Complete outrage: Mexican president praises California’s policies for illegals [VIDEO]

Is there anyone in elected office standing up for the American rule of law and sovereignty — namely the security of our southern border? This story just enraged me beyond belief.

CNS News reports that, “Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto praised Gov. Jerry Brown and state lawmakers Tuesday for approving a series of immigrant-friendly laws, saying California is taking a lead role in the absence of national immigration reform. He specifically mentioned a law that allows immigrants in the country illegally to obtain driver’s licenses, a law that has yet to take effect because a final decision has not been made about the appearance of the licenses. California also allows immigrants here illegally to apply for state-funded college scholarships and aid at public universities. And earlier this month, Brown and the Democratic legislative leaders announced a plan to spend $3 million to provide legal help for the estimated 3,900 unaccompanied immigrant children from Central America who are in the state.”

“Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto addressed the California Assembly chamber by invite of Gov. Jerry Brown during a joint convention of the state Legislature at the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014. Pena Nieto’s visit followed a trip to Mexico by Brown earlier in the summer, when the governor discussed climate change and trade.”

Ok, trying to calm down….but here we have another progressive socialist elected official who fails to mention anything to Pena Nieto about an American Marine being held in a Mexican jail, Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi.

Who gives a damn about climate change in Mexico? The fact that we have had Obama, John Kerry, and Jerry Brown all have personal contact with this fella and none of them discussed — excuse me — demanded the release of SGT Tahmooressi is unconscionable. As a matter of fact, to me it represents the most heinous dereliction of duty by these charlatans. And to give Nieto a doggone platform to praise California for its disrespect of the rule of law borders on treasonous actions by Governor Brown… well, I am at a loss for words.

Why would anyone with half a brain want to live in California? We reported here on the insidious policy of cutting off water to farmers to protect a fish while diverting water for San Francisco and the Bay Area. California is bleeding businesses seeking to escape its onerous tax policies — sound familiar? — and California is even considering an “exit tax.” Look at how taxpayer funds are being used: to provide more services for illegal immigrants — who cares about Americans. And all this while the state has at least three bankrupt cities.

And Brown wants to talk to Nieto about climate change?

CNS reports, “Pena Nieto said such actions signaled that California was recognizing human dignity no matter a person’s immigration status. “The progress you have promoted not only benefits Californians because you have sent a very clear message to the U.S. and the entire world,” he said during an address in Spanish to a joint session of the Legislature.”

Welcome to the Obamaworld of American disrespect — here we have this Mexican leader lecturing our country about human dignity while his country is illegally holding — and has beaten — an American Marine. Folks, you cannot make this stuff up, and any of your progressive socialists who stand by Brown, and worse, Nieto, have my complete disdain.

CNS reports that “about 150 protesters waved American flags and shouted slogans across the street, calling for the release of a U.S. Marine who has been detained since he crossed the border in April with weapons and ammunition in his vehicle. Pena Nieto did not comment about the detention of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, but his staff was handed a letter signed by 19 Republican state lawmakers asking for the Marine’s release.”

Quite telling — the letter delivered didn’t have a single California Democrat state lawmaker’s signature — quite telling indeed about how Democrats feel not only about SGT Tahmooressi but our military as a whole. Y’all make it real easy to despise you!


  1. Moonbeam is own by the unions, Indians / casinos.anybody with money.Worst then Grey Davis. He was Appointed like Obama was. we are all judged in the end times.

  2. Readers might be interested to know that Tahmooressi had recently been in Tijuana several times and even had a girlfriend there. On the day of his arrest he walked into Tijuana, spent the day eating and drinking (his admission to Greta Van Susteren) and rented a hotel room not far from Tijuana’s famous hooker district. He then walked back to the US, got his truck, and drove back into Mexico through the Nothing to Declare lane at Mexican customs, where he was arrested. He had three loaded guns in his front seat, along with 457 rounds of ammo. The guns were all chambered — that is, ready to fire. Tahmooressi repeatedly lied to Mexican authorities and attempted to escape.

    Under those circumstances, why shouldn’t he be on trial for the crimes he committed? And what was he doing driving around San Diego with three loaded guns and 457 rounds of ammo in his front seat? It’s probably a good thing that Mexico got him off the road before he hurt someone.

    • How many Mexicans come across our border every day uninvited and many of them are armed as well?
      Since you seem to be so eager to condemn Tahmooressi please explain the difference!

