Obama’s ISIS plan: Outsourcing US national security in a chaotic world

I just finished listening to President Obama delivering his strategy for dealing with ISIS and my summation of what Obama stated is simply: “Outsourcing US National Security in a Chaotic World.”

Lots of you here aren’t career military combat warriors, so let me explain why this speech made no sense. Obama said that we are committed to a counter-terrorism strategy and a systematic campaign — but then Obama stated there will be no U.S. combat mission on the ground — although he is deploying another 475 on top of the almost 1,000 troops there now. Folks, you cannot win a counter-terrorism operation without a combat force – it certainly cannot be won from the air.

And what Obama didn’t explain was who will coordinate close air support for these “coalition” partners on the ground — and of course Obama just recently derided the Free Syrian Army as being “doctors, farmers, and pharmacists.” Our air strikes — and you must understand 150 strikes over a one month period is not a dedicated air campaign — have to be targeted and that means SOFLAM (Special Operations Forces Laser Acquired Munitions) but if there are no American combat troops, none on the ground, then who is doing this critical mission? You cannot destroy a force from 30,000 feet with air power only.

Obama just had to state that this is not going to be another Iraq or Afghanistan. Well, let’s look at that. In Afghanistan a small American force of 600 Special Operators and CIA operatives along with the Northern Alliance routed a Taliban Army of 70,000 along with another 5,000 Al-Qaida enemy forces. That was a successful model which could be used here, but Obama told us again what he was not willing to do.

Now we are going to put our national security trust in surrogate forces? And we’re supposed to send in more trainers for the Iraq Army? Heck, if Obama had supported the generals on the ground and fought to leave a residual force in Iraq, we would have had the trainers there and wouldn’t be in this position! So now we have to go back in because of his ideological intransigence and “redo” it all over again and try to rebuild the relationships, which have now been broken — as many Sunni tribesmen have enjoined ISIS.

And to state that ISIS is not Islamic? You have to be kidding me. ISIS stands for, first word, “Islamic.” Obama continues to deny and refuse to define the enemy, and that folks is not helpful.

President Obama stated that America is safer — but not according to recent American polling — and certainly not reflected by the beheadings of two Americans, Foley and Sotloff.

Obama borrowed the “no safe haven” phrase from George W. Bush. And in a comparative analysis of coalition building ability, George W. Bush had 37 countries in 2003, but so far Obama only has 9 — and as we reported, one of them is Turkey and they’re already waffling about not joining unless we restrain support to the Kurdish Peshmerga Army — a core element of this strategy.

I was glad to hear Obama state that he would cut off funding — I hope he goes after Qatar with a strategy we have offered here. As well, since the Saudi King Abdullah is so worried, then have him foot the bill for this operation. But, there was no reference to our domestic jihadist recruitment problem and a porous southern border that must be sealed.

Another key point Obama failed to address, as he talked about his highest priority being our security — will Obama stop the decimation of our military force, which finds itself at horribly low levels? That is why I believe Obama’s strategy is about “outsourcing” our national security as he degrades and destroys our military capability and capacity, which we have addressed here.

This is not American leadership at its best, it is American acquiescence and incompetence. You cannot destroy an enemy or conduct a counter-terrorism strategy by hoping someone else will execute it, or by air — and how are we going to increase air strikes? Will we have a dedicated air campaign with countless sorties a day?

The finish to this speech was utterly weak; full of empty rhetoric and pabulum which means nothing to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi — and it was Russia who sealed the deal to secure Syria’s declared chemical weapons.

Obama asked for our support — he certainly doesn’t secure mine, and he shouldn’t get yours either. Tonight President Barack Hussein Obama proved that polling drives his strategy, because this was supposed to be done midday.

He probably should have, since this was an utter embarrassment and a waste of time. Obama is expanding a combat operation and yet refuses to go to Congress, as George W. Bush did to make a case and secure — by vote — approval. He asked for a blank check for an ambiguous endeavor supporting surrogate forces to handle American business of destroying an enemy who he did not define, which has declared enemy against us.

I fear for my country. We are indeed rudderless amidst a maelstrom.


  1. Someone pull a false flag a tear up a golf course in the name of ISIS, & then you’ll see all our forces committed to annihilating them.

  2. “ISIL is not Islamic.” He’s right. They’re actually a bunch of closet Quakers who want to establish a Pacifist State.

  3. I have never heard of a successful campaign that begin with telling the enemy what you plan, how to plan to do it, what forces you expect to use….and what you will not do.
    He began with a lie about Islam, maybe he should have paid attention in his madrassa. (sp error, sorry) when he was a kid. Islam does condone the killing of innocents if they are infidels.
    It was plain he wanted to appear strong, but instead of POTUS flashing in my mind, all I could see was the word Hussein, wonder if all those mid East families think of him as Cousin?

  4. Agree with assessment College West….was hoping to hear Brigades, Division to get this business wrapped up…wishful thinking..outsourcing it is!

  5. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot
    survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable,
    for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves
    amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through
    all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the
    traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his
    victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the
    baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a
    nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the
    pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no
    longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”
    -Marcus Tullius Cicero
    other basic lazy thieves, are the culmination of all liberal gov
    created ignorance, laziness, selfishness, and jealousy, and they are the
    army of the true evil enemy of all of humanity. Libs are the true evil
    enemy of all good, free, productive people. If not stopped, lib
    ignorance, jealousy, theft, and dependency will get us killed.
    If we assume that freedom, and good will prevail without a fight, the evil of libs will win, and we will all become lib losers.

  6. It is much worse than this. We have an “American” public that voted this President into office not once but twice. And we have a spineless Congress that sits on their hands, more worried about their own careers than the welfare or even survival of their country. We are most definitely in serious trouble.

    • “We have an ‘American’ public that voted this President into office not once but twice.”

      This discounts voter fraud and election theft.

    • My heart aches even more for Americans that pretend sympathy for those who are nibbling away at our freedoms and making it easy for America to be taken over by our enemies. Tears — all the way to the grave.

  7. This would be a perfect time for the LeMay Doctrine. 150-200 sorties PER DAY until ISIS/ISIL/Syria/Hezbollah/Hamas/et al are bombed back to the stone age. No Quarter. Then you can send teh ground troops in to (actually) “mop up.”

    • And why do they only target convoys? They know the roads traveled so why don’t they literally destroy the roads so the military convoys cannot travel? Is this too hard for them to do? Putting a huge pothole in the road every half mile, and I mean a HUGE ONE, would certainly slow down traffic.

  8. As a former Naval Aviator, I take exception with your analysis that “they” can not be destroyed from the air! Most if not any human beings that I am aware of can exist inside a sheet of glass! Do I make myself clear???

      • And how do they do proper targeting? And did they find Saddam Hussein in his spider hole from the air?

        It takes a combination of air and ground activity to be completely successful. Otherwise, after the ground is all torn up and the planes go home, the “tunnelers” come out of their holes and live to fight another day.

    • As an ex-Navy man myself, I find it hard to believe that you are a former Aviator of any kind when you don’t seem to know the basics of how air-to-ground combat works.

    • Virginia . . . Yes, there is a Santa. If you think the ‘Pansy in Chief’ drop an Atomic Bomb on his Islamic friends with ISIS that he trained in Jordan to take down Assad after he had back off his red line..

  9. I agree with you, Mr. West. We have a foreign general leading our troops in Europe. A Mexican govt to our south, that will not get involved with our border security, because they want part of our country. It is time for the US to become aggressive against our enemies. It is time for winning our battles. We need to keep control of all land conquered from now on, and colonize the countries.

  10. POTUS only spoke because he made himself look like the fool he is when he stated, ( probably in all honesty.) that he had NO strategy for dealing with the growing “Islamic State”. Everyone else has a strategy, but him, he can’t commit to anything. He also made sure he spoke today, so he has enough time to “Bunker” down for the potential “fallout” of tomorrow’s date in history, which according to some retired Generals, is a possible issue, and we are still at DEFCON 4 sadly.

  11. I was on Parris island on base in early May between ten hundred and fifteen hundred hours on a Saturday. I saw 7 platoons of women and no platoons of men, not one, none. This is why we are not sending a sufficient force of men. He has significantly gutted our ranks at all levels.

    • I assume you know that PI is the only place that females in the Marines go to Boot camp…so it would make since that you seen so many female platoons…My son just graduated Marine Boot in July in SD….only seen men (because NO women train there)…..we graduate about 250 Male Marines PER WEEK from SD and I would imagine about the same from PI…not worried about the Marine Corp size…the Army is downsizing about 20% over the next 5 years…that is a mistake.

  12. …this appears to be basically the same kind of thinking as the bailouts, the GM fiasco (at least for the stockholders)… Obamacare & most of his other escapades. Thank you for viewing this venture thru an experienced military kaleidoscope & presenting it to us “unabridged”…

      • Obamacare working?? I had insurance before this fiasco. For my entire family. Now, thanks to Obamacare, I cannot afford to cover my own premiums, let alone my wife and daughter. How again is it ‘working’? Explain.

      • Obama care is a fiasco. I consult in the medical industry… Not only has my insurance gone up drastically, but every physician I know has joined a large corporate organization to survive. We are eliminating private practice systematically. Have you any idea of the impact of these changes long term, Earl?
        So far, Obama care is not a success. That is just plain wrong.

      • Well, I guess if you are totally broke, no assets, no income, don’t give a $hit about improving yr lot in life, plan to happily live on govt handouts yr whole life (or til the system collapses because of yr kind of people), are Ferguson looter type black, radical muslim supporter loser, or real gay, then it probably is a good deal for you. BHO do take care of his own!



      • Your honesty will get you nowhere with the Mindless Left. It has to register to have an effect on them and that gray matter in their noggins is mostly brown.

      • If Obummer care is working… Then why are doctors not getting paid? Oh right I forgot because they have to take a bigger cut than they already did due to it. Many doctors I know stopped taking Medicare patients because of this fact. My families insurance premium doubled, and co pays went up by 53%. So I am being punished to help fund it by paying higher premiums for those that did not have insurance… and let us not forget many Americans were FORCED to get it or be fined…

        Sorry sir, it is not working. Those of us that work hard for our money and pay for our own are being ripped off.

      • To a Leftroid, ObamaScare is working because they force it to happen with other people’s money and then they hide the horror stories. Yep, it’s working like fleas on a mangy dog.

      • hey Earl listen up to what I’m about to say – now TheDudeAbides, that’s not nice to tell Earl to just drown himself. Don’t do that cause people might think you are a hater or even worse a bigot! Did you catch that Earl? You see TheDudeAbides can say what he wants because he has freedom of speech to voice his opinion to you about you. But just for the record I told him it wasn’t nice kay? 🙂

      • sorry TheDudeAbides, Earl and I sort had this thing about how I am a bigot and a hater cause I never jump in and scold someone because they say something that he doesn’t like. He can’t understand that people can use free speech even if he does not like what is said. peace out 🙂

      • Nope. Young Americans, in particular, are dramatically rejecting the policies and leadership of the Democratic party, and of Obama.

  13. Was anyone else reading between the lines, that he was DARING the sleeper cells of ISIS to attack us tomorrow? His veiled references to 9/11 gave me goosebumps.

    You’ll perhaps notice that, unlike other countries, he said nothing about pulling the passports and denying re-entry of those Americans who are going/have gone to join ISIS – even though he mentioned them.

    • That’s exactly what i was thinking…he tends to parse his words carefully, so that one really must read between the lines.

    • Like all ex-gangbangers know, it is real tough to cut those you have close criminal ties with out of yr life (even though you know you should)!

  14. Mr west please explain to these people how only $20k out of over 4 million dollars donated to the “GUARDIAN FUND” were sent to candidates? Why over 3 million dollars went to FUNDRAISING?? You people are being HAD by this man! Look it up for yourself…4 candidates got $5,000 each!!

      • Obama raised $639 million and spent $573 million to get elected. Read somewhere in my advertising stuff he spent over 17 million on internet advertising alone. 3 million is nothing for politics Earl.

      • Really??? You don’t have a problem with only 20k out of 4 million actually going to candidates?? If not…please give more

      • no because by federal law he only allowed legally to give 5000 per candidate – if he was allowed legally to give them more he would. But he supports/endorses 12 candidates and when they find others to support they will donate to them. No I don’t have a problem with following the law, but I guess you do. Like I said 3 million, 4 million dollars isn’t that much $ in politics. Especially spread out over lots of endorsements. But keep trying to find something Earl. You are wasting your time. It’s a PAC not a personal bank account. What don’t you understand about PACs? They help get the right people elected. It’s allowed Earl, get over it.

      • Oh and what OFFICE is Allen (buy my tee shirts) running for?? Get outta here with that and please…donate more!!!

      • He isn’t, the fund is helping to get others elected. I only put those obama (the worse pres in history) up to show you that 3 million is nothing in politics. And they endorse 12 and always looking for more. Sorry that does not fit your narrative or witch hunt Earl.

      • No…it fits the narrative and I’m astounded that you are this DENSE! 12 candidates is only $60,000. Over 4 million collected! I thought the money was for candidates…if not..why fundraise???

      • Earl my bro, God love ya, I do too. Stop hating on me please for the love of the Almighty please stop hating on me. Putting out the let’s make peace and just flow branch to you. Either pick it up or stop talking to me. It is a cruel thing to hate me, I don’t hate you. We have our differences but that does not change the fact that we are one in this earthy life we must live. Can you just be cool with that? I don’t care that you are on the other side of me. I embrace you, maybe there’s a better word, because of this. I welcome your friendship. I walk with Jesus in my life. Despite what you think. I do. It is no easy task for anyone in this world. But that is what we all do and face each day as Christians in this world. It is the struggle I talked about with you before. Don’t be such a hard judge, if you feel you even have the right to judge. At the end of the day Earl, I would have your back if needed. I don’t feel or like being ugly and snarky and trying to do the “one up you” and all that. There are those that need that so I give it to them. But Earl you just gotta meet me half way. I think you are worthy, so just let us just talk and stop saying all that satan crap to me cause that ain’t right. You do not have that right with me, check yourself and save all that for someone who deserves it. That someone ain’t me.

        Anywho, fundraising has it own expenses Mr Earl my man. To answer your question “Why fundraise?” Please understand. I am not fighting it out with you on this just trying to tell you cause I know. The money is for candidates yes, AND for fundraising for more $$$ for candidates. It is a continuous effort that does not stop. Goals are set yes, but it would never stop as the costs never stop. This is one of the things I do professionally. Falls under the umbrella of things I do as creative design and communication design professional/expert. Not fundraising but on the creative side of it all. I work for a lot of global non-profits like USO World, WWF, HDI, ICNL, CARE and lots of others. Have worked for political groups in the US as well and have even have political clients in Europe. In fact most times have more work than I can do as an independent creative. Have been in the biz for 30 years as an independent. And that is a good thing 🙂 Creating the various media that a fundraising event or campaign needs is billable. Lots of people like me are paid to create things for them. From concepts to commercials to print to events to dozens other things. Fundraising is an expense. In other words, I am sure you have heard, it takes money to make money. Well in this instance, it costs money to organize a fundraising event for example. Sometimes quite a bit of money. I invoiced close to half a million dollars two years ago with a single political client in the UK for creative services. Can’t expand on that with NDA in place. A 30 second ad on a basic level of production can run 450,000. And that is a basic ad. More creative in your face wow factor memorable iconic advertising can go twice. And that is just on the production side. Triple the cost to have it air. So please know that, like I said before, 3 or 4 million is nothing in this realm. To an individual, to me it’s a lot of $, to an organization, no.

      • He speaks of the GUARDIAN FUND like is doing a bunch of stuff for candidates and the tea party cause but it is doing nothing but paying about 10 separate companies to fundraiser. Open your eyes and view this for what it I is…. A CON!!

    • PACs have federal restrictions. They are only allowed to give $5,000 a year to a candidate for each election. It’s the law. That’s why. 3 million towards fundraising is nothing. Guess you don’t really have any idea about how much fundraising costs. Or how much putting on events cost, staff, or especially, how extremely expensive advertising actually is.

      • And the “handlers” have to get their share of the loot, too. Yep, there are a lot of “hidden expenses.”


      • whatever Earl – he is following the law. Can only give 5000 per candidate a year. But endorses 12 so far. Keep up to date, he will give more to the kind of people that need to get elected. But keep whining, keep trying to find something, anything to whine about.

      • Even if the number is 12 that is still no where close to 4 million…sorry but no matter how you try to justify it the man is nothing more than a con man!! Sad part is you LOONS know you are being conned and continue to support!

  15. Outstanding comments by Col. West who tells it like it is. God deliver our military from the hands of the diabolic that has it by the jugular!

    Cruz: Obama’s ISIS remarks are ‘fundamentally unserious’
    Sep. 10, 2014 – 7:32 – Lawmaker breaks down the presidential address

    Senator Cruz NAILS it in regard to Obama’s latest in a litany of worthless speeches tonight to include not letting the country forget Hillary Rotten Benghazi’s contribution to the failed foreign no policy of Obama other than to appease like-minded despots.

    The only thing that the fraud Obama has always been serious about is screwing the military which is necessary for the success of his willful destruction of what’s left of a free America from within!

  16. I was a TACP (tactical air control party) Marine with an infantry company in Vietnam. I controlled close air support in heavy combat that included fixed and rotary wing air attacks. Close air support is a complicated and difficult task. Any one mistake by either the man on the ground or the people in the air can be and usually is disastrous. How are these various units on the ground, be they Iraqi military, Kurds or Syrian good guys supposed to pull this off? Without qualified personnel on the ground controlling that air support it is guaranteed to fail. Is there nobody in the Obama administration with a smidgen of military experience?

      • That must have been a North Vietnamese splinter that had to be dug out of Kerry and get him that award. You know, the award that he tossed over the fence in disdain. ▬BARF▬

      • Three Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star and a Silver Star.

        There’s a reason “swift-boating” is considered a pejorative. Running down a man’s combat history, mocking his honorable service, just to score some votes. No true conservative would do that.

      • Unless of course if their conscience prompted them to do whatever is necessary to keep the USA from going down $hits creek without a paddle!

      • They were proven to be liars, the proof just came too late for Kerry. When has your conscience ever prompted you to lie about a man’s service record?

    • Ahhh…. You just drop a bomb here, hurl a missile there, and pretty soon you’ve tossed a bunch of ordinance in some general direction.

  17. Mr. West, he has no backing on the left, right or international? We are a nation of 300 Million? His intentions are scaring American citizens? He is not coming out and telling us any plan whatsoever? Why make the people, guess, wonder, question our own safety? It’s almost like he is taking the “Bill Ayers” approach that America deserves to be punished? Were not getting cheap oil, I do not hear any I am sorry or … ? He’s way to intelligent to have us rudderless. Why in the hell does he not simply lay the plan out? We cannot be punished for the action being innocent on purpose?

  18. Colonel, would you please move to Missouri and challenge McCaskill in the next senate race?
    And I agree with everything you say in your summary of Obama’s rhetoric!

  19. New York Times on reports on the state of mind of congressional leaders as President Obama begins to make the case for military strikes against ISIS/ISIL, including this appallingly honest quote from Rep. Jack Kingston of Georgia on what his colleagues—in particular those in the GOP—are thinking:

    “It’s an election year. A lot of Democrats don’t know how it would play in their party, and Republicans don’t want to change anything. We like the path we’re on now. We can denounce it if it goes bad, and praise it if it goes well and ask what took him so long.”

    wow lookie there,,, an honest statement
    Congress doesn’t want to vote,,, they will dump it in Obama’s lap,,,
    chickenchits,,, they care more about their prescious jobs than they do to vote on anything
    I’m sure the president could give a rats ___ if he has your support or anyone here’s

  20. You were expecting an ACORN organizer to know anything about military actions? Or to be smart enough to seek out intelligent and experienced military people and listen to their advice? He had no plan until he looked at his sinking numbers and realized that he had to do something to kick up the Democratic numbers before November. The world laughs at him while ISIS takes over the middle east and sneers at the wimp in the White House….

    • To show what he thinks of military advice and advisors, he’s already fired a lot of the military leaders and I believe it was in fear that they would not deny their oath to the Constitution regarding enemies foreign and domestic. Under strict analysis, someone who does not have the best of intentions for the country as President and/or actually is bent on destroying the country in the eyes of the world AND in the eyes of We the People is indeed a domestic enemy.

  21. The situation in the United States is worsening on a daily basis. We, literally, have idiots running this country. Like Colonel West says .. we are rudderless. I would not be surprised if some military general raises his fist up in the air and claims .. “this is no longer acceptable” , and starts a revolution. Obama is totally clueless. He is promuslim to the hilt, anti-Israel, and hates the United States. I am convinced of it. He is way way way over his head. I believe as the years go by after his departure, he will be proven to be of the muslim religion. He hates this country. No doubt.

    • I’m convinced that he never really wanted to be President. He saw it merely as a took in decimating and “equalizing” America on the world scene in retribution of the hatred he and others of his ilk have for the idea that America has stood head and shoulders above most other countries and while we have not been beating our chests or looking down on other countries, we must realize that the ones around the world, and here, that are the most hate-filed are those who could do not better, not even in their dreams. Therefore, their jealousy results in smearing America as if this will bring them up in the eyes of the world.

      Harvard may have created a Lawyer — with emphasis on the word “may” — but his naivete regarding world history and America’s place in it has never been something he’s taken to heart. If he has read the history of it, he apparently has not believed it. He prefers to believe that America somehow cheated to get where she is and it’s his place in history to correct that “mistake” and Transform America into what he, in his Indonesia Mindset, things we as a country should be. If he had not been “facilitated” into the Oval Office, he’d never have made it on his own abilities.

  22. The Obamaroid basically told US and the world that he is not going to win against ISIS (or whatever…) and tried to fan the fuzz on his chest by saying that if terrorists threaten the United States, we would hunt them and find them and destroy them. Well, I’ve got news for him… We know where they are. ISIS, etc., have been quick to tell us and show us who and where they are. No guesswork about it. But The Featless Weeder does not want to hear or know that. He’s happy with his head buried in the sand anywhere but where his buds in the bro’hood are hiding. If not forced to acknowledge them because of all the Media reports, he’d be satisfied to yell “Fore” instead of being forced to give speeches that are merely a symptom of his Telepromperitis.

    If I had to put a one-word label on what the First Fraud in the Oval Office said in his “speech,” It would have to be Uninspiring…

  23. Obama opens his mouth and his speech is the only thing Phoney about this administration, his empty promises to get justice while he subverts it every day, he is the Muslim Brotherhood and all that is wrong with the world in our white house.. I hope Kerry goes in and makes a peace compromise and then ISIS beheads him then maybe Hanoi Jane would shut up, Oprah might notice .. the liberals would cry.. and this empty suit in the white house will promise the moon and kick dust in our Face. God help the fool-aid drinkers of the world when those of us with a brain are gone.. America is too

  24. Obama is much smarter than Mr. Allen West, who could not even win a second term in Congress he is so weak. Mr. West is very jealous of the President, because he realizes that he will never be President. Mr. West is too illogical and unstable to ever win the Presidency. My main problem with Mr. West, other than those points in which I have previously articulated, is that he doesn’t, in any way, shape, or form, represent Black people. He won in a predominately white district in Florida. He represents white people, and nothing wrong with that. But he should be lecturing White people on their misdeeds and nefarious behavior, and not Black people. Mr. West is a pathological liar, and a fraud. Of course, he will eliminate my comment, because those such as Mr. West cannot take another point of view because his perspective on things are so irrational that it borders on comedy. Media Matters, on the other hand, welcomes all points of view.

    • You know nothing about why Col. West lost the election. But knowing nothing does not mean that you have nothing to say, does it. But wait…! Having nothing to say, you go ahead and say it, anyway.

      I’m also betting you really “love” Sarah Palin, too. Right…!

      • On August 6, 2001, George W “Doofus” Bush received a Presidential Daily Briefing which said, “Bin Laden Determined To Attack the US using Planes.” He was on vacation in Crawford Texas, and did nothing. Nothing at all. 3000 Americans were killed. He and Dick Cheney did nothing. Great competent guys, right? lol

      • Reagan got 243 Marines massacred in Lebanon in 1983. his Chiefs of Staff begged him not to send the Marines there. But Reagan ignored them, and did anyway. Left them as sitting ducks. Got 243 of them killed, and did nothing about it. Why do you right wingers admire such a coward like Reagan? Also, instead of fighting Iran, after they kidnapped 52 Americans in 1979, ol’ Ronnie Reagan decided to pay them ransom, in the form of weapons, lol. That is the hero of you right wingers, cowards, pure cowards! And you have the audacity to talok about Obama, lol

      • Also, during WW2, the greatest of all of Americans foreign wars, Reagan hid out in Hollywood like the chicken that he is, never took part in any basic training, never stepped on foreign soil to fight, he was just a coward, a chicken during WW2.

    • I’m betting your comment will not be eliminated because your “likes” will be an indicator of how many leftroid loons are in this forum.

