No “executive order” needed: Dept. of Justice finds wide-open backdoor to amnesty

Photo: Center for Immigration Studies via Daily Caller

The progressive socialists and the Obama administration keep finding new ways fundamentally transform (destroy?) America. As our kids head back to school, Obama has found another way to flood our country with more illegal immigrants from Central America. Many of our school districts are receiving tens of thousands of “unaccompanied minor children”– aka illegal aliens — all at the cost of hard working American families. And now, a new tactic from these master deceivers.

As reported by The Daily Caller, “The Department of Justice’s board of immigration appeals has decided to let Guatemalan women win asylum in the United States if they claim to be victims of domestic violence. The decision was announced in an Aug. 26 decision from the Board of Immigration Appeals at President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice. It creates a huge new incentive for Guatemalan women to cross the U.S. border, because if their asylum claim is accepted, their children get U.S. citizenship, plus the use of federal health, education and retirement programs, regardless of their initial education and work skills. The new decision also means that many of the Guatemalan women who have already crossed the border this year have a new claim for asylum.”

Yes they can and yep, they did — they found a way to backdoor our immigration system and do it in a manner which would make anyone challenging it seem, well, “uncompassionate.” So if you are a Guatemalan woman here already, guess what you’re going to claim now? And you can walk this dog back and I bet you’ll find ACLU, LULAC, and La Raza influence and their accompanying support in developing this new course of action.

As a matter of fact, check out this quote: “Under this breaking decision from the Board of Immigration Appeals, many [migrant] women [detained at the detention center] Artesia may be eligible for asylum,” said Ben Winograd, a lawyer who is paid to help foreigners win residency and citizenship. “This (long overdue) BIA decision should make many [foreign] victims of domestic violence eligible for asylum,” said Winograd, a liberal advocate who is based in Alexandria, Va.

This is just another case of Obama agency overreach, and many of you are fuming and wondering what can be done? First, cut off funding to the Department of Justice Board of Immigration Appeals — oops, could the progressives then label that as an abuse of power as they have done in Texas with Gov. Rick Perry? This backdoor executive action is a backdoor amnesty action. And if this goes unchecked, it will be expanded, and these devious socialists will find other ways to “fundamentally transform” the demographic balance in America — all to their political gain.

Where is the progressive socialist compassion for American women who are economically abused — abused by the failing energy security policies of this charlatan, who cannot fill up their gas tanks and take their kids on vacations — unlike the Obama girls who get to whisk away on Air Force One? What about the abuse of American women who want better education opportunities for their children — especially in the inner city — but are trapped in failing schools because the progressive socialist prefer acquiescing to the teachers unions? What about the abuse of American women who are struggling to buy food for their families because we are in a mini-inflationary economic period due to the excessive printing of money resulting from Obama’s economic failures?

And why did the Obama administration do nothing to assist Meriam Ibrahim — you know her story — certainly that fits abuse, and she was married to an American — hat tip to Italy. I have an idea, what about the abused women living under Islamic sharia law? Nah, that’s only about compassion, not a specific political agenda.

So is it necessary for Obama to enact an executive order? Nope, they were successful during the summer in finding a loophole that meets their progressive design.

As the Daily Caller says,”Under long-standing congressional laws and court precedents, people can seek asylum by showing evidence that they are persecuted because of their race, religion, nationality or political opinions or membership in a qualified social group. The “social group” is something of a catch-all category, and already includes married women from El Salvador, thousands of whom have also streamed across the border this year. “Depending on the facts and evidence in an individual case, ‘married women in Guatemala who are unable to leave their relationship’ can constitute a cognizable particular social group that forms the basis of a claim for asylum or withholding of removal,” said the immigration board’s decision. “We find that the lead respondent, a victim of domestic violence in her native country, is a member of a particular social group composed of ‘married women in Guatemala who are unable to leave their relationship,’” the board decision said.”

