Veteran police chief calls bull***t on Ferguson’s Capt. Ron Johnson

Here is a letter from veteran Law Enforcement Officer of Gulf Shores (Alabama) Police Chief, Ed Delmore. Chief Delmore is a 32-year law enforcement veteran who spent most of his career leading St. Louis area departments until becoming the Alabama beach city’s top cop in 2010.

In his letter posted at Law this past Sunday, he takes Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson to task over his handling of the security situation in Ferguson. I’m hoping someone will take Missouri Governor Nixon to task as well over his recent videotape statement.

The point that Chief Delmore makes so clearly is that no one knows the mindset of Michael Brown on that fateful day — and no one has truly brought that up as an issue. But Chief Delmore does.

From a wholly investigative perspective, Chief Delmore is spot on in his assessment on “mindset.”

In his “Open Letter to Captain Ronald S. Johnson,” Delmore writes “I have to call you out. I don’t care what the media says. I expect them to get it wrong and they often do. But I expect you as a veteran law enforcement commander—talking about law enforcement—to get it right.”

Delmore was perturbed by Captain Johnson’s comments after the security video of Michael Brown’s apparent robbery was released:

Your words contributed to what happened Friday night and on into the wee hours of Saturday. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, you said the following regarding the release of the video: “There was no need to release it,” Johnson said calling the reported theft and the killing entirely different events.

Well Captain, this veteran police officer feels the need to respond. What you said is, in common police vernacular—bull***t. The fact that Brown knew he had just committed a robbery before he was stopped by Officer Wilson speaks to Brown’s mindset. And Captain, the mindset of a person being stopped by a police officer means everything, and you know it.

Delmore continues to provide a few examples, including the apprehension of serial killer,Ted Bundy and bomber Timothy McVeigh. In both cases, the officer did not know the men he stopped had committed crimes, but the suspects certainly did.

Read the full letter here.


  1. the cop might not have known about the robbery but Brown sure as hell did and his actions were based on his own guilt. Exactly

    • It has since come out that the officer had heard about the robbery on his radio. The stories were back and forth at first, but that is what I last heard. Even so, Mr. Brown was acting in a bossy, bullying, belligerent way as evidenced by the store robbery video. Swaggering in front of his friends, no doubt as an 18 year old might do…(although at 18 I was married, running a household of a new home, a new husband and a new beagle) 🙂 and soon to be new baby. Kids are so different nowadays, but that really tells me that Brown was showing off his macho that day. To his tragic
      demise. If only Officer Wilson can get true justice and not be held up for an example.

  2. The Gov. and Capt. Ron said his appointment had nothing to do with race?! Then why appoint a black Officer?Great article by the former Missouri Police Officer!

    • He is in Alabama now. He was in the St. Louis area BEFORE, moving to Alabama… Of course everyone that lives in Alabama is a racist, according to you…SMH… Try a reading comprehension class sometime. That might help you…

    • Did you not understand or did you not read the entire first paragraph? He spent most of his career in the St. Louis area… You don’t know what race this man is. You made a very racist statement. Read it again… ”

      Law Enforcement Officer of Gulf Shores
      (Alabama) Police Chief, Ed Delmore. Chief Delmore is a 32-year law
      enforcement veteran who spent most of his career leading St. Louis area
      departments until becoming the Alabama beach city’s top cop in 2010.”

    • Right…so Michael Brown was completely innocent, of robbery, (the least of his offenses) jay walking, assaulting a police officer, and resisting arrest. You are absolutely right, Michael Brown was a fine upstanding citizen and the observations of this veteran office were purely based on race. Give me a break and pull your head out of the sand. Michael Brown was a thug and a criminal and he knew it when the cop asked him to move from the middle of the street to the sidewalk, unfortunately for the cop, he didn’t know until he was assaulted.

      • Mike Brown Criminal
        Arrest Record Since Turning 18

        Mike Brown’s Criminal Arrest Record since
        Turning 18

        August 19th, 2014

        Author: National Office

        Note that he also has a juvie criminal record that is sealed.

        Description: Burglary – 1st Degree { Felony B RSMo: 569.160 }

        Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1401000

        OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

        Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }

        Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000

        OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

        Description: Assault 1st Degree – Serious Physical Injury { Felony A RSMo:
        565.050 }

        Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1301100

        OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

        Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }

        Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000

        OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD



        Click on “Case Number Search” – Enter “13SL-CR12675-1” (without the quotes) in
        the “Case Number:” box. Click “Find”.


      • That information on “Michael Brown’s” criminal history is false, as many FReepers have repeated over and over again.

        That bogus police report with the four felony charges in St. Ann is actually for a Michael R. Brown who lives in Troy, MO – 47 miles away from Ferguson and 49 miles away from Wellston.
        For those who don’t believe me, check Case No. 13SL-CR12675-01, State v. Michael R. Brown at…
        The Michael R. Brown charged with those felonies was also born in 1997, which would make him seventeen this year. That’s not the Michael Brown involved in the incident.
        There are hundreds of criminal charges against ‘Michael Browns’ in Missouri.

      • Probably why it hasn’t been reported and a good thing. Bad enough with some of the so called news outlets and the erroneous stuff they are putting out, Don’t need to add more.

      • That’s why it isn’t being reported yet they will report Brown was shot with his hands up surrendering. A total lie made up by his l lying thug friend. Real credible witness are you kidding me.

    • Really? That’s your response? It’s people like you who keep the racial divide in this country going simply because you are ignorant.

    • 32-year law enforcement veteran who spent most of his career leading St. Louis area departments until becoming the Alabama beach city’s top cop in 2010.
      Try reading the article…..

    • How about some crazed 300lb animal rushes you after beating you and trying to take your gun and having the gun go off in the car? Are you going to shoot him? Try to be honest race pimp.

    • Your pal’s arrest record…………

      Mike Brown Criminal
      Arrest Record Since Turning 18

      Mike Brown’s Criminal Arrest Record since
      Turning 18

      August 19th, 2014

      Author: National Office

      Note that he also has a juvie criminal record that is sealed.

      Description: Burglary – 1st Degree { Felony B RSMo: 569.160 }

      Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1401000

      OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

      Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }

      Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000

      OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

      Description: Assault 1st Degree – Serious Physical Injury { Felony A RSMo:
      565.050 }

      Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1301100

      OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

      Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }

      Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000

      OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD



      Click on “Case Number Search” – Enter “13SL-CR12675-1” (without the quotes) in
      the “Case Number:” box. Click “Find”.


      • ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — An 18-year-old shot and killed near a Ferguson apartment complex Saturday afternoon had no criminal record, according to the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

      • Like the LIEberal coward you are, you didn’t link the story. I understand why race pimp. Because it was from August 14th. My public record is from yesterday. Keep defending wild animals who attack cops leftard. Jags like you are pat of the problem. Have you hugged your local thug today scumbag?

      • “Big’mike Jr. Brown” was a six foot something, 260 pound, 18 year old gang member with a criminal history including burglary, “armed criminal action” and 1st degree assault.

        Edit: We just read a news story where a St. Louis County prosecutor says Michael Brown had no criminal history. Interesting. When we reviewed their “casenet” site, the case number we had been provided for the arrests we mentioned above has apparently been deleted. Not buying that story just yet.

        like we said before,, we will all just have to wait and see
        what comes of all this,,,

      • I understand race pimp. You keep blurting about a story from days ago. The truth is tough for people like you. And still you have yet to post a link.

      • see below…

        and the great powers that be just removed another post back to you..

        I guess everyone’s heres language is fine except mine…

        That information on “Michael Brown’s” criminal history is false, as many FReepers have repeated over and over again.
        That bogus police report with the four felony charges in St. Ann is actually for a Michael R. Brown who lives in Troy, MO – 47 miles away from Ferguson and 49 miles away from Wellston.
        For those who don’t believe me, check Case No. 13SL-CR12675-01, State v. Michael R. Brownat……
        The Michael R. Brown charged with those felonies was also born in 1997, which would make him seventeen this year. That’s not the Michael Brown involved in the incident.
        There are hundreds of criminal charges against ‘Michael Browns’ in Missouri.

      • So now the report is bogus? I found it. And do you know where the Brown family lived before? And what is Wellston?

      • I’m not saying that,,,,
        what I’m saying is there’s tons of misleading info out there
        for and against,,,
        I really do try to do some homework before I post,,, thats all

        I venture out of my world to come here and read whats going on
        you should try it,,, I would blame the media for every false
        or misleading info out there,,
        it gets both sides all worked up into a frazzle

  3. What they need to release NOW, are the photographs of Officer Wilson’s injuries. He needs to keep documenting his injuries—written documentation as well as photographic docuimentation. Also, he must have copious, tangible verification from his medical team. DOCUMENT! AND THEN DOCUMENT SOME MORE!!!!

    • The thing that is rather inconsistent to me is that Officer Wilson’s injuries seem to be rather severe, yet he was not hospitalized. It seems to me that a broken bone around the eye would warrant at least overnght observation. Just a thought!

    • Won’t matter. He could have an eyeball hanging out and those that have already convicted him will claim that his injuries don’t justify ‘executing’ the choir boy. So why bother trying to appease them?

  4. Totally agree Chief ref State of Mind of Brown when stopped reverted to his action when confronted while comitting the original assault and robbery! Retired 32 yr s Det. Lt.!

  5. This is a point-of-interest that will get far too little air-time or press-pages. Mainstream media will not bring this letter to the attention of the public, as it does not fit the agenda of the Regime in inciting the protesters to wreak more havoc. Out-of-town protesters are now being arrested more than residents. Why is this not brought out by the police and the media? Oh, that’s right, it does not fit the Regime’s agenda. Kudos to this officer for bringing this letter out, but sadly it will fall on deaf ears.

  6. Telling us that there was a distinction between the two events had me perplexed when indeed one had tremendous influence on the other. It was a poor move on Captain Johnson’s part

    • It seems that Captain Johnson did not want “evidence” to be revealed. It certainly would explain the attitude and frame of mind of young Mr. Brown.

    • The poor move from the shop owner’s standpoint point was to standby while those idiot rampaged and looted. They ought to just close up shop, and the ones thay had their buisnesses destroyed, that the insurance and sell the land and go elsewhere. When all is said and done, those idiots will have no place laocally to shop and it would serve them right. Happened in Richmond, Va. So many robberies and killings of Shopowners, there is little left now and they have to travel some distance to even buy groceries and other necessities as it was too dangerous to stay open.

      • lol. No. They have running water, just have to take a bus or drive elsewhere for their shopping for the most part. I know they complain about it on the City Council all the time about not having that stuff in the neighborhoods, but they brought it on themselves. Having said that, I think one of the major Grocery chains is thinking about putting a store in the area somewhere. That would be good as it would open up a few decent paying jobs as well.

      • I don’t think they “stayed open” during the looting. I think the thieves just barreled through the doors and windows and clambered in like a bunch of rats escaping a flood.

      • They didn’t. They came back to find empty shelves and in some cases burned out hulks of what was once a shop.

  7. Allen West always seems to get it. That’s why I like him. For those unaware, since I’m a Missourian I will shed some light on this. In Missouri the “state police” are traffic officers. They are trained at other functions, of course, but their main function is TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT, they do not do common policing. Their boss is also appointed by the governor. Maybe that has something to do with this poor response, it’s a political show by what is supposed to be a law enforcement agency. There are a lot of good men and women working for that department, but the upper ranks are filled with politicians, which is what Mr. Johnson appears to be in this case.

    • I appreciate your insight to the situation. Since you’re from Missouri, what is the general response of the people of the state to what your governor has said on this issue.

      • I’m not really sure overall, but I certainly don’t hear anyone praising his response as being a good one.

        Those that have chosen not to pre-judge are angry with his inflammatory choice of words such as “in broad daylight” and “justice for Michael Brown”. He tends to be a puppet for the Obama administration, so he is making sure that it is known that he believes the officer is wrong, without having to actually just come out and say it.

      • I wonder what Harry Truman would say about all this and these people, law and regular citizens? I think I have an idea though.

    • Here the State Police do do investigations. Usually in rural areas that have a Sheriff’s Dept. and sometimes with an Officer involved thing that requires and outside investigation. In short, they do have a Bureau of Investigation. This was evidenced after the Va. Tech shootings.

  8. This idiot Capt. Johnson stood in front of the large church gathering last weekend and apologized to the Brown family.
    For what?…………..he basically just said Officer Wilson was guilty.
    He’s a dis grace and can only hope we start seeing evidence from Officer Wilson’s side.
    I don’t live far from this part of St. Louis and I pity any police officer who has to work hte beat.

    • It is my understanding that a broken eye socket is VERY painful, with significant pain to the face, the sinus cavity if not the entire head, it also has long-term effect on vision and takes years to from which to recover.

      Not only that…it can and should be assumed that his vision was blurred at the time the suspect “rushed” the officer. The blurred vision would easily explain why four of the six shots were to the arm. He was probably aiming for “center-of-mass” as best he could but at the further distances could not property aim. In all likelihood the only reason he hit the suspect in the head is because the suspect dropped his head when he got close enough to prepare to tackle the police officer. In all likelihood, the final shot was also aimed at “center-of-mass” with the suspect finally being close enough for the Police officer to be able to see the center of mass. I highly doubt the police officer was aiming for the head.

      I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

      • It can also cause a concussion in the majority of instances. I am surprised the Officer was able to maintain control of his motor functions as quickly as he was. It was probably only because he was able to see the charge of the perp as a credible threat to his life. I have seen far too many of these types of injuries in which there were long term effects from the instantaneous damage done to the eye, facial bones & brain
        from the impact damage.

  9. I am so saddened bring this embryos event. No, not for Micheal Brown, or the town, or the state. I am sad because this event, perpetuated by choices Michael brown made has cost this policeman everything. He was doing his job. He may not have known what Michael brown had done but Michael brown certainly did. He was attacked by Michael brown, beaten by Michael brown yet Michael brown is being portrayed as a victim.. Michel brown didn’t have to get killed that day but he was the aggressor and the policeman had ready been beaten by this fool. What was he to do? Stand there and let Micheal Brown attack him again? The “protesters” are complete idiots. Are they going to put this town back together after the cop is exonerated? No. They are animals who are opportunistic bottom feeders. God bless the policeman.

    • I’m not sure that the Officer can get justice in that town!!! They have no sense of facts or justice. It’s OK for them to kill each other — but let a cop enter the scene??? No way!! Even the governor has no sense of justice!

      • The governor is an opportunist & just trying to get the black vote nothing more. There is an election coming up!

      • Well maybe people who feel this cop is getting the shaft for political reasons should protest at the state’s capital. The angry mob isn’t the only group who can protest.

      • Holder is still after George Zimmerman for civil right violations… This poor LEO doesn’t stand a chance.

  10. The FOOLS of FERGUSON (although many are outside agitators) still can’t see past skin color, despite the tragic results of voting skin color in 2008 and 2012. Some folks just ain’t never gone learn.

  11. “the officer did not know the men he stopped had committed crimes, but the suspects certainly did”

    gee, you mean they knew they were Guilty? If the reports are true and Brown attacked the cop, the cop has the right to defend himself.

    But don’t worry, the left in its infinite wisdom believes that not only shouldn’t you have a gun, neither should cops.

    • What is worse, the leftards want the thugs to be armed. You know, that ‘400 years of slavery’ crap. They have to ‘get even with whitey’. The white guilters are the worst.

      • Race doesn’t matter, it is the mindset of the left that’s despicable. They believe gov’t is the solution to every problem, then when a gov’t official can be blamed (the cop), they turn on a dime.

        Hypocrites. Arm every business owner in Ferguson and have the cops back off and respond to 911 calls.

  12. I guess nothing was more satisfying than getting a chance to murder a kid who fought back. It’s a good thing he turned around while the officer was shooting at his back when he was running away, easier to kill him, huh. Now that he’s dead, you can attack his character and not worry about him answering back. Why was the officer trying to kill this teenager while the kid was trying to run away?

    • Very insightful. Thanks for spewing the Al Sharpton talking points, with no basis in fact. But facts are getting in the way of the racial narrative…

    • All shots were from the front. Autopsies all revealed that he was never shot in the back. Where do you get such rediculous info. Is it you just want it to be true because it fits into your ideology?

    • Sorry, Mike Brown WAS NOT running away , ALL bullet(6) entries were in the FRONT! When you call BULLS$$T you better have your ducks in a row !
      Next time find out the true facts before running your mouth.

    • Attack his character? Please. Take that BS somewhere else. The video from the store is the TRUE measure of his character. YOUR version of events puts all it’s trust in his accomplice from the strong arm robbery he committed. A real straight shooter I’m sure… Too bad it’s already been proven a lie by the autopsy and over a dozen honest BLACK witness accounts. Whoops.

