Editorial says Army officers are dominated by white men. Why are liberals so obsessed with race?

I just have to ask, what are the priorities of our U.S. military, especially our primary ground forces, Army and Marine Corps? We’ve written on several occasions about the harmful cuts to our military capability and capacity — something President Obama failed to mention as part of his ISIS strategy. We are pink-slipping young combat leaders in the Army — like the soldier we wrote about here.

Should the Army’s priority be racial diversity and the number of senior black officers? I took particular interest in this USA Today editorial that says, “Command of the Army’s main combat units — its pipeline to top leadership — is virtually devoid of black officers, according to interviews, documents and data obtained by USA Today. The lack of black officers who lead infantry, armor and field artillery battalions and brigades — there are no black colonels at the brigade level this year — threatens the Army’s effectiveness, disconnects it from American society and deprives black officers of the principal route to top Army posts, according to officers and military sociologists. Fewer than 10 percent of the active-duty Army’s officers are black compared with 18 percent of its enlisted men, according to the Army.”

So here we go again with the social engineering concerns, when we should be concerned about the fact that the U.S. Army is at 1940s pre-conscription levels, at a time when we’re facing countless ground-based threats. The last thing I want to see is the pursuit of some misguided affirmative action program in the U.S. Army.

America has a black president, black attorney general, and black head of Homeland Security. Since blacks make up around 14 percent of the population, do we need to be over-represented in top leadership positions in the country? Let’s make this about quality and character, and not just about skin color or quantity.

I was a combat arms officer – black, by the way — and every one of the senior black generals mentioned in USA Today’s article I personally know — CENTCOM CG General Lloyd Austin (with whom I served at Ft. Bragg), USARPAC CG General Vincent Brooks (whom I was with when designated a Distinguished Member of the 16th Infantry Regiment this June 6th), Army Materiel Command CG General Dennis Via (with whom I served at Ft. Bragg), and Chief of Army Public Affairs Brigadier General Ronald Lewis.

As well, there are some great retired officers such as General Larry Ellis with whom I served in Korea 1995, Major General Byron Bagby and Major General Rodney Anderson — both mentors and retired Field Artillery officers. The issue is not just about having more black combat arms officers as it is about the system that develops them.

I wanted to be combat arms – artillery — because it was interesting and challenging. It had nothing to do with being black and having greater promotion opportunity. There was an allure to the science of physics and math — both of which I loved — and being able to put an artillery shell right on target from miles away. I still remember that because I was a young paratrooper being recruited for a new Army branch back in 1987-1988, the Special Forces. Believe me, my heart wanted to, but I was going through a transition and had just married Angela. So I would say it all begins in ROTC or West Point where young black cadets gain exposure to the respective branches of service within the Army. And that means it’s also about exposure — to those blacks who are serving in combat arms branches. It doesn’t even have to be officers.

While at the University of Tennessee, I had two senior enlisted instructors — one who was Airborne Ranger-qualified and wore a 173d Airborne Brigade combat patch from Vietnam. The other was our unit Sergeant Major, a Special Forces Green Beret who was tough as woodpecker lips in the winter time. SGM Massey became best friends with my dad and had an incredible impact upon me — he almost got me to branch Infantry. But even before that, it was SFC David McMichael, a Vietnam Veteran Infantryman who was a senior enlisted instructor for me at Henry Grady High School in Atlanta. Why do I share all this? Because this article was written by a white civilian who seems to believe that there is some sense of fairness that has to be instituted — equality of outcomes, the progressive socialist mantra and not equality of opportunity, which is what the Army has stood for — “be all that you can be” and all that. It doesn’t take a black combat arms officer to inspire more black combat officers.

I think we also need to ask, how many black Members of Congress are former military combat veterans? Why? Because I remember sitting with U.S. Marine Corps Commandant General James Amos about the dearth of service academy nominations coming from the Congressional Black Caucus. In other words, opportunities were being wasted.

However, I will offer that we must establish legacies. While I was an ROTC instructor at Kansas State University, I became a role model for a young cadet named Kevin Admiral. Kevin was a kind of a goofball but he had heart. He was at our rival Kansas University and there were no black officer or senior enlisted instructors — and if you know a little about KU they don’t exactly embrace their ROTC program. As a matter of fact, wearing the uniform on campus was frowned upon. Kevin Admiral branched into Armor and has been a successful Company and Battalion Commander in combat. Kevin was the Aide de Camp of the Chief of Staff of the U.S .Army, General Casey. He is now an Army ‘full bird” Colonel and a Brigade Command select. I was a captain when he was a cadet and am so damn proud of Kevin.

And I can always look at my own family where my nephew is an Artillery Major attending the Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth and has also been a general’s aide. I remember bouncing that little fella on my knee, and now he’s a combat veteran artilleryman. And I couldn’t be more proud of Bernie who wears the combat patch of the 18th Field Artillery Brigade (Airborne) where I was the Brigade Operations Officer and a subordinate Battalion Executive Officer.

