Environmentalists don’t want you to know why gas prices are falling

You may not have noticed this past Labor Day weekend that gas prices are the lowest they’ve been since 2010. Of course when Barack Obama took office, the average price of gasoline was $1.89. Right now in America it’s about $3.44 — and remember how the progressive socialist media went apoplectic over gas hitting $2.50 under George W. Bush?

Rock Hill, South Carolina has the lowest price at $3.01 and South Carolina statewide has the average lowest price in America at around $3.15. So why the sudden drop? But more importantly, are we at a point where high $3.00 to $4.00 gasoline prices are the new normal?

According to The Daily Caller, thanks to booming U.S. oil production from shale formations gas prices have gone down. “As the economy makes modest gains, more Americans are joining the labor force this year,” said AAA COO Marshall Doney in a statement. “With Labor Day symbolizing the American workers’ contributions to the strength and prosperity of our country, it’s only fitting that millions are choosing to celebrate this positive direction with an all-American road trip.”

I would say not so fast to Mr. Doney regarding more Americans joining the labor force — many are taking multiple part-time positions. In addition, if more Americans come back into the market looking for employment, we’ll actually see an increase in the unemployment rate in America — since those disaffected workers are not currently counted. The stock market may be rising, but the labor market is still recovering.

We should all take a look at what’s happening in North Dakota as an example of how domestic energy exploration and production boosts economic output, leading to low unemployment and better paying jobs for hard working Americans – not to mention strengthening our energy security.

The Daily Caller reports that gas right now America is more than 10 cents below the average price for the same time last year. “Consumers in the South and parts of the Midwest are likely getting their gas for under $3.82, while West Coast and New York drivers are likely to see gas prices above $4.00 a gallon. The average price of gasoline is now 25 cents less than it was at the end of June, according to the Energy Information Administration, and gas prices are projected to continue falling this year to an average monthly price of $3.30 per gallon in December.”
So is this the new normal? Are Americans willing to accept they will never again see average gasoline prices below $2.00? Is there no possibility that we can get back to the January 2009 level? Maybe there is, if we look at why prices have dropped.

The Daily Caller says, “hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is responsible for allowing oil companies to unlock vast reserves of oil and natural gas that were previously inaccessible. This huge technological achievement has led to a U.S. oil boom and helped lower gas prices.”

So why is it that progressive socialists are so against this technological innovation? Could it be the hard line Leftists’ commitment to a “green energy agenda” precludes them from seeing the benefit of expanding American oil and gas exploration and production? Do the left wing progressive environmentalists harbor angst towards the citizens of North Dakota for the success and improved standard of living? — perhaps they’d prefer North Dakotans to be wedded to the welfare nanny-state.

Clearly Obama and his Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — as well as the complicit media and Hollywood elites — are doing everything possible to stymie the efforts of other states to enjoy the fracking innovation. We also know most of this oil and gas production is being done on state and private lands and the federal government is tightening its control on lands and even declaring more “endangered species” to preclude fracking expansion — two things we reported here. As well, the Obama Bureau of Land Management is using every bureaucratic trick in the book to tie up federal lands and, along with the EPA, bring lawsuits against states and individual Americans.

So, as little as it seems, any relief for struggling, hard working American families at the gas pump is welcomed. But I say let’s not allow this to become the new normal. We can get back to less than $2.00 a gallon on average in America by expanding safe fracking operations and strengthening our American dollar — two policies I’m not sure the Obama administration will support.

Never forget, the media went nuts on Bush over $2.50 gasoline. Here that now? Chirping.


  1. Imagine how cheap gas would be if we had the Keystone XL Pipeline, but i guess that’s all just would’a could’a should’a at this point. The important thing is we are keeping ourselves safe from non-existent global warming due to (exhales) Carbon Dioxide. By the way… Does anybody know why cars emit CO2? That’s because in the early 70’s Environmentalist Wacko’s wanted to prevent Carbon Monoxide from causing smog so they forced auto companies to use a catalytic converter- who’s by product is (all together now) Carbon Dioxide. So they are now complaining about a problem that they (environmentalists) caused in the first place. Classic!

    • It’s hilarious how you talk about smog like it’s no big deal. There’s a lengthy list of health problems caused by ground level pollutants.

