Money trail reveals Islamist influence in American policy

I’m often asked how it is and why it is that Islamists have such a strong influence on American policy. The answer to that question is simple: follow the money. Here’s a perfect example.

As reported by the Algemeiner, “Questions are emerging over possible conflicts-of-interest after The New York Times highlighted Qatari funding for U.S. think tanks, including the Brookings Institute, employer of former U.S. envoy Martin Indyk, who was directly involved in recent negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.“Qatar, the small but wealthy Middle East nation, agreed last year to make a $14.8 million, four-year donation to Brookings, which has helped fund a Brookings affiliate in Qatar and a project on United States relations with the Islamic world,” according to The Times.”

If you follow the money on the campuses of many U.S .colleges and universities, you’ll find many Middle Eastern studies programs are benefactors of Saudi Arabia funding — as well as many of the mosques built in America.

But what is most disturbing about Qatar is that it is the major funding source for the Islamic terrorist group Hamas. As a matter of fact, the leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, resides not in Gaza but in Qatar. Hamas chief Meshaal said on Aug 21, that “Our relationship with Qatar is not new… We appreciate Qatar’s stand, the brave political stand of its government and people,” after a meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. “Qatar’s support is not just for Hamas movement, the country extends its support to all the Palestinian people,” Meshaal said, according to local media.

And to whom did President Barack Hussein Obama release the five senior Taliban unlawful enemy combatants? Yes, to the Qataris. Let us not forget the infamous statement by Nancy Pelosi that “Hamas is a humanitarian organization” because that is what the Qataris told her. During the recent conflagration between Israel and Hamas, it was U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry who sat with Qatar and Turkey — instead of Egypt — two Islamist supporting states, to “secure” a ceasefire on behalf of Hamas. And it was a ceasefire agreement, which Hamas broke, that resulted in Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu chiding Obama to “never second guess me again.”

We shared with you here that the recent bombings in Libya by the UAE and Egypt came as Qatar provides more support to Islamic terrorists in that neighboring country — as Qatar colludes with the Muslim Brotherhood. So why with all this hard evidence are the Qataris allowed to influence an American think tank? Most disturbing, according to a report in the UK-based Telegraph, “both Qatar and Kuwait were singled out for openly, and even avidly, aiding fundraising efforts for ISIS terrorists who are currently engaged in fierce clashes with the Syrian army alongside Israel on the Golan Heights.” We’ve known Qatar is supporting ISIS for quite sometime. I suppose if Obama were to read his daily intel briefs, he’d know as well.

If it were up to me, I would cease all diplomatic relations with Qatar and expel their representatives from the U.S. I would shut down Al Uided AB outside of Doha. And I would ban all Qatar Airlines flights from entering the U.S. Any Qatari assets in the U.S. would be frozen — heck, I’d use those assets for debt reduction.

It will be interesting to see if this is a part of the Obama strategy on defeating ISIS he’ll announce on Wednesday, I know, never gonna happen under this Obama Islamist sympathetic administration. We can hope, but nothing will change.

Algemeiner says “in July, then-Israeli President Shimon Peres told United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who was visiting the region, that Israel would not stand by while Qatar continued to finance Hamas militants. In his last full day in office, Peres, a historically dovish leader, struck a defiant tone in a statement delivered to the media after meeting Ban at the President’s Residence, in Jerusalem. “Qatar does not have the right to send money for rockets and tunnels which are fired at innocent civilians,” Peres said. “Their funding of terror the must stop.”

However, I don’t believe the UN Secretary-General would give any heed to what Peres stated since Newsweek‘s Benny Avni reported that the Qatari government also paid for the UN Secretary-General’s flight through the Middle East at the time — where his first stop was Doha, where he denounced Israel’s Operation Protective Edge.

Should the Brookings Institute — a left-leaning policy think tank — return the millions of dollars it has received from Qatar? Yes, if not, it should be viewed as an agent of Hamas operating here in the United States. It is unconscionable that such a blatant conflict of interest would be allowed to occur.

Even more disconcerting, we have willingly allowed our enemies to fund their vile terrorist aims right here in America — and the frontline advocacy group for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas in America is the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) who has a posh office building right near Capitol Hill.

This sucks.


      • Syn Hope you are either a complete and total idiot (not slamming you just simply saying the absolute truth) or just really don’t understand the English language or history or really too much of anything – by posting this link. David Duke does nothing but go after Jews. You do nothing but go after Jews. You are a Jew hater Syn Hope by posting this link and then of course lying by saying “Yes. Muslims control. Watch this link.” Would you like to “own” the media like the Jews? Are you jealous? Do you secretly wish it was you that was a Jew who owned the media? What is you f-ing point Jew hater? You are anti-Semitic trash and anti-American. AMERICA AND ISRAEL ARE JOINED AT THE HIP – GET OVER IT CAUSE YOU CAN’T CHANGE IT. IT IS BIBLICAL AND a little nothing like yourself makes no difference in anything in this world, hater.
        Have a nice day.

  1. I am sure a lot of Americans were aware of this, except those that watch MSM. It is a vicious cycle. We (USA) need to stop buying oil from the Saudi’s which in essence just permits their money to keep funding terrorism. We need to get the Keystone Pipeline up and running and stop any and all fuel coming from the middle east period!

  2. Why doesn’t someone research how much money from these Islamists is going into the pockets of politicians from both sides of the aisle in Washington? It isn’t only Obama and his acolytes who have been pretending that Islam is our friend for the past 13 years.

  3. Thankfully someone explains the favor the U.S. politicians and federal government dept.s show to to Islamic groups, and it all boils down to money, the root of all evil.