    • You sir are an idiot. The ‘independent’ autopsy confirmed that none of the bullets were in the back or side; all were at the front. The man was not running away but rather running toward the officer. Eyewitness accounts, also prove that the officer was being assaulted. Put down the racist koolade and educate yourself before you spout your ignorance.

    • The kid turned around and tried to charge the officer making him shoot. The exit wounds were in his back which means he was shot in the front. Get facts before you post something. You’re the type of person that assumes everything is about race.

    • I’m sure you’ll be called to testify to the veracity of those statements Señor Ortiz since you were there when it all happened.

    • Please try to keep up with things Cris Ortiz. Brown attacked the officer, fractured his eye socket, tried to disarm the officer. Officer was fighting for his life inside his patrol car. Had Brown got the weapon he would have killed the officer no doubt. Let us remove all race from the scenario and look at the facts. Justice is blind to the color of your skin or it is supposed to be. Look at just the facts, not the race of those involved. Also he was 18, a legal adult. Stop calling him a “kid” as if he is a child. The independent autopsy said he was not shot in the back. As to your question, the answer is obvious. He started shooting because the suspect came at him, rushed him, just as he had done seconds before inside the car. Officer was justified in his actions. Forensics will tell the story. Science does not lie.

      • How about the dozen of witnesses from that community that back up the officers statement of actual events. Are you calling them all liars too?

    • Let me repeat my question, why was this officer trying to kill this teenager while the kid was running away? The officer fired several times, how many shots were fired? Did both officers discharge their weapons? When did the officer begin firing? Did the officer fire when the kids were running away, and then continue to fire when the teen turned around? Second question, if the officer’s orbital socket was injured, then he could not see very well, why is he firing his weapon if he cannot see very well? The officer risked killing innocent bystanders didn’t he?

  13. In fulfilling the role of Captain Appeasement, he has indicted an officer who was clearly attacked by a scumbag who clearly was a punk and a thug.

    He’s done the community a great disservice by suggesting their fantasy is the truth… Unfortunately it is a fantasy only made possible by ruining the life of a defender of the community. Racism by the black community IS racism, plain and simple. Pretending it’s okay for Michael Brown to have committed strong arm robbery because it turned into a black man versus a white man issue is racist as all hell, and that is the perfectly accepted RACISM that political correctness has forced down our throats. Enough of the bullcrap.

    And as for you, Captain Ron “Appeasement” Johnson of the Missouri State Police… You are a pathetic excuse for a cop, for hanging a fellow officer out to dry UNJUSTLY in your attempts to reach out to criminals and racist thugs. All so you could bring calm to the situation (by the way, how’s that working out? They don’t have enough new pairs of Air Jordan’s yet do they) and in so doing… All you have done is light the fuse for future racially charged events in Ferguson, maybe even the nation. Now this segment of the black community that thinks rioting is fun, will not hesitate to do it again. Because not only are they being allowed to do it, they are practically being egged on through all your affirmations and praise for Brown.

    So much for the rule of law. Didn’t you take an oath to uphold the law? Aren’t you a LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER?

    • Actually, for many years, blacks have not known how to swear an oath to America or any of its’ institutions. They’ve made the choices that put them where they are today. Johnson was taught by other black officers (And some white liberals) that he was not to serve the public. He serves the black public. He ignores the ,many knockout games that have occurred in St Louis and Kansas City. Obama and Holder (Along with the leftist media) deny that any crime has happened. Then, we arrive at the black on white Homicides, beatings, robberies that the media refuse to report. They won’t give the descriptions of suspects anymore on the grounds that it would discriminate. Back in the 70’s the Michigan Supreme Court rendered such a decision that was overturned within a few months on appeal. I don’t think it could be successfully appealed in today’s America.

  14. My Neighbor who is a cop and I were talking about this. He seemed to think that it may have been a bit excessive and he should have waited for back up. I told him when you have a boy 6’4″ and about 300 pounds on top of you before you can do anything, you have to make a decision to protect yourself. He agreed with that and I also said with someone that size and acting like he did, a baton was out of the question. There was Marijuana found in the Boy’s system, and I am interested to see what toxicology comes up with. From the sounds of it, I wouldn’t be surprised if PCP ( angel dust ) didn’t turn up. The first five shots were not fatal, but meant to stop him. The 6th was fatal only because he ducked his head down to charge like a bull and it went through the top of the head. Course the Black lawyers are putting a different spin on it and it is totally wrong, but keeping the fire well stoked. Under the law the officer was entitled to use whatever force necessary to protect himself, including lethal force. The Governor is talking about a vigorous prosecution before the Grand Jury is through with it’s work and talking about Justice for the Brown family. That tells me that the officer has already been tried and convicted and to bring on the crucifiction. What they need to do is to quietly move Officer Wilson and his family and the court and trial be damned. Michael Brown was a big Boy with a pea sized brain that let his attitude get the best of him, probably because of some drug he had taken ( Marijuana was found in his system, but you usually don’t get mean from that ). He paid the ultimate price for his stupidity. Had he listened to and obeyed the cop, he would still be here. Instaed, he chose to be a smart ass like so many others.

    • I would not want to partner with your neighbor!
      People really don’t understand weed…getting high and partying a little is different than someone who uses heavily. I’m not saying Brown used heavily because that is conjecture. People with anger and aggressive issues don’t need drugs to act out. I worked in prisons and many large men thought they could bully everyone including guards…yes, they got a wake up call quickly but some never learned. It appears Brown got a wake up call that was fatal.

      • They don’t partner here. He has only been a cop for a little over a year and probably still a bit cautious as far as being aggressive goes. That could be either good or bad. You don’t really see that around here. Been a few standoffs where someone barricaded themselves in the house, then they call out SWAT. There have been cases of Resisting Arrest, but they were taken down with little incident and hauled in ( a few have been shot, but that is rare ). I know they found weed in his system and generally I think that makes you mellow. Toxicology will determine if anything else was present. He may have have anger and aggressive issues, but if you have ever seen someone on PCP, you stay well clear. Those folks are dangerous. Coke is something else. They could conceivably kill themselves ( cardiac issues ) from that stuff ( happens pretty often ). That was my point at the end about the wake up call. As for the amount of weed in his system, that was never stated, only that it was found and as you stated, anything beyond that would be conjecture.

  15. I’m still laughing at the story version given by some of the low IQ so called witnesses that said the officer was trying to pull Mr. Brown in through his window. I’m pretty big and athletic but while sitting down in a car even I wouldn’t try and pull on a 6’3″ 300lb man and think I’m going to succeed.

    • Those witnesses were a female that already recanted her statement & his accomplice in the robbery. He also has an outstanding warrant for his arrest from another jurisdiction, so he is not even slightly a credible witness. Over a dozen other witnesses corroborate the officers statement as to the events that happened & how they happened.

  16. The only reason to have a trial now is to appease the animals who want Wilson’s blood.

    1] Brown was not shot in the back
    2] Was not running from the cop.
    3] Was not a ‘good kid going to college’.
    4] Did beat the cop, try take his gun and it went off,
    5] Turned to charge the cop because he was high on THC.
    6] Had a history of violent crime and a previous robbery minutes prior.
    7] His partner in crime recants his prior lie.
    8] All prior witnesses have been debunked.

    If Brown were white or the cop was black, it would have been called a good shoot by now. But the animals are angry and Holder will try his best to get a pound of white flesh.

      • And that is now STUPID you left nuts are. If you riot and break crap, you’re an animal. If you try to hurt or kill someone, you’re an animal. Leave it to a leftard to bring color into it and show the world what THEY are thinking. POS racist. You’re dumb enough to think that I’m okay with WHITE animals.

      • No, he just plain garden variety dumb, probably just another libtard out there cheering on the black racist Holders government sanctioned lynching.

      • When they act like animals instead of rational human beings, what else would call them. These people are far from rational. They ignore the fact that the Officer was seriously injured.They ignore the fact that over a dozen witnesses verify the Officers statements about the incident. They ignore the fact that Brown was again in attack mode & returning to re assault or finish the assault, very possibly fatally for the Officer. All they want is revenge, not justice. Their whole premise is race based & if the Officer had been black, they would not be protesting at all. They also ignore the fact that the “good boy” was a member of the Bloods Gang, has had run ins with Police before & was not the innocent teen they are portraying. Technically all humans are animals. It is hoped that most act in a civilized manner & a lawful manner. When they revert to uncivilized activity they return to basic animal instincts & ignore civilized behavior.

      • Let me define animal for all you simple minded doe eyed sheep. people who riot and burn and loot are animals. people that cut the heads off of other people and make videos of it are animals. People who sucker punch and knock out innocent unsuspecting people, are animals. People who commit hit run in cars leaving people dead or injured , are animals. It does not matter what skin color they are or race or religion. YOU are the only one bringing up race. So the fact that you assume he is talking about an entire race of people says alot about your character. Try laying off the liberal media BS.

      • Quit with the attack on words, you pathetic pansy. They’ll get called what they act like. Have you heard what they call each other? You best grow the F up before you get knocked the F down, for good.

      • This blog is degenerating into interpretations of the words black and animal? Mindless. If you are not plant you are animal. Ok, so far?There are a number of color related definitions of animals. Black panther would be one, white rhino, black mamba, white llama, black widow, white egret, and my favorite, white elephant. This event is tragic to be sure, but not all that unpredictable. The race baiters converged, as usual, on this shooting like flies and fueled a situation that was a powder keg to begin with. Welfare assistance is simply not going to stop this kind of manifestation. You cannot subsidize poverty and education without a core program to hold people accountable. Not exactly a Liberal forte.
        Outside agitators or not, this scene has illuminated a community in pure regression to the middle ages. The answer to the questions “why?” and “is it ever going to be fixable?” are what should be first order. The cops let this riot burn out, essentially, as if they were allowing the mob to take all they could from the public businesses as appeasement. There will now be big federal money appeasement to rebuild. Only a fraction of this money will hit the ground and the real culprits, local politicians, will stroke their Johns with words. Bottom line. Nothing will change, really. Anyone hear of the 4th of July celebration in Chicago this year? Model gun free city, mind you. 82 shootings in 84 hours and 16 deaths. I guess because local businesses were not burned this was not considered a significant issue.

    • I didn’t “read” your use of the word “animals” to mean any one of race but rather any of the people who were rioting, looting, causing disorder ..even now that the truth seems to be that of a robber who attacked a police officer got shot… The animals also being media and politicians who have tossed all logic and reason aside. That is how I understood your use of the word “animals”. I went back several times and reread it to see if I had inadvertently missed a racial slur.

      In my informed opinion, Community organizers are behind this unrest. In CO fashion, they brought in paid rioters to manipulate the hot emotions of the people. And it would seem to promote their “Hands up” campaign.

      Maybe it’s time for Conservative groups to enlist the aid of community organizers to counteract the liberal ACORN type groups…occupy Wallstreet and the riots up in Wisconsin a few years back. These are all promoted and orchestrated by “community organizers” And/or labor unions. The reason we see so much of this activity now is because our POTUS was a community organizer and if you look at his “underlings” you will probably find a lot of people with former “community organizer” ties. Just saying…

    • I’m with you all the way but take exception to #5. I suggest a serious personal study on your part regarding the furious debate between the experts regarding the effects of THC. A very large percentage of experts in science and medicine would disagree with your conclusion. I’m sure you have seen and agree with the studies and conclusions that support your position. But the fact that there is such a strong debate between experts, is clear evidence that the science on this subject is not settled. THC didn’t make Brown attack officer Wilson. Brown was a dangerously violent man who was used to using violence as an answer to his problems, and do getting the things he wanted. Like that box of cigars he strong armed at the store.

      A small (very small) percentage of people have adverse reactions to THC intoxication. Paranoia is one of those reactions. It’s possible, though not very likely, that Brown was one of those who become paranoid as a result of smoking marijuana (or the varied other forms of ingestion). But to assume THC as the catalyst for his behavior is pushing the envelope pretty hard.

      You are so right about what we now know of Brown’s character, though. He was no angel.

      • Since I am an old fart who did EVERYTHING in the 1970’s, I used TCH…………we called it ‘tic’, and PCP interchangeably. Today’s reefer has higher THC content. THC/PCP got me into too many fights back then. You rage and think you’re indestructible.

      • Add that to an 18 year old in his prime. The testosterone level of an 18 year old will make them do stupid things. That’s why their driving insurance rates are so high, right?

      • I’d shoot him too. Some psycho MF’er ragin’ on THC and already busted me up? I KNOW firsthand what that is like. You gotta bring his big azz down one way or another. It happened to me but the guy used an iron skillet on the top of my head. I was a 6’2″ 330lb nut who was tying to do harm. Had someone had a gun, I KNOW they would have shot me.

      • I came up in the mid 60’s, and I can see your point, but the rage came from the PCP, not the THC.

      • If he had PCP in his blood, you’re right.But THC got me in as much trouble. Same buzz, same attitude.

    • The only thing is Brown didn’t have a history of violence, well was never caught anyway… Unless someone unsealed his juvie records.

  17. As long as Obama and Holder are in office, as long as you have this news media strictly on the side of liberalism, the Hollywood clique on the side of bull****, and the list goes on, well …. then we will have these incidents. Absolute ZERO responsibility by those controlling the scene.

  18. Well said, Chief Delmore, and thank you for declaring the truth so publicly. It needed saying and needs to be repeated loudly to those like Gov. Nixon, the protestors (what are they protesting?), and the moronic media.

  19. They found a knife on Mr. Brown! Of course you are NOT going to hear about that!!!!O ya why did Mr Brown FALL only inches away from the cop!. if he was RUNNING AWAY?

    • DOJ has sealed all negative aspects of Brown’s behavior and background the same as they did with Trayon _ you know Obama’s son, if he had one.

  20. People please, why are we allowing those who seek to destroy this country to win here? I say this to the black community, Calm down, lets get all the facts and lets try this man in a court of law and put him in jail if he is guilty. To the white community I say this, Calm down lets get all the facts and lets try this man in a court of law and put him in jail if he is guilty. Black and White folks we need to band together, we are all Americans, we need to think like Americans. Together we will be strong, divided we will be destroyed. Think of your families, think of the future, why are so many people from all over the world trying to get into this country, because this country affords it’s citizens the best opportunities anywhere in the world, and if you know somewhere that you can have better opportunity’s you are free to go and live there. Rioting and destroying your neighborhood, will not solve anything, it will only make a deeper divide between us. God loves us all he see’s no color lets be like him, Lets agree to have empathy for one another to try and understand why are the Black people so ready to convict this white cop and lets have empathy for the white community and try and understand why white people are so quick to defend a cop who is defending himself in a very intense and dangerous situation, lets not be so quick to judge those who see things differently then we do lets sit and discuss it and not allow those who seek to destroy us to be victorious.

    • Blacks ands Whites will never band together. Blacks are indoctrinated to hate white people, blame them for their woes and play the race card from birth. When was the last time there was a riot because a Black person killed a White? Never!!! White folks are shaking their head over the Ferguson riots and looting. It is no wonder why they are looked down upon, they bring it on themselves.

      • ABSOLUTELY !!!! The race hustlers further magnify the problem instead of doing something to fix it!!! That’s where the money is for them !!! They are making lots of it too, while they laugh at the poor black folks who are still enslaved by their racism !!!

      • Look I understand what you are saying and I agree to a certain degree but the black people feel the need to be heard and that is why when something between a white cop and a black person happens they freak. Lets extend a hand in brotherhood and show them what they have been taught about white people is not true. Love conquers all, I know that it works both ways but someone has to start somewhere. If we go on the way we are it won’t be long before we will be killing each other in the streets. I want better for my family and kids don’t you?

      • Sorry. everything you list as “new” has been employed millions of times. We are what our group experience informs us that we are. We’ve endured more crap than any real leader should have ever recommended to us. It is so over. I’d be quicker to talk to a Palestinian or a Jihadist of ISIS than a black from Ferguson or ten thousand other towns in America. You understand that those scenarios will not happen.

      • I agree 100%. I’m a single mom and raised a daughter in the South. I am not prejudice and neither is my daughter. She’s in her last year of college now and I can assure you that race and sexual preference is not on their radar. The could careless and that’s the way it should be. It’s all about how we treat each other, working together, and having fun. It’s the older generations that can’t let it go! When they die out it wont be an issue.

      • Sorry, but I have to dis-agree with you about the older generation being the ones that won’t let it go. I know way more younger blacks that are prejudice than I know older whites that are. And this is because of people like Sharpton, Jackson, Rev. Wright, and several other blacks that have access to the media, to spread their hate and keep the fires burning…. but that’s just my opinion

      • Mark, not all black people feel this way. Some blacks are more prejudiced to each other. I disagree that “blacks are indoctrinated to hate white people and blame them for their woes” some maybe but not all. Just as there are white people who hate blacks as well as black and Hispanics don’t get along either. The collage-age kids and below have a completely different look on race. I believe there will be a day that race will not matter when the older generation has all died out. Most of the blacks that I know do NOT agree with the rioting that is going on. I was born and raised in the South. I personally feel that prejudice stems from the lack of education.