    • Unless you were in the passenger seat of his car you do not know the guns were loaded, ready to fire and in the front seat? I heard they were in the back, that he, once he noticed he made a WRONG turn and could not turn around but HAD to continue onto Mexico, he called our 911. He also told the people at the boarder he had 3 guns in the back that were all legal in the States and that he made a wrong turn. He was in the process of moving so he had all his worldly goods in the car. SO what if he had gone to TJ before, that day who cares? Greta also made that same drive he did and showed how easy it is for anyone, and yes, even her, to make the same mistake. Road signs were obstructed by graffiti and bushes or trees and one, right before the last turn off was on the ground very easy to miss. He should no way be in that prison, period!

    • I love how all of you haters have all of the details even though you weren’t there. The fact that Andrew Tahmoorissi is being beaten and mistreated in a Mexican jail should be enough to enrage you. The fact that we are taking in thousands of illegals should AT LEAST put us in a position to bring up the damn subject of bringing him home NOW. I think that any other administration would realize this and not IGNORE the situation. Shame on these “leaders”.

      • I Don’t know if he got there by accident ,or by choice wasn’t there, but I Agree our so called leaders need to stop kissing ass_ets, make Mexico release him, then OUR courts can take care of did he or didn’t he! OR Next time the Mexican Police “HOW DARE THEY “cross the Border, Brandishing Guns and shooting at our Border Patrols, lock them up and throw away the Key, but make sure the Jail is in Arizona’s Maricopa County, where the meanest sheriff JOE will give them fresh pink underwear and 1 baloney sandwich 1 apple and water every single day 🙂
        Lets see how long before Mexico demands their release?! Oh just in case you don’t know ? That jail is in a tent city in the desert 🙂

    • Hey Usetobe Fishfry, you’re one of Obama’s NowIBeLike uwantfrieswiththat? Get out of your parents basement and stop watching MSNBC fool!!

    • I thought people didn’t read that ridiculous ‘National Enquirer’ anymore.

      “I WAS ABDUCTED AND PROBED BY ALIENS BEFORE I WAS BORN!!” (Twilight Zone music in background and a facepalm)

  3. Pena Nieto is happy that we are taking all the Mexican people that don’t want to stay in that country. There must be a reason that they want to come to the US. And our government is too stupid to see that Mexico likes us taking care of their people so they don’t have to. If you don’t have borders you don’t have a country.

    • Because California is for all intents and purposes the newest Mexican state, or
      soon will be. What isn’t Mexican is in large part far left liberals. Quite frankly if the US gave California to Mexico it would be extremely beneficial to the US financially. Their votes for the low IQ members of Congress and the Senate
      have gone very far in lowing the standards of the whole Country.

      • Actually, California is an old Mexican state, we WON it. And losing California would hurt our nation financially just in lost natural resources alone, then add in agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, & import/export at our ports. It would be a huge mistake. Those are facts.

        I respect your opinion though.

    • I worked with a man from Mexico City years ago. The man worked an amazing amount of overtime, all of his money not for his own survival, went to Mexico City. His folks had a huge home! There, many members of extended families live together. They had it made! He was not taxed on any of his income and most all he made went straight out of this country. He quit and went back to Mexico after only working 10 years here in our country. He made twice as much as I did after taxes.
      I work with another lady from the Philippines that has brought 13 members of her family over. Tax exempt per the USA government, because she was married to a Veteran.
      Still not a citizen cause it is cheaper not to be, per the US Government. Most folks do not have a clue that this goes on.
      There was a ban on people coming from Africa with Aids, until Obama took office that ban was lifted by our President in 2009. Not posted on TV. Imagine that!

      • Sure it did. The case against Perry is bogus. He is perfectly within his rights as governor to veto funding. The whole indictment is political revenge from the only blue county in Texas. The dems are furious at Perry for his immigration stance and the stink he’s been making about the border crisis. Check the Texas Constitution. I lived there for 30 years.

      • 30 years and you don’t know the facts of this case? Nothing I can say will prove it to you then.

  4. And Californians wonder why their state is going bankrupt. If Nieto cared about his own citizens more than the money they send home to prop up Mexico’s economy, then he would stop them from dying in the desert trying to come here. The U.S. should be billing these foreign countries for taking care of their citizens until we can deport them all, then charge them for that too. Take it out of any aid money they are already getting from the taxpayers. We have too many politicians in this country who seem to have an allegiance to citizens of other countries than they have for U.S. citizens.. We should be more concerned with educating our own kids and let these other countries worry about their own.

