Political assassination attempt on Scott Walker fails – for now

As we’ve presented here, Texas Governor Rick Perry is being indicted on charges of abuse of power. We shared the irony and hypocrisy of this charge being brought forth by a Democrat Travis County DA, who was arrested and charged with DUI. Quite excellent video of her here. And of course we couldn’t ignore the greater hypocrisy of having a president who has conducted several unconstitutional unilateral executive actions — certainly an abuse of his powers.

There can be no debate that the indictment against Rick Perry is politically driven. Just like the “bridge gate” assault against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was politically driven. And to that list we must now add an attack against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

In what is being viewed as a mini-NSA (National Security Agency) operation in Wisconsin, a Democrat-launched John Doe investigation issued subpoenas against conservatives demanding their bank records, “emails from every major private email provider,” records from at least eight phone companies and other information.

Remember, the objective of the progressive socialist machine in America — as per Saul Alinsky’s tactics — is to destroy constitutional conservative opposition. I believe if progressives could jail their political opposition they would — after all, that’s their history. There may be rules for radicals, but there is no rule of law.

According to the Wisconsin Reporter, “there are serious concerns about the tactics of Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, two of his assistant DAs and others involved in the investigation targeting dozens of conservatives. Chisholm, a Democrat, launched the dragnet two years ago, and, according to court documents, with the help of the state Government Accountability Board, the probe was expanded to five counties.”

“Attorneys for conservative activist Eric O’Keefe and the Wisconsin Club for Growth have filed a civil rights lawsuit against John Doe prosecutors, alleging they violated conservatives’ First Amendment rights.”

“The John Doe proceeding compelled scores of witnesses to testify, and a gag order compelled them to keep their mouths shut or face jail time. Sources have described predawn “paramilitary-style” raids in which their possessions were rifled through and seized by law enforcement officers.”

Now, I know in the aftermath of the Ferguson Missouri riots, President Obama has ordered a review of “military style gear” for local law enforcement. When I think of this and the 2012 Gibson guitar raid, why aren’t we looking at federal government agencies getting armed up — something we reported about here. Why is Milwaukee County DA Chisolm utilizing raids against conservatives? I can tell you why: because progressive socialists see any political opposition as the enemy.

It’s sad that Obama and his brand of Chicago-style thugs refuse to acknowledge ISIS as an enemy that must be destroyed — as a greater threat to America, than political opponents. And when it comes to “abuse of power,” you can count on these American socialists to leverage every aspect against potential presidential candidates. How else can anyone explain the antics and assaults against Christie, Perry and Walker for anything other than what it is: legalized political assassination.

The Wisconsin Reporter says “prosecutors have operated the secret investigation under the legal theory that at least 29 conservative organizations may have illegally coordinated with Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign during Wisconsin’s partisan political recalls of 2011 and 2012. Two judges, including the federal judge presiding over the civil rights lawsuit, have said the prosecutors’ theory doesn’t hold water. The presiding John Doe judge quashed subpoenas issued in the raids because prosecutors failed to show evidence that a crime had been committed.”

Can you imagine if this were being done to Democrat governors? The public and media outcry of “abuse of power” and corruption? All I hear now is crickets.

The Republican Party must accept and acknowledge realize it’s dealing with political evil in this modern day Democrat party. This is a bare-knuckles, guerrilla warfare type of fight and no sense of gentlemanly discourse will prevail. It’s not about adopting the tactics of the Democrats, but being willing to describe them as they are and publicize what they’re doing. There are countless citizen watchdog groups documenting voter fraud and abuses such as this in Wisconsin, but nationally the GOP has to take this on head-to-head. Why? Because this is about the future of our Republic.

The hypocrisy must be brought into the light. The abuse and corruption cannot be dismissed. This ain’t a fair fight!


  1. My father is the reason I withdrew from the Democrat way of thinking. He is a retired union worker and his hatred of our Gov. Walker is simply maddening. I asked him to provide me with a reason why Gov. Walker was a lying, evil corrupt person and he stopped talking.
    I believe his union (Intl Molders…) sends him inflammatory propaganda. Why else would someone who professes to be Christian have such hatred towards someone who is trying and working to make Wisconsin a better place to live?

    • I also left the democrat party because of both of my parents. What they said and what I saw in the real world after going to college and work did NOT jibe. Jimmy Carter taught me to NEVER vote for a democrat again too. Thank you Jimmy!

      • You too? Lord that man aggravated me by year two … I wanted to pull my hair out. (glad I didn’t, cuz I’m losing it fast and furious as I mature 😉 That is when I learned to “listen” to everyone …

  2. Why is the Republican National Committee and the GOP leaders in the Senate and House not addressing this head-on with the American public via TV; Radio; print; and the internet as well as Town Hall Meetings while they are on their 5-week vacations!???

  3. The Democrats are slowly sinking. I hear on a daily basis that a Democrat has stopped drinking the Kool-Aid. CNN is having trouble with ratings. Firing those who report “their views” will not change their ratings. Far too much has happened and when we are hit at home by ISIS, IS, ISIL- whoever- the majority that’s still living- not including the zombies- will wake up too. When Democrats are asking which Republican you like and they are not voting Democrat that’s a good sign!

  4. what needs to happen is the nanby panby way the rep. or any conservative opposition to a democrat in office campaigns. Take the gloves off, get in the fight. There is no award for playing nice and coming in second, if Hillary is the democratic nominee question her character, ethics, stances, and the responsibilities she lack qualification for and ability to execute. EVERYTHING, from being dismissed in the Watergate case for ethics charges, to Whitewater in Arkansas, , Benghazi and the Liars Tour (promoting a false narrative) chosing to run for senate in NY…..cause the citizens in Arkansas prolly wouldn’t elect her. Drag her testimony thru the mud, her statements about Hamas. Leave no stone unturned and make it where in the presidental debate….all she is able to do is whimper… But then I don’t believe in allowing your enemy ( and make no doubt, Hillary is an enemy of the USA) the opportunity … the thought that they might EVER prevail.

  5. How about this as the reason Walker is in trouble and conservative groups are getting raided: Walker broke the law by unlawfully organizing money and the use thereof during the recall campaign.

    Rather than whine about how the (D) are out to get us, why don’t we look inward and demand some personal accountability. When a (R) fails to live up our standards, we dump them out onto the street. Aren’t we supposed to be the law and order types?

    What does it say about us when we kneejerk defend even our bad apples?

    Let’s have some courage in our convictions!

      • Please don’t insult conservatism by pretending that your fan-boy reaction to every issue represents, in any way, a commitment to conservative principles.

        List out the core conservative values and then review where you stand — you see that you lose.


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