Hispanics get the shaft from Obama on immigration

Prior to his summer vacay departure, President Barack Hussein Obama promised to make a decision about illegal immigration by the end of summer. Amazingly he has, but the decision has infuriated some folks.

As reported by the Washington Times, “Immigrant-rights (read: illegal immigration) groups reacted furiously Saturday after the White House made clear President Obama will not take unilateral action on immigration before November’s elections, nodding at the political realities of the issue as he punted on the key policy questions. With a number of key Senate races in GOP-leaning states, Democrats had feared that action now would anger voters and cost them control of the upper chamber, and had privately begged the White House to hold off on any move to halt deportations.”

I find it quite interesting that individuals here in America illegally have such a strong lobbying effort. How is it that people here who cannot vote — at least they aren’t supposed to vote — believe they possess any right to influence policy decisions in America?

When Obama ran for president in 2008, he promised the Hispanic audience he would work to pass an immigration bill in his first year in the White House. However, President Obama, per the U.S. Constitution as stated in Article I, Section 8, Clause 4, is not allowed to make any laws regarding naturalization — that is an enumerated right of the legislative branch.

So, if this was such a priority for the progressive socialists of the Democrat party and their radical Hispanic open border allies in La Raza and LULAC, why was this not done in the first two years of the Obama reign when he had House and Senate supermajorities? The question asked on the House floor by GOP Congressman Marino (R-Pa) sent Nancy Pelosi into a dubious rage.

I suppose these illegal immigration activists have finally come to realize one thing about Obama — certainly about the Democrats — it is all about one thing: politics. “We advocates didn’t make the reform promise; we just made the mistake of believing it,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, who had been among the most vocal in demanding the president take action. “When the going gets tough, they abandon Latinos and their issues as fast as you can say piñata.”

The probable scenario is this. I imagine Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid went to Obama and stated his case that they are at risk of losing Democrat control of the Senate. And Reid probably expressed to Obama that another “unilateral” executive action at a time when Americans are hot about illegal immigration and the flood from Central America would exacerbate an already tenuous midterm election situation.

As the Times reports, “Obama’s hand was forced in part by the surge of illegal immigrant children and families that poured across the border in the late spring and summer, lured by smugglers who said lax immigrant policies in the U.S. would give them a chance to gain a foothold here. The surge changed the politics of the issue, with voters telling pollsters that they viewed border security as more important than legalizing illegal immigrants. That was a reversal from last year, when polls showed legalization took precedence over border security.” For the Obama administration it is all about polls and politics.

As we have shared, the cost to struggling American taxpayers for the illegal immigrant children dispersed across America showing up in school districts in estimated to be as much as $761 million. As well, Americans are concerned about criminal elements — such as MS-13 — who are part of this invasion. And Obama, who wants to have a compliant Senate for his final two years, cannot afford the risk.

So Obama and Reid are rolling the dice, and believing they can pull the rabbit out of the hat and keep the majority. But they’ll still try to convince America this has nothing to do with politics. The Times says, “last week White House press secretary Josh Earnest had denied that politics were playing a role in Mr. Obama’s thinking. “That’s not what the president is focused on. What the president is focused on is trying to solve problems” he assured reporters. Mr. Obama’s decision to put off action suggests the White House still believes it can win enough seats in November’s elections to preserve a majority in the Senate. Republicans would need to net six seats to win control.”

Perhaps this is the reason why we saw the Democrat antics in the Kansas Senate race where they forced the Democrat candidate to drop out for what they believe to be a more popular “Independent” candidate — as we reported on here. So we can expect all the tricks to come out — including behind-the-scenes support to Libertarian Senate candidates in key states in order to siphon off enough votes to enable a Democrat to win — especially in close races, those with a 5 percent or less margin.

And so it goes for the man whose promise to be everything to everybody. The world is seeing Obama for what he is, just another politician, and not a very good one at that. He’s just an empty suit full of promises who cannot deliver on anything.

