James Foley found out ISIS doesn’t care who you voted for

James Wright Foley’s brutal public murder should serve as a cautionary tale to all progressive “infidels” who decry others as “Islamophobes.”

According to Daniel Greenfield, writing for Front Page Magazine, “Foley came to Syria to support the Sunni Islamist rebels against the Syrian government.

He cheered on the Sunni Muslim terrorists fighting to ethnically cleanse the Christians of Aleppo. In the conflict between Israel and Hamas, his tweets and retweets were chock full of pro-terrorist propaganda.


Hm, rather unfortunate choice of words for this idealistic man in that tweet.

“But Foley ran afoul of at least some of the Sunni Jihadists in Syria. His twitter feed was filled with references to the FSA. And the FSA was going to be eclipsed by the Al Qaeda affiliates. And that was where he ended up.”

During the 2012 election, Foley tweeted that both candidates were weak on the issue of gun violence.


Sadly in the end, that wasn’t ever going to be his biggest problem.

The moral of the story is this: ISIS/IS/ISIL — you name it — these Islamic terror organizations want Westerners dead. And that is what we should wish for them.


  1. The fault lies with the current administration and their poor foreign policy decisions. Blaming everyone else can only get you so far. It is time for them to take credit for the mayhem they helped create.

  2. Here lies James without his head, he allied with terrorists and wound up dead.

    Seriously, VERY sad for him and his family that his ideology didn’t match reality and the consequence was brutal execution. I just hope that his death isn’t in vain. The MSM needs to stop spinning the propaganda for these monsters and just call them what they are. The ideologues that love them so much should all get on planes and go visit their imaginary “freedom fighters” and see if things go any better for them.

    • What else is there to say. Read the writing on the wall liberals! Just open your damm eyes, because right there newspaper girl…that’s you. They want YOU, liberal writer person who went to a school of higher learning and voted for Obama, YOU…to be dead.

  3. This is an interesting twist re: the ‘impartiality’ of journalism. But nothing, nothing, nothing justifies this kind of atrocity. Sadly we are becoming used to these crimes against humanity. The drugs lords in mexico behead their enemies by the 100’s and we don’t even bat an eye.

    • Many of us do bat an eye, but have no authority to do anything. We know that the teen male proteges of those drug lords (MX and Central American) who behead their enemies are coming in over the unsecured southern US borders as an Obama initiative. We find it appalling, we have asked our elected officials to take action and other than the recently Democrat-indicted Governor of Texas, nobody has bothered, all being complicit.

  4. well another putrid press conference by Obama…..he all but gave the go ahead to ISIS to behead the other American journalist!!!! Oh well…..guess he had more important things to do…..like play golf!!!!!


    • While they’re stomping, storming & destroying Ferguson an American is beheaded. I think these hatred filled people who are destroying an American town aren’t much better than the terrorists doing the beheading. They don’t want to see justice done they want to take justice in their own hands. They don’t worry that Michal most likely caused his own death….the video clearly shows he was a bully & I don’t believe the cop tried to grab that big monster by his collar & stop him. Americans should come together & elect men/women who care about US & who will try to destroy these vermin terrorists & try to do something to stop the violence on our own streets.

      • The only thing I can think of is that he made Carter the second worst president in history. But that’s good only for Carter, not for America. But it’s at least something.

  6. This POTUS doesn’t CARE about America/Americans…….IT HAS BEEN THIS WAY FROM THE MOMENT HE WAS ELECTED AND PROBABLY LONG BEFORE THAT. He is a CLOSET MUSLIM …..and his fellow sympathizers in the WH will do anything they can to BRING AMERICA TO ITS KNEES(For Beheading)BEFORE HE IS OUT OF OFFICE.

    • This POTUS only cares about Muslim-Americans, of any race and nationality — Islamic Caliphate of course preferred — because Islam is not about race or nationality. Islam is a deceit-and-death cult of global conquest posing as a religion. The rest of us (non-Muslim-Americans), Obama’s thrown so far under the bus that it’s amazing we’re not all piled up in the ditch. A big shout out to the real and amazing God of the Bible!

  7. How many times do these Marxists lite clowns have to be told that there is only one Islam. One. They want every single piece of human DNA on this planet dead.
    Mortui Vivos Docent. The dead teach the living. How many dead infidels do they need to see to internalize the fact that they too, are infidels. This is not the first time Islam has entered the Rodeo. Charles, the Hammer Martel saved Europe’s sorry Tush and managed to shove them off target. They then did what they have done every waking moment of their existence. They focused on another group took their country, killed or converted or enslaved the rest. Then Europe, once more looked a treat and back they came. Not quite a cakewalk 2nd time around because minor plagues such as cholera and typhus put a spanner in the works. Then Bubonic Plague in both bubonic and pneumonic form kept everybody dead, on the way to being dead or wishing they were dead. Kinda like now., Time for Act 3 and in the proverbial nick of time Teutonic nights turned them back at the Gates of Vienna, This was memorialized by the bakers of Vienna in the form of what is now called the Croissant. Thus proving that war may be hell but at least one or two very good things result as unintended consequences of the action. 1492 their Catholic Majesties Ferdinand and Isobella of spain sent their sorry a$$es across the straights of Gibraltar into Africa where a whole fresh hell was provided for the populace there. What happened there reverberates here and now. Mr Foley wore the universal rose tinted blinders that every person who refuses to read past history wears. It killed him and his murder now horrifies his family. How many families have muslims reduced to tears ? They need to be dead or they need to be made utterly devoid of the urge to fight. For once and for all they must be made to stop completely , Islam must be outlawed by all the world. It is not a religion it is death and tyranny wherever it rears its satanic head. Then with some kind of oversight every muslim must make the choice to enter the ranks of the civilized or live restricted with no exceptions to the cesspools of their own making until they can make that effort.
    This cannot be done until we stop being the cowardly liars that political correctness has sought to make of us all. The first Amendment must be strictly adhered to and the 2nd must be the absolute guarantee available to all of us to protect and defend our Constitution.

