Inspector General caves and whitewashes VA report in final draft

Two weeks ago, Barack Hussein Obama stood before the American Legion in Charlotte NC. The response was tepid. It should have been silence. Now, the Washington Examiner tells us why: “Crucial language that the Department of Veterans Affairs inspector general could not “conclusively” prove that delays in care caused patient deaths at a Phoenix hospital was added to its final report after a draft version was sent to agency administrators for comment, the Washington Examiner has learned. The single most compelling sentence in the inspector general’s 143-page final report on fraudulent scheduling practices at the Phoenix veterans’ hospital did not appear in the draft version, according to a staff analysis by the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. It was inserted into the final version, the only one that was released to the public, after agency officials had a chance to comment and recommend revisions.” So the Veterans Administration Inspector General allowed his draft report to be altered by the very agency he was reporting on! This is not exactly what the IG is supposed to do.

The Examiner says, “while the case reviews in this report document poor quality of care, we are unable to conclusively assert that the absence of timely quality care caused the deaths of these veterans,” the final IG report stated in two places. No such language appears in the draft version that was sent by the IG to agency officials for comment. Key members of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs have questioned whether the agency pressured the IG to soften its already scathing conclusions that phony appointment logs were used to hide long delays in care at the Phoenix facility.”

It is the job of an agency IG to be an objective and unbiased watchdog of the agency, not a compromised lackey. It is very disconcerting that we cannot get the truth from an agency charged with taking care of our veterans. It appears this agency is far more concerned about protecting its own image and must hide the truth to do that. This is yet another of those “phony” scandals about which Obama displayed such indignation. Yet the rabbit hole just continues to go deeper. Are there bright spots in the VA system? Yes, but there are some systemic problems that are not being resolved, not withstanding that there was a promise by Barack Obama to do so.

The Examiner says, “Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., chairman of the House Veterans Committee, announced Monday his committee will hold a hearing next week. The hearing is to sort out why the language exonerating the VA for patient deaths was included in the final report, and how the IG reached that conclusion. “Given that VA selectively leaked key information related to the Phoenix investigation before the inspector general released its report and the fact that there are significant differences between the final IG report and the draft version, which VA reviewed and commented on prior to publication, this matter deserves further study and review,” Miller said in a statement announcing the Sept. 18 hearing. “We will ensure that happens.”

The ambiguity and distrust has built to such a point that Louis Celli, legislative director for the American Legion, said, “Whether or not there is conclusive evidence that delayed healthcare was the direct causal effect of a veteran immediately passing to their deaths, that was never what we were afraid of. What we were afraid of was that delayed healthcare was causing additional harm and damage to veterans.” The Examiner says The Legion has called for an independent investigation by a “non-VA authority” to determine whether delays contributed to patient deaths in Phoenix or other VA facilities.

Of course the VA is acting with belligerence, questioning why Congress is asking for their draft report. Just wait, that report will end up in the same place as Lois Lerner’s emails. Something is amiss at the VA deep within the bureaucracy of the agency. If it can be proved that the VA IG was pressured into altering his report, someone has to be held accountable, because we’re talking about lives being lost – lives that should have been honored and protected.

The mission statement of the Veterans Administration, as promised by President Abraham Lincoln is “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s veterans.” I would recommend that mission statement be recited by every government agency bureaucrat in the VA.


  1. We are always advised to get early treatment for any illness or injury to increase chances of recovery. That’s a no brainer! No wonder he’s called the liar-in-chief.

  2. This gangster government operates o the same plane as the organized crime cabals, after which they are modeled. Extortion works !!! In their own words, the believe in putting their boots on the necks of their enemies. They even said that, like Chairman Mao, they understand that power comes from the barrel of a gun. Just ask the former automobile czar, Mr. Bloom.

  3. Well what if there actually isn’t any conclusive evidence that health care delays caused deaths? I mean, could we consider for a moment that IG is reporting the facts?

    • Not when there is proof of fake lists by the very employees who leaked it out! Are you serious? Why have fake logs if everything is on the up and up! Use that brain God gave you….

      • How many of those fake lists still exist, except from verbal statements. If veterans-retirees not seen, not diagnosed, not treated, how do you prove they died sooner than they would have WITH CARE? We may know, but proving that is tough and not really possible. I don’t like it, and by the way, I have a problem with having priority 7 or 8 too. We served same as the others, and our health in 70s, 80s, 90s, is effected by the 20 plus years we served. Just because we were promoted for performance, did not get shot or crippled on active duty, does not mean my arthritis, loss of cartilage in knees, atrial fibrillation, hearing loss, and eyesight deteriorated was not caused by my 26 years service in cold climates, stress, and managing complex programs as enlisted NCO. With Obamacare being one payer oriented, with same insurance companies who control my Medicare and Tricare for life, why am I and my spouse treated different? Something to think about in this changing political world. My payments for both of us is more than ACA, and we don’t need birth control, Viagra, tampons, or abortions.

