NY mayor pays ex-felons $13M to be “violence interrupters”

The progressive socialist approach to any issue is to throw more money at it. And so avowed socialist and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is following suit when it comes to addressing increased gun violence in the Big Apple.

As reported by the New York Post, “Mayor de Blasio just rolled out a $13 million, “evidence-based” plan to stop the wave of shootings around the city by hiring ex-gangbangers and felons to be “violence interrupters.” One problem: The “evidence” doesn’t exist. City officials and criminal-justice advocates claim that the “Save Our Streets” pilot program in Crown Heights “reduced shootings by 66 percent.” This statistic was trumpeted at the mayor’s press conference last Wednesday and repeated in media accounts. But that number was apparently plucked out of thin air. The Center for Court Innovation — which both implements and evaluates Save Our Streets — claims at best a 6 percent reduction in gun violence in the neighborhood…and admits that the drop “was not statistically significant.”

Yep, Mayor Bill believes the best way to combat gun violence is to enlist and pay ex-gangbangers as “violence interrupters” — folks, you cannot make this stuff up!

I guess he believes all you need is a little counseling – I’m surprised they’re not outsourcing Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Phil.

The philosophy behind this stupid idea is to treat gun violence like a disease and make it into a health care issue: “Quarantine an area, and then saturate the area with some sort of antibodies to help eradicate the violence.” The “antibodies” in this case are ex-cons who are hired because they “know the streets, have been there and have credibility.” These “interrupters” follow gang “beefs” on social media and rush to the scene of potential fights in order to defuse tensions. But there’s no evidence that paying convicted murderers, rapists and drug dealers to counsel young gangsters prevents violent acts.”

Now there was evidence that the “Stop and Frisk” program had a measurable impact on reducing gun violence in New York with the NYPD as your paid “violence interrupters.” But de Blasio felt the previous program was “racist” — all because folks like Al Sharpton said so — so he cancelled the program, violence increased, and now he wants to hire felons. Can you imagine the message that sends to the NYPD officers who are out there everyday seeking to maintain the peace? What happens when a newly-paid “violence interrupter” decides to file complaints against the NYPD?

And get this peach of a tidbit: the “interrupters” also make a point of not disclosing information to the NYPD in order to maintain their “cred.” So if some young gang member is carrying a gun around, the “interrupters” will try to convince him not to use it, but they won’t tell the cops.

In other words, the gun stays on the street in the hands of the bad guys. In contrast, stop-and-frisk not only captured a lot of guns, but also made would-be gunslingers wary about carrying their pieces around in the first place.

Now, this little socialist experiment has been tried elsewhere, “into some of the most challenging neighborhoods in Baltimore under the name Safe Streets,” said Daniel Webster, the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research. “Our research showed that the program reduced gun violence in three of the four neighborhoods where it was.”

But as Paul Harvey would say, here’s the rest of the story. Last December, the Baltimore program was suspended after two ex-convict outreach workers were arrested on drug and gun charges. But never let that get in the way of progressive socialists and their social justice agenda. This coming Saturday, that stellar example of community leadership, Al Sharpton, will be leading an anti-police rally in New York City. You just have to wonder, how is it that this charlatan has been granted so much influence — doesn’t he owe the IRS some $300,000 in back taxes?

As we all know, progressive socialists live in a world of relativity as demonstrated by New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams who pointed out that computer companies hire hackers to advise them on security. However, as the New York Post counters, “computer hackers know a lot about computer security, while violent street criminals know a lot about…committing crimes?”

To the folks up in the Big Apple, may I remind you of this ancient quote: “one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” I believe less than 10 percent showed up to vote in the New York City mayoral election. And this is what you end up getting — the same thing we have in the White House — governance, more accurately rule — by an inferior.


  1. The progressive mind at work never ceases to surprise me. For progressives it’s all about their worldview. Facts and reality take a backseat to the latest “idea of the month”. If it’s nonsensical and expensive, expect to find a progressive behind it.

