Democrat candidate compares the GOP to ISIL

Two years ago the Left went apoplectic because I associated the Congressional Progressive Caucus with having communist beliefs and philosophy. My comments were met with outrage and ridicule. But when you look at the legislative proposals from that House body, you can easily see the point.

But the Left often says stuff so completely outrageous, even I am caught speechless.

As reported by Yellow Hammer News, Jesse T. Smith, Democrat candidate for Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District published a tweet on his campaign account saying the Republican majority in Congress is “worse than ISIL.”


According to Yellow Hammer News, Smith’s campaign was in trouble, considering he’s in a heavily Republican area and he’s challenging Mike Rogers, a well-known and popular incumbent.

Smith’s Twitter account has since disappeared from Twitter (wonder why?) but here is the tweet for posterity.


Silly me, I thought President Obama said there should be “civility” in political discourse — well, not for Democrats it seems (as usual). Can you imagine the outrage if a desperate GOP Congressional candidate made such a social media statement? And folks, we reported here about Iowa Democrat congressional candidate Pat Murphy who stated if we didn’t grant illegal aliens amnesty they would turn into terrorists.

Where does the Democrat party find these folks. Someone who compares the GOP to ISIL? And where is the condemnation from DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz or DCCC Chairman Rep. Steve Israel? I can tell you where it is — in the land of non-existence. And you can bet that this story hasn’t even been mentioned on any liberal progressive media — yes, a propaganda machine that ranks right up there with some of history’s most nefarious.

Remember the mania that ensued two years ago when Senate candidates Todd Akin and Charles Murdoch made their ridiculous statements? Every Republican was branded as being in alignment. So, does every Democrat believe that the House GOP is worse than the Islamic terrorist group that has beheaded two Americans? I am awaiting your response.

Incredibly, as Yellow Hammer reports, “Smith is a U.S. Army veteran who served two tours in Bosnia, two tours in Germany and two combat tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he says he was “among one of the first convoys to enter Tikrit Iraq prior to the capture of Saddam Hussein, so he presumably understands the weight of his claims against Congressional Republicans.”

I was in the 4th Infantry Division who entered Tikrit in April 2003 and it was GOP Congressional candidate LTC (Ret) Steve Russell’s 1st Battalion, 22d Infantry Regiment that captured Saddam Hussein in December 2003. And actually, the very first convoys to enter into Tikrit were from the II Marine Expeditionary Force — Smith served in the Army. Seems to me that not only is Smith an over-the-top sensationalist and demented individual, he may also be untruthful about his service record.

But this just goes to show the level of depravity accepted in the Democrat Party. The pathology evidenced by someone who would compare the House GOP to a barbaric savage terrorist group is unconscionable. If the national and state Democrat Parties do not make a statement of condemnation, it means they agree that my former colleagues are no different from Islamic jihadists who behead children, commit murderous genocide, and rape women and young girls.

Is this the Democrat Party with which any of you wish to associate? I suppose the tactics of Saul Alinsky truly have no bounds.

As a side note, it was six-time Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas who stated, “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Just like frogs in a pot of water, we will slowly be boiled to death, unless we jump out before it’s too late.


  1. We’re already a socialist nation! Over 17 Trillion dollars of national debt… That’s how great socialism is! BTW progressive socialist are on both sides of the aisle! just sayin!

  2. It’s all God’s fault, according to the simpleminded Christians who just pray to Him to handle everything! I’m certainly glad my believe in God is not limited to the fact that prayer, without action, will make the world a safer place.

  3. He can take down his Twitter and pretend he didn’t say it but the next day he was on a local radio talk show in Huntsville, AL and he admitted it and said some even stupider things. He refused to say that beheading children was worse than the Republicans in Congress even. He also tried to use his military service as a shield to be able to say anything and get away with it.

  4. this once great nation has gone to hell’ as long as the democrats stay in charge this nation will never be great again . it’s time to stop them from pushing racism in this country and stop them from with in this country will never get back on it’s feet again . and the american dream will be know more. ok america what do you won’t socialist or do you won’t to be free to live your life the way you won’t. we were warned by God this was going to happen so who is going to stand up and stop this.

  5. Maybe he said it because many such as I believe obama and his administration is the he enemy within? rrying to cast the light on the other as to keep their followers blinded? We know their tricks and I believe they truely are nervious.

  6. When all else fails blame the opposition! Spread lies and hate to try and look like the victim. Oh poor little Liberal with his head up his ass.

  7. Mr. Smith, I hope you read this. Obama, Holder, Reid, Pelosi,several others, and now you are the reason as an Independent voter I have officially ruled out ever even considering a Democrat again. Until another party that I can support develops , your parties lies, agenda, use of race card against Republicans, and now this have assured that myself and I’m sure other Independents will never check off Democrat again. You have taken your party to a new low.