      Fun facts:
      -without catalytic converters, the main by-products of an internal combustion engine are CO2, water, and soot. We’ve known this since they were first created. CO is a lesser by-product. What is your point re: catalytic converters?
      -transportation accounted for only 28% of carbon dioxide emissions in 2013 (eia.gov). Therefore catalytic converters (and vehicles in general) aren’t the main contributing factor to CO2 levels, so your ‘environmentalists created this problem’ point is incorrect.
      -there is not any irrefutable evidence that the XL pipeline would reduce gas prices significantly.

      • I guess if you are worried that Carbon Dioxide causes Global Warming then feel free to stop exhaling. We all know the research done in the past on global warming was skewed by scientists pushing an Agenda that requires everybody but China & Russia (the biggest global polluters) to abide by. As for whether or not I’d prefer Smog to Carbon Dioxide? I prefer CO2 since Global Warming is a Hoax. NY experienced one of the coolest summers on record and there was an Ice-burg on Lake Superior as late as July. When I was growing up in the 1970’s the Scientists were worried about another Ice Age, then in the 80’s and 90’s it was Global Warming. In the 2000’s it was “climate change” since the warming wasn’t happening fast enough for the alarmists.

      • Why do people (liberals and conservatives alike) insist on delivering facts without proper sourcing?

        In my previous comment I did not and is this comment I will not try to insinuate that CO2 causes global warming. You are free to your thoughts as I am to mine. My comment was merely to refute your argument that “environmentalist wackos” are the cause of increased CO2 levels. I would prefer that you address my actual response rather than deliver more irrelevant information.

        Note that China and Russia are NOT the largest global polluters. According to this (http://edgar.jrc.ec.europa.eu/news_docs/pbl-2013-trends-in-global-co2-emissions-2013-report-1148.pdf) source, among others, China is by far the leader, followed by the United States, India, then Russia. Where do you get your information? Facebook?

        Please post your sources of information for:
        – global warming pushing a China/Russia agenda
        – how a 1 year trend in north american weather (only the 34th coldest winter since 1895! Thirty-fourth! http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/sotc/national/2014/2), and the fact that the Lake Superior region got hit especially hard refutes any and all scientific claims of global warming or climate change, whichever term you prefer to use
        – global cooling in the 1970’s being widely accepted among the scientific community

        Please believe me that I am more than willing to change any of my stances, given legitimate proof that it is true. All I seem to be getting from you are anecdotes.

  2. We can only hope that these terrorist animals will dive into the shallow end of the pool. The tepid, feckless, spineless, professorial president is unable to confront evil as it doesn’t exist within socialist group-think. It is Hobby Lobby and Chick a Fil who are their real enemies.

  3. Thomas, it wouldn’t have that large an impact. All the pipeline would do is slow down our use of rail shipping. It wouldn’t actually change any amounts.

    • Yes, it would make a difference. The pipeline can move the oil faster and more efficiently than rail can which means it will be available for processing sooner and cost less to transport.

  4. You right wingers are so desperate to disprove any good news in the Econ that you have to scrape the barrel and fiound north Dakota .

  5. wrong again west….
    Under George W. Bush, gas prices increased 275 percent (2001 – 2008)
    Posted on February 20, 2012
    “…under W, the price of gasoline increased from $1.60 per gallon when he took office in January 2001 to $4.40 per gallon in July 2008, a jump of 275 percent.” – GOP Deceptions About Gas Prices

    It hit $4.59 in MA,,, thats what I payed for it

  6. Consider that the average price of a regular gallon of gas at U.S. pumps was $1.85 when Bush was sworn in for his second term in January 2005 and $1.84 when Obama took office in January 2009 on the promise of change, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

    Adjusting for inflation, prices rose to $2.52 (Bush) and $2.53 (Obama) seven months into their terms, $2.76 and $2.71, respectively, nearly two years in and $3.27 each three years in. This month, gas is $3.85, more than a dime cheaper than at this point during Bush’s second term when adjusted for inflation.
    The average, through 45 months in office? Obama: $3.04; Bush’s second term: $2.98.
    wow……………6 cents

    “The global price of oil pays no attention to whether the White House occupant is Democrat or Republican,” said Paul Bledsoe, a former White House energy aide to Bill Clinton. It’s just that “when you’re living paycheck to paycheck and gasoline is more expensive, you want to blame somebody.”