    • As a babyboomer – I followed Dems such as Dorgan, Conrad in my youth. But, this is the 21st Century – things have CHANGED. This far left/progressive/Lib, Dem ideology DEMANDS tolerance of All things as promoting “social justice”, no handout, gov’t is too large/expensive. Accountability is not necessary.

      The ONLY INTOLERANCE they have is for ANYONE who DISAGREES with them. It is total 100% war on ANY opposition. That IS the Obama agenda, and HIS Lib (Pelosi, Holder, Reid, etc.) focus. And, as the country goes down with this Titanic (propaganda of “unsinkable”); the elite/corrupt will be saved – the rest of us will be LOST.

  2. Isn’t this just street level corruption? We have gangs that run protection rackets for neighborhoods extorting money so they will not be victims of crime or have their legs broken. So basically the mayor has a way of becoming part of organized crime by hiring felons to run the streets? I see all sorts of problems with this.

  3. “NYC Mayor de Blasio is going to pay ex-felons $13 million to be “violence interruptors” on the streets. And this is a good idea because…?”

    Because Mayor de Blasio has a closed head injury!

    • Its like in the past small store owners ended up paying “insurance” to the mob to make sure their business didn’t get destroyed.
      Same concept, pay the bad guys not to do bad things. They will on occasion just to show what will happen if you don’t keep up the payments.

  4. Was Bill de Blasio dropped on his head when he was a baby? The idea of giving “ex” gangbangers millions of dollars to “interrupt” violence is insane. New York City will have an increase in killings. Liberal stupidity at it’s finest.

    • Then he will wonder why people aren’t going to his town and to bring money in. I am not going to NYC for the reason of the gangs policing.

  5. So the mayor is sending gangstas to control the gangstas. Another way to keep the gangstas and their families in the ghetto. The Democrats are gooooooooood.

  6. So the interrupters get busted for interrupting and the judge sends them back to prison or they use it as their defense in court that they were only interrupting as interrupters.

    • And, it was working – only problem – criminals FELT targeted??? And, that’s a problem??? Far left lib – think increasing laws, that only the law-abiding follow… actually will lower CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR??? Only the truly stupid can possibly believe that works.

    • It is obammy’s new military. He can use all of them when his martial law kicks in. They will be going around the whole USA and collection all guns, ammo and food.

  7. This Lib/far left idiocy has become so blatantly lawless and just plain stupid – the country has become numb and no longer amazed at its stupidity. As “stop and frisk” did work in getting illegal guns off the streets… the people in these “violent” communities complain about being targeted??? and actually living in safer communities???? As they complain the police are never there to protect them, and their children aren’t safe in their neighborhoods, they attack police??? They have high unemployment and few “good businesses” in their neighborhoods (such as in Detroit) – they commit crimes to make themselves MORE UNLIKELY TO BE HIRED, and businesses MOVE OUT???

    If anyone REALLY wants to solve the problem of high unemployment, high poverty, high crime – no outsider has done more harm than the “thug attitude” does to their own children, families, neighborhoods. Some white old conservative, such as myself – factually – has NO influence NO power to affect any change – as we should have learned by now – the 21st Century.

  8. As a resident of a NYC suburb who often is required to be in the city, all I can say is, I told you so. Within a year or two, NYC will revert to the slummy cesspool that it was in the 60’s and 70’s. City residents became fed up with the crime and constant strikes of uniformed services back then, so they elected a Republican Mayor, and then another (sort of) one. The anti-crime initiatives focused on the small stuff, (squeegee guys, loiterers, small time dealing, chain snatchers,) added stop and frisk, and the crime rate plummeted. The squeegee guys are back, stop and frisk is over, cops are ignoring the little things rather than risk their careers now, just like they used to do. That’s what happens when the PD has no support from city hall. It becomes a force in name only.

    • And, for God’s sake – where has the media been about the “KNOCKOUT CRIME”??? been occurring for many years??? It’s NO “GAME” – it’s assault, battery, murder!!! The media has PROMOTED the downfall of this great nation – by not doing their Constitutional duty of honest reporting.