I’m quite sure Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill) and other members of the Congressional (Democrat) Hispanic Caucus are steaming. If Obama and Reid don’t deliver a Democrat Senate majority in the November midterm elections they will have lost all credibility with a critical liberal progressive base. The level of persuasion needed to energize the legal liberal progressive Hispanic base is going to have to at an all time high. That means Dems will go into their playbook of electoral tricks and gimmicks — meaning complete desperation a la the comments made by DNC Chairwoman Wasserman-Schultz regarding Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker –expect more of the same.

If the Democrats lose the Senate, there will be many a second, third, and fourth order ramification for their party — losing trust with their Hispanic base will be just the tip of the iceberg.


  1. The point is as stated, how can illegals lobby when they supposedly do not have voting rights? How do they justify approaching Congressional members and why do members react to them?

    • It’s pretty simple, but neither party will say it out loud.. one because they need the votes, the other because it’s afraid of being called racist, and hopes to get those votes, someday
      In 2005, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that up to 3 percent of the 30,000 individuals called for jury duty from voter registration rolls over a two-year period in just one U.S. district court were not U.S. citizens.

      — Source, The Threat of Non Citizen Voting (Heritage)

    • Illegals used to hide in fear that they would be deported. That was back before we had a muslim in chief. I don’t think I’d try demanding any rights in their countries.

  2. My question is, Why they think they can skip the laws and walk on in? What makes them different then anyone else trying to get into America? If you want in, do the paperwork and wait in line like everyone else. No one is special here…

    • Easy 2 reasons 1. They have a criminal background or 2 they want everything for free and want the working class tax payers to pay for their way.

  3. They’re not getting the shaft. They were lied to by a liar that they had no right to believe in the first place. It takes 2 to tango or so to speak. Who ever suggested that they had rights in this country in the first place? And worse who are they to suggest that? The people of the USA are the ones getting the shaft.

    • For the most part, they are ignorant due to lack of education. Mexico does not demand education to their kids. Parents have to pay to send their kids to school out of their own pockets. They send their kids to school to learn to read and write and then take them out of school. I know this for a fact!

  4. I’m curious how we could lock up so many legal, law abiding citizens during WWII. Now we allow illegal entry into the US, and if caught they are most likely released or placed in locations much more hospitable than legal citizens experienced.

    • During the Eisenhower administration some 2 million illegals were rounded up and deported. It took two years but it got done because Ike was trying to retain jobs for WWII and Korean vets.

  5. It’s infuriating, the political games this administration play. Yes, we Americans are getting shafted and just think how those who came here legally feel. I hope and pray that we can take the senate and keep the house in November. That’ll be a start.

    • and the republicans will have 2 years to come up with a way to kiss up to the Latino voters. More likely, to come up with a way to scare white Americans into thinking of a Latino invasion.

      • no, the republicans will close those borders and tell all the mexicans and arabs you have no right in our country, get your papers in order or stay where you are!

      • No matter who is in the WH , senate or congress , something must be done. Good luck with that happening. Both parties are using this issues to their advantage . Fortunately, now Latinos can demand change.

      • What changes? There is nothing wrong with the immigration laws. They need to be deported and from where ever they belong start applying for coming in legally period.

      • America’s Blacks. the core of the Democratic Party have figured out the invaders hurt them, and want them gone, as do a overwhelming majority of the nations real immigrants, including those of Hispanic decent.. Time for another Eisenhower type round up

      • LEGAL Latinos should have a say. But ILLEGALS..how dare they think for one moment they even have a right. How long do you think it would fly in their country if we tried it??

      • Latinos and blacks are at the very bottom of the social ladders and only matter to politicians who want votes. What everyone knows but the media and politicians refuse to say is that they make up the bulk of inmates in all the prisons at a ratio of 10 to 1 of whites. They are killing this country.

      • Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are killing this country??? The tea party must have been infiltrated by Latinos

      • For the most part, I agree with you. And why is it that way? The reaction of the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown are great descriptions of their family values: Being a gang member is a good vocation…violence is okay…and when they shoot you, we can scream racism with the help of barry soetoero.

      • The reaction of the families of michael brown and trayvon martin? What reaction was that?? How is their reaction different from any parent that had lost their child? You win the LOON OF THE DAY AWARD!!