    So many Americans wrongly believe that gas prices are tied to a president,” said Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy.com. “The economy drives gas prices more than any president.”
    “The bottom line is, there are these huge global forces that are the primary driver of the price of gasoline,” said Bledsoe, “and they are forces that the president under normal circumstances has very little control over.”


    • No when a President decides to stop naturl resources like keystone and opening up some federal lands then he is controlling gas prices. By the way your figures on gas prices are laughable . Get a clue

    • I can agree with this to an extent yet our dependence on foreign oil does determine other decisions made by our country in other areas and that has yet to be discussed. If we could be independent on our own oil production by fracking then yes some hazardous problems must be dealt with the same that has been done with coal mining in the past or any other fuels. with technology of today when water is contaminated then filters are made. these things can happen. what hurts a few can be beneficial to many in our country and some do not see that. Having our own oil supplies could prevent wars, make sanctions more powerful, create jobs, and continue to grow America. I for one support that over a few contaminated water supplies and a few environmental problems that are minimal compared to the problems that can be solved by this operation

    • One little fact to consider though… the Federal Government makes billions of dollars off gas taxes and Gas company Employee taxes. Yes, they have to build roads etc. But they DON’T have to do it by paying union workers 3x what self employed skilled contractors get paid to do their jobs, while six of them stand around and point while working at an increased overtime rate after 5pm… etc. Complete mismanagement.

  7. According to Stephen Leeb’s new book Red Alert, China spends over $350 billion a year on renewable energy infrastructure, locking up critical supplies of zinc, silver, gold, copper, and rare earth minerals. Meanwhile, America spends its money on searching for dwindling oil supplies.

    The Chinese are improving their skill at making solar panels, whereas American policymakers are explicitly avoiding building a post-oil energy infrastructure. Chinese elites want to secure oil and coal, of course, but they are also rapidly preparing for the day when these resources cannot be profitably extracted and used.
    American elites are engaged in a more short-sighted strategy of destroying any possible bridge to a post-oil energy future to protect their status quo profits.

    Does anybody ever here “Preparing for a Post Oil Energy Infrastructure”
    coming out of Washington?…. I thought so..

    • You put your faith in a book by a Leftie..So we should just stop all natural resources and go to green energy. Back to the cave man days for you

    • Okay, so let’s go solar – – – oh wait, only 4% of the panels are made in America. Guess whose economy you are supporting by going solar.

      Secondly, solar panels consume more petroleum to produce than they will replace over their useful life.

      And then the is the the fact that people don’t want windmills in there area because of the noise and they kill birds – -ooops.

      Okay, put the windmills away from populated areas and you have to have power cables to carry the electricity, more petroleum, not to mention all the petroleum consuming equipment to produce the primary ingredients.

      Bottom line, frack or support the middle east.

  8. Fracking is not the answer. Before you jump on the fracking band wagon, take a trip to Green County, Pa. or Washington County, Pa. and talk to the residents there that lost their good drinking water because of fracking. The process of fracking contaminates drinking water among other environmental problems. No one sees or knows what fracking is about. This is big money business so no true information will be available. I know first hand what is going on and it is very scary. I am not left or right winger. I am a tax paying blue collar worker and I don’t want to lose my drinking water. I especially don’t want to see the value of my house go down because there’s fracking around my property. Don’t fall for the media BS about how fracking is our countries answer. When we run out of fresh water to drink then what? This is a serious issue. We cannot live without water but we can live without fracking. So for all the people that think fracking is so wonderful let me ask you something…….Where do you live? I bet nowhere near a fracking well.

      • That’s because you don’t know the truth or maybe you don’t want to know the truth. Please tell me what part is BS? My post above is no BS I can promise you that. I live here where it’s happening, where do you live?

      • Your entire diatribe is completely false disclosing minuscule information on tracking and revealing how you fall for enviro-whacko propaganda. Pity you can’t think for yourself and do some REAL research on this issue.

