You may be a progressive socialist if this doesn’t bother you

When we sing “America the Beautiful” we are reminded of the magnificence of this great land, truly blessed by God in its grandeur. Just recently I flew out to Montrose, Colorado and the view from the flight from Denver was simply breathtaking. Last December we spent five days in Steamboat Springs and got caught in a snowstorm — what a nice Christmas feeling.

But it pains me to know that most of the lands in the western United States are controlled by the federal government. Does that bother you at all?

It’s a point that was brought home to me by the Montrose County Sheriff during my visit. My former colleague Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) has taken up this fight, as well as other state legislators.

I went back and did some research and wanted to share with you the vast federal government grab in western American states.

According to a Newsmax report from this past April after the Cliven Bundy standoff, “Western lawmakers are seeking ways to take control of the vast amount of federally managed land in their states. “What is really driving the frustration now out West is that we know there are enormous natural resources on these lands, and with the federal ownership, it is the government bureaucrats — who are not without a political agenda — who are making the decisions on how to extract,” said Bonner Cohen, a senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research. More than 50 lawmakers from nine Western states gathered for a summit in Utah last April, where an estimated 67 percent of the land is owned by the federal government and which has twice passed provisions seeking to reduce the reach of Washington’s control over that property.”

I found it shocking that almost 70 percent of the land of a sovereign state in America is controlled by the federal government. But then I did a bit more philosophical digging and found something even more disturbing.

From The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friederich Engels, the number one tenet of the manifesto states, “Abolition of private property in land and application of all rents of land to public purpose.” And consider the richness of resources on those lands that could spur on economic growth in these states. We know of the Bakken oil field discovery in North Dakota and what that has meant for job opportunities and the economy there — how many other states out west could realize the same economic boom?

As Newsmax put it, “the main reason the federal government offers for owning the large tracts is for the purpose of preservation and protection. On top of that, the lands are home to some of America’s most abundant natural resources, including oil, gas, and coal, and are essential for local economies that depend on mining, ranching, and lumber. Currently, these federal lands cost taxpayers around $8 billion a year.”

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) reported in its 2012 “Federal Land Ownership: Overview and Data” study that the federal government owns and manages nearly 640 million acres, or nearly 30 percent of the land in the United States, mostly in the West and Alaska. For example, 62 percent of Alaska is federally owned, as well as 62 percent of Idaho. More than 81 percent of Nevada is managed by federal authorities; 48 percent of California; 35 percent of New Mexico; 53 percent of Oregon; 29 percent of Washington; and just over 48 percent of Wyoming. The CRS found that of the 640 million acres owned by the federal government, 609 million were managed among four agencies, all with environmental missions: the BLM, the Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, and the Department of the Interior.

I think the $8 billion cost to the American taxpayer is a low-ball number — especially considering the budgets of the four government agencies involved. And we all know the Environmental Protection Agency has a part in this, declaring more “endangered species” which cordons off even more land access – which we reported here.

And don’t forget that little Obama administration political stunt over not getting his “sequestration way” and closing many National Parks by the federal government — and the costs to the states of that.

“Federal policy for the nation’s first 150 years was for the federal government to dispose of lands it acquired by handing it back to states, businesses, or individuals,” Chris Edwards, director of tax policy studies at the Cato Institute, told Newsmax. “Federalism is the fundamental structure of the Constitution. The states should be the ‘laboratories of democracy.’ They should each innovate with their own land governance structures. If we don’t absolutely need the federal government involved with something, then it shouldn’t be,” Edwards said.

Now don’t think these progressive socialists aren’t going to allow these western states safe passage on this issue. Newsmax says t”he Center for American Progress, a liberal policy group, wrote that in the last year, “seven Western states — Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho — have passed, introduced, or explored legislation demanding that the federal government turn over millions of acres of federal public lands to the states.” The CAP calls the legislative efforts a “losing battle” and little more than “political grandstanding,” The Washington Post reported.”

Always remember that any opposition to expanding government control will meet typical progressive socialist taunting as “political grandstanding.” That whole concept of “federalism” is lost on them.