      • They both submitted photos which were several years old, showing very young and innocent looking boys. Later, true pics appeared on the internet of both of them tossing up gang signs, flipping off the camera and acting like thugs. Both families alleged that their sons were victims of racism. Both men were the first to attack, which caused lethal force to be used. Of course the parents are sad and angry because their sons were exposed for who they really were.

      • What in the world does a pic have to do with anything….seems you are saying that they had bad pics so THEY DESERVED TO DIE!!

      • It was a comparison of the situations involving Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. The families of both submitted pictures of them in a more positive light (younger and more innocent) than what really showed what they looked like at the time they died. You know the saying “If you live by the sword, you die by the sword”…It is true. Being a thug might be okay with your peers who are just like you, but when a cop tells you to get out of the street, you get out of the street and you don’t attack the cop.

      • How do I know he attacked a cop?? Can we just wait until the facts are presented?? BUT…it’s good to know that you believe just because of a a picture someone deserves to die

      • Earl, You wish to wait until the facts are presented. That is a great idea. Should be the attitude of obama and all the people rioting and looting in MO. But it’s not.
        Your comment ‘just because of a picture, someone deserves to die’ is a stretch. You know the pictures showing both men in their younger days were for the media, and probably at the suggestion of attorneys.
        Of course, no one ‘deserves’ to die, except murderers in death penalty cases. That death could have easily been prevented if the young men walking in the middle of the street had simply complied with the police officer’s request that they move to the sidewalk. Sounds pretty simple and basic to me.

      • If parents were really concerned about their kids they would be more involved with their lives so this sort of thing didn’t happen to them and their kids. I am totally with Joy Beum on this matter. Look at the total numbers of the races involved in heavy crime. Check it out for yourself. Way too many broken homes with one parent, usually the mother, who has many kids by different fathers.

  6. Questions for Louie Guiterrez …..
    1) How is your House Ethics investigation going? Will you be rooming with Jesse Jackson Jr?
    2) At least 6 murders, 19 wounded in Chicago this weekend – why don’t you lift a finger to try to change this?
    3) You are a Puerto Rican, why don’t you do anything to help Chicago Puerto Ricans?
    4) Do you really believe the more illegal immigrants (unregistered Democrats) that you get into this country that this will help you with your Presidential dreams?
    5) You really do believe that the US is not entitled to a southern border?

  7. He was too busy in his 1st years catering to the people who want to destroy families, churches, and energy independence. He cares zero, nothing, nada, about Hispanics unless it will help him retain power. Again, Democrat Party has recycled their addiction to slavery that the Republicans snuffed out during the civil war.

  8. I live in Illinois and Luis G is one of the biggest and most dumb Pos in Congress. He stands for nothing more than freedom for the Position illegals because he is one. I have listened to him speak many times and he is terrible! He hasn’t a brain in his head and every time he opens his mouth he proves it. A great product of Chicago politics, go figure.

  9. contrary to popular belief … “undocumented immigrants” is the most incorrect statement to identify these invaders with. Call’em what they are … INVADERS AND FEDERAL FUGITIVES. They are federal felons and deserve to be treated as nothing else. If their first act upon entering this country is to violate our sovereignty and our laws …. what possible reason would we have to offer them anything but a swift kick in the rear back across the border where they came from? How is it that anyone with any sanity could possibly consider handing them “amnesty” for violating federal laws? That would require amnesty for ANY felon who committed a crime. But you see, current citizens would go directly to jail for violating federal laws in such a manner. These scum are talking about handing an invading army of beggars, thieves and leeches the keys to the kingdom at the expense of the people as well as against our will! We have given voting and patience all the chances they deserve. It’s time to consider the other part of the constitution where it states we have the right to cast of said government and replace it. And they really wonder why we will not give up our guns ….. amazing

  10. Under Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code, “Improper Entry by Alien,” any citizen of any country other than the United States who: “Enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers; or Eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers; or Attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact; has committed a federal crime. Violations are punishable by fines and/or prison, and, according to the Immigration and Nationality Act Section 237 (a)(1)(B): “Any alien who is present in the United States in violation of this Act or any other law of the United States is deportable.”
    That is the law of the land and the “liberal-progressive base” (Communist) had better get used to it. The southern border – aka Democrat Voter Entry Portal – needs to be sealed or our Republic is doomed.