      • Really!! I live in the middle of this fracking disaster. I don’t need to research anything, I see it first hand. How about you, have you witness what’s really going on yourself? Of course you haven’t. If you did then you would see the truth. Oh and please don’t responed saying you have because no one in their right mind would let their fresh water be contaminated. Did you know that the people with contaminated water have all their water trucked in? They can’t even shower with the water coming out their faucets. I’m just a sitting duck here waiting for my water to be contaminated too. It’s a pity your all talk with big words and not experiencing this issue yourself. Fracking is not the best way to go for independent energy. Water is more important.

      • So, I see from above posts that you are in PA. Guess you can’t do ANYTHING but just sit around and wait for your water to be contaminated. Facts are that horizontal drilling provides so much more benefit. Any harm is minuscule. Yeah, they tried the ole’ “contaminated water coming out of my faucet!” or “wow, I can ignite the gases coming out of my faucet!” thing here in Texas. Had lots of folks real scared. Then we discovered their fraud and lies. Like I said, do your own research. btw — I currently live in the big middle of fraccing. Get used to it and praise God for its invention.

      • Wow that’s funny that it’s all lies about contaminating water. I don’t get my information from the media or internet. Like I said before I seen it for myself, that’s enough research for me. I have several friends that work the well fields both installation and extracting and I guess they are liars too. They have more insight than anyone. This country is better off with coal or oil not natural gas. I’m sure when the fresh water supplies run out you’ll be the first to cry about it. Everyone needs to wake up…….look at what is happening to California and the water shortage. Oh wait I guess that’s all a lie too. And one more thing…….oh course you live right in the middle of all this fracking.

      • Yes I do live in the big middle of it. Texas, totally unlike PA and CA, knows how to do it! Consider moving dork.

      • Now I see the real intelligence in this conversation. Name calling….really? Good luck out there in Texas, hope it all works out for you.

      • Just so you know I am not just sitting around waiting for my water to be contaminated, I am out and about letting the truth be told. I will be the one who says I told you so!!

      • My facts can’t be anymore straight. How can my statement be speculation when I’m right here living it.Do you live here too……I don’t think so. Please tell me where you get your information from larry6409. Like I said big business will tell you anything they think you want to hear.

    • Hydraulic fracturing began as an experiment in 1947, and the first commercially successful application followed in 1949. As of 2012, 2.5 million hydraulic fracturing operations had been performed worldwide on oil and gas wells; over one million of those within the U.S.[3][4]

      A few instances out of 2.5 million is a extremely low problem rate. I bet nature does more polluting than this by a long shot. Oil seeped from the ground in my home town. Oil seeps from the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. I am not saying there is no man made pollution but we have come a long way since the 20’s and 30’s.
      Maybe you should look into hazardous waste from making solar cells that only have a lifetime of around 20 years at a 20% loss rate over that time period.

      • Thanks for the history lesson but when you say a few instances out of 2.5 million is a extremely low problem rate, I would bet anything that if you were one of those few you would be against fracking too. A few is thousands of people. If everyone thought like you do than who cares about crime or drugs. only a few are affected right?! Really!! One is too many. That aside I don’t think you understand what I’m talking about. Fracking is contaminating our water. This country is running out of fresh water. It takes millions of gallons of water to frack one well. Once the water is extracted from the well it is waste, it no longer can be used for anything. Once our fresh water is contaminated it’s gone. We can’t live without water. There is no clean energy. Every form from coal to oil to gas has a environmental hazard. But when it comes to having fresh water to drink I think that’s pretty important.

  9. What I’m seeing here is a complete back and forth up and down of the issue of self sufficiency. When are we going to realize that energy is where we find it and how we use it until a better and more reliable source is found. As a Nation we are weakened when we rely on other methods of obtaining energy. We need to maintain our strength by any means necessary and if its by self-sufficiency then so be it.

  10. Conservatives vs Liberals—Conservatives want less government,less taxes,less regulations and to let American dreams come true by freedom of opportunity. Liberals want government to be their leader. They want all the freebies and welfare to take care of them. They push higher taxes , and more regulations and think big sloppy corrupt government is the answer.. The next two elections 2014 and 2016 will determine which path America wants to follow

  11. Environmentalists are well aware of the price of gas, since most of us drive. It’s also important to keep track of fuel prices because it has a lot to do with environmental policy. And the wars for oil. Because the government currently supports an ‘All of the above’ approach to energy extraction, domestic oil and natural gas production is booming. In fact, the boom in fracking is hurting the coal industry.

