Kerry thinks dropping bombs on ISIS isn’t actually war

Ok, this is becoming rather embarrassing for America. Let me be clear, when you are dropping a bomb on someone’s head, you are at war with them — unless, you are Barack Hussein Obama or John Kerry.

According to CNN, “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday would not say the United States is at war with ISIS, saying the administration’s strategy includes “many different things that one doesn’t think of normally in context of war.”

“What we are doing is engaging in a very significant counterterrorism operation,” Kerry told CNN’s Elise Labott in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. “It’s going to go on for some period of time. If somebody wants to think about it as being a war with ISIL, they can do so, but the fact is it’s a major counterterrorism operation that will have many different moving parts.”

And just so you know I’m not making this up or taking it out of context, please check out the video.

So, can anyone explain to me what a “very significant counter-terrorism operation” is? Last time I checked the dictionary of military tactics, operations and terminology, a counter-terrorism operation means folks die. And if the goal is to “destroy” ISIS that means you are conducting violent actions against them — a war.

Classical military strategist Carl von Clausewitz defined war as the imposition of one’s will upon another — don’t we want to impose our will on ISIS? Isn’t seeking to degrade and destroy an enemy a matter of imposing your will — would that not mean conducting war?

This incessant PC nonsense emanating from the Obama administration continually erodes confidence. Why would I want to join a coalition with a bunch of amateurish incompetent chuckleheads who have no clue? As a matter of fact, the vaunted “coalition” of nine countries took a hit when the United Kingdom and Germany stated they hadn’t signed up for any airstrikes – but hey, we do still have the Albanians.

Just to demonstrate how delusional world Kerry’s world is, get this, he said, ISIL has attracted a “significant coalition” that is determined to go and destroy it. And who Mr. Secretary of State may that be? As we wrote here, the Turks have reservations about the Kurdish Peshmerga Army being armed and supported — so they’re not “all in” either.

Another major concern is that the Obama administration doesn’t want to present its case to Congress for approval — by vote, all things political. Say what you wish, but George W. Bush assembled a coalition of almost 40 countries and received approval from Congress for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Now, instead of doing the same, Obama believes in his imperial little mind that he already possesses the authority to involve America in a “very significant counter-terrorism operation” – a careful choice of words which he believes allows him to skirt Constitutional responsibilities, because only Congress can authorize war.

Obama is using the existing AUMF (Authorization of Use of Military Force) enacted under the Bush administration after 9-11 as cover.

CNN reports, “Kerry, in Jeddah for meetings with Arab leaders to enlist regional support for a coalition to defeat ISIS, defended the administration’s insistence that the 2001 authority to go after al Qaeda and affiliates applies to ISIS. He insisted that, despite the split between jihadist groups, the origin of ISIS as an al Qaeda affiliate is enough to consider them connected. “This group is and has been al Qaeda,” Kerry said. “By trying to change its name, it doesn’t change who it is, what it does.”

I hate to tell ol’ Johnny boy but even al-Qaida doesn’t want its name associated with ISIS, and I bet Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi takes offense at being associated with al-Qaida. Then again, I thought that all these al-Qaida folks were decimated and on the run? So what is the truth, B. Hussein and John?

There should be no funds appropriated for this ambiguous endeavor until there is clarity, which at this time there is none. As well, Obama should go to Saudi King Abdullah and tell him to fund this venture – the Saudis did for Operation Desert Shield/Storm — heck, they even wanted to pay every troop who fought a stipend.

But Kerry didn’t want to be upstaged by Obama’s ridiculous statement that “ISIS is not Islamic.”

“When asked whether Saudi Arabia supports the extremist expressions of the Wahhabism version of Islam espoused by some terror groups, Kerry told CNN that the nation is “deeply committed to the effort to terminate ISIL.” “They have never funded the kind of effort you’re talking about with respect to ISIL,” Kerry said, adding that a significant part of the counterterrorism effort will include stemming fundraising for terror groups.”

Kerry evaded the question and we all know Saudi Arabia funds Wahabbism all over the globe. The House of Saud does indeed have members who are supporting ISIS with funding. And there are Saudis amongst the ISIS terrorist army — why not just tell the truth Mr. Secretary of State?

Ladies and gents, there is no way we can trust this administration to handle this situation, unless you applaud their efforts in enabling it. The confusion is mounting. There is no coalition. And all Obama has done is outsourced our national security. We have nearly 1,500 combat troops on the ground in Iraq who are wearing boots — yet we’re told they’re not to be involved in combat — so why deploy them? If it’s to “train” Iraqi troops, they’re already trained. Just put the original generals and leaders back in charge, and get rid of al Maliki’s cronies.

