Wake-up call to America: NY radio host says domestic terrorism is already here [AUDIO]

It never ceases to amaze me how the media has to play catch-up to something that many of us have already known. As we reported here in August per American Uncensored News (AUN), Ali Muhammad Brown, an armed jihadist serial killer, murdered at least four men as acts of ‘vengeance’ on behalf of aggrieved Muslims during the spring and summer.

AUN said “the 29-year-old career thug admitted to killing Leroy Henderson in Seattle in April; Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young in Seattle on June 1; and college student Brendan Tevlin, 19, in Essex County, New Jersey, on June 25. Tevlin was gunned down in his family Jeep on his way home from a friend’s house. Ballistics and other evidence linked all the victims to Muhammad Brown. Police apprehended him in July hiding in an encampment near the Watchung Mountains of West Orange, New Jersey.”

Yesterday, Todd Pettengill, host of New York’s PLJ 95.5 “The Todd Show,” began talking about it and finally the story is starting to gain attention Pettengill’s conclusion? Domestic terrorism is already here. Click below to hear the clip.

As reported by NJ.com, Pettengill discussed the death of Brendan Tevlin for more than eight minutes on his morning show asking why the case has not received more attention. despite the alleged murderer’s admissions that he killed Tevlin as an act of vengeance for U.S. military actions in the Middle East. Pettengill asserts that, “It was in fact an act of jihad, perpetrated by a fellow American who sympathized more with those who want to annihilate us than with his own country and its people.”

“Essex County authorities have charged 29-year-old Ali Muhammad Brown with killing Tevlin. Since Brown’s arrest on July 18, he has confessed to Tevlin’s murder, along with three other murders in Washington state. He has also stated that he killed them as retribution for innocent lives lost in Iraq, Syria, and other parts of the Islamic world.”

While we were busy reporting all this back in August, the media was going bonkers and heading to Ferguson, Mo. to cover the Michael Brown story – ad nauseum – but has been pretty much silent on this jihadist murder of Tevlin, along with three others. Could it be our own media is complicit in sheltering Islamic jihadism here in our own country? And who has caused them to be so silent – could it be money from Saudi Arabia or Qatar? Will President Obama dispatch Eric Holder to personally visit with the Tevlin family, or are they just not a part of his insidious, progressive socialist, community-organizing agenda?

After all, if ISIS isn’t “Islamic,” then I suppose Ali Muhammad Brown was just a recovering Mennonite. How long will we allow the dismissal of the enemy to occur and have members of our administration — including the president himself — lie to us? How many FBI agents will be assigned to the investigation of Brown’s jihadist murders? Holder sent 40 agents to open up a civil rights investigation of the Ferguson, Mo. police department – heck, remember he sent an investigative team to a small Nebraska town over a parade float?

We also reported how the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is pushing to purge the FBI, DoD, and local law enforcement training on confronting homegrown Islamic jihadist activity. Perhaps, as NJ.com reports, that’s why “Pettengill echoed the frustrations of Tevlin’s parents over the initial characterization by the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office that the teenager was “targeted” before being gunned down. Authorities later changed the description, saying accused murderer Ali Muhammad Brown and two other men, Jeremy Villagran and Eric Williams, had randomly targeted Tevlin for a robbery before Brown shot him eight times.” Our law enforcement agencies have to come to understand the homegrown Islamic threat and recruitment, as well as its ideology – but it’s time for the media and our government to catch up.

Let’s see how much coverage the Obama media gives this story — certainly not as much wall-to-wall coverage as Ferguson – and where are the protests from white people? After all, a black Islamic jihadist just murdered a white teenager as part of his contribution to the global conflagration. No, I’m not looking to stir up protests, but the comparison between the shooting of Michael Brown and that of Brendan Tevlin is quite telling.

Actually, it’s shameful. But it’s also disconcerting that we continue to wish away and dismiss Islamo-fascism – and the fact it’s here in our America.


    • take your BS and shove it so deep you lose sight of what year it is – nothing but BS. Speak your own words little piece of crap or just shut up. Are you voiceless, are you shackled, are you beat down and not able to speak? STOP POSTING YOUR BS FULL OF GARBAGE LINKS – WE all see you, May God have grace with you.

