Was San Diego illegal alien beach storming a prelude to something bigger?

When I was commander serving in combat, I always looked for indicators, warnings and trends, and one of the things I always wanted our unit leaders and Soldiers to pay attention to was enemy dry runs.

Did we just see a “dry run” this past week in San Diego?

There were many occasions when the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan would conduct probing tests to assess reactions. One of the typical actions would be to try and close the rear distance with one of our convoys, or worse, attempt to cut into a convoy and eventually pass on the left. We all knew that your reactions would be communicated ahead where potentially a VBIED (Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device) awaited. The best TTP (Tactic, Technique, and Procedure) used was to have the trail vehicle in a convoy an up-armored HMMWV with gun turret armed with a crew-served weapon, high caliber machine gun, M249 or M240G.

The standard procedure was if an oncoming vehicle did not heed the trail convoy warning sign, a hand gesture was given to get back. If no physical warning was heeded, then a warning shot was fired right before the vehicle. Next action of escalation was to put a round into one or both of the front tires. Of course, if the oncoming vehicle ever increased speed or acted erratically, the first shot was into the engine block — the subsequent shot went into the vehicle cab.

Before any convoy departed our base, it went through its IADs (Immediate Action Drills) based upon potential threat tactics and engagements.

But we weren’t so well prepared when illegal aliens came ashore on the west coast last week.

As reported by CNS News, “This week illegal aliens successfully landed on a San Diego beach in a panga boat on Monday and ran to shore – but, when another group tried the same thing on Tuesday, U.S. Customs and Border (CBP) agents were waiting for them. Around 7am Monday morning, a horde of illegal aliens stormed a San Diego beach after coming ashore in a panga boat — panga boats are small fishing boats with outboard motors used in Central American waters. They sprinted across the beach and climbed over a wall, entering the city.” I don’t understand why there wasn’t more widespread reporting of this incident.

CNS says “seven of the illegal aliens were spotted by helicopter and later apprehended several blocks from the beach; the CBP is still looking for at least ten more who remain at-large, NBC7 in San Diego reports.”

“Then, about 1am Tuesday morning, a second panga boat filled with 20 illegal aliens was intercepted off the coast of San Diego County by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents. CBP Air Interdiction Agents in an OAM Multi-role Enforcement Aircraft (MEA) King Air 350ER spotted the 30-foot panga around 30 miles from the coastal city of Del Mar. The MEA crew directed two OAM Interceptor boats to the panga’s location. The OAM boats caught up with and stopped the panga about 12 miles west of the city of Oceanside at around 2:30 a.m. The United States Coast Guard Cutter Tern was also in the area providing information and assistance.”

It appears there were two illegal alien infiltration operations planned; one daylight, the other under cover of early morning darkness — coincidence or coordinated?

Why should anyone care about this report? First of all, there are some 10 male illegal aliens who successfully escaped into San Diego. Second, as reported in the video report, it seems that there was a link up coordinated with logistical support in the way of a change of clothes.

However, here is my concern. How many of you remember the Mumbai terrorist attack of 2008? It lasted from November 26-29 and was a well coordinated 12-point assault against multiple targets resulting in the deaths of 154 and some 308 wounded. The attack was executed by the Islamic terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba with a group of Islamic jihadists who received intense commando style training. And just how did those ten attackers infiltrate into Mumbai? They did it by inflatable speedboats. The one assailant who was captured detailed their waterborne training and preparations.

What’s the difference between an inflatable speedboat and a panga boat? Not very much. Could it be that the illegal immigration infiltration operation from this week was a dry run for something bigger?

After all it seems they were successful in getting 10 into San Diego successfully – the same number as in Mumbai — perhaps that’s the success criteria? Maybe it was a matter of launching two different operations under separate conditions — one daylight, the other night — in order to assess reactions and potential success. For whatever reason, the daylight operation proved successful.

We are coming up on 9-11 and must be vigilant. As a member of Congress, my district was almost 80 miles of oceanfront — including the highly populated beaches of Ft. Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Palm Beach, and Juno/ Jupiter beaches. I always inquired of our local law enforcement and Coast Guard regarding the number of maritime intercepts they had conducted. After all, the Bahamas are only 50 miles away.

I do not see this incident in San Diego as an isolated coincidence, especially since we know have a serious issue with homegrown Islamic jihadism — and a porous southern border. Everyone has been watching the land crossings, but we must not ignore the seas.

Be vigilant America and those of you at sea or on our beaches, stay alert. The Mumbai attackers were discovered by local fishermen who simply let them go, and when reported to local police, their report was not taken seriously.


  1. Are future generations going to look back at us and say “All of this could have been avoided so easily….” What would have happened if the Japanese gave us the luxury of conducting test runs on Pearl Harbor? Perhaps I’m being hyperbolas…

    • I say CUT CA off and let then become their VERY own nation then and pay their own bills and do NOT expect the FEDS to bail them out! CA the land of fruits and nuts!

  2. Mr. West, you are a patriot. Something big is coming, The left will try to blame it on Bush and any decent will be met with cries of racism.

    We are in a lot of trouble.

    God bless you Allen West.

  3. Her last statement ” guess that’s living in the shadows”…in broad daylight, hundreds of witness’s. Ca you guess what her party porbably is?

  4. Mr. West, I believe you are correct regarding the probes off the California coast. I further believe there have been large scale probes on the land borders…. these are the TTPs used by jihadists to gather intelligence and to coordinate a large scale surprise attack on a US border city with a diversion using a combination of South and Central Americans with blended jihadists. If we factor in the home grown and previously infiltrated jihadists sleeper cells that are repositioned and have stockpiled IEDs commensurate with stealth and speed we will have on serious fight on our hands because we have failed to prepare. Hold on to your guns borders states.

  5. Send a real message – next Panga filled with infiltrators gets immediately engaged with the largest caliber weapon available. Word spreads fast in the illegal community.

  6. How ironic that California Governor Jerry Brown entertained Mexico’s President this last week and stated illegal’s are welcomed in California. He dose not speak for the populace as a whole and should be brought up on charges! This should not be ignored!

  7. A simple question: why we send our manpower of U.S. Coast Guards to nearby Iran, while we need them here in San Diego area? We need to take care of ourselves first!

  8. Does the storming of South Florida beaches by Cubans count? No, since they have a sweetheart immigration deal as well as automatic benefits as soon as they are processed out into the community. Hell, the Cuban gov tell them, American free money if they leave.

  9. This will be Obama’s legacy. Obama care will be done when the GOP has the chance to dismantle it and rebuild it, the division of Americans and the taking of cities by terrorists is the only thing he has left.

  10. Pangas do NOT necessarily equate to Central Americans! Islamists have come in through the southern border, leaving behind prayer rugs,pages from Koran—this means they (Islamists) are coming to US via Central America, and most likely via pangas, also! Notice no mention of origin?

