I can sum up the appropriate ISIS strategy in eight words

I have to ask you all if you can answer this question: what is a “very significant counter-terrorism operation with many moving parts that will be done over a period of time?”

Well, I served in the U.S. Army for 22 years and commanded at two levels, Company and Battalion, and was a Brigade-level operations officer. I deployed into several combat zones and even did a two-and-a-half year stint training Afghan officers and established a staff officers training course at the Kabul Military Training Center — so I know just a tad about operational planning. I have no idea what Secretary of State John Kerry meant — perhaps actress Tea Leoni could explain since she will be portraying that same position in the CBS series “Madam Secretary.”

As we discussed last Wednesday, Obama’s speech about his ISIS strategy made no sense — sadly ISIS knows that as well. If we were to utilize the model of Afghanistan with a force of some 500 to 600 U.S. Special Operators/CIA Operators with an indigenous force like the combined Kurdish Peshmerga force — meaning Syrian and Iranian Kurds as well — we would have the same calculus as with the Northern Alliance. As I’ve previously mentioned, the Taliban had a force of 70,000 along with 5,000 al-Qaida fighters and were routed out of Afghanistan under the massive pounding of U.S. airpower.

However, Mr. “Military Tactician” Barack Hussein Obama believes he has a better plan of Yemen or Somalia as an example — and has reiterated that he won’t be following the “mistakes” of the previous administration — hmm, I wonder about whom he’s referring?

We cannot “destroy” ISIS because that means every single person would have to be killed – after all, you cannot destroy an ideology. What we can do is defeat ISIS to render it combat-ineffective to pursue any further goals and objectives. As for the ideology, we must “delegitimize” it and that is a dedicated strategic and operational information war – using social media and operational/tactical level psychological operations messaging.

We must understand that destroying Islamo-fascism is a long term endeavor just as we destroyed Nazism, Japanese imperialism, or communism in the fall of the Soviet Union — however, socialism still exists, even here in America.

But our immediate task is to defeat ISIS. And I can sum up that strategy in eight words: We shoot, they die. We win, they lose.

We should be immediately deploying an air task force to Kirkuk AB — as we recommended here previously — of attack helicopters, close air support (SecDef Hagel that means A-10 Warthogs), and deep strike air interdiction strike aircraft. This forward deployment would enable us to truly increase strike sorties — not 150 in a month — but that in a day.

The purpose would be to freeze ISIS in place and not allow its repositioning, cut it off from logistical support, and enable a potent ground force to engage and defeat it. The massive air campaign is the shaping action. The ground assault is the decisive action. The final phase is the pursuit in order to ensure ISIS defeat — and I mean no prisoners, no restrictive rules of engagement. We don’t need any more fellas in GITMO.

This is war not just against ISIS but the ideology of Islamo-fascism and it’s time a message is sent, beginning with ISIS. And that also means removing the poison of Islamism from our own shores.

Under the pen name of Joseph Miller — a ranking Department of Defense official with a background in U.S. special operations and combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan who has worked in strategic planning – gives his assessment in The Daily Caller regarding what it will take to win the war against ISIS.

He writes, “While there are many issues with the strategy Obama laid out on Wednesday night, the first one that must be addressed is the goals of the strategy. We have yet to “destroy” al-Qaida or its affiliates, even with hundreds of thousands of U.S. forces on the ground fighting in the Middle East, though we have significantly degraded their capacity to conduct terrorist attacks. As long as “destroy” remains the end goal of the president’s strategy, it will never succeed. You cannot destroy an ideology. Our goals will have to be revised to read defeat ISIS’s military capability and degrade its capacity to commit acts of terrorism.”

The second major issue is the way we will fight the Islamic State. It cannot be limited to a “counter-terrorism campaign,” as articulated by the president and Secretary of State John Kerry. Mr. Miller concedes that there are two separate areas of operation within the overall theater — one in Iraq and one in Syria and it is a delicate tight rope to not be seen as supporting Bashar al-Assad. And given the recent revelations that the Free Syrian Army may have agreed to a cease fire with ISIS that further complicates the issue — hence why I recommend uniting the Kurds in total.

Miller also writes, “to wage these two military campaigns in the War against the Islamic State, the president is going to have to accept that the plan to use air power in support of Iraqi army and Free Syrian Army rebel ground forces will require a significant number of embedded U.S. special forces soldiers. If we fail to embed U.S. forces to coordinate strikes, we will have a very difficult time achieving the ends that the president seeks. That is not to say we should go it alone. The president is right to seek the involvement of allied and regional powers.”

Obama has a two-fold problem. First, he is an intransigent political ideologue and doesn’t want to engage in a war — despite the fact we have 1,500 ground troops deployed in Iraq right now — he cannot commit and will not make the case before Congress. Secondly, Obama is not trusted as a leader — remember his “red line” moment? It is far more difficult to build a coalition when no one believes you are capable — so Obama is just hoping and outsourcing the problem.

This is not about hashtags, it is about a carefully orchestrated, deliberate combat operation to render ISIS ineffective. However, it has to mark the beginning of America’s dedicated war against Islamo-fascism which involves hellish strike operations combined with homeland security, securing our border, information operations — not pinprick drones which have no effect on the capability or capacity of the enemy. Wherever the cockroaches exist, they have to know they will be pursued, found and killed.

And above all, we cannot execute this type of global operation while we are degrading and destroying our own military capacity.


      • Actually, it’s 1.6 billion. But then what’s 600 million, give or take a few?

        Nuke them all, and since they are Muslims, let Allah sort them out.

      • I may not be THE problem solver, but if you look up USMC MOS 8541 you will probably be able to infer what my method off “reconciliation” might be. As far as the Klan goes, not even.

      • “Philanthropussy” would look good with cross-hairs on her face.

        Let Allah decide where to send her, she’s probably one of those Islamic “virgins” (One who can run faster than her relatives).

      • Place the blame on the control drama in play. Example: People taught to hate and kill other people. And if anyone wants to separate from this control drama…. then they get killed.

        This is not just a muslim drama. Other religions have chosen to use religion to control people. The Catholic church designed its own rules and regulations and severe punishment was placed on anyone violating their rules.

        So don’t think muslims are getting singled out. They are being called out because of belonging to a religion which has advocates who want to kill us.

        Muslims are not making a show of ousting those who have intentions of being serial killers against us. If we play by those rules of doing nothing, then we lose and we die and we surrender the lives of our loved ones and our children and our future. Hence there are many supporters of the philosophy.

        PS: Your name and comments make you suggestive of a possible troll.

      • So if a black man robs me, I can hate ALL BLACK MEN? When was the last time black people spoke out against black men accosting women?

      • Hi Philanthropussy. . .Quick question, if you’ll humor me. “What are your thoughts about “PROFILING” as a “defensive tactic?”

      • It’s an important tool in crime prevention. In fact, I regularly profile people in my everyday life. When I met a white man at a bar, he’s profiled as a jerk who wants to see what it’s like to have sex with a black woman. A white women wants to touch my hair, a white girl wants me to teach her to twerk and a white boy wants to sell me pain killers.

      • A person who lives in a glass house should not throw stones. The biggest problem here is that you are not a problem solver. If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.

        However, you have entered a tentative solution. I like your clan meeting solution. Great idea. Just what we need. I hope it happens. Imagine: Clan meetings across America to unite into a think tank to figure out solutions to end muslim BS to kill us, eliminate us, steal from us, and destroy our country.


      • Good morning Ms “World Warrior” As to your question about killing all or just the terrforist? I’ll give you my answer when you give me your answer to my question. QUESTION: If it’s 2 seconds before an act of violence and there are two muslims standing before you and one of them will do the dirty act, tell me how you can tell which one is the terrorist and which is the “Peace Lovin” member ?

      • The Peace lover is the one that punches the terrorist in the month and carries me away like Richard Gere in An officer and a Gentleman.

  1. and those who escape, will join other groups. In 6 mos, we are at it again. ISIS is well financed and aided by groups and countries who hate the west. They will scatter like roaches and find a new nest to hide and breed. We are only putting out fires. How long was Bin Laden living out in the open in Pakistan before anyone noticed? How did ISIS collect it’s millions?

    • Yes, our enemies hate the West, but up until this president, they RESPECTED our country and its capabilities. After we have moved the “progressives” out of office in 2014, and 2016, we can start work to gain back the respect AND TRUST that this president has squandered so shamefully.

      We have a lot of crap to clean up, both at home and abroad, that are directly attributable to this “progressive/socialist” government that has been working for many years to undermine us.

      • Our country has been infiltrated, our wealth has been squandered, and we are at the point we must fight or lose our country. I respect your words and agree with you.

  2. Sounds good. Now can we get him to do it?

    The problem with Obama, he’s been on too much dope for too many years. He’s had too many people tell him how wonderful he is and he believes it. He believes he knows more about the military than the generals do. As long as he’s the Commander in Chief, it’s hopeless.

  3. Sic the A-10 Warthogs on ’em!!! Declare “open season, no limit!” Does anyone remember “The Highway of Death” as Saddam Hussein’s cowardly army tried to run from Kuwait back to Baghdad? REPEAT IT ANYWHERE ISIS SETS FOOT!!!!!!

    Just as ISIS has done 3 times already with be-heading three innocent civilians: NO MERCY!!! NOT ONE IOTA!!!! They make more ISIS killers? WE MAKE MORE BULLETS!!! No cardboard target practice – USE ISIS “DUMMIES”!!!!!

  4. I like the psychological aspect, similar to what we used on the German Nazis to to put the fear of God in them. In WW2 we distributed pictures of dead German soldiers hanging from ropes, some of them decapitated and various other shocking photographs. Since a major part of ISIS is their ideological belief, why not capture a few of them and feed them to the pigs, video tape it and spread the video viral? The psychological aspect would be to demoralize their ideology and make mockery out of their ideology rather then take it seriously. You could even distribute pornographic photos of them engaged in various homosexual sex acts. However, bombing them into the stone age and having them scatter like the cockroaches they are would also be a very effective strategy. The problem with any strategy that would be extremely effective is the politically correct leftists who plague our society.

  5. Your words…
    “The ground assault is the decisive action. The final phase is the pursuit in order to ensure ISIS defeat — and I mean no prisoners, no restrictive rules of engagement.”

    So Mr West, your plan is a full conventional invasion that includes our forces taking no prisoners?
    Are you seriously saying that our soldiers should kill their wounded and kill anyone who attempts to surrender?

    Aside from that being against everything our Army and our Country stands for… aside from the immorality of that… let’s just look at the strategic outcome.
    Don’t you think that murdering prisoners will wind up recruiting ten times the number for our enemies?

      • Sorry kid… the only traitors are those who would throw away everything this country stands for for the sake of expedience.

        We do not defend our values by throwing them out.
        It is not just our training and our arsenal that makes our military truly great… it is our moral superiority.

        The US military is not the Roman Legions or the Waffen SS.
        We do not slaughter prisoners

        And no.. I do not value the lives of terrorist scum.
        they are not worth one drop of American blood.

        But we fight and kill barbarians… we don’t become them.

      • If we DON’T kill them, then they will kill us. They are determined to wipe America out. And, if they even THOUGHT we would do what Mr. West suggests, they’d turn tail & run. If someone is waving a white flag of surrender, it’s usually to surrender. BUT with these terrorists they would more than likely be totally covered with explosives. And, these days America HAS no moral superiority. We’re no longer a Christian nation, & that’s according to the head Muslim.

      • Ma’am, I think you’re missing my point.
        You can not stand up for America while standing against American principles.