So again, we’re going to conduct a very significant counter-terrorism operation to degrade and destroy ISIS, but not with American ground troops, and it’s not a war — but we have a coalition.

The only ones not confused are ISIS, and they are winning.

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Carl Pyrdum Jr.

I guess that means ISIS and the rest? Are just engaged in an anti Christian, anti Jew, anti capitalism campaign. With many moving parts. Right Sec Kerry? Kinda like your lying ass persona that you have been shape shifting with for the past forty plus years.


Where’s Cindy Sheehan, she can protest the many moving parts? I want to see liberals march against the many moving parts of counter terrorism?


You do know, “war” means sending Americans to possibly DIE. I, for one, want to avoid that possibility as much as possible. I would love to see Muslims nations send their children possible to DIE for their freedom, first. Plus, let oil rich Muslim nations spend the billions this country sends them on a “war.”


Since the mid-twentieth century this has been the government’s pattern. Instead of declaring ‘war’, they declare a ‘police action’ or a ‘coalition’. War is not a popular word with the voting public, so they think up euphemisms. It all amounts to the same thing. This is what they pulled when we went to war in Korea and Vietnam. We lost those wars, too.

Snap N McGarrett

Hey, let’s ask Bill Clinton. Hey Bill, are we in a or war or not?

“Well it depends on what your definition of ISIS”.

@McGarrett That was funny, made my day. ================================ Its pretty simple folks. Liberals don’t like to get their hands dirty or do things that take multiple use of their senses aty one time. No more black n white…just grey. No successor, no loser. Men need to be more like women and women need to be more like men. Plants and animals are people too. There is only only one religion called “self”. Human babies are bio waste while serial killers are worshiped. “Mentally Challenged is not a kinder gentler way of addressing the mentally retarded. Its a phrase that gives… Read more »
Jihadist Retard

Ta-Da!!!! Drum roll!!! Standing ovation.

Paul Sheridan

You win the internet.

At the Nuremburg war crime trials, the Nazi foreign minister, von Ribbentrop, was asked about the pre-war annexation of Czechoslovakia under which force was threatened. He explained about the German threats, including bombing cities and air raids. When asked if there were any other threats made, he answered “war, of course”. He was roundly derided as a fool for this answer; he didn’t consider air raids and aerial bombing “war” but of course the allies did. Now our Secretary of State uses the same argument and terms, but he’s considered a respectable statesman. How far this country has fallen in… Read more »
Kent G. Robinson

Kerry: “Now get this guys, we don’t say ‘war’ and we don’t say ‘Muslim’. My buddy Barry wants to keep being able to hold hands with the Muslim Brotherhood and singing Kumbaya. He can’t do that if were are at ‘…war with Muslim Terrorists…like, duh????” Got it, John. Thanks for clearing that up.

Dee Dunbar

Double Speak,1984! redefining the Word : War to fit their agenda!


Liberals are good at that:

Immigrant used to mean someone who asked for and received permission to migrate to the United States.

Gay used to mean happy and jovial

President is rapidly coming to mean dictaor

Snap N McGarrett

Liberal used to be a term befitting a man of free birth. One who is not bound by authoritarianism.

So, in classical terminology, I’d be more gay and more liberal than Rosie O’Donnell. She is one miserable, socialist homosexual.


Well Put


It sure is a scary situation. What can we do, now? Hopefully, some one with guts, and true grit, someone who believes, and adheres to the Constitution of these Great United States, will run for office, in the next election. (Will you take it on?) That is, if it won’t be too late. God Bless you, for all you do, in trying to help us understand the TRUTH!! Thank you for your efforts.

This is about redefining “Acts of War” to allow for using the same forms of deadly force against anyone, anywhere. Dropping a bomb on an “enemy” isn’t war, then it’s not “war” when that enemy is in the Walmart parking lot in Tuscaloosa, and posse comitatus doesn’t apply since it’s not “war” and the Federal police have all the military equipment (after seizing it from local PDs post-Ferguson) they need to do it— That’s the end game here. Define it as only war if you put infantry in combat on the ground. Then you don’t need declarations for foreign jaunts… Read more »
Jihadist Retard

It’s a kinder-more gentle war-footing. Exactly what would be determined to be the bestest approach in the White House Teacher’s Lounge.

I’m still waiting for someone to ask Obama and his crew to just arrange a meeting to “discuss” the situation with the ISIS leaders in a location of their choice. After-all, Barry made it perfectly clear in his constant campaigning that we shouldn’t be hesitant to talk to any one.


Americans are being murdered and all that obama and his administration are interested in is politics and making themselves feel good. The country has had enough of them and will show it when they vote.


Mr. West, forgive him. He is a Vietnam “heeeeeeeeeeeeero”.