  11. As a former U.S. Marine I’m embarrassed to say that I often
    want to cry when I think of where this country has gone, about how I have no
    means to protect myself or my family in the event that civil disobedience were
    to breakout in a wide spread manner, I know that the bad guys are better
    prepared than I’m allowed to be, I have no faith in the government or any local
    police department in their ability to protect us, I feel like we’re all rabbits
    in the middle of a field and the wolves are everywhere.

    I look at what’s happening in MO and I assure you that the
    illegal’s in this country are watching what’s happening there and how we handle
    this uprising as well, they are taking notes and we better be ready for it, I
    look at how the police are restrained and criticized for protecting the
    community using the equipment and protective gear that anyone would use confronted
    with a potentially hostile gathering and you cant know where the first bullet
    can come from, their instead accused of being over prepared and intimidating!
    Well the crowd is intimidating!

    As anticipated, the violence did in fact break out, stores
    were looted, property destroyed, lives ruined and business put “out of
    business”, and the police dept. is condemned?

    I worry about how this President is allowing millions of
    illegal trespassers enter our country, enter our school system without proof of
    immunizations, turning the illegal minors over to family already illegally here
    and then calling them refugees, which is not how the law would define them since
    a refugee is a person who has NO family in the country! It’s disturbing that
    the President and our Attorneys general are willing to completely disregard the
    definition of who is a refugee just because they find it convenient to do so,
    Not to mention my concern for the expectation that all of these illegal will
    likely be democratic voters in future election as a way of paying tribute for
    their free pass here, Im concerned that this is as illegal as they are
    themselves, Its nothing short of legalized voter registration padding and seems
    illegal to me at the least!

    Im concerned that
    this illegal immigrant issue may be the catalyst that causes this civil
    disobedience that I fear because there are clearly strong feelings on both
    sides of the issue. On the one side are legal, hard pressed, under employed
    Americans distraught about their lack of future economic progress and how they
    might provide for their families should things get much worst, on the other
    side are the illegals who want that free pass, who expect that free pass and
    who have already tested our authority and our resolve (or lack of it) by
    marching openly all over the country even marching in front of the White House,
    which is why Im sure that their watching the uprising, looting and civil lawless
    behavior going on now in MO and why Im concerned about what they are getting
    from it all.

    Im concerned that this President can not see the potential
    for the civil anger that will likely occur from one side of this issue or the
    other, and the complete disregard for the security of the legal residents of
    this country by allowing this mass invasion and clustering of these illegals
    allowing them to pool their emotions against us, preparing themselves for their
    own disruptive civil activities.

    We need to remember these folks are working in industries
    that make hurting far too many of us, far too easy, they work in restaurants so
    we can easily be sickened, they work in our agriculture industry and can do
    disgusting things that again can sicken us, all that they have to do is “want”
    to hurt us in retaliation if we fail to give them that free pass, It disturbs
    me that we’ve allowed ourselves to be placed in such a vulnerable position that
    we should have to be concerned with the threat of these potential hostile retaliatory

    As a nation of laws and rules we have disregarded those that
    are politically beneficial to some, and I worry that this will eventually have disastrous
    consequences for our country and what its always represented, and I fear that
    we may have already gone too far, that we may not be able to regain the control
    of law abiding civility that this country has lived by since its inception and
    the creation of the constitution of the U.S. and the laws that have allowed us
    all to prosper “or not”, but we all had the chance to achieve our own
    ideas of success, and do so on equal grounds. Those grounds are no longer level
    or equal.

    Why do we have immigration laws anyway?

    Some people would ask, so here’s my simple explanation

    We do this so that we can allow those entering to become
    assimilated into our society and our communities.

    As good hosts we need to teach them our language, to learn
    to drive if they choose to do so, to be able to find employment so that they
    can sustain themselves and their families, to learn our laws and our culture,
    to learn what is considered acceptable in their new country. Why is this

    Because when you have mass immigration people will
    “cluster” and ignore the rules and the laws of their new home which
    creates confusion among the new immigrants, they remain in their
    “clusters” until they have distorted the laws of their new country to
    such an extent that lawlessness and disregard for the rule of law becomes so
    prevalent that it has become common and even acceptable.

    Consider what would happen if the Hoover
    dam collapsed today, the massive flow of water would change the landscape for a
    very, very long time.

    As you can imagine, this outcome wouldn’t be very good regardless of how beneficial it
    might be for the freedom of the fish and the level of the stream below.

    So we control the flow so that we don’t create problems for
    the communities and the people who live in them. Its a crude analogy but it
    represents our current “illegal” immigration problem today.

    The masses are so numerous, the clusters are so widespread,
    our laws are so obscured that we have illegal immigrants marching at our
    Whitehouse, proclaiming that Americans are the illegal ones, their flooding our
    streets, our schools, our welfare system, our health care service facilities,
    and even our law firms as they seek to bring lawsuits against their employers,
    which they illegally work for!

    Without controlling the number of immigrants seeking to
    start a new life in our country we have chaos, disorder, disruption of society,
    anger, and eventual hostilities.

    So, how can anyone think that an open immigration policy can
    be good for a country that has had a legal process since the “1790
    act” over 200 yrs ago.

    Remember, it might be good for the “fish” but it
    wont be good for the rest of us!

    I worry about our country, I worry about my future economic
    standing and my earning ability, I worry that we have dismantled our
    manufacturing industry, that we are dismantling our military and creating a
    generation that thinks that all we need to do is talk nicely and offer candy
    and flowers and it will all work out!

    I’m worried because there are people out there who want to
    kill us and I worry that some of them may already be here,… and we’re
    standing there with an empty box of chocolates!

      • So well said! I couldn’t agree with you more. I am 70 and remember getting under my desk in school as a drill for a nuclear attack. I now live in a country where I am more afraid then at that time. I have little trust in our government which includes police and military. I live in Arizona, so I know only to well what has been coming across that border for years now. It is open season on white people and Christians with a media not willing to speak the truth much less report what is really going on, just being puppets. You can turn on any station and it is almost word for word what they are being told to report and how to report it, or laughing and giggling about some nonsense going on while Rome and the world is burning. Shameful! God help those honest and true citizens trying to do the right thing. God help our military men and women trying to do the right thing. God help any honest man or women running for office that thinks they can change things…they will bury them with lies. God help the black population that is suffering the back lash of reverse discrimination. You are not allowed to call a terrorist a terrorist unless you are a returning military person. They let the enemies of our country in the White House, the barn door is being closed now that the horse is out and I’m afraid this country will soon be set on fire. A dry run my friend…you bet it is!

    • Bill, I am in total and complete agreement with you. I have felt completely helpless to all this nonsense as well, and have shed more than a few tears for the plight of our country. I dread what I feel is coming our way. You are not alone.

