Negotiation equals weakness: Iran openly backs Hamas

One thing we haven’t heard too much about recently is what’s happening in Iran — where American pastor Saeed Abedini, is still being held captive. You might recall our story here about the failure of nuclear talks and the further lifting of sanctions against the Islamist theocratic regime of Iran. So should we have lifted the sanctions against Iran?

Sure doesn’t seem like it – considering Iran seems to be still supporting Hamas.

According to the Washington Times, “When President Obama announced last year the easing of U.S. sanctions on Iran in return for concessions on its nuclear program, he cautiously hailed the deal as a “real opportunity to achieve a comprehensive, peaceful settlement” with Tehran. But while both countries work overtime on thorny nuclear issues, fresh evidence suggests Iran continues to support the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, which went to war anew this summer with Israel. U.S. and Israeli officials offer varying assessments on the depth of the current level of material support being provided to Hamas by Tehran, although sources in both Washington and Jerusalem say longtime Iranian assistance is what ultimately helped the Palestinian group build the thousands of rockets it fired at Israeli targets from Gaza starting in July.”

No, Iran hasn’t backed off on its support to Hamas — or probably Hezbollah — both of which present an existential threat to the safety, security and sovereignty of Israel. But members of the Iranian regime leadership are more than happy to admit to their support.

“Palestinian resistance missiles are the blessings of Iran’s transfer of technology,” the secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council, Mohsen Rezaei, told Al-Alam, the Arabic channel of Iran’s state TV, on Aug. 4. “We need to transfer defensive and military technology to Palestinians so that they can build weapons under the blockade and defend themselves.” According to a report on his comments by The Associated Press, Mr. Rezaei publicly called on Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to provide air defense systems to Hamas to protect against airstrikes on Gaza from Israeli forces.

This means Iran is openly supporting a recognized terror organization in order to attack our best ally in the Middle East, the sovereign State of Israel. Yes, America is supporting Israel’s Iron Dome protective defense shield but apparently President Obama blocked the shipment of more Hellfire missiles to Israel.

So as we are easing sanctions against Iran and opening up access to billions of dollars, you just have to ask, where is that money going? We found out where the construction materials such as concrete went — and who forced Israel to open up its blockade and allow those materials to enter Gaza (I’m looking at you, Hillary).

The Washington Time reports, there is substantial evidence Iran has provided weapons and missile-building know-how and technology to Hamas over the past decade, even as the extremist group was building on its own the vast majority of rockets that it fired into Israel over the past two months. “Hamas has been working on rocket technology for over a decade, and most of the rockets used in the recent wave of attacks against Israel appear to be homemade,” said one U.S. intelligence official, who spoke on condition of anonymity with The Times due to the sensitive nature of information relating to Hamas‘ inner workings.”

One of the new developments in rocket technology facing Israel is an increased range capacity. “Based on findings from the points of impact, the long-range rockets that were being used were M302s,” said Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, the top spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces. Lt. Col. Lerner said in a telephone interview Monday that it was not clear exactly how many M302s were fired, nor was there certainty over exactly how long the rockets have been in Hamas‘ possession in Gaza but that “the sense is that they got there from the Iranians.” The M302s have a range about 10 times longer than what existed in Hamas‘ prior arsenal, making such rocket attacks more threatening to Israel’s civilian population.”

So what do you think will happen to the $47 million Secretary of State John Kerry promised to Gaza – er — Hamas as part of the cease fire negotiations? Would that be used to further the designs of Hamas and purchase more weaponry? And yes, weapons smuggling is being attempted into Gaza. The Times reports that “ Israel intercepted a clandestine naval shipment of M302 rockets that Lt. Col. Lerner and others have argued was en route to the Gaza Strip courtesy of Iran. The shipment was revealed in March of this year.” Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to surmise the eventual use and destination of these rockets.

“Israeli navy commandos seized the rockets as they were traveling via a Panamanian-flagged ship across the Red Sea. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the time that the rockets, concealed in 20 containers on the ship, were proof that Iran had “not abandoned its deep involvement in terrorism or systematic efforts to undermine peace and security.”

Clearly we cannot trust Iran. We certainly cannot allow Hamas to continue to exist as it is — fully armed. Netanyahu has clearly stated that Hamas must be disarmed. The United States has declared Hamas a terrorist organization, so this is not a serious brain exercise. The situation is worsening, and the time for compromise, negotiations and appeasement has ended.


      • The Islamicists that he supports by sending them money and through other means, they hate and want to exterminate the Jews right? So, in that way they’re like Nazis. Very much so. They are militarized, they dress in a very similar regalia…they, ISIS esp. are very much like the Nazis.

      • No they are not, the Nazis were highly trained and dissaplined………and unfortunately for the world, they didnt finish the job they started with the extermination of the JEWs

      • They didn’t finish the job because they couldn’t, they were destroyed as will any future idiots who try to spread their delusional ideas. Sorry you won’t see what you want in your life time.

  1. The fact that our Government is negotiating with Iran over its Nuclear program and giving them millions back for the lawlessness in which we took it away in the first place. If our government thought Isis was close to building a nuke we’d take them out because their terrorist,and they only number 15-20k in fighters. But a terrorist country we can some how make them good people by throwing money at them.

    • Actually the money that is now going back to Iran IS THEIR money which was frozen in western banks by the USA…… your statement ” But a terrorist country we can some how make them good people by throwing money at them” is just plain HS

      • Which they shouldn’t be getting because they’re a terror supporting state who have sworn to destroy the United States, and who are seeking nuclear weapons.

      • Just like the USA supporting Israel with billions each and every year…..and what do the jews do, they kill 1000s of women and children………..and by the way, the USA still has 1000s of nukes, which should have been destroyed by 2013, and Israel have about 200…many counties have them, so why not Iran

      • Yes the UNITED STATES still has a lot of nukes and yes we send money to Israel . To think that any country will destroy its own weaponry is a dream. If your statements are to justify Iran and its Nuclear program then I don’t get how that ties into the US and its weapons and its aid to Israel. Unless you view the US & Israel as terrorist. If you do then your an enemy already and there for not worth conversation.

      • I am not a terroist nor do I live in a country that goes around the world………….like the USA does………..terrorising civilans with constant wars and conflicts…………….dont you guys ever learn…………you have had 2 go’s at Iraq, and your politicians are just wanting another go……….its not about terrorism, its all about trying to control the last drops of oil in this planet

      • I did not say you were a terrorist,,not sure were that statement came from. We had 2 go’s at Iraq yes. Once because they invaded Kuwait and Kuwait asked for our assistance. The second time could have been for many reasons,WMD’ “which all believe was a lie” even though theirs been prof since that it wasn’t. Or it could have been because Sadam Hussein tried to assassinate G Bush Jr’s Dad “seems to be a reach. Or more than likely it was all the above along with 9/11 killing over 2,000 People of multiple Ethnic backgrounds,but it was an attack on this country. And then like “99% sure” now if this country was attacked in like manor some one is gonna pay a price. And I have no issue with that.
        And back to Iraq, they asked for our help in this current situation. Because sadly they are incapable of fighting for themselves,or they just don’t give a damn about their country enough to fight a far less numbered Isis. And if Isis is in fact sawing of people’s heads and crucifying them herding them like animals in ditches to murder all in the name of,,it doesn’t matter that kind of evil needs to be dealt with.

      • Perhaps you didn’t get the first line in my comment,” giving them millions BACK for the same lawlessness in which WE TOOK IT AWAY IN THE FIRST PLACE” there for giving it back to to them or “throwing money at them”
        I under stand very well why,how and when we froze their assets, and I also believe now as I did then.They are are a terrorist country “and yes I know that all people in Iran aren’t terrorist ” but there leader is period. And we should have ended their nuclear ambitions instead of squeezing their money back then.

      • I see that your are still being brainwashed by the American media, that Iran is a terrorist country, is that because they are Muslims………..actually they are not all muslims, infact many Jews live in Iran, and there is a good % of christians. Their nuclear program is not for producing nuclear weapons, unlike the USAs and Israels.and others…….it has been proven that their goal is for energy production. Perhaps you can explain how the USA would have ended their nuclear program BACK THEN…………and the USA usually does things by invading them………typical American attitude, we dont a certain country, so we invade them…………….you did actually send in CIA agents into Sweden to spy on Americans living here……….the agents were caught and arrested and put on the 1st plane to the USA……….next time they will go to prison on espionage charges…………the USA state dept didnt say a word

      • Man your all over the place on this one,stay on topic much? As I said in your response to my first comment, read what I wrote,I clearly stated i know all people in Iran are not terrorist but their supreme leader is.
        I also know from what I have learned that most people in Iran would rather a different way of life under different leadership. They are oppressed by the very government you seem to side with,but since you have only thrown hate speech at the US and not named this greater country you live in I am left to guess.You seem to state as a matter of fact that Iran’s nuclear program is only for energy ” it has been proven ” you said, if thats the case then why doesn’t Russia,US,China,Germany,United Kingdom or France believe that to be so. All reports “yes some are bias,and even lies but not all” seem to state that it is completely unnecessary to enrich uranium for any of the purposes Iran states that it does this for. Medical isotopes,energy. Uranium enriched at the levels Iran has is weapons grade period.
        Oh and by the way, I am in no way brainwashed by the media company’s whom are mouth pieces for this Current leadership. I am a free thinker and study as much as possible. And I do not believe in order to have a debate with another that hate has to be at the center of it.

  2. More vile hate and propaganda from the vile hate mouth of Westie….he never stops to think………Iran giving assistance to the Gaza Strip……..and why not, the USA pumps $billions and billions into Israel to commit murder of civilans……..Mr West your arguments are so one sided………..they are beginning to smell………..just like you……..


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