Prosecutors need more time to prepare case against Benghazi suspect. Wanna bet he ultimately walks?

President Obama always declares, “we will bring those who attack Americans to justice” – but it’s just empty words. It reflects a progressive socialist mentality that prefers not to accept war and Islamo-fascism but rather come up with trite characterizations — overseas contingency operations, man-caused disasters, and workplace violence — and refer to law enforcement terminology, practices and procedures.

We are dealing with non-state, non-uniform belligerents who are unlawful enemy combatants and deserve no rights beyond food and shelter. However, under this current administration, the practice is to take unlawful enemy combatants off the battlefield, read them Miranda rights, lawyer them up, and in some cases, just release them (i.e. the Taliban Five).

It’s been two years since the Islamic terror attack on the Benghazi Special Mission Compound (SMC) by the al-Qaida-affiliated Ansar al-Sharia. We were promised those responsible would be brought to justice — normal pabulum.

Well, initially the poor sucker who made the anti-Islam video trailer was arrested. Whew! We could all certainly sleep better and feel safer. And then voila, all of a sudden, a fella who’d been hiding in plain sight for two years gets nabbed and indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice. Yippee! We got one fella out of the nearly twenty or more who took part in the assault. And good luck in getting back into Libya since the country — thanks to Obama — has been destabilized and we have no embassy there while the jihadis are swan diving into the residential complex pool.

So to add insult to injury in this Obamanesque Don Quixote pursuit of justice, comes this revelation courtesy of the Washington Post, “Federal prosecutors have turned over more than 2,900 pages of documents and 45 hours of videos to the defense for Ahmed Abu Khattala, the suspected ringleader of the September 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, that killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans, but need more time to prepare the terrorism conspiracy case, according to a court filing released overnight Friday.”

“In a motion asking U.S. District Judge Christopher C. Cooper to postpone a scheduled Tuesday hearing by 30 to 45 days, U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Ronald C. Machen Jr. cited the complexity of processing overseas evidence and witnesses, and the need to review lengthy video recordings, investigative and intelligence files of multiple government agencies and classified materials for release to the defense.”

In other words for us everyday, common folks, they don’t have a strong enough case, even though they went ahead and indicted Abu Khattala.

The Post reports “a federal grand jury in Washington indicted Abu Khattala on June 26 on a single charge of providing material support to terrorists related to the attacks that killed U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans on Sept. 11, 2012.”

“Abu Khattala, represented by the federal public defender for D.C., has received more than 2,500 pages of unclassified reports, documents and photographs, and nine videos, prosecutors said. He also has received more than 400 pages of classified discovery and 11 classified videos totaling more than 45 hours, according to Machen.”

The danger in not seeing this as a war against Islamo-fascism but rather as a law enforcement action is evident. There is no possible way to return to Libya and gather further evidence, conduct an investigation or interviews — that would be funny, actually — or acquire witnesses for testimony.

Therefore, the pages of evidence presented are it, and if the mostly classified intelligence isn’t accepted, then Abu Khattala walks. Even worse and a greater threat to our national security, the classified materials will have to be divulged, exposing certain key tactics, techniques and procedures — and with whom else could these materials be shared?

I pray we get to a point where we stop believing we must treat Islamists with rights and privileges of an American citizen. They fight us on the battlefield which is ideological as well as kinetic. They do not respect our way of life or our Constitution — for them the Koran is the only law and way.

We are displaying weakness and subservience. Of course my detractors will say we shouldn’t lower ourselves to their level, or make some other coexistence-style statement of cultural relativism failing to realize one simple thing – Islamists are the enemy: vicious, vile, savage, and barbaric.

The case of Abu Khattala will be an interesting one to follow and my prayer is that we stop trying to fit the round peg — Islamic jihadists — into the square hole – U.S. Constitutional justice. The round peg deserves pounding by a hammer, nothing less.

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little sister

You are always right Mr.West! And we love ya!..&#9829

Well Mr West if you think President Obama’s words about dealing with terrorists are empty, why don’t you ask all the top AL Qaeda leadership that have been killed in drone strikes around the world under Obama? There are a number of terrorists that would disagree with you if they could speak. But they can’t speak because they’re just smears in impact craters now. Oh and since you are such a Constitutional expert, here’s a question for you… Unless Congress authorizes us to declare war on the Libyan terrorists who attacked our embassy, how do we prosecute the man we… Read more »

This guy looks so much like Eric Holder you would think it was at least his brother.


I have always thought this looks like an altered picture of holder. Has anyone actually seen this guy?


Believe or not West, this is a country of laws and everyone deserves the best defense. Nidal, McVey, Unabomber all got trails. Do you want us to lynch him? Behead him? You sound like the Ferguson rioters.

Thomas Meadows



I guess if an American gets in terrible in a hostile foreign nation and they simply shot in on the spot, you would say “justice was served”. We are a civilized country, put the [email protected] on trail.


Nidal, McVey and the Unabomber were all citizens. The waste of genetic material and oxygen Col West is talking about in TFA isn’t.

Step down off your soap box and show me the laws that say an illegal enemy combatant gets the same legal rights as a citizen of this country. If such laws exist, please share with the class when they became law as well.


I guess leave him to rot in Guantanamo would be better.


the world according to west….

Karen Scharps

If he goes free, it’s because they don’t want facts about Benghazi to come to light.


Once the Obamanettes fail to prove their case and have to let Abu Khattala go due to lack of sufficient evidence (aka incompetence ) will Eric Holder step in and announce that the USA violated his rights and pay him a few $million and grant him citizenship.

Charles Benci

They had a year, and this man HAS NO RIGHTS as an AMERICAN CITIZEN, because
HE IS NOT, he should be in GITMO to rot like the rest of his kind, until Obama cuts a deal with the terroists to trade him


They sure don’t have to wait to throw an American citizen in prison or jail for marijuana .


I agree, he is a man of empty words. He talks tough about bringing people to justice and never follows through. He lost all credibility with me a long time ago. What I find amazing at this point are those who haven’t noticed this pattern and still give this man their support. Their either overly dedicated to their political party or extremely naïve.