    • Obammy is a stupid fool! No one has to like West to know we have a joke for a president. People like you are greed ridden idiots. You talk really fancy but don’t say much except what a creep you are!

    • yea,, who wants a black with a brain showing up the fool-aid king…and as for not winning a second term i guess you can’t see voter fraud running rampant… wow must be real pretty in your little world…lecturing white people on their misdeeds wow when blacks loot, riot and act like animals running in packs it must be whites holding the leashes huh.. making them act so blantanly uncivilized you can call me what you want but RACIST, IQ DEFICIENT LIBERAL IS WHAT YOU PROVE YOURSELF TO BE my sympathies, you’ve had too much Fool-aid to reverse the brain damage..

  25. You can bet HUSSEIN Is not looking out for America or American allies he is looking out for Saudi Arabia and Turkey I cant believe he managed to get 9 countries to join him. When Americans don’t trust him god help us all

  26. And of course, Ronald Reagan, the most corrupt President in history, is Mr. West’s hero. Reagan was also a pathological liar and a fraud, who illegally, and treasonously, sold weapons to the terrorist nation of Iran behind the backs of the American people, and lied repeatedly about it. November 6, 1986: “We have not, repeat, exchanged weapons for hostages nor shall we.” Reagan said that and it was a blatant lie! Reagan campaigned in 1980 declaring, “Never will we make deals with terrorists,” when he was already making deals with him. Reagan got 243 Marines killed in Lebanon in 1983 due to his incompetence, and despite please by his national security officials not to send the Marines into that trap. Reagan then faked the so called war in Grenada a few days later to cover up for his disastrous blunder in Lebanon. And yes, the war in Grenada was a fake, clearly detailed by Alvin Synder, who worked for Charles Wick, in Reagan’s US Information Agency. Read Synder’s book, “Warriors of Disinformation.” Reagan, the White God hero of West, also opposed the 1964 civil rights bill, the 1965 voting rights bill, and supported apartheid in South Africa. In total, there were 138 officials of the Reagan Administration indicted, or forced to resign for crimes and ethical violations, by far, the most corrupt Presidential Administration in history. Yet, the Reagan Administration is the pinnacle of integrity by Black right wingers (they are not conservatives) like Mr. Allen West, who is so cowardly, that he only appears on FOX News, and is terrified by MSNBC. He is just a coward.

      • When actual confrontation comes about, RWE and others like him will do what Union people do: Stand behind the crowd and egg everyone else on. You will never see them at the point where push comes to shove because they will be too busy watching their back side.

      • Well first, they should cut off Right Wing exterminator’s left wing nut. Then stake him out in the hot sun for a couple days so he can appreciate the feeling and think bout that false post of his which is insulting to all Americans who are not pro rad islam. The proceed as you stated!

      • Wow, I’ve been threatened by the American version of Isis, the right wing. The same right wing that hated Jackie Robinson because he was black and integrated the major league, the same right wing that hated MLK because he fought for the constitutional rights of blacks in this nation, the same right wing that hates Obama because he integrated the Presidency. Wow, I am afraid of the American form of Isis, the right wing. My oh my, my legs are shaking!

      • And my head is not “leftwing,” lol. My head is positioned right in the center of my shoulders, lol.

  27. Who says you can’t win a counter-terrorism campaign without providing ground troops when your allies provide ground troops and you provide air support and supplies. Seriously, who, what recognized military expert, says it can’t be done. (FWIW: West is not a recognized expert, he having never made full colonel).

    Who says we have a domestic jihadist recruitment problem? Republican leaders estimate between 100 and 300 Americans are now fighting for ISIS — out of a population of 313,000,000. That’s the problem? Seriously?

    And what about that porous border? If it is as West keeps demanding it is — then why haven’t the terrorists done something using that border in the past 13 years? THe more advertises that the border is insecure, the more likely someone is going to try it, but in 13 years nothing has happened — perhaps there are undisclosed methods and techniques that are above the pay grade of a disgraced ex-Army officer.

      • You mean Saul Alinsky? (Learn to spell and not spiel so much.)

        You are way out of your depth.

        Your “likes” to Comments ratio proves that you are struggling to be in the mainstream of social thinking. And you think everyone else has a problem. Pity.

      • No surprise – you’re more familiar with the liberal rule book than I am. Just proves you’re the liberal in the room.

        I’m not afraid to speak the truth to the radical right-wing of my party, and that is what we have here.

        You keep counting your “likes” and while you’re at it, keep telling yourself those Facebook friends mean you really do have friends after all.

      • I avoid Facebook like the plague that it is.

        You speak the truth ▬ AS YOU KNOW IT… But, then, what do you really know aside from the Liberal talking points sheet that you use as your Bible?

        If you don’t want to be put into the Total Disregard category, you need to get the whole story about Col. West and avoid the list of lies promulgated by the Left. This, at least, would be a good start for you. But people know you here for what you say and what you’ve said so far is a laugh.

      • I know West’s story very well. Here’s the bottom line: the Army kicked him out after West admitted he broke the Code of Conduct, negatively affected unit moral, disciple and cohesion.

        I know he tortured a man he admits “could be innocent” and that every other investigator states is factually innocent.

        I know he took over a sensitive interrogation despite he having no experience in interrogating prisoners — and that in over-stepping his abilities he harmed the US Army, and by extension, the USA.

        What have I missed?

      • First of all, the Army did not kick him out. He resigned. And that is just your first lie.

        What you missed is what actually happened. You are echoing the Left’s lies and you are either too stupid to know it OR you are busy perpetuating it because you ARE a Liberoid.

        And I have come to realize that you are a TROLL and do not deserve any response in any form at all. Go putter around on HuffPost and let them tell you how brilliant you are. Trooll (Liberal Troll/Tool)

      • When you are forced to resign, you’ve been kicked out. You know that, I know that, every reader knows that. You’re the liar.

        You won’t respond to any of my questions not because you think I’m a troll, but because you can’t. You’re a double liar.

      • “When you are forced to resign, you’ve been kicked out.”

        Another lie. He was not “forced to resign.”

        You are an inveterate liar.

      • He had the option of either going before a court of review OR resigning for getting life-saving information from a jihadist/terrorist by firing a gun beside his head. The court process would take years, in many cases, and he did not want to have to defend himself where the lives of his people were saved by his actions.

        You are trying to redefine what happened. You are a TROLL and trying to redirect the blog. Typical. And you say I’m being ad hominem merely for pointing out the truth about what you are doing? And then you do the same thing. Typical of a Democrat, you accuse others of what you are in fact doing.

      • He got no actionable intelligence. He got jibberish from a frightened man. Read more. No lives were saved, but a unit was harmed, a man was tortured and America was tarnished.

        How many lies have you told now? Was that 10, 11?

        He was forced out of the Army as part of a plea that kept him out of 7-11 years behind bars.

      • Many in here who know the truth do not argue with you because they think you are a pitiable, lost cause. And to accuse me of lying is not gonna get it. But your continuing to tell your lies are fully in Hitler’s concept of propaganda where they also thought that if they told a lie often enough that people would believe it.

        Think again. TROLL

      • Oh, and one more thing: I do not have to respond or reply to YOUR questions. First of all, from what you have said, your questions are not worth my time because I don’t think you can be taught anything. You prefer the Lie and prefer an intolerable level if ignorance.

        You are beyond help. TROLL…

      • It was Alexander the Great who said, “I would not fear an army of lions if led by a sheep, but I would fear an army of sheep if led by a lion.” Allen West is a LION, and you are a sheep.

        Yeah, you’re pretty good with words, but we all see where “words” have gotten us in the last six years. Sometimes you’ve gotta back those word up with actions, SON!

        It takes MEN like West to keep America safe. Hard men, like WEST sometimes have to do hard and mean things, to keep wussies like you safe from bad men who would come here and hurt punks like you. So you can’t type your fancy little smart mouth words all you want, and yeah, I’ll make ad hominem attacks on YOU all day, because you have no character anyway. Let’s face it, you’re a PUNK….AND everyone on here knows it.

        You ever put your life in another man’s hands, and in return, asked him to put his in yours? You can sit there and attempt to deride The Good Colonel all you want, but I’m quite certain you wouldn’t make a pimple on his ASS…..Now, piss off, mate!

        Everyone let the world know what we think of this TROLL????

      • While I appreciate that you like to think of West as hard, and we mean really, really hard – I’m not sure what your sexual fantasies have to do with this discussion.

        The Founding Father’s though it best for the military to have a civilian leader. You want to go live in a military junta run country, go to Central America.

        Finally, if West was as tough as you claim, why did he snap, dishonoring the Code of Conduct, harming his unit’s discipline, moral and cohesion such that he was forced to resign. Torturing a man later proven to be innocent isn’t “hard” (well, maybe on the fetish sites you like it is), it’s weak.

        The Code of Conduct is a tough mistress. Not everyone is strong enough to maintain it.

        But, wait, perhaps you’re like some who say that West resigned voluntarily because he did want the hassle of a court fight to stay in. How hard a man is that? He loves his country, loves his soldiers, knows how to lead, but, eh, screw it, he’s just too afraid of a lawyer, a judge and jury of his peers?

      • Any one with common sense knows that having our southern border standing wide open for children with diseases, drug cartels. whoever else that wants to enter is unsafe for this country! Where is your logic?? I see none TruConserve! You are working for another side! It’s obvious! You make no sense except to liberals who don’t have enough upstairs to think anything out! Why don’t you back off? Most people agree with me. Not you!

      • You do realize, of course, that those children didn’t pour over an unsecure border. They did the opposite. Because they believed the US would grant them Amnesty (because the Tea Party lied and said we were), they turned themselves in to the first border agent they saw.

        Your argument the border was standing wide open for the children is false. It wasn’t, but radicals like you help convince those kids that it was — and so they came. Nice work, lying about your country, running it down, and then whining about the consequences of YOUR actions.

        True Conservatives believe in personal accountability – why don’t you show some?

      • My actions had nothing to do with it. You’re not a conservative, Only a liberal that always shifts the blame the other way to try and justify what people like yourselves actually caused. A typical Obama ass kisser.

      • No, I’m a real conservative. I don’t need fear-mongering and I don’t need to lie.

        You know why those kids came here? Because coyotes lied to their parents and said that Obama had an open border and amnesty program. You know where they got that idea – from people like you who cried the sky was falling.

        True conservatives own up to their failings. You’re no conservative.

      • Yep, he’s not tricking anyone, but himself. TruConserv, you can argue all you want, but we know you’re a troll, and a TOOL!

      • I’ve come to the conclusion that TruCons is a TROLL. They try to disrupt blogs and move them into another direction all the while they try to assume the position of being the ONLY ones that know anything at all.

        You would do best to just make comments counter to what the Trolls say and not engage with them lest they think it authenticates them as viable and thoughtful minds with a valid opinion. Theirs is a form of narcissism that feeds on being recognized by responding to them. It’s what children do.

      • I’ve hurt your feeling, and for that I apologize. I held to my position, you held to your — so I’m troll who assumes I am the only one that knows anything at all.

        What does that make you, when you hold to your position?

        The only noticeable difference is that I offered a cogent argument for my position, you pretty much used ad hominem.

        Is that the argument you want to be known for – that anyone who holds to their guns and argues with logic is a troll?

      • Redefining Troll is not going to relieve you from accountability. Good conservatives in here can see what you are by your comments so no need to pretend to get your panties in a wad and try to assume an elevated position.

      • Yes, I’m sure that the Muslim armies fighting a hot war against ISIS as we speak will never allow the US to help them …

      • But if the Muslim Army unit’s Imam has a mind fart AND decides that ISIS is the correct version of islam, that unit changes sides in a heartbeat. You see how this works?

    • I suggest you travel a little bit. The Jihadists are already here.
      Kids across the nation are becoming sick…. Yes, Obama from my opinion seems to have facilitated child traffic

      • Where are the jihadist? Are the living with the radical right-wing Christian terrorists? If we tally up the number of jihadist attacks they are still outnumbered by the Christians, and that just since 9/11.

        Kids are sick … and that’s the fault of who? Do you know who patent zero is? The CDC doesn’t. Perhaps you’re just no better than the bigots who demanded that all Chinese workers be quarantined back during the Gold Rush … only to have it discovered that the quarantine worked to keep the Chinese from getting sick from the Westerners.

        Finally, you do realize, of course, that those children didn’t pour over an unsecure border. They did the opposite. Because they believed the US would grant them Amnesty (because the Tea Party lied and said we were), they turned themselves in to the first border agent they saw.

        But, hey, maybe it is as you suggest — the kids came flooding in. Yet, they got caught, some 53,000 of them. Does that sound like a porous border, one that can catch 53,000?

        Pick your story, either way you come off poorly.

      • You don’t read very well, do you? We have some jihadists. We also have Christian Terrorists. We need to go after both. Jihadists are not a threat to our national security, neither are the Christian Terrorists, but we must deal with all radicalized religious groups.

        Do you worry every day about the Christian Terrorists? Statistically, you’re more likely to be killed by one of them, not the jihadists.

        I’m all for getting the jihadists. I’m just opposed to fear mongering and a poor understanding of history and math.

      • Get the quote right: “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

        Further, this communication is written, so it’s libel, if it’s anything.

        Truth is always a defense to libel.

        West was kicked out of the Army, he’s a disgraced ex-Army officer. What is untrue about that?

        Now, if you’re done deflecting, answer my questions, if you can.

      • Col. West was NOT kicked out of the Army. He resigned rather than be dragged through military court for taking the lives of his men before the fear of a terrorist.

        Stop your lying.

      • He plead out, took a non-criminal punishment, paid a fine and resigned. Even he doesn’t deny that he was forced out. Why do you?

      • He was forced to resign rather than go to court. He had the choice. If he had been “forced out,” he would have had no choice in the matter.

        Get it, Child?

      • Sometimes I write not for the benefit of the person to whom I am responding, but for the larger audience of readers.

        This was such a case. Take your claims above to any person whose intellect you respect and ask him/her to comment on your logic.

        You won’t come off as well as you think.

        West had no practical choice – he was going to prison or he was required to leave the army. He was forced out, and you know it.

        But, let’s play along. Maybe he had a real choice … and he choose to run away. Does that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside about his intellectual courage?

        Pick your poison. Either he was forced out, or he ran away like a little girl. Which was it?

      • His men think other wise of him….would follow him to hell and back…ive talked to them…all I need to know….furthermore he was honorably discharged which is all you need to know….politics not criminal mischief was his downfall.

      • PREZACTLY…

        It’s a losing battle to try to argue with someone who has already made up his/her mind by being taught by the Mediaoids. Their concept of what is right and true is skewed.

      • You have done nothing to substantiate your claims, and have at times substantiated mine.

        Why should I change my mind, because you made some naked claims?

        I don’t change my mind when my kids hold their breath and stomp their feet, and I love them. What makes you think I’d let you get away for the intellectual equivalent of the same?

        You want to change my mind, bring some verifiable facts combined with a cogent argument.

      • You accused the military’s judicial system of being political. The members of the JAG core are dedicated professionals and they don’t need some random Internet jag-off coming online and proclaiming they tossed a patriot out of the service to serve some hidden political purpose.

        You mock, implicitly, the Code of Conduct in declaring that it only matters that West got an honorable discharge, not that he brought dishonor to the uniform through his deliberate and undeniable violation of it.

        You brought hate, derision and scandal to the US Military in claiming that its traditions, standards and rules don’t matter.

        You ran down the military — just because you like a man’s politics.

      • i have no kb right now so i cant give a detailed reply……but in summation, you r kinda an idiot, and no nothing about the character of fighting men or mil…n 2 ur nxt point…no u dont still, n i doubt that at all coward.

      • Thanks for the insults. Given your previous insults hurled at the military, I’ll take it as a sign I am in good company.

      • Ah, the price can indeed be steep when one makes a principled stand and chooses to NOT suckle on the politically correct peni of the pro-radical islamic PTB!!!

      • All levels of General are referred to as “General.” A Lt. Colonel is also referred to as Colonel. A Lieutenant Colonel means he is qualified to be a Colonel but he/she has to wait for an opening to be put in the position.

        Even as stupid as journalists prove to be, they always refer to him as Colonel West and not Lieutenant Colonel West. To constantly use the term Lieutenant is considered a putdown and an insult since this is how it would be used and perceived.

      • There you go again, running down the military.

        Here’s how those libs at the Army write about Mr. West.


        Yea, they called him LTC. Bastqards!

        And those commies at Breitbart? They do the same!


        BTW: journalist follow what is known as the AP Style Book. Per the style book, the proper way to reference West (if you want to give him his rank) is the refer to him as Lt. Col. West. And, for the record, you only give him his rank when it is important to the story.


        Why do you keep opening your yap about things of which you have no clue?

      • That is absolutely not what Lieutenant Colonel means. Whoever told you that was trying to make you sound stupid. In non-formal conversation a LTC and a COL are both addressed as Colonel verbally. In formal military situations the LTC would be addressed verbally as Lieutenant Colonel. In writing, a Lieutenant Colonel’s rank can be spelled out completely or abbreviated as LTC or Lt. Col.

      • That’s why I suggest you go back to your friends at mediamatters.org where your natural habitat is. Have a pajama party there with gallons of hot chocolate. The longer you stay here the weaker you’ll feel. Truth is poison to your ilk.

      • Seriously dude, if you haven’t got anything to say about what I wrote in this thread then go practice your wingnut comedy routine on a different thread. You’re boring.

      • I know that you are bored to death all the time, down in your mom’s basement. That’s why you come here, stirring things up. Why don’t you find some hipsters with iPads and all, and throw an Occupy?

    • In the Age of Obama, True Patriots like Allen West generally get purged from the military. The Marxist socialist Team at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave deems them too much of a “threat!” Capeche?

  28. As usual, Col. West is right on the mark; his marksmanship is excellent. And his detractors resort to lying and distortion to try to belittle him but the result is that it only marks them for the little people that they are. However, who ever thought a Leftroid Loon had any degree of intelligence, anyway?

  29. As per the Obama plan,

    USA will now give even more weapons to Islamist.

    In preparation of the coming invasion of Israel.

    America is now firmly and plainly in the camp of those who intend to destroy Israel.

    The great Jihadist trap.

    Ezekiel 38-39, Zechariah 12-14 and Joel 3

    describe a great Jihadist [Islamic terrorist] trap. How so ?

    Zechariah 12-14 indicates at first it will appear Israel is

    At that time any previously hesitant Jihadist will flood
    into Israel intending rape and pillage.

    Shortly after that ALL the invaders will be annihilated by

    Thus the “waterloo”
    of the Islamic Satanic delusion.

    • And after giving all that military material to those who are supposedly going to fight ISIS/ISIL, they will have what it takes to turn it back on US, too. Just like the material we left there is being used by ISIS now. It adds strength to the old axiom: “What goes around, comes around.” Or, as another old saying goes, “Live by the sword, die by the sword.” But I’d sure rather die trying to eliminate a threat than apathetically allowing the threat to kill me without showing any resistance to it.

      • You mean that The Obamaroid had to “intend” that the material would have to be used against US for them to pick it up and aim it at us? And all those rockets in Libya that they tried to get shipped to Syria in the dead of night was just some bad dream, right?

        Yep, it is an “assumption” that Obama never intended for all that military supplies [sic] to be turned around and used against America. But do you expect them to admit it or would it be better to see it as history and not merely make an “assumption” that it did not happen?

      • Forgive my lack of clarity. I was pointing out that Obama at the least doesn’t care if those military weapons are used against us and arguably, intended all along to arm ISIS with the means to harm us. Can you think of a more plausible reason for Obama to declare nationwide martial law than if ISIS terrorist cells start shooting down American passenger jets at take off with MANPADS and, seizing shopping malls ala Mumbai, India and sawing the heads off American children in those malls?

      • Aha… So, as long as they do it “over there” then it is OK. Just don’t do it to us here, huh?

        The Obamaroid is full justification for the old saying: “If you think it’s bad, it’s probably worse.”

        You can try your best to spray down that pile of Shinola that our Featless Weeder spieled out tonight but it only disperses it. To eliminate the source of all that “stuff,” you have to remove him from the love affair with his Teleprompter.

      • I’m getting the feeling that you’re continuing to misinterpret me.

        Øb☭ma is a Marxist with at least Muslim sympathies and may actually be a Muslim who is practicing Taqiyya and Muruna. Øb☭ma means to either fundamentally transform this country into a Marxist/socialist State or destroy it trying. EVERYTHING he is doing both domestically and in the foreign arena is to further those goals.

    • Aye. YOU believe in the sky fairys if you want, (And lay off the acid… It makes you look stupid)

      I put my trust in cold, explosive, steel.

      • that old saying “those that do no learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” is very appropriate here. i was part of Linebacker II during viet nam. Johnson was bound and determined to bomb the north back to the stone age with constant saturation bombing and what did it get us? it got us nothing. if you think this will work in the mid east you are sorely mistaken. it will do nothing but strengthen their resolve.

      • Thanks for your service! What ideas do you think would work vs ISIS to keep Americans and all who are “Non-ISIS” safe?

  30. Col. West lays out some ways in which Obama’s proposed ISIS strategy is fundamentally flawed. Those flaws are so basic as to be irrefutable. Which leads to the conclusion that Obama is only pretending to outsource our national security. In actuality, he intends to do nothing to protect this country. After all, how else is he going to ensure that America’s “chickens come home to roost”?

  31. Okay lets go through this point by point.
    1) How are we going to target air strikes without SOF forces on the ground? I don’t know, how did we target the 150 we’ve launched already? Who do you think our military advisers are? They’re not payroll clerks. There are already SOF forces on the ground obviously but it’s not good for their health if the commander in chief draws attention to them in an internationally televised speech.
    2) ISIL is Islamic but they don’t represent Islam as a whole. And even if they did, it wouldn’t be a good idea to point that out at the same time that we’re asking a whole bunch of Islamic countries for help in fighting ISIL would it? Who exactly would support us in the middle east if we declared that our enemy was Islam in general? Israel and … nobody. Not a good plan.
    3) George W. Bush had 37 countries in support of something that turned out to be an incredibly bad idea. I know, I was there. So is it a good sign or a bad sign that Obama has only got 9 countries on our side now? I honestly have no idea.
    4) Congressional approval. Everything I’ve read indicates that Congress has no interest in passing an AUMF bill and has waved the White House off from even attempting it. They will however vote to fund operations against ISIL, which will probably happen next week. Is that the proper way of doing things? Probably not, but is it Obama’s fault? Maybe? I don’t know really but he’s in a situation where he has to act in order to do his job but Congress has no interest in taking the blame.

    • 3. After the first 9/11, the fight against terrorism was started. One of the first things they did was point the ugly finger at Iraq AND Saudi Arabia for paying families of suicide bombers $25-$50 Thousand Dollars for blowing themselves up. They were told to stop it. Saudi Arabia stopped it (or hid it better) but Saddam Hussein thumbed his nose at US. AND, it was known and proved later than bin Laden had terrorist training camps in Iraq. AND, as has been proved in several ways, that there was WMD in Iraq. Some say there was not but when the proof of it came out, the Leftroid story suddenly became that there were no “stockpiles” of WMD found in Iraq. But when the war started, it was there and was proved in various ways (defector testimony AND by satellite imagery photos, at least.).

      Therefore, to assume that we had no good purpose for being in Iraq is not taking into account why we were there, why even Democrats said that Saddam Hussein had WMD and that many countries, even some Arabic countries, were on-board in going after Saddam Hussein.

      • (1) The fight against terrorism dates back a long, long time before 9/11.

        (2) Iraq had no connection to Al Qaida. Saddam was a secular Muslim, he had Christians in his cabinet and allowed Jewish communities in the southern marshlands. Bin Laden hated secular Muslims. Bin Laden hated Saddam. The 9/11 completely destroyed the lie that Iraq was connected Bin Laden.


        (3) There were no WMD in Iraq, and only an absolute fool argues otherwise. Full stop. When you make that argument, you expose yourself as someone divorced from reality. Think I’m wrong – Prove it. Don’t just whine, prove it.


      • Sadaam Hussein actually used WMD’s against the Kurds (Chemical Warfare). This is well known and on video record. If he used WMD’s he had WMD’s.

      • No, it means that he had them. Saddam was actually in compliance with their dismantling. The fiction that Cheney and then Powell pushed was that they had secret WMDs hidden from the inspectors. Those claims were shown to be false.

        No one seriously claims there were WMD in Iraq.

      • No, I mean pretty much every person who has looked into the issue. Seriously, do you not know how deep into the bubble you have to be to think there were WMD in Iraq, they just weren’t found?

      • I’m not aware of any proof that Al Qaeda had training camps in Iraq prior to 2003. Obviously after the rise of AQI they would have had their own but that happened after we invaded. Do you have a reliable source that says otherwise?

        Iraq had some chemical weapons but their nuclear program was nowhere near the point of producing a bomb and their chemical weapons stockpiles were limited and many were in an advanced state of decay. Not any more than Iran or Syria or probably half a dozen other countries in the region have. It was not an amount that was worth the price we have paid in Iraq.
        To be clear I’m not claiming that Iraq was entirely GWB’s incredibly bad idea. It was a bipartisan incredibly bad idea that gathered a lot of international support. But it WAS an incredibly bad idea.

