RIP James Wright Foley: to defeat terrorists we must instill a greater terror

Yesterday we learned the horrific news about the beheading of American journalist James Wright Foley and I express my heartfelt condolences to his family. It is reminds us of the fate of Daniel Pearl and Nicholas Berg.

As reported by Reuters, “Islamist militants fighting in Iraq released a video on Tuesday which purported to show the beheading of American journalist James Foley and U.S. officials said they were working to determine its authenticity. The video, titled “A Message to America,” was released a day after Islamic State, an al-Qaida offshoot that has overrun large parts of Iraq, threatened to attack Americans “in any place.”

“Islamic State militants also claimed in the video to be holding U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff and said his life depended on U.S. President Barack Obama’s next move. The video was posted after Obama resumed air strikes in Iraq for the first time since the end of the U.S. occupation in 2011. “The life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision,” said a masked man in the video posted on social media sites, speaking English with a British accent as he held a prisoner the video named as Sotloff, who went missing in northern Syria while he was reporting in July 2013. Foley was kidnapped on Nov. 22, 2012, in Syria by unidentified gunmen.”

Here is what must happen. Americans residing in countries on the terrorist list must be evacuated or consolidated into facilities with U.S. armed support and security. The administration must immediately get accountability of all journalists free roaming in Gaza, Judea-Samaria, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Qatar and require them to return or have U.S.- supported armed security. There should be a heightened security status for Americans traveling abroad and sadly so in cities such as London and Paris. We MUST secure our border NOW!

It is too late for Steven Sotloff who has already been taken by these Islamic barbarians but we can take action to prevent the kidnapping of any further Americans.

My next decision would be simple: eradicate the existence of ISIS. There is only one response that America can send and it is not one that we shall be intimidated by an Islamic terrorist organization. Wherever there is the black flag, people will die.

President Obama can no longer state what he is not willing to do. He must destroy the enemies of this country. The entire Congress, House and Senate, needs to be recalled and the president should deliver his strategic plan to destroy ISIS and seek congressional approval. He must declare we are in a war against Islamic totalitarianism and jihadism. He needs to define the enemy and the means by which we shall implement every element of our national power; diplomatic, informational, economic, and military.

America cannot be held hostage by a bunch of 7th Century savages with 21st Century technology and weaponry, as well as social media and communications skills. The Pope has given his blessing and this is not a “crusade” we have undertaken, but as the original crusades were intended by Pope Urban II in 1095, we shall defend liberty and freedom for Christians and religious minorities being persecuted by rabid Islamists. We must hammer ISIS as Charles Martel did at the Battle of Tours in 728 AD.

And just for historical reference, the fictional character Dracula was based upon Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, who was a member of the House of Drăculești. He became known as Vlad the Impaler because of his brutality against his main enemy, the invading Ottomans. Vlad III became renowned in Romanian and Bulgarian folklore for his defense of Eastern European Christianity. We need not adopt his tactics, but at least he understood that to defeat a terrorist you had to instill a greater terror.

My point is simple: history is just repeating itself all over again with Islamic jihadism and it is our turn to take our place in history. What shall be written?


  1. It’s time for total war. No kid gloves. We need to go in and rain hell upon them, destroying everything in our path, then let those who remain pick up the pieces. We have tried the current COIN approach. You can’t beat them like that. They only way you can beat them is to destroy all of them. Eventually they will learn not to support terrorists, or they will all die. It’s a sad way of looking at it, but it is slowly becoming the only way.

    • ComeOnPeople,

      Read what Parrish wrote, above. I could not agree with either of you more! Most civilians have NO idea how stupidly “fair” we fight, nowadays. If you find yourself in a fair fight…that just means your tactics suck. We could put every member of ISIS and a quarter of their sympathisers in the ground by next Monday. Simply declare war, take the cuffs off, and get the heck out of our way. This has never been about capability. As with securing ALL of our borders, it is all about True Leadership having the political WILL to do The Right Thing.


    • These evil bastards are coming across the border with the Mexican illegals! You can’t tell them apart! They all look exactly the same. They are pals with the drug cartels as well! Obama the clown will not be happy until the US is destroyed!

    • You have completely lost your mind and am I glad you don’t have anything to do with sending our (my son and grandson) off to war. This is plainly another “False Flag Op.” your knee jerk reactions will kill a lot of people. I know you guys hang out in a place where everyone agrees with you because you feel comfortable around people that don’t challenge you to have an original idea. Try to figure out who is supporting ISIS, then try to figure out why they would fake beheading him. I know thinking hurts for a while but it will go away.

  2. I agree and it goes for those “Americans” flying the flag of these cowards. I for one will do whatever it takes to tear these flags down if I see one flying from some “Americans” home. Whatever it takes! A real president said if you aren’t with us then you are against us. That goes for a segment of “American” sympathizers and supporters.

  3. Let’s be honest here…. There is nothing – NOTHING, short of nuking the entire middle east, the more civilized west can do to stop this caliphate. Conventional warfare won’t work with these militants. The real solution here is for the west to apply pressure on the Islamic communities around the world – the good Muslims of the world. And, that is something I’m not seeing. None of these organizations – not CAIR, not any of the mosques, none of them are responding. ISIS is under the belief that ALL Muslims are united as one. If these good Muslim groups can somehow come together, work with the west, and actually outnumber ISIS, there is a chance that ISIS can be rendered obsolete. ISIS can’t be wiped off the planet. But, it can be rendered irrelevant if enough good Muslims would actually make the effort to condemn this army. That would at least put a stop to the caliphate.

