Another example of why there will never be peace with the Palestinians [VIDEO]

It was interesting to watch the celebrations in Gaza over the open ceasefire agreed to with Israel. Hamas and the green banners were out in force in the streets of Gaza City cheering and shooting off weapons into the air — hardly sounds like they feel defeated.

Now, I just have to ask: how do you have a ceasefire with a terrorist organization whose declared raison d’être is your extermination? I mean let’s get serious, how long do any of you believe this will hold?

Let me give you an idea — as long as it takes for Hamas to be rearmed, refitted, and reassess their current situation to develop a new plan of action. The fact that we watched aid trucks flowing into Gaza from Israel along with aid from the United States — don’t forget John Kerry pledged $47 million to Hamas — only means we are supplying the next round of attacks.

If I were Hamas, I’d be celebrating because once again it demonstrates that the West fears destroying Islamic terrorism and jihadism. We just continue to allow the cancer to fester and grow.

And for those who believe the “Palestinians” seek peace, desire to be a part of the global community and respect the rule of law, I’ve got a little message for you. Now, don’t listen to me, listen to the “good” Palestinians — the Palestinian Authority or Fatah (actually they are the original Palestinian terrorists).

As reported by Palestinian Media Watch, “Member of Fatah Central Committee Abbas Zaki, states, “I’m against signing the Rome Statute (i.e., joining the International Criminal Court) as long as our country is occupied. If tomorrow you shoot, they’ll say you signed an agreement. This is not meant for people who want to liberate their country… I think the [Palestinian] people’s weapon is pure – they don’t want to kill. By the way, there are no innocent Israelis.”

You know what really amazes me? These guys don’t care, they know they’re being monitored and just don’t care what you think. You know why? Because no matter how many times they express their desires and goals, they realize we will apologize away their abhorrent behavior. Indeed, cultural jihadist apologists will refer to me as a “fear monger” just for showing you their own words. Hey, what’s up with that?

I’ll tell what’s up with that: fear, cowardice, and the inability to accept a hard truth that there are folks who hate you for your mere existence and are committed to your demise — ain’t hard to comprehend. The reality of your enemy must become your own, as eventually it will.

Hamas celebrates. Fatah leadership says there are no innocent Israelis.

And so it goes — our tolerance reflects our weakness, which enables their strength.


  1. America has fallen to it’s lowest state since 1776…when the so called leadership is aligned with our worst enemy what can we deduce the future will be?

  2. Let’s not overlook that the celebration of victory is being held by yesterday’s self-proclaimed victims of genocide. An amazing transformation.

  3. For the life of me, I just don’t get it. Are we so complacent that we don’t see the forest for the trees? Have we become like Teflon that we think nothing can stick to us? Are we so arrogant in America that we think nothing can penetrate us and destroy us? When did it become OK to talk to terrorists? When did it become alright to allow drug dealers and murderers from other countries to walk right in and pick up where they left off without any consequences? How come there are so few people who have their eyes open but all the others don’t see? Whenever I write a comment somewhere and add proof, such as actual videos etc. the people who disagree with me just start to call me names and dismiss me as a lunatic. It’s impossible to get through to them. (and that happens to include members of my own family!) Don’t they see it coming? Don’t they realize that no matter how sympathetic they are to “the cause” they will be as dead as the people who aren’t? What’s the matter with them?
    My parents were Holocaust survivors, both my parents stood in front of Dr. Mengele who decided their fate. Right to live, Left to die. Growing up with these horror stories made me realize I will never go into the good night without a fight. I will be alert and vigilant to any source that threatens my family’s freedom. I have the same right to live on this planet as everyone else but I understand that I cannot and will not force my beliefs on anyone, and I will not. succumb to this terror that is swallowing up this world.

    We must rise up together to fight this cancer that is spreading around the world. I had no idea there were that many psychopaths in the world. To think so little of life that they can use children as bait or shoot rockets from a hospital or cut a baby in half just because he was baptized. Where are our leaders? Where is our Military? Just because Obama gave pink slips to 550 Majors in the Military doesn’t mean they should cave. I would rather be under Marshal Law with a Military that believes in America, our constitution and protects us from these terror infiltrators than under a president who agrees with them and is slowly killing our nation. (Maybe not that slowly).
    We need more men like Allen West, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Glenn Beck.. (even though I don’t agree with everything they say, Women’s right to choose is so not important at this moment if there are no women who can choose because they are either dead or slaves.) I also don’t care what happened in the past to these men and women who are speaking out, we must group together to fight this and eradicate it from the world.
    We need a strong lover of everything American, a leader NOW not in November 2016. We can’t wait that long, it might be too late by then!

  4. SCRIPTURE SAYS ABOUT ISHMAEL’S DESCENDANTS, “THEY WILL LIVE BY THE SWORD THROUGH OUT ALL OF THEIR GENERATIONS,” “Every man’s hand against them, and their hand against every man,” and to show the prophecy correct, their symbol, the symbol for Islam, is the sword. End Times Prophecy News Update Carrie Geren Scoggins program and webcast My program now on webcast and YouTube

  5. When 9-11 happened there were Palestinians who were filmed celebrating in the street in celebration of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the deaths of Americans. Thats what sticks in my memory … Polls taken by Saudi-owned Al Arabiya and Gallup suggest some support for the September 11 attacks within the Islamic world, with 38% believing the attacks to be not justified, while 36% believing them to be justified. However renowned Muslim scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi denounced the attacks and the unprovoked killings of thousands of American civilians as a “heinous crime” and urged Muslims to donate blood to the victims

  6. Our own govt. is helping Hamas by sending money. This guy is welcome to his opinions, as long as Americans do not buy into the ‘poor Palestinians’ propaganda. They let Hamas use the money (maybe not let them…Hamas just didn’t use as supposed to) to build tunnels which were for one purpose only and to buy weapons. Yet, so many of people living in USA celebrate these vile miscreants that I find our own country getting scarier. Too many misinformed zealots.

  7. Allen’s last line reflects the ability for militant muslims to flourish. OUR TOLERANCE REFLECTS OUR WEAKNESS, WHICH ENABLES THEIR STRENGTH…..both here and abroad whether by us or indifferent muslims…

    • You know they are taught lie to the Infidels. So they can over take and hack off our heads. Talk about playing around with poisonous snakes!

      • Muslims lying to us infidels, is known as taquiyya. Yes, we are infidels; we refuse to be faithful to false gods and their prophets

  8. Islam and Collectivism are EVIL. With the leaders we have in the Western civilized world now, every person will soon be confronted with the decision to join in this evil or die. There are no gray areas here And no fence sitting to see which way works best “Me”, it will be conform and or convert or die a brutal death.


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