Connect the dots: Obama met with cleric who supports Hezbollah on 9/11

Just yesterday we shared the story of the reception given to Senator Ted Cruz at the “In Defense of Christianity” conference Wednesday in Washington D.C. where he was booed off the stage. As you can read here, there are Christian clerics who have some interesting ties to the vile Iranian-backed Islamic terrorist army and organization known as Hezbollah — who has the blood of our Marines on its hands from Beirut in 1983. Now you might think what happened at the conference was bad enough, but folks it gets worse – not surprisingly.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “President Barack Obama and White House national security adviser Susan Rice met with a delegation of Christian Middle Eastern leaders in Washington, D.C., on Thursday that included at least one Hezbollah-supporting Lebanese cleric. The meeting came one day after Sen. Ted Cruz was booed off the stage for defending Israel while giving a keynote address at a “In Defense of Christians (IDC)” conference for the same delegation of Christian leaders.”

Yes ladies and gentlemen, our president, Barack Hussein Obama, met with a cleric who supports Hezbollah on 9-11. The same Obama who the evening prior in his defective ISIS strategy speech had the nerve to say ISIS is not “Islamic.” And then went on to show more indignation that ISIS has killed Muslims rather than the genocide against Christians and other religious minorities.

According to the Beacon, “one of the clerics who met with Obama was Lebanese Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai, the Daily Star reported on Thursday. Rai has called Israel an “enemy state that is occupying Lebanese territory” and defended Hezbollah’s right to attack the country. “Everyone says why is Hezbollah carrying arms?” said Rai in a 2011 interview with Al-Arabiya. “We responded that the international community did not exert pressure on Israel to withdraw from Lebanese territory. As long as there is an occupied Lebanese territory, Hezbollah will maintain that it wants to carry arms in defense of its land. What will we say to it then? Isn’t [Hezbollah] right?”

“Rai also welcomed a meeting with Hezbollah terror leader Hassan Nasrallah when he returns to Lebanon to discuss the problem of ISIL in the region. “A dialogue committee already exists between [the Lebanon Maronite Church] and Hezbollah, and we are ready to hold any meeting in this respect,” said Rai late last month. The Maronite leader said the meeting with Obama was productive, according to the Daily Star.”

Productive for whom and in what manner? It seems Iran has found a way to influence American foreign policy even while they denounce America and build a nuclear capability. There can be no doubt that this whole episode was devised by the Ayatollahs, Hasan Rouhani, their best proxy army Hezbollah, and its leader Hasan Nasrallah. How better to infiltrate D.C. at this time than to masquerade as holding a conference on defending Christians — interestingly enough there was no support from the major Christian conservative groups like Family Research Council for this conference or these clerics.

From a geopolitical viewpoint, I am quite sure the purpose of the meeting was to bolster support for Assad, Hezbollah, and the Iranian cronies, as Obama threatens to enter into an air campaign in Syria and arm the shadowy elements of the Free Syrian Army. Somehow by scary default, Obama may find himself purposefully assisting and enabling Iranian, Shiite and Alawite efforts.

The Beacon says, “according to an IDC press release, another attendee at the meeting with Obama was Orthodox Church Patriarch Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, who posted photos on Facebook from his meeting with a “high level delegation from Hezbollah” last week. Antioch Church patriarch Gregory III Laham, who has called anti-Christian terrorism in Iraq a “Zionist conspiracy against Islam,” also attended, according to the press release. “We want to thank President Obama at this critical moment in history for meeting with the representatives of these Christian communities from the Middle East who face suffering and hardship for professing their religious beliefs,” said IDC President Toufic Baaklini in a statement.

But was this truly about the “Christians” from the Middle East facing persecution, or setting conditions for supporting Bashar al Assad? One thing is for certain, this conference and meeting was not about supporting Israel.

“Obama promised us to work on protecting Lebanon from all the repercussions of what is happening in the region,” said Rai. “We felt that Obama is concerned about the region and the danger posed by ISIS and wants to support the region and minorities through an action plan he is working on.”

I read that to be, Obama promised to safeguard Hezbollah and enable us to be able to launch our assault against Israel unencumbered when the time is right. The meeting was all about not degrading Hezbollah’s forces, which are already engaged in Syria fighting as directed by Iran for Assad against Islamists. It wouldn’t surprise me if we were to find out that Hezbollah forces would be the benefactors of U.S. military support — not the Free Syrian Army.

Regardless, I just have to ask, does Barack Hussein Obama give a damn about the optics of his meeting on 9-11 with Islamic terrorist supporters? This was a blatant slap in the face of every American and especially to those who lost loved ones. And to think this charlatan had the gall to speak at a 9-11 Memorial at the Pentagon and then take a meeting with terrorist supporters in the White House — all on a day sacred to this nation.

Whose freakin’ side is Obama on? Treasonous — absolutely, and undeniably so!


  1. Yes, God forbid diplomacy be given a chance. Hey, did you know that Truman met with Nazi supporters in 1945. We were at war with the Nazis and he met with them!

      • Oh, well, then…past acts of other presidents justify what this one is doing now, in an entirely different context. Great logic, there…

      • How much justification does this require? If you ignore all the jumping to conclusions about Iranian infiltration in the article above then the story is this. Obama met with some Lebanese Christian leaders to talk about what was going on with ISIL. Some of those Lebanese Christian leaders are not terribly big fans of Israel. So what? Why is this shocking? Is there any evidence to suggest that their conversation was not about security concerns?
        But the point of the pictures was that presidents frequently meet, shake hands with and speak with people whose views are antithetical to American values. It’s called diplomacy.