  8. First, nobody deserves beheading. But this comment isn’t about that. Re: the Foley twitter quote above that “Nassallah proposes #US Congress introduces law criminalizing insult of Prophet,” whose name was actually Qutham, the US Congress has gone even further with two companion laws, H.R. 3878 (from Rep. Hakeem Jeffries) and S. 2219 (from Sen. Ed Markey) currently in committee. Taqiyya/kitman minimizing of their chances of passing — my senators and congressman between the lines of their equivocal response indicate it is slated to pass, stealth jihad, unless Americans write and call to oppose en masse. While we still can, let your voices be heard!

  9. Maybe this will be a wake up call to all of those Libs that back Hamas and other terrorist groups trying to kill all Jews and Westerners, but I doubt it.

    • this is just what they want…to frighten people…for all we know whole thing could be a hoax. govt has got you wrapped around their finger lol

  10. Michelle Hickford… [email protected]#k you, you horrible witch.
    Your insulting remarks about James Foley being butchered are tasteless and ignorant.

    Normally i wouldn’t make such a vulgar comment… but your article is incredibly offensive, vulgar, and ignorant.

    You’re one of those f’n morons who thinks that those of us that believe not all muslims are terrorists ignore the real threat of muslim extremist terrorism.
    I fall into that category.
    i know that not every muslim is a radical, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think they exist or that my belief that not all muslims are radicals somehow make radical extremist terrorist think of me as a friend.

    You are a filthy ignorant pig who is politicizing and mocking the brutal murder of an American while making ignorant assumptions about his beliefs just to push your own anti-left agenda.
    There is a special place in Hell for hate-filled people like you.


      • Nope
        Sorry Donnie, but even though I think the pig who wrote this article is an unAmerican hateful witch who celebrates the deaths of Americans… unlike her I don’t wish death on my fellow Americans just because they lean right or left.
        She is more like them than she realizes.

      • we’re expositing opinion, you’re the one with all the hateful vitriol, foul names & obscenities. This article is really only relating what foley himself did and said. The conclusions drawn don’t seem unreasonable to me. It appears foley was lighting matches in a dynamite closet and it turned around and bit him. Granted, what happened was an inhuman horror, but foley shouldn’t have been so naive.

      • Obscene is using his murder as an attack on the left. The article suggests that progressives who don’t think all muslims are terrorists somehow support terrorists and think they are their friends.

      • @ Brendan – As usual you’re here to spin propaganda, not to care about Foley. Of course not all Muslims are terrorists; but most murderous terrorists are Muslims and all observant Muslims read the Quran which directs murderous terrorism against non-Muslims. The roots of Islam are prescriptions for deceit and death to all non-Muslims by Muslims, and the Quran as putative “holy” scripture proves it. If not wrapped in the wrapper of claimed religion (which decent people of the 21st century expect to be authentically peaceful) and further wrapped in form-over-substance outward shows of ritualistic religious observance, Islam would be globally banned as a hate-crimes incubator dangerous to all non-Muslims everywhere. When so-called “moderate” Muslim leaders do not disavow the Quran’s deceit-and-death prescriptions publicly by global internet dissemination to would-be jihadist recruits everywhere, then we know clearly where they deceivingly stand to our peril.

        Now for more detail in support of the above reply. The US headed by a pro-Islamic president who’s handpicked a pro-Islamic executive branch atthe highest levels (CIA, HSA, AG,
        Sec/State), systematically ignores that every pro-terrorist “Muslim” who is also “American” is dangerous to the rest of us whether in the US or in Israel. The US is letting the fox guard the hen house by systematically leaving to the over 2,000 mosques and their imams (and other “community leaders”) the internal policing of who might begin acting as a Muslim terrorist. As if 9/11 and 4/15/13 never happened in the US. Indeed, academic experts study how atrocity can be learned as behavior, and the learning happens within the deceit-and-death cult waiting to happen from within those, Muslim-“Americans” or otherwise, who study and aspire to follow the Quran and its genocidal prescriptions. No amount of PR (CAIR, etc.) explaining it away can change the reality that Islam is based on a murderous deceit-and-death history as well as the murderous putative “scriptures” (Quran, Hadiths) of Islam. Only deceivers would try to pitch a putative
        uniqueness of the Quran’s original Arabic language as if to
        dismissively denigrate our English plain-language Quranic reading of deceit-and-death prescriptions by translation when Hebrew, Coptic, Koine Greek and other ancient languages are regularly and similarly translated for English-speakers from legitimate religions like Judaism and Christianity, practiced peacefully in fact in the 21st century.

        Islam has existed from the 7th century for the purpose to exterminate the legitimate religions with intolerant violence and hostility, not to co-exist, because Islam is the religion not of peace but of tricks, traps and terrorism.

        All anybody needs to do is buy and read an English translation of the Quran and the hand wringing about “how could they” and “why did they” will stop. It will explain Hamas. It will explain IS. It will explain the Islamic reversal of “peace” as the Muslim lust for nothing but Muslims in the world after all others have been destroyed. It will explain that Muslim terrorists are only following the hate-crime prescriptions set before them in black and white, as the violence and conquest designated as necessary to their “faith.” (Qurans translated before the 21st century tend to be more accurate about the deceit-and-death prescriptions, predating this politically correct current Islamic century’s PR/propaganda efforts.)

        This is about a deceit-and-death cult that bootstrapped religious form in the 7th century to cover the substance of its long range plan for global conquest and genocide, and if we don’t start telling the truth about it, we volunteer to be its next victims.