        I also don’t think you understand the mindset of these radicals. They are true believers who are fighting for their place in paradise and threats of death do not deter them.

      • I don’t need to.
        They knew better.
        And individual instances where prisoners were deliberately killed, excluding instances where handling prisoners put lives at risk, were illegal acts

        There were several field grade officers who ordered “no prisoners” but they were in direct violation of US law.

        Those actions and unclear responsibilities related to them and later in Korea is what led the US military to create the Code of Conduct to make things clear

      • Really?
        Please tell me what major battle we have lost since then.
        Show me the Army that defeated us in battle.

        Since you mentioned Vietnam several times… you are confusing the political lack of will to commit our military to fighting the North with some idea that our soldiers lost battles due to restraint.

        You are confusing our political unwillingness to take ground as an inability to take ground.

        no enemy has been able to hold back our military since Korea.

      • Suicide is not moral superiority. And funny you should mention the Roman Legions and the Waffen SS,. They had moral values unlike ragheads their supporters like you. And se you have no manners either, probably the fault of your parents from whom you failed to receive any moral values, as one does not address a man less than a year away from his 60th birthday as “kid.” But what we expect from someone so lacking in moral values that he places enemy life over that of his own countrymen, in other words a traitor like you.

      • Addressing you as “kid” was me being nice.
        You’re an idiot… especially if you were offended by being called “kid” after calling me a traitor for opposing killing prisoners.

        You are a kid… you are proof that age does not equal wisdom.
        That you think supporting the Code of Conduct and honoring American principles makes me a traitor just shows how little you understand American values and also that a coward like you never served.

        Also, your narrow minded belief that not killing prisoners somehow makes someone a supporter of the enemy is beyond ignorant.

        but please go on and continue to shine a spotlight on your unAmerican values and explain how it is that you defend the “moral values” of the Waffen SS.

    • Brendan, Col West is a military MAN. He is NOT like the “mince words pantywaist who hasn’t got a clue” currently occupying the Whitehouse. Col West said “no prisoners, no restrictive rules of engagement”, and he meant it. We have special troops, rough men, who can accomplish that and still sleep at night. They are trained and willing to do it, for all of us. If this type of warfare causes ISIS to recruit more “willing bodies”, it will eliminate the problem sooner, because after awhile there won’t BE a “backlog of willing recruits” waiting to die . . . because there will be no “viable” entity left for them to join. The main core of Islamic terrorists will have been eliminated. That is the goal — rendering ISIS inoperable militarily. We do not need another “politician run war that is designed to fail” as was done in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Our lives and our way of life depend on doing it right this time around. After the military mop-up is done, THEN will come the work to change the mindset of those people to become more accepting of others who do not believe as they do. And that includes those “subversive, indoctrinating imam teachers in mosque and madrasa, CAIR, and others” who are living on our American soil.

      • Respectfully ma’am, I’m not concerned about your feelings about the President or American Muslims.
        Those are separate points.
        My argument with Mr West is over his suggestion we take no prisoners.

        I was one of those “rough men’ you mentioned and I understand very well doing things that need to be done.
        But unlike Mr West, I remember what he seems to have forgotten… a core American principle that every soldier is taught in the Code of Conduct.
        We don’t kill prisoners unless we have to.

        If we throw away our values for the sake of convenience then we can never get them back.
        We do not defend American principles by throwing them away.
        We can not protect our way of life from terrorists if we are willing to throw it away.

      • you said the key words- ‘Have to’! This is a ‘have to’ situation that arises occasionally in the history of mankind where it is absolutely a must that we ‘take no prisoners’. I believe it is self preservation, values be damned until we rid the earth of these murdering bastards.

      • You misunderstand.
        There is a difference between killing unsecured prisoners on the battlefield that are an immediate threat and killing prisoners that pose no immediate threat.

      • I respect your values as much as you do Brendan, and I thank you for your service also. However, the difficulty we have is that the people with whom we are at war, do NOT respect our values. Their only intent is to kill us in the most demeaning way they can . . . and then their fellow Muslims dance in streets all around the world and screech like harridans.

        During the American Revolution, our American sharpshooter squirrel hunters, fought the British unconventionally — and won — against the British “traditional military troop battle formations”. That type of “unconventional thinking and fighting” will have to come back into use by our side in order to defeat this enemy. This enemy does not fight conventionally, and they are implacable.

        We MUST fight to win THIS war; and with the strike hard, fast and often Col West is outlining, we have a chance of doing so. The “Kid gloves” must come off. Tying our troops hands behind their backs with “unrealistic rules for gentlemen” only gets them killed. And that is very demoralizing to all of them; but having been in the military you know that — and I do also. I believe that our fighting men and women are precious to us. That is especially true, because they are entrusted with great responsibility. They need to be able to fight the battle that is in front of them in the most effective way they know how, using the training they have — because they are on the ground, and their lives are forfeit if they do not . . . or worse, are not “allowed” to do what they must.

        Most of our current politicians have not had military experience, and that is a real detriment to our military people who are tasked with keeping our enemies at bay, wherever they find them. Their “Monday morning quarterbacking” is the most useless, wimpy, unconscionable thing they do to our troops. Our decimated troop strength, the penny-pinching shorting of the best supplies and equipment, the poor treatment of our veterans, etc, the “gift” from those same politicians is more than shameful, it borders on criminal.

        I do not respect the policies of this President. I do not believe he was a competent choice to lead our country.

        I DO, however, apologize to you. I did not mean to offend you with my “poor choice of words” at the beginning of my 1st post. And I thank you for responding with the good and thoughtful words you used. My very best wishes to you, Sir. Stay safe.

  6. I thought the eight words were going to be ‘Kill them all, let God sort them out’. Different words, same meaning. I agree with that solution.

  7. Your problem is that you only had Military experience and never had the opportunity to smoke joints with your cohorts in a liberal faculty room while discussing community organization.

    • Ahhhhh . . . that IS a problem, isn’t it, to have his “liberal learning experience” truncated by actually doing the job he was trained so well to do, rather than sitting on his duff smoking pot and frying his brain with like-minded buddies. Such a pity . . . . Allen West will never know what he missed . . . . and I, for one, am glad. Thanks for the great sarcasm! A real treat! 🙂

  8. American soldiers have never behaved the way Allen West is describing in the long and proud history of the US military. Killing enemy wounded and those trying to surrender is a violation of the Geneva Conventions, the Laws of Land Warfare and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. We are not barbarians and we will not act like them.

    Now since Allen West has as much influence as a gnat’s fart on US foreign policy this isn’t going to be an issue. However, it’s truly disturbing to see all you bloodthirsty idiots trying to outdo each other in advocating war crimes.

    • So your plan is to let a bunch of islamists who’s goal is to kill everyone who doesn’t agree with their false religion created by a sadistic pedophile in the 7th century to ‘legitimize’ his depravity, continue on their terrorist spree. In the process of letting us know how you feel you managed to take a swipe at LTC West as well as anyone with sense of self preservation God gave a human being by calling us ‘bloodthirsty idiots trying to outdo each other in advocating war crimes’. Now, while no one would ordinarily approve of killing enemy wounded and those trying to surrender, and it is doubtful our military would do so, we are not fighting a ‘conventional war’. Your post suggests that you approve of handcuffing our military not only to conventions the enemy does not adhere to, but the extraordinary ones that have been placed on them since the war on terror began.
      It is obvious you are not military nor do you have family or close friends who are as you know nothing of the limitations that have been placed on them. We cannot fight a war under those conditions, and they must be removed. You can sit smugly and securely at your computer or phone to post your ignorance thanks to others who have shed their blood to enable you to do so. Instead of showing your stupidity, you should be eternally grateful to those who allow you to do so.

      • Were you ever in the military?
        Your failure to understand our basic Code of Conduct makes me doubt you were…. especially if you think not being allowed to kill prisoners is a limitation that must be removed.

      • Yes, I understand the military code of conduct. Do you understand ‘TERRORISTS’? The men of WWII did not pussyfoot around, they killed the enemy, PERIOD. That is why it’s a war we won as opposed to Vietnam, Korea, and all other military engagements since. When the enemy has no rules, and even civilians, women, and children stand at the ready to blow you up, it is impossible to trust that they, the wounded, or those surrendering are not a booby-trap.

      • Were you in the military?

        And comparing WW2 to Korea and Vietnam is absurd in that the spirit of the fighting men was the same.
        Compare the actual number of battles the US actually lost.
        What was different was the strategy and goals of our leaders

      • The spirit of those in the military has always been the same. They will serve bravely and even give their lives for America’s freedom. The difference is in THE POLITICS! No one goes off to war and makes the sacrifices our military members and their families make so the politicians at home can stick their wet finger in the air and see which way the political winds blow in order to make decisions. If you’re going to go to war, you go to WIN, there is no other objective or alternative. These morons that get elected conduct wars on the basis of popularity. The radicals of the 60’s certainly made their mark.

      • Then you understand that since WWII every war we entered, we had victory in our clutches when some ignorant politician, concerned with popularity and war weariness, decided to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. It’s the POLITICAL mindset that must be changed. And, I’m sorry, but there is no way in hell a war on islamic terrorists can be waged without going ‘whole hog’. As I’ve stated, this is not a conventional war. These people hide behind women and children and they think nothing of booby-trapping them and sending them into the arms of our military. They also have no problem with raising the white flag of surrender while having bombs strapped to themselves. We cannot remain bound by the conventions of a civilized people which do not consider the mindset of an uncivilized enemy. How on earth do you think they’ve gotten this far with their vile, hate filled screed? They have used our laws and conventions against us. At some point you have to wake up to reality and put an end to it before they wipe out the entire world, which is their intent and has been since the 7th century. They have not been deterred because they know their enemy has a different set of morals and values, look how many countries they have destroyed with their depravity! We either stop it now or they will finish the job they set out to do.

      • We fought the Germans, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Mexicans, the Spanish and the British armies and won without descending to the level of butchers and murderers but ISIL has got you so scared you want us to abandon all notions of civilized warfare. You’re either very impressed with them or you have a low opinion of us. I’ve fought and killed for this country dipstick so the only thing that’s obvious is that you don’t know me or anything about me.

      • I’m one of the only people on this thread who’s not advocating war crimes. If that makes me a troll then so be it.

      • There are war crimes being committed against us and millions of innocent people on this planet. And yet…. war crimes are being used to describe defense of our people and others.

        We just look at things differently.

      • No I look at things from the point of view where war crimes are war crimes and you don’t get to point at the other guy and scream “he hit me first!” when you’re on trial at The Hague. You look at it from the point of view where you can justify whatever you want because the bad guys are really bad.

      • We need clear rational thought in the war zone. We were in hibernation but we are becoming a warrior class to defend ourselves. We have been under attack because we were sized up and thought to be an easy target. A lot of us are inexperienced in our new roles as a warrior class. I am going to “try” fitting in your logic when it is applicable. We need to defend ourselves while not becoming glorified unjustified legalized serial killers.

        However, I am still on a neutral position. If they want war, if they want to walk on us, if they want to destroy us, then they can reap what they sow…. And I support giving them war with our victory. We need a strategy to cause them to back off. They are posing a threat to us, our security and our children!

    • War crimes really? I am betting that more than a few Japanese caught in the blast on Hiroshima entertained thoughts of surrender. When the enemies actions become so despicable sometimes it seems ordained that elimination is the only cure. Sad but unfortunately true. I agree that we do have the Geneva convention’s restrictions to guide us and I believe we need to follow them closely.