    • Iraq was not “an incredibly bad idea”, or only insofar as the job was not finished. Iraq should have been divided into a three parts: A Shiite one, a Sunnite one and Kurdish one. The curse with the Bush dynasty is, they can’t finish their jobs.

      • We spent almost a trillion dollars in Iraq, lost over 5000 American soldiers, over 30,000 wounded and god knows how many Iraqi civilians killed. What did we get out of it? What could we possibly have gotten out of Iraq that would be worth that price?

      • If it would have been done right, then there would be three peoples and no dictator. The message that dictators are out of fashion still stands, though.

      • So what would we have gained if it was done right? And how do you propose to partition up the Shiite and Sunni parts of the country? That’s an incredibly naive idea, no offense.
        Finally, dictatorship certainly hasn’t gone out of fashion. There’s still a ton of those guys around.

      • Has it ever occured to you that Shiites and Sunnites are not exactly friends? And neither the Kurds? What do you do when your kids are fighting endlessly? You separate them. And dictators only go out of fashion if you tell them. There you are.

      • Have you been to Iraq? The Shiites and Sunnis (not
        “Sunnites” by the way) live in the same cities, in the same neighborhoods in some places. Are you proposing to relocate half the population of a country? Has it occurred to you that people might not want you to divide their country up? That they might oppose such a plan both democratically and violently? And one more time after which I will give up. What would we have gained by doing it this way? What could we possibly have gained in Iraq that would make it worth the cost in lives and money?

        “And dictators only go out of fashion if you tell them. There you are.” I can’t parse these sentences. What does this mean?

      • Well you better go back to mediamatters.org. And stop teaching stuff you don’t understand. Either you say “Shiites and Sunnites” or “Shia and Sunni”.

        And of course you can relocate a couple of people when this was daily business of the other Hussein.

        I don’t repeat what we and Iraq would gain by this, because obviously you lack the mental capacity.

        If you can’t parse English, you should debug your parser or probably make another one, I recommend http://www.gnu.org/software/bison.

      • Dividing a country up just to make you happy and get rid of a middling dictator isn’t worth a trillion dollars and 5000 lives, dummy.There’s nothing in Iraq that’s worth that. We could sell the whole country at auction and it wouldn’t be worth the lives already sacrificed.

      • Tell that an Iraqi guy and see what happens, dickhead. Ever heard of region stability and the blessings of it? Yeah, I figure it’s second priority in Detroit.

      • Are you saying that my wild guess of you living in that cesspool Detroit was spot-on? Well, I didn’t check and didn’t know, but isn’t it very telling? I guess your Brokeback Mountain look lead me to it. Glad my instincts are still intact.

      • I don’t care what an Iraqi guy thinks. He’s not entitled to have Americans lives sacrificed to secure his freedom. Let him build a country on his own if he wants to.

  32. Further proof of his true allegiance: “Now let’s make two things clear: ISIL is not “Islamic.” No religion condones the killing of innocents…”Textbook taqiyya!

    • ISIL is to Islam what the KKK is to Christianity.

      Statistically, you’re more likely to get killed or attacked, within the USA, by a Christian Terrorist than you are a radical Muslim.

      Both the KKK and ISIL claim a religious basis that is anathema to the overwhelming majority of that faith’s adherents. Is it fair to tarnish Christianity with the murderous, terrorist acts of the KKK and other radical far-right movements?

      • This is not some Left-wing blog. Most people here have done their research and know full well what Islam and its followers are really about, and therefore, your taqiyya is not going to work here!

      • I strongly doubt many here have done what researchers call research. I’m sure you’ve climbed into the bubble’s echo-chamber and read excerpts from the Quran, but that’s not research. How many have read a non-rightwing interpretation of Islam? How many have spoken to practicing Muslims to learn what they think Islam teaches?

        There are 1.6 billion Muslims. It’s the most populous religion in the world. Many analysts state that 7-percent of Muslims are radicalized worldwide, with a fraction of a fraction of that here in the USA. So, 1.4 billion Muslims think their religion is one of peace. It comforts them, answers their questions about the meaning of life and gives them hope for a peaceful life. Until you’ve done that — until you’ve actually learned about Islam from at least a non-interested group, you haven’t done anything close to research.

        1.4 billion Muslims want to live in peace. You and 200 million radicals want a race war. Do you like the company you keep?

      • “The amount of radicalized mulims stands between 15 to 25 percent, according to all intelligence services around the world”. For the purposes of this discussion we’ll use 20% are radicalized. 20% of your 1.8 billion is 360 million, which is more than every man, woman and child in the US. 360,000,000 people want to destroy the “West”, Israel and return the planet to the mid 7th century. There is no defending that.

      • Most people cite 7-percent. Not sure where the radical right pulled the 15-20 percent figure, but we can work with it.

        A core Judeo-Christian principle is individualized responsibility and not group punishment.

        You want to punish all Muslims because of the acts of 20-percent of the population. You want to violate a core principle upon which the US was founded.

        It takes courage to live in a world where your neighbor is different from you. If you’re not up to living in the home of the brave and the land of the free, feel free to go create your own Christian Caliphate.

        The rest of us will continue to enjoy the freedoms our founding fathers envisioned.

      • dear friend stirring up you hate again Imodium works well on most diarrhea, I’m not sure if your writing out the oral diarrhea would be fixed..

      • When Jesus returns every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus as Lord. It will not happen until He vanquishes His enemies who war against Him and His church.
        However, in the meantime we are called to redeem the culture as best we can. We Christians do not do that by waging violent warfare, but by arguments used for the pulling down of demonic strongholds. This is not to say that we are not called to stand up for the weak and oppressed. That is what we should do for those oppressed by Islam the world over.
        A caliphate is an Islamic term, not a Christian one. The caliphate in Islam is meant to be worldwide. According to their religion, peace will reign when the Dar al Islam (house of Islam) conquers the Dar al Harb (house of War). For all places that do not submit to Allah are supposed to be fought continuously by loyal Muslims.
        It is not going to be the land of the free for long if we are not brave and do not stand against the Islamic totalitarian ideology. This ideology is not a hijacking of Islam, it is the correct interpretation of Islam. It is the simplest, most straight forward reading of the text. As Christians we are not about group punishment. We are about calling out Islam for the evil and that it is. It is false and destructive. If we were somehow able to wake up the willfully ignorant world of this fact, global terrorism would almost cease to exist.

      • When I wrote Christian Caliphate, you knew exactly what I meant, as did every competent reader of the English language.

        That said, for you this is a religious war that want, you’re hoping for it. You’re no longer credible on this issue.

        For everyone else, consider this: Charles Kurzman, the author of the report for the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security, called terrorism by Muslim Americans “a minuscule threat to public safety.”

      • Funny thing about history and facts… they can be read and re-read.

        “We took the liberty to make some inquiries concerning the ground of their pretensions to make war upon nations who had done them no injury, and observed that we considered all mankind as our friends who had done us no wrong, nor had given us any provocation.

        The Ambassador [of Tripoli] answered us that it was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and
        duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

        {Letter from the commissioners, John Adams & Thomas Jefferson, to John Jay, 28 March 1786}”

        Thomas Jefferson,
        Letters of Thomas Jefferson

        … and so started the Barbary Wars.

        Pretty sure that some, if not all of the Founding Fathers understood the threat of islam, at least by 1801 or ’02. How do you think our standing Navy and Marine Corps came into existence, much to the dismay of Congress? This is not a new war that we find ourselves in, and it won’t be over quickly. Islam thinks in terms of generations, not sound bites. Thankfully many Americans are waking up to its’ threat and shrugging off the PC names that people use to shut us up when we call islam what it is; a totalitarian ideology rooted in the darkest depths of what evil one person, or many millions together, can bring upon those around them. Imagine a world without the daily (and ever increasing) drum beat of islamic terrorist beheadings of people, blowing people up for nothing other than their own sick, or the coountless other methods of slaughter islamists have perfect in for their twisted sense of “correct”. As the leading clerics within islam say, “there is no moderate islam, there is no radical islam, there is only islam.” Deal with it buddy, and don’t try using cultural or religious relativism, the Founding Fathers or flag waving with this crowd, you’re going to quickly find very few takers for your brand of taqiyya.

      • and from the resulting treaty:

        “the government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion, as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen.”

        Again, quoting a radical Islamist does nothing to counter the argument that in today’s world, the overwhelming super-duper majority of Muslims favor a peaceful interpretation of their faith.

        Shall I go back to the Crusades to find quotes about how non-Christians must die? Heck, how about I just go back to the 1940’s? If I produce German Christians talking about how non-Christians can be killed in the name the lord, have I established that Christianity is evil?

        See why your “logic” is nothing but weak tea?

      • You can produce all of the quotes that you want. If they are not backed up by Christian doctrine or Biblical scripture they are not Christian. However, it is easy to see hundreds of open ended, universal war Sura’s in the Quran. These Sura’s, unlike some old testament scriptures apply at all times in all places. Germany persecuted true Christians like Dietrich Bonheoffer. The crusades were defense wars against Islamic Barbary and aggression. Thank goodness they were fought, the world is a much better place because of it.

      • Christianity is still the most populous religion in the world. Islam is the fastest growing. But most people do not freely choose Islam, they are forced to by violence or by birth. Indeed most Muslims are peace loving people. However, this is in spite of the Quran and Islamic teaching. These people are really considered apostates by Islam and are commanded by Islam to be killed. Despite this majority, no Muslim can be trusted because of Taquiyya. Also, they are controlled by the more orthodox and violent/supremacist Muslims. Islam is not allowed to be criticized by Sharia law. And outside of Islamic jurisdictions it cannot be criticized because of political correctness, multi-cultural equivalency, and charges of racism/bigotry/islamaphobia Indeed up to 300 million Muslims, the population of a country like the USA, are ready to kill innocent infidels as suicide bombers at this moment. How could so many Muslims act that way if it was contrary to their religion? These Muslims cannot be moderated because they can quote out of the Quran to justify their diabolical behavior. Most peaceful, aka apostate, Muslims do not know the Quran. They are more ignorant of it than westerners. Why? Because it is an offense in Islam to read the Quran outside of the original Arabic. They are just people following tradition and law, which happens to be evil beyond imagination. They are stuck and cannot point to weaknesses in Islam out of fear for their lives. Islam means submission and it is in no way comforting. For outside of killing and being killed in jihad for Allah, there is no assurance of salvation.

      • Domestic Christian Terrorists have killed more Americans, within America, than have Domestic Islamic Terrorists. You’re more likely to be attacked. today, by a non-Jihadist terrorist than a jihadist one.

        You ask how many Muslims can be supporters of terrorism if terrorism isn’t part of their faith. Isn’t the better question: how can so many Muslims support peace if their faith is one of terrorism? Most people state its 93:7. The right wing like to say its 80:20. (world-wide.) Domestically, in a country with some 14,000 murders a year, we have had 20 murders by domestic Jihadi Terrorists since 9/11/2001.

        Your excuses for hate just don’t add up.

      • If only there was some way we could weed out that 200 million and boil them in hog lard! That should get rid of ’em — body AND soul!

      • So the Bible has nothing to do with Christianity?

        The KKK says their acts and philosophy is grounded – demanded – in the Bible.

        See my point now?

        I recall there being a list of 58 Bible quotes that when altered just a bit to make it seem like they were from the Quran (you know, toss in a Mohamed here or there, etc) would cause people to claim the quotes proved Islam was a faith of war.

        If you know your Bible, and I hope you do, you know the style of quotes I’m talking about. Cherry picking a few verses out of tens of thousands and then offering them out of context is a cheap rhetorical trick.

        You’re better than that. The Conservative movement certainly is!

      • 1.4 billion practicing Muslims, who have practiced their faith every day of their lives disagree. Are they all liars?

      • Can’t argue with my logic so you resort to name calling. That’s not conservative behavior. Come back when you’re feeling a bit more … what’s the word … conservative.

      • How about you respond coherently to the refutation of your moral equivalence argument between the Bible and the Quran.

      • why dont you take peoples advice before you look more and more like an idiot, you must be a stupid liberal who has no clue, hows that hope and change working out for you?

      • You’re a prime example of how the Tea Party is harming the Conservative Movement. I present facts and a cogent argument around those facts, and do so in a manner consistent with American Conservative principles, and you reply with radical right-wing gibberish about how I must be a liberal cause I don’t think like you.

        If I was a (D) I’d sit back and let you roll on – you’re the biggest obstacle to the right capturing the middle and the (D) love you. Here’s what I predict for the mid-term: radical rightwing rhetoric will heat up, the (R) will have a good, solid win, holding the House and Taking the Senate, but narrowly missing a supermajority such that it can over-ride each and every Obama veto. It’ll be nitwits like you that are to blame for that.

      • In stark contrast to you I know the Bible, and nothing could be more bullshit than what you said. You have neither read the Bible nor the Koran. That’s one thing for sure. Otherwise you couldn’t utter such a nonsense. And if the KKK’s wrecked philosophy really was based on the Bible, you knew that they act contrary to what the Bible says. On the other hand, ISIS acts exactly in accordance with the Koran.

      • Thank you for proving my point. You don’t realize you did, and I’m sorry about that. For the literate readers of this blog, however, you made a most excellent foil for my point about how just because one group declares itself to follow a faith does not mean that it actually does.

        Thanks for playing.

      • Only your libloon friends over at mediamatters.org would agree with you. Here you are just a pathetic clown troll. The professors in your college did a very nice job of screwing the pulp in your skull up beyond hope.
        Game Over
        Insert coin for a new game.

      • I’m sorry but can you explain what your talking about? Google the Koran and give me anything that states any Muslim is allowed to go against their faith (they would be killed if they don’t pray 5 times a day or if they convert to Christianity. I am not a right wing radical or a left wing radical, but rather a clear minded American citizen who wants to know how you can make a comparison to KKK and Islam. the KKK are a hate group that try to justify hating someone based on the color of their skin, not by the content of their character, they cannot hide behind the Bible that is Based on a God who loves, only there are certain verses that can make one think God isn’t love.

      • The KKK does hide behind the Bible, it always has.


        The Islam you think exists everywhere actually only exists in a minority. Most people say 7-percent of Muslims world wide are radicalized. Others say 20-percent.

        For the other 80 to 93 percent, they don’t kill themselves if they don’t pray five times a day or if they leave the faith.

      • When ISIS comes across our very open Southern border (gee thanks, Obama), I reckon we’ll all be praying that we can quickly resurrect the KKK and enlist them to fight the evil scourge of radical islam (lower case intentional). That would also include destroying the horrific human rights deserts known as the “Islamburgs” {google IT!!!] that we currently have in the USA,
        BTW, islam is NOT a religion. It is an overwhelmingly negative geopolitical force fostering Hatred, Intolerance, and Violence (HIV) for people who get a kick out of brutally hurting and controlling others, at least once you get a couple levels up into the leadership. It makes occasional reference to “Allah” in a feeble attempt to justify its’ existence to those who wish to not (or can not) think critically and rationally!

      • What specific verses has the KKK used to justify their evil behavior? Was it OT? If they were, the KKK is completely ignorant of correct doctrinal exegesis. The Bible’s new covenant of grace abrogated the old covenant of law. Islam’s later, more violent, Medina verses abrogated the earlier, more peaceful, Mecca verses. There is absolutely no moral equivalence. The Bible when followed literally does not prick my conscience in the least. But Islam when followed literally is destructive beyond measure!

      • Thank you for proving my point. You’re a Christian, as am I (well, I’m Catholic and it offends many Christians in the South for me state that I am also one, but that’s another thread.).

        We both refute the KKK’s claim to being Christians based on our lifelong study of the Bible. So too, Muslims who have a lifelong study of Islam state that radicals aren’t following the true interpretation of their faith.

        It offends you that the KKK gets mentioned in the same breath as Christians.

        It offends Muslims that ISIS get mentioned in the same breath as Islam.

        Do you finally see my point?

      • Your point is elusive, contentious and muddled at best. It’s pretty difficult to extract ISIS from Islam. The first “I” in ISIS is for Islam. At least Bill Clinton had a sense of humor when he weighed in with “Depends on what IS is…” I’m here to tell you IS means Islamic State. Your caterwauling is tedious and obnoxious. Please go away, and take your rancor with you.

      • Seriously, you don’t understand a basic analogy?


      • I do understand analogies. Let’s try a different approach: ISIS, aka ISIL, al Qaeda, Boko Haram, et al, follow to the letter the Qur’an in all its glory. Perhaps you could quote from the Muslim good book where it discourages violent jihad. I don’t care a fig for all the silent “majority” Muslims. I’m exclusively interested in those Muslims, eager for earthly chaos and heavenly rewards, who seek to destroy Western civilization and annihilate us in Allah’s name. These ignorant savages interest me very much indeed. My survival instincts engage in a very exciting way when I see how they behave and how they justify their behavior in terms of Suras and Shariah.

      • You should be interested in radical Islam and it should set off your survival instinct.

        My analogy was used in a discussion about how all Muslims must be watched, detained, deported and perhaps simply executed.

        I was responding to the Islamophobes who argue that ALL Muslims in America must be punished for the acts of the minority of Muslims world wide.

        In the USA, since 9/11/2001, you are statistically more likely to be attacked &/or killed by non-Muslim Terrorists than you are a Muslim Terrorist.

        So, the point is this: YOU think ISIS lives to the letter of the Muslim Faith, but to the 1.4 billion non-radicalized Muslims, they don’t. Those people study their religion every day and they find a faith predicated on decency, peace and pluralism. (In the Muslim faith, Christians and Jews are considered “of the book” and are to be respected in their faith and are not to be subject to sharia.


        The KKK, a Christian Terrorist organization, has killed more Americans in America than any other terror group. Are you also afraid of them? Is your survival instinct kicking in?

        Finally, any faith can be made to look sinister.

        Here’s how one can take scripture OUT OF CONTEXT from the Bible. NB: I do NOT endorse these positions.

        Did you know that Christians are willing to sacrifice their virgin daughters in order to win battles? (Judges 11:29-40 NLT)

        – That Christians burn the religious leaders of their opposition on an alter? (1 Kings 13:1-2 NLT)(2 Kings 23:20-25 NLT)

        – That Christians will burn at the alter any non-believer they capture? (Deuteronomy 13:13-19 NLT)

        – That Christians believe you can rape a virgin if you pay the father 50 pieces of silver? (Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT)

        – That Christians are allowed to rape female captives? (Deuteronomy 21:10-14 NAB)

        – Can have sex slaves? ((Exodus 21:7-11 NLT)

        – Can call on God to help them rape and plunder? (Zechariah 14:1-2 NAB)

        I’m going to stop there because I’m disturbing myself. All of these quotes are in Bible and all are taken out of context.

        Are you sure you know enough about the teachings of Islam to tell all the peaceful Muslims that they are liars?

        Do you agree with the Islamophobes who want to detain, deport or possibly execute ALL Muslims in the US?

        I share your concern that radical Islam needs to be quashed, not because of their faith, but because of their acts. I feel the same about the KKK.

        Can we agree that all US Muslims deserve the same rights and protections that every other American enjoys?

      • Islam is not simply “another religion”, any more than a mosque is just
        like a church, only with different architecture and an imam instead of a
        priest or minister. Members of the mosque, if they are Muslims, are
        required to submit to Allah’s will as revealed and established in the
        Qur’an and interpreted by the imam. Any mosque is the center of a Muslim
        nation, no matter where in the world it is physically or geographically
        located and as such takes precedence over local law, custom and society
        in matters of law (sharia), politics, sex, business, war, family
        disputes, crime, religion and – you name it: the imam is the authority
        who decides. “Islam” means “submit”.

        Islam is a theocracy that regulates all areas of Muslim life.
        Christianity is not. Islam regards non-Moslems as “dhimmi”and “kuffir”
        (sp? -there are several in use), inferior beings who are to be scorned,
        lied to and taxed. Until they do something really annoying. Then it’s
        time to “smite them on their necks” saw off their heads or stone them to
        death. Go ahead and check with your resource – Wikipedia, is it? LOL.

        I asked you to cite anywhere in the Qur’an where Allah disapproves of
        violent jihad. Instead, you send me a list of nasty bits from the Old
        Testament and a suggestion that I do some research on Wikipedia! A
        clumsy and transparent effort taken to side-track what I asked, an
        effort to bamboozle.

        As to whether Muslims have the Constitutional right to practice their
        “religion” – Their theocracy trumps our Constitution. So it’s a
        conundrum, non? I’ve generally no problem with anyone practicing his own
        religion, holding his own beliefs, but if his belief system is a
        theocracy requiring adherents to dominate, overwhelm and annihilate
        other societies, religious or secular, if he is in fact forbidden to
        revere and adhere to the US Constitution, then, Houston, we’ve got a

        Your obsession with the KKK as analogous to ISIS et al is an incendiary
        red herring and the product of hopelessly foggy thinking.

      • If you don’t think Christianity is an instruction for how to live your life then you aren’t much of a Christian and you certainly haven’t read your Bible, much less the Qu’ran.

        You don’t get it, and that’s fine. You want to hate Islam for the acts and interpretations of a few, while defending Christianity against being blamed for the acts and interpretations of a few.

        1.4 Billion Muslims are not radicals and lead a peaceful life. In the US, radicalism is very, very rare.

        I notice you didn’t answer my core question: do you support American Muslims being monitored, detained, deported or perhaps even killed? Do you think they should be denied their Constitutional rights and protections?

        You state there is a problem, but you don’t state what your solution is.

        Are American Muslims really Americans? Your writing suggests you don’t think so.

        BTW: Read Acts 5:27-29 and tell me again how Christians are unlike Muslims in their belief that their faith is superior to the government.

        Then, ask yourself – how much real study into Islam have you had? Have you ever talked with a Muslim, other than to denigrate him or her, to learn why they think Islam is a faith of Peace when you KNOW it’s not. Have you ever attended a lecture series on the faith held by someone other than a right-wing Islamaphobe? Other than being spoon fed some cherry picked quotes, what do you really, really know about the practice of Islam, particularly the style of Islam the 93-percent who aren’t radicalized practice?

        You don’t need to answer here, but you should ask yourself.

      • Good Grief, Possum! You strike me as a terribly repressed, passionate person with ADD. You’re sanctimonious and smug, too, something I’ve never observed in my Roman Catholic friends! I’ve worked amicably for years with Muslim men and women in NYC, and I’ve been abused by Muslims in Khartoum and Bucharest. I don’t hate any of them, nor do I hate generic Muslims nor any other category of people I haven’t met. I don’t do group-think. Never, ever, have I denigrated any Muslim to his face or behind his back. Nor do you see me here defending Christianity, which I find to be a mostly positive force, unlike Islam, in any society. That said, I have mixed feelings about organized religion and consider the good influence they exert on the world probably exceeds the evil that they’ve done through history. And THAT said, a person can pledge Allegiance to the USA, its flag and Constitution, or one can bow to the East and claim he is a Muslim. Not both. They are mutually exclusive.

      • “a person can pledge Allegiance to the USA, its flag and Constitution, or one can bow to the East and claim he is a Muslim. Not both. They are mutually exclusive.”

        What makes you think this?

      • ” person can pledge Allegiance to the USA, its flag and Constitution, or one can bow to the East and claim he is a Muslim. Not both. They are mutually exclusive.”

        This has also been said of Catholics, Jews, Agnostics and Atheists – by the KKK.

        That whole “ISIS is to Islam what the KKK is to Christianity” analogy just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

        Do you favor FEMA styled detention camps for Muslims living in America? Should they all be deported? Summarily executed?

        All those ideas have been floated on this forum, where do you stand regarding a religion that you remain deliberately ignorant about?

      • FWIW: Go read up on the Ahmadiyya, Alevi, and Mouride sects and their interpretations of Islam. It’s too complicated to discuss in one posts, but here’s a spoiler – they’re pacifists and they’re Muslims. Let me guess, you’re going to tell us how they aren’t really Muslims because you know more about Islam then they do.

      • You guess wrong. Being only modestly informed about it, I don’t know more about Islam than many you might name, but I’m nixing this particular homework. I’ve already said I don’t find nice Muslims of interest. I’m into the bad guys, because I think they are the ones who demand scrutiny. Your unresponsiveness is impressive. Still waiting for you to divest yourself of passages from the Qur’an that demonstrate how Allah discourages violent jihad. There are countless examples of his demanding it.

      • If you don’t find nice Muslims of interest, is that why are you willing to take away their Constitutional rights just because of the acts of a minority. How would you react if someone said they don’t find nice Christians of interest, and given that Christian Terrorists have killed more Americans in America than American Islamic Terrorists were taking away the Constitutional rights of all Christians.

        You thinking is grossly unAmerican.

        That’s actually the point of the analogy.

        Radical Terrorists are to Islam as the KKK is to Christianity.

