Send this to progressive socialists to rile them up [VIDEO]

As a tribute to our great nation on this 13th anniversary of 9/11 and the upcoming 200th anniversary of our National Anthem on September 14th written by Francis Scott Key while watching the bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore Harbor during the War of 1814 by the British, I hope you will enjoy Madison Rising, a band of veterans, who have proudly served the land of the free.

Be inspired, share this with your friends – I strongly doubt the progressive socialists will — and know that there is a cultural revolution going on to restore this Republic, recommit to our Constitutional principles, and reclaim our American pride and exceptionalism.

9-11, Never Forget. Steadfast and Loyal. Molon Labe.


      • The War of 1812 ended on 12/24/1814 and it is the 200 year anniversary of its end and exactly why area’s where this war was fought have celebrated this year but it still does not make it the War of 1814 it was still the War of 1812 …. and showing your ignorance by calling others names is not very mature and makes one wonder if your a liberal

      • Yes… the battle was 1814… but it was part of what is called “the War of 1812”
        She was pointing out that Mr West accidentally referred to it as the “War of 1814.”
        Did you read the article before making your dumbass comment?

  1. …golly. tears streaming. I normally prefer this song sung in the traditional manner. However, MADISON RISING brings new depth & dimension with their last stanza. These brave warriors have talked the talk, and like you & my own husband, have walked that long, hard & difficult walk. Heartfelt thanks for your honest words, COL West, and their emotional rendition. Our wonderful flag still flies, like the eagle, and thanks to all of you, we ARE STILL the HOME of the BRAVE. May God continue as the Head of our great nation..

      • in a burka and calling herself pussy she actually goes around just spouting manure hoping that true patriots will back off. She and her posse travel around and spew their vomit where they want protected by our Constitution and unwilling to defend it’s place in history.

        “Lady” ??? You are making me sick listening to your crap please just OD on the fool-aid already obviously you have already drunk enough that your brain isn’t saveable..

      • You are so filled with hate that you think that her mentioning that progressives love this country and fought for it too is offensive to you.

        Saying you love America means nothing if you don’t actually stand for American values and recognize that this great nation belongs to the left too.

      • How do you know that’s even her? Might just be a random picture on the internet. This is why Conservative minds will never make real change because they can’t get past an old way of thought and when a new better idea comes out they get scared and revert to hate speech and ignorance.

  2. I wonder how many progressives who are laying in military cemeteries? Or dug with their bare hands to find people at WTC? Believe it or not they love this country too. They only want to make it better.

  3. Shame on you Mr West, for marking the anniversary of 9/11 to once again be divisive and suggest that Americans on the left are offended by patriotism.

      • Very sad that you define years of ideology only in terms of the latest scandals.
        All you did was shine a light on your ignorance.
        That would be like saying that the sum of conservative American ideology is Congressional obstruction, anti-gay legislation , and whatever else is currently topical.

      • Give it up already, notice how many people have separated themselves from Obama? How much turnover has there been since he took office? Democrat`s are realizing more and more what a failure Obama has been.

      • Whooosh!
        that was the sound of the point of my comment going completely over your head.
        my point was that you can not sum up the beliefs of millions of left Americans over the years by pointing to a few recent scandals in this administration.
        So now you respond by continuing to talk about Obama’s failings.

        that is like saying all the ideals of conservatism are antiAmerican because of the scandals of one Conservative administration

        It’s absurd

      • It can be said of all the republicans that left Bush’s side at the end of his term. This always happens when whatever side realizes that hey, he can’t be elected again so why support someone who can’t win another election. Remember also all the Conservative morons who still claim he’s not American!

      • The left have be blinded by forces they can not see !!! If they only knew these same forces hate them too !!

      • Terrorist’s what?

        …or did you mean to write “terrorists?”
        Funny… it seems to be right wing loons talking about fighting the government and killing their fellow citizens.
        But you think the left is sounding like domestic terrorists?

  4. Good version of Star Spangled Banner! I don’t know about anyone else, it puts me in a mood to be aggressive, no not in a fighting way. But to do all I that I can for whats in the best interest of this great Nation on God’s green earth!

  5. May the Flag, Bible always find a home on the soil of what liberals leave of American soil.. Maybe we can ask the Brits to bring one to lay on our shores after we have to Nuke ourselves in the hope of keeping the stupid liberal fool-aid zombies from escaping and becoming rampaging looters that this country always stood against. I cry with Liberty and hang my head in shame at the brain washing our children face.. having to explain we are always a Cristian country, that Blacks that attack and loot are not what they all believe in they are just riled up by haters and racists like who run the country, call themselves reverends.. Our flag should be upside down because we are in real distress and I hope that while the greatest generation can live in peace, I know that we will have the bombs not from outside but within our boarders.

    • Typical. Some people who claim love for America the most never quite understand American values and usually hate their fellow citizens.
      You should be ashamed.