  1. Gee,where’s Sharpton,Eric Holder,Jackson,The Black Panthers,t-shirts etc for this “poor misunderstood fellow”.Not a peep.

    • NOWHERE. Not so much as a word. Please anyone correct me if I am wrong, but Eric Holder is not likely to make a statement on this. Goes against his mindset.

  2. The reasen the media didn report on this are actually 2 no# 1 the color of the killer and no# 2permission of his majesty is hard to come by because he is hard to reach between golfing and raisig money and doling outthe cool-aidd .

  3. I guess the domestic terrorist are not tea party members, returning vets, conservatives, libertarians, Ron Paul supporters and gun owners. The domestic terrorist are raghead converts.

  4. Folks, if you are not carrying a weapon for your own protection, why not? If you are a retired police officer with at least 10 years service, you are authorized concealed carry under HR218 in every state and US territory. Start carrying. sub-human evil like this critter are already here and active in every major US City. In addition, they are being given cover by CAiR and Holder’s DOJ.

    • Why would one not entertain the idea of carrying if they are allowed? Personally nothing make me feel more secure than knowing my Baby Glock is right there if I need to call on it. SO YES: get informed, get training, be prepared. For all the liberal anti-gun folks, give it up. Just be ready despite your logic, just prepare yourself for the worse case scenario. If that worse case never happens great. If things don’t go down how you always thought they should, then you are prepared yes? Just do it. Last note: get your backside to a firing range and learn what to do with your weapon.

    • It’s funny how it didn’t manage to take over the evening news and become the one story of the national conversation then eh? Like…others did.

      • The story didn’t have a lot of human interest beyond the fact that Brown killed 4 people & admitted he did it because he was angry with the US government. The Ferguson, Mo riots were happening live; which do you think would have generated the most viewers, & which, had you been the producer of a news program, would you have dwelled on.

        I am a conservative leaning Independent voter. I have been following Allen West’s rants now for about 6 or 8 months, & he invariably overstates the subject matter of the story in the headline & then fails to produce the end result, OR, he tells out & out fabrications, just like he did this time, which is why I have elected not to follow him any more. I’m finished here, so don’t bother replying.

      • COWARD, he’s like Sharpton Jackson, Obama, Pelosi, that is why you research everything you hear and from non partisan articles, then you take it with a grain of salt! I know you came back, curiosity to see if someone commented. I’m independant also don’t follow anyone politician, they all lie and all have an agenda, for themselves not the people. My nephew works at NBC, the orders to run come from the very top outside braodcasting, the white house BTW. he was told to not report on anyting but Ferguson, it’s a racial decision white people getting killed by a jihdist is not!

      • I’m not sure if you called me a coward, or Allen West. Please clarify…..BTW, I came back because I get e-mail notification when someone replies to a comment I make.

      • It’s simple: A black Muslim kills a white person. That’s why it got no media attention. Just like the murder of WIlliam Long.

      • a black muslim homegrown terrorist killing white people – that is way to scary for the liberal media lol! (no disrespect to the victims) The media just ain’t going there.

      • sorry to disturb you from your head in the sand activities, but just saw a flash on the tube on this. ANYWAY, as to your human interest? Really, don’t you know human interest nowadays mean feel good, nice ending, all is right sort of ending to the story. Not much “human interest” as you say? You are a empty hole.

      • I know, I live in Seattle it was one night and then ferguson constantly, makes me think only the killing of a black person is more important than 3 white people killed by a jihadist. We are so overwhelmed with PC that we are straining what is left of humanity and now, as Eric Holder said there is no discrimination towards white people, like saying go for it, not a hate crime when you kill them. I never was a racist but the last few years I’m starting to look at more than just white trash. If all people are suppose to be treated equally, well it’s getting worse, not better and I blame this administration with Eric Holder Pelosi Sharpton and the like for being race baiters!