    • I wonder how you would feel if one of the innocent victims of ISIS just happened to be a member of your family,Mr Sheridan?Just imagine,if your liberal mind will allow you too,if it were your father,brother,uncle,son,daughter,mother or friend.What would you say then,Sir?Better think about it,because no one is safe from these barbaric bastards!

      • Please, you have a better chance of being killed by lightning than being killed by ISIL. Don’t be such a pussy and don’t let fear drive you into inhumanity.

      • I am not necessarily talking of being killed myself or you for that matter.But,they are going to kill someone!And thats a fact!My statement was rhetorical,and let me inform you of something that you have assumed,There is no fear in this OLE COUNTRY BOY,so your use of the word pussy don’t fit the description of me PECKERWOOD!

      • You’re defending the idea of abandoning every notion of civilized warfare and doing things we never did when we fought the Nazis or the Chinese or even the British Empire. So either you think a bunch of guys wearing ski masks in the desert 6000 miles away from here are a bigger threat than any of those opponents were or you’re scared of them.

    • If we are blood thirsty idiots advocating war crimes, then perhaps you are a blood thirsty idiot who who wants us to lie down and take it and watch blood thirsty idiots destroy us and other innocent people. We are freedom fighters who want to defend life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and our nation. I am not foolish enough to buy into ghoulish people who want to destroy us. Your cowboy hat does not impress me.

      • No I’m just not scared of ISIL. Seriously, we’ve fought much more dangerous enemies than this without resorting to barbarism. You guys just need to relax a bit. Don’t drag yourself down to their level.

      • One of the roots to this problem is that these caliphate minded people… not only want to kill us…. and overthrow our country. The root is in that they have support of o + an open border + o is aggressively diminishing our military power + we have big government powers strangulating us + we have diseases + lack of jobs + lack of freedoms.

        Add all of this together and it is time to stop allowing this to happen. If we are not a part of the solution, we are a part of the problem.

        It is time 2 raise h3ll and win back our country.

      • Please google a You tube video which is four and a half minutes long. Google the following:

        The CFR Controls American News/Media

        We must learn to identify our enemies and fight them. otherwise, we lose our country.

      • If you have time, there is a mother lode of information on the shoebat site. He is one of the ex muslims defending the truth. He backs up his research and is considered a reliable source by top new services which are not CFR affiliated.

      • I’ll watch the video when I get home but what ISIL wants to do to us and what they are able to achieve are two very different things. They’ve already started to lose territory in Iraq and Syria because they turn the population against themselves wherever they go. I’m just not scared of these guys. That’s not to say I favor ignoring them but we don’t need to send in ground troops, let the locals take care of their own problems for once. We can help from the air.

      • John Bolton agrees with you on this. He is against an immediate war with them, because he said they will fight among themselves. I have a book about the Middle East, but I havent had time to read it all. I don’t know who the Hezbollahs are. Shoebat had a video about them which shows they slaughtered IS soldiers at one place. It is a short video showing the battle results after the Hezbollah slaughter. This video backs what you said about the locals taking care of their own problems.


  9. why want anyone just tell the truth obama is a muslim radical terrorist and isil is his well groomed army that he and others created.tell it like it is damit

  10. Nice plan, but it will never happen. Not with the Muslim/Dictator/Tyrant in the White House. We are under God’s judgement and Obama is just a tool to judge us with.

  11. Go hit a round of golf. I hear you’re not even very good at that. If your smart to it over to your military. They wear uniforms, something other than mommy jeans.

  12. Sir, you are right, but I fear you assume that the President is a patriot in this affair. I see no proof at all that he intends to accomplish anything more than win a scrimmage or two in some out remote area. trusting Obama with our military is as insane as trusting him with the treasury..

    • once a muslim always a muslim — obama was born, raised, & educated a sunni muslim his brother is sunni muslim he has surrounded himself with sunni muslims for advisors in the white house — the muslim brotherhood, alqeada, hamas, and isis is sunni muslim — now what chance do u think the jews and the christians in the middle east have of getting any kind of solid support from obama?????????????????????????

  13. I agree totally. The only thing that these cowards will understand is to answer fire with bigger, hotter and more fire! I can’t think of one reason why any of them or their sympathizers should be left alive to breed more atrocities such as theirs.Total annihilation and extermination.No mercy!

      • I tell you what, you get the islamists to agree to and adhere to the Geneva convention, and we’ll all abide by the code. Until then, we will have to fight fire with fire.

      • So we hate these people for the tactics they use to threaten us. To prove it, we forget the very things that make us better than them?

        seems like cutting off the nose to spite the face. Like ” protecting our freedom” by passing the patriot act….

      • Totally not the same thing. We don’t ‘hate’ anyone. They HATE US and they intend to kill us. It’s SELF PRESERVATION, something every living being was born with. Only those who are too ignorant to see the reality of this islamic terrorism don’t ‘get it’. I’m not out to prove squat, I’m certainly not out to prove I’m better than anyone, but I value my life and that of my family more than I value the lives of those who want to put an end to them. In case you haven’t figured it out, they do not intend to stop until everyone converts to their twisted islamic ideology or they kill those who won’t. I’m not about to succumb to that evil.

        For you to compare that to the unconstitutional patriot act shows just how ignorant you are.

  14. I’m sure the current military people have suggested the same to BHO but his ego will never allow him to admit that anyone knows better than he on any given subject. Obama’s ego is going to get many many Americans killed.

  15. It needs to be done like Desert Storm. President George H.W. Bush laid out the goals of the operation and some very basic Rules of Engagement, then left it in the hands of our military to determine the best plan and then execute their plan.
    We do NOT need another LBJ, that would approve/disapprove every target that the military wanted to strike.

    • We had strict rules of engagement in Iraq in 1991 too.
      We also left Saddam in power and allowed him to massacre thousands of the Shia and Kurds that we encouraged to rise up.

  16. General Bosquet had an apt answer to Kerry’s babble as can be had. This was uttered in 1855, in the Ukraine. “C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas las querre; c’est de la folie. Loose translation “It is glorious-but it is not WAR, it is madness.” This after watching the “Charge of the Light Brigade” at the battle of Balaklava.

  17. What we must have is a war of extermination against these animals – no compromise – no trying to bring them into any government – no weapons or partnerships with any Arab-Muslim groups – arm, assist etc. the Kurds only and help them destroy both ISIS and build a homeland. They have given refuge to many non-Kurds and non-Muslims and it’s time to we establish another civilized non-Arab state in the Middle East.

    • That is a reality faced by Egyptians when they executed at least 183 of them. Although it was none of obama’s business, he had informed the Egyptians that they needed to include the muslims in their election. Our state department had cut off their financial aid after they had their revolution to overpower the radicals. the Egyptians were told by the obama state department that they would not resume financial aid if they executed the 183. The Egyptians went ahead and executed them. No American financial aid trumped putting up with the muslim brotherhood. You may already know this.

      It would be great to see free countries in the middle east. There is a likelihood of that reality if we can remove obama and his magic wand he used to spread muslim brother hood and chaos around over the middle east. There is an article which just came out in World Net Daily….. about the obama administration giving foreign aid to more terrorists, in Nigeria or somewhere, for education purposes, for people who want to kill us. obama appears to be our numero uno worse enemy.

      I appreciate reading your intelligent thoughts on searching for solutions. I am sick of spinning wheels in the sand and getting stuck deeper while obama is in charge. I wish West was POTUS.

  18. In addition we must clearly define and name the enemy and that’s any form of political Islam including Wahhabism, The Muslim Brotherhood, etc.

    • The first place to start should be on our homeland. It is time we start recognizing that islam is not a ‘religion’ of peace, but of HATE, VIOLENCE, and INTOLERANCE that should be BANNED IN THE USA.

      Maybe you are in shock over my intolerance and worse, you cannot understand how I could dare say that after all, our Constitution guarantees our right to practice the religion of our choice.

      Bear with me for a moment while I explain how that is just not so. We have laws that prohibit murder and we have laws that prohibit hate speech and the incitement to violence. These laws carry with them penalties that would sentence the perpetrator to lengthy jail time, life in prison, or even the death penalty.
      Are they not subject to the law because they site religious freedom?

      Why then are imams allowed to spew their vile message of hatred of those who do not believe in their false god and incite their flock to KILL them?
      There are those who will say that those who teach jihad or believe in it are ‘radicals’. NO, they are not. This has ALWAYS been what they teach and believe in. This TERRORISM has been going on since the inception of islam in the 7th century! It is time we learned to call things what they are, not make up nonsense to provide cover for terrorism, that’s just lunacy! They should be arrested and put in prison for their actions. They must be stopped from recruiting jihadists who do their murderous bidding for them.

      Remember the Crusades, these were battles against islamists who were trekking all over the world trying to take over. They managed to spread their vile, hate filled message to many countries, and they are bringing it to the shores of every western nation. This behavior is not ‘radical’, it’s what their ‘religion’ is all about.

      How can we take our government seriously when we are told a terrorist group called ISLAMIC State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is not ISLAMIC, and has nothing to do with any religion? How can we take them seriously when they attribute jihad to work place violence, lone actors, radicals, or ignore the ‘religion’ aspect all together? We cannot. The fact is, these acts are the epitome of the islamic religion seeking a caliphate (total islamic control of the world).


    • I define my enemies as Mr. Lee, obama and everyone he supports, all the muzzies who want to kill us, lefties who appear to have their brains wired backwards, UN secretary ban ki moon, all members of the CFR, all illegal aliens, every leader of every country south of the border… who supports having their nationals titty sucking on American citizens, the drug cartels, and last but not least, every low information person who doesn’t have enough sense to realize obama’s lies and investigate everything he says.

  19. Interesting that allen (rob these loons BLIND) west keeps mentioning his MILITARY CAREER! The end of his career was a DISASTER! The man was relieved of command meaning he was UNFIT to LEAD!!

    • Earl Lee… Find a hobby besides yapping about Col. West. Make decorative key rings or something that won’t test your mind too much.

    • Troll, we all know you only come to LTC West’s site to spew your vile hate for him because you’ve been directed to do so by your leftist puppeteers. They fear he may run for POTUS some day and they must have tools like you attempt to destroy his character. It hasn’t worked in over a year of your stupidity, so just go away. You are never able to contribute to the topic at hand you’re merely a distraction. Get a life. I know you are a pathetic looser with nothing else to do, but we really are tired of trying to appease you by chatting with you. Grow up and go play with your liberal friends who are just as pathetic as you are.

      • Sorry…I come to Allen (rob these loons blind) west’s site to do something you SHEEP refuse to do…speak the TRUTH!! The left isn’t concerned about allen (rob these loons blind) west…he is a NOBODY and even worse a POLITICAL nobody!! In a conservative straw poll allen west finished 9th and he SPOKE at that conference…he finished behind people that weren’t even there! That alone tells me that republicans will not nominate him!

    • Mr Lee I can only assume You have never worn a uniform in Your
      life What Col West did to the Iraqi who had intelligence that could
      have cost American Soldiers lives. Had I have been in Col West’s
      position I would not have just scared the crap out of him. and as
      for the person that ratted The Col out He would have been on
      permanent Point position.

      • He’s a Troll who posts on EVERY article LTC West posts. Just ignore him, he’s not worthy of your waste of time.

      • OK…now that you’ve discussed fantasy…lets get down to the FACTS! Allen (rob these loons blind) save NO lives that night and admits that he was wrong about the prisoner! Allen lost control of his men and let those men beat that man for over 40 minutes. Allen west lost his cool and got mad cause he didn’t get the info THE MAN DIDN’T HAVE. Allen through all of his training out of the window in that INSTANT!
        Hundreds of offices served in Iraq with honor and all of those officers had to PROTECT THEIR MEN but yet they never violated the UCMJ! Sorry pal but allen (rob these loons blind) is a DISGRACE to the uniform!!!
        P.S. Yes, I have served….grandfather severed in WWII and son is currently serving…

      • Cause you’re so special. You’ve got all that inside information… NOT! ROFL You ignorant TROLL. Go away.