        And now Brendan, because past experience with you in this blog’s comments indicate that you are a pro-Islam propagandist who comes here to sow dissent and deception, I do not plan to respond to whatever you may say. Others however may enjoy taking you on online. You’re just so transparent!

      • Sorry… but your propaganda conspiracies are bull.
        You throw out the typical nonsense about all true muslims being violent and then you spout the typical zealot craziness that your religion is legitimate and theirs is false.
        ..and that I am pro Islam because I don’t buy your conspiracy that the President is a secret muslim who is part of a secret plan to make us all muslim.

        Your attitude about all practicing muslims being part of a violent death cult is just as delusional as the wackos who think jews drink Christian blood.
        there are many proud patriotic American Muslims, some whom have died fighting radical islamists, but you would say they are all part of a death cult because you can’t tell the difference.

        I can’t wait for all you religious fanatics to be irrelevant someday

      • “there are many proud patriotic American Muslims, some whom have died fighting radical islamists”
        Name one.

      • Here’s one…

        Here’s another…

        and here’s another…

        and here’s yet another…

        Those are the first four I found… honorable proud American muslims who died fighting against radicals.

        When did you serve?… did you serve?

      • I see proof of four patriotic American Muslims who lost their lives in “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. I see no proof, that they died fighting radical Islamists.
        But suppose you’re right and they died fighting radical Islamists, the same (or similar) radical Islamists, whom Foley supported so openly. Isn’t that even more of a reason to cheer Foley beheading, which, in some way, avenges their deaths?

      • Who do you think they died fighting?
        They were killed long after the Iraqi army was defeated and the only fighting was against Al Qaeda in Iraq and other radical insurgent groups.

        And I still don’t cheer the murder of my fellow citizens… even if they are idiots who sympathize with extremists.

      • “Who do you think they died fighting?”
        I have no idea. I don’t know if they died in combat, If they did, they may have fought those, who Foley considered “freedom fighters”. And how could the “freedom fighters” possibly be radical Islamists (as if there is any other kind).

        “And I still don’t cheer the murder of my fellow citizens”
        Well, that’s because you’re a moron. Terrorist sympathizers hamper the War on Terror in so many ways you puny little brain would not even begin to understand, so I’ll give you a bottom line: they endanger all of us. While I don’t necessarily mind them endangering morons like you, who are only good for wasting oxygen, I very much mind them endangering people whose IQs are not in single digits. So excuse me, if I take this personally when a degenerate like Foley supports terrorists on a small scale and a degenerate in the White House attempts to install MB-run governments throughout the Arab world. And in case you don’t know what MB is, it’s the mother of EVERY Sunni terrorist group in the world.

      • Where did you serve?
        Did you serve?
        i saw nothing on your facebook page to indicate you ever did.

        It is disgraceful that you would belittle patriotic American muslims who died protecting the rights of cowards like you.

      • Since I saw nothing on your facebook page to indicate that you have any brains, I guess it’s reasonable for you to judge my service by mine.

      • So then that’s a “no”… as I suspected. You never served.
        If you are an American, you are a disgrace for insulting patriotic American muslims who died fighting extremists while you were too cowardly to ever serve yourself.
        They died better Americans than you could ever be.

      • With all due respect, do you really believe that it’s a wise use of your time to explain to a degenerate what 2+2 is? The only way they could possibly learn is like Foley.

      • Would it matter, since you’re not using it anyway? On the other hand, you’ll get a chance to talk to them instead of us bombing them. It’s a win-win. You’ll get your wish and we’ll get rid of yet another P.O.S.

  11. God bless this young man and his family. However one may feel about his views, he did not deserve this. He was very brave at the end. Prayers to his poor parents.

    • He knew he was going to die….why did he deny his American family and himself. It is hortible but listening to him preach about his brother and America was almost as bad as his beheading.

    • “he did not deserve this.”
      On the contrary, this “brave” artard got exactly what he was advocating for. I wish all Western terrorist supporters had the balls to follow suit.

      • Where have you been hiding if you didn’t know that obammy and the demo’s want open border. How do you think all of these criminals, terrorists, gangs have entered the southern borders?

      • Your assertion doesn’t make sense. The current Obama administration deported more illegals than the last administration.
        Not only has there been no Democrat plan for an open border, but the record high number of deportations proves just the opposite of what you suggest.
        Where have you been hiding?
        There is a crisis of illegals trying to get in… but that does not mean the Dems want an open border.

        that would be like saying that the police support crime just because they can’t stop all the crime, even though they are catching a record number of criminals.

      • The Democrats, being leftist/statist/socialist, are not completely honest in their public phrasing. They refer to “open borders” as “comprehensive immigration reform”.

        The way you can tell for sure is by the actual actions that happened (as opposed to what the various parties merely say).

        Since you brought up the previous Presidential Administration, I was wondering if you may be able to show us what the effect is of Obama openly declaring that his policy is to only deport illegal criminals, and to have a catch-and-release program for noncriminal illegals?

        The typically right-wing New York Times helpfully wrote an article about this: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/30/us/report-finds-deportations-focus-on-criminal-records.html?_r=0

        According to the article, 75% of the illegals deported during the Obama administrations were criminals (for reasons other than trespassing and identity theft). Basically, even after Obama made up as many extra excuses as possible to keep people, of the people he was forced to deport under his own (more lax) policy, 75% were criminals. Oops.

        Also, Bush is not the person to hold up as a shining example of sound immigration policy — the country has refused to prosecute illegals with the vigor deserved for a very long time.

        My solution to illegal immigration is simple and effective, which is why it will never be put into place:

        Deport every illegal you encounter, back to their home country, with a functioning firearm. If illegals come here 5 times or more, they get more ammunition and a higher caliber of weapon. Heck, DHS (which handles border patrol) bought over 1,000,000,000 rounds of ammunition for something — maybe this is it?

