British ex-boxer defends Foley beheading [VIDEO]

If you want to know why British Prime Minister David Cameron gave such a powerful statement this past week regarding ISIS and recognized there is a big problem brewing in the UK — just watch this video courtesy of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

It shows the true face of a British cultural jihadist apologist – ex-boxer Anthony Small. If the words of Small do not enrage you, then you are an Islamist apologist as well. Yep, we have a problem folks, and it lives amongst us.

Let us remember the words said to be those of Marcus Tulius Cicero:

β€œA nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”


  1. So “covert or die” is paradise in his eyes. His objective and non-biased opinion is completely skewed to the above statement. He is already beyond reasoning with.

  2. Don’t you love when he says “..if you don’t want to follow our laws…” ? Never mind these animals from the middle ages travel to distant western countries where they live, collect public welfare, procreate, threaten the citizens with violence, then demand the laws of said countries need to be changed? Speak up people. Don’t be afraid to be politically incorrect. Your live and the lives of your children and grandchildren are at stake.

  3. the dirty s.o.b. does’ not even care about nothing but his own crappy religion . oh for GOD to take them out each and everyone ] we will be so cheerful .]

      • In some ways, it’s even worse than just a political movement, but I know what you’re saying. Paying the jizya is really nothing more than paying protection to a gang of thugs, and Christians or Jews or anybody who is not a muslim — or the particular brand of muslims in charge — really has no rights.

  4. Do they make these things up as they go along??? OMG! PLEASE SOMEONE DO SOMETHING to get rid of our government so that we can protect ourselves.. So it’s ok to behead a innocent person in retaliation! This guy got hit in the head way too many times! I hope the coppers are on his doorstep ready to arrest him.. Send this idiot to GItmo with the rest of insanity to rot!

  5. I tried – I really did – to understand these barbarians. THEY are the ones that have driven me and many like me to despise the principals by which they live. If muslims want me to accept them, THEY need to be the first ones standing up and condemning this drivel.

    • Exactly, the so called peaceful Muslims are not standing up. They are not relevant . By their silence they have spoken their position. They will not be standing with their ” Christian” brothers when the conflict starts. They may not be cutting off heads,but they will not prevent it either.
      This man is not punch drunk, speaking drivel, he is repeating exactly what he has learned and believes. This is a true look into the mind set of Islam. It makes no sense, it is demonic, to them it is religion. There is nothing more dangerous than a Zealot.

  6. Lol… an ex-boxer… He’s a palooka. It’s a rant of little sense. He’s definitely been hit in the head one too many times. “Not to condemn or condone acts of terrorism” That’s all he’s doing is condoning it. Truly it is sad to say… there is little outcry from the Muslim community. Systematic executions, beheadings of men women and children, genocide…. these are the Nazi’s of the 21st Century

  7. How can he say this stuff with a straight face? He is completely deluded – his grasp on reality is totally gone! Unfortunately, there are too many people exactly like him, that believe the same garbage he is spewing. We need another island/continent like Australia, where all these people could go and live and leave the rest of us alone – they’d probably implode in a very short time but so be it….

  8. These are the choices?? Basically what he is saying in his ridiculous speech is either you convert, or you will convert or you must convert or, oh yes, the other choice……convert.

    Go to hell, rambling moron.

  9. There is a cure for that sort of horrible mental condition. It involves injection with a mixture of copper and lead at rather high speed.

    • NOOOOO bacon good, terrorists bad… terrorists touch bacon, the bacon will turn bad…. use the bacon grease instead. okay? If the terrorists burn themselves or drown in said grease…. who cares? I will be sitting at a local dinner eating a nice grilled cheese and bacon sandwich..

  10. On the one hand, I get what he is saying in that western society shouldn’t interfere where they are not wanted, On the other hand though, he is saying that might makes right. This makes him a hypocite. If it is okay for Islam to force Sharia on people who do not want it, why it it then not okay for those who believe in a different set of laws to force them upon ISIS? He makes his whole case invalid.