      • The question is…..were THEY conspiring with the enemy to annihilate us??? See…..that’s the difference between them and this POS in OUR White House now!!!! His goal is to destroy America, and he’s doing a damn fine job of it!!

  2. Remember, muslims practice taqiyya (lying). Muslims are ‘permitted’ to lie to achieve their goal of worldwide dominance. Even if it means posing as something they are not (Christian)

    • Do you have even one tiny little shred of evidence to support that ridiculous theory? Why is it necessary for this guy to be an evil Muslim? Can’t he just be an evil Christian?

      • Who Barrack Hussein?
        Get real… no one changes their name to an Islamic name unless they’re muslim.
        Only an idiot wouldn’t see how Barrack Hussein covers up, helps, defends, aids and funds satanic Islam’s expansion across this planet!

      • exactly. It’s amazing the country and Congress have not put these facts together.even the fallacy that I heard this morning from David Cameron, that Islam is a religion of peace. It is not at all a religion of peace unless you are dealing with Muslims dealing with Muslims that are not apostates and follow the Quran to the would be great if Americans would just simply read and understand that our enemy is Islam not radical Islam for jihad

      • Look, if he says he’s Christian, you know it’s a lie. If he wears a ring engraved with “There is no …” that speaks .

      • Are you so intellectually lazy that you are illiterate in even the most basic concepts of Islamic dogma that permit deception to unbelievers? There’s a little thing called a ‘search engine’ ; try using one and plug in ‘taqiyya’, since you find the term alien to your knowledge. After that, plug in ‘kitman’…and keep going til you have a cursory knowledge of Islam.

      • I know what “taqiyya” is dummy although I have no idea why you morons are fixated on it. It’s just lying to me but for you it’s scaaaary muslim lying, not like the nice christian lying we have in this country apparently. What I’m asking for evidence of is the accusation that someone is lying about being a Christian. See, first you have to prove that there is a lie and then you can accuse a person of lying because they’re a jihadist or whatever. If you do it the other way around it’s called “begging the question.” You can put that in a search engine but be warned, you may be exposed to dangerous amounts of logic.

      • I don’t think it’s that people are really fixated on it beyond how ridiculous it is from a Christian point of view or really any other religion outside of islam. What kind of religion says it is ok to lie about anything? You are right it is just lying, but is said to be ok in their holy books.

      • Wrong.
        Taqiyya allows muslim to hide their faith only when they are in danger and it has nothing to do with subversion… even though the usual antiMuslim loons like to promote that distortion

      • Actually, like most people who only learned about Taqiyya from anti muslim websites, you have it wrong.
        Taqiyya is not about subversion to infiltrate… it is allowing muslims to hide their faith when they are threatened.

      • no it is more than that, you have a narrow understanding and to define “when a muslim is threatened” includes a great many things. how convenient no?

      • No… not at all.
        the only convenience it seems to offer is for right wing hacks to twist the meaning to justify their paranoid hate mongering

      • nothing to do with right wing, left wing, up, down, democrat, liberal, Republican, or any of that mess – it is what it is as found in quran, it does not need to be twisted IT ALREADY IS! You want great example of hateful writing read quran

      • Yep… there’s plenty of hate and ordering to kill in the Koran …and the Old Testament as well.

        Fortunately, Christians have moderated over the years and rarely go around killing in the name of the archaic rules.
        Unfortunately, there are many radical Muslims who very much believe in the violence of the Koran.
        but they are not all muslims, or even most muslims.
        Most muslims, like Today’s Christians, have reconciled their faith while disregarding the calls for violence.

        You can thump your Bible and squawk all you want about how muslims aren’t allowed to not be violent… but the fact remains that moderate muslims do exist and most of the muslim world does not follow the Koran the way you think they must.
        You can say they’re not allowed and hide your head in the sand, pretending they don’t exist, but they do.

      • But the reason for the killing is what you overlook. And that is overlooking quite a lot. Why is islam violent? Why was there violence in the OT? They are completely different reasons and it is a mistake on your part to compare them on the same level. I never thump my Bible lol! Yes exactly the fact is a great many muslims today are not really muslims are they, at least in accordance with their quran. I am not hiding my head in the sand about a thing. What is all that about? If a muslim is true to their faith or not is of no consequence to me. I know what their quran says which is what this conversation is about, not how devout they may or may not be.

      • And there are different Muslims who follow it in different ways.. PERIOD!

        Not wanting to accept that there are different Muslims doesn’t change the fact they exist

      • Dr. Bill Warner holds a PHD in physics and math… not religious studies.
        his insight is no more relevant than any other right wing christian who cherry picks data to support their beliefs

      • 7392 comments – 6370 votes vs.1132 comments – 6944 votes, Proof you talk out of your ass. You have no idea, do you! Time for you to start to wake up to reality instead of ripping others. In short, stop being a whiner – makes you look like a fool.

      • What are you babbling about?
        The number of comments is proof that I’m wrong?
        hahaha… you make no sense.
        Facts are not decided by popularity kid.
        By your reasoning, that means Obama was the right choice for America in both elections since more people voted for him, right?

        I post on different websites… not just websites where everyone agrees with me.
        Congratulations on getting up votes for posting paranoid conspiracies on a site populated by paranoid conspiracy nuts.

      • You are really full of yourself and apparently impervious to the reality that it is you who is uninformed. Too bad we have to share this country with fools like yourself.

      • Sorry kid. I have no delusions of grandeur about being always right or the smartest person in a conversation.
        Though, here in this discussion, i am.

        From your many comments, it is clear you get your understanding of world evnets and matters of Islam all from divisive right wing pundits, who you seem to worship with an unquestioning fierce devotion.

        but go ahead, pat yourself on the back and give yourself an “up vote” to feel reassured by similar minded dittoheads that you are right.
        I’ll even vote all my posts down and give you some “up votes” to boost your feeling of self worth among the other dittoheads.