“Since 2009, the Department of Homeland Security quietly reversed a prior policy that said victims of domestic violence don’t count as a “social group” for immigration purposes. And you think Obama cares about middle income American families? Here is the truth, since 2010, the administration has relaxed immigration enforcement even though the annual supply of new labor — 4 million Americans youths, roughly 600,000 working-age immigrants and roughly 800,000 foreign guest-workers — far exceeds companies’ demand for extra labor. In response, household wages have dropped since 2010, and nearly all of the income gains since 2010 have gone to the wealthiest investors.”

Law is all about precedent, and this August 26 decision by the Board of Immigration Appeals with Eric Holder’s Department of Justice is a victory for the progressive groups now trying to help many foreigners become citizens. No doubt this domestic-violence decision likely will be used as established precedent in future immigration cases — and you can rest assured the news is already being spread in Central America — and elsewhere. The radical Left are as evil as you could ever imagine in their pursuit to achieve their ultimate goal — power. If they can tip our demographic balance and expand the welfare nanny-state of dependence, America will become a one party nation and we will see the demise of our Constitutional Republic.

Everyone was looking one way, at Obama and an executive action, while he was busy in the deep recesses of Washington D.C. scheming. I hate schemers, especially those who seek to destroy my country. Call your congressional representatives in the House and Senate, and if they support this action — remove them from office in November. This is tyranny and as Frederic Bastiat claimed, a form of legalized abuse and plunder.


  1. the American people are about to be replaced… When will we march on the White House and Physically remove this Illegal fraud from our Country ?

    • It seems that most Americans have become too complacent to do anything to help our country. I have been to several rallies, most of which have poor turnouts. I see a lot of complaining when visiting sites, but when it comes down to actual action, most will sit back and do absolutely NOTHING. I fear it is going to come down to an actual action against them personally, like coming for their guns, robbing their bank accounts, etc. Until it gets personal, the greatest majority of these unhappy-about-current-events Americans will continue to do absolutely nothing but complain.

      • You are correct Karla. That is exactly what it will take for people to get involved. And not a second sooner.

    • That’s what I’ve been asking for a while now. We are ready to physically remove him from the WH and make the appropriate changes to the government body as a whole.

    • It would do no good for us to march in D.C. and try and remove him. Why? Before a bunch of people got close to all of them; (1) you would be fired on (2) they would be removed from there (3) It’s going to take “Our Military” to arrest him and his administration or (4) “Our Veterans, Patriots, Oath Keepers and Militia” to be well organized to remove his Army and them. That are the choices we have at this point.

  2. well looks like king Obama can just make up all the rules as he pleases ? can’t congress do anything to stop this madness ? whats to become of American ? pray Christians pray for America like never before it’s our only hope !

  3. I’ve been at work now since 6:15am; its now 9:30am and I just read this article, I have to walk away from my desk because I am literally ‘fed-up’ with providing for others who seem to get ahead because of an administration bent on bending the law for others who will probably carry an airborne disease into my kids classroom. Do it legally and I’ll gladly work my ass off.

  4. What about the women in America that REALLY are abused, not just say they are. This exploits and diminishes what real abused women go through.

  5. I am a person of deep compassion. I understand pain. I have been abused. I am a woman. I have children and grandchildren. I have no health insurance. Obamacare told me to go to Medicaid; Medicaid told me I make too much. I can’t find a job. I am over-qualified (2 BAs and 1 Masters) or under-qualified. Last October my spouse had emergency heart surgery. With no health insurance and his job not providing any disability benefit, we couldn’t pay the mortgage on our very modest home. He worked on a Federal Govt. contract which was bid out to a new company when he was cleared to return to work. They did not hire him. Now he works for 1/2 the pay and twice the hours and we still can’t pay the mortgage or medical bills. I’m wondering, if I renounce my US citizenship, move to Guatemala or Mexico, gain citizenship there and then cross the border as an illegal alien, will I get a job and health benefits in the US then?

      • He’s another freeloader, ignore the ass clown. Its obvious he sucks the gubment tit daily, as he doesn’t give a rats a$$ where the money comes from.

      • You really think Obamamama is right for this country? You think it is Republicans that has caused all of this!!! Let me know when your first family member gets beheaded!!!!!

