Hillary’s Hamas terror tunnel connection

Lots of folks are wondering (hoping?) Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016. Frankly, I don’t believe she will, as her missteps continue to get worse – oh, have you heard about her diva-ish speaking contract riders?

But don’t worry too much about Hillary, because if does ditch the presidential race, she has a great future in the construction industry — and in particular cement.

According to Algemeiner, “Much has been said and written about the terror tunnels that Hamas built in Gaza. But too little has been said about who it was that put the cement into Hamas’ hands, thus making the construction of the tunnels possible in the first place. Until now. In a bombshell revelation, Dennis Ross, the senior Mideast policy adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from 2009 to 2011, has admitted that it was he who was assigned the task of pressuring Israel to ease up on its military blockade of Gaza.”

And who assigned him that task? Why the chief cement-pourer herself.

“I argued with Israeli leaders and security officials, telling them they needed to allow more construction materials, including cement, into Gaza so that housing, schools and basic infrastructure could be built,” Ross revealed in the Washington Post on August 10. “They countered that Hamas would misuse it, and they were right.”

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard much about this revelation and of course I can attest as to why not. I wonder if the Chairman of the Democrat Party, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who just happens to be Jewish, will be upset about this? Or how about Sen. Chuck Schumer? Matter of fact, will any of the Jewish Members of the House or Senate come out and denounce Hillary Clinton over this information? After all, it was IDF Sergeant Gilad Shalit who was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists using one of the tunnels — and of course countless Palestinian terrorists were released in exchange for Shalit.

In this recent iteration of combat against the Islamic terror group Hamas, Israel has uncovered nearly three dozen of these terrorist infiltration tunnels — as we wrote here – intended to be used in a massive terror assault in Israel on Rosh Hashanah. But hey, it’s Israel’s fault.

Now, Ms. Clinton would have a ready-made board of directors for her construction company as her State Department didn’t work alone in the cement business. Vice President Joe Biden told interviewer Charlie Rose on Bloomberg TV in 2010: “We have put as much pressure and as much cajoling on Israel as we can to allow them to get building materials” and other forbidden items into Gaza.

So let there be no debate that Hillary Clinton was an accomplice in the execution of the Obama foreign policy – namely the pressuring of Israel. And as Prime Minister Netanyahu told President Obama, “don’t ever second guess me again” — let’s hope he’ll NEVER have to say something similar to a President Hillary Clinton.

Construction materials in the hands of a peaceful people result in infrastructure being improved — but contrary to Nancy Pelosi’s assertion, based on hard evidence from the Qataris, Hamas is not a humanitarian organization and certainly not peaceful.

But that’s ok. It’s “fair” — at least as far as President Obama is concerned. In his much-discussed interview with Thomas Friedman of the New York Times Obama said, “Because Israel is so capable militarily, I don’t worry about Israel’s survival.” Secretary Clinton evidently shared that dismissive attitude when she sent Ross on his mission to put cement in the hands of Hamas.

Now I have a simple question. Do the actions of Obama, Biden, and Clinton constitute high crimes and misdemeanors? After all, they provided material support and comfort to a terrorist organization, Hamas, and the concrete and materials supplied were used for one purpose — constructing terrorist tunnels.

What separates this triumvirate of anti-Semitic architects from the ayatollahs of Iran who supply Hamas with rockets? What separates these three from Qatar which provides shelter to the Hamas leader as well as funding support? What separates Obama, Biden, and Clinton from the Muslim Brotherhood who supports and supplies Hamas, their Palestinian wing?

Obviously if you examine the facts, nothing. Today, at least thirty-two terror tunnels later, we know that Clinton, Obama and Ross have been wrong, while Israel is right. Hamas spent between $1 million and $10 million to build each of those tunnels, using as many as 350 truckloads of cement and other supplies per tunnel, according a report in to the Wall Street Journal, quoting Israeli military officials. And it is “likely that there are additional tunnels” that the Israelis have yet to uncover, according to the Journal’s report.

How much more evidence is required before we all admit Barack Hussein Obama and his administration are indeed Islamist sympathizers and present a threat to the security of these United States of America?

Many may wish to dissent from that deduction. But I believe it is because they are either willfully naïve or willfully complicit.


  1. “How much more evidence is required before we all admit Barack Hussein Obama and his administration are indeed Islamist sympathizers and present a threat to the security of these United States of America?”

    Yes sir, so many Americans know this, we have enough evidence. Why don’t ALL of our elected officials know it?