      • Maobama accidentally admitted his “muslim faith” in a nationally televised interview with Stephanoplis back in ’08 while he was campaigning for presidency. The video’s on youtube, go watch it. That traitorous journalist helped him cover it up. He slipped up and told the entire nation and our lame-stream liberal media made sure to hide it.

      • If someone asks you what your faith is you usually say the one you born into. For example a Jew says, Jewish, a Catholic says Catholic, a Hindu says Hindu. A Jew or any other religion would not mistakenly say another faith – PERIOD. Obama is a muslim!

    • Weong… typical moonbat who learned all about Islam from antimuslim sites.
      Taqiyya allows muslim to hide their faith only when they are in danger and it has nothing to do with subversion.

      • quran & hadith has many verses dedicated to justification of deceit/lying not just if a muslim is in danger. Where did you get your islamic training? lol. wait no need to answer that question, doesn’t matter.

      • don’t be coy little boy 🙂 Go get your quran out and read it and you will see for yourself. But a warning, it’s not a pleasant read lol, but since you seem to know islam well apparently why would you need to ask for an example Brendan? quran 16:106; 3:28; 9:3; 40:28; 2:225; 66:2 a good one “Allah has already ordained for you the dissolution of your oaths”

        and of course a most well know quran 3:54 “And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed : and Allah is the best of schemers.” In arabic the word is makara, with translated is “deceit.”

        islam demands complete obedience of believers to surrender all to allah and his every command as stated in the quran. It is unconditional demand to followers. It is absolutely mandatory to obey allah’s commands in the quran by each and every muslim.
        It is a book filled with imperfection of scripture, dualistic, filled with many errors, contradictions, and historical inaccuracies. It is a most difficult book to actually study because of what I just said. Many and I would go as far nearly to say a great many muslims themselves do not nor have ever studied it. They memorize it, much like robots. They are not allow to question it in any way whatsoever. That kind of thinking is not allowed in islam.

        The contents are not arranged with any logic, sequence, significance, sacredness, importance, but simply organized by length of chapters, longest, followed by the next longest. It is generally a manual of what can be done and what cannot be done. There is no prophecy, no history, no proverbs, parable, miracles, no sequence. It is the ultimate book of confusion and anything so f-ing twisted could have only been inspiration from satan himself (sorry had to get my opinion in there).

        It is very irrational and does not allow for an individual to have independent rational thinking as to themselves. As Christian God gives free will, allah give no individual choice or free will at all, period. If you are woman in islam you are among the most oppressed people on the planet. It is a penalty of death to leave islam. The quran is filled with verses and the hadith that support death for apostates (the desert contains a lot of bones thanks to islam) as well as lying for all sorts of circumstances but especially for the advancement of islam.

        I myself would have never ever wanted to study the quran, was required. As an overall rule, much of what the Christian Bible tells you not to do, the quran tells you TO DO. I think maybe you are bias towards muslims or just somehow apologetic, think the muslims are getting a bad rap, being treated unfairly, or think someone like me is fear mongering. That is not true. I just know what I learned over a 2 year of course work and study of historical islam. Believe me when I say I learned more about it than I ever wanted to and was jolly well sick to death of it by the time completed. It was however very poetic at times but ultimately demonic. Don’t bother coming back at me with a demand for proof or examples for this that and the other. It is far too complex to have proper discussion in this blog. And I won’t sit up in here and argue the quran with you. I know what it says and what it means. If you read the quran and accompanying texts, study the historical islam, and put all the bias to the side and study it as scholar, you have a clear view of what it is. The history is there. How’s that for an answer coming from one proud Kafir to another LOL 🙂

      • You wrote a whole lot just to say that no, you can not provide an example to back up your claim.

        Oh and nice try by suggesting that Islam is the only religion that demands its rules be followed… or else.
        Because according to the Bible, nothing bad will happen to those who don’t follow those rules either, right?

      • I gave you 7 examples, I’m sorry you missed them in the first and second paragraphs? AdultADD maybe??? There’s drugs for that lol!

        You are confused. Let me help; the Christian God, the true God, gives you a choice, free will to do as you please. To accept JC or not. It is your choice. There is no force. In islam is the opposite of this. Easy to understand enough for you Brendan? With islam it is either be or die. We are seeing this happening in Iraq, convert, or die. But we have 1400+ year history to look back to and see exactly the same thing. Like ebb and flow it has always been happening. Fascinating from a historical perspective I always thought. You see islam no change from then to now. I did not suggest anything about islam being the only religion (because islam = false religion, bastardized from other religious texts and argued over endlessly . . .) that demands its rules to be followed. Christianity makes no demand to anyone. You can believe or not and no one will kill you because you have picked to not believe. If you pick to not believe, having a conversation about what will happen to you as a result of your choice is moot, irrelevant is it not? You don’t believe that you will die and end in hell because you did not accept Jesus Christ. I see no logic in you saying Christianity has rules that must be followed or else. It does not work that way Brendan. You can do what you want in your life, you have a choice. Take it or leave it. It has always been so. In islam there is no choice. Do you not see this? There are no consequences of concern for a non-Christian, for one who does not believe in the Christ. If you believe in the possibility of a consequence of not believing in Christ, then I guess you are in fact a believer no? Why do you lick the boots of muhammad? You are nothing to islam unless you are muslim, do you not know this?

      • You gave no examples of muslims being allowed to deceive for reasons other than to protect themselves.