      • The report is ONLINE you idiot! Sorry if you are just THAT STUPID that you can’t look it up for yourself. It wouldn’t matter to you anyway. Allen (rob these loons blind) west could shoot your mother in the head and you’ll find a way to justify it!!

    • What’s NOT interesting is that the racist bigot Earl (no-such-thing-as-a-black-conservative) Lee is STILL stalking. Take your meds, man!

      • HAHA…can’t deny the facts huh? Allen (rob these loons blind) west is nothing but a FRAUD!!! 3 million for fundraising and 40k to candidates….keep supporting them! And what do you get in return….a blog post?? HAHAHAHAHA comedy at its best!!

      • I usually find myself wondering if Lee is black. He may just be a paid troll. If I found out he is an enormous white woman, I would not be surprised.

      • In any case, anyone with an acutely disturbed state of mind that devotes so much time stalking the Colonel like @swtearl:disqus must have more than a few screws missing.

      • Thanks for the information. I saw his chosen picture with adoring fans. He is an interesting character. However, he still reminds me of a fat white woman. This may have to do with the defense mechanisms in my mind, at work, to totally reject him. Also, when I let him know what I think, it disintegrates his master plan of getting on my nerves. It shows him he accomplishes nothing other than projecting himself as a big fat white woman. I appreciate the links as I had been wanting to investigate him. Thanks again.

      • What is it you don’t get about your stupid post. Everything is accounted for, and you’ve proved only one thing, the opposite of what you were trying to prove.

      • It’s not about being accounted for…it’s about how it is spent! When you say the fund is for conservative candidates and causes but less than 1% goes there while 3 million goes to 10 different companies to fundraise..
        that is just wrong!!!

  20. How about Allen West and Trey Gowdy as a Presidential team? It does not matter to me who is President and who is Vice-President as long as these two are kicking ass and taking names. Allen West can take care of the terrorists and other miscreants and Trey Gowdy can keep our politicians and corporate heads in line. Bring back a strong America !

    • How about this…allen (rob these loons blind) west KNOWS he cannot run for public office and by the results of the most recent republican straw poll…republicans DON’T WANT HIM! When you finish 9th ….you don’t stand a chance!

      • Note how earl cannot give an answer to my post. He’ll have to report in at the democrat puppeteer office to get orders on what to say.

      • Don’t let the Baptists find out. No true Christian can be a democrat as EVERYTHING they stand for is in complete opposition to the teachings of Christ.

      • The democrat’s platform flagrantly supports everything God’s laws tell us NOT to do and attempts to force others to do the same. First and foremost is Thou shalt have no other gods before me. The democrats worship power and mother earth from which they can derive that power. (global cooling/ global warming/ climate change) Is not GOD the one in control, then why pretend man can change the climate except that it gives democrats the power to control the behavior of all people. Honor thy father and thy mother that it may be well with thee and thou mayest live long on the earth. One only has to look at the BS Melissa Harris Perry and John Kerry spew in accordance with the democrat platform to see that they wish to wrest authority away from parents even going so far as to tell children their parents are ignorant so the children must teach them the BS lies they learn in school. Thou shalt not kill. Seeing as the democrat’s top priority is obtaining abortions (the outright murder of unborn children) on demand paid for by our tax dollars, it’s impossible to take anyone serious who supports them and then calls themselves a ‘Christian’. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Democrat policies of welfare and foodstamps destroyed the family and deliberately encourage single parenthood in order to obtain benefits. Throw in homosexuality, and there’s a real revolution against God going on there. And here’s a combo one for you: Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, and Thou shalt not covet. Well without breaking these three, the democrat party couldn’t exist. They divide the country into black v white, male v female, rich v poor; you know, the ‘divide and conquer’ method. Then they bear false witness against one segment to obtain support from the other segment. They do this by making the segment who’s support they wish to garner Covetous of what their opposing segment has, even though their claims are FALSE. The promise of the democrats is always that they, acting as beneficent ‘care givers’, will TAKE ( STEAL) from the ‘evil’ other segment and give it to them. It’s nice to be so magnanimous with the fruits of someone else’s labors. All this in the name of ‘equality’. Unfortunately, it never benefits anyone but the democrat politicians who pocket the bulk as they spread the wealth. It does however create an atmosphere of poverty and slothful living for the ‘beneficiaries’ of democrat ‘generosity’ and prevents them from personal achievement, gaining self esteem, and learning self reliance. They become dependents of big daddy government. How ‘Christian’!

      • Pretty much the CPUSA planks and the democrat planks are very similiar which is why the CPUSA supports obama to the T.

      • If he supports the muslim raised kenyan, he supports someone who is a habitual liar. If so, I find that definitive of Mr. Lee who is more than likely a paid troll.

      • You should just say you are shallow. Being a Baptist is irrelevant in this situation. Of course I never expected meaningful terms from you.

  21. allen west obviously you are a very good war planner that is what u have been trained to do but– if u would jsut listen to me we could end the war with isis in 3 days or less and not cost us a single death — as u well know or us should know muslims call this war a religious war or jihad — they are fighting in the name of allah and they enjoy dying in the name of allah — muslims rejoice in death and morn birth — the thing they fear most in life is not getting into heaven to recieve the 7 virgin gay men they have been promised — they pray dailey in this regard — allah also warned the muslim people that if they come in contact with swine, shrimp, scallops, and or dog all ow which he declared were unclean bottom feeding animals not fit to be associated with that they would not get into heaven — jsut load up a B52 bomber with pig guts smelly shrimp and scallops and a couple stray dead dogs and carpet bomb isis where the largest congregation of them is and the war will be over in 3 days or less –period

      • What makes Earl (no-such-thing-as-a-black-conservative) Lee believe we don’t know who the Colonel is and that Earl (no-such-thing-as-a-black-conservative) Lee is only obsessed with the FACT that the Colonel is conservative. All your rants are purely off-topic, white-washing and disdainful that a black man can think differently than a racist bigot like you.

      • If you knew who the fake col is you wouldn’t support such crap…3 millions dollars to spent to give away 40k. This is the kind of stuff you LOONS protect and defend!!

      • What I don’t support is your CRAP! Your persistent stalking of the Colonel makes you the only loon.
        Perhaps you’re envious and jealous (besides being a racist bigot) that he raises money that you can’t have. LOL!!

      • No..u support FRAUD! You are too stupid to look up the info yourself and this is what allen (rob these loons blind) west counts on. He knows that all he has to do is post to a blog and you loons will send him the money that was meant to pay your rent!

      • No, we all know “that all he has to do is post to a blog” and you’re right there telling us what you’re afraid of.
        Just what business is it of yours, anyway, where someone’s “rent” money goes?

      • So where’s your concern for all the money the islamists have that they will continue to use to attack American citizens. Your priorities are all effed up pal.

      • Here is what is proven to me: The left likes to rule without regard or respect to people who have other ideas than what they want to promote. Then, time and time again, the left kicks in with alinsky tactics to try to get their own way about everything. If it means destroying some one’s character, some leftists have no ethics on making it a means to the end.

        This is why you are suspect. R-e-s-p-e-c-t does not seem to fit into your game plan. In my opinion, you are a 100% rude monger, in addition to your harassment tactics.

      • he can investigate me all he wants….I’m not collecting money on false pretenses! 3 million on fundraising to give away 40k. The sad part about that is this…it don’t matter to you loons!!

      • I think he is borderline between abusing freedom of speech, and being eligible for a white jacket pick up.

      • See my previous post above to you about this…learn to read. The info is there. Also learn the conditions, rules and laws behind how he is allowed to appropriate funds, this might help you understand.

      • Hmmmm… So you are defending the fact that 3 million is spent on fundraising while only a small part 40k was given to candidates? How is paying about 10 different companies for fundraising helping conservatives?? Thank GOD he gave me common sense!!!

      • Scroll to the top, Earl (no-such-thing-as-a-black-conservative) Lee.
        The topic is “I can sum up the appropriate ISIS strategy in eight words”. You’re simply here looking for a platform against a black man who doesn’t fit your delusions of skin color and political leaning. It’s that simple.

      • Earl Lee go troll somewhere else. I am getting sick of you gutless nonserving slackers and your canned talking points! Obama is not fit to hold an umbrella for Mr West let alone even think about being a world leader!

      • one is a dishonored vet and ONE TERM congressman that knows his supporters are too stupid to know that his guardian fund is nothing but a scheme to make him RICH! The other is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES…nuff said!

      • The other is a phony illegal Kenyan born usurper sitting in our WH, “elected” there by voter fraud across the board, starting with ACORN registering dead people, illegals and pets the first “election” and minions of Melowese Richardsons voting up to 6 times each for obama in 2012. Please move to Cuba Earl where you can enjoy the total government control your party wants.

      • Now that you’ve said ’nuff’, you can go away and never come back. You’ve done your job reassuring us that our money is well spent and we should vote for those LTC West supports.

      • Interesting… How many candidates did mr west support with 40k out of 4 million?? What is that…1%?? He is not supporting candidates he is supporting those10 fundraising companies!!! The 40k was just for show!! You people are idiots! Go to the guarding fund site and read the mission statement then compare that with the amount money given given to candidates and causes… It doesn’t match up!

      • A president who is being brought up before a congressional hearing comity for his actions and being questioned for them. Look it up! I believe it is on the 17th.

      • Of course he has your full support..you loons are famous for supporting LOSERS! McCain, Romney, Palin, West! It doesn’t matter to you that this man is collecting money under false pretenses!!

  22. Allen West Guardian Fund Stats:
    notice the difference between contributions and FUNDRAISING..you people are being USED!!

    Contributions: Contributions to federal candidates $35,000
    Contributions to committees $5,000
    Fundraising: Fundraising mailings & calls $2,080,096
    Fundraising data & technology $327,956
    Fundraising fees $274,172
    Fundraising events $213,323
    Fundraising consulting $133,946
    Miscellaneous fundraising $65,750
    MediaWeb ads $60,680
    SalariesSalaries, wages & benefits $271
    Unclassifiable: Unclassifiable data & technology $13,775

      • The numbers DO NOT LIE…let me post them again!

        Allen West Guardian Fund Stats:
        notice the difference between contributions and FUNDRAISING

        Contributions: Contributions to federal candidates $35,000
        Contributions to committees $5,000
        Fundraising: Fundraising mailings & calls $2,080,096
        Fundraising data & technology $327,956
        Fundraising fees $274,172
        Fundraising events $213,323
        Fundraising consulting $133,946
        Miscellaneous fundraising $65,750
        MediaWeb ads $60,680
        SalariesSalaries, wages & benefits $271
        Unclassifiable: Unclassifiable data & technology $13,775

      • Why doesn’t Earl (no-such-thing-as-a-black-conservative) Lee get medical help for his stalking obsession disorder?

      • Look at your previous post…is it 35k or 40K?! You have changed it now…I am just saying. Yes i looked at it and it shows a majority of the funds went to advertisement for the candidates! Which he is allowed to do and restricted on how much can be given. You over looked that though! Now for Obama… Oh wait a majority of his fundraising funds cannot be accounted for, only shows went to Dem. party… Ok what part? For what? At least Allen shows all places and appropriations of his funds and where went if you do not ignore the fact that is right there.