      • Because, sshhhhhh….mustn’t say it out loud.
        It’s groups of black kids knocking out people of other races, mustn’t show black kids doing anything wrong! Only Whites do bad things for the news….

    • Yah, just like making drugs illegal has made it so we no longer have any addicts and no youngster ever trys illegal drugs anymore. It has worked wonders, hasn’t it?

    • I was hoping for the best but this guy is a Moron on every level- that is Mayor DUH BLASIO- classless and clueless. When you hire Al Sharptons PR person as your wife’s chief of staff, and then have the Pimp Daddy racist at a conference with the commissioner of Police- I think we know where its going.
      Go back and look at the swearing in ceremony for this moron- where he allowed speakers to insult and blast his predecessor who was present. I hope the next mayor does the same-

  9. If a republican dressed up a bunch of criminals in uniforms…and paid them tax payer money…how long before the democraps would be screaming “BROWNSHIRTS!!! IT’S HITLER IT’S HITLER!!!”

    They called Gulianni Hitler and he reduced crime. Jeeeze

  10. Ok did some research (which none of you keyboard commandos did) and these people are not policing the streets, they will be used to intervene when there is a shooting (gang related) and try to talk sense to the injured person to not retaliate or try to get them to leave the bullshit alone. so all you white folks who don’t live here stop your crying cause you sound very ignorant.

    • Oh…you did some research did you? Well good on you! They’re going to talk to the guy who’s dead laying in the street? They’re going to talk down the gangs and not get them to avenge the murder? So in essence they won’t be a gang anymore? They themselves won’t just become some sort of weird new bulk head for corruption that’s sort of an outgrowth of the police dept.?

      lol. Stop typing because you sound stupid when you use words like ’cause’.

  11. Im not a libtard by any sense of the imagination but…. Lets reduce your bring home pay by 6% and see if you think thats “insignificant” they are called ex for a reason, that means they have already paid their debt. Its time people get off of ex felons backs and realise what the word ex is.

      • Hey, thanks for correcting my fat finger. I can always count on the grammar police to not contribute anything substantial.

    • I understand where you’re coming from but many X-felons will go on to commit more crimes. MANY will not and SHOULDN’T be cast as a ‘criminal’ for the rest of their lives. In fact those who stay on the right side of the law for 10 yrs can get their records expunged (I believe that’s true..could be wrong).

      But I imagine the majority of these people are probably x-gang bangers & drug users/dealers. Both activities would be hard to stay away from when put back INTO that environment & on top of that expected to stop crime. Just saying, we’re talking about the real world here, not what we wish it was.

  12. Isn’t there a law in NY (and federally) that prohibits convicted felons from being paid to enforce laws or statutes ?

  13. First he has Al Sharpton at a Press Conference with the police commisioner and now this- welcome back to the day of Dinkin’s folks. I guess the Dems needed a reminder or how bad things were with Dems in NY 20 years ago.

  14. Isn’t this the same as Brownshirts? Nothing like giving a little dough to some criminals to make them LOYAL to you and your ’cause.’
    This is not rehabilitation. This is supporting their behavior. Give them a paycheck and a uniform and drop them right back into the pit. Yeah, sounds like a plan.

    • It is like when store owners in the past had to pay the mob “insurance” to keep their business from being destroyed.
      Yah, paying the bad guys money to “insure” the bad stuff doesn’t happen as often. Gangs now have a new way to make money. Why rob places and shoot up everything when the city will pay you Not to commit the crimes?

    • yep and when the government needs more goons to make the rest of us shape up whos he gonna call? a bunch of jack booted ex gang bangers! Why not, they know we will shoot back so losing a few thousand dregs of the earth will be no skin off their backs!