      • Yes I do to both questions. As far as the last, you people are the most perverse psychopathic traitors I will ever see. What will you blame your next losses on? BENGHAZI !!!!!!

      • It’s also hard to win when you’re a bunch of bigoted a-holes. Just ask Chris “stonewall” McDaniel, don’t take my word for it. (haha)

      • But he’s your traitor and President until 1/20/16, Jeffry Dahmer. And there’s not a damn thing you can or WILL do about it.

      • Not everybody can suck off the government teat like you Dumbocrats do. You Liberals have done more than enough to crap up this country so not sure why you are gloating.

      • Idiots.. you are proof they are everywhere? Please tell me, just hwere do you expect all this money for the freebies to come from? I can only assume yo ont have a job or work, as you sure seem eager to give away the farm,

    • The problem Audrey (my granddaughters name is Audrey also) with that idea is they wouldn’t accept you as a citizen, you would get thrown in jail & never seen again

  6. Everyone paying the slightest attention to the liberal agenda knows that their plan is to increase, by any means at their disposal, the number of people dependent on government to consolidate their power. It isn’t compassion that drives the liberals to support and encourage illegal immigration, it is their desperate need for more democrat voters and their fear that conservatives will take control of both the House and the Senate, which would put an end to their liberal agenda and make Obama a mere figurehead for the remainder of his term. Obama stated intention to grant amnesty to 4-5 million illegal aliens would result in millions of new democratic voters being added to the rolls. He could care less about jobs going to illegal aliens or the costs associated with adding millions more to the welfare state. When Obama stated that he planned on “fundamentally changing America” he meant it, and he is carrying out that plan to the detriment of all Americans.

    • Your first sentence is so extremely clear and accurate! I hope the “47%” (now a lot larger I sure) will learn that hard work is the key to success in the USA, not government dependence.

  7. Stop this crap now! In 2012 alone, we spent over 3 Trillion (yes trillion) supporting, medicating, housing, incarcerating, etc. the illegals in this country. Just think what the cost will be this year after the flood we’ve been seeing.

  8. I’ve been saying it for months. . . It’s not very difficult to succeed with your asylum petition when your adversary is taking a dive.

  9. In what kind of a delusional mental twist can one argue that to escape abuse in their house, apartment or tenement, they have to leave not just the house, neighborhood or city, but they have to leave the entire continent to seek asylum elsewhere?

  10. Well then, that would make just about all Central Americans eligible since most women and little girls are the object of domestic violence in these countries. But then shouldn’t that also keep their husbands from coming here? Shouldn’t the husbands or boyfriends be denied entry since they would only continue abusing their wives here ?????

  11. Sir, I admire you but this dog won’t hunt! Because these idiots say so does not change our law! They are illegal Aliens/criminals Period! We must Deport ALL Illegal Aliens/Criminals from our Beloved Nation! 11Chronicles 7:14 “Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.” Dear God, Please hear from Heaven! We are humbled, We have repented and We are praying… We seek Your face only and are turning from our wicked way! Help us please, please! Father, I know you help us when we Can’t Help ourselves! You are Perfect in all of Your ways! We don’t know what to do, but You Do! Please speak to and inspire our Great Military Leaders to wake up and Remove this Evil from among us! Show us Your Arm of mercy! Your mighty Arm of Justice! Your mighty Hand of healing! Restore our Great Nation to our Constitution and our Christian Foundation! Please bring revival to America! Pour out your Spirit, Lord, God and Bless America Again! In Jesus Name I pray! AMEN

  12. When I read his bleating pee and moaning screeds, I can clearly see why the service said goodbye or court marshal. The rejection in his FORMER district is made manifest.
    There was a time when the Repug party had some ideas to debate and work with, but know it’s just a party of fear and bankrupt losers. Where was this patriot when saint Reagan pass the biggest amnesty in 30 yrs. Pathetic.