  12. Does anyone who thinks my posts are BS live anywhere near fracking wells within a mile of their home? I’m pretty sure you don’t. Like I said before, there isn’t any research that can take the place of seeing it in person. Research…..haha….who are the ones putting the so called truth online or anywhere, you maybe?! I feel sorry for the people who don’t know the real truth. To know the real truth why don’t you start with taking a trip to Green County & Washington County Pennsylvania. Don’t be afraid to talk to the people who live around these wells and see for yourself. Better yet visit the people that have their water trucked in. I’m sure they would love to be told to do their research.

    • Don’t take the dimwits personally. Some of them are 1099 trolls paid with corporate money funneled through “market research” firms. The corps donate to various Reichwing “think tanks” who in turn conduct “research activities”, using the 3rd parties to funnel money to trolls. If ever investigated they’ll claim at-home workers were conducting telephone research. They supply talking points and hire dimwits because it’s a mundane cut ‘n paste job. Plus, they don’t pay much. The dimwits don’t care because they’re collecting social security (while calling Obama “socialist”). The objective isn’t to convince anyone. They seek only to disrupt legitimate discussion.

  13. Fracking rules! Just think what would happen th energy prices if it were allowed on Federal lands. Got gas st Sam’s Club in Charlottesville yesterday for $2.999 per gallon!

  14. I agree that fracking is great for America and will break our dependence on Foreign oil which is good for our economy. I also think that it will create job which stimulates growth. However its effect on price. With wages continuing to rise and many Americans feeling that they are owed so much for so little work I truly feel that even with fracking the cost of labor will rise to where prices at the pump will stay around the $3 plus mark for some time. Yes fracking is good but its not the only issues when it comes to the price at the pump.

  15. Here’s the thing about fracking, it’s expensive. Right now the oil and gas companies are drilling and fracking as many wells as they can in South Dakota, west Texas and Pennsylvania because gas prices are high enough for them to make a healthy profit off shale oil formations. If something happened to bring the price of gasoline down to the $2 range then the lifetime cost of these wells would exceed the amount of revenue they’re expected to generate and the whole oil boom would come to a screeching halt.

    In the long term the price of oil (and thus gasoline) is guaranteed to go up due to two factors
    1) Global demand is increasing, the BRIC countries are trading in their mopeds for small cars and trucks and increases in fuel efficiency aren’t enough to outpace that growth.
    2) The easy oil is all gone. The days when you could drill a well on dry land down to 4000 feet and oil came gushing out without any effort at all are over. Shale oil formations are typically below 8000 feet and require fracking, CO2 floods, water injection and a host of other expensive tricks to maximize productivity. Deep water wells can still produce oil under high pressure as we all saw with the BP disaster but those platforms cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build and operate.

  16. Squeeze Me??? Gas Prices went down???? When and Where????? Not here in Colorado that’s for sure maybe in Kansas or Utah or New Mexico they went down but we’re still paying 3.57 to 3.70 a gallon for regular 85 Octane. Of course once you leave Colorado, the Regular Octane raises to 87 Octane for the rest of the Country. and for those of you who just love high Gas prices and hate drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Natural Gas or friggin well.

  17. The biggest profit off Gas prices at the pump are State & Federal Gov’t. In some states (California) the amount of taxes on 1 gallon of gas are as high as 35.3 cents/gallon. That’s just the State- The Federal Tax is another 18.4 cents a gallon (that’s 53.7 cents of every gallon you buy.) The Government doesn’t want to find cheaper alternative fuels because they make huge revenue from Gas and Deisel. Just like they make huge tax revenue off so called “Sin” Taxes for Alcohol & Cigarettes.

  18. Enjoy your echo chamber here folks… the list of half-truths and outright fabrications in Allen’s… story… above is staggering. How quickly you forget the $4/gallon gasoline that was the norm before Bush imploded most of the world’s economy.

    Of course gas THEN dropped to $2… BECAUSE PEOPLE COULDN’T AFFORD IT!

    You may now return to your regularly scheduled reality-free programming.


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