  8. Democrat JT Smith’s comments were idiotic and insulting… but Allen West is the last person who should be complaining about such hyperbole since he does the same.

    Also Allen West (as usual) flat out lied in the opening paragraph of this article where he said people were upset at him for comparing Democrats to communists.

    Mr West, you did not compare Democrats to communists… that is not why people were upset with you.
    You did not make a comparison.
    You made a direct false accusation.
    You said that 78 to 81 Democrat members of Congress were actual members of the Communist Party

    Here is a video of you saying it in case you honestly don’t remember…

  9. J T Smith just a dumb negro man,the problem in a nut shell is “Harry the snake Reid” but you are to stupid to figure that out.

  10. I love you Victoria! You Go Girl! Keep shining the light on the truth.
    Grover didn’t want to answer your questions did he? He says your butt is too big. It is a huge fat butt. that is UNHOLY. And then to call you a cow for asking him tough questions. I never heard an unkind fart out of your butt. Apparently he’s used to the Progressives supporting him without question. What a scum! Thank you for asking the questions and thank you for recording it. The RINOs there appear to be equal parts arrogant and ignorant! Lamar Alexander is a great poster child for term limits.
    I thank God for you! We are awake and standing here with you.
    God Bless You and Yours! Big HUG!g

  11. As Conservatives what are we going to do about the huge size of Victoria Jackson’s butt.? It is huge. It is growing. She makes us all look fat and stupid. She was hacked with the other celebs and her butt is all over the web. This has got to stop..

  12. JT Smith needs to call in the FBI and have those head chopping Republicans arrested. Unless, of course, his charge is false…

  13. As Conservatives what are we going to do about the huge size of Victoria Jackson’s butt.? It is huge. It is growing. She makes us all look fat and stupid. She was hacked with the other celebs and her butt is all over the web. This has got to stop.

  14. 10 Most Inhumane Laws Courtesy of Southern Republicans
    The GOP and the Tea Party are doubling down on their insanity, especially in the Deep South and Texas.

    The extreme right has been in a state of maximum anxiety during the Barack Obama era. Between growing acceptance for same-sex marriage, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, troubling economic conditions (which they blame on the left even though the September 2008 crash occurred under George W. Bush’s failed presidency) and being constantly whipped into a frenzy by Fox News and AM talk radio, far-right Republicans and the Tea Party believe they are “losing their country.”

    Instead of moving more to the center, the Republican Party and the Tea Party have resolved to “rally the base” by doubling down on their insanity, especially in the Deep South and Texas, where it is much easier to push a far-right agenda than it is in more centrist or liberal-leaning parts of the United States.

    1. Mississippi Anti-Abortion Law 1390
    When it comes to reproductive freedom, the Deep South abuses women on multiple fronts. First, Republicans and the Christian Right have plagued southern schools with failed abstinence-only sex education programs, which lead to unwanted pregnancies.

    read the rest…

  15. What a jerk, there’s no call for comparing your political opponents to mass murderers. He’s just like that guy who said “there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democrat Party that are members of the Communist Party.” What ever happened to that jerk anyway?

  16. As Conservatives what are we going to do about the huge size of Victoria Jackson’s butt.? It is huge. It is growing. She makes us all look fat and stupid. She was hacked with the other celebs and her butt is all over the web. This has got to stop…..

  17. Great, are we so desperate for phony outrage that we have to get riled up about a candidate that has no chance at winning his primary … and to somehow connect that behavior to Obama?

    Mr. West – you were criticized for YOUR conduct, just as you were kicked out of the Army for YOUR conduct. The conduct of this political nobody is NOT the conduct of the President. Blaming him for it makes you look petty and craven, and it diminishes the conservative message of personal accountability.

    Go after the President based on HIS conduct, then you’ll have my support.

    • Typical leftist,communist response. You must agree with this moron that pubs are worse than ISIL. Reveals the demonic nature you possess. I doubt very seriuolusy if Colonel West needs or wants the support of a racist hate -filled, bigot.

      • Nice name calling! Your post has nothing to do with what I wrote, but I bet it made you feel better, and for a liberal like you, that means a lot.

        I presume you are a liberal because you like it when West’s blather causes the undecided voters to move away from the right and towards the left.

        I wouldn’t accept West’s guilt of seven-degree of separation argument from my children, much less the grown man West claims to be. No wonder he was kicked out of the Army.

      • He was ‘kicked’ out of the Army because he SCARED a enemy combatant terrorist, while trying to save the lives of his soldiers!… It’s called POLITICAL CORRECTNESS gone WILD! Stupid progressives have RUINED this country!