The USA Today article says “Army Col. Ron Clark, an African-American infantry officer who has commanded platoon, company, battalion and brigade level said he wanted to be infantryman. “I wanted to be an Airborne Ranger in a tree,” Clark says, “and my dad was not having it. He said, ‘Nope, you are not going following my footsteps. I want you to go to college.'” The compromise, after his father had him speak with an African-American brigade executive officer named Larry Ellis, was to enroll at West Point. Ellis went on to become a four-star general, and Clark graduated from the academy in 1988.”

I’m bothered by the title of the USA Today article: “Army commanders: White men lead a diverse force.” I always cringe when progressive socialists start talking about “diversity.” Henry O. Flipper, the first black West Point graduate didn’t have any role model, he stepped up.

The last thing needed is for this to become some political social justice issue and start having hearings on Capitol Hill and quotas. There will be those who step up — just make sure the opportunities are there, but not mandated outcomes and results.

Mentors needn’t be of the same race, COL Clark and BG Lewis say – and I concur as my two best mentors were my Battalion Commander John R. Gingrich and Brigade Commander Denny R. Lewis, both white. USA Today says, “Lewis noted that several of his closest mentors were white officers, including retired General Richard Cody, who retired as Army vice chief of staff. Cody advised him to spend time at the Army’s National Training Center, in the California desert. It paid off, Lewis says. Everyone does not have to look like you,” Lewis says. “You have to be able to receive mentorship, leadership. And you have to follow some of that. You may have to spend some time at a really hard place for a bit.”

Dr. Jason Riley, editorial board member of the Wall Street Journal, admonishes progressive socialists in his new book Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed. Yep he’s got that right.


  1. I bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen in 20 years. We didn’t talk about his skin color or mine, we hugged and asked how was the family, wife, kids, that sort of thing. NO animosity between either of us. Liberals don’t count on the fact that most of us have moved beyond skin and have built lasting friendships based on mutual respect.
    The hippies of the 60s were losers then, they’re losers now.
    They call policemen pigs, want free dope and free stuff and free rights to screw whomever they want with no consequences. It’s the same people now ruining the lives of our kids who aspire to be better than we were.
    Charles Manson wanted to start a race war between whitey and blackie. People who perpetuate that are living with a mentality of a psychopath.

  2. I spent over 20 years in the Army and had numerous super black and white leaders. We did not even consider skin color as a factor! Most of our Top Non Commissioned Officers were black. Top notch Soldiers! We had no racial problems! Yes we have white racists but in civilian life I see more blacks as racists against the whites than the other way around! With all Military cuts it is usually the good soldiers that we loose!

    • As a white soldier, I worked just as hard for all my Commanders, black or white. I respect all the men and women still serving and hate what Obama is doing to the ranks. Our soldiers and country deserve better. This racial stirring is getting old. Your post is spot on.

    • I saw blatant racial preference in the Army in comparison to my earlier service in another service at the end of some times of serious racial strife. I accepted it for what it was, part of the Army culture. I will say that we all, white, black, Asian, Hispanic, when in leadership positions, at least tried to recognize it for what it was, recognize it as a real issue, and try to work through or around it.

      Racial issues, racism, preferences, etc. are not just ever going to “go away”, but we can work around them, and we can, indeed, through recognizing that elephant in the room, consciously NOT use any of those factors in rating or assigning a Soldier.

  3. I thought that the Army had only one color; green. I’m getting fed up with the institutional Left using our military as their own little petri dish for their social experiments. All of their other social experiments have been failing, like Section 8 Housing, Project Housing, Welfare, Food Stamps, and Obamacare.

      • You are correct. They have all been wildly successful in maintaining the poor population as slaves to the demoncrat party. Oooohhhh, those nasty conservatives are going to cut out your benefits…

      • Failed for whom? If you live in a nice neighborhood and a dipstick moves in next door and refuses to cut his grass or clean out his gutters, I’d say something has failed.

    • You’d be wrong.

      If a white guy and a black gal are commissioned in the same branch, you can bet that, as long as outright wrongdoing is not condoned, the gal will get more consideration for opportunities than the guy. Might only be my perception over almost three decades of service, but perceptions are reality to those who are forced to live in that world.

      I have seen one group, generally, get away with stuff which would have caused those from another group to be relieved for incompetence. There is a human element to leadership, and a lot of us want to give those who have been perceived as having the short end of the stick a bit of a leg up, but there comes a time when you have to make the hard decisions based on the individual’s performance.

      I never used race or sex to discriminate in such scenarios. It would have been ethically wrong. Color blind is the way to go. And if the Army wants to have programs to bring more women and minorities into commissioning programs, that’s up to the guys with stars and suits and ties.

      But screening and selecting them for positions of higher responsibility should always be on those for whom they actually will work, based on performance and character, and most of all- needs of the service.