  2. Sadly, she is offering the most free stuff, so she will likely be President. It’s the sad state that America is in. We’ve become a nation of people seeking handouts.

    • so hard to see the American people electing her as Commander in Chief. She doesn’t generate any excitement,enthusiasm. too old and corrupt.

  3. I sent this article to the liberal members of my family–I am sure they will not care one bit and will only criticize the source. They still have not learned

    • Maybe if the liberal members of your family do the research Allen West didn’t bother to do, they’d know that this is a false story.

  4. Speaking of building, what about the illegal settlements israel builds in the West bank where Hamas is not the gov’t and no rockets are being fired from there? Is it ok to make the Palestinian lives miserable there just because they’re Muslim? Shouldn’t every human, regardless of religion or race have the right to comfort?

    • Fact–Jordan attacked Israel in 1967–they lost that portion of Jordan known as the West Bank, when Israel defended herself. The Muslims in Israel are freer than they are anywhere in the Arab world.
      There is no illegal occupation. Why don’t you criticize ISIS–now there is an illegal occupation.

      • First, ISIS are heartless religious idiots who believe that with God on their side are doing exactly what she has instructed them to do – and they need to be eradicated – as all who believe they speak for God’s should be. Secondly, Israel intentionally incited the war with Jordan at a time they knew Jordan could not win. Israels own archives exposed this. And lastly, international law dictates that land taken during a war must be returned after that war is over – ergo, Israel’s occupations ARE illegal. But even if they weren’t, they would still be immoral. You need to stop believing everything you hear and delve a little deeper into things before forming your opinions.

      • aburling….. you need to study a bit of HISTORY! More land than they now control is actually belongs to Israel, and will be returned to their control, in the not distant future!

      • “Secondly, Israel intentionally incited the war with Jordan at a time they knew Jordan could not win”

        Any more conspiracy theories? Does steel melt?

        BTW, how did the Israel of old lose it’s borders? Oh, they lost a war.


      • I agree. Isis are religious idiots. There is also the fact that in every Arab country Jews have been either decimated or their population severely declined. PUHLeese! Every Arab country on Israel’s borders declared war with her in 1967. Jordan was given a Muslim state–they should have left well enough alone. So you want Israel to give up the West Bank? What do you propose as a solution for her security after that, since her borders would then be indefensible. Or do you care?

      • “heartless religious idiots”..that’s the best you can do, for a bunch of bloodthirsty barbarians currently beheading and crucifying their way throughout the ME, committing genocide on local populations like the Kurds and Ezidis? That’s like saying the Nazis were “not cool”. Besides, your willingness to “eradicate” “all who believe they speak for God’s” (which includes religious Hindus, Jews, Sikhs, Christians etc., who aren’t being violent toward anyone else for their religion) just shows how much you have in common with ISIS lunatics – you’re both willing to slaughter people based on their religious persuasion.

        Secndly, you really should brush up on your history. The only ones who “intentionally incited war” at that time were the Egyptians and Syrians, through the placement of military forces close to the Israeli border, signing of mutual defense agreements between Egypt, Syria and Jordan, staging multiple incursions into Israeli territory by the PLO and finally, imposing a blockade on the straights of Tiran (blocking Israel’s maritime passage in the area), which was declared a cause for war by Israel back in 1957, following the 1956 Suez War. All of the above were clear acts of war, revealing the Arab’s intent for instigating yet another war against Israel. Israel also asked Jordan not to intervene, and king Hussein nearly agreed, before relenting to pressure from Egypt and Syria to join their imminent offensive. Which is why Jordan was even in the war, and received such heavy losses.

        “international law dictates that land taken during a war must be returned after that war is over”..but the war isn’t over, as the “palestinians” themselves constantly remind us, with rockets, bombs and suicide attacks and frequent declarations of war. The whole point of the Oslo accords, for example, was to end said war through territorial compromises. That failed miserably, when even Arafat realized he’d be lynched by his people for making any concessions. It also led to the violent deaths of more than a thousand Israelis in palestinian terror attacks. Israel withdrew from the Gaza strip in 2005, as a peace gesture. All it got was an increase in the number of missiles falling on its population. As far as the “palestinians” are concerned, the war won’t be over until every Israeli lies at the bottom of the ocean and the State of Israel is destroyed and replaced by the 23rd Arab country in the region. I’m sad to tell you, the Israelis have absolutely no desire to grant them their wish, and in fact will actually fight for their lives when thus threatened.

      • Just out of curiousity — is that the same international law that says you’re not supposed to fire weapons of war from schools? Or use suicide bombers? Or break your “truce” mere hours after signing it?