  21. Chief Delmore had me 100% until he gave the examples of two mass murders. I understand his point but he should have found a better way to get that point across.

  22. I think Johnson’s point was that they shouldn’t have released the video yet. He didn’t say it wasn’t important or wasn’t relevant to Brown’s mindset. Just that it shouldn’t have been released. It’s on ongoing investigation, and there are lots of facts that haven’t been released yet.

    • That is BS! It was a FOIA request that HAD to be released! So much crap about the release of the video showing that degenerate thug bully making his second to last poor decision. He got what he deserved for all his misdeeds. Karma does have a way of working itself out. One less POS to prey on people who cannot defend themselves.

      • You’re absolutely correct. In fact, it was DOJ representatives (Which I take to mean FBI agents) who tried vigorously to stop the release by cowing local officials. We need Trey Gowdy to examine how DOJ got 40 agents to Ferguson over the death of a criminal and not one of them have been assigned to the crimes committed by the IRS. When the FBI smiles and declares their intent to “help” you, they are no different than the EPA, IRS DOE, HEW. They’re going to screw you.

    • Why no release the video, but only the name of the police officer? It appears to me that’s unfair to the police officer releasing his name while covering up the fact that a crime was committed by the young man prior to his shooting.

    • I do not want to sound harsh, but the idiocy flows from your keyboard so easily, I suspect that your keyboard is not the problem.

  23. Excellent letter. I’m retired LEO and see the situation the same as the retired officer. The robbery was RELEVANT and needed to be released when it was to show Brown’s propensity towards violence and the sequence of events. Brown’s rap sheet, of which I’ve seen, has not been released and DOJ probably has it sealed at this time.

    • It actually should have been released sooner. Maybe then people wouldn’t have heard about all of this and decided they wanted to get free stuff, because there wouldn’t have been an issue. Of course, we ARE talking about people who evidently LOVE free stuff, so I could be wrong.

    • I’ve seen his previous charges – the charges back in November 2013. It was first posted on FB as well as a FB picture of him pointing a gun at the camera, a wad of money folded over and in his mouth, a fifth of liquor, a 2-liter of Hawaiian Punch with a buddy in the background. I saved the picture. I haven’t seen either reported on by any media outlet. When I can I post the picture – when allowed- to show there is more than one side to the “gentle giant”.

  24. Why do they say unarmed teenager? People get beaten to death every day by someone using their fists, feet and body….Officer Wilson got punched in the face so hard that he almost went unconscious and to me, that was deadly force being used by Michael Brown. He is huge and I can tell you, if this hulk of a man came at me or my children after just bashing in my face and I had a gun, I would have shot many times too…if he could beat in Officer Wilson’s face with just one punch, what do you think he could do to him if he wasn’t stopped by a bullet before he got to the Officer again…..unarmed? Think again people.

    • I know someone who is just about his size. When he’s smiling he looks like a big Teddy bear. But when he’s nit smiling, he is VERY intimidating. If he were rushing at me, even knowing we were friends, I would be scared. Let alone if we were strangers and he had just hit me that hard.

    • You never know the strength of a very large man on Marijuana or any other mind altering substances. If he could have gotten to Officer Wilson first, he would have beaten him within an inch of his life. Just look at the difference in size.
      Gov Jay Nixon totally blew it with his stupidity on TV and just to think he wants to ride on Hillary Clinton’s coattails to be the VP under her presidency. OMG, that surely will top what we have now. We don’t need all of this hatred in our country. Just the facts without glossing over everything.

  25. WE need leaders and media who will calm down the people on both sides and reassure the people that a full investigation will be done and justice will be served. The media is trying to make the community more angry and trying to ignite a fire. People we need to have empathy for one another calm down, make rational comments, decisions and let Justice win!!

    • We need leaders PERIOD. Ferguson needed someone to shut things down before they ever got started. After the first night and the rioters got away with it the city should have been shut down and if anyone violated the curfew to jail you go. Needed a strong leader in a delicate position. I am going to enforce the law and anyone who breaks the law is going to jail. Now boys back up those vans and let’s clean the streets up!!!

  26. When was the last time you witnessed an angry mob of white folks burn and loot in their own neighborhood after a black cop shot a white man?

  27. Many people in this situation exacerbated it solely for political purposes with elections looming or just the need to pander. Those officials that helped stir the pot by NOT remaining neutral until all the facts are known fall under complacency, Willful and deliberate and they should be removed because they HAVE violated the publics’ trust.

  28. This Captain was put in charge because he was black. That is 100% the truth. He has failed to be an Officer of the Law and instead helped the black community in Ferguson break the law. He for sure was no where to be seen when white journalists were attacked and stoned in public or also wasn’t around when stores got broken into and whites got attacked for just trying to find out what was really going on. Captain Johnson is just another race baiter who’s opinion is completely void of facts. We all know what happened. They call whites racist but the only reason they care about this event is because it was a black kid and a white cop. If this was a black cop and a white kid, White America would have labeled this “Suicide by Cop” within 24 hours and it would have been done with, not to mention witnesses would come forward and tell the actual story instead of making up things the autopsy has proven are false. The black guy describing what he saw in the video where Mike Brown is laying dead in the street would have came forward right after it happened. However it’s a white guy so it’s riot time regardless of what happened.

    • Have you not seen the riot that occurs when a large college team loses their big game?? Privileged white kids. What about the anarchists that show up to every incident that will get them some time on TV. Again, white people. Try again.

      • Not looting/stealing…might be acting like high idiots but show me a white dude pilfering a convenience store….or appliance stores….sheeeet….I needs me a free flats creek Holmes

  29. Wow! Thank you Cheif Delmore. If justice is what they all want then why do they try to turn a blind eye to facts that don’t point to a racist narrative?

  30. the situation in Ferguson is an abject lesson about the politics of race versus the rule of law. People have crapped in their front yards and destroyed their communities economically, physically and socially. Now, the whining will begin to grab our tax monies to clean it up. Our country is fractured along racial lines. It starts at the top of the power pyramid. Time for a revolution!

  31. The days of lining up with the black folk against the white folk are over. Americans are Americans regardless of their race. Those who stand separate from being American and require special rights because of the color of their skin are doomed to loose. If the race baiters want a war, they can have it. We, Americans, will not be trampled underfoot by a godless bunch of morons any more.

  32. Certainly, the facts involving this terrible situation should be brought forth without all the false mass media opinions.

  33. Everybody knows they brought in this Black High
    Way Patrol Captain to appease the black community. He was brought in to fault the white cops and white citizens of the area. This is how Obama does things. He hates whites and cops.

  34. Damn Capt. Ron. His influence is small compared to US AG Eric Holder’s, who is on record as saying that the DOJ will neither investigate nor prosecute Black on White crime as hate crimes. And he is also on record as saying that if that is racist, then he is proud of it.

    That alone, in my book, would make him a racist MF POS.

    But it is even worse, because his own FBI statistics reveal a black crime rate all out of proportion to the general population Just looking at murder, and inter-racial murder:

    — the Black murder rate (Murder committed by Blacks, per 100,000 Black population) is SEVEN TIMES the White murder rate (murder committed by Whites, per 100,000 White population.)

    — the Black-on-White murder rate (Murder of a White committed by a Black, per 100,000 Black population) is SEVENTEEN TIMES the White-on-Black murder rate (murder of a Black committed by a White, per 100,000 White population.)

    Black parents and all too many Black leaders, from Obama, Holder, Al Sharpton, on down, are teaching black kids that they are oppressed by whites. But the statistics tell the opposite — Black kids, especially young black men, are out of control.

    Very few Black leaders raise the issue of high black crime rates. And those that do (Like Allen West) are ignored by the mainstream, liberal media, and don’t even get much more than lip service on Fox News.

    FBI statistics (which you can verify for yourself, see cites below:)

  35. My first guess would be that this is the highest ranking police officer the State of Missouri had to offer. And my second guess would be he reads cue cards as instructed.

  36. Johnson is black and that is the bottom line so don’t expect him to do a good job,look at Holder would anyone expect any better.

  37. Johnson didn’t contribute anything to this whole matter. All he did was give this folks whether from outside or in Ferguson, to cause more and more trouble.

  38. I guess everybody wants their 15 mins of fame . Who is this character ? How many Blks in Gulf Shores and blk officers on force? How many riots ? Sounds like soar grapes, arm chair policing.
    Leave Capt Johnson alone, he’s doing a great job. Where’s future presidential candidates West and Carson ? On Fox , of course

  39. As for Nixon, he too has already prosecuted the officer in his speech, long before due process. What kind of officer is he? Which raised questions in my mind. Already to convict someone without all the evidence and accounts collected to make a case.

  40. Never wrestle with an on duty cop and do not approach in a threatening manner, ESPECIALLY when he’s pointing a pistol in your direction.
    I expect that in the end it will be revealed Mikey was high on more than marijuana (that would explain the 6 bullets to stop him).
    Mikey Brown was a big bully. Had his bros knocked him on his ass at a younger age he may have had a longer life.

  41. No matter what facts or evidence get’s released the black race baiting mafia will continue to twist and change their narrative to help Michael Brown.. they did it with the Trayvon Martin situation… Remember, in the beginning everyone claimed Trayvon never made it home because he was hunted down but then we found out from star witness Rachel Jenteal that Trayvon made it home cuz he told her but then the black mafia/liberal media changed the story and claimed Trayvon didn’t have to go home.. Then we heard that poor Trayvon was jumped by GZ but then we found out from star witness Rachel Jenteal that Trayvon threw the first punch and then the story changed that Trayvon had every right to attack GZ for being followed… It never ends.. no matter what evidence is shown the black mafia/liberal media will deflect, change the story and blame someone else…. It’s quite laughable actually… Just look at the store video of Mike Brown strong arm robbing a liquor store and smacking up a senior citizen and how everyone is acting like its no big deal.. lol.. imagine if their was a video of the cop Wilson smacking up someone only minutes before the shooting… SMH

  42. To the cops of America. If blacks are going to accuse you of racism, stay out of their neighborhoods. If a black resident calls for you to come and help them, give them Obama and eric holders phone number, tell them to call them, as being a cop, you are considered racist, so therefore, if you arrest or shoot someone that is committing a crime, you could have that black neighborhood demanding, along with your governor, Obama and holder, that you are arrested and prosecuted immediately!

    If police stay out of the black neighborhoods, then there will be no racism. That’s what obama, eric holder, jessie jackson and al sharpton believe.

    • sounds like you’re calling for apartheid. no neighborhood in america should be off limits to whites, or even to blacks. sorry to tell you, but the black violence in ferguson is just that – black violence by black violent thugs. nobody else is responsible for their behavior. not even the media, unless readers are too stupid to discern the facts, like the DOJ – to stupid and racist to even care about the truth. i’ll go to any neighborhood my life takes me and if it’s big black dangerous, i’ll just carry my big black gun. appeasement doesn’t quell the fires of hateful racism – force does.

    • Some numbers to chew on 410 people were shot and killed by police officers last year 96 were black that is more than 3 times the number of whites killed by police.and you won’t like these numbers 150 officers killed I don’t remember the black community or sharpton there.

  43. question;
    Why was no mention made of this injury until ten days after the shooting? We know that the FPD and SLC prosecutor were throwing everything out there they could find in their efforts to demonize Michael Brown and defend officer Wilson.
    If his injuries were as bad as they claim, there is no doubt that they would have been parading photos of his battered face all over the TV machine.

    • Lets say you approach a cop after committing a strong armed robbery,he tells you to get out of the street in an aggressive manner, you dont like it, so you punch him in the face, shove him back in his car, get into some type of struggle with him involving his weapon, run away, turn around and charge him saying “what you gonna do shoot me”. What is the logical outcome of that situation?

      • I wasn’t talking about that….

        If his injuries were as bad as they claim, there is no doubt that they would have been parading photos of his battered face all over the TV

        wouldn’t you agree on that??

      • Sure but is it relevant how badly his face was bruised? Or if his eye socket was broken?

      • It’s my opinion that ‘those that rule the roost’ were wanting to protect Michael Brown from the type of person the video showed him to be. The news about the facial fracture of the police officer came out after they could no longer keep it from the public.

      • Adults comport themselves better than that. They are waiting until their investigation is done. Knee jerk reactionary loons like you can’t wait to primp before the camera and end up looking like idiots when proven wrong.

      • Why? You think everyone panders recklessly to the media? That’s what you and the other Brown apologists have done. How’s that working for ya?

      • No.
        A fracture of the zygoma (outer top of cheekbone and support for eyeball) can be a blackeye or not. depends on the angle of impact. Only an X-ray will show the fracture, but it is almost always accompanied by double vision because both eyes are no
        longer on the same focus. It is called a “blow-out” because the
        support for the eyeball is moved down and out.
        Other than soreness and swelling showing, he needn’t have
        looked like a losing prizefighter as you imply.
        Your use of the word “battered” suggests multiple strikes.
        A singular blow to the eye can fracture that bone, but would
        suggest that he was hit.
        BTW, you have not addressed the companion/witness statement to the effect that the officer reached out of his patrol car and put Brown’s neck in a choke hold. I’d be interested to see that demonstrated. Seated in a car,
        reaching out the open window,grabbing a 6’4″ man around the neck! Either the cop has rubber arms, Brown’s head was already in the car, or Ripley’s need to be called!

      • if i had just committed such crime and a cop told me to get off the street i would say “yes sir” and promptly gome home.

    • No one needs to demonize Michael Brown.. he did that himself.. Robbing liquor store, smacking up senior citizen, sealed criminal Juvy record, long adult arrest record… what’s there to demonize? he did it himself…

      • He did and its sad… it just disgusts me how crazy the media and race baiters have taken this to the pinnacle of lunacy.

      • I found this;
        That bogus police report with the four felony charges in St. Ann is actually for a Michael R. Brown who lives in Troy, MO – 47 miles away from Ferguson and 49 miles away from Wellston.For those who don’t believe me, check Case No. 13SL-CR12675-01, State v. Michael R.Brownat………
        The Michael R. Brown charged with those felonies was also born in 1997, which would make him seventeen this year. That’s not the Michael Brown involved in the incident.

        There are hundreds of criminal charges against ‘Michael Browns’ in;

      • Do you need a scorecard to date on the veracity of my claims versus yours? I already posted my checklist. But let’s review……..

        1] He was a good kid going to college. Nope

        2] That is not him in that video committing robbery. Nope

        3] I saw him fleeing from the cop.Nope

        4] He was on his knees surrendering. Nope

        5] He was shot in the back. Nope

        6] He never rushed the cop. Nope

        7] He had his hands up and was giving up. Nope

        8] No evidence he attacked the cop, tied to take the cop’s gun and rushed the cop. Nope

        9] His witnesses told the truth.Nope

  44. question;

    In the autopsy report, the doctor claimed that there were no indications on Michael Brown’s body of a physical struggle. Unless the doctor is quite incompetent, one would expect that this analysis included an examination of Michael’s hands. If he had hit the cop so hard as to break his eye orbital, one would expect to see trauma to his hand and knuckles. No such trauma was reported.

    these are just question I hope will be addressed,,, soon
    or will we all have to wait for a trail?

  45. I guess we know where the lowest dregs of society are hanging out nowadays. I need to shower the filth off of me, can’t believe I got baited into trying to interact with you fools.

  46. I say we seperate/segregate.. We keep all the upstanding law abiding whites, blacks, asians, indians, latinos, etc..and we ship everyone else (the white trash, black ghetto bangers, etc.. ) and send them to Africa….

  47. Questions;

    And I really don’t expect anyone here to answer them
    but still,, there’s a lot of questions…

    In Piaget Crenshaw’s video of the immediate aftermath of the shooting, Wilson can be seen wandering around the crime scene and conversing with officers. If he was truly so badly injured it should be apparent in how he appears in the video.
    His face looked clean, and his demeanor was not that of someone who was severely injured. No attention was being given by any of those present to his supposed injuries.

    Far from being attended to and taken to the hospital for care – things one would reasonable expect in such circumstances – officer Wilson DRIVES away in his cruiser. For a man who was moments ago almost knocked unconscious, this seems unreasonable as well. Why would the other officers allow him to drive if he had just undergone such a traumatic experience???

      • LOL! You were asked for links and you spit up your cheap opinion.

        How can adrenaline help you lift a 3,500-pound car?

        by Josh Clark


        You’ll be amazed to learn how much force your body’s joints and muscles actually support on a daily basis.This interactive segment from Discovery Channel takes you inside the body and explains how much strength your bones and muscles really possess.