  4. Very well put. I am getting tired of the people of color’s only “out” being the race card. I don’t care what color skin you have. I care about ….”are your competent, do you have skills”. When people hide behind or embrace their “minority” excuses fly. Grab opportunity, don’t grab excuses.

  5. Most progressive liberals need to keep blacks hating whites. Equality is bad for their political agenda. We progressive liberals will give you enough to keep you as our puppets. Throughout history is has been democratic left that feeds the hate.
    When will society pull off the blinders and realize that we all are equal? Oh ya when USA Today and the rest of the half truth media quits brainwashing the masses.

  6. West, I wonder how many times people gave YOU an opportunity becuase you were black? I ask the same questions to nblacks who don’t believe in Affirmative action. Ever wonder how YOU got into a popular class the in college first time out?

      • A little negreess with the GI bill and a smile that warms a room. And if I got in thru AA, what of it? I graduated 30 yrs ago. I’m doing good for myself., it’s an oppinitinitu, not a handout. You know, teach them to fish, blah blah blah.

      • I have no problem with someone entrusted to make a judgment call hooking someone up with opportunity.

        What’s objectionable is when that opportunity is turned into a free career ride. Let’s get that guy/gal with potential into the arena and let him or her compete for promotion among his or her peers.

        That might open up a whole ‘nother discussion on promotions requirements, promotion system, eval system, etc.

  7. Defiantly well stated,,, looking great there Allen and

    Hope you enjoy these words of truth… Please share…

    A Race Within A Race

    As all of mankind are in a race, and the liberals cannot win
    on their own pace, created by God is the human race, and those who oppose are
    surly a disgrace, therefore within liberals have forged, to create a race that
    liberals engorge, a race within a race you can see, the only race where there
    is no victory, a race of color not of merit, just to win elections liberals
    will inherit, but America is so colorful for all to see, as the Red, White and
    Blue are the colors we believe, as a rainbow we bend to blend, mixing all
    colors will be our win, so if you have a race card you want to draw, you will
    be the loser in the end of it all…


    • You need to look into the demographic composition of the military. Minorities and women are still woefully underrepresented in the commissioned officer, warrant officer, limited duty officer, and senior NCO communities.

      • We know, but you don’t need to keep putting them down, because many won’t do what is required. We can lead a horse to water.

      • Warrant officers were being phased out many years ago hun. I kills me that you can’t do the math it really is easy and its not common core math. that should help you understand it better

      • We are seeing a lot of mediocre performers being ordered home now. A lot of them are people who were able to get by because we needed people and they were breathing during the war. A lot of them got brownie points for being female or an ethnic minority.

        I guess the Army is going to have to revisit its RIF procedures to ensure that they ensure that the same number of people who were promoted due to their melanin content are kept safe from RIF- we wouldn’t want to find out that a good number of them were promoted because they were not white males- that wouldn’t fit the communist script.

        I do hope you get what you want, though. A military establishment which promotes all non white/ non males for meeting the minimum standards, but holds white males to the “best qualified” versus “fully qualified” standard. It will fit well with the direction in which our culture is headed.

        I will laugh. I am old and likely won’t live much longer and I am damn glad for that.

      • And you have hurt my feelings. Waaah.

        Be proud of what you and your people have done. You will have to deal with the result at some point.

        And, again, should I still be alive, I will laugh at you.

  8. The reason there are not more non-white, non-male field grade officers is because of butt heads like yourself, West.

    Note that the first 4-star, female Navy Admiral is African American, no thanks to you.

    Your actions were reprehensible. Your actions confirmed every naysayer’s beliefs that you just can’t trust anyone to be in charge but a white guy. You set back the cause of minority commissioned and warranted officers at least two decades.

    Shame on you. Shame on you. Stop playing Step-n-Fetch-It for these Tea Party idiots who are only using you as a stooge.

    • Shame on you. Shame on you. Stop playing Step-n-Fetch-It for these racist Democratic Party idiots who are only using you as a stooge EdDrky. We are European Americans, not just a color you racist pig.

      • I play Step-n-Fetch-It (not that you had heard that term before I mentioned it, and you probably still have no idea what it means) for no one. You have no idea of my political affiliation. You assume. And you know what happens when you assume. I am not registered with any political party, and I vote based on who is the most qualified for a particular position at a particular time.

      • And characterizing yourself as a “European American” tells us all we need to know about you.

        Tells us exactly the same thing about those who need to characterize themselves as “African-Americans”.

        Not surprisingly your racism blinds you to any construct of European pride in culture and ethnic heritage.

      • Nor is there a single African culture or ethnic heritage. So what’s your non point???

        You racist need to find another less hateful way of expressing yourselves. Race identity may have flown in the 1960’s when there was a distinct white-black social construct, but now that has been broken by the influx of many white/brown/yellow/red skin tones from around the world these past 60 years.
        Second to that, white people in very large number today listen to black music, have favorite black movie actors and actresses, cheer black sports stars, married black men and women, honor black servicemen/women like Col. West and support him politically, AND elected a black President.
        Black people are doing just fine. At least those who are willing to put in the effort to stand on their own two feet. No thanks to you racebaiters.