        But as to saying Islam has rules that Christians are nothing like… ha!
        Christianity most certainly has rules that must be adhered to… or else.
        You say there is choice, but that is a lie.
        But you can’t see the similarities between your zealotry and theirs.

        Radical Muslims say you must convert or die.
        Radical Christians (and so-called moderate Christians) all say you must convert or burn in Hell for all eternity.

        From an outsider, you’re both saying the same thing… if a person doesn’t accept their religion, that person will suffer for all eternity… the only difference is that radical muslims are ready to start that punishment now, rather than wait til the afterlife.

        So yes… “or else” very much applies.
        Oh… and your point about radical muslims demanding you convert or die… that’s just the radicals. Hundreds of millions of moderate muslims aren’t lopping off heads.

        Yes… the Koran says to follow the religion or die… but so does the Old Testament of the Bible… the New Testament isn’t actually that much nicer… it says that no matter how good of a person you are, if you don’t believe in the religion, you spend eternity being punished.

        So you both have some pretty evil rules.
        The truly funny thing is that both your religions have a lot of the same message and yet the people most filled with hate for Muslims are people who believe very similar things.

        Radical Islam is a very real threat and they want to kill me.
        but most muslims aren’t radical.
        And it is pathetic to hear one religious person who has faith in their religion call another religion false.

        to those of us who aren’t religious, it is like hearing someone who believes in a magical invisible blue fairy attacking someone as being crazy for believing in a magical invisible green fairy

      • Are you to lazy to look up verses I gave you and then too unequipped to discern their meaning. If so don’t ask for examples from the quran and then when presented with them say you never got them. Stop squirming around like a little worm Brendan, it just irritating. I’m not interested in spoon feeding you. In islam you have no choice, in Christianity you do. If you don’t like that concept, too bad. It is the reality of it all. As I said, if you do not believe in Christ, then why worry about the consequence. Just to whine about it? Have you nothing better to do? As you like it Brendan, you have free will, in Islam you do not. That’s all. You are not religious, and have no faith. Good for you, enjoy your life. Why do you even think or talk about islam and any of it? What difference does it make to you?

      • elle – While I applaud your efforts, and have greatly enjoyed your thorough and informative comments – I have to say that I’m afraid that you’re barking up the wrong tree. Brendan does not want a logical, adult debate or an interesting exchange of ideas. Brendan wants a pulpit, a lectern to spew his leftist propaganda – he wants attention and a captive audience – and he thinks he’s found one here.
        Just keep this saying in mind – “never wrestle with a pig – you’ll just get muddy, and the pig will like it.”
        You’re obviously an intelligent woman Ella – but try not to get too muddy, ok? 🙂

      • Her inability to tell moderate muslims apart from radicals and completely misunderstanding the koran to suit her purposes is neither thorough or informative.

        people like her, and apparently you, are dragging this great country down all for the sake of enabling a false divisive narrative to justify your hate.
        you’re deep in the mud and don’t even know it.
        thanks for helping embolden our enemies.

      • Brendan, I have no idea where you’re getting your information, but most experts in religious studies (who I am certain are far more knowledgeable than you in these matters) all agree with Ella. We’re not justifying hatred – we’re recognizing islam for the backwards, hate-filled, twisted cult that it is. I don’t hate muslims, but I don’t think their ideology has any place in a free society, and history has shown that they’re not tolerant of other religions, so why should we extend to them more courtesy than they are willing to show?

      • You keep saying “they” as though all muslims share the exact same beliefs.

        For example, you would be absolutely right in saying muslim led governments are extremely intolerant of other religions.

        But when we are talking about extending courtesy to American Muslim citizens, we are not talking about the governments of Saudi Arabia or Iran… we are talking about Americans who have nothing to do with Islamic governments.

      • No… I do get it.
        You’re just wrong. Keep lumping all muslims together.
        that must make it easier for you to justify your hate.
        Plus it’s so much easier for you to think you’re informed without having to actually be informed.
        you and Mr West can keep helping the enemy and making the job harder for those that have to actually deal with the reality of it.

      • Brendan does not understand that in order to remain a muslim in good standing that they have to espouse and believe and follow all that their ‘unholy book’ dictates – PERIOD – or they are a bad muslime and can be eliminated.

      • Sorry… but that’s incorrect.
        You don’t understand Islam.

        If all muslims believe they exact same thing, why are there different sects?… and why have they been fighting each other for centuries?

        That you say all muslims must follow in the same way does not change the fact that not all muslims follow in the same way.

        All Holy Books provide rules that are not optional, yet there are different sects of all major religions that each manage to interpret in their own way

      • There are many verses in Hadith that also cover deceit or lying as they relay the traditions of mohammed. In Islam something that is an untruth is not always a lie. Bukhari 3,49,857 mohammed: “A man who brings peace to the people by making up good words or by saying nice things, though untrue, does not lie.” I do not know what Brendan is, but for sure he likes to argue for muslims and so at the least is a muslim apologist or sympathizer. Never put trust in anything he has to say. Grace to you 🙂

      • Sorry kid.. if you can’t tell moderate muslims apart from radicals, that’s shameful.
        Maybe someday you’ll understand real American values, but I doubt it.

        And while you joke about killing Americans for pointing out that not all muslims are the same, some of us actually fought radicals so you could enjoy the freedom of spouting your ignorance.

        Lumping all muslims together is exactly what the radicals want you to do.