        Of course, Mexico will be very unhappy with this. And I’m happy with that.

      • Nonsense.
        Immigration reform is not a call for open borders.
        i have yet to see the President or the Dem leadership propose open borders.
        Assuming that when they say reform they really mean open borders. just because it’s what you suspect, is nonsense and not proof.

      • It’s not an official part of their platform, of course; that would cost votes. Nevertheless, it’s what they’re doing. It’s the Cloward-Piven strategy; to overwhelm the system, combined with other things, such as ballooning the welfare and food stamp rolls. They overwhelm the system to intentionally make it collapse, declare the failure of capitalism, and replace it with socialism. You sound like a Democrat, and you’re being intentionally obtuse. My apologies, if my assessment is off the mark. If it’s dead on, open your mind and your eyes; the Democratic party is full-on Socialist now.

      • Awww… sorry junior.
        The Democrats are not pushing for open borders. That’s a lie and you know it.
        I’m sorry that you don’t like BS lies being challenged kid.

        But go ahead and call me names for wanting actual proof of a BS claim if it makes you feel better.

      • Why do you have to demonstrate your stupidity over and over and over again? Wasn’t the first few times enough?

      • Sorry junior… I believe in facts ,not irrational hatred and conspiracies, like you. Go back to the kid’s table troll.

      • “I believe in facts ,not irrational hatred and conspiracies”
        Don’t Foley’s Twitter postings provide enough facts, you miserable imbecile?

      • Are you retarded?
        I was responding to a poster who said Democrats want open borders.
        What the hell does Foley’s twitter have to do with open borders?

  12. And “WE” try to deal with these CRETINS by talking? They only understand one thing and that is strength so if they want to meet Ali let’s help them reach their goal. They kill an innocent and it’s a symbol we kill an innocent and we are inhumane. They only understand one thing so let’s see who is STRONGER.

      • That’s wrong! Before we bomb them, we should send all of you, degenerates, who think that we can talk to them, to talk to them. Two birds – one stone.

      • Your reading comprehension is as bad as your reasoning skills.
        I never said we should talk to extremists. We should kill them.
        Why do you hate America so much?

      • Do you have problems reading or understanding what you read?
        I never said we shouldn’t kill terrorists. I said that when terrorists kill terrorist supporters, we should let them.

        Why do you hate America so much, you libtarded P.O.S.?

      • You are cheering alongside the terrorists. Congrats. I don’t care how strongly I disagree with someone, I will never cheer their death. Especially not one like this.

      • I’d just cheer one less vote for terrorist-supporting democrats, and one less propaganda mouth-piece, and rather than feel bad at least be happy for him that he made his own bed.

      • Your response is one one of the most ironic things anyone has ever said to me. Who’s “note too bright”?

        Thanks for making my day.

      • Since you’re obviously a moron who could not understand my remark, you being not too bright is the quite reasonable conclusion, isn’t it?

      • and you think if they come here they’ll spare you the same death because you cheer them………better think again sweetie….

      • Which part of “in this particular instance” confused you? I don’t consider ISIS scum any better that scum like Foley, but when one scum murders another, all I wish to do is to sit back and enjoy.

    • No… you and the author of this article hate Americans so much that you wish them dead just for not sharing your politics.
      You’re both sick unAmerican disgraces.

      I bet you cheered on 9/11 too.

      • I don’t much care for America-despising self-loathing left-wing fifth-columnist Americans at all – anymore than I do for those who cross our border illegally, but at least they want to BE here.
        “America: Love it or leave it.” To be fair, now that left-wing terrorist-cheering reporter has left it.

      • You need to have an exceptionally IQ to even consider a P.O.S. like you to be an American. The very idea is abhorrent.

  13. I can’t stand liberals and their idol worship of Obama but I would NEVER wish them death or torture at the hands of evil. Ignorant and hateful as they are no one deserves this horrific end.

    If you are celebrating this injustice, this murder of an American then all I can say is maybe it should have been you instead of him.

    • I wish them to be dead. This would not be happening if they didn’t support it when it was not as strong as it is today.

    • “maybe it should have been you instead of him.”
      And I prefer if it were him and you. If Michele’s articles give so much butthurt, why are you reading them? My I suggest some pills to control your masochism?

      • If our comments give you so much butthurt why do you respond at all? Seems you can’t stand others thinking differently than you. That’s ok. But to be rude shows immaturity…to have intelligent “conversation” shows otherwise.

        Thanks for your response but next time maybe keep it to yourself if you can’t respond intelligently.

      • And the terrorists killed an American, degenerate or not. What gives you the right to say who is worthy of life or death? Is it because you don’t agree with his politics? When allowed to commit murder against anyone terrorists only become more brazen.
        If that were you in an orange jumpsuit would you feel the same way? Would you want your loved ones to feel the pain his loved ones feel?
        Isn’t one of the most precious things about being American the fact we can express our opinions differently than others and keep that freedom?
        You have the right to feel the way you do. You have the right to disagree with all of us but when your anger and belligerence cross the line of being civil to us in your disagreement we don’t want to hear why you feel the way you do, we want to plug our ears and never know.
        Bless your heart…you have passion and beliefs. Those are honorable qualities. What about a bit of tolerance? Or is that only reserved for those who agree and never for those who believe differently?

      • I don’t care what his politics are, you dumbass. But if someone supports terrorists, he forfeits his right to live; no matter which passport he holds. I have no tolerance for terrorists and their supporters. And the fact that some Americans do is mind blowing. For those who have one.