  4. Not sure about us rounding up Americans abroad and restrictions on journalists. Oh, and the photo posting was disrespectful to Mr. Foley and his family. Otherwise we agree. Thanks Allen.

    • The photo is reality. There’s nothing “disrepectful” about it. It shows what cowards these muslum terrorists are and how brave that American was. God Bless Him!

  5. I see two humans… one looks remarkably secure considering the situation, he looks like a man with inner confidence… the other human looks like an insecure unit of emotion so bound by fear that he cannot even show his face… and feeling so insignificant that he must attempt to project some facade of ninja warrior appearance… If I needed to pick one of these for a team in any pursuit, I would pick the guy in orange for sure and would not even consider the one in black… destroyers of good are always just begging, “someone please destroy me… release me from my pain and insecurity”… these guys are very similar to serial killers

  6. Puff The Magic Dragon,Spooky AC47/C130 instill fear so no one will think of joining I/S again and kill every single one of the scumbags. Death From Above

  7. We need a President who is knowledgeable, efficient, strategic, decisive, respectful of our Constitutional protections and our rules of law. Lt. Col. Allen West, I am waiting for your marching orders. Its time to take our country back and reassert order in the world, as needed.

  8. They don’t fear death. Let them know we are using pork filled bullets.If they think they are going to hell they will fear death too.

    • I thought a similar thought. Our military should allow all personnel to coat their bullets with pig’s blood……assuring that a muslim that dies by it will certainly go to hell and burn for effin-ever!! Oh, and also, take no prisoners!!!

  9. RADIO FREE ARABIA If I were President I would get a Qur’an expert like ex-terrorist turned Christian Wahid Shoebat to help strategize how to propagandize that these ISIS were NOT going to heaven. Find passages of the Qur’an that condemn them ,because they don’t fear death, but they would fear the wrath of Allah. Then go full Radio Free Arabia on them.
    Not stop the physical resistance, of course.

  10. Just think, the Coward in Chief gave up 5 of the highest ranking Taliban Commanders for a coward and a deserter. What will he give up for this journalist, Iraq, an Aircraft Carrier, Florida? The threat is real my friends. Whatever happened to not negotiating with terrorists? They say they will attack America anywhere at any time, yet this man continues to treat our boarders like Chuck E. Cheese. It’s just fun and games, followed by a feast, and then more fun and games. However I’m pretty sure Chuck E. Cheese has better security.

    Uneducated blacks riot and Muslims attack Jews. This isn’t happening in Africa or the Middle East, this is happening in your backyard.

    I agree with a lot of what Mr. West says, however there are things you haven’t hinted on. You say we “must secure our boarders NOW!” That is just the first step. The damage has already been done and those who would love to see us bleeding in the streets are already among us. Not only do we need to secure our boarders but we need to comb through the population and remove all those who don’t belong. I also agree with a lot of what Libertarians say about the police forces being heavily armed with military grade equipment, however our streets have practically become war zones. Until we can end the invasion of this beautiful country of ours and stop the wars raging in our streets our police force will continue to need this kind of equipment.

  11. If Obama does not respond to this with total and complete hellfire then yes we have to accept the fact that we have a Muslim in the white house. Those in doubt, mainly all your liberal feel good warm and fuzzy types, do you believe ISIS is our enemy now? Do you believe they want to fly the ISIS flag over the white house? What does it take for you all to just hear what they say, understand their words? Are you all in such denial that you still think, after seeing an American sacrificed, that Islam is really peaceful. Please put your brain washed liberal minds to rest and see what is to be seen. May God Almighty be with us in what is to come.

  12. To end this we must do as the British Empire did in their time as a colonial super power. It is not pretty, it is not nice, nor humane but that is the bottom line. Sadly our President is no fan of British Colonial History and more sympathetic to the cause of radical islam. Maybe add some of the Blackjack Pershing myth of the Philippines, but for real this time! I don’t know what the answer is, but we need to reply in earnest forceful intimidation quick, fast, and in a hurry! As nasty and politically incorrect as it sounds, strap them to cannons and pull the lanyard! There needs to be a reckoning of epic proportions and it needs to be a crystal clear definitive message now and for the future.

  13. We didn’t have these issues with Reagan. The whole of Mid East was terrified of him. Hell, if we exhumed him and propped him up in the Oval Office I guarantee ISIS and HAMAS would disband and sue for peace, oil/gas prices would plummet and suddenly Sunnis would love everybody. Either way Reagan’s corpse is a more effectual president then Obama.

      • Didn’t Iran suddenly turn over the American hostages that they had been holding under Carter’s administration when Reagan took office. Carter’s idea of protesting was to remove the US from the Olympics. Who do you think I’d rather have in office with their finger on the button? Certainly not the putts we have now.

      • Because what…they were terrified by candidate Reagan? Seriously. By the way, once IN office, he withdrew the marines from Lebanon due to a terrorist bombing. Was Reagan a cut and runner?