      • Spoken by someone that either has ZERO clue about the true nature of islam, or is himself (or herself) practicing taqiyya. Read their book, understand it’s meaning, listen to what THEY say and see what THEY do. If that fails, please show us the article in last weeks news where the klan or some other Christian group cut off the heads’ of two reporters.

        Thanks for playing!

      • You’re off point.

        On US Soil, there have been no beheadings. In contrast, the Klan has lynched more than 4000 Americans, and that doesn’t include the other styles of murder and the mayhem they caused. How See the flaw in your logic?

        Between 9/11/2001 and 2012 there were more acts of terrorism by non-Jihadists than by Jihadists.

        My point is that when people come calling for Muslims to be locked up, deported or even killed, they are doing so in reaction to fear-mongering and poor appreciation of math and history.

        Even using the radical right’s estimates, the overwhelming, vast super-duper majority of Muslims in this world are not radicals, that’s especially true within the USA.

        Now – be honest with yourself – how much real education do you have on Islam? Have you read the entirety of its scripture? Spoken with a practicing Muslim with an open-mind? Or, have you simply trolled through the cherry picked hate comments of those seeking a religious war?

      • Seeking a religious war? You do realize that the enemy gets a say in war as well, right? You would be laughable, if not so pathetic. Be honest, do you understand the significance of 11 September from the islamic standpoint? Why was that date, of all dates chosen? Does the date have anything at all to do with the US, our foreign policies or is it just because we are the so-called “leaders of the free world”. BTW, islamic countries don’t fall into that “free world” category, they get relegated to the cellar along with communist dictatorships.

        When was the last time the KKK killed anyone? When was the last time anyone paid any attention to them, besides you for the purposes of trolling? I have no idea where you obtain your statistics concerning acts of terrorism, but you’re wrong… completely wrong. Peddle it somewhere else buddy, I think you’re pray rug is calling.

      • “I think you’re pray rug is calling.”

        There’s the bigot we all knew was lurking under the surface.

        In the past people like you called people like me “dirty kikes,” even though I’m not Jewish. In the Coal Mining hills of West Virginia the KKK called us “papists” as they burned us off our farm.

        That’s the side you’re aligned with. The side of hate, blame storming and fear mongering.

        You’re bad at history, bad at math and pretty much just one big bore.

      • The Quran Sura 9:11 may have something to do with it. I think if you look that Sura up you will gain a key insight. Point it, Islamic terrorism comes from Islamic theology!

      • just ignore him he trolls west’s sites everything ever wrong was Bush’s fault…West is a worse war criminal then entire Nazi party…and liberals rule.. i just tune him out he balked at a list of facts…tried the racist, rino, finally could only fall back on standard ‘your crazy’.. he’s just a non person no history of anything unless you check that has nothing constructive to say and if you buy conservative you might want to check if someone is slipping you fool-aid.. right?? tru old friend..

      • What? are you crazy? ISIL is nothing like the KKK. WOW , that is the stupidest thing I have read , here is a good word of advice, turn off computer and stay away from any politics because you are as dumb as a rock.

      • Isn’t that cute, someone who does not understand what an analogy is, and is upset with the person that does.

        When I write Apple is to fruit as Carrot is to vegetable, am I saying that Apples and Carrots are the same? Of course not.

        You didn’t get very far in English studies did you?

      • As bad as the KKK was, where did they behead 6 year old girls?

        If you mean the KKK aka the democrat party’s clan, is like ISIL because their policies oppress people’s liberty, then I can agree there.

      • Simple answer is to read up on the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing.

        Longer answer is that I’m trying to show that just because a small faction claims its acts are consistent with a religion, that doesn’t mean they are.

        The KKK claims it is a Christian group – the overwhelming majority of Christians dispute that claim.

        ISIS and the other radical groups claim they are Islamic – the overwhelming majority of Muslims dispute that claim.

  33. anyone and i do mean anyone that thinks obama care is working…please feel free to pay your share.. and leave as an EMT/LPN retired.. I see what has happened and simply cry…and half of it hasn’t begun to kick in.. makes you sick..

  34. I love how no one is pointing out that ISIS is pushing sharia law onto the areas that it controls. They do have similar ideologies as those in the Taliban, or those with al queda, but they serve for their own agenda as well. I see a lot of posts hating on Muslims in general, but what we don’t see is that the majority of Muslims aren’t extremists, and wouldn’t wish harm upon anyone. We also have Muslims within our own army that are fighting against radical Islamics. I should know, I fought along side a couple in afghanistan. We need to realize that this doesn’t just effect Christians, but it does effect the Muslims as well because if they don’t reform to sharia law, or are found to be sympathisers to the Christians they will be killed too.

    • I agree with some of your statement. What I don’t agree with is downplaying how many extreme muslims there are “There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world today – of course not all of them are radicals!” Gabriel said. “The majority of them are peaceful people. The radicals are estimated to be between 15 to 25 percent. … But when you look at 15 to 25 percent of the world Muslim population, you’re looking at 180 million to 300 million people dedicated to the destruction of western civilization.” I believe those numbers are enough to raise some eyebrows.


    • Radicals did not hijack Islam. They are the face of true Islam. 15-25% of the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims would be willing to kill and be killed as suicide bombers in Jihad for Allah. That is up to 300,000 of them; the same number as the total population of the USA! Those who refuse to commit jihad, subjugate women and infidels, stand against Islamic slavery, etc… are the Islamic apostates. Islam commands that these apostate Muslims should be executed. It also commands that blasphemy, aka anything that offends Muslims, should be punished by death. This large number of violent Muslims cannot be moderated because they are able to quote Islamic scripture to justify their diabolical behavior. Not every religion or culture is equal. Islam is by far the worst.

      • To boost yr point — that 300,000 figure should read “300,000,000”
        I agree you are spot on. I pretty much think Obama’s heart is definitely with the 300,000,000 radical Muslims. He just has to play that down a lot becuz he luvs yhe cushy perks of being “our Leader.”

      • Add three zeros to 300,000 I believe…Islam is a cesspool, not a religion. Seriously! It is a violent, mindless theocracy determined not to progress past the 7th Century in its thinking, such as it is. They do not want to live peacefully in the world. They are commanded by their “diety” to destroy anything in the world that does not conform to their barbarous standard.

      • The centuries before Muhammad were far more advanced than Islam in both morality and technology. Islam claims to have invented calculus, certain styles of architecture, etc…But these inventions and ideas were stolen from the Jewish and Christian communities that were conquered.

    • We have a great intellectual leader, zumbanana, who happens to be Black, and who happens to want to think about things, prior to making a gut reaction, the kind that you would like to see him make. Nope, we are in good and competent hands. George Bush and Dick Cheney got us into this mess, and there is no simple way out of it. yep, two American journalists were beheaded. But the incompetent Reagan got 243 Marines massacred in 1983 in lebanon, and did nothing about it. Right Winger, your reaction to my comment?

      • My reaction is this… Odumbass sits on his thumbs. He is waiting until we get attacked again and he will run to their side, help ISIS hang their flag over the white house. much worse than what any president did or didn’t do. In fact he has not done much other than try and fill his own agenda which is dragging the US down.

  35. Conservative Troll –There is no relation between Christians and the KKK. As with Muslims and Radicalized Muslims. All Muslims believe Sharia Law should be the law of the land… any land. What have the KKK and Christianity got in common besides belief in the bible. And as for radical terrorist of the Christian faith, a large number of those are left wing whack jobs. Christians have no problem calling them out either. Where are the Muslims when the extremist are beheading Americans? Not a peep out of them. To end my stance with one last point, I’d like to mention the fact that the KKK has never committed genocide in the of Christ. The Muslims commit all their atrocities in the name of Allah.

    • Cute, yet another person who doesn’t understand what an analogy is.

      When I write Apples are to fruits what laptops are to computers, am I claiming a relationship between apples and laptops?

      It’s an analogy and if you had graduated from high school you’d understand that. Given that you can’t comprehend basic sentence structures, why the heck should anyone trust you on any issue?

      Where are the Muslims — they’re fighting a hot war against ISIS. They are in the streets with guns engaged in a nasty, horrible war. Where did you think they were?

      In the US every Muslim group, including CAIR, has condemned ISIS. If you got out of the bubble you would know these things. Get out – read – think – learn! It will make you a better American.

      • iPhones are to fruitcakes what smartphones are to smart people. No go back to mom’s basement, have a mug of hot chocolate and text about ObamaScare.

      • Islam has no fundamental concept of Inalienable Rights as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. Islam does not permit the individual to enjoy the freedoms of action and association characteristic of the Democracy that so many Western cultures currently enjoy today. Islam is a religion in name only because of a reference to “Allah” as their Deity. A well known fact is that Islam is a totalitarian ideology that rejects Democracy, personal freedom, and every other religion. The ideals of anti-Semitism and anti-Western Culture run rampant throughout Islam. The Laws of Man are meaningless and have absolutely no relevance in Muslim culture because they are without any direct reference to the Koran or Shariah Law and therefore they have no place in Muslim life. Islamic law/Shariah Law is completely incompatible with Freedom, Democracy, and Liberty, or any other government where the people have an actual voice in government or the will of the people matters.

      • You’re unhinged.

        The Declaration of Independence is not a Christian document. It’s a governmental document and invoking it in a debate about religion is folly.

        Nothing you state is a well-known fact. FWIW – google conventional wisdom and learn that those who lay claim to it (such as by stating “it’s a well known fact) are typically wrong. When educated people speak of the conventional wisdom or the well-known facts, its in derision.


      • Nice dodge. I use Wiki because it’s crowd sourced knowledge written at a level most can understand.

        Now, can you please stay on topic?

      • Also not a very credible source since it is written by anyone and can be edited by anyone to say what they want… American Colleges frown on using Wikipedia as a source. you know where most go to get educated…

      • Yes, I understand the concern for classes and when writing for publication. However, when properly cited (and you have to take the time to follow the cites) for most general knowledge it’s not a bad place to go.

        If it’s a section under a wiki-war, then yea, its of no use for anyone. Crowd-sourced editing works for most topics. That’s why wikipedia remains popular.

        FWIW, I tell my students that if they find something in Wikipedia they like, they should follow the citation, then read and use that source, if appropriate.

      • That makes more sense. I could see finding a good source and following it to a better place. In that context then I would agree. My only problem is that I very rarely find a good credible source on Wiki to follow so I stopped going their. That and all of my graduate school professors detested it and would severely mark points off a paper for using it .

      • I agree with your overall analysis of Islam, that it has no fundamental concept of Inalienable Rights, nor do you. You are a right wing Christian, a hater, a very nefarious individual. Your form of Christianity is like that of the slave master, it is phony, and has more holes than swiss cheese. You, right winger, only believe in Christianity because you are so confused, you think that the Biblical characters were White, that is the only reason that you believe in Christianity.

      • Thank you, dasch51. Well said. These fundamental characteristics of islam are exactly why I said to TruConserv that one can either pledge allegiance to the USA, its flag and its Constitution, or one can bow to the East and declare oneself a Muslim. Not both. They are mutually exclusive. My best advice is not to engage with the moron who calls himself or herself TruConserv. He is indeed a troll, and a witless one at that. Totally, willfully stupid, and insulting as well. HA! and now this horror, Right Wing Exterminator, sails in spewing hatred. I don’t know who is more alarming in his irrationality. Both of them should read the Qur’an, but that’ll never happen. Maybe they’d be happier if they just signed up to fight with ISIS in Syria.

      • Full disclosure; I copied and pasted the statement from a site. It is concise and sums things up perfectly…not that “tru con” or “right wing xterm” will benefit from it. They are beyond redemption.

      • Thanks for the disclosure but, of course, it’s the content that counts, not who wrote it. And you are so right – those two are base and not interested in discourse, only spewing. They repel and scare me.

    • The KKKers who brutalized, lynched, and massacred Blacks throughout history, were all Christians. However, just like the right wingers are today, they are only “Christians” predicated upon the erroneous assumption that the people in the Bible were White? If the right wing phony Christian haters ever found out the truth, that there were no Whites in the Bible until the Romans in the New Testament, and that all of the people prior to them were Black and Brown people, the right wing haters would seek to find another religion.

      • And I proved earlier you do not know as much about the bible as you play on. I also think your version of the bible is the same sick twisted history yo believe as well.

    • Also, Reagan paid ransom to the terrorists in the form of weapons to Iran, a nation that kidnapped 52 of our citizens in 1979, seized our embassy in Tehran, etc. Did Reagan, a coward and a liar, fight them? Nope, the phony just formed an underground government with traitor, Oliver North and shipped weapons to them in violation of the 1) 1979 united States arms embargo against Iran, and 2) the US Arms Export Munitions Control Act, two felonies. Reagan was a coward and a liar.

  36. Could he be “taking” lessons on other failed historic methods like the progressives do within their gang. Repeat failures for no other reason than their progressive failures, so eventually there’ll be in the right place and the right time? After all he got elected. Maybe hes gonna do the Roman thing where you got a layer below a layer of other countries warriors only working for the progressives?

    • What has a right winger ever accomplished for this nation. It was a progressive President that stopped Hitler, and fascism. The woman’s suffrage movement was progressive, which secured a woman’s right to vote. FDR, a progressive President, obtained social security for seniors and started the social safety net for the disadvantaged. Eisenhower, a decent conservative (not right wing) President sent the troops into Little rock in 1957 to protect the black students from being brutalized by the right wing white supremacists, it was John Kennedy who first spoke out as a President about the evils of white supremacist, it was Harry Truman who integrated the arms forces, it was LBJ who fought to get civil rights legislation into the law so that this nation could live up to its creed. What has a right winger ever done, but spread hate and division in this nation?

    • Why do black people resort to name calling and declaring someone a racist is they meet opposition? My wife from is from another country, she is not even white. My children are half white half Nigerian! What do you think now? Should be careful name calling with out Merritt and basis that’s how people get in trouble for slander… And since it is in writing it then becomes a term called libel. Last comment, more of a statement though is that if ISIS does attack and they come from Mexico into the US… Then someone will be held accountable and it cannot be Bush’s fault or congress this time. They are not the ones who have left the borders open and unattended until November leaving this great nation vonerable, the dictator in chief is… Remember that!

      • Maybe they don’t like being generalized as heterogeneous, given that is the first tell of racism.

        BTW: did you really write: “Why do black people resort to …” See why people think you might be a racist?

      • Charlie Warrick, can’t take another point of view, can you. Bet you’re glued to your television each and every night hearing the rantings of Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly;, and Sean Hannity. Then, you get into your car in the morning, turn on AM radio, to listen to Rush Limbaugh, so that they can reinforce you that your personal hatred for Blacks and minorities, is justified. Can’t take another point of view, can you Charlie boy? lol

      • Cornel Williams, of course I can’t take another point of view, after all I’m only a bitter and angry White male, who believes that he is losing his country, because a black man is sitting in the Oval Office. Oops, of course that’s white and Black, because the Blacks created this world for us whites so we finally have a chance to get out of our miserable life. And we whites do not return the tiniest little thanks to you for your patience to teach us democracy and for giving us all those shiny iPhones and kitchen appliances. That’s just how we are, so no other point of view, sorry. Boo-hoo.

      • No, I don’t really see it.

        You know why? Because everything I do, don’t do, have done, will do, think, don’t think, is racist. That’s RAAAAAAAACIST.

        But seriously, you don’t see how your perpetual screaming racist doesn’t make anyone listen anymore? I could be as racist as I wanted, it wouldn’t make any difference. You shot your own foot with this.

      • My perpetual screaming? You have a sample measurement of 1 and you think you can predict the totality of my posting universe.

        Take you post to a friend you trust. Ask them to read it. Ask them if it makes you sound like a racist. You’re going to be surprised.

        When you claim that all black people do this, or all white people do that, you’re making generalizations about a class of people based on their race, that’s racialism. When the generalization cast one race as superior to another race, that’s racism.

        If you’re not a racist, then learn to communicate without sounding like one. Quit making generalizations and stop relying on homogeneous assumptions.

      • It’s plain to see you’re a text book liberal and even if you hide your history you left too many traces elsewhere. What you don’t understand is that real conservatives have brains and do not believe what liberal liars try to tell them.

        Why don’t you ask your friends whether you are a filthy liar, a despicable deceiver or a moron with an anti-social personality disorder? You’d be surprised.

        And tell Right Wing Exterminator about your racist theories, he is the one in need of a lesson.

      • Charlie, (may I call you Charlie?), why is it that you’re unable to respond to any of my arguments with logic, facts and cogent argument?

        The problem with the far-right in American politics is that too many of you guys can’t stand informed discussions. So many have set opinions and, when challenged, their heads figuratively implode.

        The (D) love you guys.

        You make the Conservative Movement seem wacky, unintelligent, reactionary and immature. Were I a (D) I’d leave you to be your tin-foil hat wearing self. But I’m not. I’m tired of loons like you dragging down my party.

        If you love Obama, keep up with the child-like behavior. If you want a Conservative in the White House who can get things done, consider growing up. That’s how you can move from being a part of the problem onto being a part of the solution: grow-up or shut-up.

      • You can call me names if you like, it’s always an honor when it comes from a true Alinskyite.

        I give you “logic, facts and cogent argument” all the time yet you are inept to see it. But who wonders, you are living in your liberal upside-down fantasy world. I might even acknowledge that you believe you’re a “conservative”.
        Informed discussions are beyond you because what you deem as information is actually brain washing from whoever does this to you (most probably your college professors).
        There is no “Conservative Movement” because there is nothing to move to. You Marxists have to move from truth to lie, so yours is a movement. You can’t even understand what conservative means.

        You call me reactionary? That’s a genuine Marxist word. So you can change your name to “FalsConservate” now, and that’s what I call you from now on. And call me “immature”, it’s an honor for me. Before I “grow-up” in your sense the sun will rise in the west. I’ll never join your parallel universe.

      • I didn’t call you any names (yet) and the moment you evoke Alinsky, an author few people have bought and even fewer have read, you confirmed that you are an reactionary. (See that, that’s name calling, or labeling. You choose.)

        Seriously, no mainstream conservative and no liberals I know outside of a few poli sci majors have any clue about “Rules for Radicals.” This little conspiracy world you and others radicals of the right wing have imagined, where every liberal has a copy of it within arms reach, is part of what makes you dangerous to the Conservative Movement. We can’t capture (move) more people to our way of thinking so long as nutjobs like you (now that’s name calling) spew such nonsense. Do you really not see why accusing people who have no clue who Alinsky is as being his acolytes doesn’t come off as nutty?

      • As a tool you don’t need a copy of Rules for Radicals (but congrats for googling it). The professors, your high priests, read it for you. You just listen to them in awe and worship them and shut up (or, in your case, “shut-up”;). Is that “Conservative Movement” a new group in Detroit to confuse people who want to run from liberalism? Nice try, Jimmy.

      • lol. Your cell phone was made possible as a result of the creation of the gamma electric cell. Mr. Charlie, do you know who created the gamma electric cell? Of course you would not know. It was a black man name Henry Sampson, dummy, lol.

      • Ahahahahaha! And your dozen bones in your skull making up your iota intelligence center clattered when you read that, right, Mr. Cornel?

        And it’s Black man, already forgotten, master Williams?

      • So now your a race genious as well?! Go troll elsewhere. He resorted to racism not me… I just called him out on it and you want to try and capialize on it for attention. By the way wasn’t you conservatives who pushed the term black to be used when referring to a black person. I am sure as hell not going to ise the N word as it would be racist and i frankly find it a durogatory term!

      • When ever you claim that all whites do this, or all blacks do that, you’re opening yourself up for a legitimate claim of racialism and potentially racism (you may want to learn the difference.)

        If you don’t like being accused of prejudice and bias, then learn to write in such a way that doesn’t make you look like one.

      • Old Keith Swift, lol, a bitter and angry white male, who believes that he is losing his country, because a Black man is sitting in the Oval Office. But noooooooooooooo, it’s not you, it’s him, he has made you bitter because his policies are not 100% pro White like Bush and Reagan. Wow, aren’t you an honorable person, lol

      • He wrote it because many do. Especially the biggest ones in the spotlight: Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton, etc.

      • Many is not all. A few is not many.

        When you make the leap from a few to all, you’re engaging in prejudiced logic.

      • The ploy of right wingers like you is to maintain that any Black person that speaks out against injustice against Black people, is, themselves, a “racist.” That is called, “projection” politics. You are trying to accuse, in other words, those who you think little of, that you deplore because of their quest of justice, you, the perpetrator, label them as the bad guy for doing so.

      • You are the perfect example of your own accusations. People disagree with you, therefore the obvious conclusion is “they must be racist”. And you should read your previous posts before trying to use your defense of, “I don’t call people racist”. You have taken one statement that someone made on this thread and immediately tried to condemn them. You have exalted yourself as judge, jury, and executioner of anyone who disagrees (even resorting to using the Race card against people of your Own race). Stop comparing anyone who is not a leftwing liberal to the KKK. Are you so ignorant, you can overlook the fact that it was Democrates who are the founding fathers of the KKK? Do you purposefully ignore the historical reasoning L.B. Johnson gave for signing the Civil Rights Bill in the first place? He didn’t give a crap about civil rights, nor did his party. He just wanted to sucker minorities to vote Democrat (which obviously his idea was spot on). You are the epitome of Hypocrite. A true blue Racist at the core, condemning anyone who doesn’t agree with your racist statements as being racist themselves. You are an insult to everything that has been fought for in racial equality. You are so blinded by your hatred of White people you have gone off on countless tangents of accusations, conspiracy theories, and an uneducated/ ignorant rewriting of history. I believe your new found Low point hasn’t even hit the bottom. I’m sure you have plenty of verbal weapons in the ol Black Panther handbook you still haven’t pulled out, yet. Just know, Nobody is believing your hate speach, but yourself and AL Sharpton. Now go Troll somewhere else.

      • Gee, why would LBJ sign the civil rights legislation into law, in order to lure Black voters on his side, when he won the Southern States overwhelmingly in the 1964 election against Goldwater, and knew, by signing the Civil Rights legislation into law, that he would be losing the south, a much greater voting bloc than minorities at the time. Remember his great quote after signing the 1964 civil rights bill into law, “Well, there goes the south.” You comment is ridiculous, sir.

      • Wow, the mentally challenged right wing can now add two other names to their list of Black boogeymen. It was always Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Now, they can name Holder and Obama. Wow, simply because they have fought to prevent the right wing from suppressing the rights of Black voters, they are your two latest boogeymen. Wow, you are so intelligent my friend. I imagine that you loved Bush’s Justice Department, which focused on discrimination against the white man, lol. That was okay with you, especially since there is no discrimination against white men, unless one is mentally deranged. Again, any Black man that fights against injustice, is a racist to a right winger. Very logical thinking

      • I seldom, if ever, use the term, “racist.” I prefer, “White Supremacist.” And yes, you are the type, had you lived during the mid to late 1940s, and witnessed Jackie Robinson integrate the Major Leagues, you would have been in the stands shouting the “N” word at him, or, throwing a Black cat on the field. Of course, you would and will deny it, but yes, you would have been one of those kind of Whites.

      • Lol, you both are hilarious! I am just laughing at your
        accusations! In fact so is my senior managing partner! I asked him into my office to read your rhetoric, and he just laughed his butt off! By the way he is black!!! I let him read this whole thread and he said he saw nothing racist in my post, in fact it was the original poster Earl Lee who said I was racist because I did not like Obamacare. One is not racist just because they do not like one thing about the president.
        Then you two jump on board to try and capitalize on it.

        Theory one of me fearing of losing some sort of power to
        Obama gone! If either of you knew anything about me you would realize how wrong you are. Your assumptions of me are flawed. Then again that is what you get by making assumptions about someone you do not know!

        Lastly, I could argue your flaws of me all day long, but that
        would not matter because all you want to do is make a racist out of a white man that is not, and you will try your hardest to make me mad to try and prove it. I never voted Bush, I was only 2 years old when Reagan ran and was elected the
        first time, and I voted Obama both times… There you go, all your assumed accusations flawed. Now I must go meet with a client because her appointment is more important.

      • Personally, I do not recollect challenging anything you have said, but I may have if it were absurd. Insofar as your “Black” boss is concerned, what kind of work are you involved in? If you are working for an insurance company, real estate company, etc., I doubt if your “Black boss” has the education to assess who is, and who is not, a “racist.” He is probably not in a safe position to make that assessment. He would probably be fired by someone that ranks higher than he does if he expressed his true views to you. I am not that way. I own my business, and has never worked for a white man in my entire life. Nor did my brothers, nor has my son, who is an attorney.

      • Regarding losing power to Obama, that is such a ridiculous statement, it borders on insanity. Making such a statement only proves that you are listening to right wing BS. Obama has signed fewer executive orders than the past 10-15 United States Presidents. If you were not a right winger, you would know that. You did not vote for Obama, because if you did, you would not be bashing him on the website of Allen West, a notorious right wing liar and the minister of White propaganda.

      • LOl, look at your comment to me 5 hours ago! You accused me of being in fear of loosing power because there is a black man in the oval office! If you cannot remember your statements, then maybe you should refrain from making accusations.