    • You forgot an equally important part of the law which makes it a crime, punishable by imprisonment to to aid, abet or enable an illegal to enter or remain in the United States and provides enhanced penalties should that alien commit a crime in the United States. Each alien counts as a separate offence ..

      Seems to me that Obama’s executive order for dreamers adds up to about 600,000 counts, give or take a few.

  11. All what needs to be done is close the borders until the border is secured and enforce the immigration laws that are absolutely fine. Deport all illegal aliens and that is it period.

  12. Well, welcome to the club then……Oblammy has been screwing EVERYBODY for the past 6 years, you’re just now finding out he LIES? The blacks voted for him and six years later they still are living with DOUBLE-Digit unemployment, he hasn’t done a damn thing for them….So much for our “Historic” first half-black Kenyan Islamic President……Epic Fail…….

  13. Just as hamas hides behind little children, so does obama. What a ploy to make the Republicans look bad, dragging kids and teens across the desert and subjecting them to untold abuse, then it all blows up in his face! I hope the libs are paying attention.

  14. He is using everyone..the Mexicans,the blacks,the little children ..all of us.He has so ethics,no scruples.When something backfires ,he simply lies his way out of it,expecting us all to believe him,because the liberal media has shoved his lies down the throats of Americans for so long that half of the country has bought it. Guess what.. they aren’t buying it any longer.So he says the delay isn’t political.Bull poopy.I pray midterms will be an eye opening event in this nation.

    • I have a feeling we will be quite surprised by the elections in November. Even the libs are fed up enough to see through this muslim.

  15. How many American jobs did Ted Cruz take? How did he get a free pass without anyone asking about his citizenship? He went to school in the US, worked in the US and didn’t bother to become citizen until last year.

    • Since Cruz has always been an American citizen and has the cred’s to prove that he earned his own way, unlike Obama(Indonesia and affirmative action), he renounced the Canadian part of his dual citizenship last year. What about illegal is not understood, illegals should all be deported.

  16. Cruz,born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father. As such, he was
    a dual citizen — an American because of his mother, and Canadian
    because the country, like America, grants automatic citizenship to
    anyone born there.
    Cruz is considered a potential candidate for the 2016 GOP presidential
    nomination. And when the news of his dual citizenship surfaced last
    year, thanks to a Dallas Morning News piece,
    some began to question his eligibility to become president. (In truth,
    that was never in jeopardy. Most legal experts said Cruz qualifies as a
    “natural born citizen,” a requirement for the White House job, as stated
    in the Constitution.) CNN post

  17. IF we don’t have voter ID, these illegals will vote democrat in Nov. They will get an amnesty vote by the democrats they elect. Obuma waiting is simply postponing amnesty to protect democrats running for office. Obuma knows a majority of Americans are against amnesty. He has still made no move to close the border so they continue to pour in.

      • You have an ID to fish or hunt, you don’t think people should have to prove who they are and that they have the right to vote?

      • Let me ask you this….If voter fraud is sooo bad why haven’t you heard about any hearings from the republican house? What does early voting have to do with voter fraud? What does eliminating voting on sundays have to do with voter fraud? What does moving the polling stations soo far out that people cannot reach them HAVE TO DO WITH VOTER FRAUD?
        Voter ID only prevents voter impersonation and FACTS tell me that there has been only about 10 cases of voter impersonation out of over 1 BILLION votes!

      • Why are you so afraid of voter ID? Another liberal loon! Dead people voted in some of the last elections. Some admitted to voting more than once. If everything is so legit, what’s the problem? You need an ID for everything from renting a book, fishing, driving, getting a drink, buying cigs. Liberal loons have to have a reason why they don’t want to keep elections legit. Photo ID should be required for EVERY voter.

      • You never answered ONE POINT!! Because you actually CAN’T!! Republicans know they can’t win a nation election on their POLICIES so they have to try to manipulate the system so they have a shot of winning! I’m hearing from a few republican pundits that the democrats will win in 2016!!