        Adrenaline and Strength

        When we feel fear or are faced with a sudden dangerous situation, the human body undergoes an amazing change. The stressor — for example, the sight of your son pinned beneath a car — stimulates the hypothalamus. This region of the brain is responsible for maintaining the balance between stress and relaxation in your body. When it’s alerted to danger, it sends out a chemical signal to your adrenal glands, activating the sympathetic system, which sends the body into an excited state. These glands release adrenaline (epinephrine) and noradrenaline(norepinephrine), hormones that create the state of readiness that helps a human confront danger. Together, these hormones raise heart rate, increase respiration, dilate the pupils, slow down digestion and — perhaps most importantly — allow muscles to contract.

        All of these changes in our normal physical state prepare us to face danger head-on. Combined, they make us more agile, allow us to take in more information and help us use more energy. But adrenaline’s effect on muscles accounts for amazing strength. Adrenaline acts on muscles, allowing them to contract more than they can when the body is in a calm or neutral state.

        When adrenaline is released by the adrenal medulla — an interior region of the adrenal glands, which are located just above your kidneys — it allows blood to flow more easily to your muscles. This means that more oxygen is carried to your muscles by the extra blood, which allows your muscles to function at elevated levels. Skeletal muscles — those attached to bones by tendons — are activated by electrical impulses from the nervous system. When they’re stimulated, muscles contract, meaning they shorten and tighten. This is what happens when you lift an object, run or throw a punch. Adrenaline also facilitates the conversion of the body’s fuel source (glycogen) into its fuel (glucose). This carbohydrate gives energy to muscles, and a sudden burst of glucose also allows muscles to strengthen further.

        So does this mean that we have superhuman strength that is unlocked when we’re confronted with danger? That’s one way to put it.

        Some theorize that we normally use only a small percentage of our muscles’ capabilities. When we are confronted with danger, we transcend the limitations of our muscles and simply act. The rush of adrenaline, which accounts for a sudden increase in strength, helps to facilitate a person lifting a car. In other words, when confronted with extreme stress, we involuntarily use our muscles beyond the limitations of their normal voluntary use.

        This theory is supported by what happens when a person is electrocuted. Someone who is shocked can be thrown a notable distance from where the shock took place. But this is not due to the electric shock. Instead, it’s a sudden and violent contraction of the person’s muscles as a result of the electrical charge flowing through the body. This demonstrates a potential for muscle contraction that isn’t utilized under normal circumstances. In much the same way that people can’t throw themselves across the room, they also can’t normally lift a car — the resources aren’t available without the threat.

        But why don’t we possess superhuman strength all the time? Wouldn’t it be beneficial? Read the next page to find out why it’s better that we only have bursts of strength.

      • ya know,, trying to have a reasonable debate with you is
        like talking with that cinder block that sits down at the end of my driveway,
        so I will not respond to you anymore,,,
        time will tell all in this case,, well, not all, there will be some things we will never know…
        But I truly believe the SLPD is hiding things…
        but believe what you wish…

    • Perhaps he was in shock? Perhaps someone with combat medical training could chime in, not just self purported internet experts!

    • As a law enforcement professional and trainer I have been a few scrapes over the years. I can yell you that after a fight the adrenaline is still pumping and it sometimes takes a while to come down. In many instances it takes a little while for injuries, i.e. bruises and swelling to occur. We all saw George Zimmerman’s hospital photos and precinct photos. Zimmerman was up and walking around and talking to police. He had some visible scrapes at first but it wasn’t until later that the swelling and bruising was really visible as we saw. What’s at issue here is people’s general lack of knowledge and/or understanding of event causality and effect relative to the event. I say general because not everyone is educated on psychology and human physiological responses. Cops have a warrior mindset and for the most part train to work through the pain and continue their mission until relieved. After some of my physical encounters with suspects it was sometimes minutes or hours later and sometimes a day or so later that my whole body would hurt or some residual injury would pop up. Don’t rush to judge and remember perception of an event is not always the reality of the situation. That’s my two cents.

    • You cant judge facts by some video! You don’t even know his mind set if he was in shock or not. The truth will come out by people who specialize and NOT by people like you who speculate.

    • As a veteran Paramedic I can tell you that there have been MANY patients who have initially refused treatment on the scene. A head injury is insidious and develops over time, as does swelling and pain in a facial fracture. This by no means should be construed as a lack of a very serious and sometimes fatal injury!

  48. So an “other-than-white” (i.e. black) Police Officer in Salt Lake City shoots an unarmed white suspect, but where’s all of the ‘white’ outrage?!?
    Where are all of the ‘white’ community organizers cries for justice?!
    Where are all of the bused in ‘white’ rioters rioting?!
    Where are all of the bused in ‘white’ looters looting?!
    Where are all of the bused in ‘white’ “protesters” protesting?!
    Why isn’t there any property damage or businesses reduced to burnt out husks?!
    Where are the gunshots at police & police helicopters?!
    Where are all of the bused in ‘white’ crowds CHANTING for this police officer’s death?!
    Where are all of the bused in ‘white’ piss slingers piss slinging?!
    We’re letting radical anarchists only a rung above radical Islam on the evolutionary ladder tear our nation apart with absolutely no opposition & no accountability whatsoever.
    It’s all orchestrated left-wing insanity. All part of a political agenda for Democrats to try & save themselves from the political devastation coming for them in the November midterm elections that they’ve all brought upon themselves.
    Everything we’ve seen this disaster by design for a president do to purposely destroy our nation is the real “fundamental transformation” he intended for our country from the very beginning.
    Make no mistake about that.
    I’m curious to find out too if the Obamanist Media will make it a point to reveal exactly where the residence of this black officer & his family is located at in Salt Lake City like they did with officer Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. Perhaps they’ll set up right out in front of their home & broadcast it live on national television too.

    • I believe civilized communities want justice done via law and order, not via riot and looting regardless of color or race. Unfortunately, many of Ferguson residents are not there yet.

    • white folks know beter..blacks in Missouri are teaching their young black children 5,6,7…its ok to riot, pilfer and burn down their own neighborhood…no it isn’t,

  49. I don’t know who is guilty of what – and neither does anyone mouthing off and making the situation worse. My mother always said to give the bad dog an extra bone. I totally disagree. The peaceful protesters have the right to protest. But when they are invited to voice their opinions, they do seem more like an old-fashioned lynch mob. They are protesting for blood and not for justice. The facts will be of no importance. Differing opinions are treated as a direct assault by the protesters. So if someone doesn’t agree, go home or get hurt. They want to make an example of this case. I will reserve my opinion until more facts are available. And I do hope that our police everywhere will stop showing up like military. It would also help to get better training for LE. Too many are way too aggressive without proper cause.

  50. Great point by Chief Delmore. I find it also interesting that many people are putting forth the notion that when 18 year old Michael Brown was first struck by a bullet, he was immediately capable of getting a grip on his own aggressiveness and submissively surrender to Officer Wilson… something that Wilson himself, 8 years Brown’s senior and trained in “keeping the peace” situations, was unable to do. Possible? yes. Likely? no.

    • Quit looking for scenarios that please you and wait for the true facts to come to light when and if it goes to trial. People should quit judging either ones actions. That why we have laws and courts.

  51. Another mind-reader. What about the mindset of the cop? Is anyone questioning that? He shot at least six times which indicates overkill. We have the added bonus that he’s alive to speak for himself.

      • The fact you have a Boondocks character as your avatar and an aforementioned X next to your name speaks loads for your mindset.

      • What did Bill state that wasn’t already released as fact? It is established evidence so why would the FBI need to talk to him to ask about something they already know.

      • nice try at being dismissive but it was also reported on CNN, HLN,ABC,CBS,NBC, AND even MSNBC . but don’t let facts get in the way of your dismissive intent

      • Just out of curiosity, what’s your take on the black cop who shot and killed an unarmed white kid on August 11 in Salt Lake City, UT?

      • He doesn’t give a damn about the white kid, and he doesn’t give a damn about black on black violence. If it’s a black shot by a white, then he’s outraged.

      • We lose enough to gang violence and bad choices we don’t need to lose those who have a chance to police or armed citizen. Yes I’m outraged live with it.


      • you really need to get some facts . was not even taking about the caller nor were they . what’s the point you’ are just going to ignore or fain ignorance of what’s been reported

      • you made my point thanks . 1st the facts I was pointing out was what was being reported and by who . not the information itself . and you made a statement as if it were a fact I.E.( he starts by getting hit at least once ) totally made up .no one ever reported that . you are trying to portray the cop as a murderer with out any real evidence or a trial

      • I have to ask—if this was a white man that was shot, would you care? Would you be trying so hard to convict the cop?


      • So true. I have no doubt that racism exists but it exists on both sides and racism is the reason all of this happens when a black person is killed by a white but until there is the same outrage when a white person is killed by a black, until there is the same outrage when an innocent little 17 month old baby is shot in the head by a black person, until there is the same outrage when a black police officer kills a white person, until there is the same outrage when a black person kills a black person, until blacks can stop rioting and tearing up their own neighborhoods and looting businesses that had nothing to do with the tragedy, and until people can wait for the facts and accept the facts, until people like Jackson and Sharpton shut the &*(* up and stop inciting, I am afraid there will always be racism because white people are tired of this. I know for a fact that not all black people are like this. There are many upstanding black people. I know many personally. We have some great black leaders that deserve our support (ie Allen West, Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell to name just a couple) but so many jump on the bandwagon and it does not help their cause. Then when a situation arises that is truly racism and truly deserves white, black and Hispanics to be outraged—-well there is not much sympathy or support because we have seen it too many times, too much rage and hate when it was not called for and should not be happening. .

      • Tell that to smart ass Rafael X ! She must have been there or got ALLof her info from every LIBERAL news media EXCEPT FOX NEWS!!

      • Even after being shot a person of any size but certainly his size would continue to charge unless the central nervous system or the brain is taken out. It takes seconds for the action of being shot to effect a persons momentum.

    • There was a witness captured on the audio by someone filming the incident and he was describing to a friend what he saw (by the dialect, both were black). He said the kid (6′ 4″ 300lb kid) came back towards the cop and the cop started shooting. He thought the cop was missing because the guy kept coming at him and then he must have gotten hit because he fell on the ground.

      If you think only one or two 9mm shots in non-vital regions will bring down a charging bull you’re crazy.

      • So he starts by getting hit at least once, runs away. Turns back and starts charging toward the bullets. Only state of mind that would justify that behavior is suicidal.

      • I don’t know where you get your info from but who said he was hit once, ran and then turned around? All three autopsies stated all wounds were to his front. He had to be facing the officer when he was hit. No wound could have been from behind as he ran. Not me, the coroners all stated that. Also the cop told him to freeze and then he turned and charged. I’m just repeating what was on the audio. But as they say…there are none so blind then he who refuses to see.

      • Yeah from an anonymous caller on a radio show. Hardly evidence. Not much of a witness. Only media to print that was Fox because a responsible media outlet would not publish a third hand account from a source they can’t verify.

      • I believe the news media released a video taken on the day of the shooting. If the video is real (hasn’t been changed) and the individual explaining what he saw was accurate. It might explain why the officer shot the young man.

      • People will normally believe one of the two versions. What I pointed out, a version with audio stating the young man charged the officer was released. As I’ve stated in other posts, I’ll wait for all the facts to come out. If based on those facts, the shooting is ruled unjust, the officer should be charged and tried by a jury of his peers. If it’s ruled justified, he should be reinstated, if he passes all required tests,


      • Rafael probably only listens, and watches the MSM..MSNBC ..that type of controlled media..not the truth media..

      • nothing in evidence ever said he was shot before he started to run away . all it said was that the gun was fire from inside the police car it did not nor has it even implied he was hit . stick with facts .

      • he wasn’t hit ether . but you said he was where did you get that ? no one reported it. . and until Court its all alleged . but it seems to be enough for you to find the cop guilty before trial and think he is so stupid as to shoot down a man in daylight in front of all kinds of people, even an Idiot would knows to wait till dark late at night if you are going to murder some one ,and his buddy in the robbery admitted he lied . but you never heard about that ether did you . and just because the cop was white does not mean race had anything to do with it no more then when a black cop shoots a white guy but that race card comes out . its the only thing known to be faster then the speed of light and its getting old . did the cop do wrong I don’t know nor do you . now think about this you just assaulted a man and robbed a store 10 min ago and now you are being stopped by police what are you thinking ?

      • 1st he has been questioned and he kept changing his story . but if they arrested and charged him the race card would hit the table before they got out the cuffs .and you know it ..and they would also say he was being charged and arrested to try and intimidate him to keep him from talking or to make him lie (like he needs help to do that )and you know that too

      • And how do you know he was not questioned? Were you there? How can there be info on what he said happened in the beginning and now has recanted his story? HE had to tell someone! And you HAVE to know the police have questioned him! HE was the one closest to the incident. need to go back to school, and get that diploma!

      • The ME would know if he was hit in the car. It would have been at very close range and burn marks and large amounts of gun powder residue around the wound on the victim would have told them that. None of the ME’s said he was shot at that close of range.

      • The thing to do would be to be a man take your punishment for your crime not fight back you live longer!

      • If all the bullets hit him in his front how can the mutt be running away ?? Are you Smarter than a 1st grader? NO Ya ISN”T porch monkey

    • you shoot till the person stops or is down . the shots all happened in less then 3 seconds . if they don’t stop you don’t know if you have hit them its not TV . you don’t see this big puff of blood splatter . learn something . from real life not TV or movies

      • If you have nothing to fear if you follow the law and respect the commands of law enforcement if you can’t, won’t, or unable to understand that innocence doesn’t make you run away. People who believe absurdities, create atrocities.

      • He was leaving..turned and very arrogantly put up his hands and dared the officer to shoot him…then came rushing at the officer. You REALLY need to read up on the facts.

      • Micheal Bowen you are very very wrong. Cops are in fact, although they don’t seem to use the training , the difference between a stop shot and a kill shot. This cop did not fire one shot into the guys legs. They know shots to knees will bring any suspect down as per when the bodys structure is destroyed they can not go any further. This cop fired 6 rounds into the guy at 35 or less feet away. Not one shot was aimed below the kill zone. This cop made a decision to fire only kill shots at an unarmed person. He shot him in the head the eye and chest not one attempted shot in the legs or knee area. At that short range a trained officer should be able to hot the general area or he has no business owning a weapon. The issue here is the cop left his protection of law and went on his own to pull that trigger over and over and over in the kill zone not the disable stop zones. Why he did it we have yet to see but is the cop guilty of excessive force and manslaughter …obviously yes.

      • I am sure he was doing his best to hit what he could! Perhaps you have never been hit in the face or eye region? The officer could hardly see & his eye that was hit was tearing profusely I am sure & if I had been the officer I would have shot until the bull stopped also! The only shot that stopped him was the one to the head which means he was more than likely on some type of strong drug & he felt no pain !! If the policeman is guilty of excessive force then you are guilty of STUPIDITY!

      • I agree with you as he was a thug ,thief & many more thuggish things. Unfortunately it seems his parents raised him to be just like them also because if you don’t like something cry Racism !! It is the new normal in the black community. It is a shame that there are so many black thugs today as the older generation of blacks were not this way at all. There was a time when the color of you skin did not matter but your actions to the people around you. I contribute the thuggishness today to the thug we have in OUR white-house & his thuggish attorney general & cabinet members.

      • FletchGuy you could not be more wrong . I don’t know where you get your BS from but they owe you your money back . and nothing is Obvious until the trial is over , you know what a trial is don’t you its that thing we do to determine if some one is innocent or guilty of a crime . and at no time are police ever taught to shoot arms or legs that line of BS from you made me LOL . it did make it clear you don’t have a clue what you re talking about .

      • Makes sense to me. Shoot him in the hand maybe so he can keep on coming and put out your other eye. That way he can really get your gun and kill you.

      • You are real smart aren’t you? The last shot..the one that killed him..was the shot to top of his he was falling.
        As a former police officer, I can tell you, we are NOT taught to shoot the legs. We are taught to shoot the “KILL” zone…the officer probably had double vision, from the ocular damage, and still was able to shoot the KILL zone. Kudos to him! Now stop acting like you know what cops are trained to do…and LEARN something!

      • Thank you. Knew FletchGuy was full of bs with all that. Military same way. We train shoot to kill, center mass. The officer was certainly up against it and had seconds. Gotta love those armchair quarterbacks 🙂 Would add it is no easy thing to shoot someone in the kneecap with a pistol that is running at you with one eye.


    • All shots at first was to disable no to kill the shots he got off at first didn’t stop him the last one put a stop to him there’s the truth!