        Second, as for my boss… ready… he graduated the top of his class from Harvard Law School!!! The fact I mentioned Senior Managing Partner should have been your sign it was law related. Again your assumption and POV were flawed! As for what I do… I just told you! Figure it out if you can see through your wall of hatred! We represent victims of civil liberty and rights violations out of D.C., and we are one of the top firms in the area….

        As for the losing power statement… you made it 5 hours ago… scroll down and look! So you are stating you are bordering insanity then?! You said it not me! Nice to know you realize this about yourself!

      • You support men who have served in the Army getting killed? That’s way better. Oh wait, he is blackBlack, so you’re entitled to call for that!

      • What relevancy is that statement, Mr. Charlie? You’re talking crazy now. Your point is garbled and confusing.

      • And your language is starting to deteriorate. It’s likely correlating to your confusion. Anyway, my statement is relevant because you argued that I support killings of a kid out of my rhetorical remark about groups supporting crimes which I transported back to the initial question. Which apparently is to complex for you. So you better go to mediamatters.org, where simple minded loons make simple remarks you should be able to understand.

      • Learn the meaning of the correlating. Drinking milk has a correlation to going to prison. It does, seriously, learn what the word means.

        Then, learn when to use “which” and “that.”

        Then, ask yourself: how many times can a kid can be killed?

        Normally, no one cares about grammar errors or poor word choice – I certainly could use an editor – but you decided to claim an higher intellectual position, so you deserve to be brought down a few pegs.

      • Don’t try to teach me English when you have no clue. I’m wasting my time, but: correlating is the present participle of to correlate. My use of which was correct everywhere. I admit though that while talking to you I should really make shorter sentences, since you’re obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer and thus it’s easy “to claim a higher intellectual position”.

        how many times can a kid can be killed

        What a moronic sentence is this?

        Normally, no one cares about grammar errors or poor word choice

        Except you libloons always start to bitch about language as soon as you’re out of arguments.

      • LOL – even with your errors pointed out to you, you still can’t see your errors. That speaks to your ability to discuss politics as well.

        Fine – you’re always right, even when your wrong. Now, go away so people competent in the English language and politics can have a discussion.

      • You didn’t point out anything, you only uttered ridiculous vague suggestions. And it’s “speaks for”, not “speaks to” in this context. After all you’re not so “competent in” English as you think, Jimmy. Isn’t there a Jamaican forum for you?

      • No, it’s speaks to. I understand why you’re confused, with the use of the word your, but I wasn’t invoking “you, the person” and was discussing your ability. I therefore selected the idiom speaks to. It spoke of your ability, it did not speak on behalf of your ability.

        However, my posts need editing all the time, they are replete with errors. I, however, never claimed to have a superior intellect to anyone, and I most certainly did not do so in a post filled with grammar and word-use errors. That was you.

      • Well, Jimmy, it’s wrong all the same, no matter how you twist it. But I guess that’s hard to understand for a Caribbean guy.

        The pseudo-intellectual language you are trying to sport is quite telling, but it doesn’t “speak to” your English proficiency.

        But anyway, you were calling me a racist, maybe you want to go on with your rant. I suggest you include “sexist”, “misogynist”, “homophobe” and “islamophobe”. How about that?

      • I have never called you a racist.

        I have asked you whether you really didn’t understand why some people reading your posts wouldn’t consider them racist. That is not a distinction without a difference.

        Further, I have instructed you that when you declare that all blacks do this, or all whites do that, your being racialist, and you are. You’re declaring that race predicts behavior.

        I’ve cautioned you that if one set of generalizations make one race seem superior to the other, you’re likely to be considered a racists, and you will be.

        I’ve also informed you that if you don’t like being called a racist, when you aren’t, then you need to learn how to write without sounding like one. You need to avoid generalizations about the races and assuming homogeneous character among the populations.

        I suggest you first learn how to read, then learn how to write.

        If you can’t get your point across with sounding like a racist, when you’re not, then you’re not ready to discussions such as this.

      • I’m honored to be called a racist and what not by your ilk. It proves I’m right, because you are always wrong.

        For starters, I never said that all blacks do this or whites do that. That’s all grown on your dunghill. But it’s plain to see that you like to troll conservative sites and call people racist and all the leftist craṗ you picked up somewhere.

        Your English is much too awful to teach anybody, so stop it.

        If all you wanted to say is I’m sounding like a racist, then we’re done, you can create a new troll profile and go back to mediamatters.org.

        And next time, call yourself FalsConserv, Jimmy.

      • You need to read what you wrote, specifically the ones where I asked you if you really didn’t understand how what you had written opened you up to accusations of racism.

        Most people write to be understood. You’re not a racist, yet you enjoy it when your writing makes people think that you are.

        That has to be on of the most curious comments I’ve ever a radical such as yourself make.

      • I guess I have to spell it out for you: I take fun in making libloons like you expose themselves. I’m asking for it. Got it? Because the whole world can see what a moron you are. And that’s better than TV.

      • You mean a “kid” that violently attacked someone and attempted to kill them by bashing their head into concrete…. That “kid”?

        Or the gentle giant “kid” that strong armed a tiny store clerk and then beat the snot our of a cop and tried to steal his gun?

        The world is a better place without thugs like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

      • Both kids you refer to were violent criminals. There a lot of facts obviously you over looked that led to them getting shot.

  37. King Putt was raised as a sunni. Why is everybody all surprised & disappointed in His Royal Majesty’s speeches. It’s caled Taquiyya. Look it up.

  38. …[Y]ou may fly over a land forever; you may bomb it, atomize it, pulverize it and wipe it clean of life—but if you desire to defend it, protect it, and keep it for civilization, you must do this on the ground, the way the Roman legions did, by putting your young men into the mud.
    T.R. Fehrenbach This Kind of War

    This is why Obama’s “strategy” won’t work. Diane Feinstein and I only agree on two things. That the sky is blue, and that it takes an army to defeat any Army. ISIS is not a loosely organized group of terrorist cells. They are a Nation State. They govern (complete with taxes, social services and a bureaucracy) a large piece of real estate. They have a large and well equipped army. They will not be destroyed from the air, just as Nazi Germany couldn’t defeat England from the air. Obama has kicked the can down the road. Someday not far in the future a President with moral courage will be forced to send American Soldiers (not boots…Soldiers, living breathing human beings with friends and families) to Iraq, Syria, and God forbid Jordan and Saudi Arabia as ISIS continues to conquer land, to destroy a terrorist nation state.

    The sad and disgusting part of all this is that we won the war. Obama gave away everything that we paid for in blood and treasure. On my third and final tour in Iraq I was a Stability Transition Team commander. I advised the commander of an Iraqi infantry division. He was a good man, an actual warrior and a sectarian. We talked early on about whether we would stay beyond December 31st. He said we surely would, who would be foolish enough to allow Iraq to slip into chaos. Well…Barack Hussein Obama was.

    • Bush negotiated and signed the SOF before Obama was President. Yea, I know, you think I’m blaming Bush. I’m not. I’m trying to get you to stop undermining your own argument by using false claims.

      Seriously, I am with you all the way up to the point where you claim that Obama lost Iraq.

      Congress needs to authorize and fund — and pay for through spending cuts elsewhere — ground troops.I don’t want Obama going all “unitary executive” on us. He needs Congresses declaration of War.

      However, we don’t get anywhere when we rewrite history to fit a narrative. We don’t need to mislead to win. Don’t give the libs a reason to doubt you, to mock you, to ignore you.

  39. Kill em all. Kill every last radical Muslim on Earth and spend the rest of this generation preparing to kill them again in the next generation, OR just kill em all right now and be done with it. Either way, I’m good. You people may be weak enough to think diplomacy, and humane interaction can win the day, but the reality is killing radicals is the only remedy that works long term. So let’s get on with it then!!!

  40. Obama is not a President he doesn’t care about the USA or the American people he just cares about himself and his family. We need to get this guy out of office. We used to be a proud country a country that cared about it’s people and how we all would get ahead. Now other countries are laughing at us because of Obama. This guy is nothing but a joke. Wake up America before it’s to late this guy needs to be kick out of office. God pray for the American People and USA. I’m still proud of my country my family has served in the military and some had died for USA. Please don’t let them of died in vane because of this person who has the title of President of the USA. He talks in circles and does nothing.

    • Obama cares about this nation ten times, or maybe, 100 times moreso than you. He is trying to make sure that America does not get involved in another war, that has no end to it. You, on the other hand, is just an angry right wing nobody, who will never accomplish anything important in your life, that reacts from an emotional standpoint, to things that require careful thinking, planning, and a solid in, and out, plan. You hate Muslims apparently, and I will admit, that their rigid form of religion is also a problem with me. Just like your right wing form of Christianity is also a problem with me. Especially since you are only religious because you believe that the people in the Bible, including Jesus, were White, which they were not. There were no white people in the Bible until the Romans in the New Testament. Your Christianity is based upon movies like King of Kings, Passion of Christ, Noah, in other words, Hollywood false depictions of the ethnicity of those religious characters of the Bible. A large majority of the Bible took place in countries like Ethiopia and Egypt, African nations. Ancient Israel was originally in Egypt, The Egyptians that you see today are a result of an Arab invasion over 1500 years ago. You are nothing, and you have no real religion.

      • Man look at your a grammar and your choice of words…you go off on a tangent and it as if you forget about that impressive master degree

      • Jessica, same ol’ tactic. You cannot debate me, so you attack grammar, as if posting something on the website of an idiot like Allen West, requires the same structuring of a sentence similar to a term paper. No formality required here. You understand my point, and you know that my point is true. That is the bottom line

      • You’ll have to admit he got you on that one. You had nothing intelligent to add/debate with so you defaulted to “I’ll just change the subject”. Along with small mind WOW above you.

      • You see a empty suit that cares about us, you foolish ignorant waste of education funds. He was raised Communist/Islamic and he can talk a god story and he cares more about his bucket list and bankrupting and the ruin of this country then Hitler and japan ever did..
        I have seen your kind in prisons and classrooms both and shaken myself in sadness at what you take away from the same lessons that you refuse to allow free and honest discussion.. You started with WHITE CRIMINALS have held your people down well in your case maybe instead of holding your people down we really would have done the world and generations a service by just putting your kind down like the rabid attacking animals you are.. that can not get along with real people. Can’t stand beside a country and fight with and for her without turning her over to the enemies and transforming her from the inside.. like Obama has done by cutting our southern boarder into a free for all come on in rip.. Liberals will never be happy unless we are collared with an id band punished for sins we never committed and just plain have to see our flag in our basements at the shrine that is outlawed because it offends thee. The Bible is hidden because to show it is a crime.. I refuse to be chipped, stand in lines for my dosage of fool-aid and will die with my gun in hand.. I pray that the women’s army of Kurds can bring real fear in ISIS because a woman would kill them take no prisoners and they are actually motivated.. Your IDOL all he wants is money money money and it isn’t to assist the people its for his pocket period..

        You are living proof you can’t reason with rabid dogs and zombies who’s brain has been destroyed by Fool-aid overdose.

      • you’re a liar, right winger. Obama was raised by his mother, and she did not belong to the communist party, you liar. The problem with political discourse in this nation today are liars like you. You say what you want to believe, then report it as being a fact. You are the most dangerous type of person in this nation today. Everything you have said is a lie. And he was not raised as a Muslim. His mother was not a Muslim, you liar, you damn liar. He did go to a Muslim school at one time abroad, but he was not a Muslim, you liar. My children went to Catholic Schools, liar, but they were not Catholic. You attach, right winger, guilt by association. That is your mantra, you liar, you damn liar. How about Bush? He is the only United States President in history to have ever been handcuffed by the police. His last arrest was on September 7, 1986, when he was handcuffed after being busted for drinking while driving in Kennebunk Port Maine by officer Calvin Bridges. He was taken to jail and his drivers license was suspended for one year. And, he was AWOL in the National Guard for over two years. Bush was transferred from Texas, to Alabama, after losing his flying license in the Texas Air Guard because of his drug use and drinking. He was ordered to report to officer William Turnipseed in Alabama. In the Boston Globe during the summer of 2000, during an interview, Turnipseed said, “he was not here. Had he been here, I would have remembered him, but he was not here.” Yes, you right wing liar, Bush was AWOL. And that piece of garbage, who got us into all of this Middle East chaos which is taking place today, got 540,000 less popular votes than Al Gore in 2000. Yet, he still got into the WhiteHouse, the FIRST President since 1888 to lose the popular vote but still get into the WhiteHouse. That’s because his brother, Jeb, the Governor of Florida at the time, and Katherine Harris, the Florida Sec. of State, rigged the vote count in Florida. In modern times, not even debatable, the popular vote winner also wins the electoral college vote. ALL networks called Florida for Gore, all of them, then FAKE (I mean Fox) news, with George W Bush’s 1st cousin working there on election night 2000, pulled Florida out of the Gore win column (first time ever that a state has been called based upon the exit voting, then retracted by the networks) and called it a tossup, then used the Supreme Court of the US with their right wing justices, and gave THE convicted DRUNK the Presidency, which he did not win. And his wife, Laura, is a murdering killer. In 1963, she murdered her boyfriend name Michael Douglas. She intentionally killed him with a car while she was drunk. Bush was white trash, so is his white trash killing wife, Laura. And Nancy Reagan, that was the biggest whore in Hollywood in the 1940s, while trying to kick off her acting career. She was known for her casting couch escapades. Once, she even had sex with both Robert Walker and Peter Lawford in the back seat of a car. She was a whore. And Ronald Reagan, a scumbag piece of garbage who came from an alcoholic father, was a coward during WW2, never left Hollywood, and in 1952, the scum Reagan raped a woman name Selene Walters. He was white trash, all the way. So right wing liar, I have put that on the table, you liar. What is your rebuttal?

      • Well that was quite a rant! What happened with Laura Bush when she was 17 was a tragic accident. She did not intentionally murder him. How could a 17 year old high school girl have predicted that she and the friend in the car with her would not die too? It was an accident, not intentional premeditated murder. What could you possibly gain from continuing to perpetrate this lie?

      • http://gatorpress.com/?p=1498
        In my opinion, she murdered him. Crawford Texas is not a small city. How in the heck does one just, by chance, run a light and smash into the car of a boyfriend that she’s angry at She’s a evil bitch, very evil. Murder is not anything to be taken lightly.

      • It was Midland not Crawford. She didn’t run a red light. It was a crossroad with right of way and the other road she was on had 2 stop signs. Sort of hearsay with assuming she was angry at him and all.

      • Thank you for the corrections. I answered to hastily, and confused my data. But the bottom line is this: She killed him! That part is not in question. Personally, I could never stand her, with her phony Southern accent, her bullshit style, etc. Again, the chances that something like this could happen, in a city the size of Midland, is from a script straight out of the Twilight Zone. Too many coincidences. The chances that something like that would happen, unintentionally, would be something like 1000 to 1. Put it this way, had Michelle Obama did the exact same thing, you, a right wing Obama hater, would call her a murderer. I don’t care if it would have occurred when she was 12, you would still call her a killer.

      • Terrible coincidences happen all the time. Thousands of car accidents happen every day with teenagers behind the wheel. Yes we all know that she killed him as she was driving, her actions killed him. It was an accident.

        You make way to many assumptions. I would not call Michelle Obama a murderer if the same circumstances had happened to her. I would call it a tragic accident because that would be what is was. I just wouldn’t. I don’t hate Obama or his wife. I don’t like him as our president because I don’t think he has been a good president. I don’t like her as our first lady because I think she is over the top extravagant with her over abundance of staff, and millions and millions of dollars she has spent on her lovely vacations. It’s just too much. She should do what she does as the first lady, but she is over the top when so many in this country are suffering. There’s just something not right about it all. But that’s just my opinion. I don’t really hate anyone.

      • One other point: Actually, I admire something about the right wing. The right wing uses lies, exaggeration, disinformation, etc., to vilify their opponents. Liberals, or progressives, are the most cowardly debaters I have ever observed. You fight a right winger with FIRE! You attack Reagan with the true facts about his corrupt Administration, and take that fight straight into the face of a right winger. That’s because Reagan is the pinnacle of right wing integrity regarding a President, which is sheer nonsense, I know, because he was the most corrupt, the most incompetent, President in history. That is why I have studied the Reagan Administration meticulously over the past 20 years. I confront right wingers about their Reagan lies, and drive them out of their minds. I also confront right wingers about Bush, and his past. That’s because Right Wingers always attack Obama, based upon the lies that they have conjured up about his past. I believe in taking the fight to the right wing, and leaving nothing on the plate, just like you guys do. The only difference is that I used facts, and not heresay and made up stuff.

      • If Obama would not totally try to hide his past by sealing so many of his records and spending $millions to keep them sealed, perhaps reasonable peoples’ opinions of him would be less extreme. Since his past is so well hidden, I do not see how you can say that just about any statement made about his past is a verifiable lie. They could well be true. Why the secrecy???

      • Please see your Dr to increase your meds you have too much fool-aid in your system to be safe in public and I am about as wrong as Humans actually have brains something you show clearly that you are of a different species. Obama was born of a white woman and who knows what black father, I would love a DNA test because the Grandfather had to take him every week to a man for teaching maybe pedophilia but probably more communistic indoctrination Obama’s grand parents were communist to the core he was Islamic in Indonesia and his Kenyan Father was clearly a communistic Islamic and you foam at the mouth because I point out his entire formative years are spent being doused in that primordial pool. and that Patriotism to American Ideals isn’t anything he has ever really had.. so take your idiotic ignorant rear out of my computer before it really gets sick.. like you and go exterminate some whites like you want to.. and hopefully you will be in prison like where I had to care for many of your kind in the past… and learned exactly when No Human Involved comes from fits you like a GLOVE…

      • Did you read Odumbass’s book? It states the opposite of what you state. Then again you would twist it up for the better.

  41. Since I am also Black, and have studied politics all of my life, with a masters degree in political science from the university of Tulsa, and also my social science studies, I understand blacks like Allen West. He can garner no attention from Black people, his own people, Blacks find Mr. West reprehensible. So he runs to whites to get attention. In contrast, Blacks love Mr. Obama, a love that Mr. West wish that he could get from Blacks, but his politics are so offbeat and polarizing, that Blacks simply think that Mr. West is a psycho. Understand, Mr. West is not a conservative, he is a Black right winger. A right winger and a conservative are two different entities. Like you whites that are posting on his page, you are right wingers, not conservatives. A right winger is a 21st Century version of a KKK member.

      • yea what a world it would be if the (goverment had total controls over our lives let’s take a look what it would be like, For starters telling us what we can and can’t eat (children Federal Government) how much soda we can drink within city limits (Bloomberg) how we defend our families (to or not to carry arms) (Bloomberg) what we will b we able to view on the internet (federal Government) what we can say (freedom of speech) (federal GOVERNMENT PC CRAP) Telling us who to believe in as such as God or not depending who and what you believe. Telling us what career we should choose depending on our social standings (department of Education, Federal Government) Telling us how much we may earn and if we can open a business (depending on our social standings)(Federal Government) do I need to go on or do yo get the picture or do I need to explain it more because I will be glad to go further. I am so damn sick and tired of people who cry whoas me because things don’t go there way so they seem to blame everyone else for there issues or they blame it on race grow the f—- up you know what Hispanics are happy to work and they work hard maybe some of you need to take a lesson from that and learn why they are that way I ALREADY DO KNOW DO YOU???

      • As a matter of fact I do know. And I am Hispanic. You can go on and on with your list and biased agenda which you cherry pick to fit that self serving agenda. You are a conservative with NO fully functioning ability to think on your own. You follow the mainstream and repeat what you hear because it takes less work and less intelligence to do so. And while we’re at it, learn some grammar.
        I listened to the speech and I admit there is no right way to get involved. But then again, I didn’t want thousands of my veteran soldiers to die, get mamed, and suffer countless injuries in the first place. So, as I stated in another post, if you are so inclined to support a ground troops war, raise your right hand for the military (I have 20 years in), or go to to the middle East and help whichever side it is you THINK will be the advantage. I guarantee there is no right side to this.

    • Lol so basicallyyyy anyone who is against you is labeled as a KKK member, and you have a right to label them as such because you are a black political science major???? Man get the f*** out of here! You are part of what is wrong with this world.

      • Jessica, there is not 10 cents worth of difference between your views, and that of a traditional KKK member, other than possibly murder, and wearing a hood.

      • Jessica, you are a right winger, and you, and the KKK are both pro state rights? Am I correct? I interviewed a KKK member in 1995 in Tulsa, and he said that he is “Pro Life” only because white babies are being aborted, not black babies. Jessica, you are “Pro Life”, like the KKK, right? The KKK also maintains that they hate public schools and are for school vouchers? you are that way also, aren’t you Jessica. They only difference between you and the KKK on this matter is that the KKK is more honest. They are opposed to public schools because blacks and whites mix too much in public schools, especially black males and white women. The KKKers are also staunch Christians, like you Jessica. And like you, and Megyn Kelly of Fox News, the KKK believes that jesus was white, lol. Be honest Jessica, those are your views, aren’t they. Also, the KKK are vicious Obama haters, just like you Jessica. What is the difference between you and the KKK other than you are probably not a killer, nor do you wear a hood.

      • Lololololol first off right wing EXTERMINATOR, I would like to put out that I never said I was a right wing swinger, although I do not hate those with that viewpoint.

        You have just proven YOU are the racist and are promoting racism. You want the hate to continue when it is obvious you are just spitting out things you are ignorant of.

        But since you know so much let me tell you I am pro choice of the individual. It is that persons choice. And I have done research on a number of different reasons who morally it can be challenged as the best decision all around for them.

      • Second I am on question about the school system but more of a promoter of home school or private school. The reasons have nothing to do with race, but I can see you will b dissapointed because you wanted to be right and have a reason to hate those you choose…but my reasoning behind not being all for public schools is because of the divide between classes. Private schools allow children to be taught in the liberal arts method. This incourages learning and thinking for oneself. While the general public school is generated more for blue collared learning. This in my opinion hinders many children’s capabilities. As well as many other different things

      • But please keep all these alight ions coming science you so much. Especially about people you don’t know. Why am I reading this, you might be asking yourself. I like to keep an open mind and look at many different view points and I tried to surround myself with others who have DIFFERENT view points. This way I am challenge and can make better choices. You sir are really a sad piece of work. How little you can see.

      • Jessica, again, there is not 10 cents worth of difference between your views, and that of the KKK. Not 10 cents worth of difference.

    • i know you think that you are well educated attending Tulsa I am wondering however how well educated you are. by your comments I don’t see it because you really don’t know history i suggest you may want to re-enter college and get a history degree it might help you understand facts just saying

    • Haha! Yep, a liberal community organizer vs. AN AMERICAN HERO!!!! Funny how the KKK is full of democrats too??? Now go graze, grazer!!!

    • THE simple fact that you brag about having a master’s degree, that you look at white hate against poor misunderstood blacks, In the OVERT Liberal Educational system that instead of teaching BRAINWASHES students. You spew your racial bias in ways that divide this country in ways that you should be ashamed of and the fact you aren’t gives me little hope for our CHILDREN. The liberals you love so much were the KKK you shout and rave against yet now you snuggle up to the liberal teat like you were never weaned from Mother’s milk in your life and simply transferred your addiction to Fool-aid.. IF you and TRU CONSERV can’t stand the truth you have to attack any and all beliefs of what America used to stand for, what my Generation grew up knowing that love and peace is what we all need but for some you have to say you are hurting people and this has to STOP that YOU CAN NOT BE ALLOWED to kill with impunity. I see where your misunderstood little babies attack a white kid in a Kroger parking lot simply because he wanted to actually work while your KIND just had to loot and steal.. and that isn’t a COLOR ISSUE.. It’s a sign that you have DEVOLVED not done as hopped and become part of the global world. With Kerry hanoi Janes best bud, and the resident in the White House want to try to have a war with boxing gloves on because they don’t want to hurt his best buds and has no concern for America the love her or leave her mentality that got us thru the wars that defined the Greatness that we were now we are a country that tosses victory back at our enemies saying here no hard feelings come on and we’ll put you up in our crib. Either someone taught you that instead of pride shame in your country is almost a sure sign that we need to arm ourselves because BY GOD I WILL SHOOT SOMEONE WITH YOUR MINDSET FROM EVER RULING MY LIFE.

    • I am an ultra radical right wing extremist and in my opinion the 1964 civil rights act was the worse piece of legislation ever passed by our government. It was the end of freedom for America. Too bad the reason is beyond the comprehension of most peple.

      • Albert, of course you would think that way. And I applause your honesty. It is all about race with you. And you have more or less admitted it. The Republican Party and the right wing, again, is the 21st Century version of the KKK.

      • I did not refer to myself as a right wing exterminator. I said extemist. I also did not mention race, you did. I am probably the least racist person that you would ever meet. I happen to believe that when people are free to choose rationality will prevail. I refer to myself as right wing extremist to stress the fact that I am decidedly not left wing. I am a constitutional republican. I guess you would have to read the constitution to understand that.