Some of you may read this and say, so what? Well if progressive socialists control the major urban centers and are gaining greater control of the expansive western lands — where will freedom ring? Yes, I do believe in Federalism and there is an inherent danger in the federal government owning large portions of a state. Do you believe the same?

It’s one of the simple tests between a progressive socialist and a constitutional conservative.


    • hey Wayne,,, spell zer0-bama with an zer0,, this is an O, this is an zer0,,,
      0-O see the differences,,, and you are on the mark,, but since Abe they have been seeking control of all America…

    • 1787: “They are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires. They cannot live only among themselves.. If you do not exclude them from these United States.. In less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour land and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, our substance and jeopardised our liberty.. If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands.. I warns you gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.” Benjamin Franklin, Philidelphia Constitutional Convention, 1787.

      • Everywhere reality has become satire and hoaxes have become the default setting for the reality manipulated by psychopaths in which we exist

    • Really.. actually sounds like the Conservatives with their Southern Strategy deal… Plus the Progressive party is a split from the Republican party back in the early 1900s and rejoined the Republican party about 1930ish.. So are you saying some secret part of the Republican party is in with Obama? Or is this Progressive statement something from Faux News, Bill O’Riley, or Hannity type deal?

    • The idea of communally cultivating the commons had been announced by
      Winstanley in his pamphlet The New Law of Righteousness in January 1649.
      Winstanley, who in his earlier theological works had always insisted on freedom
      for the poor, announced that he had received a divine command that the people
      should ‘work together; eat bread together’. [n14. Sabine, p. 12.] For
      Winstanley, ‘the meaning of freedom lies in the unrestricted right to use the
      earth’. [n15. Zagorin, p.56.] Before the Fall there had been no private
      property. The earth had been created for all mankind to enjoy, therefore it
      should be made a ‘common treasury’ in which all men had a birthright to
      participate; and the way to realise this was to undertake the communal
      cultivation of the commons. Digger Tracts.htm download .zip

  1. Someone should tell Mr., West about Jesus, a hippie socialist and community organizer who lived about 2,000 years ago in the mideast.

      • Point being, is that West claims to be a Christian yet seems to know nothing of the tenets of the religion. A true Christian cannot be pro war or support the death penalty.

      • I am pro-freedom. Yes I believe people should have self-determination, freedom to choose one’s destiny.

      • A righteous, that is Christian, society does not allow large numbers of it members to violate the principles of the whole society. Murder of the unborn should not be a matter of personal choice of people who have shown they can only make wrong choices when allowed to do so.

      • so.. take away the freedom of choice because you think when people are given that right they make wrong choices when allowed to do so.. sounds like Communism to me. oh sorry… I meant a Theocracy since it’s about religion… like in Iran… where they hang homosexuals, cut your hand off for stealing, and all kind of religious laws are followed like blasphemy. SECULAR GOVERNMENT… A fallacy of your argument is you are using society as a source of popular opinion which does not mean anything when it comes addressing the issue so stop trying to pull a red herring and stick to the topic.. which is what Mr. DUI West wrote…

      • Are you a true Christian? So I guess that a true Christian should just stand by and watch as fellow Christians get slaughtered around the world? I bet you’re just fine with that!

      • When Muslims were persecuting Christians and keeping them from pilgrimages to the Holy Land Jerusalem? Murder, rape and torture. Pope Urban the second got the Christians together to clear the way, it is the Muslims third most holy place and Jews and Christians only Holy Land…but you were saying… go on…

      • Another non-Christian trying to tell us what Jesus would do. They never mention the Jesus who made up a whip and used it to drive money changers out of his Temple, or who told his disciples ‘if you do not have a sword sell a garment and buy one’. No, they only tell us we should sit down and shut up in order for them to let us live. My Jesus told me it was more important to have a weapon to use against corrupt people than to have wearing apparel. Check Luke 22:36 if you doubt me about the weapon. Jesus as God repeatedly told His people in the OT to KILL large numbers of people who stood in their way. As long as they obeyed they had no problems. But they took pity on a group that approached them, begged for their lives, and offered to be their slaves if allowed to live. Those they let live then are still causing unneccessary problems TODAY. Also I believe the death penalty was advocated by God far more than it has EVER been used. Another failure of ours that has led to endless unneccessary trouble.