      • And playing down the dangers of what Islam really is and stands for is exactly what left-wing nut jobs want YOU to do. I’m a veteran, and I don’t need you to tell me about American values, or what my fellow soldiers have done for my country. Here’s a video that will maybe explain the threat Islam poses to western countries (not that facts will have any affect on your badly informed opinions – but I’ll try to remain optimistic)

      • I have said repeatedly, and understand very well, that radical Islam is a very real threat that needs to be wiped out.

        i am not downplaying the dangers.
        that video is absurd in that it tries to compare a religion with multiple subsects, worshiped differently around the world to a centralized government… that non violent Germans would get caught up in the war to defeat Nazi Germany is not a comparison to how peaceful muslims living in the US should get caught up in the war to stamp out radicals mostly concentrated in the Middle East.

        It would be as absurd as saying all men must be thought of as the enemy in order to combat rape.

        The true goal of these radicals is more about fighting for the soul of the Muslim world than it is to gain ground or achieve a few victories.
        their goal is to convert (by force if need be) moderates to their way of following Islam.
        the core of the radicals are true believers who are more concerned about their place in paradise than victory on the battlefield.
        by wrongly declaring all muslims as enemies, we are feeding into their hands and giving them a huge propaganda tool to help them win over those muslims on the fence as well as young impressionable muslims

      • If you don’t understand after reading the following, then I have nothing left to say. I pulled this from the following website.

        After 9/11, when thousands of American innocents were killed by Islamic extremists for no reason, the central question is not: “Why do they hate us?”.

        The central question is NOT: “What is wrong with American foreign policy?”

        The central question is: What is wrong with the Islamic world, and how will it reform?

        The basic problem is very clear. It is that millions of people in the Islamic world do not believe in free speech, freedom of religion, democracy, a secular state, free enterprise and human rights. Millions of Muslims also have a hatred for Israel and America that has no rational basis.

        Who is our enemy?, by Steven Den Beste, has a hard time defining who exactly is the west’s enemy, but correctly points out it is not just a small group of terrorists. Much of the Islamic world – and almost all of the Arab Islamic world – must change.

        “This war will continue until the traditional crippled Arab culture is shattered. It won’t end until they embrace reform or have it forced on them. Until a year ago, we were willing to be patient and let them embrace it slowly. Now we have no choice: we have to force them to reform because we cannot be safe until they do.”

        “what we have to do is to take the 14th century culture of our enemies and bring it into the 17th century. Once we’ve done that, then we can work on bringing them into the 21st century … But they’ve got to accept their own failure, personally and nationally and culturally. That is the essential first step. They’ve got to accept that the cause of their failure is their own culture … And they’ve got to accept that the only way to succeed is to change. That will be a difficult fight, and it’s going to take decades. Along the way it’s going to be necessary to remove many governments which come to power and yet again try to embrace the past”

        The war will last decades: “This war will end when they change, but not before.”

        We (the west) don’t want to do this. We would far prefer to let them stay in their own failed societies. Who on earth would volunteer for the job of reforming the Middle East? What a pain that after finally winning the Cold War, and entering what we hoped was a new era of peace and prosperity, the west now has to sign up for this endless exhausting job.

        We don’t want to do this. We (the west) have to do this. Because they threaten us. Because they will destroy one of our cities with nuclear weapons as soon as they get a chance. So we have to reform them. They have forced us to.

      • Brendan – I apologize for making spiteful comments. I just realized how hateful I was being to a person that I’ve never met or spoken with, and that’s not who I am. That being said, it’s obvious that we’re going to have to “agree to disagree” on this subject, because we obviously do not view Islam in the same light.

      • You both are very entertaining. We were exposed to the Qua ran in limited format in Kuwait prior to being deployed for “Cultural Understanding”. The second book of the religion of peace justifies lying, deceitfulness and all in the name of their Pedophile profit Muhammad. Allow me to correct one statement, ISLAM is not a religion it is a political ideology.

        Here is but an example that should put your arguments to rest.

      • You are right the religious banner is the beard of islam for world domination. Convert, submit, flee, or die!

  3. Are you a Catholic?
    If you are… you support a fake church which supports satanic Islam!
    The satanically influenced catholic fake church of theft claims that the fake god of satanic Islam is the same god of Christianity!
    Research it… learn the Truth… the satanically influenced popes have been preaching this for decades!
    FOLKS!!! Don’t be deceived! The fake god of Islam is NOT the same God of Christianity!
    satanic worshipping muslims believe that a Jesus will stand in Jerusalem with their Caliphate/Mahdi and offer prayers to the world… the Caliphate/Mahdi will offer this Jesus to opportunity to pray… but this Jesus will decline and give this Caliphate/Mahdi the stage…
    Folks… this Jesus will be a FAKE Jesus… known in satanic Islam as “Isa”…
    May I now present to you the antichrist who will persecute the Christian world… the Islamic antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi
    And… may I also present to you the False Prophet… the fake Jesus… Isa… of the satanically influenced catholic fake church of theft… the Pope!

  4. There he goes again thumbing his nose at the American people. It is no accident that he chose to meet with moslems on the anniversary of 9/11.

    His defense will once again be “poor optics” but no apology necessary just like his golf escapade after his Jim Foley speech. Frigging worm!

    Our own Christian president with moslem values instilled in him from birth.

    • He isn’t a Christian, when he was running for president, he was interviewed on ABC news by George Stephanoupolis and he said “McCann hasn’t brought up that I am a Muslim” & old George says “you mean Christian”. Check out lots of info down the right hand column. What I can’t figure out is how is the Islamist background & Communist background blend together. Because I know Obama is pushing the UN Agenda 21 which will make our country part of a Communist one world gov.