    • I live in Seattle, they covered for about 10 minutes then spent the rest of the days on Ferguson, REALLY! One article one newscast. But we are still hearing about Ferguson. So Allen is not out of line here, I live here and this is the first time I have heard of this nutjob since I saw it on the news ONE night!! Media plays a big part on deciding what we can see or hear about. My nephew works for NBC and the orders come down the line, guess from where?

    • Liberal liars wanted to stay away from this because the killer is a black Muslim. Remember the murder of William Long? Democrats sure don’t.

      • The media sort of skipped over that one too. Just a few bleeps on the radar, then nothing or very little and certainly not much national coverage or updates. RIP Pvt William Long. Murdered by an homegrown muslim terrorist right in front of an Army Recruitment Station.

    • You are missing the point completely. In the link you posted from cbs news, no where in the entire article did they call him what he is, a domestic islamic terrorist. They only call him a murder suspect.

      • I missed no point at all; my post said that Allen West lied when he stated that this story hadn’t been covered before he covered it. The CBS article specifically mentioned that Brown is a devout muslim who admitted killing these white people because he was upset with the US government. I assumed you were adept enough to draw from that comment that he is a domestic terrorist. This is why I don’t follow this radical rag any more, because it appeals to blinkered people like yourself.

      • Yeah you did miss the point – and no the article did not call him what he is = a domestic terrorist. YES I CAN SEE WHAT HE IS SILLY LITTLE MAN. That not the issue what I see stupid. The issue is what the media uses as their headline, and text of their article. They FAIL to USE THE WORDS DOMESTIC ISLAMIC TERRORIST. Just to break it down for you:

        Writing the words as you summarized it : specifically mentioned that Brown is a devout muslim who admitted killing these white people because he was upset with the US government – DOES NOT name him. Does not call him with the exact verbage what he is: A Domestic Islamic Terrorist. Yes I am adept enough to see it for what it is. The problem is the rest of the millions of people who read this story and don’t. The media, the liberal media, guided by a liberal/socialist administration, just can’t call it what it is.

        As for you not following this blog anymore. Oh how I wish idiots like you wouldn’t. And you say I’m out, and then back you are like a ping pong ball. Just go away if you can’t handle the truth blinkered little weenie.

      • You’re hilarious. An extreme right winger pissing & moaning because the newspaper didn’t call a terrorist a terrorist. Perhaps they thought everyone could connect the dots without being led by the hand. Your world must be incredibly narrow & boring.

      • I asked you a question. All you can do is come back with insults. Not pissing or moaning over what cbsnews failed to do, which is call a terrorist a terrorist LOL. I don’t expect too much out of them.

        But I asked you why? You can’t answer that question I guess, but instead just jump right off into insulting me and saying my world is narrow and boring LOL!! Btw, I have a very exciting life. Been that way, let’s see; like forever. Sometimes I even find myself wishing it could be just a bit boring, just so I could have a little rest 🙂

        So if you can answer why cbsnews could not have a headline that said “Domestic Islamic Terrorist Arrested for Multiple Murders” instead of “NJ student’s accused killer also charged with 3 murders in Wash.” please get back to me. But if you can’t really honestly answer that question or discuss it like an adult, then don’t bother getting back to me. OK? Have a great night.

      • You can’t expect morons like that to grasp the fact that CBS needs to catch up on reporting this guy is a terrorist.

      • Oh how I wish that he and others would just simply look at reality. It is written it will be done, but that does not make it easy.

  5. “And those believing that Muslim beheadings in the UK – of a British soldier on a London street last year and an 82 year old grandmother last week – are an anomaly are simply naïve and ignorant. In a recent column, a British-Canadian journalist addressed those who refuse to admit the truth about the connection between Islam and terrorism:

    There are in fact four stages involved in the denial of Islamic terror. The first is where we empty our heads. The second is where we bury our heads. The third is where we bow our heads. The fourth is where we lose our heads.

    The first three are metaphorical, the last is literal.”