  11. Ignorant f*$#ing human. Please let him, and anyone who buys his line of thinking, get a free ticket to join his friends in the desert. Once they are all there, from all of our countries, then lay the carpet! Lay it wide and deep and do not miss one of them!

  12. Europe is waking up to the threat. Problem is that if these governments don’t act properly to abate the threats then vigilante gangs will rise to do it instead as is happening already.

  13. This hating piece of work has the IQ of a sack of door knobs. When the
    Islamists see this video they’re sure to recognize his qualities, strap
    dynamite around him, detonate him in a crowded marketplace for Allah,
    and know they’re losing nothing but some dynamite.

  14. What the hell you are doing in Britain??? why don’t you go and join your family in the Islamic state??? pathetic lunatic πŸ™

  15. ISIS is nothing but a bunch of mercenaries hired by The US government to disrupt the legitimate governing bodies of oil-rich nations that have nationalized their oil, and their banking systems. That is it.


  16. Bwahahahahah! What a deluded bunch of BS. Paraphrasing “… if you refuse to live under this utopia and authority of servitude & service to the Islam state we will kill you.”

    Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Castro, Che Guevara, Carl Marx, Pol Pot, Mao, and Amin would all be proud…

    • I hate it but you are right. Just so sad how passive and “politically correct” and fearful of offending the leading nations are becoming (correction: have become).

  17. The ignorant people of Britain remind me of the sick, twisted people of Germany during WWII. Soon, they will be calling on the United States to save them.

  18. The Isissies gave the Yazidi’s choices huh? Who died and made them “god” that forced choices upon them? How about this choice? I choose none of your choices for me! Narcissistic brain dead fools!

  19. So, why hasn’t this clown caught a bullet yet? These mouthpieces and others need to “disappear” if you know what I mean….like Jimmy Hoffa. The good ones are the dead ones. Time to get busy killing these maggots off soon. They are a cancer on the planet and need to be exterminated starting now.

    • caught a bullet? this guy? What did the bullet do wrong? I mean bullets have feelings too. To condemn a bullet to such a fate is inhuman. You want to consider the bullets feelings and issue an apology to said bullet. Just jokin!!

  20. Thanks for sharing this video (how’d you do it? I haven’t been able to share these gems.) The boxer uses perfect examples of an illogical and falsely constructed argument. It is filled with attacks on positions based on the misrepresentations of Western values (straw man tactics). He tries to point out Western bias or inconsistencies to make his argument, but that does not make the Western position wrong (apples to oranges). He attacks our character to validate the murder of innocent people and the old guilt by association tricks (totally invalid ad hominem argument). It is simply not enough to say LIAR, sometimes you must fight fire with fire or point out the fallacy of the argument style.

  21. this guy is a total liar and full of BS . and he left out pay a huge tax for that so called privilege ,convert or be murdered . no fight murdered but he is trying to say you can’t be bias but I guess he can . this moron does not understand when you tell the truth its not bias its just the facts . unlike what he spews

  22. Dip your bullets in pig’s blood or bacon grease, then they won’t be able to go to paradise and collect 72 virgins. Then they won’t laugh about being martyrs.

  23. Absolutely f&@$ing psychotic.

    And the progressive are either asleep, have their heads in the sand, or are mindless zombie’s who actually believe Obama when he said Al Qaeda is on the run.

    ISIS was Al Qaeda.

  24. Obviously too many punches to the head has rendered him brain dead. So for reals it’s a fair choice to be told let your life be completely ruled or we kill? He’s crazy and stupid.

  25. this man is totally delusional but the frightening part is he believes what he says and that the desire to see all infidels dead isnt a driving goal. we should bomb non stop until there is nothing left but sand. if we dont we will all suffer at their barbaric means. I do believe they have sleeper cells and thanks to our incompetent president are being fed by our southern open border.