      • And all of Johnson’s Great Society programs were very harmful to the Black Family/Community. Black chicks didn’t need their “Baby Daddy” anymore. Hence, the Baby Daddy’s often quickly headed off to the next honeypot. And the ghettoes and poverty really grew!

    • “His own people”? Really? I thought we were all AMERICANS only a racist would continue to segregate people by the color of their skin. What the hell did MLK fight for, so idiots like you could separate yourselves from the rest of American society? What a complete moron you are.

      • You are not an American. You are trying to destroy this nation with your racial hatred, your lies and propaganda that you attempt to attach to our President, your polarizing comments about the government, etc. No no right winger, if you are an American, may God help us all.

  42. West whines but offers no real solution. We don’t need another war or ground troops. I don’t see him or any of the rest of you packing up your duffle bag to fight a ground war. You want someone else to do your dirty work. And if your going to quote pieces of a speech put it all out there and listen in context, not just the parts you want to cry about. All you complainers about the borders not being secure, quit blaming ONE man when there are 535 members of congress who aren’t doing one thing to change that equation. Get a life you lackluster bunch of sheeple.

    • Correction. ovomit is the party leader aided by filthy harry reid making sure the members of congress are insignificant by refusing to bring even one bill up on the Senate floor for a vote. The borders are not secure because ovomit has ordered the border patrol to ignore the law. Too bad you are so ignorant, or you might actually have gotten at least one ‘fact’ right, but you didn’t. It is you who is a kool-aid drinking leftist tool.

      • I won’t bother educating you.

        And you still have the option of putting on a uniform and volunteering for duty. Get on down to the local recruting office. I did 20 years, try a couple on for size coward.

  43. Mr. West often criticizes Blacks for being loyal, nowadays, to the Democratic party. But think about it, look at the right wing Presidents in the past couple of decades, how does he figure that any intelligent Black person would support them? Ronald Reagan, the hero of Mr.l West, openly opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and Reagan also vetoed the Trade Sanctions Act against apartheid racist South Africa in 1986. It would take a Black man that is out of his mind to support a white supremacist President like Reagan. Yet, Mr. West does. Doesn’t that tell you that there is something wrong in his mind?

    • ok so all the democratic senators and congressman that voted against the civil rights act has no culpability are you freaking kidding me. He was not even in office then why not give credit for him while serving as president of our country no that would be to damn easy wouldn’t it yea your and idiot, so easy to forget that the kkk was all about dems not conservatives its funny what we want to believe and what is actual facts, no party has been perfect however I will say this the liberals have shown more hatred towards individuals and conservatives have tried to show compassion to all regardless if they agree with them or not you sir is what is wrong with the out look on this Country always a victim and never the solution

      • You know what I have packed my duffel bag several times have you? Doubt it.it does not take a geniuss to figure out what is going to take to defeat ISIS, you talk about those who fight on the front line as if you know you have no clue we do it willingly for the love of Country and our freedom and yours maybe just maybe if you listened you would hear the solution but no you are to damn busy listening to what you think you hear and not listening to the message within its self how sad. I would serve again under this man because he knows what the hell he is talking about unlike you

      • Trying to think, when did Reagan win the governorship of California? Was it 1966? Whatever, when he spoke out against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and the 1965 Voting Rights Act, he was one of the leading Republican politicians in the nation. Insofar as the KKK is concerned, yes, it is true that the KKK started during the Reconstruction of the South after the Civil War, when the South was still solidly Democrat. But never forget, the racist Democrats began migrating out of the Democrat Party starting in 1964, when LBJ signed the first civil rights Bill into law. Then with Nixon’s Southern strategy starting in 1968, most of the racist Democrats had left the party by the end of the 1970’s and joined the Republican Party. That is why the GOP is so racist today. They have the sons and daughters, etc., of the old racist Dixiecrats in their party today. The south, which was once solidly Democrat when the racist segregationist Dems controlled the party, is now solidly Republican because the racists Dems that left the party after LBJ signed the civil rights bills, and Nixon’s appeal to them, now is solidly Republican. Again, that is why the GOP is so White Supremacy influenced now. It has the sons and daughters, the grandsons’s and granddaughters’s, of the old racist Dems operating their party now

  44. A Black man that supported Reagan is like a Jew that supported Hitler. It makes no sense. But Mr. West has such a deep and venomous hatred toward Black people, that he adopts positions and buddies up to those who traditionally opposed the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and have never been sympathetic to anything that a majority of the Black people in this nation thrived, and died, to get, like their constitutional rights in this nation. Yet, these are the kind of white people that Mr. West buddies around with, and appears to love. Again, Mr. West is suffering from a self-hatred syndrome.

      • Blacks are not racists. Only white people are. Now, some Blacks may be bigots, but that is understandable considering what white people did to them. But only white people are racists. Blacks never told white people that they got to go to the back of the bus, Blacks never told white people that they couldn’t vote because they were white, Blacks never told white people that they could not go to this park, this movie theater, the school, etc., because they are white. Only white people did that. Racism is not individual, but it is institutional. Only white people are racists,.

      • Blacks are more racist then Whites ever have been. It has become a point that White privilege is now just the ability to shoot someone as dumb and unstable as you when you come at us frothing and foaming at the mouth. I will be happy to use my Vote, Voice and 9 mm to defend what I hold dear and dear you will never be on my list the 78 yr old African American ( the one that taught me the N word.using to describe waste like you .) lady across the street she is human you aren’t I don’t have a clue what you are your story doesn’t stay straight? Do you even know what you are??? I didn’t think so..

  45. And you Whites, who think that by supporting a Black man like Mr. West, this absolves you from being a white supremacist, is flawed thinking. The most vicious Indian haters in the Old West, loved the Indians who would side with them in order to destroy the other Indians, the ones like Geronimo, who fought back. Hitler was even friends with a few Jews that sided with him. So just because you white supremacists love Mr. West, you are still 21st Century versions of the KKK.

    • So, all the whites who voted for Obama, did so because they believed that would absolve them from any charge of racism, or default membership of the KKK? You are the real hater here my friend. You are the real racist. You see everything through the prism of race and are mentally imprisoned by your sick doctrine. Get well.

      • Nope, the whites that voted for Obama knew that he was 100 times a better candidate than his opponents, the war mongering old senile John McCain, and Ward Cleaver (sorry, I meant, Mitt Romney). Obama has done an excellent job, drove down unemployment, stabilized Wall Street, protected the voting rights of minorities, fought for women’s rights, protected the US Supreme Court from having any additional right wing Justices like Anthony Scalina, or Uncle Clarence “TOM” as, killed Bin Laden, provided health care to millions who didn’t previously have it, and Obama is not a butt kissing Uncle Tom Black man, you know, the kind of Blacks that you White Supremacists love. Nope, nor is Eric Holder. They are strong and courageous black men that will stick their finger in the faces of right wing neo nazi haters like you Obama hating scums, and knock you down. Obama kicked your right wing asses twice, and drove you fools bonkers. Can’t get over the fact that a Black man, that you right wingers could not control, whipped your prejudiced butts TWICE!!! I love our President, and our First Lady. Thank God for President Obama!!!

      • …and your response confirms two things; 1.You are unwell and should get help. 2. You are not very intelligent and #1 precludes you from ever being so.

      • Again, learn your facts about unemployment. Most all
        states have a higher rate the than the so called projected national number. How
        can the projected national number ever be correct when it does not include the
        unemployed who’s benefits have expired? Does not include the homeless not
        working living under a bridge or in a cardboard box? Your statement on unemployment
        again is flawed and not fact based.

  46. Ozip must be a student of Kissinger. He wants to fight a limited war. Just like our military was forced to in Vietnam. The military won their battles, but the politicians lost the war. Same song second verse.

  47. Well, I won this debate, and BIG!!! I tore you right wingers up in this debate. How dare you right wing novice haters challenge a man such as I to a debate. I tore all of you apart, made you look like fools. Time for me to move on and massacre some more right wingers. NEVER, right wingers, and I mean, NEVER, again challenge me with your primordial debating skills. I am the master of debates. My main objective was to lure ol’ Uncle Remus (Allen West) into this discussion, so that I could rip him apart. I wanted to challenged his loyalty to the white supremacist incompetent treasonous liar, Ronald Reagan. But I will debate him on that topic the next time Mr. Mantan Moreland (Allen West) appears on CSPAN. I have what is called, an Uncle Remus sweeper. I sweep out Black apologists that hide behind their white mastah’s. Mr. West, you coward, you liar, I point my finger stiffly at you, and challenge you to a debate, sir!!!!!!!!!

    • You might want to go see my response to you on your last remarks to me! All you proved here is that you are a racist hell bent on keeping it alive and keeping it black and white. You argued flawed logic, no historical facts, and no evidence to back up your claims. Your rhetoric towards white people is disturbing at best!

      You need to go back and retake your classes in politics from University of Oklahoma because they did a poor job teaching you politics and history, or you jumbled it up to what you wish to believe! You made accusations that later you could not remeber challenging me on, but if you would have scrolled down you would have seen your remarks from five hours earlier!

      I responded to your post to me… you might want to see my response as to who my boss is since you said he was probably an uneducated black man! in every response I proved you wrong, as did many others and all you could keep saying is that we were racist and KKK… That is not a win or tearing anybody up! That is the view of a true racist!

      I feel for you because you are so racist and bigoted towards people!

      • I imagine that you would think that, right wing Obama hater, because the points that I made upset your white supremacist behind.

      • No you don’t upset me at all. I mean seriously you really didn’t upset my behind 🙂 That is a very cute word, always liked it. Anyway, exactly what is your point?

      • yeah I saw it. Said your boss was some kind of Harvard Law graduate. I saw it. But it meant nothing. You really believe that he would tell you about your sordid and hate filled white supremacy views? No, he is probably lucky to have a job. Lawyers are a dime of dozen. My brother is a lawyer, my son is a lawyer. Just because your toy Black guy agrees with you, mean nothing. Personally, I know tons of lawyers are most of them are certified morons. I even know Harvard Law School graduates that are Black, and they are laughable. If a Black man is incapable of seeing that you are nothing but a white propaganda lover with a flawed thinking process, bringing his name up means nothing to me. I only support Blacks that can debate using facts, are not apologists for the White Supremacist movement in America, and could look an evil

        Re-pg-li-KKK-an in the face, and tell his evil Dixiecrat ass off about his hatred and racial bias.

      • WOW, you are sad. Since when is a black man in Washington D.C. a dixiecrat? I disagree sir, you do not argue facts at all you argue rhetoric, non historical facts and racism towards all including a black a person as you just did towards my boss. You argue your own made up belief of people and not facts at all. Not to mention in another thread below you accused another black person of being a white supremacist KKK member in which he rebutted ‘who says I am black.”

        You sir are a hateful racist towards all people and a bigot. Look in the mirror before you accuse. As for my boss being an idiot… you wish. He is the best at what he does… the bar association agrees since he has been published as so.

        I feel even more sorry for you now. I wish what ever happened to you to make you so slighted towards all people your able to overcome someday.

      • Wow, after this post I feel even sorrier for you. You are a
        true racist bigot towards all including a black person. You just were towards my boss who is black; not to mention in a post below you accused a black person of being a white supremacist KKK in which was rebutted “who says I am white.”

        Please seek help for your hatred and racism towards all. Please learn to argue facts and history not your own made up rhetoric. Your only argument to all is that they are a white supremacist KKK member even when they are black. Besides the KKK has not killed anyone in years… again learn history and facts.

        Curious though, if ISIL/S does infiltrate through the Mexico
        border and attacks us, who are you going to blame then? It can’t be Bush or Reagan, can’t be congress they are not the ones who have left the border open, or unattended until November. Congress has been waiting on Obama to present them a plan in which he is going over their heads once again. Obama will be the one who did. I am sure
        though threw your flawed logic and reasoning it will somehow be a white man’s fault and not Obama. This has nothing to do with black or white, it has to do with inaction by our commander and chief. If it were Bush or any other president doing the same I would state the same. Again facts.

        You are not a progressive thinker at all. Your goal is to
        maintain racism and keep it alive rather than to abolish it. You wish to keep it black and white against each other… A person like you is what keeps it alive. I mean for god’s sake we have a black president that a lot of white people voted for. This is called “PROGRSSION.”

        Again please seek help. Your level of not being able to
        reason logically is disturbing. Your own made up rhetoric of history and facts is disturbing and not fact based.

        What ever happened to you that has made you so jaded I hope you are able to face some day and overcome it.
        I pray for you sir! God bless…

      • Black people are not racists, only white people are. Racism is institutional. Black people never passed laws which restricted white people from attending certain movie theaters, going to certain schools, eating in certain restaurants, etc., because they are white. We never did that, only your kind did that. As I have said previously, some Blacks perhaps can be categorized as “bigots.” But one can understand why, considering the vile racist white supremacist things that you, and your black hating ancestors did to them. Insofar as this “Negro” that you have such high regard for, who is a lawyer, if he were worth a damn, he would get your white supremacist phony Christian ass straight, and you would not be on the website trashing what will go down in history as the GREATEST President in the history of our nation, a President that confronted the evils of the resurgent White Supremacy movement, and stopped it in its tracks. I am proud to defend our great President from your right wing lies and propaganda. I have an obligation to do so. In some ways, I feel sorry that you possess so much hate and bitterness because a Black man kicked your right wing ass in two consecutive Presidential elections. But hon, you win some, you lose some. Accept that, and rid your filthy hateful soul of white supremacy.

      • Grow up, stop living in the forties and fifties! What my ancestors did to yours? I am not English. If you have a problem with what happened again history shows that the British enslaved your ancestors not the Irish! I am an American Irish, my parents are immigrants from the Island. Seek a British site to trash on. Yes whites then did commit racism toward the black people. However that level of racism does not exist anymore to the degree we as a nation and people have progressed. Well maybe most of us, but you haven’t because you still have the mind set of that era and time. You live in a slavery mentality that doesn’t exist anymore. You are hung up on the past so much that you refuse to see the truth.

      • Right Winger, you like Allen West for one reason, and one reason only: He helps you justify your white supremacy views. he’s a black guy that agrees with the KKK. That’s a difficult act to beat.

      • I believe the correct term is ” master baiter” and you are free to read into that absolutely anything you want!!

  48. West, you never fail to miss an opportunity to undermine the decisions or actions of the President, even when it is telling you what you asked to hear! Do you have any brains at all!!!??? We, the people with a brain, already know what kind of military action is needed. Action with forethought and not just knee-jerk action or reaction! This is not the USA’s war…it is the Middle east countries war!! They need to participate or take the lead in pushing back the threat to their own lands. If we give them support and training, maybe they will be able to protect themselves against a lesser enemy! SHUT UP if that is all you have to do……drum up ignorant people to stand against your own govt leaders!!

    • Vincent, I doubt if you ever fail to kiss the usurper’s @$$ when given the opportunity. obama is not looking out for the best interests of America and he never intended to. Had you not been so lazy, you might have at least tried to find out what he stands for BEFORE you voted for him. his books reveal his true intent and that is to destroy America. You should try reading them, very enlightening. In the mean time, you just post garbage that proves your ignorance.

      • ibelieveinfreedom2….If Vincent doesn’t have the money he can go to the Library. It is so very true that obammy is trying to destroy the USA. He wants us to be a 3rd world country. Since he uses a tecnology gaget and a whole bunch of them, if it had been for him he would not have them they would not have been discovered. The USA has discovered most of the electronics in the world. All of the nations in the world has them and they should “THANK THE USA FOR ALL OF THE ENGINEERING OF THINGS”. THE USA HAS GIVEN COUNTRIES A LOT OF THINGS AND HELPING COUNTRIES TO GET ON THEIR FEET AFTER WARS AND DISTRUCTIONS. obammy needs to study more of the USA history in the libraries, instead of going and apologizing for the USA. He is an Islam, gay, and likes the life of Riley. He has his own military and he wants the USA military gone. ALL OF YOU MILITARY DO NOT ALLOW YOUR SELVES TO DO HIS DIRTY WORK. HE WILL DESTROY YOU. THE MILITARY ISN’T WHAT IT USED TO BE. DON’T VOLUNTEER FOR ANYTHING, STAY HOME AS WE WILL NEED YOU FOR OUR SAFETY FROM OBAMMY.

      • mspatdev, did you take your meds this morning? I Obama hiding under your bed mixing a evil anti America commie Muslim portion that will turn you into a progressive? Do you see Obama in your dreams, wake up, scream, then wack off?

      • Did you take your meds, or only foolaide! Obama wants us to drop to a third world country standard. Then he can change the constitution so he can be the one and only supreme leader dictator that he is, open all borders to terrorist and illegals, and he will probably even be the one stand on the top of the white house and help ISIS fly their flag, he will do it for them! Wait you will see.

      • No no right winger, Vincent is right on target. You are the one who wants to destroy America. Right Winger, you are the one that has degraded the office of the Presidency by spreading your lies and racial hatred about the President. Don’t you know that our enemies in foreign countries see how you white haters have tried to demean our President? They are taking advantage of your white hate and lies, right winger. You are trying to destroy America and again, the government should arrest your hateful ass for treason.

    • Vincent, yes, Mr. West is a very ignorant man. He’s like a Minstrel Show for white people. They love him, even though he is a failed politician, and even when his brother came to him begging for a job, you know what Mr. West did, he sent his brother to Maxine Waters, a progressive, who had organized a job fair in California. West could not even get his own brother a job, and told his brother to go beg a liberal democrat for employment, lol.

      • I suppose that could have nothing to do with the economic depress of that time and period? Did you stop to think that perhaps West had no factual job to get his brother to that? Oh also know it all politicians are not allowed by LAW to pull favors for family members for a job or anything what so ever… a little research perhaps? Oh wait you live in lala land! I guess since Odumbass, and many others like that do like to break the law so you are OK with it!

  49. This was pretty dumb.
    You don’t reference “ideological intransigence” while displaying the same. It makes you look like you don’t get it.
    So we have go rebuild relationships? You know how long it took our forces to start doing that during the Iraq War? Years. It’s a great, logical place to START anything. Acting like it’s some hindrance due to entrenched ideas about how the wind-down should have happened is wishful thinking. That’s not how it happened. If we’re listing our fantasies for what should have happened in the past, most Americans would say that Bush should have approached the situation in a manner that was more like Obama, which is to say slowly and not impetuously. Building relationships is not big deal. It’s the smart way to start.
    When Islamists disavow ISIS, it’s perfectly fine to label them in a way that suggests that they’re not living up to their religion. That’s a very obviously stupid point.
    President Obama said that America is safer, but NOT ACCORDING TO RECENT POLLING? What the hell? Since when is our safety determined by polling? Dumb. (And really dumb when he states that Obama actions are dictated by polling. Which is it? Does he follow the poles, or act against them? Do you understand how inherently foolish it is to try to use polling as a crutch in political statements?)
    Comparing coalition building between Bush and Obama? Is that smart, or just spin? Why would countries have soured on following us into a coalition on military action in the Middle East? Bush? Anyone? Plus, coalition-building has just begun, so it’s jumping the gun to try to paint this picture.
    I like that he’s looking to have someone else foot the bill. That would have been nice in the last go ’round as well.
    There was reference to domestic jihadists. They’re not using the border, so bringing it up would be moot.
    Our military force isn’t at “horribly low” levels. That’s just made-up fluff based on the plans to shrink the military, which has the endorsement of all of the Chiefs-Of-Staff. An eyeroll would be appropriate here.
    Do yourself a favor, and find a better talking head to listen to. This guy is simply the worst kind of a partisan: the kind that will blatantly spin to your face.

    • Sounds like you have it all figured out…..you must know the POTUS pretty well. Do you always run to his defense?….It is obvious you have a fetish for your lord and chief. Gee, guess we all should feel warm and fuzzy now.

      • It made the Jason fella wonder why she was unable to address any of the points I found fault with, and why you people seem to think that characterizing smart people as Obama defenders is some legitimate form of defense able to relieve yourselves from any intellectual responsibility to respond to the subject at hand. Characterizations of people as Obama defenders isn’t a retort of any merit whatsoever.

      • Do you always run to the defense of Mr. West? It seems just as obvious that YOU have a fetish for your “lord and chief.”
        I made legitimate arguments against the above article. If you have a problem with THOSE ARGUMENTS, attempt to give Mr. West some help by strengthening these multiple weak points. To comment otherwise, to make it about YOUR silly notion of Obama-worship, doesn’t do you any favors.

  50. It is very telling the number of ATACKERS on the pages of someone you all call a failure.. a warmonger and failed flawed person it’s because he could actiually figh and win this war.. that he could stop the fool aid flow and actually show pride in America and YOU CAN”T STAND THAT can you the distration of so many eyes from Obama’s glorious ass waving in the breeze as the emporer wears no clothes.. has no brain is a simple puppet to other influences placed here in the sixties to become the sleeper of all sleeper agents..

  51. Bush handed Obama two Victories which Obama tossed to the Jaws of defeat simply because he wouldn’t allow American to win over a Muslim country.. He sees no terrorism no radical Islam Jarrett and her Muslim Brotherhood have insured they run the white house and frankly I expect the Muslim Isis flag to fly over the white house Obama and Kerry and Jarrett will be running it up the flag pole themselves..

    • “Two victories!” ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL!!! T. VOGT, right winger, you are cracking me up, lol, lol, lol. Bush and Cheney’s lying wars were doomed from the beginning. They took out Saddam for oil purposes, destabilized the middle east, and have caused all of the destruction that we see today. Bush and Cheney, two frauds that lost the 2000 Presidential election to Al Gore by over 540,000 votes, should both be arrested and charged with treason

  52. Our country is already gravely in debt. We have been enticed into this war for two
    basic reasons: (1) The image of ISIS being attacked by the Great Satin will
    draw in many new recruits for ISIS, and (2) our enemy knows the cost of this
    war will bring us close to bankruptcy and will certainly weaken our capacity
    for internal national security.

    • Funny you mention the economic repercussions because China and Russia are watching very closely. America is probably only about 1-2 years away from 2nd position economic superpower to China. Deutsche bank released some great info and history with data on it to prove the trend and we are practically at the crossroads. China knows America is not going to pay off our debt so let’s see who will fund this war. 😉

  53. Allen west credibility is totally discounted when he makes an asinine statement like defeat from get this “30,000 feet”. C’mon now,,, drones and fighter pilots do not fire munitions from “30,000” feet. See people need to listen to these neocons closely. His commentary is just as delusional as Kerry’s.

    • Hey bbb……

      Get off that crack.. I mean, that crack, as in your boyfriend…

      You and your playmates are like aids. Useless. You intellectual standing only exists based on fantasy.

      You talk about a man, who, unlike you, has the heart, soul, courage, and whatsoevers, to do what most like you, have not the courage..

      You got a big mouth!! Now how about showing your true colors…..

      As if!!!!

      • Nope, bbb told your right wing lying butt off. He speaks the truth, and the truth to a right wing hater like you, is like kyptonite to Superman.

      • Oh wait…BBB is not a racist or white supremacist?! Oh yea BBB agreed with you… there you go you bigoted racist!

      • LOL good grief! It seriously does not matter if you are talking about the altitudes of F18s or your favorite brand of peanut butter does it? Hilarious!

      • Right?! This guy is out there! wait until you see my response below to his Jesus was black and all Jewish descended from Africa. I pretty much wrote a short book proving him wrong!

    • WW2 bombs dropped from 30,000. He just used an expression that means in general, death from above. It’s a military thing 🙂 Think right now F18s are bombing ISIS laser guided so they are probably somewhere between 15-18,000 maybe, all depends on the mission/target. Every mission is unique to some degree. And we do have high altitude drones, don’t know if they are being used, it’s sort of all secret lol!

    • Ronald Reagan lied to the American people, November 6, 1986: “We have not, repeat, exchanged weapons for hostages nor shall we.” Then, Reagan came back on November 10, 1986, after his aides told him that he shouldn’t lie, and Reagan said, “Oh, well, we may have done it, but I didn’t see it that way.” Then Reagan addressed the nation in March of 1987 and said, “Well, we did exchange weapons for hostages, but I didn’t think that we were doing that (?).” Reagan also lied before the Tower Commission, headed by John Tower, the CONSERVATIVE Republican Senator from Texas whom Reagan appointed to head the Congressional Investigation of Iran Contra. In Towers book, “Consequences,” he wrote, “President Reagan continues to change his story while testifying before our committee. I am shocked.” Right Wing liar, your great God, Ronald Reagan, was a pathological liar.

      • As does and is Odumbass! If you believe for one minute his plan will work to take out ISIS… think again. History repeating its self. The rebels just like those if al-Quida and Taliban will turn on us to, and use our own weapons against us. ISIS is mainly left over private soldiers of the Iraqi army who had our weapons and using them now in ISIS. Do some research!

    • Also, right wing retard, Bush and Cheney lied about iran having WMD’s, and got nearly 5000 americans killed for nothing, and over 25,000 Americans wounded for life. Right Winger, Mark, you concerned about those lies, or only the alleged lies that you believe, in your twisted right wing mind, that the President committed. Right Winger, all of your scandals against the President have been proven to be fakes. Right Winger, can you walk and chew bubblegum at the same time?