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2014/09/islamophobia_hell_yes.html#ixzz3DDaFPAxx
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  6. Those in America who have emptied their head, and buried their head don’t seem to understand that a “Muslim American” is an oxymoron. They can only be “American” in the technical sense of where they reside (quietly and patiently waiting for their numbers to increase)–in America. However, if you are using the term as an insinuation of shared American ideals of “All men are created equal (i.e. what undergirds our Civil Rights)”, then you are using the term in the most oxymoronic way. This would be like describing someone as a “Christian Satan worshipper”.

    To the Muslim that adheres to the Koran, an American (that subscribes to our ideals of freedom) is an “INFIDEL”. Therefore, a “Muslim American” (that supposedly shares our ideals of freedom) is actually a “Muslim Infidel”. The only way it is possible for a Muslim to be an American in the patriotic (shared ideals of freedom) sense of the term is if the Muslim is not an adherent to the Koran, but a heretic.

    Here are some disturbing facts about what is taught in mosques here in America:

    A 2011 study has demonstrated that 80% of mosques right in this country are teaching jihad warfare and Islamic supremacism.

    Researchers Mordechai Kedar and David Yerushalmi reported in the Summer 2011 issue of Middle East Quarterly about a new survey that found that “51% of mosques had texts that either advocated the use of violence in the pursuit of a Sharia-based political order or advocated violent jihad as a duty that should be of paramount importance to a Muslim.” Another 30% of mosques in the United States “had only texts that were moderately supportive of violence,” while only “19% had no violent texts at all.”

    Reiterating the point, the difference between the “moderate” Muslim that does not want to kill all the infidels and the Muslim who wants all infidels dead and Sharia law throughout the world is that the “moderate” is a secularist or in Islamic terms, a heretic (not a true follower of Islam). As the Prime Minister of Turkey said, “The term ‘moderate Islam’ is ugly and offensive. There is no ‘moderate Islam’ — Islam is Islam”

  7. ALLEN west is a FRAUD!!! The GUARDIAN FUND has collected over 4 million dollars and has given only 20k to candidates while over 3 million has gone for fundraising! How in the WORLD do you spend 3 millions on fundraising to give away 20k?? You LOONS keep supporting this CON MAN!!!

      • The only liar is you if you can’t back it up. Maybe you work for Patrick Murphy or the Florida chapter of Hamas-linked CAIR.

      • You call this man honorable, a man of character and all that…but a man of honor and character doesn’t lead people on and ROB those people out of their HARD EARNED MONEY under false pretenses…sorry but allen (rob these loons blind) west is a CONMAN!

      • You are an idiot. That graph is of current year fundraising for his political action committee. If the money still is in the PAC, he hasn’t stolen anything, moron. For all you know, he’s waiting until October to distribute it, because $3 million doesn’t last long when spending on TV ads for candidates, idiot.

      • Please tell me you are not this stupid!! PLEASE! 3 million didn’t go to adds it went to FUNDRAISING. the majority of the money went to different companies not candidates not commercials not causes But keep donating!
        I even looked at SarahPAC and the majority of that money went to candidates! Don’t be stupid all ya life !!

      • Earl can you just say how you feel about domestic terrorism? Like we all get where you come from with the money and the candidates and commercials and so on with the fundraising and on and on and on and on and on ETC. – BUT what about the domestic terrorism, what say you on that? TRY REALLY HARD TO STAY ON TOPIC.

      • You people are the domestic TERRORIST!! You do everything possible to make sure that this president fails. Started January 2009 and continues to this day. Republicans harm the economy with treats of not raising the debt ceiling and shutting down the government. Republicans don’t GOVERN!!!!

      • He can’t, because mikey shane heuer is that stupid, and mentally defective to boot. You’re lucky he didn’t start stalking you. 🙂

      • Also you idiot the 3 million has already been spent! Also if u look further on the page I gave u it will let you know exactly how the money was spent. It wasn’t spent on those candidates I shouldn’t have to explain this to you

    • Don’t pay attention to Earl Lee. He is ankle – biter who posts everywhere that Allen West is written about with same tired litnany. Somehow, I don’t find any such comments by others, or by the fraud chasers, who check out military fund frauds. Wonder why? Perhaps there is a germ of truth there, but I have not found it yet? And I would follow Allen West where ever he led. My 26 years military, showed me who leaders are, and not pretenders.