      • You support Obama or Bush- you support terrorism too. Bush and Obama created much of the breakdown of security in the Middle East and North Africa in their overthrows of the Libya and Iraq’s governments which has directly led to the surge of terrorist and barbarism we see now- and often don’t see because the Western media finds it politically inconvenient to reveal how terrible things are daily. The typical American in their glorious stupidity and ignorance of foreign current affairs have no clue what IS/ ISIS really is and how they started >>> AFTER CHENEY INVADED IRAQ. How many of you know Libya is in civil-war mode despite NATO leaders making sure you don’t know how badly they screwed up there in deposing their former buddy Gaddafi?

      • Alex you are educated enough to know that the US has “terrorized” other countries over the years with their foreign policy/ greed? you support that? have you ever thought about what conditions might lead people to turn to violence and terrorism?? or are you just a blind nationist?

      • Well, if you’d listen to your teacher in history class instead of blowing your classmates, you wouldn’t be writing this, would you?

      • you really think you’re funny and so do all your little followers lol. sexist,verbally abusive and racist. I don’t converse with lowlifes like yourself. you are more like Nazis than anyone.

      • I’m an American, you dumb biatch! I have the right to ridicule degenerates like you any time, any place!

      • Thanks for your intelligent ans sensitive response…it means so much to us…
        Come back when you ACT like an American.

        As far as DUMB BIATCH.. I’m more intelligent than you’ll ever be. Kinder too.

    • I don’t wish ANY creature torture – not in my right mind, anyway. I’m no more going to shed tears for this reporter than for bergdahl, though.


  15. This is exactly what I cannot seem to get many people who support Hamas to understand. It isn’t going to make any difference that they are supporting these people, they are next on the kill list.

    • I wonder if obammy is on his hit list? He doesn’t care for the american citizens and neither does ISIS. obammy has sent millions of our dollars to Hamas and ISIS.

      • Obama seems to be part of the inner circle of global Islamists by his conduct and speeches (e.g., promising no future to those who ‘slander’ the prophet of Islam, his agreement in the UN to Resolution 16/18 which is unconstitutional, the UN Resolution 16/18-related H.R. 3878 of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and S. 2219 of Sen. Ed Markey from Obama’s Democratic party currently in congressional committee, $11 billion arms deal with terrorist-funnel Qatar while Hamas was lobbing terrorist rockets at Israel this summer, etc.). When IS threatens to fly its flag of the Islamic Caliphate over the White House, it’s what POTUS and his brother Malik Obama would want. When some Muslim terrorists or Islamic leaders claim not to like Obama, it’s propaganda. It’s well-orchestrated taqiyya/kitman propaganda designed at multiple “levels of lies” to deceive the American public. It’s the deception of non-Muslims by Muslims that the Quran prescribes, readying an unsuspecting populace to let down their guards and be more easily conquered through later Muslim violence that will erupt from behind the mosques harboring the plans to support the Islamic Caliphate.

        All of this my opinion, of course. You can research it online and draw your own conclusions.

      • Obama is an apprentice of neocons who has adopted many of church-going war criminal Dick Cheney’s homicidal policies.

    • Support Hamas? lol- You don’t understand very well- People who protest against the Gaza genocide are not in support of Hamas – who get more validity with continued Zionist slaughter of Gaza’s civilians- but they are speaking out against USA-supported Zionist war crimes. Many Jews hate the Zionist savages too- they are as vile as ISIS and hypocrite war criminal Christians like Cheney- and now Obama.

  16. No matter what party or who is serving in office. This is America that is what our children fight for when they become Soldiers…We can find all the excuses you want (it goes way back) America can never ever consider the demands of what ever terrorist group is in style at the moment. This is terrible but we as American know the huge risk we take when we go overseas…They go to do a job they are proud of. Please don’t judge them because you don’t know…If I had a say there would not be a head left in Guantanamo, But this is America we do things differently.Don’t judge lets just mourn these boys and there families, just being away from them was enough and the outcome horrible for them and families.

  17. Literally millions of Japanese were going to conquer the US, aided by Nazi Germany. When it was over their countries were in ruin and the US was victorious by killing them before they got us. Apparently these ignorant savages want to be mayrtred by America. So be it…..

    • The Soviets bore the largest brunt in destroying Nazi Germany. The Japanese had no intention of conquering the USA- their plan was to remove the US military threat against their conquest ambitions in the Pacific. In your ignorance though, you do not understand much of the territory Japan was invading were lands invaded and conquered and colonized by the West – of course you guess Western colonization of other lands was not so bad. And before you keep pumping up your ego- America dropped 2 terror bombs on Japanese civilians- not military targets. And the USA was at that time upholding its segrgation BS and lynching pastimes to- even while Blacks and Japanese-Americans were fighting and dying for the USA in WW2.

      And furthermore IS/ ISIS is not about religion, they are as religious as fake hate-filled church-going Christians.

      • Tho s e so called fake Christians, are dying for what they believe.

        “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven.
        Matthew 5:44, 45

        ISIS is doing exactly what the Quran commands them to do.

        Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” 

        The Japanese did invade America.


        You don’t know anything about Christians, Muslims, or history. Your hatred and sounds like what you hear on the majority of college campuses nowadays & Nazi propaganda.

      • hmm, my inlaws are from Borneo , Malaysia. they were there in WW2. You want to ask me what they told me what the Japanese did when they took over there? moron

      • Was cannibalism involved? It was in China and on Chichi Jima. I’m afraid I’m not as educated on Borneo’s invasion, but most people don’t even know the little that I know. The Japanese were brutal and barbaric, using their own injured soldiers for target practice when they had no one else for practice.

      • “And furthermore IS/ ISIS is not about religion”
        Have you even read the Koran, you artarded P.O.S.?

      • The Japanese attacked America. The Nazi’s were allied with the Japanese. I don’t care how much you ignore facts, but it is factual that we and our allies destroyed Japan and Germany, their armies and their cities. That is why they surrendered to the allies.

        I do agree with you about the Soviet Union and their losses, but it’s hardly America’s fault that the Soviets use different tactics than did the US, which resulted in their greater losses.