      • Stop crying…get a gun and train. You die on your feet, not on your knees…you owe it to all who have defended and created this nation.

      • VERY TRUE RJ that thing is many of us are NOW so old that to fight would be suicide for us! We miss not being able to help as much as we wish to. I am now in my 60s with two horrible knees BUT yes I can shoot. AND yes I can cook and feed the youth BUT still feels helpless to not have the strength we once did is all! Remember people do get old, just saying.

      • Pro 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

        Pro 3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

        Pro 3:7 Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.

    • Did you ever consider buying a gun? Since 2010, there is no place in the country where you can’t have at least something. And, you can always move to one of the 40-plus states where you can readily own so-called “assault weapons.”

      • legally sir, I can not own a gun, which is why I feel like a rabbit surrounded by wolves,…however If I could, I can assure you that Id be the first one out the door to defend myself, family and anyone who needed protection from the enemy in the street

    • Finally. Someone who gets it. Thank you. We need to stick together to form our own Militias because eventually the Armed forces will carry out what our so called govt. wants they have to its their job. ( with absolutely no disrespect to our service men).

  12. Isis is a here, obama will not stop them , he is for them taking this country down, and will not let our military fight to keep them out, he has no plan, he wants them here, he is their commander and cheif.obama wants to dictate to us.every Commander in our miliitary needs to unite and take our military to battle isis ,every where they are.Obama does not want our military to protect this country, he wants isis here, if they die his plans to take over AMERICA DIES.

    • Rosa, you are exactly right, B.O.’s goal is to bring the U.S. down from the inside. He has no plans against ISIS…that would be like killing your brother! He’s a demonic person who has led this country into the worst state it has ever been in. He is the precursor of the anti-Christ. That’s why B.O.is so anti Christian. He wants us dead as well. People just go about their little lives like nothing is going on and when all Hell breaks loose, they just won’t understand what happened…how did this happen? DUH. Because we have a president who is anti-American, anti-flag, anti-military, and anti- any American citizen who dares criticize him. He is a horrible, despicable person who needs to disappear!

      • He went to a mooslime school, remember, when he was very young. He was probably trained to hate Christeians & Joows at an early age, maybe watched behedings, learned to use a nife & shute at a young age. He is about as warped as he can be. He has no human feeling. I have always thought he was the son of sa/tan, that’s why he has no bc. His daddy doesn’t give them out. (misspelled on purpose)

  13. It could be a coordinated effort that Obama WANTS a Jihad here…so he can put us all under Martial Law. If that happens my fear, (2016 or not), we could be stuck with him and his “Transformed America”.

  14. They don’t need to come in by boat when they have been streaming across our border with Mexico for the past 20 years. When I was stationed in Arizona, I was shocked at the number of illegals that arrive on a daily basis. All one needs to get through the majority of the Arinzona/Mexico border is common sense, a compass, and plenty of water. It’s pretty easy.

  15. When I used to go to Mexico you would see the pangas all over the place, a lot of them had brand new 300Hp outboard engines, these cost upwards of $10k a piece… So I asked one of the fishermen how they could afford these engines. He said drug cartels buy them, use a small boat for the drugs and then abandon the boats, so they got the engines.

    • Biggest enemy Obama and the muslim infiltration of his advisories! ALL the corrupt politicians we have now and have for some time!

      • Good screenplay. Ludicrous in reality, but good for a fantasy thriller. Morgan Freeman can play Obama.

  16. Mr. West, sir it would appear that our best hope is going to be the Oath Keepers! I hope that other disillusioned x-military see the need for this group and join. Not as a threat to our government in any form or fashion but as a safe guard for a country, that is wholly unprotected and NOT ready for terrorists attacks of any size, or coordinated effort. We have witnessed and are aware that these jihadist are not only ready to die but look forward to it and taking as many Infidels with them as they can. Since our own civil-war, we as a country have NEVER seen any kind of hate and distruction (sp) as these people will bring. It is only a matter of time. With our OWN government doing it’s best to take our guns away, it is a recipe for disaster, on a massive scale. When these terrorist strike and I believe that they will. It’s just a matter of when, well even the most passive persons in AMERICA will see, I hope, a need for a well armed militia. In most ways you can think of, after this president is gone, AMERICA may never be the same as before he was elected. All we can do is be vigilant and as ready as possible for when this happens. My advice, at least for me and my friends, is like AMERICAN express, “DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT” and I’m not referring to the credit card. Wether you think having a concealed gun is a good idea or not, I hope you and your family is never caught in the open without SOME KIND of defense. My final thought. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY on AMERICA and those who believe in her.

      • Third_Party . . . How many ISIS illegals do you want in your house to take carry of???? How long do you think you will get to keep your head on your shoulders????

      • They aren’t coming to my house Russell. Come man, tell us the truth. You just want an excuse to play army.

      • It’s people like you who are a danger to the security of any nation… When they come to your house don’t call for help… you dropped the ball on your security yourself, you can deal with what comes next.

      • you don’t think so huh? Well you must live in a prison cell…the only place illegals DON’T end up!

      • Third_Party . . . I never said anything about wanting to play army. I just asked you “How many ISIS illegals do you want in your house to take care of????” You are the one bring up that primus is “dying for an excuse to use your guns.” primus never said he was looking for an excuse to use a gun. He just stated “Wether you think having a concealed gun is a good idea or not, I hope you and your family is never caught in the open without SOME KIND of defense.” You need to learn how to read and comprehend what it is you are reading, and stop putting words in other peoples mouths or posts. In doing so you sound rather stupid. I did not call you stupid, I said putting words in others mouths or post make you sound stupid, since you can not read and comprehend what you just read. Yes, I made it very clear what my point is since I do not like others miss interpreting my posts. What I want is for our current Immigration Laws on the Books to be enforced and our borders protected as they should be protected. I also believe in a speedy deportation of all Illegal Aliens in this Nation, and NO AMENSTY in any form or fashion. Yes, violation of our Immigration Laws are a misdemeanor, but so is your first DUI and that can bring you jail time and large fines.
        Oh by the way, you do not want to get me started on things of this type of violations of US Laws. I have a weeks worth of items to go off on and a mountain of data to burry you under. So stay to the point of posts you are responding to, and stop dragging garbage into the conversation.

      • And you just keep you head buried in the sand. That’s generally the surest way to get your rear shot off. Only a total fool would brush off the clear signs of a multi-front foreign invasion – you qualify, in spades.