      • Exterminator..you are wrong. The weapons of mass were discovered..moved..buried. You seem deluded..You are an exterminator alright..exterminator of truth. Dillusional…

      • ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! Pam, you are one certified sicko, lol. Where were the WMD’s found? In your right wing dreams? Ha ha

      • But yet in your slave mentality you carry with hate and desire to keep racism alive you are blinded yet again by proven facts. The media tried to cover it up and said no WMD… is that why suddenly they were found and proven moved by the media? You are the one living in a dream. When ISIS comes a knocking I bet you are the first person to bow down to them and take a pledge and allegiance to them to save your sorry butt! When you do, you will be treated as hostile and the same as them!

      • Who said that the WMD’s were found: Rush Limbaugh? Sean Hannity? Sorry, Pam, no WMD’s found. Reagan gave Saddam plenty of WMDs in the 1980s, but Saddam used those weapons up in his ten year war with Iran. If Saddam had any recent WMD’s, Bush and Cheney planted them there, lol.

      • No, you idiotic, womb rejected thug…To hell with Hannity or that overweight Limbaugh… I saw the shitttttt….

        I am a Republican, not a tunnel worshipper.

        I WAS THERE……. I am an American Soldier and two legged trachcans like you make me ill…. Thats ok, one day!!!!

        By the way you racist twit, a White American Soldier was stabbed, killed and murdered ourside Ft Lewis, WA last year. Can you guess who killed him? I’ll give you a hint….. Holder injected his title to assume “no hate crime committed”…
        You are so bright!!??
        It was three, filthy, black pieces of you, who murdered him with racial intent. Ny the way, they were identified as soldiers…
        Now that I have introduced myself to you through numerous posts, take notice:

        “You are not worthy of any further commo”

      • Pam!! Great Response.. and knowledge…
        Contrary to public knowledge, the US military and allied forces came across numerous NBC munitions and/or components. But, these same political and media rejects who would deny any such findings in Iraq, also denied al Qaeda was in Iraq prior to the US and allied invasion.
        ISIS today is the Levant in 2002-04..
        With proper research and intellectual promise, the truth can be proven and based upon fact. Also, Uday and Qusay Hussein were preliminary vontacts for al Qaeda..
        Thanks Again Pam..
        As for that exterminator freak, he is like aids….. USELESS!!!!!

      • One could also say that the exterminator freak is full of H.I.V. (Hatred, Intolerance, and Violence) as is much of Islam!

      • Do some research! It was proven they were found and moved! Major media (not Fox, or CNN) had said so… Like credible ones…NY Times, Washington post etc.. Fox and CNN are to libral and conservative and one sided.

  54. Obomba’s drones and fighter pilots plan was DOA even before it took off. Like an empty gourd that makes a lot of noise but it hollow inside, the Bozo-in-Chief was trying to “wish” a coalition into existence by talking as if his blah-blah- would make it a fait accompli.

    Meantime, Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey told the Bozo to “Farouk” himself because he would not “make available” any Turkish airbases for the Bozo to send attack planes from and into Iraq or Syria. Then the Brits and Germans followed quickly by saying, “not us either.”

    At this point the best thing the Clown-in-Chief can do is perhaps to fire himself out of a circus cannon into Iraq, announce that he is the President of the USA and have ISIS cut off HIS head. THAT would be a victory for America (of sorts…..)

  55. Tis time the United States of America use our weapon of choice.

    American leadership is non-existent, America is a global “non-issue”, and Israel is the ONLY country stabbing islam. There are available options, both tactically and diplomatically (so to speak) that can be designated as short term.

    As usual, the USA is not leading, nor is it challenging. France is stepping up to the plate to engage the Shiite Iran. Certainly, we have nuke issues with Iran yet, at this time in our history, we dissengage. Is it our pride? Do we base our pride on historical circumstance?

    The Levant, or ISIS/ISIL, is fast becoming a nightmare.


    Because ignorant and pathetic and gullible America voted for a “change and hope racist, community organizing, anti American sequel to “the demise of America”, we must endure the “what ifs” now??

    To obama and biden, You Can Go Directly To Hell and wecwill see to it. America’s peril is now your demise.

    As for the Levant, I say this:

    “You are a pathetic, womb rejected, comic book quran reading, filthy inbred human version of trash and garbage.” For any bleeding heart American who calls on “peace”, with islam or any muslim, you are aiding and coddling our enemy. Take the hint….

    The weapon of choice???

    We have the nuclear option. What are we waiting for? An alien invasion?? These weapons are designed for such scenarios. Get over it people.
    Lets be done with it, and islam..

    We have a government that is so stupid and inconsistent, our lives depend on a response..

    • He can’t make sense, he is too corrupted to make any sense, concerning the good of the USA. He is up to his eyes in with Holder, Reid, Kerry, Pelosi, Clinton and others, those who are working toward corrupting the country. It is tear down not build up!!! Try to count the laws and decisions that has been made against the Christians beliefs and standards. He hates our Savior and does not care who knows it, he hated the standards of our country and has continually fought against them. He is the enemy of all that we stand for.

      • “Christian,” ROFL!!!!!!! You are not a Christian, you are a white supremacist hater. Your people have nothing to do with Christianity, anyway. Sorry to burst your bubble, right winger, but there were no whites in the Bible until mention was made of the Roman occupancy in the New Testament. You’ve seen too many Hollywood movies. The original Biblical characters were black and brown people, not your color. You have no religion, so leave our religion alone! Get your own religion like the pagan Gods that your ancestors worshiped. Again, your kind is not in the Bible, unless you look at one of those phony movies like King of Kings, or, the Passion of Christ. The Biblical story took place in Northeast Africa, not Europe. Quit stealing our religion, you are NO Christian. God hates you.

      • This is how the liberal antichrist always feel about the truth. The truth they cannot abide. The right wing should be ready to accept lies that are told, they won’t hurt anybody, just make us feel better about ourselves.

      • Another point, right wing woman, there was no letter “J” in the English alphabet until roughly 300-400 years ago.

      • Salomon’s Song: “I am Black, yet comely.”
        Right wing woman, quit quoting verses from the Black biblical people. Get your own religion, and quit trying to steal our religion

      • You and I do have something in common. If Obama gets his wish, both of us will have our respective religions stolen from us. And there we’ll be together–either butchered by the radical Muslims OR sticking our butts up in the air 5 times a day while we suck in dirt from the “prayer rug” while pretending to mutter to “allah!” We should probably try to work together before it is too late!

      • See right wing woman, there were no white Jews until 740 AD (read the book by the GREAT White Jewish Historian, Arthur Koestler, The Thirteenth Tribe). The original Jews were Black and Brown African people, like the great Black Falasha Jews of Ethiopia. The white Jews that you see in Israel today, are not the Jews spoken of in the Bible. They are Khazars, or European from the lost Khazar Empire. They are NOT the original Jews.

      • First off, the whole bible did not take place in Africa! Jesus was of Jewish decent…middle east… must of had a good sip of your foolaide before this post. So now you are not only a racist and bigot, a sexist to! Calling someone just WOMAN is sexist! Get a life.

      • ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL. Right Winger, there was NOTHING called the Middle East until after WW2 you dummy. Prior to then, it was just considered to be a part of Africa, idiot!

      • Keith, right winger, after WW2, because the White Jewish people (Jews by ritual, not Jews by blood linage) that migrated to Palestine did not want to be considered Africans, they began calling that region of the world, The Middle East.

      • Well since the only part of the bible you seem to know and recite is the portion about Africa… I can see how you would think that. Using more racial slurs again I see calling Jewish “Jews” as you put it. I suppose then that you think Jesus was not our savior? Even though he was Jewish and the bible says he was Jewish and our savior? I am curios your hatred bigoted racist remark will be for this…

      • The Hebrews which migrated out of Egypt in I guess, 3000 BC, spread to other parts of Africa. If you saw a PBS broadcast several years ago (Look it up, WHITE Hater, again you have no God) They focused on the Lemba Jews of South Africa, pure Hebrews, pure BLACK, which DNA testing proved that their kind had DNA to the Hebrews of Egypt far older than any so called European Jewish people. Even the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia, many of whom are living in Israel now (and being treated like dogs by the European Jews) have DNA which date back thousands of years older than any white so-called Jew. In a recent book by Dr. Shimo Sands, a professor (White Jew) at the University of Tel Avi, (is that how you spell it?), his book is called, “How and Why the Jewish people were CREATED.” Again, look it up, idiot. He is a professor in Israel and he admit that their history is a myth. Arthur Koestler, another WHITE Jewish historian, from Hungary admits the same thing in his book, “The Thirteenth Tribe.” Historians have known, for decades, that the White or European Jews are not the Hebrews (bloodline) from the Bible. They converted to Judaism in the 7th and 8th Century AD. The original Jews, the Jews spoken of in the Bible, were BLACK AND BROWN people, NOT White, like your Hollywood movies would like you to think. Okay, right winger, where are your sources that suggest that the Jews in Israel are the Jews, or Hebrews, from the bible. Please list your source?

      • I will be rebuking several of your answers in this one post
        from your responses. Lol, like how you like to say it all came from Africa. PBS is fine for learning I guess, but anyone can go on there that has a title and say what they want… that is why it is called a Public Broadcast Station! This you’re your source? It is not even a scholarly one!!! You have a master in politics? WOW!!! Anyone who has gone to college knows to cite a source it needs to be a primary source of good standing that is strong… usually from a University, Paper by a distinguished professor etc.. Second you do not even
        know how to properly cite a source… here is a hint… It is called APA format and all American Universities require it in writing… politics courses have a lot of writing… trust me I know.

        Ok, so in a previous post in fact
        it was 1:55 p.m., Sunday Sept. 14 you claim the Middle East came after WWII…lol you are laughable at best! See here is what a college grad form a top ten university with a doctorates degree can do… real research! The author I am
        quoting is from the Middle East as well, and very well published and seen as a top source of the mid-east and their affairs, as I will provide the links at the end and all her publications. As I stated I am no biblical scholar… so Idid some research, Hold on!!! Ready!!!

        According to Professor Asma Afsaruddin, Ph.D., of University of Notre Dame (2012), “Geographic and cultural
        region located in southwestern Asia and northeastern Africa. The geopolitical term “Middle East” was first coined in 1902 by a United States naval officer Alfred Thayer Mahan” (Afsaruddin, A., 2012). Here WWII did not start until Sept. 1, 1934 and lasted until 1945. You can google this info and get it anywhere. So here you are wrong when it was established the Middle East. Further, Professor Asma Afsaruddin, Ph.D., of University of Notre Dame (2012) stated, “The Middle East is described as the cradle of
        civilization. Why is this? By 300 BC, as your book (Bates and Rassam) points out [p. 20 ff], 1) we see the division of society into a number of social classes; 2) the development of large, densely populated urban centers, or the
        rise of cities; 3) and the emergence of centralized political institutions, leading to the formation of the state. We also have evidence of the rise of different kinds of occupations other than the primarily agricultural one, as artisans, merchants, priests, soldiers, and kings. Long-distance trade
        becomes important” (Afsaruddin, A., 2012). Here again the civilizations started being seen and noticed in 300 B.C., not 3000 as you state.

        Next, to debunk that they came from Africa since you like to jumble things up and twist them to fit your needs and spew your hatred and racial bigoted views. You said in an earlier post at 1:52 p.m., Sunday Sept. 14 that they came from Africa and you exclaim even later 3:30 p.m., Sunday Sept. 14 that is where the Jewish came from and again after WWII. Well, sorry to say… Professor Asma
        Afsaruddin, Ph.D., of University of Notre Dame (2012) states, “Where the original home of the Semites was remains a point of debate and discussion for
        scholars today; some say they come from some part of Asia, i.e. originally from the Arabian Peninsula or from Mesopotamia, some say they crossed into Asia
        originally from Africa. But in any case, based on linguistic evidence, we know that these various peoples of the Middle East must have originally come from one stock and then settled in various parts of what we call the Middle
        East, including North Africa, to become distinctive ethnic groups” ” (Afsaruddin, A., 2012). And here is why the debate continues, Professor Asma Afsaruddin, Ph.D., of University of Notre Dame (2012) stated, “Popularly, Arabs, like other ancient Middle Eastern peoples, are considered to be the descendants of Shem, son of Noah, and therefore considered to be Semites. Like ancient Babylonians, Phoenicians, Assyrians, the Hebrews, and the Aramaeans. Another son of Noah, called Ham, gives his name to a closely related group called the Hamites, among whom are the Ethiopians (called Abyssinians in ancient times), the ancient Egyptians, and the Sabians and Himyarites, in southern Arabia” (Afsaruddin, A., 2012). Noah had two sons, which had two different names related close to two different tribes. This does not prove that they came from
        Africa. So it has not been said where actually they come, from and it is still a scholarly debate. Never been proven they came directly from Africa
        as you state, it says including North Africa. Not that is where they hail from, but branched from.

        Your scholars you quoted have no
        real base to say they came from Africa.
        My source IS a leading authority on Islamic Societies of the Middle East
        and North Africa: Religion, History, and Culture. As you will see when I post
        her publications, and the link to the page I got the information from. She has taught
        at Harvard and Yale as well. So to say that they came from here or there is purely
        ignorant and not fact based. It is
        stated on several scholarly sites that it is still being debated and that there
        is no real answer yet! Your author only shared their views! Nothing backing
        them up.

        Your scholars you quoted have no real base to say they came from Africa. My source IS a leading authority on Islamic Societies of the Middle East and North Africa: Religion, History, and Culture. As you will see when I post
        her publications, and the link to the page I got the information from. She has taught at Harvard as well. So to say that they came from here or there is purely ignorant and not fact based. It is stated on several scholarly sites that it is still being debated and that there is no real answer yet! Your author only shared their views! Nothing backing
        them up.

        As for your statement on the DNA…there is no real credible fact to that, and has been debunked. Again on PBS… Not the first time someone on PBS has been detested and proven to be wrong.

        Asma Afsaruddin is associate professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies in the Department of Classics and previously taught at Harvard University. Her fields of specialization are the religious and political thought of Islam, Qur’an and hadith studies, Islamic intellectual history, and gender. Among other publications, she is the author of Excellence and Precedence: Medieval Islamic Discourse on Legitimate Leadership (Leiden: E.J. Brill, 2002) and of the forthcoming The First Muslims: A Short History (Oxford: OneWorld Publications, 2007), and the editor of
        Hermaneutics and Honor: Negotiation of Female “Public” Space in Islamic/ate Societies (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University, 1999). She has also written over fifty research articles, book chapters, and encyclopedia
        entries on various aspects of Islamic thought and has lectured widely in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Afsaruddin serves on the editorial boards of the Oxford Encyclopaedia of the Islamic World and the MESA Bulletin (Cambridge University Press). Among her current research projects is a book-length manuscript about competing perspectives on and martyrdom in pre-modern and modern Islamic thought. Her research has won funding from the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York, among others.

        Source: http://ocw.nd.edu/arabic-and-middle-east-studies/islamic-societies-of-the-middle-east-and-north-africa-religion-history-and-culture/about-the-professor


        Afsaruddin, A. PhD. (2012) University of Notre Dame: INTRODUCTION TO THE GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF THE MIDDLE EAST. Retrieved on September 14, 2014 from:


      • For some reason the site chops up my post. Anyways I made my point, you are wrong. Below you accuse me of being uneducated, however my post proves you are wrong, and that your sources are still not fact based. Have fun with that. I sure am more educated than you, that is obvious.

      • As Revelations wrote about Jesus (actually, yeshua was his name, I guess, because there was no letter “J” in the English alphabet until roughly 300 years ago), “he had feet the color of burnt brass.” Brass is tan by nature, and burnt brass would be dark brown or black. Jesus, as you call him, was a Black man. His parents hid him in Egypt from Herod and Egypt, of course, was a Black nation until the Arabs invaded Egypt in the 7th Century (or was it the 6th Century). White people have no God. It White people had a God, number one, they would not be so evil, and number two, their God would have developed in Europe. The Bible has nothing to do with White people., nothing! Your Hollywood movies do not count, lol. You white haters anyway, are too evil to have a God, so quit stealing the God of Black and Brown people. Find your own God.

      • One can understand why you ignorant uneducated right wing fools hate Obama, he’s too intelligent for you. As the old racists in the South use to say, “That a smart “N.” let’s hang him!”

      • I don’t want him hung because he is biracial that forgets half his genes.. no I want him hung as the traitor he is And he is and I hope the military takes him out why do you think he has decimated the military he plans to hand us over to the UN you ignorant ass

      • Your references to “black history” are as silly as a screendoor on a submarine. You walk through a tunnel as a constant fantasy. You slander all that are intellectually incapacitating you and your moronic thinking.
        You slander whites. Now slander islam and its muslim pathetics. Go ahead!!
        Afraid it might harm your blind view if truths based upon facts?
        A white American Soldier was brutally stabbed and killed outside Ft. Lewis, WA..
        By three filthy moulinyans described as Soldiers.
        Do you know what your boyfriends, obama and holder did, they ordered the DOD to call it a crime. Not a hate crime…..when in fact they were heard yelling racial slander against the white soldier.

    • Right Winger, only demonic hate filled white supremacists like you are in Hell. You hate our country, you traitor, you Nazi sympathizing White Supremacist liar. You would burn this country down, commit terrorist attacks on our skyscrapers if you could get away with it. You are a Nazi, right winger, a lover of Hitler and the Third Reich. You hate real Blacks (and West is not a real black, but an Oreo cookie), real native Americans, real Hispanics. You like minorities only if they play like they agree with you hate and filth. You want to burn this country down, don’t you, right winger? you should be charged with treason, you anti American bigot lying thug.

  56. Allen West stated about Hussein Obama “this is not leadership at its best” Well S.B., West, We have no leadership! It sounds like you are starting to give Obama some slack. Screw you West!

    • I love my country enough that I would follow West before I followed Obama… unless it was to make sure he actually left without stealing everything pawn able from the White House on his way out.. Since he had the DOJ in his pocket we can’t trust them to actually uphold any laws anymore.. He has followed the Communist teachings to the Letter Destroy from within West at least could fire a weapon to defend himself while you defend someone that wouldn’t even be able to swing a golf club effectively…

      • No right winger, you HATE America. Sure, you would love to follow a black apologist which you believe will exempt you from your white supremacy hateful views. But noooo, right winger, we can see straight through you. You are a bigoted clown, who only accepts black people if they think like you. Well, right winger, I don’t think like you, I don’t like your kind, and I will fight your racist ass until the last breath leaves my beautiful black body.

      • Our kind.. another racial slur… you look that one up? No we as a general populas and nation do not think like you! Thank god! Hateful racist bigot!

      • I clearly did not defend Hussein Obama. You cannot comprehend what you read. You are the Fifty percent of Americans in my country who are factually stupid!

    • Allen West, a confused Black apologist who does minstrel shows for the benefit of white supremacists, is Hobbie the clown. Allen West could not lead a fish into the water. He is a jester who is so jealous of Obama, that he probably has a dozen photos of Obama on the wall of his bathroom, drinking gin, smoking a joint, and beating the walls while yelling, “Why is he so much smarter than me??? He won the Presidency, and I can’t even win my small district in Florida. I thought that being an uncle Remus for white racists would pay off for me, but darn it, it failed me!”

      • Listen to your self. You say you are not a racist and that black’s are not. Yet you just were towards a black man calling him Hobbie the clown! You used racist slander towards a balck man…. BIGOT!

      • <——Don't like traitors. That is not being racists. Again, Blacks never had the power in this nation to be racists. Only white people are racists.

      • whats worse???? my guess an idiot like you that can’t stand an intellegent Black Man that is Conservative and doesn’t bow to every LIBERAL STUPID Ideal… I’ll take the one with the brain and the Military record, guts and Honest feeling for the country then the POSER in washington… or is he playing with his balls again Ovomit just can’t stop playing with himself thats why the crotch cup instead of respect for our country and it’s beliefs. if he let go of the other hand he’d just get in trouble putting it somewhere insulting

    • Allen West could need lead a bird into the sky. He is an ignorant Negro that tap dances for the amusement of white supremacist haters.

  57. iv said it before and illl say it again–just carpet bomb isis with a B52 loaded with pig guts rotten shrimp, scallops, and a couple stray dead dogs and the war will be over in 3 days or less — but obama was born, raised, and educated a sunni muslim, he has numerous sunni muslim advisors in the white house, his brother is sunni muslim, alqeada is sunni muslim, hamas is sunni muslim, isis is sunni muslim,and the muslim brotherhood is sunni muslim — obama is just directing a dog and pony show buying time for his sunni birth right to grow and expand operations — obama has run the blacks the latinos, the catholics the american indian, the jews and the veterens under the buss — israeli and the middle east christians can not expect any support from the obama machine cause it just wont happen

    • You are so right….You may be interested (or you may well know) the strategy of the British General “Black Jack” Pershing regarding the use of pork products in eliminating Islamic terrorism in the Philipines for generations!

      • yes im very familiar with the philippines and black jack pershing why in the hell can these hipower war planners understand it — maybe there is just to much money to be made on war materials

  58. I think the phrase he used was, fundamentally change the US…and that he has. Obama has done more damage to our nation than we really understand. It will take decades to straighten out the mess he has created. He has succeeded in his mission to destroy the US from the inside out. While we focus our efforts rebuilding everything he has torn down the undefined enemy will be gaining ground and momentum.

    • If I were a bigoted White Supremacist, I would detest Obama! Things that other Presidents did, Obama has no right to do, like Executive Order, in which he has issued fewer than probably all of the previous Presidents since Herbert Hoover. But he’s Black, and has no right to issue Executive Orders, right? But you are not a racist, no way…………after all, you support the website of this Black guy that thinks just like you, and he is Black! No way are you a White Supremacist, because in this world today, you can simply find a paid off Black guy that reinforces your prejudices. Yep, Obama has changed things. Obama has yanked the mask off of you. And behind that mask is hateful, ignorant, illogical, and sexually frustrated white male, who feels threatened by any Black people that are willing to stand up and call you what you are: A 21st Century KKKer.

      • He may have issued less executive orders than any other president, however the ones he has issued by way of the constitution are supposed to be approved by congress. There is a reason members of congress are bringing suit against him for this before the supreme court of the U.S..

      • Yes, because he is Black, the white supremacist Congress must approve his executive orders. Sure, I understand.

      • WOW, even though there are several black’s in congress… They are white supremacist to? You are in loony land…you need to learn about checks and balances…you should have since your a supposed political science major….There is a reason there is a separation of power in the government… so no one branch has to much power… Suppose Obummer wants to abolish that as well.

  59. The blggest threat to the Unlted States rlght now ls resldlng at 1600 Pennsylvanla Ave……barry ls a Domestlc Terrorlst.
    (l have to substltute one letter for another because one of my keys lsn’t worklng.)

      • yes, that black commie African socialist black in the white house is a threat to your white privilege desires. The fear that your children will grow up after experiencing seeing a Black family in the White House and may not be as bigoted and as hateful as you are. That is definitely a threat to the Leave It To Beaver world you hate to see disappear. Ahhhhhh, the days in which the White man reigned supreme

      • Since you are the Liberal, I can understand your point. As for you are concerned I probably know more about the true blacks then a 1/2 breed or zebra. I grew up around the blacks and they were very nice people. Some were a lot better then the whites and even mexicans. My children grew up with the blacks and all nationalities. Too bad that you didn’t. It seems that you are a bit racist. You must be a friend of obammy as he is very racist. I had many privileges of knowing a lot of the blacks and other races. Where I lived everyone was equal if that was what they chose to do. Appartently you know nothing of them as you haven’t been around them. You are more hateful then a lot of the blacks have been. As far as obammy is concerned, he is doing a lousy job, he wants to destroy the USA, he blames everybody for his mistakes, he hates the USA and he is not the first black prez. He is 50% White, 44% Arab and a mare 6% Black. He is not even a true black. Mr. West is a true black and he would be a better prez. You must come from Uncle Tom.

      • mspatdev, right winger, what part of Obama is the racist? Black extremists say that it is the white part, white supremacists haters say that it is the Black part. Hard to figure. Ronald Reagan was a racist that hated Black people, even supported apartheid in South Africa,. He hated Blacks, only appointed one Black to his cabinet, Samuel Pierce over HUD, and Pierce, like 138 other Reagan officials, was forced to resign for crimes and ethical violations. Ronald Reagan also raped a woman name Selene Walters in 1952, ran up the deficit, increased the national debt by 178%, got 243 Marines killed in Lebanon due to his incompetency in 1983, illegally sold weapons to the terrorist nation of Iran, hosted expensive and extravagant white house parties, inviting his Hollywood buddies, while Nancy and Frank Sinatra sneaked into a back rooms and screwed, yet you love that bastard, who was the son of a drunk. And that phony lying racist bastard, Ronald Reagan never won the cold war, you phony lying right winger. The cold war between the Soviet Union and the united States ended at the result of Reagan making a major concession to the Soviet Union, something your white supremacist hateful ass who despise Obama over. Reagan and Gorbachev agreed to the 1987 Nuclear Disarmament Agreement, which called for both nations to destroy 2500 nuclear weapons between both nations. We were allowed to go on their site to verify that they were destroying their weapons, and they were allowed to come on our site to verify that we were destroying our weapons. How do you “win” a war when the enemy is allowed to come on your turf to verify that you have destroyed your weapons? That bastard Reagan came close to being impeached in 1987, when Americans founds out that he had committed TREASON in illegally selling arms to the enemy. But the Dems, displaying class (unlike you filthy lying scumbag right wingers white supremacists) and pulled back because the lying racist fraud Reagan was two old, had only two years left in office, etc. Explain yourself, right winger?