    • ONLY if you take the rules out of the rules of engagement along with removing any JAG influence and the press core completely form all operations period!

      • Our soldiers should be able to use the same rules of engagement that the enemy uses. It’s their field, their ball, their rules.

      • Yes, this is what I was thinking. To hell with the Geneva Conventions. The enemy doesn’t recognize it so why should we?

      • I understand what you are saying, and under different circumstances would agree whole-heartedly. However these are not people who value life or our civilized way of it. They commit acts of absolute pure evil, the most heinous acts on a scale not seen for 70 years. This ranks up there with the Nazi Final Solution and the Japanese rape of Nanking, or mistreatment of POW’s. Only these jerks are much more open, ruthless and despicable. How are we to convince them how serious we are without a full commitment to a no holds barred, complete and total destruction? They would have no change in attitude for any less of a response. The Brits got attention from their rebellious subjects (which ISIS isn’t) by strapping them to cannons. I fear that is the only way they will realize we mean to have our way whether they like it not.

      • All I ask, is that the WHOLE world steps in! Just like WWII! Why are we the only ones? If this is such a world “threat,” where are they? The Saudis could take care of thiss all by themselves. Include the Iranis…game over!

      • Parrish,

        Amen to that, Parrish! Most civilians have NO idea how stupidly “fair” we fight, nowadays. If you find yourself in a fair fight…that just means your tactics suck. We could put every member of ISIS and a quarter of their sympathisers in the ground by next Monday. Simply declare war, take the cuffs off, and get the heck out of our way. This has never been about capability. As with securing ALL of our borders, it is all about True Leadership having the political WILL to do The Right Thing.


      • Air campaigns NEVER won a ground battle. only troops on the ground. We simply supported them from the air. That’s why it’s called, “air support.” Unless you want to drop a nuke.

      • I tell ya what, be the cops ballistic vest in Chicago for a week and you won’t ever say anything like that ever again! Much like vets like to call out those who never wore the uniform, if you don’t put on a badge to go to work, stow that bilge because you know not of what you speak!

      • Oh, how little you know about me. I walked into and worked in neighborhoods with only my State ID that would scare the shite out of you. It’s a matter of treating people with respect and acceptance. Take your fear and prejudice somewhere else.

      • You really only have your backwards state Congress to blame for that one. Taking firearms out of the hands of earnest civilians in a city plagued with crime just sounds like a bad idea. No wonder everyone from Illinois moves to Arizona. Our Sheriff might be a bigot but at least we can defend our families.

      • No, Scooter, neither do I. But there plenty of well documented examples of police and National Guard, “misconduct.” Here are a few of the more well known incidents:

        1. Chicago 8/28/68: Police Riots
        2. Kent State, OH 5/4/70: National Guard kills 4 students and wounds 9 others.(Check YouTube for CSN; “Ohio.”
        3. Jackson State, MS: 5/14/70: MSHP kill 2 and wound 12.
        4. Rodney King: 3/391: LAPD beat him with clubs…on film.
        5. Amadu Diello: 2/4/99. Mistakenly shot to death in an appartment entryway. Not familiar” YouTube; Bruce Springstein; “41 Shots.
        6. Eric Garner: 7/9/14. Chocked to death by an NYPD police officer with an ILLEGAL procedure.
        7. Michael Brown: 8/9/14. Ferguson, MO Unarmed youth gunned down by an FPD officer. Close range? 6 shots? One in the top of Brown’s head?
        8. Robert Addison: 8/19/14: STL, MO. Wielding knife. Shot down by STLPD.

        Now, Scooter, maybe you can reconcile all of these incidents for yourself. I cannot and will not. It is not in my nature. I endeavour to lead my life by a number of tenets”
        1. Do unto others…
        2. Judge not lest..,
        3. I love my country but fear my government.
        4. Question Authority.
        5. God, protect me from your followers.

        Now, give me the “Allen B West True Believer,” response.

      • I’m speaking from personal experience. I have personally been profiled for over 40 years because of my appearance and have NEVER been arrested for anything I didn’t deserve. If you don’t act like an animal ….. enough said

      • Scooter, not sure what you mean by your sentence. But are you excusing all police brutality because you have never experienced it? Did you bother to look up the history about any of the examples I cited, or did you just personally conclude that those killed deserved it because they were “acting out?”

      • Act like a human, get treated like a human. Act like an animal and get what you deserve. Just exactly what sentence didn’t you comprehend? I stated it in plain English.

  14. Allen West, so long as you have a muslim in the WH, it is impossible that he will do any of that, his allegiance is pledged to the muslim brotherhood as can be seen from his many speeches. Obama will continue to watch and play golf, he doesn’t care for americans because he has no love for america, as his wife says, she’s always been ashamed of america until her husband came into the WH. If obama does anything, it will only be to the advantage of muslims, no one else. Obama is just practicing the art of Taquiya and laughing at americans as they begin to feel so helpless. May G-d strengthen the people of America and may he unite each and every one of you so that you work together to fight the enemy of the world.

  15. As in passed wars, WW1 WW2, Korea the only way to win is all out war. Civilans suffer even when we try our best to keep them safe. It is the cowards with their face covered that are killing more civilians. Terror will always be cruel and act like animals hunting food. War kills people and destroys the ability to continue the fight. Let the military do their job. America is not alone in this fight on terror. Let them all join together as they have before to eliminate Nazism and fascism.