  4. They should have to recite that mission statement at the very start of every VA meeting. Working at the VA should be considered an honor and privilege to serve America’s most honorable citizens

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    • I think military service should be a requirement in order to work at the VA. I’m sure the skills required for everyday operations were taught in the military. Priority in hiring should be given to those who went out on the battlefield. Of course, there’s the issue of PTSD which could affect the job performance.

      • Thanks! As it is, I have suspicions that the quacks running the VA, (into the ground) are former hippies who protested the Vietnam war, dodged the draft and harassed veterans returning from Vietnam. Now that some are in leadership one form or another, this is their way of exacting revenge on veterans, stemming from a possible anti-military agenda.

      • You just described our leadership at the top, in the WH and cabinets. They did demonstrate and learned from Alinsky, and Chicago Politics in many cases. However, there has been improvement in hiring at VA, with over 40% being veterans by figures I saw. I just have a problem with so many being civil service (which is now a Union, since State and Federal laws took over reason for unions in first place) and also having separate unions too. Has been problem and delay in hiring, and much more difficult to fire those who do not perform.

  5. The horrible reality is, we were just numbers while we were serving and we are just numbers now that we are veterans. When a veteran dies its only a number deleted to the people in charge of taking care of our honorable veterans. To see us as real people, they would truly have to acknowledge the sacrifices made and the debt owed to the veterans of this great nation.

  6. They will do anything to protect their image and high paying jobs,even at the expense of hero’s lives.Isn’t that murder?They deserve the death penalty.

  7. Having worked for the VA, it can be said with better than average certainty; the Vets get shafted again. The VA IG, doing an inspection is like the current dept of social justice investigating the new black panther party.

  8. So when republicans block vet job bills, funding for vets…where are your post allen (buy my tee shirts) west….where are your POST??

    • Really? Please, do go back to sleep. …life is so much easier for you when you don’t really pay attention and just believe that all is well with our government. ..that they would NEVER do anything shady! Must be nice in your utopia world!

      • Not any more so then I say anything about all the Bills sitting on Democrat Harry Reid desk being blocked, or would you not like to say nothing about all those Bills?

      • Why are you so EAGER to protect republicans like they can do no WRONG? I will say something about those bills that are sitting on harry’s desk. THEY ARE NOT JOB BILLS…more give a ways to the wealthy…like the FAMILY FLEXIBILITY act that eliminate ALL OVERTIME PAY IN THIS NATION for comp time

      • I’m not EAGER to protect either side….just hate when people think that the Democrats are all knowing and right…and that they deserve to be worshiped. ..they are just as bad as most Republicans. ..There are very few on both sides sides that are worth a damn….for instance, how do you know what Bills sitting on Reid ‘ s desk have in them? I believe Reid is one of the worst at this time….just look at the hateful things he says about us Americans on the Senate floor!

      • Actually Democrats are worse in past 6 years. They vote 95% to 99% with the party line. I still don’t see that within the Republican ranks, if you consider Republicans are still Conservatives, Moderates, Liberals, and even many are Tea Party. I don’t feel that all Tea Party Express really join at times with Republicans, since some of them are as shrill as Democrats.

      • You are one sick troll. Those were job bills, and also bills to fund government, while President, Biden, and his Director of Parks and Memorials, was ordering all the signs right after the election in 2012, so they could be printed, distributed, and instructions sent to National Parks, Cemeteries, and Memorials, and also when bill that did pass was run over to Eric Holder – DOJ to see if Military civilian employees should be furloughed. Republicans in MSM and Democrats took heat for closing down the government, but PRESIDENT, VP, AND DIRECTOR OF PARKS ACTUALLY ORDERED THE SHUTDOWN. You really should not read so much of the MSM propaganda.

      • Those are not job bills…they are tax break and deregulation bills only! Republicans shut down the government then protest the government being shut down??
        Allen (rob these loons blind) gives out 40k out of 4 million and you RESPECT him?? You people are strange and will accept ANYTHING!!

    • Earl Lee if you are a veteran you need to realize that you can’t trust politicians. Let me say this so you understand it clearly. “The people we elect to represent us in Washington DC don’t care if we live or die. Their only purpose in life is to get re-elected over and over again. You are nothing more then a vote for them and their idle promises. Dems and Repubs are all the same”. VA Sec. McDonald has been running around the country pushing his “Road to Veterans Day” agenda. He is just another puppet of our veteran/military hater empty suit sitting in the Oval Office and his corrupt administration. The Senate will not do a thing unless they get the okay from the Executive Branch. The House can’t do anything because the Executive Branch will not allow them to. Check and Balances are just smoke and mirrors. Stop drinking the Kool aid and be a patriot not a parrot.