      • Obuttwipes funds went to vacations ,golf,more vacations ,more golf,and on and on til all the funds are used up for his benefit then he will leave office a very much richer man than when he entered. Then he can join his mussie friends in afghanistan or where ever they may be.

      • Personally, I think he is on the Saudia Arabia pay roll. I think he dances for other elites who want to destroy us. He certainly doesn’t dance for the American people. He needs to be arrested and removed from office. Then he needs to be placed on a rocket with a load of golf balls and a one way ticket to outer space. Valarie Jarret and Earl would make good company for him.

      • Show me your brain scan and let me meet you in person. I think you are a paid troll. Showing a picture of a black person does not prove you are black.

      • Perhaps you are so busy nit picking that you can’t see beyond your nose.

        Why fake a pic? I don’t know that you faked the pic. But I do know you are down on West. And part of the strategy could possible be to make a point about blacks are against West. The only solid evidence i have is that you are down on West and do it repeatedly. You don’t give him credit for what he as done. The rest is possibility thinking.

      • Make it appear that blacks are against west??? Blacks just like the majority if America doesn’t know who west is!! And as far as give him credit… Uh NO!!! For being relieved of command? For posting to a Blog?? For manipulating people to donate to his phony GUARDIAN FUND??

      • Lying??? These ARE not the facts of the ALLEN WEST GUARDIAN FUND?? You know you can look them up yourself…but once again..it wouldn’t matter to you that the man is robbing you loons BLIND!!

      • Just out of curiosity, how much did obama raise at all his fundraisers and how was that money spent? The fact is all of The Guardian Fund’s money was well spent and accounted for. You are trying, unsuccessfully and incorrectly, I might add, to suggest these funds were misappropriated. Try looking into your own party’s misappropriation of the funds they are entrusted with. You will find that they pocket the funds and funnel them to their friends.

      • Obama is the president of these united states AND leader of the democratic party and is fundraising for the PARTY. Seems that allen (rob these loons blind) is only fundraising for himself! 3 million for fundraising while on 35k only goes to candidates?? Ignore me and look at the numbers for yourself. Stop trying to defend this..you can’t!! Sorry but you can’t!

      • You’re a moron who completely ignored the facts. WHERE DID THE MONEY OVOMIT RAISED GO? I don’t give a rat’s @$$ who’s doing the raising of funds, the fact is you’ll find corruption and misappropriation of those funds whereas there is NONE in the funds Allen West is in charge of, which is what you are implying. No one but an ignorant liberal would look at that and find something wrong with it.

      • Just look up how much of OUR MONEY ovomit is spending mostly on himself and his family or giving it to our enemies.

      • Hmmm so you ignore the fact that this command is raising money falsely? When you say that the guardian fund is for supporting conservatives but a huge chunk if the money is going for fundraising?? Keep donating!!

      • Excuse me Skippy but its the ALLEN WEST GUARDIAN FUND! This man is a FRAUD and the numbers PROVE IT. He posted previously on how he is in Greenwich, CT living the high life. Well he is living the high life off of YOUR donations and what do you get in return….BLOG POST!!! Once again I must say it….35k given to candidates out of 4 million raised….3 million for FUNDRAISING!! You people are just plain STUPID!

      • I don’t think of him as POTUS. I think of him as a POS who supports our enemies and does everything he can to break us financially until the US is destroyed.

      • Doesn’t matter what u think of him….he is the president and Allen (rob these loons blind) west is collecting funds under false pretenses

      • Please attempt to make intelligent statements which do not make you sound like a paid troll. If you are truly ethically committed to not rob people, then you would not be dominating this site with arguments to conflict the pure atmosphere of the majority of followers on this site. In other words, meditate on how you rob the time of people visiting this site.

        The more you comment, the lower you sink, in my opinion.

      • Tell you what…you loons keep supporting people like allen (rob these loons blind) west BELIEVING with all your heart that he will run for some sort of public office. The man has already said he IS NOT RUNNING! He didn’t have to say it and I already KNEW he wasn’t running. How do I know and you loons don’t. First..his name isn’t anywhere in the mix….You hear Christie, Paul, Cruz, Perry, Jindal, Bush…never do you hear WEST! Sencond…at that function that allen (rob these loons blind) west spoke at then finishing 9th in a straw poll…that told him that he didn’t have a SHOT of winning the nomination. No matter how much you LOONS ask…he will not run…just keep donating your money to NOTHING!!! Same applies to SARAH PALIN…you loons has made her a redneck TV ICON….she is done with politics also!!

      • What makes you think any of us give a rat’s @$$ what you think, you aren’t going to vote for any of them anyway. Go play with your left-wing nut friends.

      • It doesn’t matter what i THINK nor BELIEVE….the NUMBERS don’t lie! What is it with you LOONS that you can’t accept FACTS! 3 million for fundraising and 40k given to candidates…something is totally wrong with that but It doesn’t matter to you loons!

      • We at least know what you’re afraid of, Earl (no-such-thing-as-a-black-conservative) Lee. You have to admit, the Colonel must be doing something right or you wouldn’t have so much angst.

      • The Colonel is doing something right….he has convinced you LOONS that he somehow influences national policies by POSTING TO A BLOG while getting millions from you loons! SAD!!

      • So what you are saying is the fct he is practally stealing from these people don’t matter just as long as he post to blogs??

      • What I’m saying is you’re obsessed. You’ve got too much time on your hands and a wild imagination…all in the name of your indignation that blacks can indeed be conservative. You really should be ashamed of yourself for playing the race-card.

      • Quoting you, “there’s no such thing as a black conservative”. Coming from a black man yourself, that’s an arrogant and bigoted contention. You’re not fooling anyone here.

      • Why do I care?? The question should be WHY DONT YOU CARE??? The numbers prove that this fund is FRAUDULENT!! Don’t matter to you LOONS .. You defend it or try to justify it instead of researching it!!

      • Something is totally wrong with your brain. Did you not see that the majority was spent on ADVERTISEMENT for the candidates, there’s a limit to how much can be given directly to the candidates and in each case the limit was given. You are a moron.

      • So the man is a PAC is a FRAUD…you know its a FRAUD but yet you still support and get absolutely NOTHING but a blog post for your donations? WOW!

      • You can try to silence West, but it aint going to happen because he is true red blooded American, and Martin Luther King Jr would have supported West. MLK said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

        Most everyone visiting this site…. is here to read the intelligent articles which West offers. For the most part, I feel you waste your time with your trolling unless you are a paid troll. You certainly waste my time.

      • You lost me with intelligent articles! So it doesn’t bother you that this man is collecting funds under false pretenses??

      • You’re a broken record. Crap, repeat, Crap, repeat, Crap, repeat, Crap, repeat, Crap, repeat, Crap, repeat, Crap, repeat…………………

      • The man is a CONMAN!! nothing more…and yes I will continue to REPEAT because some of his supporters don’t know they are being USED!

      • Typical democrat. Only cares about winning and losing election. Doesnt give a rats ass about candidates actions.

    • I forgot to tell you thank you for posting that so we can be assured our money is being well spent. We all approve. You’re the only one who isn’t and you don’t contribute so your worries are over.

      • You all don’t approve because YOU DIDNT KNOW!! Think about it…someone gives you $100 to pay a bill..you spend 10 cents on the bill and $9.90 to fundraise?? Wow some of you are mighty stupid!!

      • Stupid does not fit into the equation. You know what you are doing. We know what we are doing. West knows he is doing what is necessary to defend our liberties.

        I think a more appropriate comment would be: “Wow! Lee is sure harassing the people who come to this site to search for solutions and create a greater awareness in order to defend our nation.”

      • Because we are educating ourselves and rising into a higher consciousness. There are basically two categories involved here.

        Read, study, search, ponder,. pray, apply. Get to the bottom of things + find the truth + find solutions. This is one category.

        On the other hand, people have the option of going to a site where they are not wanted, trolling, interrupting the thread, ridiculing people, fighting those who are trying to save our nation, and starting rude arguments. This is a second category.

        I am sure you are smart enough to identify your category.

      • I think you need to first read the goals of the fund and second explain to me HOW THE MISSIONS MATCH when only 35k of 4 million goes to candidates while over 3 million goes for fundraising? When the majority if your money is sent to 10 companies for FUNDRAISING the mission is CLEAR…the fund is being used for PERSONAL FINANCIAL GAIN! Now I wonder if west is associated with any if those companies that are receiving money from this GUARDIAN FUND

      • What solutions?? Only thing here is opinions and manipulation of faces to play on peoples hate and fear to get them to donate to the fraudulent GUARDIAN FUND!!

      • You DON”T know what or how anyone approves of anything.
        YOU don’t approve because because he’s a black conservative and you’re a racist bigot, Earl (no-such-thing-as-a-black-conservative) Lee.

  23. Why, Oh, please, why, dear Allen B West do non of you american politicians (even if you may be the best) think about creating a safe haven for arab christians, just as what happenned to the kurds. Give them a safe zone and arm them, for christ’s sake. They are in just as bad need of a home state in the region as kurds or jews are.

  24. If, as Obama claims, that “The radical Muslims are not ‘real’ Muslims”, then why does Obama insist on providing the Koran to the terrorists in Ft. Gitmo?

  25. Well, Earl Lee , you’ve provided me with my evening of fun laughing at your stupidity and ignorance, but I must call it a night. I’m sure I’ll see you on another of LTC West’s posts as you show your fear of him by attempting unsuccessfully to destroy his reputation while not contributing anything to the topic at hand. You trolls are amusing, useless, but amusing.

      • Take a break and meditate on your words. I think you are talking about yourself, and not West. i want to meet you. I don’t buy your photo.

  26. Colonel, I’m with you on the A-19 Warthogs. I don’t know why they took them out of service. There is no better weapon against a moving convoy. Straif down the middle with light colateral damage on the periphery . The longer we wait to arm and train the stronger isis gets

    • Yes, I agree. We are burning day light. Plus, ISIS has had a big head start and, from what I read, some of their fighters were trained compliments of the o regime.

      • They used to be the “Syrian rebels” Benghazi happened, over passing arms to, via the Turks! And yes, O helped train them too!

      • Thanks! I am all for exposing all the truth possible.

        “Do not participate in the untruthful deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” Ephesians 5:11

      • Interesting article:

        The House Panel will further investigate the Benghazi attacks this week.

        On September 17, three security experts will highlight the best practices in compound security.

        Once the security experts school the House on proper safety protocol, it will become clear that Obama dropped the ball once again.

        But this is only part of the story unfolding.

        You see, months of meticulous research have exposed Obama’s insidious involvement in the Benghazi attacks. And all the details will come to light this week…

        Obama’s Blueprint to U.S. Sabotage

        Aaron Klein is an investigative reporter and New York Timesbestselling author. And his new book, The Real Benghazi Story: What the White House and Hillary Don’t Want You to Know, is guaranteed to rip the lid off of the Benghazi scandal.

        In the end, all fingers will be pointing at Obama.

        (We’re not really surprised though, right? Obama and his administration have proven countless times that they’re untrustworthy and don’t have America’s best interests at heart.)

        In fact, Klein has dubbed the Benghazi scheme “the Fast and Furious of the Middle East, the Iran-Contra of the Obama administration.”

        You see, just after the September 11, 2012 attacks, there was talk of a government-run illegal arms trade through the compound. Akin to the government’s repeat denial of the Fast and Furious inside job, the Obama White House has vehemently denied the Benghazi scheme.