    • just not communism right…you freaking people keep talking about Nazi Germany.what about the Russian Empire and the decades of s*** that they have caused.they were on Hitler side in World War II and then switched because Hitler attacked them.we still should not have allied against them cuz they were against us initially…and look at what we’re dealing with now because of that f****** bullshit decision the world made back then.get over Nazi Germany.Napoleon and Alexander the Great killed 10 times the amount of people that Hitler did.just the Hitler era had more technology to kill them would you want to die with a sword hole in you suffering or gas!! focus on Russia you idiots! Hitler’s in the past!! sieg heil/ weisse wermacht

      • First of all you do not know me at all. If you have any prove of my lack of history other then the fact I did not wish to write a novel of the history of war please pass that on. Just pointing out that the only way to stop a war is for one side to win. If you wish I will go back to the first recorded battles if the will help you. How about the American Civil War that close enough to home for you. How many were killed in that war. And don’t forget that Uncle Joe killed more of his own people then Adolf. Sorry I am out of your range of history again. We fought to win had limited political input but enough to cause the cold war and the Iron curtain. You then know about the “naughty document” between Churchill and Stalin. If you look a history WW2 was just a continuation of WW1 because of politicians which lead to Korea, Vietnam. Cambodia. and now we are in a terror war with a bunch of cowards that hide their face and behind women and children.
        Now you have your chance to show me that I am out of touch, an idiot or any other name you wish to use just show your proof. If not then just comment as a thinking person with a different opinion or point of view

  16. By the way, Colonel West, I really like your historical reference of Vlad the Impaler. My husband (himself a 12B veteran of the Cold War – Essayons!!) is also a historian and has made the same point about ol’ Vlad and how effective his campaign was and what a hero he was to his own people. One can learn much from studying history…. 😉

    • Right! We become them! What does that mean for us as a society! Dystopia? Totalitarianism? Rule by fear? You would fit right in with, ISIS/ISIL!

      • Apparently you absorbed too many gamma rays during your days as an EWO because your thinking is badly screwed. Would you have actually followed through with your duties as an EWO if the “GO” was ever verified? From the way you talk here, I doubt it. There is only ONE way to deal with a terrorist organization that beheads American citizens, innocent children, and any others that disagree with their beliefs, and preaches war against the USA and the rest of the world. Total extermination! The exact same thing you were supposed to do as an EWO, dumbass. To think that ISIS can be reasoned with is nothing more than a total pipe dream.We MUST declare war on ISIS and use every dirty back alley trick we have ever learned to TOTALLY ELIMINATE this enemy. Anything less is inviting armed conflict on US soil!! Of course, as long as we have a potus (small letters) that doesn’t even have the balls to stand up for our troops, this just ain’t gonna happen.

      • Yes! I would have flown our mission! Got blown out of the sky during Linebacker II, you prophetic genius! Lost half my crew.

        So, what do you propose, hero? Nuke the whole Mideast? Behave as the barbarians of ISIS/ISIL or the Nazis?

      • You apparently never stood alert with a plane full of nukes! Did you ever volunteer to put yourself in the line of fire. I seriously doubt it!

      • 21 year retired AF veteran and yes, I have stood alert all over the world! AND I am a Nam Vet so yes, I have also volunteered to put myself in the line of fire. The only “Line of Fire” you have ever seen is when the chow hall opened!

      • Al…”Brother.” I apologize for my presumption. First, “Brother,” I am touched by your expression of “concern” that I did not face combat. However, “Brother,” You don’t know me from Adam’s Cat. Yet, “Brother,” you, too, presume, and are convinced, I saw no combat except, “…when the chow hall opened!”

        Therefore, I can only conclude, “Brother,” that those of us who flew Linebacker II, did not place our lives in the “Line of Fire.” You insult all of us who gave some and those who gave all…including half my crew!

        Ok, “Brother,” what was your aircraft, when did you serve during Vietnam? Where were you stationed? Considering your post, “Brother,” I have the right to ask those questions.

        Be well, “Brother.”

      • Danang, RVN, 67-68. C7A Caribou, Mission was Special Forces A Team resupply, and med evac. Injured during the evacuation of citizens from Hue during Tet 68. Spent appx 4 months at US Naval Hospital, Chelsea, Ma. And I find YOUR use of the term “Brother” to be an insult. We may have served in the same branch of the Armed Forces, but I am NOT your “Brother.”

      • Electronic Warfare Officer, B52. Stationed out of Guam. Linebacker II. Got blown out of the sky and lost half my crew. Be well.

      • Picked up by air/sea rescue 15 minutes ahead of the NVA. I suppose you would prefer I became a “guest” in the Hanoi Hilton.

      • I don’t see my immediate post. Electronic Warfare Officer. B52. Based out of Anderson AFB, Guam. Linebacker II. Look it up. Blown out of the sky. Lost half my crew. Hardly the “chow line.”

  17. Where are the so called Muslums that live in America, where is there out cry that they want no part of this? That this isn’t a part of there religion.
    If they won’t speak out against this now then they need also to leave this country.