      • Earl, what to say. . . .I have tried. . . to no avail. . .he is just plain stupid in so many ways. Don’t even bother. EARL LEE has NOTHING to offer. . . . . . . .anyone, sadly even himself.

  8. Mirror, mirror on the Blood Drenched Wall
    Who is most like all Muslim’s “Perfect Man” Mohammad of them all?

    Why, you are ISIS, you are!

    There is nothing that ISIS has done that is not totally in accordance with Islam and the teachings of all Muslims’ “Perfect Man”, Mohammad, and the examples that he personally and repeatedly set. ISIS is just the latest of a long history of Islamic outbreaks. As long as the source tumor remains any “solutions” and respites will be
    limited and only temporary.

    Islam itself is the greatest continuing crime against humanity the world has ever known.

  9. It’s just like the Knoxville massacre and the murder of William Long. The media wouldn’t cover it because the victims were white and the killers black.

  10. First, and I say this as a white person, I don’t equate this with race at all. If you look up the pictures of the other three young men, they were black. Radical Islam does not care what color, sex, or age you are, it’s about not supporting their radical ideology. That being said I would like to thank Todd Pettengill for having the courage to inform us of this truth and I hope our news media, and not just Fox News and Allen West, will highlight this story as it is such an important story that needs to be shared. I don’t know if I was naïve in 2001, but I honestly thought that following 9/11 that our border security would take top priority. In addition, I believed that all those in America with expired visas would be arrested and sent home. Neither has occurred and while Bush did not put the priority it deserved either, Obama has essentially placed a welcome mat at the border. As a Texan, I would like to thank our governor for doing what our President would not by sending the National Guard. In all honesty, I believe his order and the Texas summer heat are the reason we have seen the numbers decreasing. After hearing this news, which I first heard on Fox News followed by this article, I have to say that my anger has hit an all time high. Before I even listened to what Mr. Pettengill said, I looked at the pictures of these young men. I have two son’s in their twenties and automatically my first thought was this could have been one of my son’s. My heart and prayers go out to the parents of these young men. I read an article earlier today that the President of Mexico is furious with Governor Perry for sending troops to the border. My response, “Get over it, I’ve had enough.” As for the current administration, I’ve had it with the lies, the cover ups, the irresponsible and harmful decision making, the Bush scapegoat excuse, the biased media and the nonsense that comes from the Liberal pundits mouths, the race card and other bugus claims aimed at the opposition, the inability to call things what they truly are, and the sheep who still support this administration while our lives and those of our children are now being threatened. I listened to the Presidents speech the other night and heard little mention of homeland security. Why? Of course, if you listen to the Liberal Pundits talk, the American Homeland is not under threat right now even though our border is wide open. My guess is the parents of these young men would disagree. As for the scumbag who killed these young men, there is no doubt in my mind, he is terrorist and deserves to be tried as one and not ten years from now.

    • From Colorado and I agree with your comments, based on my experiences and military service. I would add one thing to your comment of why the numbers slowed, coming to our borders. Check out Gov. of Iowa, who in June arranged for a United plane to Des Moines, loaded 124 children, 4 social workers from Iowa, and that plane landed in Honduras. On the tarmac, social workers told the immigration here are your children back. They have no papers or info, but they are not welcome in Iowa. And Honduran authorities welcomed those children back, said they would take care of them and get them back to family if possible. That would get message to others planning northbound trip, not to come. And God bless the Governor of Iowa. We need more like him, as it is more economical to return them, then to feed, clothe and care for them the next 20 years or more. Do a search, then recommend same to your leaders.

    • Well, hey, why bother doing anything about it then, huh? Of course, the Moron-in-Chief doesn’t like to label guys like this and the Fort Hood mass murderer as terrorists, so it’s all good then.

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  12. I’m almost 70 years old. I can not remember in my lifetime ,ever seeing this nation in such dire straits.I have grown children,grown grandchildren and great grandchildren. I envisioned a much better America for them.I worry for their safety,for their jobs,for their future.I don’t recognize the country we grew up in…Sad and mad!


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