  26. Anthony Small – I imagine before you were a ‘political commentator’ you were not a very good boxer and that you got hit in the head to many times and that you have suffered brain damage.
    Many parts of your argument need to be corrected but …

    I would only tell you one thing —–
    There is no islamic state — there is a thieving murdering barbaric group of terrorist that will be eradicated from the world by the civilized world, yes this includes the United STATES Of America.

  27. He pleads “nonbiased” referring to the “United SNAKES of America”. Just because some Islamists move into an area, doesn’t automatically make that area part of the “Islamic State”. Islam has always been the aggressor with ONLY murder and world domination on their agenda. I don’t believe Anthony Small comprehends that he is being used to forward terrorist propaganda.

  28. Always strikes me as ironic these black guys favoring Islam while Islam regards and uses many of them as slaves till this day.

  29. The one consistent action of Muslims is that they can lie with the best of them. If you want to argue against something then you just lie and pretend it never happened or that it did not exist like the Holocaust. Just rewrite the history books to say what you want it to say. I just can’t believe women are that manipulated since Islam should have died out centuries ago due to the female brutality and injustice.

  30. blindness and half truths propaganda…..islam says to lie to the infidel…we christians can never believe them in anything.

  31. Does anybody have this douchebag’s address? I’ll have his head in a bowling bag within a week, since it’s obviously no big deal.

  32. Total bs and the guy is fooling himself…as do so many on the left! They think these terrorists would stop with the terrorist acts if we quit interfering?! They would continue no matter what as their goal is to make Islam the religion of the world and to kill ALL infidels! This guy is a misguided idiot!

  33. Yes I agree, let’s stop interfering and just turn Israel loose to take care of the entire middle east. Problem solved!

  34. Thinking in the Western world is becoming ever more reprobate and depraved in every sense of the word. Hatred feeds agendas, and narratives like these are crafted to deceive people into uniting people (and mobilizing groups) within that hatred. That said, a person can justify evil as if it is a “good” thing done “in defense” of whatever contrived idea they just dreamed up. It’s crazy to even consider how this dynamic evolves in the coming days, weeks, months, and so forth.

  35. Normally I love seeing a black man that speaks English, but this POS, has NO IDEA, how fast those Muslims would take him and make his head an “abnormal situation”, ALL OVER THE PLACE!! Muslims do not like black people, even if they claim they are Islam, they are NOT allowed in Mosques, Muslims consider blacks as SUBHUMAN, a means to an end. The Mexican gang members in Florida, they are marching for Hamas, all the while Hamas plans their elimination as well! ISIS is only using them for man power, until they have served their purpose. Muslims hate Women, Mexicans, Blacks, Whites, and every religion that is not Islam.

    • I have to disagree with you…Somalia and Ethiopia are primarily, if not fully Muslim. While any group may march for another (Mexican gang members for Hamas) a large population of Muslims are in the African continent. They will recruit from anywhere to serve their agenda.

    • Hmmmm, I think Muslims can go into mosques regardless of color. Africa has a LOT of dark, dark skinned muslims and they go into mosques. South Egypt is a perfect example. How unfortunate though that this particular guy is not frowned upon for his skin color so he could get his ass kicked all across Europe.

  36. Your nikkers are all twisted pal, we can see where your stupid head is at, believe what you will , because when the time comes the Crusades will strike you down.

  37. OK dude yeah, we get it…you don’t know the guys name. Drawing attention to the fact that you don’t know how to say his name so many times just makes you sound more like an a-hole…but you knew that.

    What gives ISIS the right to come in and say you either have to convert, move out, live under a horrible govt as a slave(yes it is that bad…just ask any Christian who lives in a middle eastern Muslim country since the Arab spring), or die? Who do these freaks think they are? You know what….I don’t care who they think they are! I’ll tell you who they really are. We dealt with them in fallujah, Baghdad, ramadi, the al anbar province, Afghanistan, even as far away as the Philippines. Yes we lost some boys, but they lost a whole lot more. We held the ground, they lost it. And that was at their place. If they think they’re going to come to our houses, drag us and our wives and children out in the street…they’ve got another thing coming. See, to this point they’ve dealt with a bunch of people who have never had real freedom. Those people have also never had the means to put up a real fight. Not so here in the United States of America. This is the land our parents and grandparents passed down to us and it will not be taken unless there are none left to defend it. We have a number of sayings like “come and take it”, and “cold dead hands”. I won’t bore you with the rest of them…come across the pond and you’ll see for yourself anyway.