      • Ahhh… you’re on the right track…
        However; Communism is dead…
        satanic Islam is the new world government. It factors in Socialism, Capitalism, Communism… the perfect world government. Free water… free fuel… free housing… free education.
        [Just like what Gadhafi was doing in Libya… but he needed to be taken out because his Pan African ideologies were gaining support. Which was a threat to the coming antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi…]
        That’s why Islam is referred to as… “Islamofascism”…

        Also note: The majority of the seats held in the UN are Islamic… even Ban Ki Moon bows down to what the Islamic UN wants…

        The fear of communism is a smoke screen for satanic Islam… even the Occucommies were unknowingly on board with the end result of the coming New World Islamic antichrist Economic System…

      • I just read an interesting article at talking bout the UN being set up in 1945 with a Communist as attorney general (& and has been ever since) with the goal of having a Communist one world gov. very interesting article. Another site is with history of the Commie’s in congress,.I don’t believe communism is dead, but I once did, had 7 brothers in the military, fighting communism in other countries, heard Allen West talking about communist in congress & Glen Beck when he was on Fox News so I started researching for my self. Check out this is a liberal & has all the facts about the plan to turn America into a communist country.

    • You don’t see any difference?
      Why? Because they all commit the same horrendous acts of terrorism?
      FYI… there is a difference… Sunni vs. Shiite…

      • Sunni vs Shiite? They one and all follow the tenets of Islam and Islam wants control of the world and is taking over Europe as we speak here and that makes them enemies of Christians. And if your not Christian but believe in freedom you are still in their crosshairs.

    • ISIS is killing Christians and Hezbollah is defending them. That’s a pretty big difference if it were your head on the chopping block. Easy to second guess persecuted Christians from the safety of America.

      The attitude so many fundamentalists in America are showing is that of a bully. It’s easy to attack Middle Eastern Christians now. Someday, you may need help from people who disagree with you about some political issue. If you were about to be killed by al-qaeda terrorists and cried out for help, how would you feel if people near by shouting back “if you won’t stand with gay marriage we won’t stand with you.”

  5. Folks… Hezbollah is an Islamic Shiite militant organization…
    Iran is a Shiite majority nation…
    IMO… for any of the Sunni world to meet with the Shiite world is just a maneuver to appease the Shiite for the time being…
    See… it is expected… that once the Caliphate/Mahdi is revealed… both the Shiite and Sunni will come together to war against all the Infidel Christians…
    Also… Islamic prophecy states that Chaos will be present in the world when the Caliphate/Mahdi returns. Which means… the Luciferian Globalists and the Islamic world have to continually manufacture chaos in order to maintain this prophecy… all the while maintaining somewhat of a balance between the Sunni & Shiite.
    They’ll war against each other for now… once the Caliphate/Mahdi returns… then they’ll unite and then… all out persecution and killing of Christians like no other time in history!

  6. Reading all these different articles about the fate of Christians around the world, how can we believe Obama has our best interests at heart and will protect us? He meets with these people who believe the same as the islamists who think Israel should be blown off the earth, and have said they will kill Americans and have been beheading people who disagree with them for centuries. They are back in the days of Saladin the butcher.This cannot stand.

  7. Respectfully Col. West as a retired NCO, where are your colleagues? All the retired officers and those 200+ recently axed by this administration? Why are you all not speaking with one voice sir? When we speak up or identify behavior of this administration we are labeled and have been categorized as “A Potential Domestic Terrorist”. You see sir from our point of view you have all turned your back on us. I wish with one voice you would all speak, we have nothing left to give to our country. God Bless.

    Just my opinion sir. Respectfully.

    • There are many retired officers such as Lieutenant Colonel West that are carrying the battle against this treason administration. Unfortunately the process of circling the wagons takes more time and brave Patriots that have realized what is happening to the country . These Patriots also have to understand that part of the battle is against political correctness which has tied up free speech and perhaps their ability to attract additional compatriots. .

      • I suggest they start coming to their Communities and talk to “The People”. Political Correctness will not be an issue after that.

      • Precisely my point, if these men traveled in a group with one voice first by creating a tour schedule that folks could be made aware of Many of us no matter what condition we are in would attend just out of respect and the fact that these men were seen as great leaders, petitions can be signed, events organized and marches on DC put together as right now we need that glimmer of hope and light in a time filled with darkness. The Col and his associates made a big impact on many of us as they cared about the average grunt, they were strong leaders in our eyes and I know for sure we could muster a heck of allot of us to rally behind them and support the cause because what do we have now? What alse do we have to lose? Millions of us are tired of the fear mongering and the perpetual boogeyman first it was Bin Laden, then HAMAS now ISIS what will the next group be called to keep Americans in fear and passive????

        Respectfully Col. West you need your own coalition of colleagues, a great social media promoter using all resources such as Facebook, twitter and You Tube defining what the message is and when as well as where you will be and I know sir with all my heart we will find a way to rally and then in great numbers we can effect change. What I’m saying sir is ounce again just LEAD US, give us direction sir and we will Honor our Oaths, we will rally behind you and we will support you. Col. What we need most is a leader, good public speaker and an organizer to bring us together sir. God Bless.


  8. hahaha… Mr West said that the conclusion he came to in his mind was undeniably treasonous.
    A hypothetical conclusion that you jumped to is treasonous?

    • Musician and PHONY Army veteran, your COMPREHENSION skills still not good.

      You have to work on your COMPREHENSION skills. But don’t worry, you aren’t alone. That is a widespread problem of the Froggish Liberals.

      • I understand from your poor writing that English is your second language and you may have a hard time understanding what was written… and I understand how much you hate America, but if you are going to try to join in conversations, you really should take the time to learn English

      • You can always spot a liberal. They are always using the race card, the grammar card, or the I am smarter then thou card. I find they use these a lot when they are losing arguments and have nothing left to argue with.

  9. Please get out of the weeds and build a coalition against BHO. You don’t need to prove that Obama loves terrorists, you only need to move against him en masse. Stop with the petty arguments and get on with getting the job done.