  4. Allen, you are correct in your assertion follow the money, but there is more to it. And it goes to the heart of our Foreign Policy. Think Syria and Ukraine.
    1. Qatar has the largest nat gas field on earth.
    2. Russia supplies Europe with most of its nat gas through…………Ukraine.
    3. Any pipeline for qatari gas to reach Europe must go through………….Syria (and then Turkey)
    4. Syria will not allow a qatari (enemy) pipeline through syria.
    5. All this equals Regime Change in Syria. Boom!
    6. All this also equals regime change in Ukraine, to cut off the flow of Russian gas to Europe. Victoria “F#ck the EU” Nuland.
    Does anyone really think Joe Bidens son Hunter being elected to the Board of Directors of Ukraines largest nat gas company – 2 days after the coup – was a coincidence?
    Does anyone think that Ukrainian artillery destroying a newly refurbished Russian oil refinery in Eastern Ukraine – where there WAS NO FIGHTING – is a coincidence?
    I suggest someone in your organization start reading the website Zero Hedge every day if you want to stay informed on these things.

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      • Your are are Jew hater Syn Hope. How does it feel to hate? All your links are always to the likes of David Duke, aka the former but always will be grand master of the KKK. You are disgusting. Why can’t you just speak for yourself or are you really that stupid? You just have to link to David Duke and his anti Semitic BS – news flash for you dear, there are people who have ownership in the media and guess what? – they are not Jews, you sick little puppy. Shut up.

    • Using the former Grand Wizard of the KKK as a reference is part of the reason conservatives get a bad rap. In my opinion the KKK is no better than ISIL.

  5. The money trail never lies. But once it is revealed why is it not stopped? This administration has done more damage to this country because of its sympathies with Islam, and who is to blame for that one…I’ll give you one guess.

  6. LTC West, you are spot on with this! I was just going to say….kick ’em all out and if they don’t go willingly, well…

  7. Who provided arms to ISIS – Made in the USA – ISIS Using US Arms from
    ‘Syria Rebels’. From the moment the US
    began sending lethal arms to Syrian rebel factions, there were a chorus of
    people expressing fears that those arms would end up in the “wrong hands,” and
    US officials insisted they were going to carefully vet everyone who got those
    weapons. You know who got a lot of those weapons? ISIS. Just as everyone
    predicted would happen, once the arms were smuggled into Syria, they quickly
    ended up spread out among rebel factions, both pro-US and not, and a new report
    shows massive amounts of ISIS armament was actually stamped “Property of US
    Govt.” Some of those small arms were
    surely looted from Iraqi bases during the offensive in Mosul, which is also
    where ISIS got most of its arsenal of US-made military vehicles. That’s not the
    whole story, however. The ISIS weapons, cataloged after being captured by
    Kurdish forces, also included US-made anti-tank missiles that appear to have
    been part of a delivery provided to the Free Syrian Army (FSA), one of those
    carefully vetted rebel factions. How the
    TOW missiles got from FSA “moderates” to ISIS is anyone’s guess, but the
    factions are not so starkly divided as officials have imagined, and fighters
    and gear often flow back and forth. Pinning down the exact route the US arms
    took to get to ISIS will be all but impossible, as ISIS appears to have had the
    foresight to weld over the serial numbers to prevent any conclusive proof of
    the chain of transactions. That’s a
    fiction ISIS seems only too willing to continue facilitating, as it would keep
    those massive US arms shipments flowing, giving ISIS a convenient source of
    arms as the US air war continues to boost its recruitment numbers.

  8. Thank you Colonel West for pointing this out. I’ve been screaming this for years. All the money the middle east gets from us via higher oil prices are funnel ed back in through environmental groups that are foolish enough to protest the U.S. oil exploration, while accepting money from enemies of the United States to assist in reducing our financial and military solvency. What these fools don’t realize is that every time they shut down an oil refinery or coal plant they are aiding in the destabilization of this country and aiding terrorists who wish to end our free society. If that is accomplished you can forget a green environment. These are people who have no use for your rights.

  9. Thank you Colonel West, for the depth of knowledge, now realize this goes directly to Obama that has 6 Muslim Brotherhood members in his Department of Homeland Security (!) making Policy in favor of Islam to override America. What is Treason?? and why are these traitors still in office?

  10. Perhaps, Pres Obama felt so comfortable with Qatar bec his predecessor, Pres Bush had much confidence in the country. After all, Bush had troops in Camp As Sayliyah in Qatar. Gave a speech there in 03. Gave Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser of Qatar the George Bush Award for Excellence in Public Service at the George Bush Presidential Library in 2013. And Qatar Airlines flies out of GBush Airport.

  11. Neighbor, something to also consider. Check out this blog about a November, 1979 article by Vernon Jarrett: Posted: Saturday, September 22, 2012 7:02 pm | Updated: 12:34 pm, Thu Apr 17, 2014. FRANK MIELE/Daily Inter Lake – – – – – – – – – – This should open your eyes to the fact that our present situation has been a l—o—n—g time in coming.
    Even though the following was said many years later when the black Chicago minister exclaimed, “America’s chickens are coming home to roost,” perhaps he prophetically knew it was only a matter of time the U.S.A. would be facing this debacle in which we are mired. Oh, by the way, Vernon Jarrett for a time during the 1980s would be Valerie Jarrett’s father-in-law.

  12. Seems that the American Bolshevik party, known as the Democratic party, is either naive or corrupt enough to be in the pocket of Qatar. They would sell the Constitution for a profit.


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