      • You’ve been PEEKING! How did you know where I keep it. Now I have to find another hiding place. Thanks a lot. I’m going to try and explain it where as EVEN a simply minded DEMOCRAT can understand. An almost impossible task, I know but I’ll try anyway. You see sir, mam or third party person. I along with most CCP holders hope and pray every day, that WE DON’T HAVE to pull our weapon. Because, that normally means that all other traditional means are not available, or have failed. We carry as a last form of defense. History has taught us that from TIME TO TIME, a gun in the hand of a TRAINED PERSON, can and has prevented a larger tragedy from happening. that’s the other part a lot of people who don’t carry and who hate those who do, don’t understand. We just don’t carry because we can. We have undergone training, that for the most part, we paid attention too. As in this case, say these people were Jihadist. I would imagine that if THEY pulled guns and started randomly shooting, you (your family) would hide, try to find a policeman, or anything else YOU could do, to not get shot and possibly die! I would imagine that if YOU came upon someone, anyone who HAD A GUN, You would be grateful and not tell him (or her) that THEY were a dumba$$ If you or OTHER liberals, pay attention. It would appear that we as a nation, unfortunately are heading for a showdown with people who are truly of a mind to do NOTHING but murder us. I will do whatever it takes to protect myself and or my family, when THIS TIME COMES. The sad part is(to me) that you and your family won’t stand a chance. I’m sure they will almost shed a tear, as THEY are shooting you and your wife and your children. They behead children now, who ARE MUSLIM. You think you can say ANYTHING that’s going to save you and your family from them?? Your family is in for a big surprise, cause when this goes down, it’s just a matter of time. YOUR daughter is going to look at you, with tears in her eyes, holding her DEAD, little sister or brother, or even her mother, begging you to do something, anything to protect her and all you are going to do is maybe(if you believe) is tell her to have faith in GOD! Witch I do by the way. My self and OTHERS, who have taken a course on SELF DEFENSE will at least go down swinging. If I win or lose, is up to GOD, as my future is in his hands. But my family and friends will KNOW, that I did the best I could, to save them and give THEM a fighting chance. Can You do the same? I’m sure we both want the same thing. To make sure our family is safe. I have a plan, I have trained and hopefully ready in case all else fails. Can you, sir or mam, say the same thing? Either way, when the time comes (and it will) I wish you and your family and friends well. I hope YOU find a way to protect all that YOU HOLD dear, that works for you. I HAVE FOUND WHAT WORKSS FOR ME!

  17. Panga boat. Did yyou know that Correct Craft Inc. of Florida made thousands of flimsy wooden boats for our military during WW2? They were used to liberate France. The company is still in business and makes the finest ski boats in the world.

    Foreigners are not trying to liberate us. They are invading us. Shoot to kill.

  18. Strange. Even as I read this post I’m watching the History Channel about the glory and destruction of Rome. Invaders everywhere…it took several years to close this violent chapter in world history but in the meantime millions suffered and a once great civilization failed.

  19. If there is an attack, and these illegals, and others from the unsecured border crossings are found to be to responsible, I wonder how the media will try to spin it to remove responsibility from where it squarely belongs.

    • Obama didn’t know until he saw it in the news… So long as the msm are not mentioning it or making it widely known he can try to spin it that way…

  20. Dr. West…….Please consider that Obama has had 6 six years to put his plan into play. If the man is a muslim, than outright lying to non-believers is encouraged in the koran to protect islam. His entire time in office has been spent creating chaos and division throughtout this country and setting us up as weak and indecisive abroad; our allies no longer want to side with us. In just the past few months alone, hes has left our border wide open for terrorists to advance, he has deserted Iraq and left it wide open for the takeover by ISIS, he is doing nothing to stop their advance into other nations and right up to the border with Israel. Sir, I am no general but I would guess that something big, with tremendous help from Obama and his minions is going down fast. I hope that our military is ready, on the side of Jesus and that no one will be surprised if something big goes down on 9/11. Jesus please reach out to your people.

  21. The other thing is ALL IN BLACK? NOW if that is not a tip off? To me and I am not law enforcement I find that VERY strange indeed!

  22. I think the reason the day-time incursion was successful and the early-morning/night one was not is because we expect attempts under cover, but we do not expect brazen, in the middle of broad daylight attempts. I also wonder if these incursions were trials or if they were distractions. Like they were thinking, “let’s get them to focus their attention here, so we can enter there…”? I also think we are way too arrogant and continue to under estimate the enemy. And unfornuately, the administration continues to pay little attention to the severity of the problem. The fact that the administration has foolishly announced to the world that they have no strategy for ISIS will only embolden those trying to do us harm.

  23. For the local “news reporter” there, that’s not called “living in the shadows”. That’s called blatantly and openly breaking the LAW because this pResident only encourages such behavior. You might as well call this a “voter registration drive” if you’re calling in living in the shadows.

  24. There is no way to determine which Muslim would behead your children, all of them are a potential danger to all of us. They must be found, isolated and removed…all of them. The enemy is here. Their numbers are growing every day. Remember 9/11/2001!

    • I do remember all of the poor souls that lost their lives on 9/11. Unfortunately, it wasn’t done by jihadists with box cutters but by people within the very government we trust. Jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel, and buildings can’t collapse at free fall on their own.

      There are some bad people in the world to be certain, but what do you mean by “found, isolated and removed”? Do you mean killing? We need to be vigilant against the evil in the world and that INCLUDES propagandist-spinning media and government officials hell-bent on misleading you for political gain, money, power and control.

      • How very articulate of you. I dislike Bush, and Obama, and Clinton. I am pretty much against anybody who kills and lies for central banking interests. I am only for people who are for WE THE PEOPLE, which is pretty much nobody in congress anymore.

        You can continue to support the Neocons and RINOs, but they have sold you out. The two-party shuffle is a nice distraction and it seems like you know the dance. Good luck and I hope someday you open your eyes!

      • Armed Resistance? What resistance do you offer? If you are for the “We the People” as you put it, and you obviously say the WTC was an internal threat, then does that make you a coward for not fighting to expose the truth, or a fake wannabe for just talking but cannot back up anything that comes out your cock holster?

      • My offering is that of truth. Nothing more, nothing less. I pledge allegiance not to the flag but rather to the constitution. This country has been hijacked and sold out and you witness the people squabble over the false left right paradigms all day on these boards. But is McCain much different from Obama? No. Would Romney have changed anything beyond the surface? No. Because at the heart of the problem is the Federal Reserve who in 100 years has destroyed 98% of the dollar.

        You can demonize me as an out of the box anti government type and you’d be right. Turn off the TV and turn on your mind and see what they have done to this country. It’s not just bad policy, it’s by design. Clinton, Bush, Obama. They are all mastered by the same puppeteers.

      • Rosie, how are I beams made? Does steel melt? Was the foley’s video faked too? Is CO2 a greater threat than ISIS?