        At the time, it was alleged that the weapons were meant to arm rebels who were fighting Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. But Klein proves otherwise…

        His research proves that the attacks were actually in response to U.S. efforts to collect weapons in Libya to send to Syria.

        A Plan That Backfired

        The government used members of the February 17th Martyrs Brigade – a militia linked to the Ansar al-Sharia terrorist organization – as cutouts to assist in the weapons trafficking to the Syrian rebels.

        The Martyrs Brigade was outright hired by the State Department to provide internal “security” at the U.S. special mission. The U.S. special mission in Benghazi and the nearby CIA annex were used to coordinate the arms shipments. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, in fact, played a cardinal role in this dirty scheme to help the jihadists.

        But things backfired when the United States attempted to collect weapons they had previously supplied to Libyan rebels. The rebels didn’t want to give the weapons back, so they attacked their one-time sponsors instead.

        Klein asserted recently, “After all, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to divine a possible link to the Benghazi assaults amid reports of Stevens supporting a weapons dealer’s application, while American intelligence officers hiding in ‘secret locations’ were helping Arab governments shop for weapons to be sent to Mid-east rebels, including some of the same groups linked to the September 11, 2012 attacks.”

        The Obama administration claims to “fight” for the Middle East’s stabilization. Yet it aligns itself with some of the most radical jihadists in the world.

        And the weapons we supply are repeatedly turned back in our direction.

        This arms deal and the subsequent attacks it spawned is the biggest Obama scandal yet.

        Your eyes on the Hill,

        Floyd Brown


      • Quite frankly, I think that was an inevitable result of abandoning the military equipment. I often wonder if it was a planned result orchestrated by o. I think the majority of moves made by o are intended to cause us damage.

      • Quite frankly it was inevitable as a result of having allowed an islamic infiltrator occupy the position of POTUS.

    • Also, the longer we wait, the more excuses o will find to diminish the power of our national security. Example: he managed to get $30 million from our Coast Guard fund to help house and care for illegal aliens. If there are loop holes where he can waste money, I am sure the regime has identified them and plans to exploit us to promote their bankrupt-America-and-destroy-sovereignty plan.

    • I have had the same thought numerous times. Sometimes i think he may suffer a mental illness because of his obsession with ridiculing West. But i always end up thinking he is a paid troll. Somehow I doubt he is Black. i am not sure why. I am always wondering if he is a fat white woman… for some reason.

    • Come and listen to a story
      ’bout a woman named Palin.
      At private-sector jobs
      she was always a-failin’,
      Then one day
      she got into the politics game,
      And up through the web
      came a bubblin’ fame.

      Celebrity that is, money for nothin’, Tea Party!

      Well, the first thing you know
      ol’ Palin’s a millionaire,
      Alaska voters said, “Palin move away from there,”
      Said, “The screen’s where you oughtta be.”
      So they gassed up the snowmachine and moved onto TV.

      Reality that is: Bristol’s Bayou, pay-per-view, cage match …

      • I guess this means you’re trying to change the subject. Palin isn’t involved with this. Plus Palin is better than Hillary any day of the week.

      • I apologize. I am experiencing fatigue from being on guard against liberals and trolls. I mistook you for a liberal. Best regards to you.


      • Did I see a control drama meow? i have witnessed liberals pushing themselves on people. No matter how much a person stands for a moral conviction, some liberals never give up trying to force others to do something which liberals believe.

        Lay it on the line and explain why the caps bother you + why you think your opinion trumps and Ibelieveinfreedom2 needs to dance to your rules. You might want to visit the liberal logic site to help clarify and align your actions.

      • That is a beautiful cat. I have been raising 3 kittens since they were two weeks old. I think an owl snatched their mother. They turned two months on the 14th. They learned their names when they were 6 to 8 weeks old. They are Thadeous, Little Gray and Tabitha.

  27. After Puff get through let the Enola Gay follow.That will make certain none of them are left to start anything else. Maybe ” Puff ” needs to fly along the Rio Grande .That may help to stop the overflow of cockroaches along the border.

  28. Mr West it’s okay if you don’t know what John Kerry was talking about. John Kerry doesn’t even know what John Kerry was talking about.

  29. I have a beter idea. Leave them alone. Let them do whatever they want. But, have nothing to do with them, or the whole Mohammedan world. No trade whatsoever. And no trade whatsoever with any country who does business with them. Not one grain of wheat or rice in, not one drop of oil or any petro product out. That includes any European or Asian country.

    If they even think about touching Israel, one sortie of about a dozen B-2s armed with hydrogen bombs should pretty well solve the problem. Any person who in any way advocates who advocates trade with, or sympathy to the Islamist world immediately gets sent there on a one way ticket, and never allowed to return.

    If they want to do things their way in their own countries, that’s their own business, and not one drop of precious American blood should be shed in defense, of their cause or way of life.

    • The only problem is you’re not in charge, so it won’t happen. You do realize we couldn’t do that because we need the oil. This is why the socialist democrats will not allow us to become energy independent. This way they can also blame the republicans for being ‘war mongers’ over oil. The idiots who vote for them can’t see past their own noses much less actually put two thoughts together. Having no ability to reason, they cannot logically follow through with ‘if this, then that’. Thus, they are led around by their ignorant noses and kept on the plantation of the government as slaves. I wouldn’t mind that so much except they keep dragging us with them.

      • Well we could probably get by on just domestic oil, we might need Canada’s help. But the rest of the world couldn’t do without that oil so they’d choose trade with them over trade with us and we’d basically end up inflicting trade sanctions against ourselves by refusing to do business with anyone else. It wouldn’t end well.
        And he’d have to repeal the first amendment to implement his “no advocating against my awesome plan” policy. So that’ll be tough to get the votes for.

      • We face a multiheaded beast. There are NGOs (Non Government Organizations) and BOB$ (Billionaire Oligarchy Bastards) working in the background. Tom Stehrs was the top billionaire contributor in the 2012 election. He topped the billionaires with something like 20 or 22 million in the democrat pool. He is dead against the pipe line. BOB$ who benefit from billions in green energy……. will fight the pipe line and oil independence. They are shouting global warming and placing fear into those who do not investigate the truth.

        Also, the democrats have programmed many in their voting base to hate and fear the Koch brothers. They parrot things about the Koch brothers, anger their voting base, and cover up their dirty dealings with their own small army of BOB$. Some of their true believers question nothing. The simple mention of the Koch brothers will cause many to vote straight democrat with no questions asked. Useful idiots.

        Thomas Jefferson had a quote about education being a key to cause problems to disappear. However, I doubt he had any idea how bull headed modern day liberals are. Some of them are probably incapable of being educated.

    • Walt Disney said that if anyone went against one of his ideas, it would be the idea he would promote. These are not his exact words, but that is the meaning of what he said. You know he must have had a lot of ridicule for coming up with a talking mouse. Your idea sounds golden to me. I back your insight.

    • Bombs may take them out over there but… they have a plan. In a town near you they may just be building a mosque funded by none other than those wonderful Saudis. They want to help you but first they have to terrorize you into believing in Allah, the merciful compassionate One. Allah gets kinda mushy wants you submit to his reign of terror to kill all humans. Allah isn’t going to stop with beheading Infidels next it will be the muslims. Just think about how things got out of control with the Aztecs. We have to stop this now at the source.

  30. I Can Sum Up Terrorism In 10 (ten) Words:











    Obama Not Willing To Identify Terrorism…

    • George Soros has been identified as supporting terrorists for quite a while back. Un secretary general ban ki moon and kerry and obama all supported the hamas, a known terrorist group…

      I am good with the ten words.. However, I would add on the UN and Council on Foreign Relations for instigating muzzies and refugees against us so as to help create conditions to collapse our sovereignty.

    • You left out Islam. It is a terrorist organization. Terror is their creed numero uno. It is not a religion in such that people worship God or some deity friendly to humans including Infidels.

  31. I’m curious why we allow people with no military experience fill the role of Commander in Chief? You don’t become a Police Chief without ever having first patrolled the streets, it makes no sense to me. Some could argue that the President relies on the advice of his Generals and in the past I would agree that has always been the case. However, the man we have in the White House today appears to only take advice from himself, Valerie Jarrett and possibly Eric Holder. I have no military experience, the closest I come to any military knowledge is having been raised by a USAF Captain and gaining a History degree in college. However, I know enough that when I hear the President speak on this issue, I don’t get the same feeling I would if it was George Washington speaking, but the opposite. When a leader tells the enemy what he will and will not do, when he doesn’t hit the Situation Room after an American has been beheaded, but chooses the golf course instead, when he announces to the World that he has no strategy and then finally lays one out that that leaves me with questions, I can’t help but not worry. I pray for this nation because I fear we have an amateur running what they wouldn’t originally even call a war.,

  32. I read! I read!! I read!!!

    Same ole thing. Type few words, get your internet noteriety, and you become “warm and fuzzy”.

    What really pisses me off, are those who get on the Colonel’s ass about being an uncle tom, a fraudulent Soldier, and a greedy puppet of white America. To those of you idiotic womb rejects,who proudly remain in this category of internet terrorism and ignorance, don’t go anywhere!!

    You want to inject race and liberal patheticism??

    So shall I….

    I am one of those fellas, that Soldier who does not boast about his patriotic values, but who “went, fought, and served”, without doubt or question.

    I fully support Colonel West. Not as a republican. Not as a white guy. Not as a Soldier.


    Now, for a history lesson of Truths based upon Facts:

    Islam is a filthy, garbage infested, comic book (quran) reading club. Plain and simple!!

    9/11 happened, not based on geopolitical thought and theory, but based on islam itself.

    No event in history caused 9/11.

    Islam caused 9/11.

    After receiving islam’s notice on 9/11, the United States of America accepted. Luckily for the U.S., George Bush was CiC/POTUS. Had it been, a then version of obama, or ANY democrat, we would have been screwed a long time ago. Up, and until obama, and “we are much safer than we were a year ago” biden, the U.S. had this islamic thing in check, and yes, about defeated..

    But, yes another but, it was the media and liberal, political womb rejects and their civilian support network of gullible tunnel worshippers, who would begin their fallacy campaign against Bush and The WAR ON TERROR.

    Remember when the media and its liberal pathetics were very forceful in their verbage stating that “America is invading a non player (iraq) for the 9/11attacks? They would claim that there were “no al Qaeda fighters in Iraq”. There was “no WMD in Iraq”. And “we are there only to steal their oil”.

    And the words of ignorance progressed since then. Oh those liberal pieces of human inconvenience.

    Today’s ISIS, is the Levant of 2003-04, and both are “grown out of al Qaeda. Al Qaeda was in Iraq as a token to bin Laden. Uday and Qusay Hussein engaged in meetings with representatives of bin Laden as the American build up increased. Sadaam would not approve of an al Qaeda force in Iraq as that would alter his ego. However, his sons, in 2002-03, would engage the idea of al Qaeda training camps. No agreement was made however, al Qaeda fighters were in Iraq.

    They were the Levant then, as they are now…

    I know, and somehow, there are going to be tunnel worshipping, liberal kiss asses on here, who divert those facts and talk as though they are the saving grace to America.

    Give it your best…… as if…..

    I recognize the potency of the United States, however, this is a point in our history, where we need allies, and not the common, usual allies. We do need our core allies, do not get me wrong.

    However, instead of going rogue, we must use tactical, yet logical, diplomatic maneuvering to gain “partners” and not necessarily “friends” that can help destroy ISIS, eternally.

    Russia, Syria, China, and yes, even Iran.