    • The mind set of the cop was OMG this guy is going to kill me!!! The 6’4″ man/child just punched in the officers eye socket, grabbed for his gun, then run to get away turned back and rushed at him, the officer shots hits his arm , his hand , he continues to come, so he shots some more till the huge man finally stops bum rushing the cop. Wait for the story, his companion store robber just flipped his story in fear of being charged for lying. Try and keep up

      • Cop Mindset – 6’4″ 300lbs. coming at me, just fractured my eye socket, tried to disarm me in my own squad car. First shot in the car. Yeah guess I’m gonna have to shoot or this dude is going to take me down, get my gun and kill me. First shots were to try and stop him, but they didn’t. Finally one did. RIP Michael Brown, why the hell didn’t you just stop????? Brown Mindset – Headed off to college in a couple days, but you just strong armed a store for a stupid box of cigars with your friend, and don’t want to go to jail. Young and headstrong thinking it was going to go your way, and not wanting to go to jail, miss getting to college, high on weed, thinking in a split second you can do this. Busted and you know it, but you didn’t have to die for it. You could have just stopped, but the video witness says he just “kept coming at the police.” Sad.

    • Another arm chair leftist loony, I’ll bet if you had just had your eye socket broken and nearly shot by your own gun and had a raging bull running at you that you would calmly think about nicking him, what a joke, I’d have emptied my gun too trying to stop this criminal scum; by the way, you lefties have nothing to say about that black woman that was sitting in her car with her child when she was mudered by the police and in fact they were made out to be heroes! You mentally disordered leftists are being played like a fiddle and your too stupid to realize it but you will when it’s to late and this police state comes after your ass too! Go smoke somemore dope, dope!

    • Those six shots were “overkill” only if the thug had stopped charging the police officer. apparently, the robber shoplifter* didn’t stop at all, at least not until he fell to the ground. Thirty feet is not a great distance when the attacker is running. And a gun is not always effective against any weapon (including fists) at that initial distance.
      * Thanks for the “clarification”, Mr. $harpton.

      Further, since the “kid” was “unarmed”, but had already broken the policeman’s facial bones, and had tried to take the officer’s pistol (which ahd already discharged), the officer was doing nothing but protecting himself, six shots or one (or fifteen).

      Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be,/b> any Jobs?

      • Could it be, he punched the officer (evidence seems to back that) then tried to grab the gun? Just maybe during the struggle a shot was fired and the young man ran.

      • Since you are too research..let me fill you in…the thug went for the officer’s gun…he did not get it, but the gun went off..and the officer protected himself..for fear of losing his life. Maybe one day..YOU will be in that predicament, and REMEMBER this officer.

        There are 12 witnesses who corroborated with what the officer said happened. And the major witness for the thug, admitted he lied about the incident.

        You need to read more!

      • Grabbing an officers gun is a felony. Whether you get it out of holster or not. And the police are trained to assess a situation, and stop the threat to themselves and to anyone around.

      • Bottom line up front Rafael X: Brown assaulted an officer of the law which is a felony and you WILL do jail time for that. At the time this was going down he was also a suspect in a robbery 15 minutes prior. If officer knew about the robbery or not at that moment does not change the fact that he had just become a felon by assaulting an officer. Fleeing Felon rule allows use of force, deadly if necessary. So stop yammering on and on. He was a legal adult, and he just became a felon. Officer was doing his job. Brown didn’t have to die. His own decisions defined what happened. He wanted to go to college, but he also wanted to act the thug.

      • He committed one felony in the store that he just got finished robbing, then he committed a second felony by assaulting a police officer. Pretty sure he would have been convicted of both, but that’s pretty moot at this point isn’t it. Don’t need to convince myself or you. Grand Jury will do that well enough. btw Rafael X, please go masturbate somewhere else besides online, it’s sort of disgusting.

      • Yes, he first tried to get the officer’s gun. When that failed, slugged the officer in the face and then walked off, taunted the officer, and then turned and attacked him.

        Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • 3 felony’s commited by Mike Brown in just a few minutes. And the pot in his system? The guy who ate the face off the homeless man in Miami was ONLY on pot. Police couldn’t stop him either until they killed him. Kept chewing away.

    • What would your mindset be if a very emboldened and large guy was coming after you, maybe beg and tell him you were just playing, hoping he wont pummel the crap out of you??? Rafael x your extremely ignorant if you would stand there and let someone beat you, maybe they will let you live maybe they won’t, but one thing is for certain if you didn’t carry a gun to the fight it won’t be your decision either way, it will be his..

      • Now that is a puzzling statement. You admit that you would do that but you seem to think that the police officer had not right to defend his life. Care to explain?

      • That remains to be proven. If he’s hit twice 35 feet away chances are he won’t it make much further. Only a contract killer or a jilted spouse would keep shooting. Or a cop pissed at the little punk who wrinkled his uniform.

      • You wasn’t there, I believe the facts still need to come out, I’ve seen guys in combat get shot numerous times and continue to advance. At a certain point, adrenaline kicks in and the body does incredible things

      • Or someone who just had his eye bashed in and about to be killed by someone about twice his size. You statement isabout the most ridiculous statement that I have ever heard. I sincerely hope you never have to be in this situation but if you are remember your own comments.

      • Someone already hit by one or two bullets? They wouldn’t slow him down at least a couple of seconds. Enough for the exeptional cop with the commendations to realize he was hit? Maybe, evidence started going to grand jury today. We’ll find out soon enough.

      • Football player his size can run 40 yards in around or just under 5 seconds. That said, if this kid could only cover that distance in like 3 second. Not a lot of time to respond. The ME believes he was shot in the arms first.

      • Despite the pain and blood from having a bullet in his arm he could cover a distance in a speed pro players in top shape have a hard time making at the combine? If only black people where really that superhuman, racism wouldn’t exist anymore.

    • Firing six shots on target with a blow-out fracture of the zygoma is highly commendable! It shows his range time and training time was well spent!
      In case you are unaware, fracture of the zygomatic arch gives you double vision. He got that fracture from the “gentle giant” thug hitting him in the face.
      I know the mindset I’d be in if someone that big broke my face!

    • The policeman showed great restraint and skill. He shot 4 UN-Lethal shots at Mike Brown purposely to turn him or get him to stop. Witnesses say ‘it was like he missed him, he kept coming and coming’. The last 2 shots were necessary to protect the policeman and the community. It went exactly as cops are trained to handle situations like this. NO MATTER IF THE PERP is PURPLE. Police are NEVER required to get their ass whooped or killed because someone might think it’s racist. I want my police to NOT be afraid of criminals and to make it home to their families at night! BTW. Police killed in line of duty is up 31% in just the past 12 months. 100 unarmed black men were killed by police last year in US. That is NOT common. 5000 black men were killed by 5000 black men last year in US. THAT is common, so we don’t hear about it on the news. We Can’t get Ferguson OFF of our news, because it isn’t common. Also in our faces because every race baiter that makes money or increases their power and prestige jumped in. It’s mid term election time, the Dems are doing horribly in the polls, so they are going to milk this thing as long as they can to get everyone to polls.

    • Do have a link for this unbiased testimony that someone had unknowingly captured on video at the scene of the shooting. It’s been turned over to law. Eric holder STILL hasn’t told anyone about it. He is being very selective which is NOT what AG of the US are suppose to do. He represents Rule of Law. Not special groups.



    • It would only be an over kill if he shot the others after the head shot and the suspect was no longer advancing. You shoot til the threat stops or you run out of bullets. People arguing excessive due to the amount of bullets fired is ridiculous. Police don’t shoot in the arm or leg on purpose then wait to see if the suspect changes his mind. That doesn’t even make sense

    • Apparently not overkill, since the young man didn’t stop coming until he was shot in the head. And besides, you don’t give a wit about his mindset. You just want to convict him.

  52. This Chief Ed Delmore needs to infuse his ideas on more idiot law enforcement personnel.
    This Chief is more than on the right road !

    He is going down the road without bigotry and racism.
    It is a honor to know quality law enforcement is in control someplace in this country.
    Thank You Chief Delmore.
    (Retired LEO)

  53. When pointed out the other day that blacks commit 49% of all murders even though they only represent 13% of population remember 95% of those are committed by black men which are only 6.7 % of total population. That is an 15 to 1 blacks are killing white people.The numbers are from erik holders DOJ.

  54. If you watch MSNBC you would think police were systematically killing black criminals far more than white people or black criminals were killed more than cops however Some numbers to chew on 410 people were shot and killed by police officers last year 96 were black that is more than 3 times the number of whites killed by police.and you won’t like these numbers 150 officers killed I don’t remember the black community or sharpton there.

  55. It appears the first 4 shots were in attempt of stop a charging Brown. The last 2 were a list ditch effort to preserve the officers life.
    While it is assumed Brown was unarmed, if he had had a knife it would have justified to kill him at 21 feet.

    • Either he was a really good shot and was really aiming for Brown’s arm at first, or he couldn’t see straight due to his injuries.

  56. Nobody mentions the injury of the police officer: his left eye bones were crushed by the fist of that drugged-up 6 foot -5″ robber that our MSM call “a black teenager walking down the street”.

    • Nobody believed that George Zimmerman had injuries on the back of his head, either. Some even said they were self-inflicted. Injured and/or self-defense shooters don’t fit their script.

    • What are you trying to say? I could not understand what you wrote.
      Having been a police officer myself, and having studied criminal psychology, in college…of course it can be determined that the thug KNEW what he had done, and was AFRAID he was going to be arrested, for strong armed robbery.

      READ the whole report on the Police page…that will give you the answers for which you seek. And PLEASE go back to elementary school, and learn grammar!

      • Apparently the facts are to be ignored by Rafael X. He has made up his mind, poor little black kid, just walking down the middle of the street, minding his own business, having just strong armed a clerk in a convenience store not withstanding, having already attacked and broken the eye socket of the cop, trying to take the said cop’s weapon away, all the ehile disobeying a direct legal order from a cop (oh yes, the one that had already been assaulted, but hell, that has nothing to do with it, right Rafael?), and then appears to be coming back to do more damage, hell that has no bearing on this at all, right? Let’s talk about race, cause that is really what this is all about right? Let”s talk about the racial make up of the police in this city, let’s talk about the racial make up of the city itself. Let’s let people like Sharpton, Jackson, and all the other race hustlers come in and do their extortion job. Let’s not talk about a young man (not a kid mind you, a young man) that made bad decision here. The cop was doing his job. Had the young man obeyed the cops lawful order (let’s not even talk about the strong arm robbery he had just committed) the confrontation would never have happened. So let’s call it like it is. This young man was a thug. White, Black, Yellow, Brown, Green, Purple, what ever, he was a thug. And yes, his state of mind is very important to this incident. And how you can take the stance you are taking is beyond me, except you found the cop guilty from the very get go because your racists leaning can not look at the incident without clouding your ability to wait for the facts. You wanted to believe the witness that had also been involved in the robbery, and now he’s been shown to be a liar as well as a thug. You just can’t cope with the fact that this young man made a very bad and lethal decision, and paid for it with his life. I am sorry he made those decisions, I am sorry he died. But I am also sorry he decided to travel down the path he decided (not anyone making that decision, he made it). Life is full of consequences. This one was fatal. The white guy shoe in the Salt Lake City area by a black cop did the same thing I suspect. I am sorry about that as well. But I don’t want to punish that cop either. Again, white, black, yellow brown, when you make a bad decision, sometimes it’s fatal.

      • “There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy, and partly because it PAYS. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

        ― Booker T. Washington

  57. If you have an issue with black men receiving allegedly unfair treatment, let’s have a national discussion about that. And let’s REALLY discuss it, not make pathetic, apologist excuses. Black-on-black crime elicits crickets from the “black community” as well as racial profiteers like Sharpton and Jackson. I think we need to have that discussion, given Holder’s own DOJ’s stats on the issue. That said, there seem to be lots of deserving innocents lost to violence who ought to be our poster children on the issue, not Brown, who has a rap sheet as long as my arm.

  58. Captain Johnson..the same man who walked next to the Crypts, and the Bloods, and the New Black Panthers, as they marched down Ferguson’s streets! What? Why didn’t he arrest those guys on the spot? You can bet if he ran their names..he would find outstanding warrants on them! Read the full report on the Police page, and see what Johnson said about his own son, and then about the thug the officer killed!

    • My initial thought on Captain Johnson: what the hell were you thinking???? It was like the invasion of the body snatchers or something. I mean are you a protester, are you a cop, what the heck are you? I have highest respect for law enforcement, but this guy I just don’t get. Can’t sit on both sides of the fence with this. Maybe time for a career change.

  59. That is what I have been saying. His mindset was still on his strong armed robbery. He saw the police and figured they were stopping him due to the robbery. He had every reason to resist, which I am sure he did. Even with the robbery tape out idiotic people still speak like Michael Brown was still some innocent kid. I am pretty sure this was not his first robbery. He is dead. I am sure if he had not died that he would have been killed by someone at some point due to his bullying and criminal behavior. It was only a matter of time before he pulled an armed robbery. All the looting people don’t know nor care about Michael Brown. They are in it for themselves to get a TV, phone, shs what ever for free. That has nothing to do with Michael Brown. Just shows what uncontrollable animals those people are. My question, what do we do with uncontrollable wild animals?

  60. One of the things that I find distressing is the constant referral to this young man as a teenager, as if he were a 125 lb., 13year-old pre-adolescent. This person was a grown man, with all the physical strength needed to cause serious injury with his hands. If, in fact, young men such as this should be treated as children, then Atty-Gen
    Holder, Pres. Obama and the rest of the progressive, welfare state crowd have some explaining to do.

      • But that little fact doesn’t add to the narrative that Holder and obama want. Might I add, the Missouri Governor’s statement about a “vigorous prosecution” makes me think that Holder and obama had gotten to him.

  61. The letter mentions about the mindset of Brown. Equally relevant for investigation is the mindset or wilson. i do not know how much wilson weighs but i can believe Brown outweighed him by about 100 pounds which may be related to panic if brown was hit with a few rounds and no effect.

    One thing not mentioned a lot is that the fergusson police force is mostly white. the community is mostly black. this does not inspire confidence in justice. i think this absolutely has to be investigated from an application historical perspective not how many complaints about hiring practices happened.

    i agree that Brown’s mindset is important and while we cannot interview brown we can see that Brown was applying force to solve his problems at the store. the autopsy also said weed was present in brown’s body. How much?? Also relevant is what the police record of brown was. this was not said but if he attacked people regularly then this indicates the mindset again.

    A lot of things have to be investigated about Brown and made public. this situation is an emotional kabuki play. One one side we have the family of brown who has a hard time believing anything bad about their son. Nothing will bring him back. On the other side Wilson fired a lot of rounds. Recent testimony seems to verify Wilson’s story. the only concern is if wilson fired rounds after brown was on the ground.
    Was one of the two sides absolutely evil. probably not. could it be handled better, probably.

    i do not think the protesters would like it if the police threw rocks and molotov cocktails at them. Neither does the police like protesters shooting at them.
    let the investigation continue and even protest peacefully about the direction of the investigation. You will be heard, all over the world.

    • If a mostly black community wants more blacks in their law enforcement then only they can make that happen. I doubt it has anything to do with hiring practices beyond if you have a criminal record it is often a disqualifier to get into law enforcement. Then of course there is the issue of respect for the law in general and the desire to be in law enforcement anyway. If only white people apply, go to school, and get accepted into the force, it’s not the fault of the white police that the police organization is mostly white. As to the case and what the grand jury is doing, don’t think any of this is even relevant to what happened. Bottom line is if black people want to be represented in the police then they have to BE in the police.

      • They as many have been doing equal opportunity for years but it’s not cool to be a cop it is to be a jobless thug so they don’t get blacks. If societies perception of what’s cool changed then maybe we get more black cops

    • If they stop committing 90% of the crimes they wouldn’t have run-ins with any police, white, black or any other color of choice! Also stop voting for democrats that have not done anything for blacks for the past 60 years and never (historically) before them….still no jobs, education or opportunities, because democrats give crumbs for votes to keep blacks enslaved to them as they were prior to the civil war! (Remember the KKK was the terrorist arm of the democratic party after they lost the Civil War) look it up!!

  62. Some great points as well as the fact that Brown was not the little kid with headphones we are in the pictures. He is a large angry and violent man. This officer did the same as the rest of us with the training and fearing for his life would have done. Lets hope for his sake the truth eventually surfaces

      • ENOUGH of the “unarmed black teenager” propaganda.

        There were 726 homicides committed in 2011 alone with hands, fists and feet, and the majority of those homicides were committed by young black males.

        More homicides are committed each year with hands, fists and feet than are committed with rifles and shotguns combined, including 2012 when the Newtown, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado mass-murders occurred.

        A 6’4” 292-pound documented violent thug like Saint Charging Bull would be more than capable of killing a cop with his bare hands and Air Jordans, and he would have succeeded had Officer Wilson not stopped him.

      • Did this one have a gun or a knife? When are people going to realize that black people are individuals. Bare hands and Air Jordans seem to be weapon only in the hands of a black kid. I’m done I think I want to puke now.