    • Nah – While the Islamic state has figured out how to coalesce and go on the march, we’ve been too busy bickering over which brand of authoritarian government is better. Democrat [or] Republican is like Coke or Pepsi. Almost identical.

  10. Am I the only one who remembers when conservative wingnuts used to preach that criticism of the President was the same as aiding our enemies?

    • We all remember. However, we now have a president who is actively aiding and abetting our enemies, either by acts of omission or commission.

    • Yeah as Democrat regressive liberals lamb blasted the prior president 24/7. The criticism to the current incumbent president couldn’t hold a candle to what democrat regressive liberals be felled on the last president.

      • Boy you are really an elitist, nose n the air, my caca don’t stink, regressive liberal spelling and grammatical Nazi. aren’t ya? So funny when thats all they can bring to the conversation as a rebuttal.

      • None of your crying about how Bush was treated was worthy of a reply.
        But I find it amusing that you blame your poor English writing skills on me.
        “lamb blasted”
        “be felled on”
        Welcome to America. Learn the language.

      • And it was very painful. The last time I was blasted by a lamb the ER doc said I was lucky to have lived through it. … Darned lambs!

      • Wow… you clearly don’t understand English.

        Hillary Clinton actually said the opposite.. she said anyone has the right to speak out against any administration.
        It’s bad enough you’re just a crazy deluded old kook who refers to a politician you don’t like a s a whore and a Nazi… that’s just truly crazy… but you actually picked her saying the exact opposite of what you were trying to suggest she was saying.
        I’m sure you embarrass your family with your classless vulgar rantings you phony Christian.

      • Wow finally you gave us what you really are.A left wing hating Religion atheist.She wasn’t talking she was screeching like a mad person.I also heard the secret service had to pull her off the President in the Oval Office,no not Bill.The Muslim that’s in there now.How would you like to married to that?Now I know why Bill stepped out .

  11. The signs of the end times are everywhere…

    As we witness such things as the spread of globalism, the building of a one-world church, the increase of wickedness, the breakdown of the traditional family, the destruction of that priceless bastion of liberty called America, the normalization of homosexuality, the callous murder of babies, the filthy pop culture, the breathtaking increase in governmental surveillance, we become fearful, uncertain, frustrated, angry, and discouraged, but this is because our minds and hearts are too focused on things of this world rather than things above. Too often we have the same short view that “conservative” unbelievers have rather than the long view that comes from the light of Bible prophecy…

    The devil is the god of this world, and his handiwork is evident everywhere, but he is not God and he is not in control of the times and the seasons.

    “Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding” (Dan. 2:20-21).

    We should stand in the confidence that the present evil is exceedingly temporary and will soon be cut down.

    Please visit my Bible prophecy website at:

  12. When is everyone going realize that OSLIMA is in league with all of these terrorist POS! He shows it every time he and his Muslim terrorist buddies he has working for him in the W/H send money and arms to them at every turn!!!

    He doesn’t want to get into a real war again with his MENTORS and real life allies, that would not be a nice thing for a POS like him to do to his erstwhile buddies!!!

    Damn, I can’t wait to see his ass get out of the W/H,then they can fumigate it, then get a real American Patriot in the Commander in Chiefs chair again!!!! Then and only then can we get our military back to it’s proper strength and kick some MUSLIM ASS’S into the world they should be in—-the after life, six feet under and cold as ice, what ever!!!!!

  13. I think that he has made it abundantly clear that he stands with Islam and is and enemy to Western civilization. The United States of America is #1 on his list, we fall it all falls just like dominos.

  14. Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!!

    The Mental Institution in the D.C. is looking for the escaped extremely paranoid and delusional patients “Brendan” and “Rafael X”.

    They were diagnosed with the Idiotic IDIOTITIS.
    Here is the summary of this Mental illness:
    IDIOTITIS causes the brain to shut down and the mouth to keep repiting
    Thousands DemonRats and Libs are affected.
    Might be contagious for the Fools and Ignoramus.
    Best defense: Just ignore ALL Liberal Trolls.

      • Please compare the number of “ups” you have with the number of “ups” Alondra has. Now – I know the egotistical voice in your head is telling you than this is more proof that you are smarter than everyone else, but DON’T BELIEVE IT! Truly – your reasoning skills are warped and intelligent people think you’re an idiot.

      • Facts are not decided by popularity.
        After all, if facts were decided by popularity, every President elected into office, including, the one we have now, would be proven to be the best for the job.

        This is a website populated by fans of a xenophobic fear monger… so of course, the majority will disagree with me.

        The sad part of your comment, and this is very telling for you, is that you suggested Alondra is an intelligent person who disagrees with me.
        And what was her thought out and reasoned argument?
        Oh yeah.. her comment was just childish insults.
        Stick around a while and you’ll see… that’s all she does… post the same generic insults.
        in all her posts, I have never seen her actually present a single thought in a single conversation…. she just throw insults.

        but you see that as intelligent discourse.
        Good for you.
        I’ll give you an “up” for that too so you can feel even one up more right than before.

      • You accused me of “lumping all Muslims together” and of trying to find ways to “justify my hate.” To me, that was much more insulting than simple name-calling. And while I’m not proud of myself when I resort to low blows, you have to admit that thrown a few yourself.

    • LOL – Alondra, you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the laugh – I actually got into a useless debate with “Brendumb” before I could stop myself. Thanks for the reminder to ignore the space-wasters. 🙂

      • Thanks !!!
        “Great is TRUTH, and mighty above all things.” (2Ezdra 4:41)
        Isn’t TRUE ???