    • I agree. We, as great as this country USED to be, should be taking care of OUR OWN HOMELESS, VETERANS AND ELDERLY BEFORE WE TAKE IN ANY MORE ILLEGALS. THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Whatever! You all are just reaching for a reason to give this whole state back to Mexico! The men who fought in the Alamo would not believe the stupidity of you all that profess to be Americans. I have Californized cousins that I cannot discuss these issues with cause that is how they believe!

  6. And what is allen (I HATE MUSLIMS) west doing about the immigration problem in this country? RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT?? RUNNING FOR CONGRESS?? Nope…he just post to a blog!! Comedy at its BEST!!

    • And what is Earl (no such thing as a black conservative) Lee doing about his stalking of all things Col. West? You’re really obsessive, man.

    • I’m complaining, about Earl complaining, about Col. West complaining. You are proving the point that; people who don’t get it, don’t get it. Got it?!!?!

      Earl, once again, I’m asking you to provide content to these discussions! It is so repetitive now, that it is pathetic.

      • No..I’m making a POINT! To be in a position to run for national office and refuse is like not voting then complaining that the opposition won! He don’t have the GUTS to run for president!

  7. Figures . Three idiots representing Cal.????? Now they want an exit tax like the lib NY so people can’t afford to get away from all the ILLEGALS LOVED BY THE LIBS. Then they let them vote ILLEGALLY !

    • Same here! I’m a native Californian, but like it better up here in Oregon. The only thing that’s discouraging is that Portland is about as liberal as the S.F. Bay Area.

    • I love California, lived here in Surf City my whole life, but I am sad/ashamed of what has become of one of the greatest states in the greatest of all Republics. Orange County is even becoming increasingly liberal after being a bastion of conservatism.

      But, I won’t move because that wouldn’t be in my nature to leave what I love. I did it once and it was the worst decision I’ve made to date.

      I will stay and try to make my community better. I will stay to encourage my community to understand the truth. I will stay because there is not another state as diverse, beautiful, and bountiful as the Golden State.

  8. Bill O’Reilly encouraged everyone to boycott Mexico for as long as they keep Sgt. Tahmooressi jailed. If enough people didn’t travel to Mexico, it would hurt them financially. I won’t even buy anything that’s from Mexico. Jerry Brown is an idiot!

  9. California is almost lost. We need very strong State Governors and Law Enforcement in the other states along with senior military to protect their citizens.

  10. John McGowan. Stupid American, give country away. Vote for Obama, get what you ask for. Vote Hillery get something worse. Mexico sends thousands, welfare more than American gets. Congress is something you don’t want to step in. Stupid American. In stupid poll Americans would lead by 40 points. Have a nice few years, what is coming is bad

  11. I love California, lived here in Surf City my whole life, but I am sad/ashamed of what has become of one of the greatest states in the greatest of all Republics. Orange County is even becoming increasingly liberal after being a bastion of conservatism.

    But, I won’t move because that wouldn’t be in my nature to leave what I love. I did it once and it was the worst decision I’ve made to date.

    I will stay and try to make my community better. I will stay to encourage my community to understand the truth. I will stay because there is not another state as diverse, beautiful, and bountiful as the Golden State

  12. Col. West, you spend your life fundraising on the things that you despise. The only thing more ridiculous than your thinly-veiled fundraising efforts are the fools who so quickly part with their money in exchange for your simple-minded propaganda.

    • Of course everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but thankfully you Liberals will always tell us, without fail, what you’re afraid of while passing off your own propaganda as the gospel.

  13. My wife and I left California after living there for over 50 years. retired in Arizona 5 years ago, and love it. no more unfair taxes, no more California BS.


  15. Just when you think you have see it all Governor Moonbeam and his bunch come up with something that just seems to really piss you off… What a bunch of morons.

  16. CA is already BROKE because of the idiot policies of the people they elect to lead them so I do not feel sorry for them but they better not push that cr-p over their border towards us. Time to boycott both Mexico and CA – do not go there, do not buy their products until they start acting like they have the best interests of the citizens of the U.S.A. foremost in their minds. We have put up with Mexico destroying our kids while pretending to be our friends and it is time to take off the gloves and teach them some manners too.


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