Pope endorses force against ISIS. Maybe he should be Commander-in-Chief?

Last week, during a question and answer session with reporters, Pope Francis endorsed the use of force against the Islamic extremists saying, “In these cases, where there is an unjust aggression, I can only say that it is licit to stop the unjust aggressor.”

Strong words indeed, from a man of the cloth no less. But it isn’t the first time a pope has made such declarations regarding murderous Muslims.

Let’s take a short walk down history’s lane for a moment. Back in 1095 it was Pope Urban II who had received letters of the attacks, raids, persecution and murder against Christian pilgrims going to the Holy Land — namely Jerusalem — by Muslims. Just as a reminder, Islam came onto the scene in 612 and after Mohammad’s conquest of Mecca in 628, began its violent expansion. Pope Urban was well aware of the fate of North Africa and of course Spain. And I am sure Pope Urban knew well of the Muslim venture into France only to be turned back by Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours in 728.

Certainly Pope Urban II felt compelled to protect Christians from the savagery which was well known and documented at that time. But this is not a debate about the “Crusades” or the subsequent endeavors of the Crusaders. I am speaking about the mindset that caused Pope Urban II to send out a clarion call through the known Christian world – at that time.

I bring it up because we are hearing a similar concern from the Vatican today. And I came across an interesting article that asks a very pertinent question, does the Vatican need a quick reactionary force?”

The article, written by Alan Kornman and Wallace Bruschweiler for Familysecuritymatters.com states, “The events in Iraq by the Islamic State and other Islamist groups against Christians and ‘others’ are only the last of a long (and very little reported) series of horrible “events” in Iraq, Syria, Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria, Lebanon, Sudan, etc.”

“The Vatican has called on Muslim leaders to denounce unambiguously the persecution of Christians and Yazidis in Iraq – and ‘hinted’ that it is ‘considering’ breaking off dialogue with Islamic representatives if they fail to do so. The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue said ISIS had committed “and was continuing to commit unspeakable criminal acts.”

Along with the endorsement of force, this is about as strong a statement we have heard from the Vatican in quite some time. As a matter of fact, having the Vatican consent to military strikes is something I don’t recall even after the 9-11 attacks by al-Qaida.

Could it be this purposeful global persecution and slaughtering of Christians, simply because of their faith, is the straw that has broken the back of the Vatican? The issue is that no one — and we all must agree — no global leader is stepping up to the plate to respond. The Muslim Ottomans did the same thing to the tune of 250,000 Assyrians and Chaldeans between 1914-1919 in the same area – not to mention what happened to the Armenians.

So is it time for the Vatican to take a more active role in protecting Christians in the face of this 21st century genocide? The lessons of history are clear as the same actors are again starring on the global stage. The difference now is that we can all get a video of a beheading within minutes — we cannot hide behind ignorance.

As Kornman and Bruschweiler assert, “Pope Francis must realize the threshold of ‘prudential judgement’ to go to war has been crossed long time ago. The Pope must acknowledge this fact by acting decisively, with no further delay, to engage the Islamist enemy wherever Christians are attacked and slaughtered. For the Vatican to consider breaking off interfaith dialogue with Islamic representatives is feckless bluster.”

“Pope Francis can no longer hide behind the neutrality of the Corps of Gendarmerie of Vatican City. In today’s world, there is no active military force that will come to the aid of persecuted Christians with a singularity of purpose.”

Now of course I can just imagine the left wing progressive media headlines: “Allen West advocates for new Crusade with a Christian mercenary army” — nope. I’m just trying to get y’all to think.

Why is it that we’re sitting back and watching the growth of a non-state, non-uniform belligerent terrorist army sponsored by Islamic nation-states but we do nothing? We’re sitting around and wringing our hands, wondering how we respond while this enemy supported by countries like Qatar, Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia gains strength and momentum, while terrorizing the world — especially Christians.

For whatever reason Pope Urban II made the call in 1095, somehow he came to a realization that words were not enough.

Kornman and Bruschweiler conclude, “The so-called news media (written and TV) is either blind and deaf or just “politically correct”. The sleazy advances of violent Islamic extremists must be stopped before it is too late. Action today is imperative. The Vatican must utilize its vast resources in forming a Quick Reactionary Force (QRF) of mercenaries to protect and defend Christians wherever and whenever they are under attack around the world.”

Do I concur that the Vatican needs a mercenary army? No, but I want the world to come together in a coalition to destroy the Islamist ideology and its armed jihadists — and I mean all of them. What I want is for some leader to step up and take charge — no more pronouncements and prepared statements. I do agree, action is imperative and these “coexist” apologists are only Islamic terrorist enablers.

These bastards beheaded an American and put it out on YouTube like a freaking music video. There is only one appropriate response: you all are going to die.


  1. This man doesn’t know his history. The pope was pretecting the Christians from the Muslim savagery? Are you kidding me? At this time the church was burning heathens and heretics left and right. The Muslim world in the medival era was the most advanced society in existence at the time. The great centers of knowledge weren’t Florence, London or Rome, but Baghdad and Mecca. Not only that, but the Muslim caliphate was known for it’s tolerance; allowing people of all faiths and ethnic groups to live peacefuly. Muslim Spain was even known as a haven for minorities while they were fleeing the opression of the Church.

    The Crusades weren’t about defending Christian faith; they were about asserting and retaining the Pope’s dominance over Europe.

    • So, you are honestly going to just not see it for what it is? You are going to deny that yes, they swept across North Africa, Spain (700 years to clean them out), France, Constantinople, crushed the Byzantines, and marched to the gates of Vienna in 1683 and took a combined European army to stop them? They took slaves from countries in the early 1800s and we, U.S., had to stand up to them as the rest of Europe was spineless like they are today.

      You are a complete liar (to yourself) and an idiot. They were MASS KILLING people. Just like they are today. And you can’t bring yourself to see it for what it is. Relativism. But, boy those Christians and teabaggers are evil. Wake up. As Mr. West said in another article; ISIS won’t care that you think they are all nice and moderate. You better wake up.

      I know you are probably parroting your idiot professor, so I have some empathy for you.

      • It’s much easier to believe in a world with good guys and bad guys isn’t it? Everything is so simple for you; whatever the right-wing media says is truth. You want me to wake up? No, I’m awake. I understand that the truth is messy. You don’t. You like to have an enemy. The Muslims, the gays, the atheists, the Mexicans, the blacks, Obama, whoever. Whatever problems there are it’s someone else’s fault.

        And I never said the IS (it hasn’t been ISIS for a while now) was moderate, they are most certainly not. However, to some up a world of 7+ billion people as simply as you’d like to is lazy and ignorant. A classroom of highschoolers is more complex than you think the entire world is. The truth resists simplicity, my friend.

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  3. The Unholy Father psychologically and spiritually disarms Christians with his liberal drivel about “Islam” the “religion of peace”, kissing Korans and religious syncretism equating Christianity with Islam. Now, in the name of humanity, he calls on the West to employ the military.
    Hypocrisy! He and his predecessors have spent the last generation psychologically disarming Catholics and Christians by telling us that Islam is a religion of peace, that their God is our God and that Muslims are just like us – now go fight.

    He spiritually disarms Christians and then sends us to the fight against the Islamic barbarians who crusade against Christ, Christians and Western Civilization by waging a “war” that to them is indistinguishable from massacre. Thank you liberal Francis, John Paul and Benedict for the barbarism you have allowed to be unleashed.

  4. The Crusades as Pope Urban called for would not get off the ground today. The geopolitical landscape has changed since then. The Crusades came to a halt when the Protestant movement began. That was it.


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