      • She/it is an obviously insecure person who needs to tell everyone how “smart” she is and how much she knows, blah blah, blah…just another low information racist with a chip on her shoulder. A waste of time, I’m thinking…

      • I have no chip on my shoulder. I have no need to. You, on the other hand….

        And, again, I only mentioned that to show idiot girl that I’m not who she thinks I am.

      • Go back to hanging out with your MSNBC and NPR faux-intellectual colleagues and keep congratulating each other on how smart each of you are.

        You deserve nothing but mockery and ridicule. You are one of our nation’s dividers.

      • All your Step-n-Fetch-It phrase means that you have no integrity, however you do have more screws loose than a 56 Packard. So you suck Black dick by using the most respectful and most superior term of African American, but I am not allowed to use the same level of courtesy towards myself and people of European ancestry based on my race? You are about as perverted as a guy who sneaks pics under women’s dresses. You have no idea what qualified is in your sick, distorted mind.

    • EdDrky . . . What percentage of the ‘blacks’ in this Nation have college degrees? Oh by the way, a college degree is a requirement to become an officer in the US Military. According to the figures used in the article (10% black officers and 28% enlisted blacks) 36% are officers. That is much higher percentage than the black population in the US. When you consider the fact that 50% of the blacks drop out of High School. With that fact, there would have to be 72% of black High School Graduates not only attend but Graduate College to come up with to match the number of ‘Black Officers’ in the US Military. The article just reinforces the fact that racial make up of ‘Black Officers’ in the military is higher than ‘Black College Graduates’ in the US Population. The ‘Black’ race makes up 14% of the US population. For there to be 10% ‘Black Officers’ in the Military, that is better than the percentage of ‘Black Business Owners’ in the US, or even the percentage of ‘Black College Graduates’ in the US. Liberals are always looking for some “made up discrimination claim” that does not really exists to divide this Nation. For the last 48 years, the US has had “Affirmative Action”, which was used by JFK in 1961. The original idea was to afford minorities (predominantly for ‘blacks’) equal opportunities in jobs, pay, and entrance into colleges. Under LBJ, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton it was advanced to where ‘Blacks’ with less qualifications were admitted in to colleges and white with high SAT Scores were turned away. Did ‘blacks’ take advantage of these special privileges? No, they did not. Many did attend colleges and ran up student loans and then dropped out and were not forced to pay back their loans. The only one that blacks should blame for them not advancing in life is themselves and themselves only. MLK,LBJ, Carter, and Clinton opened the doors for ‘blacks’ to have a special opportunity to advance themselves, but many refused to take advantage of the special advantages that was offered to them.

      • Would you mind re-writing your article or at least editing it significantly. I think you’re on to something, but really can’t make sense of some of what you’ve written. I’m sure it’s my fault, but I am confused.

        Here’s some math that may help you.

        36-percent of white males over 25 have degrees. 19.2-percent of black males over 25 have degrees.

        I’m curious what you make of those stats.

      • Obviously, this is a copy and paste job. And it is inaccurate. The term “Affirmative Action” was first used by FDR in the Wagner Act of 1935.

        Apparently, the Department of Defense feels it has a dearth of officers, as it continues to have publicity campaigns specifically aimed at minorities. At least the Navy, Marine Corps, and Army (I have no first-hand experience with the Air Force) have programs specifically designed to provide educationally deprived enlisted personnel (of all races) bridge the gap to gain a commission.

        One /major/ reason a lot of minorities steer clear of the military is because of its history of racism.

        And here is a link to the actual numbers form 2012


    • Wow because he is a conservative its his fault that more blacks are not officers are you kidding me. perhaps you may want to look into the mirror and ask yourself a couple of questions for instance are you a parent if so did or have you encouraged your son or daughter to continue to further their education and to become a leader of there community or are you just one of those who would rather be a victim all your life and blame others for your own failures, either way i hate to be the one to bust your bubble but it is men like West who paved the roads for future leaders in the Military the one think you also fail to realize when in the military we are as one black, white, Asian etc.

      • Let me see, Kelly. I have a doctorate. My husband has a Bachelor’s. Both of my children are currently in college. My daughter won a number of leadership awards while we were living in Germany. She is active in a number of extra-curricular activities in college; particularly professional organizations (she is an extrovert; my son is an introvert). She has been a Girl Scout since she was 7 years old; still is. My son has been a Boy Scout since he was 9. And BTW, I have no… count them ZERO grandchildren!!! *gasp*

        Allen West has done nothing for blacks in the military but give us a bad name. /This/ lady is a role model: http://www.cnn.com/2014/07/01/politics/first-woman-four-star-admiral/

      • Let me see, EdDrky, you have never seen the inside of a uniform (or you would have mentioned it), yet you feel qualified to call West’s actions reprehensible. Which actions? The only one that came to light was his interrogation of an Iraqi who, while pretending to work for us, was actually helping the enemy. And what did West do? Well, he didn’t lay a finger on the guy,

        Those of use who have worn a uniform say “Bravo Zulu”.