      • Dick, there are laws in physics. I won’t get into specifics here because your mind is clearly susceptible and overly sensitive to propaganda and lies. Building 7 just fell on it’s own from debris that was thrown from the other two towers? Really? In the history of mankind, no structural steel building has EVER collapsed due to fire, let alone implode on itself within seconds.

        Lastly ISIS, the newest bogeyman is real. It is a real creation of the CIA for the purpose of scarring little boys like you into submission. Where did they get all of those fabulous weapons they use? Where did they receive all their training. From the United States, that’s where. We tried to get into Syria last year but the people stood up and said no. Now ISIS will allow us to invade ANOTHER sovereign nation, kill people and put their natural resources for sale using the worthless dollar. Sorry to deliver the truth to you Dick, but it’s time somebody did.

      • “FACT: Jet fuel burns at 800° to 1500°F, not hot enough to melt steel (2750°F). However, experts agree that for the towers to collapse, their steel frames didn’t need to melt, they just had to lose some of their structural strength—and that required exposure to much less heat. “I have never seen melted steel in a building fire,” says retired New York deputy fire chief Vincent Dunn, author of The Collapse Of Burning Buildings: A Guide To Fireground Safety. “But I’ve seen a lot of twisted, warped, bent and sagging steel. What happens is that the steel tries to expand at both ends, but when it can no longer expand, it sags and the surrounding concrete cracks.”
        “Steel loses about 50 percent of its strength at 1100°F,” notes senior engineer Farid Alfawak-hiri of the American Institute of Steel Construction. “And at 1800° it is probably at less than 10 percent.” NIST also believes that a great deal of the spray-on fireproofing insulation was likely knocked off the steel beams that were in the path of the crashing jets, leaving the metal more vulnerable to the heat. “


        Need more? Or are your delusions more powerful than facts?

      • There was no jet fuel in building 7? Hmm. What’s amazing is the precision with which the “hijackers” flew the planes. At 769 feet per second the turns had to literally be perfect to make the impacts they did. I guess the planes must have been transporting nano thermite because it has been recorded all over the area. Look, you believe the official story and I along with 1300 structural engineers do not. I mean, our government would never lie or create a false flag would they? Google operation north woods or operation gladio. Have a great weekend

    • I have a friend that is a border patrolman, and he said that most of what is coming through our borders are Muslims, and the government is flying them all over the states to locations known for having terror camps…here it comes people…be prepared and don’t trust anyone!!!

  25. I think this is what is in store for us from ISIS… Dressed all in black they looked like terrorists!! Terrorists are not trying to liberate us, they are invading us. Shoot to kill every one of them the enemy is here! Remember muslims lie to everybody it is in the holy book to win the confidence of non-muslims then when there is enough of them they change every thing so Sharia Law takes over!!

  26. Someone tell Allen West it is impossible to hear what the news clips on his page say thanks to the profit driven advertisements that do not allow you to mute them on the side panel. Ironic ,however, that the news was in regard to illegals and the music in the ad was mariachi.

    • Excuse me but those profit driven adds is what is making allen (i hate muslims) a multi millionaire. Yes post about muslims, hispanics, al sharpton and jessie jackson and he knows that you loons will continue to support him and his lifestyle!

  27. After watching the show about the Mumbai terrorist attack of 2008 I realized that the hardest part of that was getting on dry land and moving. I have wondered about this same kind of thing. When you have a group of people who want kill Christians and westerners like these animals do , Well lets just say I believe America should lock all the windows and lock all the doors so to speak. This is why the southern boarder and all these kids coming through and now America is sending them to school , how many saw the report where a mayor of a town discovered one of the so call students that was going to go to high school was found out to be 35 years old. WoW, these illegal aliens that the president wants to give a free pass to , no paper work, no ID’s we don’t know anything about them. We don’t even know there true age. Yet we are going to put them in our schools with our kids The mayors in the story about the 35 year old said half of the so called students have gray hair, but they are not allowed to ask them there age. What kind of safety is that for our kids.

    • yup, right in the City of Lynn Massachusetts…these pedophiles are going to school with kids they want to rape and kill…glad I don’t live there…or have kids in school anymore.

  28. Guess publicizing a policy of shoot-to-kill, and then making good on it, would be too much to ask of a government who has a mandate to protect the states from foreign invasion?

  29. Thank you Allen West. It is no surprise I get more news from website news than anywhere on television. I believe you are correct, this is probably a dry run.

    • If you only get your news from here…. I can’t!! Its TOO DARN easy!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Go buy a Allen (I hate muslims) west tee shirt and make the man more money!

      • Bud, you are definitely part of the problem here. I spent 26 years in the military keeping a$$holes from coming over the breakwater, only to find that you were already living here. if you and the other sh*theads like you want to live in the 11th century with the Muslims, go there. If you want your children to have no jobs and no good schools because they are overrun with some other country’s spawn, move to that country…Please! But do not take my American Republic, for which I and others fought, and give it away to anyone who wants to jump the border. Oh, Hell No! If I had my way, we would be repatriating border jumpers over the fence with catapults. After a few messy landings, I believe they would think twice about it. Please note what happens if you take a wrong turn into Mexico, however innocently. Sgt. Tamoureesi is still sitting in that hellhole, and you can bet he is not getting welfare payments, free food and nice housing.
        RMCS(SS) USN(Ret.)

      • You laugh at them, yet when you show your level of maturity by resorting to a bunch of name calling with no real content in your posts, you prove to me you are a nutcase that probably needs to be on a government watch list. At some point, I see you killing people.

      • Thanks Earl I will get an Allen West T-shirt. Recently bought two t-shirts with eagles and American flags. This will do nicely in my support-my-country wardrobe.

  30. This is an opportunity to use the story as reported and our network of communication here to it’s fullest advantage . I’m in Mississippi so I know we have militia and we are primed to use them for threats to our state . I would say that now is the time to activate any militia or military support groups that are in the San Diego area . We know that the OBama Regime is complicit with Mexico and the Muslim Brotherhood , so little to stop these actions will be forthcoming .
    That means do it yourself people . They are telling us there is a high probability of a shore mounted invasion , so organize your people there and repel it . Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch filled a RICO action against OBama , Hillary , Kerry , and OBama’s brother for converting our tax dollars to fund Hamas for rockets to shell Israel . That is pretty serious and in addition there is an ex CIA manager who lays out the case that OBama has led the Muslim Brotherhood to a postion of power within our government at the highest levels . This is no episode of ” The walking Dead ” folks this is real and happening now . We can watch it like a weekly episode or start fighting back . But be aware the fighting back now comes at our terms or from a position of desperation and defense after it’s unleashed on us . It is time to secure our country now on our own terms .

    • Work the militia from the inside out and start deporting. It needs a leader to say the word, give the order! I know you will act. Nothing loud or bravado, nice and quiet like. plunk plunket.