      • I’ll shed no tears for the losses suffered by the Soviet Union during that war. The Soviets actually helped to cause that whole war when Stalin teamed up with Hitler in their infamous “non-aggression pact” signed in August of 1939, just a few days before the Nazis kicked off the open hostilities on Sept. 1 with their invasion of Poland. Stalin had effectively given Hitler a green light to do so, signaling that he would take no action to stop the Nazi onslaught, and in fact, just two weeks later, he joined in to attack Poland from the east as it was fighting for its life against the Nazi invasion from the west.

        The two dictatorships carved up what was left of that unhappy land, their armies meeting and shaking hands across the Vistula River – and then for the next 22 crucial months of the war, the Soviets were the de-facto allies of the Nazis, supplying them with the oil needed to fuel their war machine (Germany has no oil of its own), in return for manufactured goods. The NKVD cooperated with the Gestapo, exchanging intelligence, and the two secret-police agencies even worked together to hand over dissidents and other prisoners wanted by the other. Stalin used his control of Communist parties in America and Britain – the labor unions and media organs they controlled – to screw up the British war effort against the Nazis as well as the officially “neutral” America’s pre-Pearl Harbor efforts to help Britain, agitating against Lend-Lease and ordering strikes at defense plants to sabotage weapons production.

        Stalin cynically believed that Germany and the Western democracies would be bled white fighting each other, allowing him to waltz in and pick up the pieces – but was shocked out of his socks when Hitler double-crossed him in June of 1941 and invaded Russia (had Hitler not been a totally irrational ideologue, he would not have made such a blunder, nor would he have backed the unrelated Japanese attack on America – two grievous mistakes that cost him the war and sealed his eventual doom). So, much of the carnage inflicted upon the Soviets by their FORMER ALLIES, the Nazis, was their own damn fault.

      • Mr Deckman: I agree with all you wrote but I knew that before you informed me. My original comment was “We were attacked by the Japanese and the Germany was their ally and declared war on us also. When WWII was over, Japan was in ruins as was Germany,not to mention how many of their citizens perished.” My point is the Islamic terrorists have no idea who they are playing with. The Gaza strip might give them a heads up, who knows? Apparently they are attracted to death and rubble. We can do that!

        Gen Patton was quoted as saying ” You don’t win war by dying for your country, you win by making the other poor, dumb SOB die for his country!” That sums up my feelings well.

      • Good comment, John. And you are right – Japan attacked us and Germany jumped in and declared war on us and got what was coming to it.

        As for the Soviets, as you said, their greater losses resulted from their tactics, which was in no way blamable or attributable to us, as we had our own problems (though the Communists certainly tried – between the Germans’ Operation Barbarossa in June 1941 and Pearl Harbor, there was considerable agitation in the left-wing press in this country – much if not most of it controlled at least indirectly by the CPUSA — demanding a U.S. entry into the conflict against Germany, when just days and weeks before, the same publications and commentators had considered such talk of a U.S. entry into the war to be just so much “warmongering” encouraged by the evil munitions manufacturers and the British).

        And I couldn’t care less that they supposedly “bore the brunt” of defeating the Nazis, as the fellow who posted above you asserted. So what? As I said, they made the whole damn war possible in the first place by giving Hitler his green light to invade Poland and then helping him carve it up and allying themselves with him; karma’s sure a bitch (the German attack on the Soviets suddenly put the British and later, us, on the same side as them, a necessary temporary evil when it came to destroying Hitler — but I think that modern-day historians and the media who play up the “our valiant Soviet allies” angle that was a part of our wartime homefront propaganda – again, a necessary temporary evil – and who gloss over Stalin’s perfidy in first allying himself with Hitler and being A-OK with the Nazi juggernaut crushing most of Europe and then only later turning against the Germans, only after HIS country suffered a German blitzkrieg, do a grave disservice to the historical record. I can only imagine how this period of history is taught in our schools these days – what kind of a whitewash the actions of Beloved Comrade Stalin get).

      • “The NKVD cooperated with the Gestapo, exchanging intelligence, and the two secret-police”
        Actually, the Gestapo was modeled after ChK/NKVD and Concentration camps were modeled after GULag. Even the swastika was copied from the Soviets who used it in the beginning on their paper money.

  18. They say he “read a forced statement”. Didn’t look like that to me. Looked like he was waiting to get some virgins and was embracing having his head removed. Long statement to be forced to memorize; seemed more off the cuff


      • Much like the Zionist war criminals have slaughtered, blown to bits, 500 Gaza babies and kids in the past 2 months. Where are your ethics in praising Zionist war criminals….. even Muslims don’t praise ISIS.

      • “Zionist … have slaughtered, blown to bits, 500 Gaza babies and kids in the past 2 months”
        What kind of a moron would not be satisfied with inflated Hamas figures and have an urge to multiply them?

      • “the Zionist war criminals have slaughtered, blown to bits, 500 Gaza babies and kids in the past 2 months”…. .

        DELIBERATELY put into harm’s way, of course, by their “Islamic brothers” of Hamas, who DELIBERATELY store their thousands of rockets and have their emplacements for firing them, in UN schools, hospitals and residential areas, HOPING AND PRAYING for a strong Israeli response that will kill as many of Hamas’ human hostage pawns as possible, so Hamas and its allies can cry copious crocodile tears and crank out streams of noxious propaganda COVERING UP THEIR OWN ROLE IN THIS SLAUGHTER in order to gain the support of both idiot moron progressive leftist fools worldwide as well as dyed-in-the-wool “Zionist”-hating anti-Semites.

      • Glad I could provide amusement. But you are insulting a lot of other people who agree with me and I really DGAS

    • Because they believe in first things first. First establish their “Caliphate” and take control of territory. ISIS knows perfectly well that other elements in the Moslem world are busily trying to destroy Israel. ISIS will join the fight against Israel just as soon as they feel strong enough to do so. You can bet on it.