  15. OK OK OK I have had enough with all these “ANTI-POLICE” activists !!! I say let us have The Most Reverent Al take over the safety of NYC and give every single policeman , I don’t know say, 48 hours off and see what happens? If they are so anti police just what would his alternative be? I am going to shutter my house and make sure every weapon I own is fully loaded when that day comes !!!!

    • Right and jessie jackson and the other buddies. What has a sharpton done that was right? He is in and out of the w/h on a daily basis. He is a rubber rouser as he goes anywhere a black guy under 21 is shot. He causes more trouble then he is worth, but obammy likes him.

      • Let’s call it like it is please… Sharpton isn’t a ‘rabble rouser’. He’s a plain old RACE BAITER… pure and simple. It’s how he stays rich by stoking hatred by blacks against whites. Without racism (blacks against white) there’d be no Sharpton and no use for him. He lives like a king while helping to keep racism alive. The sad thing is that those blacks he keeps fired up don’t realize they’re being used by him and his ilk. You don’t see him giving speeches in Chicago and Detroit do you? No you see him in places like Ferguson, MO riling up those who believe the liberal line, that beijng… it’s ALWAYS whites against blacks. Couldn’t be any other way, right?

    • It comes from the fact that blacks don’t pay attention, they don’t watch the news or read the papers, they don’t hear about all the scams he and others have pulled… all they do is listen to the ghetto tales of how great Al and Jessie and the like are, how much they care and how much they help… lol maybe if they paid a little more attention to the world around them instead of trying to dream up new reasons for not wanting to be a productive member of society, theyd see just how much Sharpton, Jessie and the rest are playing them and filling their bank accounts!!

  16. Stop and Frisk targeted more black people than whites. Not just black people selling drugs on the ghetto street corner , but regular black men, like you , walking down the street, Opps, did I remind you you are black? I know you try hard to be a non threatening black man.
    Secondly, hackers hack into innocent people’s bank accounts and take everything or steal ID’s. I do believe that’s a crime . So what’s worse, a gun pointed at your head or getting notice of Zero bank balance ?

    • Actually, he is acutely aware that he is black, and he is trying as hard as he can to help the black community elevate themselves and not fall for the race baiting philosophy they have all been indoctrinated into since birth

      • As stated before, cops target Blks in ghetto and outside. West and other blk conservatives side with whites to make whts feel better for racial injustice. Mouthpieces

      • Police don’t target anyone. They’re too lazy. They respond to calls from people who are victims of crime. When they say “who did this” the answer is what the answer is, they go after that person.

      • and when its a black, the answer is “I don’t know, I aint seen S***!” so the cops just go … “Ok thanks” And go to lunch.. then the blacks go” The cops never try and solve a crime against a black person” and Al Sharpton comes down with Jessie and they walk around like idiots with a bunch of black sheep following them like they were gods!

      • it was but then by that standard, all the new gun laws (and previous ones) are violations of everyone’s second amendment rights. We cant just check off the things we want and don’t want in the bill of rights and constitution.

    • Stop and frisk was a response to an emergency situation. When riots break out Martial law, or something like it is declared at times. The emergency situation where thousands of people were being gunned down brought this harsh measure. When that measure was taken away, things went right back to the emergency situation. Stop and frisk was required and it worked, crime went down. I don’t care about the rights of some guy who’s walking down the street and gets stopped, when children are being caught in the crossfire of gang warfare. It’s a small price to pay to keep more children alive. When the emergency situation stops, the constitutional rights will return. It’s up to the people who are committing the crimes.

      • And the rights on a black man simply walking down the street? Two justices in this country, you think ? The cops were going after men outside of the ghetto, too. I wonder how many white men the cops stopped? Or do white men commit crimes?
        I bet if they stopped West, he’ll be first to pull the ” do you know who I am?” Card.

      • Not as much as black men do. Sorry about that. I’ll bet if they stopped West, he’d show them his ID and cooperate.

      • Cops don’t ask for ID. Not a good thing for blk men to reach in jacket it pocket. You know, sudden movement.
        Up against the wall or car and pat down.