    P.s. don’t think that just because you do some damage in the cities and all those people crap themselves and cower before you that its going to be a walk in the park. If thats the approach you take….you better just stay on those cities because you bring that BS out here in the hills, we’ll teach you a thing or two about barbarity.

  38. “Not to condemned acts of terrorism” he is an islamist through and through. Someone give him an upper right jab in the nose….

    • Hitler didn’t give Jews a choice; the program was to roll into town, round up all the Jews, then ship them off to be killed.

  39. How about this, Mr. Small? Why do not you, you crazy SOB, come to America and seek me out? I am easy to locate. What say you and I stand 50′ apart with pistols? We will see how your mind works and if you have any courage of your own? Do not wear a mask like the rest of the cowards. I do not fear death, and am a Master Gunner. So, bring it, creature of hatred; representative of evil, friend of fools and follower of the most violent and hateful religion on earth. You shall lose and die. That is all.

  40. Let me see if I get this straight…these happy Muslims are so nice to give you the choice of accepting Islam, leave or die. Such wonderful people. Makes death by gonnorhea look appetizing. How about we just behead 10 radicals and stuff bacon in their neck stumps for every one of ours beheaded? Hmmm…makes me hungry.

  41. The guy has been sucking ISIS cock and has become addicted to swallowing their load of animalism. When I heard this guy defending their actions I loaded another magazine.

  42. Sure sounds like a terrorist in a velvet Glove to me. His threat to the British people is clear, should your government engage ISIS there will be retaliation and it will be the British Governments fault, not the terrorists. This is not free speech, this is a terrorist spokesman threatening a nation.

    • That should be 11, 000 told to move to were they like, but not here, let’s see how long these POS lasts, ISIS will eat them up

  43. You brits aren’t allowed to have guns to defend yourselves against these animals. Here in the states we are ready for what is coming. THey may get quite a few of us and hopefully they will hit our liberal cities and towns, but here in the midwest, it will be ugly for the jihadist.

  44. Too many blows to the head has caused him to have blinded vision to the
    facts and hypocrisies of mishmam, pissbomb . . . islam or whatever you
    want to call it. He NEITHER condemns NOR condones attacks. You can’t have it both ways. It’s EITHER/OR!! If he doesn’t condemn, he condones, which is proof by his video.
    Additionally, notice at :43 seconds into the video how he had an itch on his nose when he said the U.S. was fabricating a reason for to go after “mishmam: states by FABRICATING that the mishmam state is massacring the Yazidi’s.? An itch on the nose while making a statement is an indication that the person is lying. So, his statement that the U.S. is fabricating is actually a statement he, himself, doesn’t believe, but is just speaking words about in order to justify his ignorant stance. If the mishmam State did not persecute Christians/Jews, we would not need to intervene. So, YEH! We WILL protect fellow Christians, so suck it up and stop the provoctions.

  45. anyone who believes in religious institutions are ignorant in its own being. “there dead well be in hell fire” “our dead in paradise.” no they are both just dead.

  46. I seem to remember that the slave traders from the past and still advocated slavery of blacks are Arab Muslims. Why would any black person want to be subject to Islamic laws that teach slavery? They will never be acepted into Islamic cultures as equals. Never.

  47. He’s obviously punch drunk. Way to represent human life you moron. I’d put a slug in this fool’s liver just to save any of us from hearing his diatribe ever again. Loser

  48. Rigby was just walking the streets of England when he was slaughtered for no reason by Muslim rats. If Foley’s murder was retaliation, then what was his kidnapping? He was kidnapped long before the US even mentioned the name ISIS. The UK is f*#ked.