        Your advanced degree impresses no one here, especially those of us who know how they are awarded. If it’s not in a hard science or engineering, it’s probably a testimony to nothing more that currying favor with the politically correct faculty.

      • Actually, Richard, I was in the Navy for 14 years. Did I not say I have been associated with the military since 1986? But thanks for playing. I don’t mention my service unless there is a specific reason to. You see, I’m not trying to be a “Super Citizen.”

        Now, as far as what West did, it was a bit more than “interrogate” an Iraqi. People who just interrogate Iraqis are given the choice of retiring or facing Court Martial.

        And since I didn’t get my education to impress anyone – least of all you – I really don’t give a rat’s ass what you think. I was responding to Kelly’s mis-characterization of my family’s life and situation. And I work for the Army now.

        You really don’t know jackshit, do you?

      • Saying you were “associated with the military since 1986” is a weird way to say I served for 14 years in the Navy, just saying. Gosh after 14 years, what happened? Seems like the last 6 would have been a piece of cake to get your 20. Hope you where able to get your doctorate while serving. Now that’s a sweet deal. Nice when you get time off to go to school while getting paid and all. Had a few neighbors in housing that got a year off to finish their degrees. Can’t beat it. Anyway, I always wonder when someone invests 14 years of their life and does not go all the way to 20 for retirement. But hey maybe that wasn’t important with you doctorate.

        Whenever anyone slams Col West for what happened in Iraq I just have to wonder what they would have done under the same exact set of circumstances. Wonder how many men would have died if you had been there in his place?

      • For someone not trying to impress anyone, you seem to be trying really hard to be trying to impress everyone through the huge chip on your shoulder. And, Ms. Doctorate, it’s spelled, “Steppin’ Fetchit”.

      • P.s. If you think Tea Party people are idiots, you really are a low info type. Do your research, but not from MSNBC etc. You have to actually read real things and stay away from simple sound bites, okay?

    • To become an officer you have to WANT to become an officer and then commit yourself to do what you have to do to become one. Many enlisted are not looking for a career in the military.

    • You are dead wrong about Colonel West. How DARE you? You know damn well that in this day and age this military fights with its hands behind it’s back and for you to say he should be shamed makes YOU part of the problem. I sure wouldn’t want to have to rely on you having my back in a combat situation!

      He did what any normal SANE human being would do if the were concerned for the lives of those around them. That’s just a no brainer, and we know damn well how military personnel get thrown under the bus for these things now. You cannot protect yourself anymore because of the screeching liberals. If anyone should have been punished, it should have been the guy with false intelligence, but I disagree with that, too. You should either go to war, or not. But tying soldiers hands who need to protect troops and then throwing them under the bus afterwards is not okay. I’ll say it again, YOU are part of the problem. Perhaps one day you’ll have to make a decision to save a life/lives. Maybe then you will rethink your unjust and ugly judgement.

  9. Civilians need to let the military run the military. Those who haven’t been there don’t understand the brotherhood. Compared to civilians, racial discrimination in the military is for all practical purposes, nonexistent. EVERYONE IN THE SERVICE understands that the only goal is mission accomplishment. Rather than applying civilian standards and philosophy to the military, this country would be much better off to apply military standards and philosophy on civilian life. In my post military life, I learned quickly that other veterans can be easily identified, and we have an understanding, a sense of teamwork and discipline that others have no idea about. We look at one another and without words, we acknowledge how much better things would be accomplished if approached with military discipline.

  10. I’m bothered by the title of the USA Today article: “Army commanders: White men lead a diverse force.”

    I am as well Colonel. For yet another reason. You take this racist title and the article from USA Today as a number of times, it refers to Black men as African-Americans, yet because of their own personal bigoted feelings, the racist news paper never gives that same respect and courtesy to White men by referring to them as European-Americans.

    It should have read minus the hate…“Army commanders: European-American men lead a diverse force.”

  11. In the 1970s the military took in a large number of black officers simply to fulfill the need for social engineering. It was a disaster, we had some of the most embarrassing, incompetent “officers” that served. They did not try to hide their “don’t give a damn” attitude and racism.
    We also got the dregs from all races, criminals and the mentally challenged. The military became a zoo.

  12. I appreciated and enjoyed reading much of what LTC West wrote, above, but part of it seemed muddled.

    From the USA TODAY article: “fewer than 10% of the active-duty Army’s officers are black compared with 18% of its enlisted men, according to the Army.”

    My questions

    (1) Do the enlisted men care? Is it hurting moral, as the West Point officer stated, and does it fail to encourage the retention of qualified black officers?

    (2) If it is a “problem,” then what solutions exist other than the one no one wants: affirmative action?

    (3) Why are the numbers what they are?