      • Well how about liberal Obama lovers like Oprah Winfrey? We know she wouldn’t ever say that….oh wait didn’t she say a generation of white Americans should die out to stop racism whilst ignoring the fact that racism can be a two way street? She did basically claim that not agreeing with Obama’s practices is racism and hate. Parents disagree with their children’s actions almost daily. Guess in your libertard narrow mind that means hate too? So if you disagree with this post, that’s because you…hate us? Wow genius! So did Sharpton or Jackson or even Obama call out anyone during the knock out game?Nah they were too busy playing their own game….called ‘who can draw out the race card the fastest?’.

      • my libertard narrow blah blah blah…
        Wow you’re pretty friggin stupid.
        I asked when Obama ever said something and your response was about Oprah.
        You are pretty pathetic… you rant about various black liberals you dislike and then try to attack me for it.
        Ummm.. I don’t ever recall saying anything about Oprah or Sharpton or Jackson …so why are you arguing with me about them and assuming I support them?
        I don’t

        Yet you want a rant about them and then insulted me for defending them… something I never did, except in your imagination.
        You’re an idiot.

      • Ashamed that (WE) have let others take away our rights so that others we not be offended !!!

    • Sadly what you are saying is true ! I am shamed of what the schools are teaching our children ! My Grand daughter has a teacher who is very upset with the Christian kids ! He is teaching Evolution as (TRUTH) ! Some of these kids refuse to believe this teacher ! And are put down by this teacher ! This is in high school ! They are being taught to be atheist in schools ! Very sad !And yes may the Bible and Flag be protected in the LAND WE LIVE IN ! MAY OUR FREEDOM ALSO BE PROTECTED AS WELL ! Freedom is a gift many are willing to give up ! Not me ! They can take (God) out of the public places ! BUT they can not take (God) away from me ! In God I still Trust !!!!! And always will !!

  6. What’s funny is that Mr West assumes that liberals will be offended by this when it’s clear that most liberals love America more than him.
    The only people I know that get offended by patriotic songs are people like Mr West who lose their minds with hate when they hear “America the Beautiful” sung in different languages.

    just because patriotic songs offend you Mr West, don’t assume they offend everyone else.

    • If they love it so much, why do they drag it down? Liberal`s in general don`t add positively to this Country.Yes, there is a portion that does, but most the time they just cause problems and take GOVT money.And they are some of the most racist`s hypocritical people roaming the Earth.

    • NEVER This man served his country and the constitution of these United States, This President has NEVER fought in any way for this country as a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER, A LAWYER, A SENATOR OR A PRESIDENT. His goal is to tear down these UNITED STATES.

    • The only people I know who get truly offended by Patriotic traditions are liberals. Who called to get the ‘pledge of allegiance ‘out of schools, or to try to remove ‘In God we trust off US currency, or whom wants bibles out of hotels because they claim they are offensive, or wants national monuments taken down because looking at them is again ‘offensive’? Liberals….Go figure

      • Nah… those are the nutjobs… then again there are also a lot of phony patriots who do and say unpatriotic unAmerican things and have no idea they’re doing it… like self proclaimed patriots who want to banish their fellow citizens or think religion should be forced on people… all in the name of their incorrect interpretation of the Constitution.

        Not all liberals and not all conservatives are extremists doing and saying unAmerican things… most are decent people just with differing viewpoints.

  7. Well Brendan, you’re typical of a New York liberal screecher. If you think your “Lord and Savior” Obama is good for America (I’m sure you voted for him), then you’re as ignorant as a tree stump. I’ll be happy to debate you on any specific subject concerning our once, but no longer greatest nation of the world, America. Get specific. The same old, tired name calling you exhibit won’t cut it. I’ll take a Col. West over your boy Barry any day. Now, if you want to go back perhaps a century, find and watch Agenda 21.

  8. It’s understandable that people fear change, it’s not understandable when you allow that change to overtake you and hinder your ability to make rational choice. I’m not progressive, socialist but having the ability to think freely is a luxury I wish more Americans decided to undertake. Not being locked in a box of Conservative or Liberal but free is the place to be.

  9. The Pledge explained by RED SKELETON can teach
    your kids a lot, All verses of the Star Spangled Banner will Mean much
    more then just the first. Our Flag should ALWAYS FLY FREE and if you are
    offended then you are on the WRONG SOIL. Educate in School, They need
    OUR FLAG ALONE. OUR MILITARY who Volunteered to ensure your right to spew your LIBERAL BS and attack a Military Honerably Discharged Vet that speaks about Loyalty and Conservative values that you LIBERALS just have to froth at the mouth at.. You can not stand the Idea that I can Not Dumb myself down to the Fool-aid level you all play in.. and the fact that you by hook line and sinker that embarrasment who we are stuck with who plays like a kid constantly…Golf “call me on the green if I have to make a ststement but keep an eye on my balls or should I do the crotch cuddle??” village idiot. You follow him I have more important things to do…LIKE FLIP THE SENATE so that maybe we can pull his crooks in and actually get justice. So yea I want Change I want the Traitor Obama to pay the Traitors price, Firing squad, Hung, or permanet exile to Gitmo, I don’t frankly care… I’ll work to fix America from The past failed 5 1/2 years of lies and delay , deny , and then forget..


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