    “How inexpressible is the meanness of being a hypocrite! How horrible is it to be a mischievous and malignant hypocrite.”~~Voltaire

    • Really, Regan passed the amnesty as the a deal with the dems to close the border and secure it! If you want to pay f ll these people and go bankrupt feel free, im personally tired of paying for every loser that comes here demanding we give them all our benefits as a nation simply because they illegally cross the border.. you are a clown

      • So we should turn a blind eye as a country to women being beaten? I agree that people coming into this country should do it legally, through the proper channels. But if a woman is being beaten on a daily basis and can back up her claim, how can we send her back to the person who’s beating her and say we’re good people? Then again, I forget that most republicans like to preach “Keep us a Christian nation” then turn around and yell “Don’t use our money to help the less fortunate!”

      • I don’t care about being a Christian nation.

        Don’t use my money to pay for problems of others; I have my own.

        Life IS NOT FAIR…deal with it…

      • Yes he did,but…..he tried his best,but……he had no choice but……….!
        Don’t fell so bad the “arms for hostages”, “illegal contra war” traitor is taking a dirt nap and feeds the worms now. There truly is a God.

    • There was no “rejection”… There was massive FRAUD, and I witnessed it with my own eyes while working at the elections warehouse. MASSIVE, as in workers throwing away absentee ballots “marked the wrong way”. In a trash can.

      And when Reagan was in office?… He was probably protecting your worthless butt serving in the military.

      • OK, my grammar could have been better, was in a hurry. I meant (of course) that Allen west was in the military at that time. of course, you knew that already, but were just being nasty, weren’t you?

      • Oh, to yearn for the 1950’s again. Please take another Valium,and another swig from a quart of Jack Daniels, then try to run this jingoistic bull sh^t by the NEW and improved generation. Short answer homer, you LOST big time. Your reaction is why you and the confederacy that you pine away for is doomed to the ash heap of history. Your world of privilege is at an end, and your own children posted the stamp on your one-way ticket to oblivion. Please stay as racist and myopic as you are, we progressives and the rest of the country will be moving forward, and you will be just a foot note. So long to bad rubbish!

      • Oh, yes, the mature and erudite “I won” argument.

        Rascist? I worked on both of Allen’s campaigns. His character is unimpeachable, and he actually loves this country and its founding values, unlike your mendacious ilk.

        What have YOU ever contributed, besides your vile and destructive comments, troll. Go back your mother’s basement and play with yourself. Probably your only friend, given your foul disposition.

      • ” His character is unimpeachable, and he actually loves this country and its founding values, unlike your mendacious ilk.”

        Had this quisling lived during the “founding father” era, he would have been their SLAVE, jackass! May they all rot in Hades.

  13. So If women from other country’s claim domestic violence, which will be what 100% of them will say, What gets me , is Domestic Violence here in America is a state local matter, Not a federal matter So why is other country’s domestic violence now a USA federal problem. Why is the USA not helping these other country’s handle there on domestic problems instead of taken them in and paying them. This is crazy, so any women who claims that there husband bets them they get a free ticket to America and a free ride. I wonder if America will make it if the states don’t stop this madness, People need to vote

  14. The number one action of the House should be to rescind the automatic citizenship for babies born to illegal aliens!!! These “anchor babies” then have the right to have other illegal relatives be awarded automatic citizenship. Illegals should be deported and all immigrants should have to go through the proper procedures to gain American citizenship! Obama needs to be stopped regarding his illegal actions to bypass the laws of the country and the requirements of the United States Constitution!!!

  15. At some point the demographic change the progressive are striving for will come back and bite them. All the people they’re shipping here from C.A. and all that are already here, will send for family members. They reproduce like rats. In no time at all the country will be overtaken by Central Americans who will then kick the progressives responsible for this out on their cans.

  16. The floodgates fallacy argument really doesn’t hold water, pun intended.

    The US asylum law already covers “race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or particular social group”, gender should have already been included a long time ago. The fact that it took this long to get added is a disgrace.

  17. This is part of Cloward and Pivens, read their paper on how to break the existing welfare system so the feds can come in and institute a new way of doing things, aka no more Constitution and a complete transformation of America into a dictatorship.


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