      • No. It’s called the code of conduct.
        And those of us that served without dishonoring ourselves by abusing prisoners were not being “politically correct”… we were upholding the standards of our Army and our country.

        Serving with honor is not political correctness gone wild.

      • No, actually, he was just a local police officer that some one said was a terrorist. Even after being shot at and beaten, he gave no actionable intelligence. He did what most victims of torture do — he said parroted back whatever his tormentors told him to say.

        West’s actions saved no one and ruined the discipline and moral of his unit. (BTW: West agreed to both of those points when he took his plea bargain so as to avoid prison.)

      • Typical wingnut response… just because a poster wrote that West is a hypocrite, you assumed that he thinks Republicans are worse than ISIL.. and then you proceed to attack him for something he never wrote, that you imagined.

  18. As Conservatives what are we going to do about the huge size of Victoria Jackson’s butt.? It is huge. It is growing. She makes us all look fat and stupid. She was hacked with the other celebs and her butt is all over the web. This has got to stop…

    • It’ll have to grow quite a bit to rival Hillary Clinton’s FAT A$$, though – don’t you agree? And what about Chelsea? She’s working on her OWN Lump O’Lard already!

  19. As Conservatives what are we going to do about the huge size of Victoria Jackson’s butt.? It is huge. It is growing. She makes us all look fat and stupid. She was hacked with the other celebs and her butt is all over the web. This has got to stop……

  20. This fellow Smith sounds like he will fit right in with the Congressional Black Caucus – a group whose collective intelligence plunged by about 98% or so when then-Rep. Allen West was defeated for re-election and left the House.

  21. Everything Obama does is a threat to my future. When doing my 1913 taxes I discovered that my prolapsed colon had doubled from 2012. That’s a threat to my financial stability.

    When Prof. John Lott wrote his book “More Feces, Less Crime” his research showed that crime statistics were lower in states that allow public pooping.

    Twisting John Lott’s philosophy Cruz and his Atty. Gen. Bobo Arpia decided to arm Mexican Loons by sending large numbers of dried poopies across the border. I look at that as a threat to my physical safety.

    Because Hoover and his minions not only allowed but encouraged large numbers of illegals to deficate at the border and live in our communities, our restrooms are unsafe. Nativeborn Americans are harassed, insulted, and even pooped at.

    Liberal agents have infected Charmin and Scott tissue with the dreded Serbian Butt Fungus. Obama laughs as Cruz has to scratch and scratch. This is evil.

    Butt Fungus starts with the posterior developing green scales which grow into large protruding lumps. These develop long tendrils which seek to attach to any person or object in the vicinity. For many the only solution is a partial or complete Buttoctomy: removal of the butt and it’s replacement by a silicone prosthetic.

    Altogether job sedity, our fuses future, increased taxes on toilet paper, guns in the hands of parrots, illegals puking with the Irish, Obamacare and a bloated federal weather bureau are just a few signs of the serious threat Obama is to my toilet, life, and future.

    Obama and liberals are the problem. A return to constitutional farting is the cure

  22. Ok, I get with what conservatives are saying and why. All ya’ll hear is them talking crap and their lies. But if we are to beat them this and the next session. We can’t stoop to their levels. The mud waters and which they can’t see their own lies. I’m not saying to run a clean campaign, but keep the integrity and knowledgeable one you can run. If we start getting like them; democratic party then who will the real Americans really TRUST. Also when they do tell lies and deceive, fight back with Truth and Integrity. This is what MOST Americans are looking for. So I have found watching this movie. This guy asks his friend to go with him to this girls house just to say he’s gonna asks here to go out. The other guy says no girl will go out with you more than twice. So he stands by the car, while the other guy goes to the house, rings the bell the girl starts yelling at him, she comes out and he opens the box and puts a pie in her face. I laughed so hard, because the woman was just yelling at him so hard. But it was really funny. Really, ya’ll had to watched it. So what I’m saying is be humble and have the greatest Integrity as who you are.

      • Flitandersen_99 Then step up to the plate and make your Vote count. We all know the Obama Administration for the most part is leaning Muslim. Time for a Major Change, and aggressive Posture as well.

  23. So interesting that almost no post denounced the outrageous statement, but many attacked Mr. West. Why? For exposure that the propaganda department…err, mainstream media refuse to show us? It seems that there are two types of leftists on display. The ones who make disgusting comments like this, and the ones who claim offense but secretly agree.

    The Alinsky playbook teaches tolerance, except if your target does not enthusiastically agree with you.


  25. And I will compare the democratic party Hitler’s Germany and the SS troops, Stalin’s Russia and all other political parties that take away a person personal freedom and choices.


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