      • The 14th and 15th amendments should be your answer:
        14th: State will lose congressional reporesentation “…when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice-President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the Executive and Judicial officers of a State, or the members of the Legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime”
        15th:”The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”
        The Constitution, outside of these amendments, grants the federal governmet no authority on voting. Therfore, such authority is granted, by Constitutional definition, to the states. As long as a state doesn’t pass a law which violates any above criteria, they are free to do so.
        Now…requiring ALL people wishing to vote to have ID to prove citizenship does NOT violate any Constitutional criteria so long as it implements the same requirements to all without targeting race, color, or previous condition of servitude…and you could include sexual orientation and religious beliefs. The 15th amendment specifically addresses the ” right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged”…it does not protect non-citizens(illegals).
        All that being said, how does a voter ID law infringe on a CITIZEN’S right to vote? The Constitution does not guarantee the means to vote…simply the RIGHT to vote.

      • She just told you the millions who voted but were dead. Sat/Sun should be days of rest. My voting place is open 8am until 8 pm enough time for people to go an vote. And I being the last white women living in the getto I don’t see there is a problem for access to vote. I suppose you live in an all white neighborhood. Ands have you aned your neighborhood no problems in that area.

      • You are a ignorant troll! Why did one ignorant liberal woman admit to voting 6 times. Is cheating the only way ignorant liberals can win an election? Go back to your liberal site!

      • Where is the 1 BILLION votes where is that stat? Just like the 6.1% unemployment which the government tells the american people.

      • Why are people like you SO against a person having to prove they have a legal right to partake in a vital process specifically designed for legal citizens of this great nation? You mean to tell me you have no issue with needing an ID to drive, get a loan, open a bank account, get a fishing/hunting license, or buying a gun/ammo…but if you say someone is required to have an ID to vot…that’s wrong? Makes no sense to me.

      • Interesting since you right wing LOONS actually believe that voter ID laws has ANYTHING to do with voter fraud! Please do some research!

      • I don’t personally care about the statistics. What I AM concerned with is the potential that ANY person (whether leaning right or left) could vote and not be a legal US citizen. Quit with the party rhetoric. Voting is a right of a legal citizen. I can’t go to France, Germany, or even Mexico and legally participate in their election process.
        I would really like to know why you are so against a person having to prove citizenship to vote. How is a law requiring ID limiting the voting process for citizens?

      • The 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution establish parameters around qualifications. BOTH amendments make reference to “citizens” and their right to vote. It says nothing about EVERYONE’S right to vote….CITIZENS.
        And the Constitution itself dictates that those powers not specifically granted to the Federal gov’t shall be reserved for and granted to the states. So a state can pass voter ID requirements laws as long as the parameters of that law do not target a person or group based on race, color, religious beliefs, sexual orentation, etc.
        People’s claim about ID requirements being “unfair” is a crock. If a person can’t get an ID to vote per a requirement…how in the heck do they live everyday life since they need it to cash checks, use credit cards, obtain various licenses.
        You ask for facts, but what facts do you want to define possibilities of voter fraud by illegals? The fact is that there are 11 million (est) of them here…you don’t think there is a single % chance some of them are voting? Let’s greatly reduce that possibility by requiring all looking to vote to show valid ID/proof of citizenship. Again…if that is required of ALL voters equally, where does the discrimination come in?

      • Can you explain to me how removing voting on Sundays has something to do with VOTER FRAUD??? Also, can you provide stats to show that voter fraud is soo bad that it swayed not one but 2 national elections. Also, can you explain why the republican controlled house hasn’t opened ONE investigation on VOTER FRAUD. Thanks

      • You just can’t yell…VOTER FRAUD over and over again without ANY facts to support the need for voter suppression laws!

  18. So, Obama “evolved” about his stance on amnesty? Or would libs say he “devolved” this time? Another “evolution” of his just in time for an election.

  19. Illegal aliens, not immigrants, do not have any rights other than food and water until they are deported back to from where they came.

    Clean ’em, feed ’em, and send ’em home.

    GINGRICH/WEST 2016: Welcome to the liberals worst nightmare.


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