    • Col. West noted in his article that members of the Congressional Black Caucus rarely nominate candidates for the military academies.

    • there’s the minor detail that career officers can no longer be sure of the military as a career.. The Army just pink slipped a ton of Majors, and Captains, on orders from the White House.. Many while they were serving in Combat zones..

      It’s possible a lot of blacks consider a future that doesn’t involve layoffs while people are trying to kill you, a better career choice.

  13. The premise that there are a lower percentage of black officers as compared to black enlisted personnel is laughable. What is the percentage of officers to enlisted ratio overall? Liberals attempting to start something when there is nothing there, AGAIN.

  14. Would it not be REASONABLE to expect that in a country of 77 Percent White people and only 13 Percent Black that a majority of their military commanders would be White? :-<

    • It goes even further than that. The military officers draw from the segment of society which has higher degrees of intelligence / education. While there are quite a few blacks who do indeed have high degrees of intelligence / education, as a percentage of Americans who have the least intelligence / education, blacks comprise a larger percentage than Hispanics, whites and Asians.
      It is for that reason lower ranks of the military tend to have a higher percentage of blacks than in the overall population. The percentage of blacks in the higher ranks of the military tends to be lower than their percentage in the overall population.
      This was especially pronounced during the Vietnam era while the draft was active. While as a percentage of the population, the number of blacks, Hispanics, whites and Asians drafted in to the service corresponded to their percentage of the overall population, the percentage of blacks in combat positions was higher because the education of blacks tended to be lower. Members of the population with the highest education were given preference when it came to higher ranks. That didn’t prevent blacks from being promoted as there were quite a few very intelligent blacks. It simply meant there were fewer blacks who qualified for that advancement.
      President Obama recently stated a large majority of Americans are not intelligent enough to vote in elections. (He was pointing out that Americans should give the President absolute power and abolish Congress. He didn’t state so specifically but that was his inference. He did state specifically that Americans were not qualified to vote on government issues.) While Obama did not specifically mention blacks, what does his statement have to say about the segment of our population which has been proven to have the worst education in the country?
      Before any blacks go around complaining about my statement and Obama’s statement, it should be noted Whites don’t comprise the segment of our country with the best education either. Asians in the U.S. have been shown to have the best education in the United States; Whites are 2nd, Hispanics are 3rd and Blacks are 4th.

      • You have probably hit on the root cause of the problem of success levels in the various racial groups. That being the educational levels. Each of these groups, as a subset, have different views for education and the value there of. There is a big need for each group to push for higher valuation of education, until that happens, no amount of educational reform will work.

  15. The reason Libtards use race all the time is to create subterfuge for their domestic take over of everything, causing racial tensions and division that will help destroy this country. This is all lead by Obama and Holder, two of the nations biggest racist, bigots and Anti-American assholes. Democraps just lock step behind these buffoons following them into the grave!

  16. The left is and will always be the racists in our society. They cannot allow minorities to reach their potential, so they use divisive rhetoric to divide and keep the “minority” from realizing their potential. Even Malcolm X knew that the Democrats were nothing but Dixicrats which is why he was assassinated by a leftist.

  17. ALLEN west is a FRAUD!!! The GUARDIAN FUND has collected over 4 million dollars and has given only 20k to candidates while over 3 million has gone for fundraising! How in the WORLD do you spend 3 millions on fundraising to give away 20k?? You LOONS keep donating to this CON MAN!!!

  18. I would like to thank you both for your service. Everyone in my family has served since the 1700’s. To us, this country is everything.

  19. Great artical as usual Mr. West. During the draft no one had a choice. My fiance’ wasn’t the happiest person in the world as we were just getting married. Thirteen days married and he shipped out. We were married 17 months when he died. Blacks and whites died beside each other. Without the draft, especially in these turbulant times, it takes a strong will and courage to enlist. I am engaged again to a career Air Force Command Unit. He has served his country through many wars and is on his third tour in Afghanistan. I Pray God Protects all of Our Troops. These are bad days for all. He will retire in two months after 25 faithful and (loved seving his country~his words) if he doesn’t get killed in that time. We talk daily and it is really bad. I pray every day for God to Bless and protect our troops who give all to make America FREE.

    • UR profile label says it all. Another malcontent, unsuccessful bigot trolling the internet searching for a few moments of fame. Well buddy, you missed the target again. Try getting a better education and quite possibly you might be able to understand things which require a higher level of thinking. Good luck with that.

      • You seem awfully angry. Life is too short for the hate and all the justification for the hate. You might be following the pied piper straight to hell. A sell out is one who speaks against his own people in order to receive a pay check from his master for spreading propaganda. It allows others to feel comfortable with soft lies instead of dealing with the hard truth. Jesus Christ was a martyred advocate for peace and the poor and disenfranchised. I’d rather be a associated with Christ then follow a path straight to hell. For some, life is too long.