      • perhaps if thousands of people were being shot every year, this epidemic of black on black violence, the cops would have to be so strong armed with them. oh well, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

      • cant say I have seen or heard of many whites playing the Knock out game!
        or joining the Bloods or Crips or whatever the gangs are now.

      • whats so bad about being stopped and frisked? its not like it takes any more than 5 minutes and it makes the streets safer for EVERYONE, white black young old, Hispanic, man, woman, boys and girls… you make it sound like they were doing “Stop and anal cavity” searches…

      • Have you ever been stopped and frisked? Those anal cavity searches, they generally save them for the basement at the police station.

      • Statistically, yes, white men commit less crimes than blacks, well let me clear that up, Whites commit less STREET crimes than blacks. Whites are more of the, computer hacker, ID theft, scams, and that stuff, and like white collar crimes. but that’s not what was hurting the city, it was the violent street crimes and drug dealing at the street level that Stop and Frisk was trying to catch.

      • pick one:
        having gun pointed at you and robbed of all your pocket cash OR
        getting call from bank about zero balance, someone stealing your ID, taking 2 mortgages out using your name, credit card changes. And taking 6 to 12 mos out of your life to sort thing out?

    • of course they did… why would they stop a regular white business man? ( they also stopped Hispanics too by the way, don’t be getting them all crazy because you didn’t mention them) Seriously though, you’re a cop, your looking for guns and drug dealers… who would you stop first, the middle aged white guy with the business suit? or the 18 to 25 year old black guy walking with a gangster limp, a bad attitude and flashing gang signs or wearing gang colors?

  17. For the record, I am a huge fan of Allen West. That said, this photo is not
    appropriate to be used referring to a program hiring gang members and
    felons. The patches on those uniforms are that of Police Explorers.
    These are young men and women aged 14-20 that are training for careers
    in law enforcement (all volunteer time). In order to join the program
    you must be a good citizen and a good student. Choosing this photo for
    the subject matter contained in this article does a disservice to these
    kids and is hugely inappropriate.

    • Jeff, If that’s so (I’m not saying it isn’t, just saying ‘if’) then find a way to let Allen West know. Go directly to his web site and use ‘contact’ to give them that info. If he’s posted the wrong photo with this story (or if someone else did) they should correct it.

  18. The true and only reason to expand on this notion that gun violence is down is to promote their gun CONTROL effort. Next confiscation of all weapons as we have seen with the new Maryland regulation stating that AR15’s are not protected by the 2nd amendment. As in CT with Malloy same thing. Malloy stated the gun violence is down also. But when you listen to the police scanner it tells a different story. This is an election year for CT governor and we all need to take note of this propaganda being spewed by these control freaks. Whether its guns, energy with smart meters, land use, regulations, restricting our bill of rights in every way possible. We better fight for our freedoms and liberties or we will definitely lose them all. You can’t even say God Bless you when someone sneezes – that girl got suspended from school. WTF???

    • gun violence is down because they are comparing things to 2012 which had 26 gun deaths added to the count in December… the only way gun violence will ever rise to where we can say its gone up a lot is if we have another, but bigger, mass shooting! the dems play the numbers games all the time, we have to smash their lies at every turn. Malloy will say it was because of him that 2013 and 2014 saw a huge drop in gun violence, but our comeback should be, “But, CT saw the BIGGEST gun violence rise in the history of the state in 2012 MR. Malloy, under your watch!”

  19. Just think how many cops they could hire with that money. And rewarding a criminal for having a criminal past or knowledge of criminal things is well, criminal. Why not just pay people not to commit crimes? Have we sunk so low and become so afraid that we bow down and cower to criminals?
    You cannot achieve justice through injustice.

  20. At least the Mayor is trying something, what is getting real fast is the conservatives who rather dump on this demographic. What has Allen West, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, etc. done lately other than either write books or pontificate on the Fox News channel on how worthless these ex-gangbangers and felons are. Then the aforementioned individuals stand on the sidelines and cheer when the police shoot these young adults down like dogs.