    • YES – Where is the outrage? Where are all the “moderate muslims” – we should be seeing hundreds of them in the streets protesting against this. Should have been seeing them for months now. Calling out to all you moderate muslims: Either speak out and help us fight against radical terrorists/ISIS or go back to where you came from, you are not Americans.

    • Don’t hold your breath.

      A similar question arises in my mind … on 911, if you could have been a fly on a wall at mosques across America, would you have heard terror and sadness or jubilation?

      • You weren’t there, numb-nutz! So you have NO WAY of knowing, you embarrassment to the First Amendment!

      • WELL, I don’t know you but I know you are a moron …. perhaps you have a reading comprehension problem or you have not kept up with the news so … GENIUS … all the reports from day one have the air strikes hitting trucks and artillery … go back and have someone read the stories to you — you will see.

      • You haven’t started yet? Who cares, I’ve read many of your comments-you are off base — you have nothing to say — don’t take yourself so seriously … no one else does.

        But to the point of my comment — you can not read or comprehend, nothing that I said can be construed as bigotry.

        I am saying that I wish I knew what was said in mosques. That makes me a bigot?

        Well if you think those comments make me a bigot .. i would say that makes you stupider than I thought you to be.

        Good by troll.

      • Don’t try to pass that BS by me. Your implication was clear. Hide behind, “Wanting to know…” Your mind is already made up. You made that VERY clear!

      • So not only can you not read or comprehend the English language you can read minds??? Man, you are a special kind of stupid.

        Tough being a troll for CAIR.

      • No! I claim no such talent. But I know implications when I read or hear them. Just own it! Stand up for what you believe in and don’t hide behind euphemisms!

      • “Moron,” times two. And you tell ME I have nothing to say? I am not going anywhere. So I will offer you a suggestion. When you see me in your in-box, send me straight to your trash can. 😉

      • While I hate to repeat myself, bob, I will. Apparently you missed them the first time.

        I love my country, but fear my government

        Question authority

        God, protect me from your followers

        That good enough for you?

      • Moron? I get it now! For you, a “moron” is anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Fine example of intelligent civil debate. Where did you learn that? “Telephone Colonel” West?

      • Go away troll …

        ” Fine example of intelligent civil debate”

        I am not having a debate with you … for a few reasons … you starting off by calling me a bigot … you have nothing to say … you probably have mommy issues since you sound like a little cry baby.

        But here is your issue –

        ” “Telephone Colonel” West?”

        I have no idea what that means but it — you must be taking a shot at Lt. Col. West ?
        You are so stupid you cannot even stay with your foolish argument of bigotry … go away troll – you have nothing to say — you are becoming a nuisance.

      • Sorry to disappoint you, bob. But I am not going anywhere! No “mommy” issues, bob. I took care of her until her passing.

        Calling me a “bigot,” bob? When you have no idea what my beliefs are? A “bit” arrogant of you, don’t you think?

        That you don’t get, “Telephone Colonel,” tells me you were never in the military. “Telephone Colonel, ” is how Lt. Col’s I respected in the Air Force referred to themselves.

        Wow! Do any of you Lt. Col. West idolizers check his military record. He accepted a discharge, rather than face a Courts Martial and defend himself for doing what he believed was right in having FOUR guards beat down a prisoner. Then West fired his weapon next to the prisoner’s head.

        Read the Article 32 hearing transcripts if you don’t believe me. In December 1972, My B52 crew and I got our asses blown out of the sky! I lost three beloved crew mates. Don’t you dare throw “Col.” West’s “honor” in my face. He is an embarrassment to the uniform.

        No! I’m not going anywhere. I will continue to expose him for the fraud he is! Sorry.

      • You are a #uckin loon. I will not reply anymore to your nonsense.
        You have nothing to add to this discussion.

      • That’s what I call a civil response. Go ahead. Drink Allen’s Kool-Aid. Just see how it turns out for you. Don’t claim I didn’t warn you. Your young party members are running to the Libertarian Party! Or don’t you read JB’s concerns?


      • I write what I mean, and I mean what I write! What you read is what I believe. If that makes me a troll in your opinion, makes me no never mind.

      • Circular reasoning. How original! Name-calling, too. I have been nothing but polite.
        I love my country, but fear my government!
        Question authority

      • “You weren’t there, numb-nutz!”
        “Your implication is the same bigot”
        “.Don’t try to pass that BS by me.”

        ” I have been nothing but polite. ”

        REALLY ???????

      • It must suck, to suck as badly as you suck. What do you do, when you aren’t trolling, here, hurling baseless accusations at all hours? Why don’t you go back to under your bridge, and bothering people, there? Bloody Troll.


      • Because so many of you here, like, like, bobcchicago, hide your bigotry behind innuendo. “Speedy” response, though. Take you two months to catch up? Go back to your bridge!

    • You must not be very well informed plenty of Muslims have spoken out against Isis .But where is the American out cry for funding and creating them in the first place?

      • Who are these Muslim’s you speak of… “plenty” of them. ANY time I hear or see a Muslim half heartedly denounce what is happening, it is immediately followed by adding justifications for the barbarism… pointing back to the Crusades for God’s sake… CENTURIES have passed, and MOST Christian’s have EVOLVED, but NOT the Muslim’s. The fact is Marcus, in THIS country, we ALL have the ability to SPEAK UP & OUT, and still MOST Muslim’s remain silent. WHY? Are they afraid? Of what, they’re here, not in that cesspool they left behind. Could it be that they know of Muslim’s right here in the USA who would kill them for talking? Isn’t THAT a scary thought…. but I can’t come up with ANY other reason… unless they actually, deep in their hearts, think this is A-Okay.