      • So I guess the cop who had just been assaulted by Brown is supposed to put his gun down as the kid barrels down on him again. Twelve independent witnesses saw him and his cohort trying to get the officers gun and then they ran but Brown stopped and charged him. I’m so sick of people falling for this leftest idea that Black people are purposely mistreated here. We have a Black president and multiple millionaires and one billionaire of the same race you have the same opportunity as anyone its what you do with your time and effort.


      • Truth and facts hurt sometimes!! Why should any cop (OR ANYONE) be prosecuted just on mob mentality without any regard for the truth or facts….like it was stated earlier, if you were the citizen with a gun and any 6′ 4″ 300 lb. male (white, black, yellow, green or purple in color) had just attacked you, broke your eye socket and turned back at you to kick your ass some more if not kill you,,,,you would pull your gun and shoot too, in order to protect yourself, if not protect your life! Hope you had a good puke and while your at it, get some common sense, moral justice for what is right and brains!!

      • Yes it does, its called standing your ground. The kid was a thug, he assaulted the officer and was making a run at him. I don’t like cops but this one was in the right. The truth will come out.

      • The officer hit him with four non-fatal shots first if Michael Brown had of stopped charging the officer in all likely hood he would be alive.

      • Been making that point for days. Why is everyone focusing on 6 shots when they should be focusing on the humane and probably against procedure of non lethal wound on his right arm with 4 rounds?

      • You have a very strange definition of what an execution is. Why are u all so willing to dismiss the officer’s account of what happened? Who would really expect Michael Brown’s buddy to tell the truth when he was with him moments before robbing that store? He was his buddy, is he gonna sell him out now even though he’s dead? The eyewitness account of the woman who said the same thing Johnson did just doesn’t match up with the autopsy. They likely talked with each other before they gave their statements to the police to have their storys straight. They don’t care what actually happened, they just all from the same hood and they don’t like cops. All the evidence supports that he provoked the officer so he had every right to defend himself from this maniac attacking him, hitting him, trying to take his gun and then rushing him just as the autopsy shows he did. He was facing away from him, on his knees with his hands in the air. The autopsy proves he was upright, facing him and rushing toward him with his head down, which is how he was shot in the top of his head. If Wilson, a 6 year veteran officer who is likely a pretty good shot, had wanted to kill Brown to start off, he could certainly have done so. Instead he shot him 4 times in the arm to subdue not kill, but he kept coming, so he shot him in the head in self-defense. If he hadn’t, Wilson would be the dead one and this would be a totally different conversation, so it was more than justified. If the people of Ferguson would allow the investigation to progress as it should, the truth would come out 1 way or the other. But they don’t know how to do that, they wanna act crazy and actually making it harder to conduct a proper investigation. All y’all care about is a white cop shot a black guy, and automatically it’s racism, police brutality and all that bu****it cuz the truth doesn’t matter. Put simply, y’all are the real racists just out for white cop blood. If this maniac had been running at u, about to tackle and pulverize u, you’d have shot him too, no matter what color he was. If killing him meant saving ur life, u would do no different than the rest of us, you’d choose u. That’s real life

      • You said that if officer Wilson didn’t shoot, it would be a different conversation , because officer Wilson would be the one dead…..sadly I disagree, because if that was the case, there wouldn’t be a story for the lame stream media and the racist/bigot black leaders to unjustifiably provoke the low information useful idiots! We would have never heard about this incident on the national media!!!

      • If that large and angry man has already broken the officer’s eye socket, and is now charging at him to take another swing or three, the officer has every right to defend himself using whatever force it takes to stop the perp. It’s too bad Brown chose to fight the officer. But in this life, actions have consequences. Attack a cop, prepare to die.

      • A man with a bullet in his heart has thirty seconds of air in his brain and can do a lot of damage in those thirty seconds. And if a man is high on PCP, etc., his brain does not know he is dead. Does not feel the slightest bit of pain or awareness of having been killed.
        A man high on PCP etc., can get hit all day long and keep on coming until you put a shot in the one place guaranteed to stop him: his brain. A head shot is a difficult shot to make under ideal conditions. What Officer Wilson faced was about as bad as it can get: a human side of beef on a rampage, once already having proven his intentions and had the smarts to walk away, but Officer Wilson could not let the man go, had to capture and arrest and restrain him. That is his job. And injured though he was, he did his job.

      • What happened and an execution are two different things. If he never robbed the store and then walked down the middle of the street like a lunatic then attacked a police officer he would have never been shot. A 6’4″ 290 lbs man armed or not can be deadly weapon especially after already attacking him. He might have had his hands up but was still a threat and probably coming back for more. Lets see his toxicology report and how innocent he is.

      • It’s called reading and gathering information, there is enough in the news to put the story together. Why does the cop need toxicology? He was not behaving irregularly. But yes they always do a drug and alcohol test after shooting. We might just not great about it unless it’s positive.

      • He is not a “kid” he is a grown man very grown and it was not his first time conducting himself outside of the law. But it was his last.

      • Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Cops needs toxicology because he got out of is squad car and pumped 6 bullets into a fleeing suspect.

      • It appears that you are the one who thinks she knows everything—-against what reliable witnesses say and what an audio recording of the event says.

      • You sound like the ignorant mob that thinks he got shot in the back. Just because someone says something, does not make it fact. We need facts and right now there are not enough. Did it really make sense that Browns friend, who was in the convenience store with him, said the cop tried to pull this 300lb man through the window of the vehicle? Does that even sound believable?

      • When you use the term “execute”, I wonder what you mean exactly. And while I do not have all the facts (and as I assume you also do not), I don’t think execute is an accurate description of what happened. ”

        A putting to death as a legal penalty; death lawfully inflicted; as, the execution of a murderer.” More to the point, you are changing the premise of what may have happened and why. Being a large angry and violent man was not the reason he was killed in my opinion. Being a large man who had previously attacked the very same officer, and who now had possibly turned to charge (and yes those facts have yet to be proven, but it is probable according to other witnesses), and the statement by the deceased “What you gonna do, shoot me?” tells me the young man was challenging the officer. Now, any one of those facts do not justify killing him. But when taken in total, after being assaulted by this young man (large angry or not), what would you have done? And after telling him to stop, and when the young man ignored that lawful command by a police officer, and instead turned and started back at the officer in defiance, (and remember, this young man had just kicked his ass in the police vehicle), what do you do? Do you let him keep coming (and please, don’t use that “he was surrendering”, because I have to say, there are too many witnesses besides the other young man who has been now charges with theft and filing a false police report) that report differently. And in broad daylight. WTH hell does the time of day have to do with all this? If it had been dark all would be ok? Sheesh. And where the hell is the police union stepping up to defend this young cop? It is apparent he is going to be charged and put on trial, and I only hope our justice system is not afraid to find the truth, whatever that may be. But I smell a political agenda here, and apparently you agree with that agenda. Sorry, I just want the truth. And when the Governor of the Missouri comes out and says he believes the cop should be “vigorously prosecuted” somehow I feel the verdict is already in. Kind of like your statement.

      • “Being a large man who had previously attacked the very same officer” where was that ever reported besides right-wing rags? Seriously where do you people find these so-called “facts”? Those confabulations evolve on a daily basis to match the last bit of information.

      • Brown kept coming…the officer kept shooting. Brown CHOSE his own fate. I was assaulted by a man that out weighed me by 70 pounds. He lifted me 12″ off the ground, by the throat, with 1 hand.
        From what I have read, the only reason I would stop shooting would running out of ammo. Brown ASKED for it, and he got it!! The shop keeper should have shot his a$$.

      • It’s not quite that simple. We don’t know the details about their confrontation yet (Apparently, it got physical). And look a what Michael Brown did to the store clerk? He manhandled the little guy and then lunged back at him to intimidate him. I highly doubt that this was the first time that he did this sort of thing (and he may have done it a mere 15 minute later) It was probably his MO!

      • You are obviously challenged by specifics. The question was ‘was the store clerk at the scene of the shooting’, right? You hear about it because it matter to the consequences.

      • LOL, let me correct you. I don’t live in a trailer park! I live in a mobile home community, but I’m curious–how did you know? Maybe I should have asked you if it would have been ok to wait until dark? Are you al sharpton in disguise? One more thing-did you forget who stole the cigars and copped an attitude when he was asked to pay for them?

      • If the idiot hadn’t stolen the cigars, jaywalked, refused to get out of the middle of the street when the officer ordered him to, and then attacked the officer, broken his eye socket, taunted him, and then attacked him, he’d be alive today. But as he was demonstrably a street thug, and nothing more, he was killed because the officer justifiably felt threatened with death or grave bodily harm. The “unarmed teen” suffered from terminal stupidity.

        Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • Thirty-five feet is trivial in this case.

        A thousand trials have shown that most thugs can cover 35′ in far less times thana police officer can draw his weapon, much less fire it accurately. It was a good thing this severely wounded officer already had the punk in his sights.

        Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • And a good thing, too. Otherwise the severely wounded officer would be the dead one instead of the street punk. (Please note I said the office already had his gun drawn.) Even so, it only takes two or three seconds for a drug-crazed thug to cover 35 feet.

        Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be,/b> any Jobs>

      • There is no evidence that any of the officers “walking casually” was the one involved in the shooting.

        Did you listen to your own evidence? We clearly hear one of the eye witnesses say that the “victim” had been running toward the police car when the officer fired. He was not holding his hands up in the air, was not surrendering, was not complying with the officer’s demands.

        This was no murder. It was self defense, nothing less. The officer was severely injured (any broken bone, especially one in the face, is painful. Even if you can’t accept that his facial bones were broken, there was significant swelling, indicating that the thug he had to kill to defend himself, had already attacked him.

        The J€$$€ Ja¢k$on version of the story does not hold water.

        Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • Maybe you were just trying to stereotype me. Chew on this. Ok it wasn’t just a cigar that caused this. Since 2008, the black community feel they can do no wrong and if they do, it will all be blamed on white cops. Lets fill in the gaps you seem to forget or ignore. Brown didn’t know the police had no knowledge of the theft, but he did! When he was aproached by the officer, he became arrogant and was it Brown who damaged the eye of the cop? Yes. Did you also review the video of the ‘gentle giant’ grabbing the convenience store person when he was asked to pay for the cigars? Hmm. After he attacked the cop inside the car, the cop persued him and he charged the cop and officer Owen defended himself. Did Brown have to die? Probably not. But if a ‘gentle giant’ weiging over 200 lbs and was 6’4″, I’d probably shoot him too. Since you are thinking about 2008, it was when obama was first elected president and his activist AG thinks we are a nation of cowards! Answer this as well. Why is this situation becoming so important and all the black on black murders in Chicago or New York being ignored? Obama has created an attitude that blacks have been mistreated for so long, they can do anything they want regardless if laws are broken or not! One final thought–where are the folks coming from causing most of the damage in Ferguson? They don’t all live there do they? In fact most don’t. al sharpton is raising the bias level to an uncontrollable level. When the grand jury doesn’t send this to a trial, what will happen then? Will Ferguson disappear from the map?

      • Here’s the rest of the post you forgot to quote animal lover……… “This officer did the same as the rest of us with the training and fearing for his life would have done.”

    • At the same time in another city a black police officer shot and killed a white unarmed teenager…We’ve yet to read about this story in the news…Is there something wrong with this picture?

  63. Police lay their lives on the line every time they encounter someone acting suspiciously. There was a report on the police radio about a robbery with the description matching Brown and his coheart, who had just robbed a store and roughed up the clerk. How was the policeman to know if Brown was armed or not. Also Brown shoved the policeman back into his squad car and then tried to take his gun – would Brown have shot the policeman- it’s done every day. What’s going on when the criminals are given the benefit of the doubt, instead of Officers who are out in the streets trying to protect citizens and businesses. This administration sends in the Clowns to stir up racial strife where the can. Evict anyone who doesn’t have a local identification and close off the area to all but residents.

    • This is all total BS….the blacks vandalizing stores after the shooting are just opportunists and common criminals….the other protestors are in simple terms bigots and racists themselves, because they wont even entertain learning the facts of “THIS CASE”….all they say is they want “justice” for all the inequality they suffered since the 1600’s! They don’t care that when the shooting officer pulled up to question this 6’4” 300 lb. “gentle giant student” this “Poor young man” after robbing a store pushed the police officers door shut and afterwards struggled to take the cops gun, punching the cop in the eye “Cracking the officer’s eye orbit” (broke the bone supporting the officer’s eye)…..then Brown ran away and suddenly turned back and again charged the police officer (according to background tapes of witnesses at the scene)…the officer fearing to be assaulted again, shot at Brown over a 3 second time period,,,one of those shots apparently hit Brown in the head as he was falling forward!!

      The Black community listens to black agitators who are themselves racists (Sharpten, Jesse Jackson, obama, holder) who create a rather “stupid” fictional story, that this “poor innocent young gentle giant black youngster” didn’t do anything provocative and was simply approached by the officer when this “gentle youngster” fully complied and put his hands above his head in complete submission, when this police officer with a perfect record, without cause or provocation, shot to kill!!

      What sounds more likely and reasonable based on the facts??? Robbing stores and strongarming owners of businesses may have consequences, like being arrested or shot!! To prevent this from happening to you….then don’t rob and assault people in the first place, because its an occupational hazard for thieves, looters and perpetrators of crimes!

  64. The police had no choice but to release the video anyway. There were hundreds FOIA requests and they could only be ignored for so long. But even if it was released purposely on the same day as the officer’s name, so what? It shows that this young man was no angel, and that is extremely important. And this cop makes a good point about Michael Brown’s state of mind. It’s like catching a little kid with his hand in the cookie jar. He reacts differently than he would if he was innocent of all wrongdoings. It’s kind of like a lie detector test without the machine, and cops can smell that guilt.

  65. Talking the life of another is a mortal sin. The circumstances are meaningless and defending mortal sin is an abomination! May God have mercy on all your souls.

    • Little confused Jimmy;
      Attacking someone armed in the attempt to take their weapon isn’t homicide, it’s a blatant act of suicide.

      (I sincerely can’t help it, I’m still amazed when I’m abused by IQ’s lower than a shoe size.)

      • these are just questions….

        In Piaget Crenshaw’s video of the immediate aftermath of the shooting, Wilson can be seen wandering around the crime scene and conversing with officers. If he was truly so badly injured it should be apparent in how he appears in the video.
        His face looked clean, and his demeanor was not that of someone who was severely injured. No attention was being given by any of those present to his supposed injuries.
        Far from being attended to and taken to the hospital for care – things one would reasonable expect in such circumstances – officer Wilson DRIVES away in his cruiser. For a man who was moments ago almost knocked unconscious, this seems unreasonable as well. Why would the other officers allow him to drive if he had just undergone such a traumatic experience???
        Why was no mention made of this injury until ten days after the shooting? We know that the FPD and SLC prosecutor were throwing everything out there they could find in their efforts to demonize Michael Brown and defend officer Wilson.
        If his injuries were as bad as they claim, there is no doubt that they would have been parading photos of his battered face all over the TV.

        and we now know (as of last night), that a report was never filed
        whats up with that???

      • i could less what someone here thinks,,,,these are question
        I would pose to the powers that be,,,and food for thought
        for people here…

      • I did not say that you did care. I just said someone with experience has explained that to you. Why do you keep asking?

      • [[ i could less what someone here thinks ]]

        LOL! You mean someone like you who just did the same thing?

      • Attacking a police officer and trying to take his weapon requires NO injury to the officer to be a life threatening event. To even suggest he must first be injured to protect himself is outrageously unreasonable.
        Who alleges that there was no incident report filed on an officer involved shooting?? They’re full of crap!

    • Our good Lord and Savior his ownself said , ‘ If you own not a sword , best sell your britches and buy one’ . Note which is the most important . Consider this – To stand idly while you or others are being murdered might as well be suicide , and self murder is a mortal sin .

      Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry

      ( 538th Trans , Long Binh )

    • MURDER is a sin. Sin is sin. “Mortal” sin? No such thing. ANY sin is horrendous in God’s eyes. ANY sin, without repentance and salvation is your ticket to hell. ANY sin with sincere repentance and acceptance of God’s GIFT of Salvation is forgiven, you’re on your way to Eternal LIFE!

      Please point out any scripture at all which differentiates any categories of sins. (There is none!)

  66. James, there is only sin and defending yourself or others is not sin. Choices made by others to sin does not make you a sinner for your protective actions. Would you allow someone to come into your house and rape or kill your wife or daughter. There is only one sin for which there can be no pardon, dying without accepting Jesus Christ.

    • I don’t hear any mention of rubber bullets, mace, tasers, or any other non lethal means to prevent murder. I can’t differentiate if the ‘protective actions’ include not being judge jury and executioner in the case of a police officer. In your home that a different thing. the young man was not convicted of a crime

  67. Brown’s family/friends described Michael’s as a “genital giant” – they were the ones who set the bar to the character of Michael Brown. The robbery video also depicts a different view of his character. The Brown family shouldn’t have opened “Pandora’s Box” knowing that it was fragile.