      • You are truly “laughable” OMG . .try reading your opening comment and tell me that you are a follower of Jesus. Gimmie a friggen break. Here is is, just in case your memory has shorted out with all your weed smoking “down south in dixie. “OMG! Somehow I landed on a coon’s website, silly me. Goodbye.”
        Do you really think that Jesus would refer to black people as “coons?” You said your good byes, yet you linger. . . .why?

      • Aren’t you the one who used the word “coon”? Ah, yeah I’m sure your non-believing sorry ass knows “Jesus”. Go back to the sewage tank you were flushed into you worthless POS.

      • I think you are the loser…. following a person who is being PAID to take on the sins of the white man and throw his own kind under the bus. He is a paid puppet and you are a Fawx News Zombie. They thrive off fear and hate. If you follow that station, then I know what box to put you in. This man is no different than politicians who are paid $$$$ by corporations to influence and gain their political and/or economical advantage, even if he knows in his heart that it is spiritually WRONG. He is a snake who takes cash money to spread propaganda so white men can avoid that long look in the mirror and recognize bigotry. Can you imagine a Jew in Germany who is paid by Nazi’s to betray other Jews? Well, that’s how some of us feel about this coon. If you can not visualize that as a possibility, then we have no further reason to communicate. I’m not in the mood for snarky comments filled with hatred. This is what is wrong with America. You have a desire to control the planet by lies and manipulation and you think that your pain is the only pain that matters.

      • Yeah, alright there turd train slow it down you’re coming off the tracks. Time for your meds and daily swim in the toilet bowl before your ritual flush-down.

  20. So, according to the logic of (a) white-liberal limp-wrist “civilian(s)” there aren’t enough “minorities” in the military ranks with a disproportionate number of “white” leaders (never mind that they too, at one time rose through the ranks from junior officer or even enlisted ranks).

    Last I checked, if you’re black, Hispanic, Asian-descent, etc. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO JOIN THE ARMED FORCES (pending ASVAB scores to determine as such, and as well as a recruit’s MOS (that’s “Military Occupational Specialty” for you privileged elitist libs). So, what is it that these white-liberal elitist idiots like TomVandenBrook espousing “equality” want? Force a draft on ethnic people? Then the argument would be “MINORITIES ARE BEING FORCED TO FIGHT FOR PRIVILEGED RICH WHITE CHRISTIANS!” You just can’t win with the leftist crusaders, but in the meantime we can step on their cape and have a good laugh as they go proverbially trip and slam their skull head-first into the ground.

  21. Thank you for your article. There was a common theme in your article
    that struck a chord with me and why I joined the Army. For the last
    eight years I have had the pleasure of being in an organization where
    racial tension is darn near non existent. I have had the pleasure of
    serving under men and women of not only widely varying racial
    backgrounds but national backgrounds as well. I have to say that a reason I had when joining the Army was to
    escape the racial tension I saw not only in public but in the
    workplace. I have led and been led by every imaginable combination of
    racial make up and that has been one of the most rewarding experiences
    of my life. I have learned how to make my leadership more fair and
    just. I am a completely different man than I was a decade ago. Thank
    you to the men and women I have had the pleasure of serving. You have
    inspired, motivated, led, followed, supported, defended, and cared for me. I work with men and women of honor every day and for that I am thankful.

    • Well said. As a retired Military Vet, I can attest to what you say as true,
      Other than a few misfits that would not fit in any organization because of their learned racial prejudices, I have been honored to be a member of the “Military Brother and Sisterhood.” We never had time to pay attention to life’s petty issues. Our job was much more important for such trivial thinking.