      • Yeah, Badgerbabe! You are absolutely correct! In this country we ARE allowed to speak up and out…UNTIL we are shouted down by hate-mongers, bullies and racists. As reflected by you and your like-minded posters here and on, regretfully so many other many blogs. BTW? Do you consider yourself to be a,”Good Christian? ”

        Fight the good fight, Marcus! I am right there with you!

      • Is that the cyber way of shouting down the opposition? Please give examples of my, “trollness.”

      • Perhaps I replied a bit too harshly. In fairness, let’s allow (give consideration) that your accusation was correct. in the interest of further fairness, I would ask you to check out the replies i received from our “friend,” Andy Martin, while I was attempting to have a civil debate. In all honesty, please let me know what you make of his responses.

      • Great point, Marcus! We did contribute to seeding this barbarity when we trained and supplied them to fight against the Russians. Unfortunately, we cannot expect an appreciation for accurate history on this blog.

        Oh! I almost forgot. Hillary (Whom I adamantly oppose), gave Hamas the concrete to build their tunnels? You West idolized REALLY believe Hamas couldn’t make there own concrete?

        Geeze! It was being made in Syria and Jordan by Bedouin BEFORE the Romans. Bet Good Ole Allen didn’t include THAT in his article, did he? Hilary, my arse!

      • “It [concrete] was being made in Syria and Jordan by Bedouin BEFORE the Romans.”
        Dude, whatever you’re smoking, give me some of that!

    • Probably afraid to stand up and identify themselves considering all the hate speech and vile language direct ed toward them on this blog and others like it.

      Really now, would any one of you “Muslim-haters,” give a second’s though if the Muslim leadership came out publicly and denounced these barbarians? Be honest now!

      • If they don’t do something real soon about denouncing ISIS then we can assume that they are with ISIS. I wasn’t a hater of any kind…but now I’ve seen true evil and not only does it live in the White Hut but it lives in ISIS. It’s no longer hard to hate.

    • “Where are the so called Muslums that live in America”
      Well, the scumbag Muslims do not want to attract additional attention to terrorists and the good Muslims see nothing wrong when a terrorist-supporting scumbag gets beheaded. That’s why the Muslims are quiet

  18. Lt. Col. West, obama will not do or say anything about this barbaric act.

    Case in point … Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

    • I stand corrected …. story from Business Insider —-

      “President Barack Obama will make a statement at 12:45 p.m. ET on Wednesday, the White House said, in the aftermath of the beheading of an American journalist by the extremist group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”

      Read more:

      Will he talk tough or speak about the religion of peace and love?

      • Read the cited article. The point that stood out most for me was this: “Obama spoke out harshly about ISIS. He compared the group to a “cancer” whose spread must be contained, saying it has and will continue to torture and kill civilians, massacre religious minorities, and rape women.”
        Wait, what? Cancer isn’t “contained!” It’s eradicated! The word choice speaks VOLUMES regarding Hus true feelings. One can “play pretend” for only so long before the false façade begins to crack. Once broken, it quickly falls away.

      • You are correct, he has no plans on eradicating anyone.
        All the accounts of the airstrikes that I have read has the US hitting trucks and artillery — I think he does not want to hurt any of the terrorists.

  19. Liberalism/socialism/communism/progressivism/all
    other basic lazy thieves, are the culmination of all ignorance,
    laziness, selfishness, and jealousy, and are the true evil enemy of
    all of humanity. Libs are the true evil enemy of all good, free,
    productive people. If not stopped, lib ignorance, jealousy, and
    dependency will get us killed.

    Communist indoctrination. Get your kids
    out of public schools. The Big Gov Corp is enslaving your kids.
    Centralized tyrannical dictatorial shleeple slavery control system.

  20. But he won’t, Col. West…he will capitulate. HE is a Muslim, and seems to be all for the Caliphate…even though they are already HERE!

  21. Our President is weak. He needs to grow a pair because evidently he doesn’t have any. We need to declare war on these monsters and do whatever we need to do to make sure they are destroyed!!!!!

  22. The British and Australian PMs cut their vacations short to meet with their governments and formulate a plan…

    The Poser POTUS? “Where’s my golf cart?”…

  23. The blood of this man is on the hands of Obama and the liberal left he pandered to…I posted this on The Hill to a new Brent Budowsky column now suggesting America must act…Typical pacifist lefty who will demand retreat once the going gets rough…

    “Brent, you don’t get off that easy…Obama grasped defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq, to appease you lefty pacifist types…He let the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of our bravest be flushed down the toilet for a few votes and lots of dollars from pieces of sh it like you and other leftists…The blood of Jim Foley is on your hands Brent…and no matter how hard you try, it won’t wash off…You and those like you are why we have enemies willing to fight us…they know you will demand retreat and surrender…and you’ll do it again too with ISIS…and they know that all too well also…Now go wash your hands Brent, but that blood will never wash off.”