  31. I worked on a protection contract for the government (both pre/post 9-11) and the federal building I was assigned to was subject to a dry run on 9-11-2002; two Arab males (we caught them and they both had Immigration Holds on them) parked a Ryder truck, with Oklahoma plates no less, directly in front of the building, blocking in the Bomb Squad and Haz-Mat team who were there for an Anthrax scare, and took off. The truck was packed full of mattresses and other junk to simulate the weight of bombs (testing maneuverability in a high density downtown core of a major city) as well as our response. We had the Denver Mega-Center (the feds 911 dispatch center) start “markers” to ensure there was at least recorded evidence in the event we all disappeared. Dry runs happen….

  32. I was in San Diego in the early 90’s. It seemed at the time that there were “planned invasions” at least once a week. Every so often, the border crossing would be overwhelmed and hundreds of people from the Mexican side of the border would rush across the border to the United States. American border security was helpless to stop them and the local police officers would zig-zag across the interstate highway to slow the drivers down in hopes of not running over and killing the masses. It made me believe at the time that the Federal, State and Local governments were in cahoots to allow this to happen at specific time intervals and allow the crowds to disperse throughout the communities before the next batch of “futue Democrats” were allowed through.

    I’m not afraid of people that want a better life for themselves and their families. I believe that those people should be given every opportuinity to enrich themselves WITHIN THE RULE OF LAW.

    I’m more concerned that bad actors around the world will take advantage of our caring hearts and use our porous borders against us.

    I also believe that our greatest weakness could be changed to a strength. If we can convince those that want to better themselves to report on those that wish us harm, we can turn the tide and protect ourselves from the evil-doers and gain advanced knowledge of their intents before they act.

    We must have the mindset that there are ideas worth protecting. Freedom ought to be at the top of the list.

    • Yes I agree and so we do whatever is necessary to protect our freedoms. We are at war, and we are at war with what you call people who want a better life for themselves and their families. My families are going without, they are struggling and working, key word, w o r k ing to better themselves not running over into Mexico or south America expecting them to take care of their families. Sorry they are a extreme burden and that burden is impossible to carry. Send them back at gun point if necessary. Send in our troops to protect our borders and anyone crossing should be told to go back and if they refuse, shot. Their body in a bag or our loved ones, not a hard choice to make. And yes I am hard, but my granddaughter’s face was slammed into cement by one of these innocent children, who hate Americans, no more!!! Stop their terrorizing of our borders.

      • I have no problem with immigrants who come here for a better life LEGALLY. I too have a problem with illegal immigrants. They are NOT coming here for a Better life. They are coming to suck off the tit of the taxpayers. The majority will not work. They want the free stuff. They need to be sent back, borders closed, intense inspection of EVERYONE crossing and sending back anyone without legal papers. I am see crime rising in my communities around where I live. So much of those crimes are committed by people here illegally. Lock up these borders!!

      • I think there is an entire sub group of people that are being entirely overlooked. I am speaking of those immigrants who are brought here against their will to work in sweat shops, warehouses, or made to grow marijuana crops, etc. for the cartels. Even In Pennsylvania where you wouldn’t expect such things, there are problems with immigration. I’ve heard that there Is one warehouse in PA, which was unique in that EVERYONE that works there (except for the armed people that ran it, of course) are illegals, and that those who work there, actually LIVE there! Those people were not offered any choice in the matter. Of course this is only speculation, but If I had to venture a guess, I’d say that most likely, those workers were probably told that their families back in Mexico will suffer if they don’t do a good enough job. The exact same scenario plays out in California too. Mexicans are sent into California to grow marijuana for the dealers who sell it in the states (in order to avoid getting busted trafficking all that weight across the border) and those people are told the same thing…that if they don’t grow a large enough amount, or if they get busted, that their families will be targeted. So before we lump ALL illegal immigrants into one group and say they’re ALL bad, and that they are ALL expecting our government to help them, we should realize that as much as America doesn’t want them here, there are actually many illegals that never wanted to be here either!

      • Okay. For raping a nine year old girl they are seeking abetter life? Yes, it happen recently in Texas and by illegals, “seeking” a better life? For murdering a off duty Border agent fishing with his family?

        We, legal Americans, are allowing this with almost indifferent. Shame on us.

    • I assume by “If we can convince those that want to better themselves to report on those that wish us harm, we can turn the tide and protect ourselves from the evil-doers and gain advanced knowledge of their intents before they act” you suggest we sell our children’s future for fear of being attacked? Fear leads to irrational thoughts and actions and that has always been their goal. The terror plan has worked.

      You know it’s funny, I hear so much that these people “just want better lives for themselves, they just want a chance to come here and earn it.” Since when has working hard, creating a better life for yourself, etc. been dependent on living within the United States? If these people are such good, strong, hard working people why don’t they work hard, stand up to corruption and build up the overall quality of life in Mexico or whatever country they’re from? These are ALL things that can be accomplished in Mexico and yet they haven’t. It’s like people, yourself included, want people to believe that Central and South America is a barren waste land and nothing can be accomplished no matter how hard anyone tries. It’s pure bullsh*t. We have 4th, 5th, 6th, generation US families, who have worked hard for hundreds of years building this country into what it is today, going without because these “good, hard working Mexicans” (or others from Central or South America) don’t want to put in the work. The whole “hard working illegal immigrants” argument means nothing when we have hard working citizens who aren’t working. This isn’t the 1800’s or even part of the 1900’s where there was a shortage of man power. These Pro-Illegal Immigrant people fail to realize what this country has always been based on, and that’s Supply and Demand. The supply of those looking for work far out weighs the demand from companies to put those people to work.

      Anyway I got a little sidetracked there so I’m going to get back to my original point. You’re going to accept a crime to stop another crime. What happens if (not even if because I’m almost certain this has already happened) a terrorist organization contacts the Cartels in Mexico to get them across the boarder? Do we allow them to continue to smuggle drugs and people as long as they report it to US authorities? That whole concept is complete nonsense. It’s like asking someone if they want to get stabbed in the front or or in the back. A sane man would pick neither and if it came down to it he would fight with every ounce of strength he had. Why can’t we fight and enforce our laws with every ounce of strength we have?

      P.S. Good hard working people who “want to better themselves” don’t associate themselves with “evil-doers” who would want to do us harm, so I’m not sure what kind of intel you’re trying to get out of them. I can only assume you want to do business with the lesser of two evils to protect yourself from the other. History has shown that doesn’t work out too well in the end.

  33. I guess Allen didn’t like what I said, I used some foul language, I apologize. However, the point I was making is real. American can make citizen arrests, get deputized and stand against this invasion. In conjunction, on 28/27/2014 10:53PM I witnessed 2 traditional full Keffiyeh Arab dressed individuals in a dark area of bushes on our community property (not public), on the other side of this area over a cement wall is a feederline and across the street is a under construction Muslim Education Training facility. 2 hours later there was a loud explosion and brief power outage. I reported the observations to authorities.