      • Caution your lips are moving and spewing hatred bigoted and racist diarrhea again! What proof may I ask other than your own made up BS again? Remember last time you cited crap non authoritative sources to me… I blew you away and will do it again…You under estimated me once not knowing who you were talking to… don’t make yourself look a fool again…

      • Well when the war (that you seem to be wanting to provoke by your outrageous posts) starts between racist black idiots like yourself vs the rest of the American community composed of various races and ethnicities, I hope everyone on our side gets too pump a couple hollow points into your evil smelly carcASS!

      • You’re more racist than anyone else on this thread. Absolutely disgusting. The Obamas are living like kings on the taxpayers dime. They are truly living like the stereotypical black. No working and living off of the government.

      • Nope, Black people are not racists. Black people never told white people to go to the back of the bus, never told white people that they could not go to this restaurant, go to this school, go to this movie theater, because they were White. Racism is institutional, and only white people are racists. And the Obama’s have not enjoyed anything more than the other Presidents have enjoyed. Because they are Black, and you resent your tax dollars being paid on a President that is not white, that is why you are questioning their expenses, you redneck white supremacist hater

      • But yet white people in congress and government passed the bill to abolish it and make go away now didn’t they!

      • Well, the same white trash that hate Obama, would have also hated Abraham Lincoln. Such white trash has always been around. There was never a President hated so much in this nation than Abe Lincoln, because he waged a war against the Black hating South, in part, to liberate the slaves (that was not the only reason that the war was fought, but partially the reason). Black haters like you Allen West lovers would have tried to kill Abe Lincoln had you lived during that time. you black haters would have also tried to kill Martin Luther King. You are gutter white trash, filthy uneducated white garbage that hate any person that strives for justice, equality, and the American way for all people, regardless of race, creed and color.

      • Wrong, I think what Abe did was great for what he did. I never said I supported all of West’s views either, just the ones on ISIL/S. I agree and disagree with many presidents and politicians of any party. Obama has had some good plans, and others I disagree with. I thought Obama care would work better or be better if it were better written and thought out more. Instead it was rushed in by all. Key word by ALL. For instance I was blown away when Boehner agreed in his statement that Obama should get what he is asking for from congress in the fight against ISIL/S. First time I saw him agree and was glad to hear the opposing side was with him for a change… White Trash and garbage that does not believe in equality, blah, blah ,blah. I see you are reverting back to being an inhumane racist again. Cannot help yourself can you?! Perhaps you missed the part when I stated I fight for peoples civil rights and liberties for a living… That means I fight for what you say I am against… total contradiction. 97 percent of my clients are of other races and nationalities, and you would be surprised how many of them have actual claims against a black boss or an Muslim boss. Proven facts Google it!

      • Look here you low breed piece of absolute waste of AIR. I don’t give a RATS REAR what COLOR you are, What SEX you are You are a RACIST BIGOTED IGNORANT IDIOT !…. This KY daughter was taught more about Lincoln then you could absorb if you were made of a sponge. I was taught to go by the Golden rule most of my life until I met some of the MOST RACIST IDIOTS AND REDNECKS THEY WERE NOT ! THEY were BLACK YOU OWE ME’s like YOU SPOUT. SO TAKE your UNWANTED, a classic missed abortion self and SHUT your PIE HOLE. You ARE PART OF THE CAUSE RACE RELATIONS HAVE GONE BACKWARDS in the last 20 years..YOU want to live on a PLANTATION THEN IT CAN BE ARRANGED it’s call PRISON..Worked with many of your type there… I worked they sat around demanding what the thought they were entitled to.. you aren’t entitled to a damn thing.. except a jury.and what you earn. AND THE RIGHTS THAT PEOPLE HAVE MADE LAWS AND WE ARE ALSO ENTITLED TO TELL YOU SHUT THE FREAKING HECK UP. if you show your ass be prepared to be asked to cover it !!!

      • Selene Walters, the woman that Ronald Reagan raped in 1952, was interviewed in the April 29, 1991, issue of People Magazine. People magazine wanted to confirm with Ms. Walters what Kitty Kelley wrote in her book, so they found and interviewed Ms. Walters. Again, this is from the April 29, 1991, issue of People Magazine:


        KELLEY CLAIMS: Reagan met starlet Selene Walters in a Hollywood
        nightclub in the cart) 1950s. Although I was on a date,” she quotes
        Walters as saying, “Ronnie kept whispering in my ear, ‘I’d like to call
        you. How can I get in touch with you?’ ” Hoping that Reagan, then
        president of the Screen Actors Guild, could boost her career, Walters
        gave him her address and was surprised when he came calling at 3 A.M.
        “He pushed his way inside and said he just had to see me. He forced me
        on the couch…and said, ‘Let’s just get to know each other.’ It was the
        most pitched battle I’ve ever had, and suddenly in a matter of seconds I
        lost…. They call it date rape today….”

        SELENE WALTERS SAYS: Kelley’s account of his late-night visit is
        essentially accurate, although he never forced his way into her
        apartment. “I opened the door. Then it was the battle of the couch. I
        was fighting him. I didn’t want him to make love to me. He’s a very big
        man, and he just had his way. Date rape? No, God, no, that’s [Kelley’s]
        phrase. I didn’t have a chance to have a date with him.” Walters says
        she bears Reagan no ill will, and has even voted for him: “I don’t think
        he meant to harm me.”

        ALSO WORTH NOTING: Walters, who writes a column in Spotlight
        Casting Magazine and lives with her third husband, a CPA, in an
        apartment in Beverly Hills, hopes to find a publisher for a book she has
        written about her Hollywood experiences.

      • Ronald Reagan was a rapist, a racist, a liar and a fraud. Yet you right wingers have the audacity to talk about Obama? Obama has never raped a woman. Reagan did.


        and frankly I don’t by it at this late date an article in 91 40 yrs after it supposedly happened isn’t like ohhh say an Ambassador killed while a lazy Black man slept before going to scam money by flapping his lips in Vegas? hmmmm yea that I believe happened

      • You know the really sad thing…. he wouldn’t and couldn’t come on this page to defend himself and your glass whimp could and won’t…

        or is that chimp??? chump?? worthless yea that fits..

      • Educational point that the RACIST IDIOT doesn’t understand that Lincoln thought that sending Blacks back to Africa was the best choice. That is why Liberia came to pass. Who do you think sold the slaves to the slave traders?? Moors{Muslims to the idiot that kisses the Islamic residents rear}, Blacks from other tribes it’s not as if they had to hunt them down like gazelles. Lincoln freed them and they have been acting like they were owed for it since and I am tired of that BS. I have records proving my family never owned anyone, bet they don’t know that BLACKS OWNED BLACKS in the south too not just whites. The term RED NECK is proudly held because it meant you worked out in the sun and got sunburned on the back of your neck earning an HONEST living something that EXTERMINATOR wouldn’t know the first thing about any day of any year. When they breed like bunnies and leave their offspring for others to raise is it any wonder they look like savages? Should they actually be civilized and raise their children to act right then I bet they wouldn’t have the crime statistics, pregnancy statistics and low income statistics that force us to support them and then listen to them cry its not enough….

      • So you’re telling me that blacks aren’t racist? What are the black panthers? Who exactly are white devils?

        I’d you’re to stupid or lazy to actually look up facts before spewing nonsense, I’m done talking to you. The Obamas have spent far more than Bush ever did, and they’ve got two more years!

      • BULL CRAP you can NOT actually have a straight face right now you are the definition of the N word..no matter what color you are you are as racist as a PANTHER BROTHER OR ISIS EVER WANTS sick in the head maybe you need a bullet too or at least a psych eval stat

      • All presidents who were in office live like kings and queens off taxpayers money. That is not the issue. We have a president who has commited high crimemes,treason and who is a traitor. Black/white is also not the issue, but Obama is a racist dspite,the fact he hangs-out with white Billionairs. Kerry should be hung by a rope,I say that as a white person,Pelosi should be put in labor camp,Harry Reed should die in the Nevada desert. Most of the politicians in and outside the beltway are white

      • While I agree with 95 percent of what you said, i disagree with your view of the Obamas’ spending and vacationing habits. Most in our history.

      • “High crimes and treason?” Like selling weapons illegally to terrorists, like Ronald Reagan did. Or, starting a war based upon lies, like George W Bush did? Those, indeed, are high crimes and treason. Tell me what Obama has done similar to that? Can’t think of anything, can you, right winger. LOL

      • How about taking unneeded military action in Libya without congressional approval for the sole reason of fostering radical Islam? How about the whole Arab Spring in general, which clearly made the mid-East much more volatile and gave our America-hater enemies a big boost?

      • Or like your commie buddy Clinton? Remember Monika Blowinsky? That man was an idiot… White water scandal? ty again village idiot.

      • Ummmm… do some real research! Anyone that is not white has more privileges in the 21st. century! It is called diversity. Look at any college, in admissions process any one on a student visa or non white is selected over and before a white person. Again your slave mentality you are stuck in… Like you ranted this is not 1950. Get over yourself and go sip some more fooladie!!! AMERICA HAS PROGRESSED PAST THAT!

      • What is your view/opinion of these people ?
        Harry Reed,John Kerry,John McCain,Nancy Pelosi,Hillary Clinton,Ted Kennedy,Bill Clinton,Barbara Boxer,Governor Cuomo the homo,governor Christie(NJ)?

        Do you have any comments on the white scum in Hollywood?

      • Well, Obama continues to have fairly good support despite the attempts by the white haters and white supremacist black hating racists to undermine his job. he’s doing fine, handling our nations business very well, despite the white hate and the white backstabbing. He’s a great President.

    • No SB, the biggest threat to the United States of America are people like you. White Supremacists who cannot accept the fact that this is no longer the 1950s, and white privilege is fading faster than disco music.

      • I am so sick of the white supremacist tag. Have you noticed there is a black man in office? Did you also realize that there was a significant white vote that put him there? I guess logic and reason are lost on you.

      • Not your right to judge anyone… reality check, you are just another person not the judge, jury of executioner you think you are! You are an old racist, bigoted, uneducated man. You have proven it time and again on here.

      • It is people like you who keep racism alive and well. Poor baby were you born black? have you been black all your poor wittle life??? such an idiot. You have just as much opportunity as any body else in this country. Go to your own libertard page. we don’t like you here.

      • Look here, RE-PUG-LI-KKK-an, I hire white trash in my business. And I abuse them too. I kick the white people around that work for me, lol, and i ENJOY it, lol.

      • Better hope they never hire me…You would be in a world of hurt… see you just admitted it online in a blog thread… now it is viral… You would not be able to hide it at all.. Besides every client, or accused terrible boss like you we investigate thoroughly. You could not hide yourself even if you did not post this here, I am sure you were dumb enough to do so elsewhere.

  60. Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!!

    The Mental Institution in the D.C. is looking for the escaped extremely paranoid and delusional patient “Right Wing Exterminator “.

    He was diagnosed with the Idiotic IDIOTITIS.
    Here is the summary of this Mental illness:
    IDIOTITIS causes the brain to shut down and the mouth to keep repiting
    Thousands DemonRats and Libs are affected.
    Might be contagious for the Fools and Ignoramus.
    Best defense: Just ignore ALL Liberal Trolls.

      • Thanks !!!
        I Just forewarn People that we have the Mentally instable Liberal troll on this Web, who is typing the loooooong NONSENSICAL and totally INCOHERENT DRIVELS.

        Best wishes to you.

    • Resorting to name calling, right winger woman? Can’t debate the facts? Long for the days of Wally, The Beaver, Ward and June, when the White man reigned supreme? Sorry, your day is long gone woman, Gone With The Wind. There is a new order in America, one that you feel uncomfortable with, yep, Black guys dating white women, a Black man in the Oval Office, and Blacks no longer treated as 2nd class citizens who you could frown upon and tell your children how evil blacks are. Nope, your world is gone, now, take your meds, wake up, and welcome yourself into the 21st Century. Your President, Ronald Reagan, had 138 of his officials indicted, or forced to resign for crimes and ethical violations. your President, Ronald Reagan, illegally, and behind the backs of the American people, sold weapons to the terrorist nation of Iran. Your President, Ronald Reagan, once raped a woman name Selene Walters in 1952 when he was President of the Screen Actors Guild, Your President, Ronald Reagan, got 243 Marines massacred in Lebanon in 1983, and did NOTHING about it, Your President, Ronald Reagan, LIED before the Tower Commission in 1987, your President, Ronald Reagan, had 15 of his buddies INDICTED by Republican Special Prosecutor, Lawrence Walsh, for their crimes during Iran Contra, your President, Ronald Reagan, the only Black man in his administration, Samuel Pierce, the director of HUD, was forced to resign for ethical violations. Nope, compared to that criminal fraud, Ronald Reagan, a moron that you right wing buffoons admire, Barack Obama is a breeze of fresh air. Accept the truth, right wing woman.

      • You are one to talk about name calling… it is all you do. You call everyone a racist including black people. Look in the mirror before your next rant while sipping fool aide.

      • Should they come there are guns in this country that Ovomit can’t take away and we will not drop em and run you defend an ASS that has a protection detail that he signed an order for life knowing he was going to be a crook, liar and poser..if you were his attorney and this was his jury we’d say to the judge He needs a REAL ATTORNEY not this fool…

      • “… your President, Ronald Reagan, the only Black man in his administration, Samuel Pierce, the director of HUD, was forced to resign for ethical violations.” LOL – no surprise here! Good point, RWE!

      • Counter me, fool. Wassa matter with cha Donna? Did Bill, your right wing hubby, beat you again because he lost his hard on while you and him were making love? Did his 2 incher go limp? You racist white women are angry because you are not getting sexually satisfied, see that good looking super intelligent Black man in the whitehouse, then have wet dreams about being with a real man.

      • You have been countered many times but like Ovomit you just smile with crap on your teeth and say everythings fine Looser

      • Everybody makes some mistakes. The difference here is that good men like Reagan and the Bushes always had the INTENTION of doing things that were positive for America and its’ citizens. Obama, on the other hand, generally pursues policies detrimental to the USA and to 95% of its citizens (apparently on purpose), including many of those that voted for him (though they are generally too dense/high/shallow to understand that fact)! It is easy to see how, if an Agent Provocateur wanted to systematically destroy America and not have many people catch on until it was too late, he might well use the Obama/Jarrett/Holder Modus Operandi! May God Bless America (except for you, Right Wing Exterminator)

      • Operandi? Careful that is a big word! Right Wing Ex-sperminator will not comprehend and have a panic racist bigoted attack on you! lol

      • and YOU DON”T CALL NAMES hahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahahhahah rolllllllllll ohhhhhh I may peee on her I am laughing so hard hahahahha this delusional looser thinks OVOMIT TELLS THE TRUTH !!!!!hahhahahah

  61. Remember, Col., that Barack Hussein Obama and his “NATO” associates rushed to attack Libyans loyal to Qaddaffi – in support of Islamic extremists – and KEPT up their support until those Islamic extremists succeeded . . . but he resisted pressure to save Christians, Yezidis, and Kurds being slaughtered in Iraq as long as he could . . .His reluctance to use military power is selective . . . as is his support for “Arab allies” – – – when Islamic extremists – led by convicted murderer Morsi too control of Egypt, he could not do enough for them . . . similarly, he is selective in his choice of terrorists — Hamas does everything “IS” does, murdering civilians, persecuting non-Muslim minorities, etc., and would BE “ISIL” but for Israel and Egypt . . .So far, Obama has saved Al Quaeda, has done his best to save Hamas, has HELPED Iran by releasing the funds needed to pursue development of nuclear weapons (getting NOTHING in return) and on and on . . . THE ONLY ONES MADE STRONGER BY OBAMA’a PRESIDENCY ARE MUSLIM TERRORISTS . . . Luckily, Putin is not astute enough to take advantage of this situation . . .The old USSR would have eradicated ‘ISIL’, made deals to ‘defend’ Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies, and would have forced Iran and Syria into line . . . Thankfully, Putin has a more limited view, and the United States MAY retain some influence in the Middle East when Obama is gone.
    You are, as always, impressive. I look forward to supporting you in any way I can.

    • Didn’t think that a real American would make jokes out of the name of a fellow American. You are a hater, right winger. You are consumed with hatred and racial animosity. You hate this nation, and only respect the office of the Presidency if a white man, or, one of your handpicked Black apologists, is controlling things. You are a cancer to this great nation, much more of a threat than the terrorists could ever be. Please right winger, spare your children, at least, from your deranged hatred of real Black people. 95% of the Black people in this nation disagree with Allen West, do not support him, and think that he’s a joke and an apologist for white supremacist haters like you. Learn to love, not hate, right winger. Ronald Reagan was the worst, the most incompetent, the biggest liar and fraud to ever occupy the Oval Office. Quit worshiping a President like that scum who illegally sold weapons to our enemy, quit hating America, and thank God that we have now, sitting in the Oval Office, a man who will go down in history as the GREATEST President of all time!!!!!

      • Ridiculous. This man will go down as a thug just like Richard Nixon. I don’t care what his color is, he uses the thug tactics he learned in Chicago to punish his enemies. Greatest president of all time, please tell me you are joking. And what determines a real black person anyway…someone that thinks like you. God forbid. You are the one spewing hatred and you are talking about learning to love and not hate? What??? Please follow your own advice and stop hating and trolling.

      • To a Black hating White Supremacist liar, you are right, Obama will go down as the worst President ever. He kicked your racist ass in two elections, and you are still pulling out your racist hair because of it, lol

      • I don’t care who is in the white house. I am not a racist and it seems just because I disagree with the way he runs this country you have to pull the race card because you can’t defend his policies. How very cliche of you. Please go back under your bridge troll.

      • Renie, you don’t agree with anybody because you don’t know anything. You are not politically educated enough to even understand how the three branches of government work. The only kind of sense that you have is nonsense.

      • So I see…your strategy is to attack and not have an honest dialogue. Troll, please go away. I am no right winger. I don’t agree with everything George Bush did, however he didn’t use thugs to carry out vendetta’s against people who disagree with him. Typical Chicago mob-style politics. If you don’t like it cut ’em down. So called scandals. Oh how about the IRS targeting groups that the president disagrees with…sounds like Nixon to me. Since you obviously aren’t here for a dialogue you can spew your vitriol to someone else. I am through with your nonsense.

      • I have made it a point to go through here and expose him for the fraud racist bigot he is… Just for fun. We all know he has no facts only his own made up propaganda and BS from the 1940’s and 1950’s… He lives in what is called a “slave mentality.”

      • This from the racist bigot who claims to have a masters in politics, but does not understand checks and balances…I had to point it out to you in a earlier post.

      • You don’t disagree with crap! You are just following right wing lies and propaganda. This country has recovered from a near collapse, by that Convicted drunk, George Bush, and his draft dodging Vice President, L’il Dick Cheney, lol. Obama has done well, unless one is a White Supremacist.

      • IF THE FOOL WAS PURPLE with PINK POLKADOTS and did a good job WE WOULDN’T CARE…WE are just pissed he has taken RACE relations BACK 75 YRS

      • Agreed..Hey Right Wing Ex-sperminator… ever notice he only comes on t.v. when a poor black kid is attacked?! A kid was attacked in Tennessee a week ago by a lynch mob of black people… Did he come on? Nope… It took him almost a week to say anything about the military man that was robbed and killed by black thugs… Rememeber? He has taken backwards to where you think we should be.

      • Racist bigot Right Wing Ex-sperminator… (not a typo I meant that!) cannot get past the hate and racism.. SOSOSOSOSOSo sad!

      • Just ignore the SQUATTERS that are so soaked in FOOL-AID they can’t admit their GOD Obama, is an idiot searching for a village, and Pray that the Military can take care of things before he says AGAIN, “job done, bye bye” doing his normal half
        ass screwed up job of things..’Be on the golf course let me know when it’s done’…Policies…The Fool-Aid drinkers stuck us with him and we have to feed him and cringe in embarrassment when he shows up like a new teen and takes selfies at funerals, or waves in the Formal family Photos with NATO

      • Obama and Holder will stop your racist ass, for sure. Not a shred of evidence that voter fraud in America amounts to anything by a hill of beans. You anti American white trash filthy liar, you are just trying to prevent black people from voting because you know damn well you can never win an election unless you cheat.

      • LOl, except all proof to get it to a Congressional comity hearing on the 17th… Cannot get that without proof and evidence. I see your supposed Masters in Politics is failing you again.

      • Lol, look if you have a Master’s in Politics as you claim (I doubt) you would know their is evidence. You have to have good strong evidence to even get a congressional comity hearing. No evidence no hearing, but yet there is on on the 17th! Again facts in your racist bigoted face and you are to blind to see it.

      • to the racist black supporter that can not admit to facts YOU WILL SEE AND WE WILL BE VERY HAPPY TO WAVE BYE BYE to the BIGGEST LOOSER to ever RESIDE in the White House

      • Again, racist, where are the indictments? Nixon’s staff went to prison because there were real crimes, not fake scandals like you racist white supremacist liars have conjured up against the President. In fact, WHERE ARE your scandals now??? Haven’t heard anything on them for weeks, lol. All of your investigations have hit a dead end, lol. Fake Scandals just don’t hold up, do they, lol, lol.

      • I agree on the lack of ongoing scandal coverage…quite shameful! The MSM does NOT have have a long Attention Span and they are still the key part of the Obama PR Dept. Also, ISIS “bleeds, so it leads.”

      • I expect him to go down. Holder lied under oath and Obama covered for him. His actions and two of his executive orders done without congressional approval… He will go down.

      • lol, that’ll be the day right winger, that’ll be the day, lol. Only in your black hating racist white supremacist dreams, lol.

      • Coming on the 17th! Read and learn something bigot. You do not get a congressional comity hearing without evidence of doing something wrong… You should have known that with your supposed Master’s in politics.

      • You should be wasted just for existing and of course should bevtreated as an enemy of America.
        But, I’ll give you a pass. When islam is knocking on your front door, the only thing you’ll wish for IS one of those white right winger to cover your filthy azz. Not me!!
        They can have you!!
        By the way, why haven’t you visited your local port. They do have ships going to Africa. I mean, you seem so unhappy and un American. Maybe you should go……….
        Stay right where you are…..

      • Islam never lynched black people, Islam never told black people to go to the back of the bus, Islam never sprayed hoses on black people when they were simply demanding their constitutional rights in America, Islam never told black people that they could not go to this school, go to this restaurant, go to this park, because they were black. Only you phony white Obama hating KKK-hristians did that.

      • no Islam sold em, beheaded them, raped em.. they didn’t waste rope.. they wouldn’t have allowed em on the bus.. hoses were in the 60’s your Obobit bobble head brought these days back when we had moved past RACISM… but the racist resident just made it popular again so kiss 75 yrs down the crapper because he just wants to race bait.

      • No, they just cut innocent people’s head off… and they will yours to given the chance. Instead when they raid us you will bow down to them and kiss their arse just to save your sorry racist butt.

      • I can’t believe there’s still people out there like you. Idc what “color” he is, his middle name is HUSSEIN, he’s a Muslim, how much more obvious can it be? The only reason people still support him, is because he’s NOT white, and that’s a horrible thing.

      • Agreed…The true racists are the ones who voted for him and still somehow support him JUST BECAUSE HE’S half BLACK, even though most of them now realize his policies are destructive to America and hurt all Americans (especially Black Americans), as well as screwing over our descendants with higher taxes, less opportunites, and a much more dangerous world!

      • donald, lol. Of course, you really don’t believe that, or do you? If so, you are living on Venus. I guess the true non racists voted for McCain and Romney, ROFL ROFL ROFL. You are one foolish redneck, lol.

      • I guess we just both find each others’ viewpoints about equally hard to believe! It is a reflection of how polarized our country has become. Take Care!

      • better a REDNECK then an ignorant ass defending a undefensible ass in OFFICE that election FRAUD AND LIES GOT HIM..

        I’d pay to have a real MAN IN A SUIT THEN THAT POSER in the White House as is we’ll have to inventory and fumigate it after he an MOOCHELLE leave

      • Mooksay, white supremacist, can’t believe that in the 21st Century, people still exist like you. The same kind that tried to berate, vilify, and degrade Jackie Robinson when he was the first black man to integrate the major league of baseball. You are the same kind of white trash scum that attempted those things against Jackie Robinson.