    • Absolutely, positively spot ON! I can’t think of any way I could have improved on your post! Thank you for clearly saying what I, and millions of others feel!

      • Thank you, but it needed to be said…the Left in this country is the only reason there is any enemy on earth who would dare engage us in battle.

    • I don’t understand why the beheading of a terrorist-supporting P.O.S. gets everyone so worked up? I say if the terrorists want to behead those who support them – let them.

  24. This is the only time I have agreed with Obama, that ISIS is acting uncivilized, but I wanted to hear that he was going to put forth some effort militarily to nip ISIS in the proverbial bud! Acknowledging an evil act is good, but only part of what is expected from a strong good leader, as the second part of what is expected is to bring wrong doers to justice in order to protect other would be victims.

    End Times Prophecy News Update Carrie Geren Scoggins program and webcast My program now on webcast and YouTube

    • You wanted to hear Obamas Strategic plan to nab isis? If some one like you heard it then most definitely isis would catch wind of the plan too.. some things cannot be shared…

  25. get ready citizen of America, this is just the beginning, and the guy in the white house is preparing for the Anti Christ to take over the world

  26. And this pansy in chief gave a dynamic 5 freakin minute speech but like the Mona Lisa, he spoke yet he said nothing. This is the most classless president(lower case on purpose) ever in the history. He doesn’t care about Christians, he doesn’t care about the military and all you blacks out there who come to this site, he couldn’t care less about you unless it is voting time. As they mentioned on Fox today, he was speaking about an American who was decapitated and he didn’t even have the decency to wear a tie. The thing that REALLY angers me is these animals decapitate our people and these $#*&@ liberals, Obama included worry about us waterboarding them.

  27. The president has too many Islamic ties and affections. He will not eradicate the enemy!
    He is compromised by religion and liberal ideology.

  28. I agree with Col West; obama can no longer state what he is not willing to do.

    We need to protect and defend our country from Her enemies. ISIS should be “no more”.

    Meanwhile, obama has a pen and a phone. That’s good. He might need it to write a confession and call his lawyer.

  29. someone needs to address obama and take away his golf clubs and say either you stand up for the american people being killed in iraq and do your duty, or arrest him for his inability to do his job. mr west ive said it time and time again, you need to be our leader and take charge and get rid of these terrorists that are not only killing americans in iraq, but are threatening to come here and harm us. obama has left us defenseless with his open borders letting in God knows who and by the time we wake up and realize its here, it will be to late. its obamas duty to insure our safety, and if he’s not doing it cause golf is more important, then we need real leaders in our country to stand up and do their duties to make it safe for the people of this nation, most of whom dont have and inkling as to what is going down……..

  30. I agree with Allen West, the House and the Senate both need to be called back from their vacations. Could you imagine if JFK had headed out to the golf course during the Cuban Missile Crisis! This President made another short speech in which he tried to appear tough again telling us little of what actions he plans to take. I’ve seen this scene played by him in speech after speech and can only conclude at this point that he is all talk and very little action. His decision to head back to Martha’s Vineyard, especially when another Americans life is being threatened, is disrespectful to the Foley family, the Stoloff family, and every American citizen. He should be sitting in the Situation Room with his best military advisors and having serious talks on what actions we should take moving forward. He plays a major role in why we are in the predicament we are today. The least he could do is take responsibility and try to resolve the growing threat to our country. This President, with his Open Border policies and “We can just talk things out with the enemy” mentality has put this country in grave danger and he’s out playing a round of golf. If he can’t handle the job then he needs step down as our President. I refuse to call him a Commander-in-Chief for he does not deserve that title and he has convinced me that a new law needs to be passed that requires military experience as a requirement for future Presidents. I hope that the Far Left Liberals will finally come out of their haze after this event. Today we are more divided as a nation, both politically and in matters of race. We are in greater danger as a nation, economically, we are earning less and paying more, our religious freedoms are under attack, Common Core is destroying our children’s education, our Veterans are being dishonored, ObamaCare is living up to it’s name, and I’m not referring to the Affordable Care Act, as it is quit the opposite. Yet we still have those who stand by their man. I have never been more worried about my country, my future, or those of my sons.

  31. allen west their is a very simple solution to terroist problem — jsut load a B52 bomber with pig guts blood urine and feces and carpet bomb them of the area with the largest concentration of isis –by the tme the second B52 flys over they will all be running for cover please contact me –i have a stradesy that will work

  32. Bravo!!!! Where are the Sobieski’s, Skanderberg’s and Knights of St. John? Where are the strong Pope’s like Pius V and Pius X? Where are the leaders who will defend Western Civilization?

  33. One thing that bothers me are all the veterans in Leavenworth or on the street loosing benefits and rank after being charged with “abusing” these slim balls.

  34. Short of using weapons of mass destruction, nothing can stop this brand of fanaticism. Since such an option is not feasible, I continue to believe that containment is the only way to deal with what I consider to be the most serious threat to Western civilization since the fall of Rome.

    As the saying goes, “Before you can deal with a problem, you have to recognize and admit that you have one”. In this case, the “problem” is Islam; not just “radical Islam”, but all of Islam. As such, I believe we in the West must:

    1. Recognize that Islam is NOT a religion; it is an ideology like Communism, National Socialism or Fascism, but more dangerous because it cloaks itself in the mantle of religion. Carl Marx said; “I have an idea as to how society should be organized”. Mohammed said; “God told me how society should be organized”. You can successfully dispute the ideology of a man, as we did with Marxism, but who can challenge the authority of God? Therein lies the genius of Muhammad. He used “god” as the source for his doctrine of total control, not himself.