  49. I think the best thing to do at this point in our history is shoot all Muslims. You’re bound to take out the radicals eventually. My policy beats the living hell out of what Obama is doing…………..which is nothing.

  50. I lose all respect for someone who thinks this way. And please when will some people stop pronouncing any word with “th” as “f”. For example “thought” as “fought”, “think
    as “fink”. This man must be punch drunk because he sure as hell doesn’t make any sense at all.

  51. How bout a fifth choice the Islamist states leaves people alone to live there life with out you imposing your stupid choices on me dbag

  52. “Not to condemn or condone any acts of terrorism.” Does this punch-drunk black-Muslim knucklehead even understand what he’s saying? And what good is identifying Foley’s killer, if he isn’t going to turn himself in? He can be hunted down and killed as an example.

    This entire rambling speech was a veiled threat to the British not to resist Islam, and a reminder that there are twice as many ‘British’ Muslims in ISIS than in the British army. The UK could solve many of its problems by deporting a million of the unemployed Muslims who sop up welfare while remaining loyal to their homes in the Maghreb or South Asia.

    According to the Ministry of Defence, there are only around 600 British Muslims currently serving in the Armed Forces, making up approximately around 0.4% of total personnel. 4.3% of the British population are Muslim.

  53. I hope that British authorities put this smiling foul mouthed idiot BELOW the Jail not in it.. or better yet KICK him out of Britannia, because he isn’t worth trying to educate..jail or supporting in any way..

  54. Let’s give him a choice. 1st. Choice
    Denounce Muslims and Allah or we’ll bomb your ass with a drone.
    2nd. Choice.
    Leave Britain and go join your brothers in the middle east. Don’t be a coward and hide behind the brave soldiers of any country that fights against terrorism.
    I wonder how these morons would reply if Christians said convert, leave or die. Would he still say there were choices? Yeah, I think not.

  55. Col. West, Ladies and Gentlemen.. I’m wanting to know why a few experienced people haven’t gotten together and attacked the 22 jihad camps here in the United States??? Hell, I’m willing… What say about the Camps they have here??? Obama is NO HELP. So I’d like for our Governors to step up to the plate… I saw Perry was willing to send to the border, He has camps in his State of Texas.. Why aren’t we closing these down???

  56. p.s. And this dudes words don’t count for crap.. He’s just another traitor and I myself won’t give him a minute of my time.. shoot him in the head and be done with it..

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  58. His brain is cooked. He did make a sleep when he included himself as a Jihadists, whoops. These kind of people are fools to believe they will be protected. Eventually, they will be dead.

  59. Options? Convert, leave, live in fear or die? Those are ultimatums, not options. And the “state” with infrastructure and water and electric grids was stolen and taken by destructive force. ISIS just got done doing to Iraq what they are condemning the US for doing to them, and they did it with weapons and equipment paid for by US tax payers (Thanks Obama). He claims to be Objective and Non-bias? Is this guy serious?

  60. U.S ,U.K, FRANCE : The time is ripe to reap what you have sown,for allowing those i mean “THE MOHAMMEDAN” who don’t hide to tell you that you are ‘infidels’ to established to that level on your soils,but you could go extra miles to condemned the israel in the course of defending and bombarding the most violent people in this present world,But God will have mercy on you.

  61. Yes, so sweet they are to allow those people to leave the land. Wow!! The sad thing is, how many of these folks are hiding among us. He makes one good point. I left the DC area to live in a smaller town on a little farm. I don’t wish to live close eough for the fallout to get to me before I can react. Some of us act sooner than others.

    The scariest part of this video is how he acts so reasonable about it all, while insisting that everyone else is crazy. Wow! Just WOW

  62. It never ceases to amaze me we invade their country. free them from tyranny, spread some democracy around and they are still a bunch of ingrates.

  63. He is just a drop in a bucket contaminating the the entire barrel of h2O
    His cell is a danger to the USA.
    The sad thing is that the Blacks don’t
    realize that these jihadist use them
    And then will sacrifice them also. Jihadists have no use for these blacks fools.


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