      • Our police and Electric Co took my info seriously, as I am a credible wittiness. However, they found no foul play, after a short investigation and feedback from the repair team. Coincidence? Perhaps. Of the 4 years I’ve lived here I have “never” seen a full traditionally dressed arab in our neighborhood. I see females in their extreme (2) Burkas, semi traditional (3-4). I have seen a few traditional arab dressed

        people in our city, but not on the West side.

      • Amazing. I am glad the police paid attention. It worries me that to many times they will not and then they are left scratching their heads when something happens. It seems these days every time I go anywhere I see Arab attire and they sure do love Walmart! I was never a prejudiced person, but these days I get very nervous when I see so many in Arab attire and I get nervous when I see young people in odd places with back packs on.

  34. Colonel,

    Did you miss an indicator? Why would smugglers waste money on life jackets?

    And then not use them as they swam ashore?

    Almost ZERO of the Mexicans and other Latin Americans I have ever known have known how to swim.


  35. Home grown terrorists would invade US shores on fishing boats 10 at a time from Latin America while hiding among illegals? From the Bahamas? That scenario wouldn’t make a cheap b movie.

      • I figured it was a trick question. The question was never who was flying the planes, but who was controlling them. Ever since the eighties, all planes were fit with an automatic shut off for all controls in the cockpit in case the plane was to vear off course. From there, the plane can only be controlled from the ground. That is, unless control is given back to the pilot from the ground. So either someone from the ground flew them into those buildings or someone willingly granted control over to “them”. In the unlikely case where someone is really THAT stupid, control can always be taken back again from the ground. So no matter how you look at it, we had something to do with it. So I suppose the question isn’t a matter of quantity, but how you are willing to define it. So as I said, it’s kind of a trick question.

    • Actually, given the condition of our southern border and the over extended nature of our homeland security forces, it’s actually a very good plan. BTW, they won’t be “home grown,” they’ll be dyed in the wool hard core jihadies from the middle east. They’ll be heavily armed, and they’ll have significant material aid here when they get ashore. They’ll also have moral support, even if it is unintentional, from idiots like you who have no concept of history.

    • The part you fail to understand is that there are already many here..they just keep on coming thanks to the idiot we have running this country and all hi cronies in the congress……..on both sides of the isle.

    • Keep believing it is just a fairy tale. I hope they get people like you first. It will be Pussy’s like you who complain the loudest and say “Oh I can’t understand how this could happen and someone needs to do something and protect me” What a loser you are.

  36. You LOONS every ask yourself this….how is POSTING to a BLOG making a change? You people are easily fooled by the likes of allen (I hate muslims) west and sarah (I QUIT) palin. They have no say in the political system…they post to facebook and blogs and you donate MILLIONS to PAC’s that give 5% to candidates. You buy books and merchandise and subscriptions to web pages with NOTHING to show in return!
    Allen (I hate muslims) west and sarah (I QUIT) palin cannot and will not run for public office ever again. They have NO chance of winning a congress seat nor the white house!

    • It must really hurt. Sara got away from the abuse of the legal system by resigning. She then goes on to again be successful with something completely different and you are here wallowing in your hate.

      • It does something, gjsmith. It means more awareness to more people which means more resistance to evil. Because of the internet, the population is better informed than the Germans during the 1930s. Better informed people make it much more difficult to create tyranny and ramrod it in. Americans are better at resisting gun confiscation because of the awareness of it and who’s behind it. We’re able to be informed of actions like the above described in San Diego precisely because of this article and the internet that carries it. All these people including you now know about what happened in San Diego and we know what’s happening all around the world. You wouldn’t have known it watching the abc news. You have to look past the “meer” blog posting and recognize the fact that the person posting the blog is informing other people and other people are sharing it. Get it? That is why corrupt governments look for ways to control the internet.

      • Apparently some people on here need to work on punctuation AND their reading comprehension before they comment. They end up arguing with people who are on their own side LOL

      • Hey idiot it is informing people about what is going on so they can be aware, look for signs of things going on and hopefully vote these Jack Asses like Old Num Nuts out of office and elect someone who cares about the nation, the people and will be working to protect us instead of playing Golf or going on campaign fund raisers. People like you are such Morons and losers. Like I said before go back and kiss the feet of your Obama statue.

      • Do you know what quotation marks are used for “idiot”?

        You do realize my is a post to the troll earl calling him a hypocrite, right?

    • Yea like when Moochelle tweeted about the African girls kidnapped? Or when Barry voiced support for the gay athlete with a great rear end? Barry likes guys with great rear ends BTW. Or when you folks posted to boycott chik fil a and shut down their business, only you didn’t?

    • So I take it that you like Muslims……hope they get you first……People like you are the reason they will return and try to destroy America. Keep drinkin the kool-aid.. I’ll keep listening to Alan………..

    • So ass whipe what are you doing to make a difference? Not a damn thing. You would rather make stupid comments to a real and growing threat. Like Toni said when the Muslims attack I hope it is people like you who get it first. Your the kind of loon who blndly follows Onum nuts and the Libtard leaders no matter what the facts or evidence show. Go back to your Obama shrine and kiss his feet. Moron.

      • I’m not in a position to make a change BUT Allen (I hate muslims) IS!! He could run for some sort of office…but NO..he is not interested because he makes too much money selling you IDIOTS tee shirts! Go to his facebook page and notice a post SELLING TEE SHIRTS!!

      • Well are you a helpless Pussy who can’t do anything what so ever? You can’t get involveld somehow, someway. You want everyone else do do things for you? What do you do sit in a corner and suck your thumb? What a stupid post. How do you know what his future plans are? Are you now a mind reader? Or just the typical Liberal who thinks they know everything and everyone should see things there way?
        So what if he is selling T shirts, this is a free country no one makes someone buy anything unless it is Obama forcing everyone but Health Insurance. You are just another mindless , helpless Liberal dweeb who wants to complain and think people should do things and he can just sit around and do nothing.

      • I am not the one complainging and whinning like a little school girl. You are. What a Moron you are Earl. See unlike you Liberals, who have a problem with someone making money, I don’t. No one makes me buy anything. Unlike Liberals who want to tell people what to do all the time ( like Obamacare ). See Conservatives don’t need someone to tell them what to do and run their lives unlike helpless little Trolls like you. I am doing nothing? And how would you know that? You have a Crystal ball? I just love how Libtards seem to always think they know everything. When in fact they know very little. Go crawl back under the bridge you came out from.

      • Interesting how you say I have a problem with folks making money. I DON’T CARE IF YOU MAKE MONEY! BUT…if you are going pretend to be some sort of political candidate and you KNOW that your only purpose is to sell tee shirts….just say you are selling tee shirts!