    Iran. There is a reason why ISIS has not, and will not engage south of Baghdad. Southern Iraq is mainly shiite, with Moqtada Sadr and his firm alliance with Iran. Iran, has raised the idea of “working with” the U.S.. This has both positive and negative effects. There is the issue of Iranian nuclear weapons and of course, Israel. Some might even indicate Iranian influence..
    Either way, we must not allow our (well earned) ego to negate common sense.

    For this to happen, we need diplomatic proficiency and presidential leadership. Ok!! So we are screwed.

    The issue with Russia going into Ukraine is mute. Ukraine is not a NATO country. Even if it was, we would require diplomatic class and leadership.. We are screwed. Russia has offered a mutual focus on, and tactical deployment to engage ISIS. By the way, ISIS has warned Russia exactly like it warned the United States. The difference is, Russia is a helluva lot closer to ISIS than the U.S.. So again, we need eachother.

    Our military, after two simultaneous wars against islam, is being decimated by cutbacks and disrespect.

    China is covertly dealing with islam. Over the past few weeks, China has executed around thirty islamic terrorists. No questions asked!!
    China could be a logistical ally. But again, we are screwed. No diplomatic or American leadership at this point.

    Syria is willing to be a part of the fight against ISIS. The U.S. is ignoring their willingness to allow airstrikes in certain Syrian areas. What is wrong with saying “thanks, and we’ll inform you of pending airstrikes”….. we are not befriending, we are defending, America…….

    Called frenemies, they can aide in the mutual defense against ISIS.

    And to those of you race card players. I’ll play the game…. you ready??

    You degrade an American hero, Colonel West, by way of his patriotic, and moral and ethical values. You shame him for being black, and not being an “african american”. You slander his service and whip him up as a puppet for white America.

    Here it is: over the course of the last 6 years (I know you are black and 2 + 2 may not equal four to many of you) there has been more racial bias, and racism in general has spiked incredibly. Tis obama, the pin prick king of ignorance and racism. And then you have that “filthy womb rejected, superglue that womb from which he came” holder.. A racist’s racist.. literally…..

    A white American Soldier was brutally murdered because he was White, outside of Ft. Lrwis, WA. The murderers?? Three filthy, black two legged trashcans who by the way, were identified as soldiers. Holder directed the DoD to not charge it as a hate crime. Witnesses, under oath and friends of the murdered Soldier, stated racial slurs and degrading comments. No body seems to know where these three black boys are…

    And then there is that wife to obama……..

    She indicated loudly and publicly, her desire to be a sort of spokesperson for military and veterans. Never made any comments about the vile, corrupt VA scandal. She would hashtag “bring our girls home”. Remember those little nigerian girls (black) who were taken by boko haram islamic group in nigeria? They had nothing to do with America… plain and simple..

    Michele obama: “for the first time in my life, i am proud of my country”. Get lost!!! Only because your half white half black presidential nominee was to become president. Token type. But when he became president, he went all black…..

    Do not go racial on me… i will bring it….

    Colonel West is a fellow Soldier and a True American hero….

    • Yes, Colonel West is a true and through red blooded American. Also, he is a master at thinking and evaluating. He is here to defend America. The last thing we need is a mush minded muzzie type person who likes to work in reverse of American values.

      Colonel West would take care of Americans. I think the reason trolls fight him is because he stands for the good of America. Some lefties, for what ever reasons, like to tear down people who stand for good.

      • Lefties don’t like Allen West because he will not give you a free car, welfare, govt run health care, global warming fix yer upper and any number of pie in the sky lies. Pick who would you like to have as Commander in Chief. Colonel Allen West who protected his men from terrorists on the ground in Afghanistan. Barack Obama who never served in the military and calls Islam a religion of peace, parroting what Bush II said also. Who do you trust? A man who proved himself on the battlefield against the foe. Or a man who is annoyed with this whole business that interrupts his golf game or his calls to King Abdullah King of Saudi Arabia.

    • Oifmack, I like the way you read between the lines and go for the full picture. There is a lot to be said about team obama operatives about what they say. And there is a lot more to be gained about observing what they don’t say.

      They talk about how much we need health care…. while they promote GMO which causes health problems. It is all about him and to h3ll with us.

      obama said the health care was for us while he saved the knife in our back part about us supporting illegal aliens. No one would have backed him if he told the truth. It is all about him and to h3ll with us.

      obama told the public Big Pharma could sit at the table, but they would not have power. After elected he did nothing to stop Big Pharm’s damage to American people. It is all about him and to h3ll with us.

      It is perpetual damage and nonsense coming from team obama.

      • Thanks Warrior… you too, recognize common sense, family and patriotic values, and the need for a solid USofA.

        Thanks For Being There Warrior……..

        We need to take care of business….

        Be Safe!!!!!

      • Thanks and the same back to you! When we let our voices be heard, we show we are not in hibernation. When we show we will fight like a savage bear, they will back off of us. We were sized up for being weak and off guard. This scenario is changing. We have militias and hundreds of groups entering the arena. We have become a warrior class and we are reclaiming America!!

        The Power of R

        #1 Regeneration
        ~A moral and spiritual regeneration
        Through out the land

        #2 Rebellion
        ~An organized resistance to fight our adversaries
        who choose to tear down and destroy our country

        #3 Reformation
        ~An action to reform
        and make it better than before

        #4 Restitution
        ~An act of replacing
        what has been taken away

        #5 Restoration
        ~To recover and restore
        the greatness of our country

        #6 Renewal
        ~To renew what was lost
        and elevate to a higher level

        #7 Replenish
        ~To bring back to completeness,
        to keep our values in place,
        and to keep America
        healthy and alive

        #8 Replace
        ~To replace our mistakes
        with solid solutions

        #9 Recruit
        ~The activate and enlist
        others to fight for our country,
        and to bless them to know
        their strength and their power

        #10 Renaissance
        ~A rebirth and fresh start
        for our country
        and all it stands for

        #11 Reconstruction
        ~To stay on track and rebuild what our
        Founding Fathers envisioned

        #12 Reclamation
        ~To take back what was lost
        and what belongs to us

        Open Domain. Copy at will.
        The revolution is at hand.

      • Incredible!!!!!!!!

        Warrior… your 12 and 3 and 6 and 9 is covered… No worries and with a Warrior like you, we’ll be just fine…..

        The power of ‘R’…. as in The WaRRioR…

        It is actually a matter of forming up with the Real and True Americans…… and taking our country back.. period!!!

      • You are EXACT…

        Healthcare was never the issue. It was the Health Insurance itself. But now, the healthcare itself, and the insurance are both screwed. Literally. Royally..

        The horror stories are daily. The lies and deception are causing people to become ill, and fearful, of the very “so called” government that promised soooooo much (not that i ever believed) help, hope, and change.

        I cannot stand obama, or any one in his cast of idiots. Truth be told, I also cannot stand the military brass who kisses his arse to remain in line for a political “spot”……

        Ok!!! Done……..

        Be safe Warrior!!!

      • Oh!!!

        The he11 is this sending 3000 American military personell into africa to help with Ebola?????

        Are you kidding??

        He is downsizing and degrading our military

        This emeffer has got to effin go…… we can’t take care of our own, but we can do this??

  33. I am surprised we even have to have this kind of threat held over our heads when the solution is so simple!

    If you want to get rid of the threat of ISIS and any other Muslim intruders, do the following! All you need to do is get a squirt gun and fill it with bacon grease – put a picture of a pig’s head on your door with blood dripping onto a bullet and they will run like scared rabbits! They are petrified of pigs – pig anything.
    Look up Gen. “Black Jack” Pershing and see what he did in the
    Philippines. It kept them inactive for nearly 50 yrs.!! And spread this info to
    everyone you know. There will be a lot of unarmed people when the you-know-what hits the fan. This one thing will stop them dead in their tracks – guaranteed!
    They can’t see Allah or get their 72 virgins if they are exposed to pig
    ‘anything’! SSSHH! Wise up America! Take some planes over there and spray them with bacon grease! Problem freaking solved!!!

    • Great idea but they are not afraid of shooting at you with real ammunition. So be careful these gangsters are murderers. But here is a tip you can love muslim fanatics with a squirt of organic pigblood mixed in water. It comes in 50 lb bags. Call it a baptism in blood. They hate pigs because pigs are nicer than they are and more polite at the dinner table.

  34. Those that want to destroy Allen West always resort to race baiting and the whine. BO won not 1 but 2 elections by lying, race baiting and the dead vote along with the moron vote. At no time has BO been any kind of leader except leading the way to a golf course. Allen West is a real leader and so what if he doesn’t run for president, he is still a good leader and would be a wonderful adviser to a real president.

    • He won 2 national elections by race baiting, the dead voting? Brenda…the FACTS do not support your argument! How bout you try this…McCain didn’t stand a chance after George Bush and then he picked Sarah Palin….Romney was just a horrible candidate and AMERICA rejected and continue to reject the policies of the republican party! Romney was soooo bad REPUBLICANS stayed home!

  35. After 60 years of listening to politicians, They have one thing in common They all lie. Liars can’t be trusted. Check out their money people. Follow the money.


    • This guy IS a fraud and the numbers prove it!!!

      Allen West Guardian Fund Stats:
      notice the difference between contributions and FUNDRAISING

      Contributions: Contributions to federal candidates $35,000
      Contributions to committees $5,000
      Fundraising: Fundraising mailings & calls $2,080,096
      Fundraising data & technology $327,956
      Fundraising fees $274,172
      Fundraising events $213,323
      Fundraising consulting $133,946
      Miscellaneous fundraising $65,750
      MediaWeb ads $60,680
      SalariesSalaries, wages & benefits $271
      Unclassifiable: Unclassifiable data & technology $13,775

      • So Allen West left his command in disgrace? No he more than served his country honorably which is more than you and Obama are doing. Allen protected his unit from a perceived terrorist threat. So he shot his gun off at a policeman who might have been a terrorist. Was he supposed to wait around like you to see if the terrorist are going to blow his soldiers off the map? Bush & Obama put our soldiers at risk for failing to address the source of funding for the terrorists. Its home base in Saudi Arabia. Now you want to put down a courageous leader who did his best. Could you do better?

      • He was suppose to use his training in that situation…he didn’t. He wasnt suppose to loose his cool…he did. He was suppose to lead his men…HE DIDN’T! He was suppose to uphold the UCMJ…HE DIDN’T! Using “I WAS PROTECTING MY MEN” is a FARCE! Hundreds..maybe thousands of officers were tasked to PROTECT THEIR MEN….they did it without violating the UCMJ! They served with HONOR…allen (rob these loons blind) west DIDN’T!

      • I can not judge Allen West regarding the UCMJ since this is not a military tribunal and I am not a military lawyer. But we do have common ground in this discussion. Neither of us want to convert to Islam. So I gather you do like to have a choice in this matter. The teachings of the Quran are clear. You do have a choice. Submit to Islam, if not well at best pay a heavy tax but death to those who defy Allah. This is not a peaceful solution. I like listening to music of my choice as well as many other pleasures that can not be enjoyed if you have to pray 5 times a day and submit to some barbaric Planet of the Apes. Maybe West is not the right choice but We need to find a leader who wont bankrupt us in dealing with these crazy people bent on world domination. Perhaps you feel comfortable in your world. Most people do not want to know the full extent of the terrorists network and how it has multiplied since 911. Many blame our government and believe it has something to do with Bush I and his new world order. But I think that is just the US government bungling their strategy with the terrorist. They have grossly underestimated the money, resources and power of the new Islam. Its home base is in Saudi Arabia. Right now they are carrying out their terror plans for the USA. Build mosques, infiltrate the US from within, terrorize the people, convert or kill the Infidels. I have always believed that sending our troops overseas to fight separate battles with each new band of terrorists is irresponsible and wrong. I do not blame the men in uniform just our leaders. Without a leader who will stand for our rights under the Constitution, our country will fall into chaos, civil war and defeat. That is what the enemy wants. United we stand. Divided we fall. We are Americans. Let us say what is on our minds freely and truthfully the best we know. I am here to hear what my fellow Americans have to say.

