French government resigns; how can we get ours to?

We often hear progressive socialists in America saying we should be more like Europe – well, here’s a case where I wish that were possible. France just had its whole government resign – what a concept! Now of course they have a parliamentary system and not a bicameral representative democratic system such as ours.

But, as reported by The Guardian (UK), “France has entered uncharted political waters after the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, presented his government’s resignation amid a political crisis triggered by his maverick economy minister who called for an end to austerity policies imposed by Germany.”

Sounds like there’s a bit of a “circular firing squad” going on within the Socialist party in France.

According to the Guardian, “Valls seemed to believe that French Economic Minister economy minister, Arnaud Montebourg, had crossed a “yellow line” for his dual crime of criticizing both the president of France and a valued ally.” In a veiled reference to President François Hollande, he said that conformism was an enemy and “my enemy is governing.”

In other words, Montebourg is a hard core socialist who believes — as do many progressive socialists here in America — that his President Hollande hasn’t gone far enough and is “caving.”

The Guardian says “Montebourg was joined in his criticism by the education minister Benoit Hamon, who on Monday denied that he had been disloyal. A third minister, Aurélie Filipetti, also appeared in danger of losing her job after wishing a “good day” on Twitter to her two dissident colleagues.”

Just look at the economic situation in France under President Hollande and you can understand why the government is in disarray. Hollande has an approval rating at an all-time low of 17 percent. French unemployment is nearly 11 percent and economic growth in 2014 is forecast to be only 0.5 percent. The country also has a huge problem with the rise of Islamic terrorism and jihadism support — as reflected in recent pro-Hamas rallies and the flight of French Jews.

Now, in comparison, we have President Obama with an all-time low approval rating. Our actual or real unemployment in America is closer to 12 percent and our economic growth so far this year is at 1.9 percent. And just last week we had an American beheaded by Islamic terrorists.

The Guardian says “the challenge for PM Valls will be to put together a government that can win the approval of the national assembly, despite the revolt by the Socialist party’s left flank and desertion by the ecologists. Analysts said that Valls was likely to keep Hollande loyalists in the cabinet, including the finance minister, Michel Sapin, the agriculture minister, Stephane Le Foll, and the defence minister, Yves Le Drian. But the justice minister, Christiane Taubira, could be among those to pay the price of falling out with Valls.”

It’s really no different here, where we have a Democrat party that leans way to the Socialist Left and seeks to appease that monster all to the detriment of our country. It will be interesting to see who wins the control of the Democrat party.

Can the Clinton wing survive or is the Elizabeth Warren, Bill de Blasio and Barack Hussein Obama faction the way ahead? It’s clear the far Leftists in France aren’t happy, regardless of the horrific effects of their failed policies. Same story, different country.

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Socialism is pure evil.


It doesn’t work in a diverse/multiracial/multicultural society.

Works just fine in a homogeneous one, though.

Important to make the distinction.

Gregory Pruett

The distinction is that you are incorrect. Show us ONE country where socialism is working or has worked.


Homogenous like North Korea? It has failed everywhere it’s been tried.

Harvey Melton

socialism wherever or whatever label or name it is put under is a total failure, and usually invites foreign aggression and eventual invasion, as it is weak and ineffective and does not truly have the real support of the people.there are numerous examples throughout history that proves this out.the economic policies of socialism is meant to benefit the elite ruler class only.the people are used as pawns and tools to make that happen.thier weapons are taken away and they are thrown in prison for even having the ”wrong” opinion of thier leaders.

I returned 3 weeks ago from a river cruise of Eastern Europe. I encourage everyone who thinks Socialism is “the way” America should head, to visit those countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and Hungary. Their unemployment ranges from 17% to 30% (Serbia and Croatia), and the populace is still reeling from decades of Communism and Socialism — they’re “in transition” (we were told) to Democracy and Capitalism… and it’s not a pretty picture of economic health by any means. There will be many more decades of struggle for these countries. Even then, I feel they’ll be weak and ripe for… Read more »
Alana Marie Woolard

MizRispee, because there are too many people who listen to one factor and don’t reseaech fact from heresay, they believe the promises of the idealogues, even after beng out and out lied to! It’s disgusting, and if we the people do not sit up and take notice, and I mean all the people no matter what class, we are going to loodse the American culture as we will be overun with Muslims (muslims who have not assimilated to the American Culture), in 30 years! We have to take back America!

Also it is so much easier to have others do the thinking for them. To even come close to believing in our elections again at the very least on the federal level. We need a strong showing by everyone at their local polling places, we need to be our brothers keepers. Not just to vote but to be guardians against any suspect folly. You know like things out of place such as out of state buses appearing. School buses full of indigents. Not that they can’t vote just why en-mass and where to next? At the local level if people… Read more »

Because the citizens want free everything and votes in their own destruction. The politicians who want to be reelected gives the citizens what they want and makes if free for everyone until all is gone. Money and the economy is not renewable under Socialism. Only Capitalism provides for a continuos livelihood. Socialism always is destructive and dies along with those who promote Socialism.

Sarah Tackett

America is ripe for this. We see it each and every day.

Michael West

You want them GONE in WshngtnDC..!? The D’s & R’s are both run by Progressives. Write in the Chzbrgr-In-Paradise Party, and draft me as Prez. I have a Reset The Constitution Plan, and can Legally UNdo all the 0bama screwups in the 1st 90 days.

Geoff Smith

We have a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy.

Irving Peenwiddle

I’m sure, with just a bit more money, socialism will work!


Arrest and charge them with Treason.


Socialism is the ultimate Ponzi scheme…Get in early make out a winner, you get in later, you’ll get nothing.

Steven DeJong

google Socialist Party of America and you will find a surprising thing (not really) 70 of our governments leaders are members of that party hiding out as democrats, including 2 on the IRS committee.