    • The conservative answers were to create jobs. Tougher sentenses for gun crimes. Stop and frisk. More cops on the street. Whatever Rudy did I guess.

      And let me guess, when some thug guns down a cop, or some child gets caught in the crossfire of gang warfare, you’re out there crying and holding a candle? Did that do anything?

      • Pffft… out there holding a candle? its people like this who sit and hide all safe in their high rise apartments and cower in a corner repeating over and over… “the world will be safer cause Obama is in charge” while glued to NBC news where he gets all his talking points and “Truth” . this guy aint going out and burning a candle for anyone… he’s just another big mouth liberal D-bag with big lofty dreams of controlling everyone else by making them all dependent on the party for their every need, because he went to some liberal college so he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else!

      • and has to pay a tax worth counting. wait that day when he perhaps ever has to, like if he hit the lottery or something. suddenly he’ll be as anti tax as a drunk john bircher.

    • isn’t that what you do to rabid dogs? put them down? if you’re so in love with these Ex gang bangers who are now all excused from all the violence and crimes and deaths and families, hopes and dreams they have ruined or taken away, go for it, move a few into your home, let your kids hang out with them, let your daughter date them… go ahead ya big hero… what are you waiting for? in fact, go drive out to Harlem and pick up a few and bring them home for dinner…

      • They(Ex gang bangers) have done no more than the Mafia and La Costra Nostra. Those groups ruined lives and brought havoc upon families but then again they were organized crime so they get a pass. Plus they are romanticized in books, television shows and movies. The liability of these Ex gang bangers is that they were “disorganized” with their crimes. Ex means the things I used to do, I don’t do those anymore.

  21. in other words, he is going to be buying up a bunch of snitches? how does this work? do they get paid hourly? do they get paid per incident? or do they just report in whenever they break up violence and then collect a check? Something tells me this is going to be a big fat progressive liberal failure. I hope Deblaiseo is using his own $$$ to fund this mistake and not the taxpayers. What a ninny!

  22. so whats the problem with shooting criminals, armed or not? someone tell me again? all I see is it making it safer to go outside… less scum bags to worry about.

  23. how’s this going to curb gun violence in NYC? there’s no guns there because you aren’t allowed to carry in NYC no?

  24. Hey I have a new business that can really help you out. Every day for a month, I will have my partner punch you hard, right in the face.. then on day 31, I will approach you and say, “Geeze, your face looks like hell, what did you do, go 15 rounds with the champ?” and youll say “no, everyday for a month, this big crazy guy comes out of nowhere and just hauls off and hits me in the face, I cant take it” so Ill then say that for $500.00 a week, I will guarantee you 100% that you will not be punched ever again in the face by this crazy man. If you say yes and pay me, youll never get hit again but if you say no… well, lets just say, youll never say no…will you?

  25. Did NYC Mayor de Blasio Read THE TURNER DIARIES..? (Because he’s doing precisely what was predicted in that book about a race war..)

  26. I wonder if the “quarantined area” is going to be implenmented in predominately white neighborhoods , since it would obviously be a racist program if it only targeted black and Hispanic neighborhoods. I would also like to know the racial makeup of the “interrupters”, because it would be a totally biased program if they are predominately made up of blacks and hispanics.

  27. What I love best about this “socialist….stupidity…program?” These ex convicts who are felons are making more money than the police. How does that happen? Why not take that 13 million and hire more police? Or pay the police a better salary so that you can get the top of the line people in that field. (Not saying that those in the field are not good people but there are some….that would be weeded out if we paid a better salary.) This whole idea is so stupid. But you gotta love the black panther….hats.

  28. “And so avowed socialist and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio”

    Please call him “Avowed hardcore blatant communist” because that’s exactly what he is. Communism is responsible for 100 million deaths, something this piece of rat slime absolutely supports to the point where he had his honeymoon in the romantic land of communist serial killer Fidel Castro.


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