    • Wesley Clark gave up on America when Colin Powell gave up.
      If you are going to cite individuals, use the ones with a purpose.
      That crackpipe you smoke??? Tone it down, you are packin way too much.
      Your literacy of history is fallacy. Your rant is literally screaming “liberal, islam lover of socialistic tendencies desires same”…..
      You are stupid.
      Minimum wage increase is for the lazy and greedy. Hell, Taco Bell drive thru workers can’t even get an order of a coke and two bean burritos right.
      You louzy, womb rejected, stuffed poster child for “why to just say no”……
      How dare you state that ISIS is merely a game portrayed by America.
      You know nothing. Raisr your hand, please and we will hand deliver you to islam……..

    • Wow like those impressive Capital letters. Try reading a book for a change, a firsthand account of what Islam is about. Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

      • In my travels and work I have met many people from the Middle East. I have no prejudice against Arabs, Iraqis, Egyptians and others. I have always dealt with them fairly and find most to be friendly. However many of these people I met were refugees from these countries as I found from them personally that they would much rather live here in the USA than under oppression under Sharia. You take your freedom for granted. You would like to believe in conspiracy theories than find where the funding for terrorism is generated. Did you vote for Obama? I did not. I do not support a government that is allied with the enemy of the US and all the people of the Middle East. Islam is a dominion of Terror. Saudi Arabia is the home base of Terror. If you do not believe it, take the next plane there and if you make it back here alive, tell us of your adventure. We are waiting for your firsthand report from the wonderful land of Arabia. Just make sure you dress head to toe.

    • The minimum wage was never meant to be a living wage. It is primarily for entry level jobs. The jobs like summer jobs for kids etc., temporary jobs and seasonal jobs. It was never there for someone to make a living at. While I was a kid it went from .95 to $1.35 an hr. I never got paid that, even for summer jobs. Even now, in our area someone at a fast food restaurant makes over minimum to start. The high school kids who work part time in the Summer make 10 bucks an hr, which is slightly over our state’s minimum wage. The state should determine minimum wage. What should be minimum in NY is not what should be minimum in AR. Cost of living and all that should take precedence. Total cost of living in Midland, TX is about half of what it is in NY, NY. Minimum wages should not be the same. Chances are that you would be more likely to get a good paying job in Midland, TX right now if you need one though.

  37. It is absolutely incredible, that no individual has announced the obvious solution.

    The nuclear option should now be the centerpiece on the table of tactical, military options. This, the ISIS and islamic thing, likely to be thee greatest threat for years and decades to come, has absolutely no purpose on earth. We decimate this islamic trash with B52, C130, and B1 bombing and gun runs. The Stratofortress, Puff, and B1 no exactly what to do. Then finally……….


    ALL DONE!!!!

    We have the capability, but, and I’m thinkin, we are waiting for an alien invasion………

    • I’m surprised how many people are ready to nuke an entire region of the planet. The ignorance in such a plan is beyond words. Do you really feel that threatened? Are you ready to kill thousands if not millions of innocent people that have families–just like you or me–to get rid of a few idiots with big knives?

      • “Character is not, that which defies logic,
        though, defining logic, is that in itself”….

        Look… whether there is an immediate threat, or not, to be proactive is a helluva lot better than being complacent.

        You – David The Day – asks “are you ready to kill thousands if not millions of innocent people that have families?” Short answer is Yes!! Either them, or me…. I choose me!!

        Now, why don’t you ask muslims why they think they can kill, rape, torture, steal, falsify, and force islam onto the billions of non muslims!!??

        That region of the globe is slowly becoming the actual and real life vision of hell. Do you comprehend the threat level? You talk as if muslims have a true value. They are not of an intellectual mind. They despise women, animals, non muslims all forms of education, and anything that interprets freedom.

        I am an American Soldier, not a war monger. I am a warfighter. I went, I fought, I served. So beside running off with your mouth, what have you done? I saw these idiotic womb rejects up close and very personal.

        Do you understand their intent?

        You identify them as “a few idiots with big knives. A few?? Check the current world muslim population. When you figure that out, figure out just 1/10th of that number. Thst is the “few” with big knives.

        Cancer must be killed!! Plain and simple.

        To nuke a people is not based on theology, philosophy, ideology, or moral codes. It is about a future..

        Ignorance is an attribute.

        I do feel threatened. Yes, I am an American Soldier and as an American Soldier, I took an oath to defend against enemies, both goreign and domestic. Also, as an American Soldier, I will deny my enemy the idea of victory. I will maintain an offensive posture as well as a defensive posture.

        Islam is not a friend to you.

      • Wow, I’m glad your conscience has no room for so many innocent people dying with your approval.

        Now take your exact mindset of everything you just outlined in this response, and that’s exactly how those people feel about us. It’s a never ending cycle. Yes, the extremists are monsters, committing horrible acts, but to them, we look the same as we’ve been dropping bombs onto their families in that region over the last 25 years. You call it collateral damage, I call it “maybe that’s why they’re mad”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to defend their actions, I’m just trying to show you we’re not completely innocent in the matter.

        My wife is a Muslim, so I find it really hard to believe that ALL Muslims are the scum of the earth like you make them out to be. Should I divorce her so she doesn’t behead me in the middle of the night? She’s more anti-violent and peace-loving than you or I will ever be (obviously, by you wanting to actually nuke people). And not of an intellectual mind? People said the same thing about black people not too long ago. You sound just like them.

        Yes, there is a large population of Muslims that do not like Westerners. Big deal. Maybe we should stay out of their business? There’s a reason why they hate us, and it’s not based on religion. And the fact is, if there weren’t reporters in Syria / Iraq, they never would have been beheaded. Yes, it’s an atrocious act, but those journalists went into a WARZONE, it’s a hazard of the job. Everyday in America innocent people are killed by gang driveby shootings (A LOT more than beheaded journalists). Should we bomb/nuke the urban areas with gangs in them, too?

        What have I done? I’ve done plenty in my short life so far on this earth. Never in trouble with the law, started a successful business by the age of 21, and I provide art and culture to our country. I’m a programmer, a motion graphics designer, a videographer, and a musician. So what have I done? I’ve held full-time jobs in all of these areas, and I’ve spent hours upon hours training a wide set of skills. How dare you try to question me what I have done, as if questioning my ability to have opinions about our country is limited to whether or not I have served. I serve my country far more productively with my skillset than by killing people.

        You’re a solider. You volunteered for it, that was your choice, that’s how you felt you could best serve your country. You risk your life everyday, which is very courageous, I get that. And you and your brothers/sisters do a wonderful job being on alert and ready to defend this country when needed. I’m thankful to you for that; however I don’t think nuking an entire region of the world is the solution. It’s so easy for you to pull the trigger, but how would you like you and your family to be on the receiving end? You’re big on quotes, so here’s one, the Golden Rule: “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.”

      • These animals are killing, raping, torturing, beheading civilians. They know nothing but kill or be killed. No one can imagine what these families are going through. If I were there, yes, drop that nuke right on my head. I’d rather my family all die at once than see them tortured.

      • Animals are of a trait, mind, and heart.. They live and breath as do I….

        Islam is nothing but a thing of two legged trashcans. Waste…



  38. The Fedayeen Saddam, ISIS/ISIL, Al Qaida in Iraq and several other groups have been operating independently & jointly in Iraq since the mid-nineties. They need to be destroyed in a way that does not allow them to “morph” into another fighting force.
    Obama’s not coming up with any tactics or strategies that these “8th century barbarians” have not already thought out in advance! Shock & awe is a good start, but beware the “public relations and political battles”!!

  39. Over 10 years, the US has not been able to defeat Al-Qaeda on its own. To blame Obama for this is disingenuous. It excuses the presidents who came before him and their failures for the same. Al-Qaeda-ISIS will ONLY be defeated by a coordinated international military intervention. Including the active participation of the Arab nations. Without Arab nations’ participation, we should all “bug out!” Leave the Arab nations to fight their own fight.

      • They are not all terrorists! If our “intelligence community” cannot tell the difference, then we ARE in trouble. BTW, your post clearly implies religious bigotry. Ergo, your post is of no value.

    • Luckily, it was George Bush in office on 9/11 and not a Gore, Clinton, or any liberal for that matter

      What is disingenuous, is to overlook the earlier 2000’s version of obama, you know, the liberal mashing of Bush foreign policy within a year of 9/11. You know, no relation to 9/11 and/or WMD’s.

      In fact, without the injection of selective memory, it was the liberal who declared Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. And thus proving Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. Directly, that is..


      ISIS today, was/is the Levant in 2002-04. In other words, they both have al Qaeda origins. Sunni origins. Al Qaeda leadership.

      Islam is filth upon the globe. The United States of America did not start this.

      Islam started this long ago.

      Now, the indirect involvement by Iraq. Uday and Qusay Hussein entertained bin Laden underlings, and engaged in talks that would create training camps in Iraq.

      Long and short, it has been biden and obama you have been deceiving and lying to the American people. Remember these constant reminders of just how safe America has become over past 6 years.

      Biden “we are more safe now tgan we were few years ago”

      So, be assured, complacency is no longer a valid excuse…….

      Oh, by he way, The Nuclear Option Is Now A Centerpiece on the Table of Tactical Options…

      Why? Becauae islam has absolutely no global, humane, or values purpose.


      Just because!!!!!!

      • Didn’t GB II declare victory? Didn’t GB I fall short of finishing the job against his military advisors’ advice? The responsibility does not begin and end wit Obama/Biden. It goes all the way back to WW I. Read some history!

      • Now, let us have a closer look at
        what the Koran says about the infidels:-

        Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them(2:191)

        Make war on the infidels living in your neighboorhood (9:123)

        When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you
        catch them (9:5)

        Kill the Jews and the Christians if they do not convert
        to Islam or refuse to pay Jizya tax (9:29)

        Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable (3:85)

        The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them (9:30)

        Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam. (5:33)

        The infidels are unclean; do not let them into a mosque

        Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked
        iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies


        Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them
        when you catch them (47:4)

        The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight
        them (8:65)

        Muslims must not take the infidels as friends (3:28)

        Terrorise and behead those who believe in scriptures
        other than the Qur’an (8:12)

        Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorise the
        infidels (8:60)

      • Obviously if you can’t see the difference, muslims will make it clear to you. Be careful don’t lose your head.

      • I read the Quran as well. I’ll find inconsistencies in your citations just as they exist in the Bible. No respect for “cherry-picking.”

      • This is going to take some time…how much patience do you possess? Or are you beyond civil debate. ISIS is a very large game of brutal thugs hiding behind Islam.

      • Yes, luckily George Bush was in office on 9/11. Otherwise an intelligent president would have prevented it, and we wouldn’t have gone into Iraq, and Saddam Hussein would still be keeping Iraq in check, and ISIS wouldn’t exist. Lucky us!

  40. USA should ditch Christianity and embrace Odinism. Christianity has obviously failed to incite the proper level of cultural cohesiveness and hatred necessary to win. If all white Americans embraced Odinism, it would ensure their continuity and power as a distinct ethnicity for all time. Exploit the white supremacist ideologies and use them as a blunt instrument against your foes, but be sure to throw them under the bus if they become dangerous.


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