    • Isn’t it obvious? ISIS is a Jewish conspiracy! Israel is also responsible for 9/11, Vietnam War and the death of dinosaurs. Everybody knows that!
      How do you not forget to breath?

      • How truly stupid and uninformed are you? Have you left your house in the last 10 years? Have you been to Israel, or Jordan or Egypt? Or anywhere outside your home town? Do you speak to people of other races and nationalities? Probably not. You espouse your line of pure BS as if you were an authority when in fact you are no doubt some poor slob who has spent his time in front of a TV and whose source of news is Mother Jones. Study up a bit before your next post, or better still, try living in another country for a few years. There is a real world out there beyond your front door.

      • You seem to be right. For those, who are not that bright, I added a dinosaur part, but even that didn’t help.

      • Underlined capitals saying “This is sarcasm” (or irony, or whatever), MIGHT help…..but I’m not totally certain of its efficacy.

    • They want to grab control of a big area of Syria and neighboring Iraq, slaughter anyone who gets in their way, like the Kurds, the Yazidis and local Christians. They are setting up their so-called “Islamic caliphate,” plan to consolidate their power there – and then once that order of business is taken care of, they plan to turn their attention to destroying other “infidels,” including, of course, the Jooooooooooooos of Israel and elsewhere.

    • Huh, cuz their cowards with mask’s?.to me, if they where “really” hard nose, down to dah bone hard butt extremist’s, they wouldnt hide their faces, something tells me they know “deep down” what their doing is wrong, if i was a member of a radical movement, i would freakin show my crazy eyes, and make evil facial gestures at the camera or video cam…but thats just me….

  20. Some of the smartest people in the world are useful idiots when it comes to the existential threat posed by (not “extreme”, not “radical”) an energized Islam. I say energized because the Islam we see in ISIS is raw, unvarnished, organic and natural Islam that is no longer inhibited by any of the values the West has been attempting to convince everyone to adopt. You know, like civil rights and the rule of law.

    Islam wants to do to the west what the US did to Imperial Japan, that is to destroy their culture and replace it with one that is totally different. Anyone who does not accept will be suppressed or destroyed. This is the very definition of an existential threat.

      • Ding,ding, ding. Wrong answer William, Johnny lets tell our contestant what he won today…. That simple solution he suggested won him a lavishly decorated orange garment and an awesome an all-expenses paid trip to mecca with a wonderful life changing choice of you guessed it Johnny….. Convert or Die. Thank you for
        playing William.

      • As with all things liberal, he who gets to define the meaning of words and phrases gets to control the outcome of the debate. Who is my “brother?” in a secular humanist context?

        If I evolved from slime I don’t count other homo sapiens who want to kill me as my “brother”, nor am I under any obligation except to help evolution complete its job and kill off those in the gene pool with undesirable traits.

        The last time secular humanism got sufficient control of a government, it set out to clean the gene pool of homosexuals, gypsies, those with mental impairments and above all, Jews. The roots of that program came directly from secular progressives in the west, and primarily from America.

      • Go tell a Jew that Nazis were secular humanists. They seem to think the Nazis were fascist authoritarian mass murderers.

    • Funny- there I was thinking it was Cheney going after Islam with his PNAC….. What culture are you talking about- the intent of NATO leaders to destroy the Middle East. Do you know why ISIS/ IS and its original al quaeda beginnings put Americans they butchered in orange jumpsuits? It relates back to Abu Grahib when US trained Iraqi paramilitary death squads and torturers were slaughtering and maiming Sunnis.

      In your typical Western ignorance you are seeing Islam in IS where none exists.IS merely uses the word Islam as a Front that only the ignorant and stupid quickly believe. Most Muslims know IS are BS. IS are slaughtering Islamists and regular Muslims alike. They number a division sized unit in total.

      And don’t squawk about ‘values’ of the West. The rest of the world suffering from the ‘values’ of Western leaders know the real truth. America supplies guns and money to the biggest drug cartels through its ravenous drug addiction. The West supplies military aid to Zionist war criminals. The West supports Saudi repression against its civilians. The Western leaders fully support oppression of the poor and grovel to the elitist wealthy minority for political sponsorship. The West routinely supports and puts in place corrupt puppet regimes and murderous allied dictatorships. The West drone bombs innocent civilians and merely says ‘oops sorry’ while at the same time screeching ‘Terrorists’ at non-Westerners who do the same.

      • Well, we could just drop a nuclear bomb instead of drones and get lots and lots of those innocent civilians. But…we don’t. Maybe that’s our goal? You ignorant jerk, if you would learn the history of war you’d realize our weaponry can be terrible, but we choose to use more precise bombs to minimize civilian casualties, while those you seem to admire are intent on the most barbaric acts towards civilians since Japan invaded China.

  21. No one is spared when freedom fails,
    the best men rot in filthy jails,
    and those who cry “appease appease!
    are hanged (or beheaded) by those they tried to please

  22. OK.. BLUNTLY here for you Mr West. I have followed you for years upon years and supported you wholeheartedly. However, let us be completely clear here, what is now starting to piss me off completely and ultimately makes me livid with anger is, that you know all too well that ISIS/ISIL “ARE” are US/UK creation, we formed them for these exact reasons. We trained them all, we armed them all and we fund them all, we pay their salaries, we provide all the logistics and comms equipment, and move them around the globe from conflict to conflict hidden supposedly secretly behind the veil we call ‘sunni moslem jihadists????”. Yea, really.. You know that is complete bollocks.. These scum have been created to wage massacres, slaughter and sickening genocides as proxy militant murderers on behalf of our western power elites. Its that simple and you know it.. Or you should… Until folk like you who are in these positions of great and immense power to spread the truth, you are failing us if you do not actually do that…. Right? Face the real and true enemy, expose them, for a great many of us all across the world know who are the masterminds of these wars, they have been planned for years and until that day comes Mr West, when you come out and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, then I am so saddened to say, I question your stance in all realms on this subject.. With great respect. Lets hear it..

