, in your mind, that makes me a 9/11 truther and an ISIS supporter???
        You truly are crazy and have a very narrow and ignorant view of the world.

        Maybe you need to get the hell out of my country.
        And your comment about how you stood up and fought for this country doesn’t impress me… and I’ll tell you why.
        So did I.. and I wasn’t in a support unit.
        So don’t play the veteran card with me because that is a pathetic.

      • You can’re reason with these people .Even being a conservative i have to shake my head at these people.
        They refuse facts like the fact he had rented a motel room in TJ went there met with some one then went and got his truck.Also some of the weapons found were in secret compartments!

  33. Why should the President care about a thug gun smuggler? He’s rightfully in jail like any thug gun trafficker should be. Mexican justice is what he deserved should have bought a GPS if he doesn’t know his way around.

  34. West, your analysis of this issues is disgraceful! YOur twist of facts proves how inept of a soldier and politician you are. But then, as a GOP member, you are representing them perfectly!

  35. What a travesty and a disgrace! I’m sure this Marine is holding on to the promise and meaning of our Marine Motto “Semper Fidelis” “Always Faithful” and the one thing we all hold sacred; That our Nation will not lose FAITH!

  36. Thank you Sir for not letting this breach of trust and confidence be quietly swept under the carpet. You should do this nation a solid and run for office. Good leaders are in short supply, and great leaders like you even more so. I assure you Sir, this great nation needs you.

  37. I just heard Tahmooressi has been under a new treatment to cure PTSD inside the prison and he’s doing much better now. Reports show he’s happier than ever.

    I did not get all the treatment details but seems like some inmates set up some sort of a lab inside the prison showers where Tahmooressi gets long and exhausting therapy sessions everyday…

  38. Just wondered what would happen if rather then marching in Washington, 40 cars getting ready to cross the border to Mexico stopped 50 yards this side of the border. When the agents ask why we stopped, we tell them we have a guns in the car and missed our exit shutting down the border and stopping US dollars going to that Hell Hole.


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