        As for Israel “intentionally inciting the war” — are you referring to the one-day war that happened the day after Israel was founded, wherein Israel spanked the moslem aggressors? Or are you referring to the 6-day war, wherein Israel spanked the moslem aggressors? It’s hard to keep track.

        You can take land back in a war

    • Every Human who is actually HUMAN, has the right to “comfort”, so long as they are not Hell Bent on destroying the comfort of others.

    • Why don’t the Arab states allow more Arabs into their countries?

      Right to Comfort?!? Really? Maybe they should build homes and not rockets and tunnels.

      Wow, yours is a complete moral equivalence failure.

    • “what about the illegal settlements israel builds in the West bank where Hamas is not the gov’t and no rockets are being fired from there”..oh, you mean like the five rockets fired yesterday and throughout operation Protective edge by Fatah’s al-aqsa brigades? As to the rest of your lies, the vast bulk of the settlements lie within area C, agreed upon in the Oslo accords to be under full Israeli control. Thus, Israel is entirely entitled to build there. A minority of settlements has been constructed in areas A & B. Also kind of you to fail mentioning the massive illegal construction of palestinian settlements in area C. Also, since the Hamas and Fatah are technically still in a unity gov’t, Hamas IS part of the government there.

      “Is it o.k to make the Palestinian lives miserable there just because they’re Muslim”..nice try. The palestinians are miserable for one reason only-their elected government puts far more effort into trying to kill Jews than in their welfare. Which is why, despite billions of dollars of international aid, Gaza still looks like a slum while Hamas officials take fancy vacations in Qatar and thousands of tons of concrete allowed into the Gaza strip end up being turned into terror tunnels rather than schools, hospitals, etc. Hamas wants casualties for its propaganda war, and so it does stuff like place rocket launchers in residential neighborhoods, set up headquarters under hospitals and order civilians to ignore Israeli warnings and go up on rooftops. Funny you aren’t concerned about *Hamas* making the palestinian’s lives miserable, like the 160 child slave laborers who died constructing Hamas tunnels into Israel (which were in turn intended to kidnap innocent Israeli civilians).

      “Shouldn’t every human, regardless of religion or race have the right to comfort?” .. yeah. Of course, the problem for you, is that this includes Israel’s citizens, who have the right to live in peace without the constant danger of unprovoked missile attacks, terrorist attacks, suicide bombings, slaughter (e.g the Fogel family massacre), kidnappings (such as the kidnapping of Gil’ad Shaer, Naftali Frenkel and Eyal Ifrach by Hamas, which led to the current war), etc. If you actually had any decency, you’d notice that every single war or operation that Israel has ever undertaken – from the War of Independence to the current operation, was a *reaction* to Arab aggression rather than its cause.

  5. “They countered that Hamas would misuse it, and they were right.”

    The frog feels the onset of
    paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown,
    but has just enough time to gasp “Why?”

    Replies the scorpion: “Its my nature…”

    If there were an ounce of logical thought within the Obama administration, they’d realize Hamas is the scorpion.

  6. Thanks
    for passing on the ‘Concrete Evidence’ that Hilary Clinton, Obama et al
    are corrupt to the bone.aside from being damn fools!

  7. Allen West lies again.

    According to the agreement struck in 2010 that allowed construction material into Gaza, the US state department shared Israel’s concerns about that material and equipment being misused.
    Construction material, such as concrete, could only be brought in for projects approved by the Palestinian authority and the international community… with international monitoring and oversight.

    So if concrete that came in from the lifted restrictions via Israel could only be used for monitored international projects… where did Hamas get the concrete to build those tunnels?

    The concrete used for those tunnels came illegally from Egypt and had nothing to do with the Clinton state department’s deal with Israel to ease sanctions.. because those eased sanctions were carefully monitored and that concrete did not go to Hamas tunnels.

    there was an illegal supply route under the Egyptian border that not only supplied Hamas with construction material, but also with weapons.

    Nice try Mr West… but do some research. The concrete for the Hamas tunnels came from illegal smuggling via Egypt.
    The cement and concrete allowed by the US proposed arrangement was closely monitored and was not used in making tunnels.




    • Thank you Brendan! Also Alan, because someone disagreed with your opinion does not mean that they are willfully complicit or ignorant. It means that we are not the sheeple you think we are to believe your rantings. We fact check…

      • Try thinking along with so called fact checking. It’s not possible to “sneak” 350 concrete truckloads into anywhere without anyone noticing. Wow! Reality check!