    • Well said- Obama is doing the same malicious deception game. Bush was a moron who simply had no brains much like Palin and typical Republicans and Obama-idolizing democrats. Obama on the other hand is well informed about what is going on in the world and how the USA and NATO leaders are instigating much turmoil and hotspots, but he lies through his teeth with calculated finger pointing at ghosts. He is a mastermind at this- and idiot Democrats all too often believe everything he says.

    • “I have followed you for years upon years and supported you wholeheartedly.”
      “ISIS/ISIL “ARE” are US/UK creation, we formed them for these exact
      reasons. We trained them all, we armed them all and we fund them all, we
      pay their salaries, we provide all the logistics and comms equipment,
      and move them around the globe from conflict to conflict”
      Only you are a lying P.O.S. would make both of these claims.
      Only a dumb P.O.S. would even consider that anyone who supports Lt.C. West could possibly be THAT delusional.

  23. Michele Hickford- you represent the gross ignorance of typical Westerners unfortunately. Furthermore you are engaging in sabre rattling innuendo that is similar to the garbage that tricked the USA to follow war criminal Cheney into the unprovoked war against Iraq – and that war led to the conditions which allowed terrorism and IS to flourish.

    Regarding your stark ignorance of the situation in Iraq. ISIS are not Islamists; they are a barbarian horde only. Much like the Crusaders raped, pillaged, and murdered Christians, Jews and Muslims 1,000 years ago pretending they were Christian…. much like the Nazis who were voted into power 80 years ago would claim they were a political vote-supporting party.

    I’m guessing you go to church- and in your congregation you have a majority of hatemongers of some kind with no REAL Christian values…. ie, your church is full of hypocrites and haters. Obama goes to church yet he militarily and openly supports Zionist leaders genocide against Gaza which has blown up hundreds up babies and children in the past 2 months. A simple mind would make your claim that these are Christian ethics. An informed intelligent person would understand Obama is not acting as a Christian nor representing Christianity when he supports dictatorships and genocides in Libya, Ukraine and with Zionists against Gaza.

    IS / ISIS is not about religion- they are extremists who like anti-social deviant right-wing fundamentalist Christians, only use religion as a crutch for their perverted unethical sociopath lifestyle.

    Michele- I look forward to you writing an article about the Abu Grahib photos Obama promised to show Americans but never did when he became President because as he diplomatically alluded to, they were too awful to reveal. Instead of trying to entice knee-jerk emotional uneducated response to support your ire, calm down and study the facts and reality going on in Iraq. ISIS are slaughtering everyone including Muslims and Islamists and at times each other; hey are as vile as right wing Christians and Zionists- ask war criminal Dick Cheney.

    • Hmmm, so i am a vile person since i believe in the Lord Jesus is God and salvation is only in Him and He proved it by His resurection from the dead?

    • @ Bill Bisher —
      Despite your bald-faced unsubstantiated rhetoric, when was the last time
      you heard about anybody from what you call “anti-social deviant right-wing
      fundamentalist Christians” beheading an enemy, or bombing the Boston
      Marathon (killing several, maiming 260), or flying planes into structures
      holding civilians as occurred on 9/11 (3,000 dead)? While it is true that
      genocidal evil can arise through any ideology (as Stalinism and Nazism proved)
      in a flawed humanity, Islam as a deceit-and-death cult (by the non-abrogated
      words of Quran, hadith and sira) is the only ideology that consistently over 15
      centuries operates in form over substance as a religion to spawn genocide.
      Exceptions only prove the rule. While not all Muslims are terrorists, most
      murderous terrorists are Muslims and all Muslims are charged to read, study and
      follow the Quran. Islam’s Quran has consistently from the 7th century forward
      inspired the stealth jihadists to deceit and the warring jihadists to genocide,
      torture, rape, sex slavery, pedophilia and every related violent evil
      imaginable. Islam has also inspired men into the 21st century running Sharia
      law governments to barbaric amputations and stoning as punishments, public flogging
      and whipping and related societal acts that civilized people believe to be
      cruel and inhumane.

      Even in America, young country that this is, in the late 1700’s we had to fight
      the Islamic Barbary Pirates in the northern African part of the Ottoman Empire
      because Muslims looted and enslaved more than a million Americans and
      Europeans. To this day the US Marines’ theme song talks about the “shores
      of Tripoli” where for several years the bombardment against the Islamic
      Barbary pirates occurred before they were vanquished. Pres. Jefferson later
      reported to Secretary of State John Jay, and to the Congress: “The
      [Islamic] ambassador answered us that [the right to loot, extort money and sell
      prisoners as slaves] was founded on the Laws of the [Islamic] Prophet, that it
      was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have answered their
      authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them
      wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as
      prisoners, and that every Mussulman [Muslim] who should be slain in battle was
      sure to go to Paradise.”

      Don’t insult our intelligence by contending falsely that IS (Islamic State, the
      Caliphate) is not about “religion.” Even if the current POTUS is a
      closet Muslim by kinship and political ties as well as religious appreciation
      for the unpeaceful religion, most Americans are not and we abhor the hypocrisy
      of posters like you as well as the hypocrisy of the current president.

  24. This is nonsense. Can’t anyone think for themselves any more? James Foley’s tweets are benign. He was a practicing Christian. The world is exploding because nonthinking liberals voted an impotent child into office but conservatives are no better falling for every conspiracy theory piece someone writes without even checking it out. Show a dead man respect!


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