  68. I feel for the police officer who has been convicted before the facts were in, it is sad he had to take the mans life but, if I had just been almost knocked unconscious by a 285 lb muscle bound I would have been scared when he rushed me.

  69. This is a propaganda war. be careful about how much you are being manipulated by both sides. You are being led, be careful about what you are being led into.

      • I’ll use it where it fits. Every time you step up to defend this POS, I’ll remind you what he was. A two legged animal that was used to bullying and hitting people. Good thing he’s gone.

      • Damn Andy, I really hate to take Rafael’s side here, but the guy may have been a lot of things, but he was not an animal. He was a bully (I base that on the fact he bullied a clerk to steal cigars). Not an overall intelligent human being (again, who the hell risks going to jail for stealing cigars). He made a very bad decision when he challenged the cop, but he was a human being, not an animal. And because he made stupid decisions, there are two lives that are deeply affected, and many others almost as badly affected. But when you call names and say things like he was an animal, it really takes away from much of what you are pointing out, and in many ways you are correct. But not the animal thing. Sorry, can’t agree with that one.

      • You attack people, you’re an animal. You attack a cop, try to hurt and possibly kill him, you’re an animal. Stealing cigars is shoplifting. Strong arm robbery is animal behavior.

      • I can’t really speak for Rafael, but my post defended nobody whatsoever.

        But, please, share with us your reasonable and perfectly sane explanation of how it came to be that a justified fatal police shooting was not followed immediately by a written report.

      • I’m afraid this is not the correct venue for very serious questions.

        “I have a big problem”
        “sorry, we’re small to medium problems here”
        – dresden files TV series

      • good thing Col. Allen West is black or you would be calling him a racist. I’m sure he is an Uncle Tom in your eyes. thats the problem with black conservative leaders speaking out, the rest of black Americans shun them and continue on with their charades.

      • Other black americans do have freedom of association enshrined in the constitution. Freedom of speech is also freedom to ignore bs. How many “black conservatives” made the trip to Ferguson? Zero, that’s why they are not taken seriously, they shun themselves.

      • But, you dont understand. No black conservatives went to ferguson because the problem is not in ferguson. Its in the liberal media, who are making the just and honorable Ferguson PD look bad.

      • Is that where you live? Are you there now? Where you even there at all? Just wondering, since you seem to have all the answers.

      • [[ How many “black conservatives” made the trip to Ferguson? ]]

        Why would they? Black conservatives aren’t race pimping opportunists. Are you proud of Jesse and Al? Jesse was hustlin’ donations and fat azz Al and his Tawana Brawley lyin’ azz was booed off. So which black libtard down there was taken seriously?

      • The parents of the deceased asked for Al Sharpton to come. Not for me to judge how they choose to grieve. Those who booed Al Sharpton should have listened to him in the first place and exercise their right to vote. They would have the mayor they want, the prosecutor they want and the police they want.

      • So because nether you nor I saw the report, it was never written. Is that your story? I haven’t seen the medical report from the cops injuries. I haven’t seen all the witness statements. So give me a snarky and snide response to that.


        The report has been released. Its contents are;

        -date and time the incident occurred

        -name of the person who was shot

        -address where shooting took place

        -Wilson’s squad car number

        -Name of the supervisor signing the report

        An “interesting” “feature” of your “debating” “style” is the belief that lack of evidence constitutes evidence. The notion that the cops had time to release some dumbass video but no time to release a report is…. interesting.

      • What is interesting in your ‘report’ is that there is nothing in there that wasn’t already known. That, combined with your inane inferences and your feeble attempt at a ‘gotcha’ moment speaks much about your debating style.

      • So, no explanation of why this was
        -released so late
        -released after the video
        -completely uninformative and without detail?

        Gotcha! Thanks!

      • Cite one public recorded statement by anybody calling for the death of the cop. Half credit for calls for his execution after a fair trial.

      • Oh that’s encouraging. Let’s hang his ass, then give him a fair trial. Oh that’s great. You have already decided the execution is in order, even though a fair trial hasn’t even been convened, the Grand Jury hasn’t made it’s findings, but you are all for executing him after said trial. Oh this ought to be real interesting. O J Simpson all over again. I’m feeling better already.

      • Unfortunately I need to reevaluate my estimate of your intelligence, Roger. See, generally when we put people on trial we assume they are innocent until they are proven guilty.

        TBH _if_ he is found guilty I personally could care less whether they electrocute him or give him a ticker-tape parade. Neither option will bring the dead kid back.

      • Well let’s see. You mobocrats want Wilson tried for murder and murder gets you the death penalty in Missouri. Ergo, you want him dead.

      • Joseph, are you part of the legal team in this tragedy? And tell me, in your infinite wisdom and knowledge, what is the standard time frame for these reports in cases like this? And sense you seem to be the legal wizard here, is it always the case that the AG of the United States runs his ass down to a police shooting? Is he running out to Salt Lake City where a black cop shot an unarmed white man? Is it a normal course of events that black from all over the US come running down to join the locals in rioting and looting? So please, tell us all, just exactly what is it about this entire sad incident is normal? Just what is the time frames that everything is suppose to be done so it appears to folks like you to be within an acceptable time? Oh, and lastly, when is it acceptable for the damn Governor of the state to say anyone should be vigorously PROSECUTED BEFORE the investigation is completed, and a grand jury is convened BEFORE the toxicology report on the victim is in? Oh, yes, I see your point. It’s only when the cop is a white guy? Oh never mind, I suspect you are just spewing out BS you have heard somewhere, and you really don’t know what the hell you are talking about, except you think Brown was a kid (18 years old, well over 6 feet tall, and overall a pretty big guy according to the pictures I have seen) who was just minding his own business walking down the middle of the street. Somehow, I have to tell you, I am not all that positive that is how this tragedy went down, but I am willing to wait. But you and Eric Holder evidently have already made up our minds, so have at it.

      • Ah, someone who wants to discuss facts! Excellent!

        To the best of my knowledge (I am not a police officer, and do not know any police officers, but I will make a point to ask the next one I see) a report is filed _immediately_ after a police officer discharges his/her weapon, whatever the outcome (injury, fatality, none). At minimum, I would like to know why the report wasn’t released to the public _before_ any videos of the suspect playing bocce ball or robbing a convenience store.

      • It’s great to see how open minded you appear to be. You refer to the incident report, but you really don’t know what’s in it, but you have already made your decision. BTW, maybe I missed it. Where is your outrage regarding the shooting in the Salt Lake city area? Oh, that’s right, it’s a black officer shooting a white guy. Kind of tells a lot about your little “not above the law” crap. So, IF it is found there was a struggle and a shot fired in that police vehicle, will you change your racist mind? Because the autopsy report (the parents report as well, unless you just want to have it find otherwise no matter what) kind of supports the cops story. And while the accomplice in the the strong arm robbery (of all things, a couple of cigars, really, stealing cigars when you freaking 18 years old, not real bright), gave a false statement (I suppose you are going to say he didn’t lie) and has been charged with such, your position is kind of breaking down. But I know, the cops are getting the fix in, with the racist AG in town, they are just making it so the fix is in for the cop. So no matter what the final reports says, in your expert opinion, the cop was at fault, Brown didn’t do anything, and the rioters are totally justified. And next, when this one gets straightened out, your full attention, in the name of justice, will go to the shooting in Utah, right? So come on, lets face it, you have mad eup your mind, no matter what the final outcome of the investigation is, and we are all racist, but not you, you are the poster child for truth, justice and the American way. Are you as outraged with the black on black shootings every single week in Chicago. Yup, I didn’t think so.

      • Nothing is in the incident report. You can see for yourself. My outrage is the same over the Salt-Lake City shooting. I did point to Knybee above not to be so naive as to think cops only shoot black people for no reason. You won’t see it here because Allen West wont talk about it. No rioting black people to point the finger at. There was also a shooting of a black suspect by a white cop in Saint-Louis last week. Incident report was out the same day, St-Louis police chief went himself into the crowd to tell the people protesting that the suspect had wielding a knife at the cop.

  70. Colonel, please, for the love of God, take down all the pop up ads and other shockwave auto start vids that severely degrade the performance of your website.

  71. That police chief is so full of it. Talks about Timothy Mcveigh to justify Michael Brown attacking the cop. Mcveigh was taken on weapon charges which means he could have shot that cop in the head and the cop would have never heard it. And gleans over how he doesn’t like the timing of the robbery video release but doesn’t consider one moment that could have sparked a new round of riots. I feel for the black people walking in that cop’s jurisdiction.

    • He does not talk about Mcveigh to justify Michael brown attacking, It goes to any perpetrator having guilt and becoming defensive after they commit a crime. releasing the video goes to a reason of reactiveness.

    • What kind of crap are you talkin? A video could “spark” a new round of riots? Tell me this smart guy, is someone forcing “your people” to riot? Or could it be that they can’t control themselves and will use any excuse to do so, whether it harms others or not? Isn’t that really the same mindset of Brown? You seek confrontation and have the ready made excuse to justify violence. Yes you! No evidence should be released that may exonerate the cop lest the people resort to violence? You’re a coward to say such a thing just like the rioters. You talk about justice but it has to be your way. Only release evidence that makes your guy a saint. So why don’t you go join “your people” and burn down some innocent businesses to get some free stuff while talking about justice. Better yet, go join ISIS in the Mid East. If people don’t do what they say, they use violence, rape, steal, and kill too. The fact is that those who are being violent are cowards. They don’t give a crap about the community, real justice, or what the children are seeing them doing.

      Explains your mindset that you should use the cartoon image of a “racist”.
      “I feel for the black people walking in that cop’s jurisdiction.”
      And that’s the truth. You “feel” for those who look like yourself and not for those who don’t. Hypocrite!

      • Instead of focusing on the mindset of brown lets focus on the police chief failing the officer in terms of not equipping vehicles with dash cams, and what mind set would he need to have the public informed concerning the dilemma to raise $3000 to install the dash cams. The police chief also had 2 body cam’s and also refused to employ those in the community. he failed who failed the citizens and tax payers which led to this homicide. The studies show that officers benefit more from having video tape in court to dispel what happened or didnt happen in the interactions with the public. The police chief mindset should be on trial here, not this hannibal lector game officers are paying to protray the young man like he premeditated and conspred to get himself killed. petty thefy hardly ever ends in a slaying. the chief of police intentionally didnt equip his officers and that is purposefully negligent to protect his own best interest to allow officers to create all these false narrative. Lets speak about the police chiefs mindset and how he made victims out of officer Wilson and Michael Brown by failure to mage,supervise and act and install devised for prevention

      • “…petty thefy hardly ever ends in a slaying.”
        Part of your statement is based in false conjecture. If Brown thought that the cop might know of the earlier incident, and it doesn’t matter what the cop knew, then Brown may have decided that he could intimidate the cop just like he did the store keeper. In truth, he may have just been in a screw everyone mood that day. But it’s like when we were kids and we knew that we had done something wrong and we might have to pay a price for doing it. Each person acts differently. Some deny, some accept responsibility, some try to flee, and some lash out as if the one who caught them is the problem. Anyone who has been a child should know this.
        Talking about what happens afterwards should never come into play until all of the questions are answered. But there is plenty of blame to go around. For people to take to mob justice is cowardly. If these same ones who act this way were standing before God they would know their own guilt and yet turn and ask Him for a mercy or hearing that they are not willing to give to others. That’s not justice.
        Even so, “…devises for prevention”? If Brown attacked the cop, I do believe that either the stun gun or even shooting him in the legs to cripple him is appropriate rather than shooting to kill. But unless you’re there in every situation, how could you no what to do different. If someone’s attacking you then you may have firsthand knowledge of what it’s like. But if the government and the people have decided to give the police the okay to use deadly force at their discretion what do you think is going to happen? Are we able to do the same thing? So therefore they’re now different than us. Separate, and we are no longer “…all created equal…”

      • The only way to be so blind is to do it on purpose. You don’t think police aren’t closing rank on this? If the cop is justified why the blank incident report? Small town police are only concerned with self preservation, that’s what that police that police chief column is about. Don’t be so naive to think only black people get shot by the police for no reason. Ferguson might be coming to your town. Don’t be so blind as to think they wont shoot your son or your nephew, call him a thug and deploy the armored APC in your town. And I’m supposed to feel what exactly? For people like Andy you can’t reply to any of my posts without calling me an animal. Am I supposed to feel for him? Or for the people who call third hand story phoned into a radio show “evidence”. Gimme a break you want to give police the benefit of the doubt ? Feel free when they shoot someone close to you.

      • I never said you are an animal. I said you love animals. But your rhetoric suggests you have the potential to become an animal. Your hatred of cops…….especially white cops……..shows your true colors.

      • A smarter person would take the opportunity to check himself and reevaluate his unfortunate habit of making claims without evidence. So it goes.

      • Anything to do with my right to my opinion based on what has been presented. You are afforded the same right. Now you tell me anything I have presented that has been disproved

      • No, see, that’s not how debating works. You accused me of making claims without evidence, which is a strong claim about _things I wrote_. The way to prove that would be to provide examples of _things I wrote_ that are factually incorrect or unsupported by evidence. I, on the other hand, can cite multiple examples of things you wrote that are unsupported by evidence.

      • And YOU think you have all the facts and have decided he acted above the law. You dismiss anything said on Wilson’s behalf and embrace anything negative that is spoken about him.

      • All the witnesses for Brown have been proven liars. No shot in the back, no surrendering, no good kid going to college. Just an animal whacked out on THC attacking a cop after he just finished attacking a clerk and robbing him.

      • Yep. Smoked weed and did everything else 40 years ago. But I never attacked someone or tried to kill a cop.

      • The film shows him robing the store and he was a thief and that these people showed that they acted like bunch of wild animals.

      • That’s true but there isn’t anything to say he didn’t assault the officer as of yet.

      • I think it’s the other way around. Innocent until proven guilty right? If there was an assault wouldn’t be in the police interest to let it be known? Wouldn’t they be eager to clear their colleague if he was justified?

      • “…people making up “broken eye sockets that don’t exist”.

        That statement and others here makes you a liar. You don’t know that. You weren’t there and yet you speak as if you do know. That’s called lying. You believe that because that’s the direction of your own heart. You don’t care about the truth because it’s easier to hold onto your hatred.

        Whereas I do agree that the police are now separate from us, in that we are no longer “.. all created equal…” in their eyes, that responsibility is what the government and certain people have given to them. “You do the dirty work and have the weapons and we’ll go about our daily lives.” This has become part of our society just like it has in many churches. “You there, you will be the priest and be responsible for holiness, and I’ll come in on Sunday just to check in. And woe be it to you if you haven’t been holy!”
        Since the people have given these men and women the “right” to use lethal force at their “discretion” what do you think is going to happen. Their men! They’re going to behave the same as anyone else does. That’s why the framers of the original laws of the land specified that “…all men are created equal…” This was supposed to keep those in power humble. Being that we are under the same God. But since they are now above us or “more equal than us” they are no longer a part of us.
        But you conveniently disregard Browns responsibility as if he is not equal in it. That makes you a double liar. Unless of course you’re a “racist” to your own people. Are “your people” unable to be humble, courteous, virtuous, etc., in your eyes? Or is that “their culture”? If Brown robbed a store beforehand is that also just a part of your “culture” and therefore it has no bearing on the case?

        But you are acting just like the man who was filming this video right after Brown was shot. He didn’t witness the shooting but was repeating what others had said as if he were a witness himself. And then the man that can be heard at the end of the video tells what he saw as a real witness, but the damage had already been done. Now every one of you is a faux witness. But it’s called bearing false witness. Are “your people” incapable of obeying that commandment? Or is that part of your culture too?

  72. On Sunday, at a rally for Michael Brown, Highway
    Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, while in uniform, but not wearing his badge, stated, “
    I’m sorry, I stand up here wearing this uniform, and I’m sorry.” What is he
    sorry about? Being a policeman? He went on to talk about his son who wears
    baggy pants, I guess making reference to Michael Brown’s attire, stating he
    would stand by his son, because that is his baby. I hope he teaches his son not
    to be a thug. Then he went on saying, “we all oughta be thanking the Browns for
    Michael. Because Michael’s gonna make it better for our sons, so they can be
    better black men.” How so? Johnson is aware of a video, that he did not
    want released, that clearly shows Michael Brown was not such an “innocent” babe
    or “gentle” giant they tried to portray him to be, but instead an intimidating,
    aggressive bully, leading one to believe that is how he acted when confronted
    by the police officer. Is Johnson saying young black men should emulate that
    Michael Brown? Also notice, Johnson made no reference about law and order nor
    did he mention the ongoing investigation, which would reveal what happened in
    this incident and people should not make a rush to judgment. Instead, he emphasized his blackness and that
    he stands with the black community. Would not statements like that be
    considered racist? Sounds like that to me. Johnson’s biased comments give the
    impression that the officer will be indicted. And the “protesters” will
    not be satisfied unless the officer is indicted. So, what do you think will
    happen to this town if the officer is not indicted, because of the rhetoric
    coming from people like Johnson?