      • Reality check.
        It is possible and people did notice. That’s why the news reports from months ago that I linked above state that cement was being illegally transported through tunnels into the hands of hamas.
        These were not small tunnels that they hadd to sneak using.
        This was a network of large tunnels that were being used all day for years.

    • “Construction material, such as concrete, could only be brought in for projects approved by the Palestinian authority and the international community… with international monitoring and oversight.”

      LOL, those tunnels built themselves. Or are you saying the UN was colluding with Hamas?

      Did you write the Wiki article yourself?

      • You’re only laughing at your poor reading comprehension.
        You only read the Wiki page?

        Do you think I went back in time and wrote those news articles about construction material being illegally snuck in to Gaza for Hamas through Egypt?

        You really really want to blame Hillary for this and are trying so hard to fight the facts.

        The construction material that went to Gaza by way of Israel, thanks to the deal brokered by Clinton’s state department, was closely monitored and regulated… and was only used for approved construction.

        Hamas did not make the tunnels with any of the material that came into Gaza thanks to the deal Clinton helped broker.
        Hamas made their tunnels using construction material snuck in illegally through Egypt.

        is that clear enough for you?

      • How on earth do you, “Sneak 350 truckloads per tunnel of concrete in from Egypt” without anyone noticing from the PLO or the international community? LOL! Talk about lack of knowledge of facts. Some people will believe anything they read as long as it fits their agenda.

      • You are an excellent example of believing only things that fit their agenda.

        let’s look at the facts…

        1. The amount of concrete that was shipped in legally was watched and monitored and was only used on approved construction. The amount of concrete used matched the amount of concrete brought in.

        2, The amount of concrete that was brought in illegally through a network of large tunnels through Egypt for years is completely unknown. These are the same tunnels that were used to sneak in tens of thousands of rockets and countless other weapons.

        These were not small tunnels that were rarely used. They were large tunnels being used every day, all day, for years.

        So what do YOU choose to believe?
        You choose to believe that the concrete used to make the hamas tunnels was siphoned off of the carefully regulated and measured sanctioned construction projects that were overseen by international regulators…. and not from the unending limitless supply of material coming from the illegal tunnels in Egypt.

        If you actually read the news articles I linked, they were reporting many months ago that the illegal tunnels under Egypt were being used to ferry concrete and other construction materials into the hands of Hamas.

        But you don’t like facts… you laugh that people would know about these tunnels… they did! And you laugh about a lack of knowledge and facts… but you’re laughing at yourself.

        Keep laughing. Don’t let facts get in the way of your beliefs.

    • As and Israeli American who lived in Israel for 40 years, I’m incredulous that you would even mention Gisha or B’tselem. They represent the very worst of Israeli society; two radically left organizations who might just as well call themselves what they are: communists, Marxists and socialists. They attempt to rip apart the democracy called Israel and never fail to support the cutthroats and terrorists of Hamas. More than 90% of Israelis would like to rid themselves of these vermin, but because the Jewish state is a true democracy they allow these lowlifes to speak freely, just like the U.S. allows the KKK and others to spew venom.

      You really need to get a trip on history and not attempt to revise it and/or support people who are willing to slaughter their own people.

      • Really?
        Are you saying that their reports that Hamas was being supplied illegaly through Egypt was false?

        …because I didn’t post those links for the politics of those news outlets… just the facts about the illegal funneling of supplies from Egypt.

      • Most of the people who regularly read Mr. West, don’t like facts. They prefer opinion and love calling that fact. You may as well save your breath.

  8. allen and good doucer could find all of these tunnels as fast as he could walk along over the land — he could tell them how deep they are and how wide the are — and when found if they would drill down to them with an 18 inch rat hole drill and put turpentine on a pigs butt and strap on a couple c4 packs and drop him down the hole the tunnel would be evacuated instantly lol — problem solved simple solution — contact me so u can get me in touch with the chief of israeli defense forces thanks

  9. “they provided material support and comfort to a terrorist organization”.
    This Regime has been doing this since day one in the White House, heck the Clintons have been helping the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrate the US Government even before they made it to the White House. And Bush really didn’t even try to clean out the Government of all the Brotherhood sympathizers especially in the State Department and Department of Defense. And then we have estemed members of Congress who are not only Sympathizers but down right Collaborators with HAMAS, the Muslim Brotherhood and even the Iranians. We are toast if we can’t stop this infection over the next 5 years. All we have to do is look at England and Europe to see where we are headed or beheaded.


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