      • During next two years, let’s stay off complaints about the newly appointed Director of VA, see if he can produce under this “stable cleaning” job wished on him. And also compare what too many middle managers (civil service) believe we Veterans-Retirees are asking for freebies they think we have not earned. Also compare the disaster of Obamacare, still being touted as the cure-all for civilian medical care. Ezekial Emanual produced a bell curve, showing youngest 20% and oldest 20% of medical care would not get all the care they need, while the middle, supposed to be working group, would have much more care. If you missed that, go back and review his statements and reports on the net. He was the WH mastermind while ACA was hatched through trickery, in the U.S. Senate by hi-jacking House bill that had passed, removing text of that bill, and inserting ACA text. Then not allowing Republican led House to amend, or discuss it. So None voted for it. Also, funds have now been approved for VA. Let’s see how long it takes to complete the 4 VAMCs so far behind in construction-completion. Orlando, Florida, – Las Vegas, Nev. and New Orleans, LA-. and also VAMC in Aurora Colorado that is 55%-59% completed, but tied up in court over 2,000 plus cost overruns for added work, not funded. That contract sat on someone’s desk in VA for over a year, before it was signed and first shovel of dirt moved. Some old timers in VA, stated: “VA does not build buildings any more”. I attended 3 separate official ground-breaking programs since 1991 era when we started asking for new facility, badly needed.

  9. Earl Lee seems to have a lot to say, but is all one-track like a toy train going around in circles. The people he attacks have resumes and websites. I don’t sense he served in military, and he uses same words in all replies. By the way for those posting, you can click on their icon, and see how many comments they made in past to different issues. I have DD Form 214s, all showing honorable service from 13 Oct 50 to 1 Nov 76, with HONORABLE retirement. Since 1991, I have volunteered as Veteran officer in our retired organizations, and fought for VAMC in Aurora, Colorado when we realized in 1990 era that Lowry AFB was considered under BRAC to be closed. 1994 it did, and Fitzsimons Army Medical Center closed in 1997, with BRAC and military active duty, reserves, ANG, retirees- veterans all getting shoved onto civilian health care, under insurance plans. Fancy names like CHAMPUS, Gateway Tricare, but we lost military coverage at age 65, with Medicare kicking in. But expensive. With lawsuit for violation of our implied contracts (do 20 years plus-get free lifetime healthcare for veteran and spouse, with low pay- no promotions-family separations during cold war) Supreme Court decided we had a contract, but they did not have authority to tell president and congress to honor it. President George W. Bush signed Tricare (insurance) in 2001, and Tricare for Life in 2001. But that is expensive, and now it has decreased coverage for folks like me, in our 70s, 80s, and 90s. Have same providers from 2001 era, but it has been decreed that some coverage is no more, since we will die anyway. So for Earl Lee and others like him, if you are going to attack folks like Lt. Col. Allen West, then post your resumes, and let us know where you are coming from. Otherwise, I will consider you as part of WH trolls, the media reply team that was recently reactivated under a more political name.

  10. Need to give Earl Lee something to check out for himself, rather than what he has been trying to sell. Rep. Lynn Jenkins blames Harry Reid for “do nothing Senator:” Some 352 bills to Harry’s desk, some to Sen. committees, but PolitiFact states this claim is half true, half false. Would you check out which of those were stopped? Good bills, put USA back to work, more money in citizens pockets, education, and skills training. So ball in your court, Prove her and PolitiFact wrong, if you can.

  11. This should put discussion to rest. All interested, check out “Allen West Launches his “Guardian of the Republic” Book, on Tuesday, April 1, 2014. Book started over year ago, and is now available for sale. Earl Lee misunderstood a request to buy the book, for a campaign report at site he listed elsewhere. That was a re-election campaign by Lt. Col. Allen West, and that site lists all candidates, with funds received, spent, who paid what, for many past years. Starts with Presidential campaign of Obama vs. Romney, but also list all candidates. And the raw figures do not look good for anyone. But it does explain all those pretty papers filling our mail boxes, or ads on television, and other media. I have to ask why we have to donate excessive funds to any candidate, just to get the paperwork we don’t read, or ads on television we don’t watch. Democrats are smarter with uninformed youth. Give the cell phones, and teach them to text (140 digits) abbreviate until they cannot write a complete sentence, and they will vote incumbent back into office. Makes no difference that the student loans can never be paid back, with the crappy jobs of driving taxi or flipping burgers, after they get a beautiful certificate saying “bachelor” or “master” degree. Just keep talking jobs, jobs, and education, education. and get re-elected. But Earl Lee, you do need to keep a book, versus campaign separate.


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