        About the musician and the FAKE “soldier” Brendan:
        ALL the time he is criticizing my “poor and broken” English, but the shill still reading my comments.

        This IGNORANT LibTard just bored me with his constant whining, twisting and lying. So I am just ignoring him.

        In his profile he describes himself: husband, father. But he is on the Allen West Web 24/7.

        Best wishes to you, my Friend.

  15. The Christian / muslim liason is very odd…and each sect has to be seen as individual.The Israeli prescence in Christian Palestinian homelands…while understandable, does make for tensions between Christians / muslims on the oe hand and Israelis on the other. As in Northern Ireland the tensions are not always religious…they are mostly Nationalistic…which makes for strange bedfellows. The muslims tolerate the Christians to swell ranks against Israel…but I always get the feeling that Israel could do business with islam…but never with Christianity. If ever there is a detente then it will be the Christians who are abandoned. Therefore it is not at all odd that The P. met with muslims who met wih Christians who do not support Israel…The whole affair is a nationalistic circus….but the Caliphate is a seperate problem….it can be defeated as it was dividing the old Ottoman Empire wannabes from othe parts of Islam…..islam is, as it always was, merely a bunch of tribal interests that have little to do with a real religion but is busy, usually under a tribal leader who is better armed and shouts louder than any of the other tribal leaders.In the end the under leaders will out shout the big leader and it will fall apart again.They, like us, can now rally the troops with soial media…but whether tha in the end will triumph depends on A Great Leader from The West. Interestingly there have only been two men who have united this appalling rag tag of violent tribemen….one was Glub Pasha and the other was T.E.Lawrence….you can google them and make your own conclusions.

    • I hate when I see the two put together. They are NOT the same and have NO relation one to the other. Christians have no part in Islam.

  16. The President has a chink in his armor. His Security detail can read and write and are hardly stupid people. Sooner or later some one on that detail will duck.

  17. Treasonous — absolutely, and undeniably. He needs to be removed from office. Thus wait til November and we will have republicans in offices……well as its what Mr. O is doing is nothing short of treasonous acts. Impeach or something. ANYTHING He needs to be OUT.

  18. Obama has Muslim Brotherhood employees in his administration plus the fact that no one really knows anything about him. There are reasons why he has kept his school records under lock and key all this time. Remember too he went to schools in Indonesia and that country is Muslim. Of course he is going to side with them because he’s one of them.

  19. Please DO NOT USE the word CHRISTIAN with anything to do with radical Islam. You insult Christians when you do that. ISIS is crucifying and beheading CHRISTIANS in Iraq. How dare you. They are two different entities and the people who claim to be “Christian” with Hezbollah ARE NOT CHRISTIANS. True Christians are against ISLAM in all of its forms.

  20. Obama is not fit to lead and must be removed. Only then will America have a chance to win the fight against ISLAMIC TERRORISM. Obama has embraced the Muslim Brotherhood as has Hillary Clinton.

  21. Is anyone really paying attention to the despicable things that Obama does? Why do we continue to tolerate this man? Peace is better than war at any price? I don’t think so.

  22. Terrorist supporters, what’s that,. I only support hesbollah,al queda and those like them, says obummer. Trust him, hies the traitor in chief! Israel I’m afraid you’re on your own with this person as pResident.

  23. And what is the price for TREASON? Too many R’s are too spineless to call for resignations, unlike the D’s did to Nixon for far less than what is happening today!

  24. … interestingly enough there was no support
    from the major Christian conservative groups like Family Research
    Council for this conference or these clerics…

    Is this surprising? Somehow having sponsorship for a conference on defending Christians in the Middle East — Greek Orthodox, Assryrian, Syriac, Maronite Christians, for the most part — from protestant groups which include the sort of people who send missionaries to majority Orthodox countries like Romania and Russia to convert “the heathens”, does not seem to be a good idea.

    Such people will likely have as ignorant and arrogant an attitude toward the actual facts of life for Christians in the Middle East — like the fact that the Ba’athist government of Bashar Assad actually protects them from the enthusiasms of the Sunni majority in Syria, now being exhibited in stark for by the DAISH (I prefer the Arabic acronym to either ISIS or ISIL) — like the fact that however friendly American protestants may be to Israel, Israelis, while not murderous persecutors like Sunni Muslims are certainly not friends of Arab Christians, who are spat on by Israeli Haredi and are often roughed up by Israeli soliders when returning from Paschal services at the Church of the Holy Sepulchur — as Senator Cruz evinced by telling Middle Eastern Christians that “Christians have no greater friend than Israel.”

  25. Those who cannot believe Ovomit is a American turncoat in favor of these lslamic enemy’s need to read this as well as open there eyes and ears as well as there tiny brains

  26. I do not understand how Obama even was allowed to run for President. One of the requirements to be eligible is that you have to be born from TWO US Citizens. OUR Forefathers put that in there so we could be sure that the Person in charge would ONLY be true to America, NO OTHER COUNTRY. We have been duped no matter what. CALL, WRITE OR EMAIL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES AND DEMAND THEY IMPEACH OBAMA NOW. With his low popularity polls we should have enough from We the People to demand it and get it done.

  27. Let me guess…..we will be supplying arms to these terrorist next. We want to be sure they all get their fair share of tanks and jets. Who is next……

  28. This lying sack of $$..t is doing another snow job following a speech with main purpose
    of improving his falling approval ratings. Look at lack of substance in his “tough stance” :
    1.Failing to define the enemy.
    2.Excludes Islam from the picture to muddy up the waters.
    3.Counts on ignorance of the supporters and plans little or no action if he can get away with it.

    Another beheading took place today, four days after promising “degrading and destruction”.
    “Huston, we have a problem”


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