    2. Understand that Muslims will kill each other before they turn their attention on you. The Arabs have a saying; “My brother and me against my cousin; my cousin and me against the infidel”. Leave them alone; stop interfering in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, etc. We will find that, as before, strong and brutal tyrants will arise from the chaos to restore “:order” and keep the most radical elements in check, as is happening again in Egypt. This will probably involve some of the most gruesome genocide in the last 500 years, but we must resist the urge to interfere in this process.

    3. Whatever Islamic states or Caliphate emerge from this catharsis must be contained. The West, including Europe, must build an economic and military “wall” around these middle eastern countries, much like we did around the countries of the former Soviet Union. Call them the “Iron Burka Countries” if you will, but they must be economically isolated from the rest of the world, so that, like the Soviet Union, they eventually “suffocate to death” or implode, due to their inability to sustain themselves because of the flawed society they have created.

    4. If the cancer know as Islam begins to escape containment and seep into non-Islamic countries like those in sub-Saharan Africa or Asia, then the West will have to intervene, on a case-by-case basis (either economically, militarily or both), much like we did with the creeping expansion of Communism during the Cold War, in places like Korea, Vietnam, Central America, etc.

    5. Islam has already established “outposts”: in Europe and North America. Our governments must not be afraid to closely monitor and infiltrate these enclaves, again much like we did with the Communist cells in America during the Cold War. We were not “politically correct” when dealing with the Communist threat, and we must not be “PC” when dealing with this even greater threat. I’m not advocating a return to McCarthyism, just an approach that recognizes that Islam is not a religion, but rather a foreign, 7th Century, tribal based barbaric ideology, totally anathema to our culture, society, values, and way of life. In addition, halt any further immigration from Muslim countries — even so-called “friendly” Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Egypt, etc.– before they overwhelm us, as they have already done to England and France.

    6. Finally, protect Israel at all cost. With the consent of the Israeli government, station at least one American heavy Division there, much like we have in North Korea today and like we used to have in Germany in the past. Israel is a thorn in the side of the Muslim middle east because Israel is prosperous, progressive, and internally peaceful. The citizens of the surrounding Muslim countries are forced to look at the contrast between Israel and their backward impoverished countries and ask “Why”? Perhaps someday they will wake-up and realize that the reason they have been held back is Islam. Israel is the West’s “outpost” in the heart of the Muslim middle east.

    It took 70 years to defeat Communism. Islam is already 1,400 years old. I would not count on a quick or easy victory.

  35. God this so hurt my heart. My heartfelt condolences to the parents of James Foley. These savages need to be blasted back into the 7th century!! Rot in hell you barbaric savages who rape little girls and live by the sword!!

  36. Obama needs to get American’s out and protect them. Let’s see how he takes care of that, like he did with Benghazi and four American’s were killed. Leave no man behind, yea he traded a military deserter/or not for four known terrorist’s. That’s how he protects American’s, he doesn’t care unless it benefits him and his other corrupt cronies.

  37. Catch as many as possible. Line them up in a pit with pigs. Kill them, and the pigs with them. Do this as many times as necessary to get the message across.

  38. america is getting a reward of the evil act they have being doing,they cant defeat the islamic state all they will get is failure

  39. fatou~~~~~Americans have been the most generous people in the world. We give more in foreign aid blindly to help those who need it. Our administration spends the hard working American taxpayer money like water down a canyon. There are thousands of Americans around the world in third world countries trying to help starving and sick people. Tell, what has islam done for the world? What compassion have they ever exhibited? Our military has always been handicapped by our politicians with the rules of combat. You anger us beyond our ability to restrain our military, you will encounter annihilation. When the American people decide enough is enough your time is up! We can show you brutality that you have exacted on others without remorse.

  40. 805 days 10 hours 25 minutes MARK….. He, o’Criminal has left to destroy as much of this country he can! Where is all the lawsuits and impeachments these big time tea party folks were screaming about. Can we endure the last of him? Oh, what to do!

  41. What a bunch of FOOLS. Try to figure out what is going on with out the “Right Wing” bias. Who is behind this, Who will gain from this, Who is supporting ISIS? Remember in 2013 when John McCain made that trip to Syria to hang out
    with ISIS radicals? Now, ISIS is using that photo of them hanging with
    John McCain as propaganda for themselves. The 2013 photo in this article
    of John McCain is being circulated by members of ISIS as a photo of him
    with members of some of their members in Syria… The poster does not
    specify which of the men is actually from ISIS or “Al Qaeda In Iraq” as
    they were once called.

  42. Remember in 2013 when John McCain made that trip to Syria to hang out
    with ISIS radicals? Now, ISIS is using that photo of them hanging with
    John McCain as propaganda for themselves. The 2013 photo in this article
    of John McCain is being circulated by members of ISIS as a photo of him
    with members of some of their members in Syria… The poster does not
    specify which of the men is actually from ISIS or “Al Qaeda In Iraq” as
    they were once called.


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