  22. I think Colonel West is an American Hero. Not because of his skin color, but because he was an Officer in the United States Army and served his Country proudly. He is deserving of our admiration and respect. How do I know this? I have been in the Army all my life. I was born in an Army Hospital in Germany and have been in the Army ever since. I have had an ID Card since I was 10 years old and used dog tags to get into the Commissary and PX in Hawaii before that. When I said I had dog tags that have been in the Army longer than some of the Officers I served with in Afghanistan, I was serious. I am 55 now and I was also a Field Artillery Officer. I served in several Field Artillery Units from 1982 until back surgery caused me to get out in 1993. I was in the Army Reserves after that and I served two years on Active Duty from 2003-2005 with 9 months spent in Afghanistan. I also served as a Battery Commander while I was in Desert Storm. I spent 30 years Active and Reserve in the US Army and US Army Reserves. I am now in the Retired Reserves and I still have an ID Card and still serving, just in a different capacity. When I was growing up on Army Posts all over the world, we didn’t have a problem with race among dependents that I knew. It was more often that you were an Officer’s kid vs. and NCO’s kid. Race really didn’t matter to us back then in the 60’s and 70’s. It just worked for us,but then again, I did go to both public and private schools and that was not the case in non-military circles, but didn’t realize it back then. We just liked each other no matter what the skin color or ethnicity. That didn’t change much when I went to College and then went on Active Duty. I saw the good, the bad, the ugly, and the really ugly in my 55 years. I wanted to Courts Martial an NCO during Desert Storm for calling my First Sergeant the n-word. I was livid. If I could have settled it with fisticuffs as they say, I would have because no one says that about any African American or any other race while I had something to say and do about it. My previous First Sergeant was Guamanian and was a dedicated Soldier as well. I proudly served with them and had no problems. I told my Soldiers when I took Command that I was prejudiced and the looks on their faces was priceless. I told them I was prejudiced against lazy people and if you wanted to be lazy in this Unit, I was going to send you back home to your Mom as we will not tolerate slackers in this unit. I told them I paid too much in income taxes every year and I wanted a day’s work for a day’s pay. They soon learned I didn’t play favorites based on skin color or ethnicity. The reason for all of the information is because also being a Field Artillery Officer, made Lieutenant Colonel just like my Dad, and I have seen some great Officers and served with many others, but there are a few that shouldn’t have been in the positions they were. I also served with General Allen in Afghanistan. He was a very good General Officer and I had seen and worked for quite a few of them in my career. Like I said the good, the bad……The General that was his Deputy, BG Byron Bagby, was not a very good was the worst General Officer I ever saw and served with and that was in Afghanistan as well. Not that he didn’t have knowledge and education, he just was not very competent. He was disliked, the majority of Officers who knew him and had served under him while I was in Afghanistan and since I was an Army Reservist and not in a usual Field Artillery position as the Information Operations Director, he gave me a very hard time and he had no clue what IO was all about. He was an African American General who got where he had because he was African American, was good looking, and spoke well which was why he got promoted and carried along. I had seen Generals like that before, both African American or other ethnicity. I am not singling him out because he was an African American I am doing it because he got promoted way, way above his level and was as we like to say “Dumber than a box of rocks”. I had seen my share. The difference between General Austin and General Bagby was night and day. General Austin was so good and General Bagby was so bad it was lucky that we had General Austin as the Commander. I learned a lot from two of the Generals I served with and worked for. General Joulwan and General Vines. I would have followed those two Generals anywhere, but with General Bagby, I wouldn’t follow him to the bathroom. There are exceptions to every rule, but 99% of the Generals I met over my career were good, if not great men, but had just one exception. He actually made it to his second star, which was incredible, but he did, but never commanded thank goodness as he would have gotten people killed. I bring this up to say that there were Generals like General Allen that were the kind of Commander you wanted to serve with and Generals like General Bagby who you didn’t. They were both African American and one got their because he was that good and one got there because he was African American. I have seen this in the civilian private sector and in the Federal Government since I worked both of those sectors as well. I judge a person as how well they do his/her job, the knowledge they have and the actions they do and words they speak, not the color of his/her skin or ethnicity. There was more discrimination against female Officers while I was in the military than there was problems with ethnicity. Just my viewpoint and my experiences, but glad that women are getting the opportunities they should have had. Take my comments for what they are or not. Just wanted to make my points and voice my opinions.

      • Obviously, you have never been a Combat Arms Commander in in a combat zone. I have and I would have done the same thing as Colonel West if it meant keeping myself safe. You can’t know what it is to be responsible for hundreds of men and to let them get killed when you can bluff a prisoner and keep them safe. You ought to read the real accounts of people who were there and wish you had the guts and intestinal fortitude to do something as noble. Can’t be a wimp in this discussion, as you will get run over…..

  23. Liberals are so obsessed with race because it works for them so well. They intimidate so many who want to be politically correct. It works so well for them that Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, etc will always label anyone a racist by implication who criticizes a black person. And whites have no such ‘support’ group who can inflame and incite to riot and destroy in the name of the oppressed ones.

  24. Dr. King pointed out that Vietnam was a racist war putting poor black males on the front line. This idea of the US military being racist is nothing new.

    • But, but, but wasn’t Commander in Chief Lyndon Johnson the Great Civil Rights President?

      If you want to know the truth about that, Google Project 100,000.. aka McNamara’s Moron’s. However While McNamara’s Morons may have hard trouble learning to tie their shoes, they were more patriotic and had more guts than the ‘progressives of the period” who were mostly draft dodgers…

      BTW, 12.5% of the Vietnam casualties were black.. the young black male population at the time was 11% not a huge discrepancy and like I said, it can be accounted for by the Great Civil Rights President’s Project 100,000. A social engineering scheme opposed by military leaders.

      • King worked with Johnson to get civil rights legislation enacted but he became even more radical and anti-government in the last year of his life. He condemned America and the US government for waging an evil, racist war in SE Asia.

      • He may have, but Johnson’s wife had considerable holdings in weapons manufacturers and that’s why the war went on as long as it did. Regardless, we were within a month of winning the war before we left as the NVC were hurt and tired of the constant carpet bombings from our B-52’s.

    • I think this all came about at the same time Sanger decided there were too many blacks being born so let’s ensure abortions are encouraged and available in inner cities…and look who embraces those efforts!


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