      • I guess you missed the article on this page? Please tell me where he said he is a candidate for anything? Oh I forgot how Liberals are mind readers, and know what people are thinking or planning to do. Or more like they think they should be able to control peoples lives. I bet if I go on any Liberals web site ( current or past ) they are selling something. But that is ok since they are a Liberal.
        I notice you never dispute a thing he says, you just complain neither he or anyone on here is doing anything about it. I will ask again what are you doing? Nothing.

      • and did you buy a TEE SHIRT today? You idiots don’t get it do ya? TALK is cheap but TEE SHIRTS aren’t!! To post to a blog only to sell tee shirts is doing what exactly??

      • So, you have read his mind and know for a fact that selling t-shirts is ALL he wants to do? Or did you hack into his computer and read emails?

      • Don’t have to hack his computer to see that he is only trying to make millions. Books, tee shirts, even the blog makes money when you click on certain adds! The post are designed to stir up support so you will buy his products!

      • Difference is Obama isn’t raising money for his personal gain…allen (I hate muslims) west is selling tee shirts, books and speaking fees only to benefit himself! He has no interest in running for public office….too much money to be made by YOU IDIOTS!

  37. I just love it when liberal jackals comment on a story for no other reason than to try to smear a man that has more honor in his little finger, than they do in their entire lives. Now pull your pants back up, clean up the mess you just made and go to bed with a smile on your face, because you really made a difference today. Not!

  38. STOP THAT! There is no problem with our borders, who cares if ISIS is in Juarez!? The most pressing issue of the day is how to control CO2!

    What is with you ideologues who believe defense of the country is more important the the threat of CO2?

    Obama’s got a plan for CO2, taxes solve that problem ( as it does every problem in America ), ISIS isn’t tamed by taxes, therefore, it’s not an issue.


  39. In addition to pausing for a moment of silence and prayer for the victims of 9-11, I also memorialize the day by watching film footage usually shown on the History Channel. Some say it is too sad or gruesome to watch…I say that is EXACTLY why they must watch! We must NEVER forget that day and what those animals that we call “enemies” are capable of.

  40. This country is WIDE OPEN. Multiple attacks can happen at ANY time, in ANY location, in ANY form of attack for as long as THEY want. Obama along with his democrat sycophants and republican enablers have been a “pre-incident indicator” for the past six years and NOW people are concerned???? Your six years to late!

  41. I live in San Diego. These nightly incursions by panga boats have been happening for several years now. Even all the way up to Santa Barbara! They will even use jet skis now! With all of our fancy technology, Guard Cutters patrolling our coast, how can these incursions keep flying under the radar? This does not even seem possible, unless someone is asleep at the wheel. Or orders have been given not to stop the illegal boats!

      • The incursions always happen at night! Then they always find the boats abandoned on the beach the next morning. And it does not always make the news, so people are mainly unaware!

      • If this is happening so frequently, why aren’t the agents anticipating these raids? I suspect they were instructed to stand back.

      • That’s what I am beginning to think. Just the other night/early morning a Panga boat boldly came ashore at Mission Beach San Diego and the illegals just boldly and calmly walked up the beach and hopped the sea wall. I bike ride that boardwalk all the time and have done so since the 1970’s, and I was there today. That would be a hard place for them to get out of on foot. So they must have people with cars waiting to pick them up.

  42. And the armed citizens of our country should stand on the beach and gun them down with our AK’s, Mac’s ans Uzi’s and send the ILLEGAL idiots home in body bags!!!

  43. How do they know they were hispanic? What if they were Islamist terrorists? What will keep them from bringing in a suitcase bomb with nuclear material at any time? A dirty bomb would make a small town uninhabitable.

  44. Why do we let them know about security cameras they can shoot out? They are there for a REASON people. Shut up about them ! Media messes up stuff pretty bad a lot of the time !!!!!!!

  45. Country too busy finding ways to entrap citizens and put in jail instead of securing our borders. Wasting money and lives. Let’s take their panga boats and flee to other countries…

  46. Delayed response to Earl Lee regarding my buying t-shirts. They are made in USA by the way. You sound like a very angry person.

  47. I found our local newscast from the Panga boat on Mission Beach from August 25.


    Not sure if links work here at AW. But this video can be found at News 8 TV San Diego.


    Dozens flee panga boat in Mission Beach……




    SAN DIEGO (CNS/CBS 8) – Dozens of people were spotted running along Mission Beach Monday after a panga boat washed ashore near Belmont Park, police said.

    Lifeguards alerted San Diego police to the fishing boat off Ventura Place near Ocean Front Walk at around 6:40 a.m., San Diego police Officer Humberto Hernandez said.

    Hernandez said lifeguards were notifying Border Patrol agents regarding the discovery.

    Miranda Fuller, on vacation with her family from Phoenix, woke up and noticed something bizarre outside her rented beach house. A panga boat packed with people.

    “It just made a b-line straight into the waves and beaches itself then two to four heads and then like 20 people then they were running up the beach,” Fuller said.

    She captured photos on Mission Beach around 6:30 a.m. She says a large group of undocumented immigrants wearing dark clothes and hoodies ran through an alley.

    In years past, other panga boats came ashore to Pacific Beach, and as far as Ventura County.

    “We do have remote video surveillance cameras looking into the ocean for any smuggling attempts,” a Border Patrol officer said.

    In some cases, the undocumented immigrants paid $6,000 to $7,000 and suffered hypothermia, dehydration and bruises. One man even died.

    Monday, Border Patrol called out their chopper and officers searched along the boardwalk for evidence.

    While people enjoying the waves say they’re shocked, officials were able to detain at least two people. The rest are still on the run.

    “It’s not worth it to risk your life,” witness Juda Maddy said.

  48. I thought the earlier group on video looked middle eastern and DETERMINED. Yes. I bet they are piggybacking on these illegals.
    We have a perilously inept or purposely malfeasant executive branch and a VERY gullible congress.

  49. When ISIS and Hamas finds out how easy it is to sneak across the mexican border they will flood here for their free obamacare welfare cell phones food stamps section 8 housing.

  50. Couldn’t agree more, Col. West. Nothing about this feels like – or even looks like – what we, as Americans, know about Mexican immigrants. This just isn’t how they do it. I’ve come to a point in my life where I can’t even trust what my government tells me is true, because every day it is revealed how we are lied to “for our own good.” The MSM goes to great lengths to avoid telling Americans about the thousands of Middle Eastern “immigrants” who have come through our southern border – deliberately disguised as Mexicans. From the video, it is clear that this is a “team” – like you said, “organized.” We need to start trusting our gut on what we SEE rather than what we are TOLD. My gut AND my eyes tell me that something about these “immigrants” is out of the ordinary. Stay vigilant, friends!


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