  73. Jay
    Nixon, the thieving Governor of Missouri, who stole money from the Children’s
    Trust Fund to pay his governor’s dues, made more irresponsible comments, without
    knowing all the facts of this case, when
    he called for “vigorous” prosecution i.e. an indictment of Officer Darren
    Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown. Apparently, Nixon has succumbed to the
    lynch mob when he says he wants justice for the Brown family.
    Unfortunately, the black activists’ and fools like Nixon the definition of
    justice is not justice, but just-us with a lynch mob mentality. These
    “protesters” want an indictment, a conviction and an execution. If it was up to
    them Officer Wilson
    would be swinging from a tree. There
    is a video that clearly shows Michael Brown was not an “innocent” babe or the
    “gentle” giant they portrayed him to be, but instead Brown was an intimidating,
    aggressive bully, which leads one to believe that is how he acted when
    confronted by the police officer. The video shows the TRUTH about Michael
    Brown, but does not fit the narrative and people like Nixon did not want it
    revealed. Then they have the nerve calling for “justice.” How is that justice
    when they want to hide Brown’s true demeanor?
    Justice is
    supposed to be blind. In this country there is the presumption
    of innocence, which includes the police officer. The “protesters” will not
    be satisfied unless the officer is indicted. So, what do you think will happen
    to this town if the officer is not indicted, because of the rhetoric coming
    from these “politicians” like Nixon? That is why it is best to wait to for the
    investigation to be completed, instead of jumping to conclusions and a rush to

    • I have yet to hear a member from the law enforcement professions to offer NON LETHAL suggestions to avoid that slaying. however , the real issue is law enforcement not wanting to criticize the police chief for not equipping officers with body camera’s (that he had) or equipping any vehicles with the dash cams he had that could have led to transparency on the onset The police chief stated on CNN that he only had two dash cams for the 18 vehicles but he needed $3000 to have them installed but that was money he didn’t have. No law enforcement official wants to discuss rubber bullets, mase, tasers, or spray or even the back up the officer could have awaited on; which by the way are all non lethal means of interaction. this “state of mind of the deceased ” is one every pro law enforcements tongue but the real subject is why isnt anyone discussing how the police chief failed his officer by not equipping him with devices to be monitored (dash cam, body cam) and what ended up as a “guessing game ” of what should could and would of happened could have been easily resolved with these devices.
      My understanding is had officer Wilson been equipped we may have a totally different outcome and we all know white males in the street in suburbs never end up dead and they too participate in shenanigans,dares and pranks which also include theft. Sororities and fraternities have hazing where the initiation process may include theft, so why is it this DEFENSIVE posturing to create all types of false narratives for officer Wilson when he too, like brown is a victim of the police chiefs liabilities and negligence. The police chief left an officer out to dry and we civilians know it and its the big elephant in the room that no one wants to speak about., I have a son, and no one deserves ti have their son killed when non lethal could have been employed to de-escalate this situation…. All I hear is officers crying about “i fear for my life and want to make it home to my family and ” that is code word for murder is the ONLY option. There is no other problem solving skills and no one wants to mention that firing a gun in a police car is very rare. It signifies the witness dorian Johnson may me accurate in saying the officer reversed the vehicle and tried to slam the door into them intentionally . In the ghetto the youngster call it the “jump out boys” (for detective who jump out on them) and this sound like what officer Wilson attempted to do while aggressively looking to confront the young man. Black young men are 90 more likely to experience behave than white males so we know routine because we have witnessed this. lets stop making excuses for this officer. The police chief failed him, and he failed the community, and that equals negligence…

      My mother grew up in Mississippi in the 50’s and 60’s and she said the climate was so bad that if blacks were beat or complained to the police by nightfall the police would be in the group of people burning crossing and hanging nooses outside your house. She said the town was so small that the prosecutor, police , judge and everyone in between were related so you had to undergo reverse psychology used against you and it created a very real chill between citizens and people of color.. This situation is yet another chill factor between the black residents and police especially if the contrived stories are the same narrative of old, lies to influence a jury prior to grand jury. I challenge men to have a dialogue about non lethal ways to send a message to black young males that say ” i count _ you count” so we can move pass this embarrassing hiccup for law enforcement that is going to change America, so attempting to sully the boys characater isn’t conducive to rapport

      • The race baiters and family want “justice.” The
        problem with their justice is it happens to be guilty and a death sentence for
        the officer involved without knowing all of the facts. They tried to portray Michael
        Brown as an innocent babe; a gentle giant. We now know that is NOT true.
        The video clearly shows the TRUTH about the “real” Michael Brown;
        that he was not the “gentle” giant they tried to portray him to be, but instead
        Brown was an intimidating, aggressive brute, which leads one to believe that is
        how he acted when confronted by the police officer. Then there was the claim that Brown was shot
        in the back. We now know that is NOT true. And the “protesters” will not be
        satisfied unless the officer is indicted. So, what do you think will happen to
        this town if the officer is not indicted, because of the rhetoric coming from
        these “politicians”? That is why it is best to wait to for the investigation to
        be completed, instead of jumping to conclusions and a rush to judgment.
        Unfortunately, the black activists’ definition of justice is not justice, but
        just-us with a lynch mob mentality. Stop looking through the prism of black and
        white, but instead through the prism of RIGHT and WRONG; GOOD and EVIL.

      • Right, the family wanted to portray Brown in the best light possible, which is why their lawyer said right up front that he was guilty of robbery.

      • FYI.According to an August 20, 2014 Salt Lake Tribune
        article, Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank stated one Dillon
        Taylor was shot and killed by a Utah police officer. Burbank said the officer
        was wearing a camera, but he has not yet released the video or the police
        officers name. In that article, “Burbank drew a distinction between
        Taylor’s shooting, in which the officer involved was not white, and the
        racially charged shooting of Michael Brown, the black teenager who was fatally
        shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., two days before Taylor was
        killed.” “In which the officer involved was not white” What does that
        mean? What color was he? Pink? Purple? Green? No! The officer was black. So,
        this incident involved a black police officer shooting an unarmed white teen.
        The investigation is ongoing and it is best to wait for the investigation to be
        completed, instead of jumping to conclusions and a rush to judgment. Justice is supposed to be blind.
        And in
        this country there is the presumption of innocence, which includes the police
        officer. Nevertheless, will Eric Holder
        call for a Civil rights investigation to be conducted in this incident? Will Al
        Sharpton and the other race baiters descend upon Salt Lake City? Will the
        rioters show up? What about the so-called Mainstream Media. Will they show up
        in force? We will have to wait and see, but I seriously doubt any of it.

  74. I have read the letter from another high rank officer from Alabama who wants to talk about officers not know what a person have done before they pulled them over for traffic stops. Understand something all those people like Timothy McVeigh, Bundy and all those murderers that committed serious crimes. Michael Brown did a crime that was never reported and a video that was released later after all the citizens of Ferguson was upset. Michael Brown still was not a justified shooting and if that high ranking Alabama officer believes it was then he needs to have his mind evaluated. I don’t agree with the letter of a high ranking officer being disrespectful to another high ranking officer cause at the end of the day they still have to work together as a team. So on that note Alabama be more professional.

    • “Michael Brown did a crime that was never reported and a video that was released later after all the citizens of Ferguson was upset.”

      And Michael Brown knew that the crime had not been reported? I don’t think they found a police scanner on him. Everything Cheif Delmore said about mindset is valid. Brown knew what he did was wrong and most likely thought the cop was responding to the incident and about to arrest him. Whether or not the crime had been reported had no impact on Michael Brown’s mindset.

  75. Looks like Ferguson has a history of animal behavior. But according to some here, these people are not animals…………..

    Suspects hit hot dog vendor with hammer at local Home Depot

    by staff

    Posted on August 22, 2013 at 12:19 PM
    Saturday, Aug 24 at 7:45 PM

    (KMOV) – Police are
    hoping surveillance video will help catch four suspects after a hot dog
    vender was robbed and attacked with a stolen hammer at a Ferguson Home
    Depot on Wednesday.

    Authorities said the hot dog vendor was standing at the front
    entrance of the Home Depot in the 10900 block of New Halls Ferry Rd.
    around 3 p.m. when four shoplifters walked by and swiped his cell phone.

    Police said the vendor chased them out of the store, but was struck
    in the head with a hammer one of the suspects had stolen. The suspects
    then got in a car and drove away.

    The bloodied victim was transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

    Authorities were looking at surveillance video to help identify the suspects.

    • They got some of the aforementioned animals………..

      Three more charged in hammer attack of Home Depot hot …

      St. Louis Post‑Dispatch

      Oct 18, 2013 – One suspect is charged in St. Louis killing; another was shot by … FERGUSON • Three more men were charged Friday in the hammer attack of a hot dog vendor at a Home Depot in August. … The bystander who tried to help was also hit in the head with the hammer. …. FEATURED LOCAL BUSINESSES …

      • Non responsive reply to my article about a prior animal attack. Your defense of crazed animals is noted.

      • Right, because the idea that “because some a*holes acted like a*holes we should consider an entire community to be animals” deserves a serious, well-reasoned response. Take the act somewhere else.

      • I’m sorry. Tell me where I called the whole city of Ferguson anything. Life is tough when you get called out for lying. Oh and BTW, don’t minimize animal behavior by saying ‘acted like a-ho**’. You beat someone with a hammer, you’re an animal.

      • “Ferguson has a history of animal behavior”. If that’s not what you meant, you are a terrible writer. If you go to your local community college, show any writing instructor that sentence (you don’t have to say you wrote it), and ask them what they think it means, I guarantee they agree with me. If they don’t I will send you a six-pack of beer.

      • You made an inference and lied in the process. You built a straw man and was busted for it. Just because I do not write in a way that fits your agenda does not give you the right to lie.

        So tell me why Ferguson has a crime rate twice the national average and one should not conclude that such behavior is that of animals at the worst, uncivilized barbarians at the least.

      • I don’t actually care if the crime rate in Ferguson is 10x the national average. No level of crime justifies shooting unarmed people, or aiming guns at peaceful protesters. If the police cannot maintain law and order without doing that, you reform the police.

        I strongly urge you to submit your writing to some objective review if you genuinely believe that the implication of what you write is something other than “all people in Ferguson are animals”.

      • [[ I don’t actually care if the crime rate in Ferguson is 10x the national average. ]]

        Yeah race pimp. I know you don’t care. Typical slimy libtard attitude.

      • Ok, I’ve had enough fun for one morning. Get back to me when you have an explanation for the police report.

      • “The incident report, filed by the St. Louis County police department, contains no new information on the encounter between Brown and Wilson. There are no written details about the event. As a result, the officer’s account of what transpired when the two men met just after noon on Aug. 9remains a mystery.

        And it will be for some time, according to Brian Schellman, a spokesman for the St. Louis County police department. Schellman told TIME that the department does not intend to release the “investigative” component of the incident report, the part that details Wilson’s version of events.

        Schellman said that under the Missouri State “Sunshine” Law, the department was not required to release the information during a pending investigation. As a result, Wilson’s account of what happens will remain confidential unless it is presented by a prosecutor, Schellman said.

        “We will not release it,” said Schellman, who noted that this is the county’s normal procedure. “This isn’t any different than a typical larceny from a local convenience store.”

      • Exactly. Why does the report not contain this information? Why was it released after the video? Answers to these questions are the fastest way to get rid of Eric Holder and the only possible means of averting a murder trial.

        And, yes, I can read. They were not required by law to release it. They were not required by law to release some dumbass video, but they did so anyway.

      • Quit justifying the animals rioting with your childishly limited either A or B crap. If your rioting savages had not rioted, there is no ‘military gear’ which in another lame complaint from your ignorant ilk. They cops are acting within the law. .They followed their NORMAL procedure. They don’t have to deviate from it and rush their report to placate the animals. Now if you and others pizz your panties at the site of military gear, don’t riot. And Holder was heading down there no matter what. Holder should mind his own business.

      • I answered your questions race baiter. You don’t like police procedure. Not my problem but totally expected.

      • Nobody ever said what they did was illegal. What was said – and what will continue to be said – is that the choices of the Ferguson PD put their ability to conduct an impartial investigation into question. Now, you can choose not to ask these questions yourself, but fortunately for us some Slightly More Significant Individuals are asking these questions.

        Do not attempt to pretend that the police are not to be held accountable for their behavior. We pay their salary. When law enforcement officers showed up to enforce a seizure warrant against Cliven Bundy, their behavior was entirely open to scrutiny.

        To summarize, you have not once attempted to provide an explanation for the behavior of the police, which (as you correctly state) is legal but highly questionable, even when I have given you multiple opportunities to do so. Until you choose to do so, I am going to have to call this one.

      • You can question it all you want. You can make all the inferences you want. They are following their procedure whether you like it or not. Do not attempt to pretend you are not trying to smear them. And paying their salary has zero to do with your witch hunt. Bundy has nothing to do with this.Google is your friend. Google map Ferguson Mo and the Bundy ranch. I’m sure you will see they are not in the same jurisdiction. You have the explanation from the police race pimp. Deal with it.

      • You asked me why the objectivity of the Ferguson PD is being questioned, and I told you. I asked you why the Ferguson PD released a video of the victim but not a police report, and you didn’t tell me. Until you decide to do that, I’m afraid we’re at an impasse.

      • [[ You asked me why the objectivity of the Ferguson PD is being questioned,]]

        No I didn’t.

        There is no impasse. The PD is following procedure like it or not. Get over it.

        [[ Your mistaken belief that Bundy has nothing to do with this is evidence of racism ]]

        Your interjection of Bundy is evidence of racism.

        [[ Why aren’t people who pointed guns at law enforcement officers carrying out a legal warrant “animals”? ]]

        Because they didn’t break things, burn things, riot and loot or try to kill a cop after attacking someone else. They are lucky they weren’t killed. They were fools at worst. Had they shot at the feds, THEN you have animals. See how safe guns are in the white…………er…..right hands?

      • Yes, I am sure the feds felt completely safe with all those people pointing guns at them, they didnt even have to wear kevlar.

        Once again it seems your urgent need to have the last word exceeds my desire for debate, and I have better things to do Have a great day!

      • What you are doing is not debate kid. It is race hustlin’. As expected, you now flounce off like the drama queen you’ve been when you’re getting smote.

      • How exactly is Joseph race bating, he never once mentioned race.Does that mean if you side with a person of color you are race bating. You see the only ones who ever bring up race bating is the right. The only ones who actually mention racism is the right.

      • Our friend Andy is part of a minority of conservatives who are smart enough to understand internal consistency but not smart enough to understand social interaction and debate.

      • You should really see someone professionally about this need you have to always have the last word.

      • I already covered his race baiting. Accept it or not. The leftards have been screaming ‘racism’ since this animal was put down.

      • Let’s see….the first and every report on the shooting said “unarmed black teen”, nope, no racism there. Since when is evidence released before the trial? Whether or not the officer acted right or wrong is unknown at this point, there are eyewitnesses supposedly giving both as possibilities, and right now the ones claiming the cop was wrong seem to have little if any credibility, but hey, that’s the way trial by media works, it just guarantees no chance in hell of a fair trial for anyone. In a nutshell, if you weren’t there you don’t know what happened, and you shouldn’t, until the trial……the real one.

      • You know what’s funny, is the people being hit with tear gas and rubber bullets were not the ones rioting and looting. The ones who were getting gassed were being abused by the police but that is another issue. Also the number of rioters and looters were very small in numbers compared to the people peacefully protesting and that can be seen by any of the videos shown.

      • Too bad. The rioters hid with the legit protesters. Collateral damage sucks. You deal with rioters like any other animal.

      • I don’t want to put any words in your mouth so I will not. I will simply ask questions just to verify what you are saying. So because Ferguson has a crime rate higher than the national average are you saying it’s OK for an officer to assume that Michael Brown was up to no good. Are you saying because of the crime right it was OK for the officer to suspect his life was in danger?

      • You read my posts. Do with them what you wish. Brown was killed because he charged a cop and tried to kill him.

  76. Ferguson crime rate higher than national average. I wonder why.

    Crime rates in Ferguson by YearType20002002200320042005200720082009201020112012Murders
    (per 100,000)3
    (per 100,000)6
    (per 100,000)49
    (per 100,000)44
    (per 100,000)313
    (per 100,000)831
    (3,291.3)Auto thefts
    (per 100,000)197
    (per 100,000)0
    (0.0) crime rate (higher means more crime, U.S. average = 297.5)517.6492.5506.9439.9427.4474.4578.0486.1431.3433.0381.1 crime rate counts serious crimes and violent crime more heavily. It adjusts for the number of visitors and daily workers commuting into cities.

    Read more: