The monster grows: al-Qaida in Yemen announces support for ISIS

Back when I was growing up in Atlanta we would play pickup basketball games at the local courts. There would be two fellas picked as team leaders and they would pick their team members from the guys sitting on the side. If you were winning, you kept the same team while someone would call “next” in order to put together the next team to challenge the winners. The point was that you always wanted to associate with the winning team and be picked among the most capable in order to win.

And so it goes in the very deadly game of pickup called Islamic jihadism — seems ISIS is the winning team with whom everybody else wants to play.

Despite their initial concerns that ISIS was even too violent for al-Qaida, the al-Qaida branch in Yemen wants to be part of the team.

As reported by CNS News, “The world’s two most dangerous Islamic terror groups appear to be joining forces. A statement purportedly by al-Qaeda’s Yemen-based branch — al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula — expresses support for the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL), the Yemen Times reported on Tuesday. “We announce solidarity with our Muslim brothers in Iraq against the crusade. Their blood and injuries are ours and we will surely support them,” the newspaper quoted the AQAP statement as saying. “We stand by the side of our Muslim brothers in Iraq against the American and Iranian conspiracy and their agents of the apostate Gulf rulers.”

Yes, AQAP, you know, those guys who were on the run and decimated. The axis of evil now forming threatens the entire concept of global security. We already reported here that in the Philippines, Abu Sayyaf and in Indonesia, Jemaat al-Islamiyah, are also pledging allegiance to ISIS and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This is what happens when politics and campaign promises outweigh strategic vision and truth: the enemy gains strength and momentum.

Right before our eyes, we’re watching a repeat of the Taliban-al-Qaida alliance that established itself in Afghanistan – the last time was on President Clinton’s watch, now on Barack Hussein Obama’s. But ISIS is far more serious because of its financial viability and its extensive – and successful – recruiting program which extends into western countries.

Al-Qaida’s statement went on to offer ISIS fighters tips on how to avoid airstrikes, like those President Obama ordered against the jihadists in northern Iraq 12 days ago. “Based on our experience with drones, we advise our brothers in Iraq to be cautious about spies among them because they are a key factor in setting goals; be cautious about dealing with cell phones and internet networks; do not gather in large numbers or move in large convoys; spread in farms or hide under trees in the case of loud humming of warplanes; and dig sophisticated trenches because they reduce the impact of shelling,” the statement said.

In other words, AQAP is sharing lessons learned and tactics, techniques, and procedures to defeat drone technology and strikes with ISIS. This is why Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s decision to cancel the US Air Force A-10 close air support platform is mindless. And we must realize the longer we dither, the more ISIS fortifies its defenses and better prepares against assaults. This is precisely why I recommend developing an aerial task force which can perform the full spectrum of air campaign operations from close air support, to air interdiction, to strategic bombing.

No doubt we will see an internal struggle for the true Islamic jihadist leadership. CNS reports “an AQAP statement in support of ISIS would be significant since al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri publicly disavowed ISIS last year, after al-Badri made a bid for leadership of all al-Qaida elements among the anti-Assad forces in Syria. Yemen Times quoted a Yemeni strategic affairs specialist as saying some AQAP members were in Syria and Iraq, affiliated with ISIS, while some ISIS gunmen were training al-Qaida fighters in Yemen. Saeed Al-Jamhi said AQAP appeared to be divided over ISIS, with one faction supporting it and another not.”

We may also see a deadly race for viability and relevance as al-Qaida may execute terror attacks to maintain influence, prestige and power. It’s like rival gangs bidding for top billing in order to build recruiting – but they won’t be killing each other. They’ll be going after us.

So far all President Obama has promised is to bring those who murdered James Wright Foley to justice and he’ll be initiating an FBI-type investigation. Heck, let’s just resurrect Peter Falk and send him in as Columbo (dating myself there, I know).

It really does amaze me. Islamic terrorists are committing genocide against Christians and religious minorities. They just beheaded an American, videoed the whole thing and posted it YouTube. And Obama talks about forming a coalition to condemn this action. Yep, that’s hope and change.

Doggone, how did ISIS get so freakin’ lucky to come along right when America has the worst and weakest president ever?

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THIS is just another example of why you want you your CIC to at least have SOME military training, if not battlefield experience… (I might even settle for advisers with some wisdom)…
Instead we have a community organizer that is getting his ass handed to him on his foreign policy…


Doesn’t anyone know the difference between being weak and allowing things to happen? It’s not coincidence. So far everything he said he would do, he’s doing. He’s following his playbook and no one is stopping him. My question is why are we allowing a domestic terrorist (and that has been proven over and over) to still remain in power?


My concern is another 9-11 or worse they say,is possible. Why in the world would those in charge just sit and wait for it to happen!! Half the nation drank the Kook Aid and put his sorry self in the WH. God forbid ,ISIS launches an attack on us,that 50 % stand to lose as much as the rest of us. Why aren’t the Dems doing anything !!!


Luck has nothing to do with it Col. They “came along at this time” BECAUSE of the weak leader we have now. More to the point because they understand that he doesn’t have a clue of what to do next and really doesn’t want to deal with it at all.

Wild Bill

This was predicted to happen, Westy! Remember when it was said that our “Organizer in Chief” would kow-tow to the Islamists and that is just what he is doing! Time to start taking out a bunch of those radicals, but Obummer ain’t got the cojonnes to do it.


If they aren’t eliminated and SOON,,,,they will find their way here,if they haven’t already. With Obama’s open border policy,chances are they already have sleeper cells all over the country. They have been observing the weakening of America by him and have paid close attention. Wake up America.We are in harm’s way as never before.


What ISIS does is act of war, not criminal action of one individual. Now our enemies form up together. Obama just does not want to admit or act on the obvious solution. There is only one. ISIS/ al Qaida must be destroyed, entirely, where ever they may be found. Like it or not we have a jihadist army coming at us. They are not just going to go away. The longer we wait to unleash our full military might upon them, the more prepared and larger they become.


And meanwhile OBama plays golf,one round after another. He either has no idea what to do or is being told to do nothing.

Morrie Itzkowitz
I hate to say this folks but we are already in deep do do. The rest of the world knows what Obummer is and unfortunately they will not do anything until we do something and I am not talking about dropping a few hundred bombs and food supplies, they know that he does not want to make war with these people no matter what they do. If we would talk to the world with strength and declared war on them which is rally what we should do them maybe everyone would jump in. The biggest problem we have is that… Read more »

It really doesn’t matter what Obama wants or what liberals want we are at war with these people and it’s not going to be over until we totally destroy them. We are all tired of war but I really don’t think they care if a bunch of Americans have had enough. Obama better get busy because this group is worse than Al Quaida we need to stop them now.

I know that this is going to sound evil and I understand that innocent lives will be lost but they will be lost whether or not we react to this situation. I say NUKE the whole mid east and be done with them. Then go after the Islamic terrorist in the surrounding countries. But by dissolving there leadership we break them down and make them vulnerable. Sure they will retaliate against us but it won’t be as bad as if we did nothing at all which is what we are doing now. I have a son in the Army and… Read more »

Kill them done with it.
Have Russia and China join the US and nuke them all .


I’m already locking and loading .
Im.not taking crap from a Muslim. .God knows evil and every one of those dirty bastards will kneal to the one and only God Jesus Christ…..When this is all over.

Terry Shrout
Not Lucky Lt. Col. West, Opportunistic. These serpents lay low and crawl through the grass until they see the time is right to strike. They’ve know our POTUS is weak and impotent. Plus, just as Saddam was given over a decade by the UN to move his WMD’s, IS has been given about a 4 year head start to build up forces and strategize as our beloved president has crowed about his deadlines to pull our troops out of the middle east. Evil will always be willing and able to fill any void left by the withdrawal of light and… Read more »

View AmericaIdea for the 2016 Dream Candidate. This lays forth plans that could have occurred. History passes. Instead, support and spread word. Timing was crucial to stop this evil. Time goes on.

4728 days ago our great Nation was attacked by 19 hijacker’s. I remember that terrible day as we all do, we will never forget what we were doing and where we were when it happened. I also recall clearly every American was in utter shock, that we America, the most powerful and mighty Nation in the free world had somehow let this happen. I remember like it was yesterday the outcry collectively from this Country…How could we Americans, with all of our $$$ and Intelligence asset have somehow missed these 19 terrorist’s. It has been 4728 days and yet we… Read more »
Vincent Hare

That is because Al Qaida has been there terrorizing people under the radar of those
standing out in the public eye! Just because stupid people like you
don’t know anything, and can’t tell that the who the President is has
nothing to do with the terrorist game plan. The only difference, is
that people like you help them out by causing dissension among those
countries who are trying to stay united and strengthened. THANK YOU MR.
WEST FOR JOINING The ISIS terrorist group against America!!


Does Obama at the golf course know about this?


The World wide caliphate. Is Barack Hussein Obama the 12th Imam?

Patrick Thomas

News flash: Islam at its marrow
is the evildoer. It isn’t because the majority of Muslims are involved in a global
jihad. In truth, they are a very small minority. Instead, it’s because more
than 90 percent of Muslims refuse to speak out against the barbaric goals of
the terrorists in their ranks.

In many ways radical Islam is no
different than Nazism of the 1930s. But rather than a single race following the
evil edict of Adolf Hitler, evil and radical Islam is driven by millions of
Muslims following the teachings of the Quran.