      • I went to church for many years, read the Bible, studied religion in college and wrote papers on ancient religions predating Judaism and Christianity. Most Christians haven’t even read their Bibles.

      • “Most Christians haven’t even read their Bibles.”
        You may be right. However, many have. What’s your point?

      • Thus showing you know nothing about the Bible or it’s tenets. Your education (indoctrination) prevents you from ever being able to read it with any understanding of what it says.
        With this, I bow out of any further discourse. You of the “so open minded” progressive thinking, can’t hear regardless of the truth of what is written or said. Your mind is closed, padlocked, boarded and barred over.

      • Christians are not “war mongers’ however, when forced into slavery, they will fight back. Think of the Crusades.
        Christians are against the death penalty, but today it’s called “choice”.

    • That didn’t work out too well for him tho did it.. Seems he had a cross to, well you get it.. Just because he likes the view doesn’t mean the government isn’t up to something.. With this golfer n liar you know its true,, I draw this red line,, I didn’t draw the line, I ended the war in Iraq. I never said that.. You like your Dr. Too bad.. Let’s trade a deserter for 5 terrorists.. So yeah don’t believe for one second that they don’t have FEMA camps or other plans for that land like taking all it’s resources.. Anything is and has been proven possible these last 6 years.. No transparency, sad he’d cut deficit in 1/2 he doubled it. Lied about Benghazi, not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS promised us a south border but sent money to Ukraine so they could build one.. Illegals terrorists drugs, diseases… And you’re worried about what he thinks of the view?

      • For serious. Daryl Issa was saying this a year ago. A few weeks ago House Republicans asserted for the 8th time that the US government was not responsible for the killings in Benghazi, and there was no coverup.

      • You should call the families of the four murdered then and explain. They obviously do not know what they’re talking about.

      • The video protests and the attack by Ansar Al-Sharia were unrelated, though the leader who was brought to justice recently said that he was enraged by it as well.

      • Why don’t you have the Republicans who did the investigations so many times call the families and apologize for making stuff up about a cover up… or maybe Faux News should call?

      • no why don’t you!, childish talk…lol…where are the witnesses that were sequestered away and lie detector tested every month so they made sure they didn’t talk? Why weren’t they allowed to tell their stories? Do you have answers from the mainstream news, btw ratings are waaay down for them, Fox is waaaay up. People, not you of course, are waking up now. There weren’t any complete investigations because the guilty parties wouldn’t comply…of course…the lawless admin. Let me know what investigations you think there were so I can find the facts for you. Still the families themselves have gotten no answers or are they just whiners? At least Fox gives the facts and you say they are lying you poor thing. It’s going to be a painful eye opener down the road

      • I’m not worried about FEMA camps or black helicopters. I’m more concerned about the repercussions of another war in Iraq.

      • Had your boy left troops in Iraq, ISIS wouldn’t be raising hell and slaughtering Christians. He is responsible for little girls getting beheaded. You must be proud.

      • Obama is not my ‘boy’. I was protesting the war in Iraq in 1990, before it even started. I warned people in 2008 that Obama was going to escalate and expand the war on terror but few listened. Unfortunately, I was right.

      • Nope, expanded. Surged in Afghanistan and started droning Somalia and Yemen, and increased the bombings in Pakistan immensely. He’s even drone bombed Americans including one American child. He’s no better than Bush, even worse IMO.

      • It’s a much older idea, check out the Bible, Book of Acts. Or google Christian Socialism/liberation theology.

      • That’s the thing about the Bible. It can be spun any which way a person likes. Thus the multitude of different religious interpretations.

      • I forget who exactly, but I believe it was Engles or Lenin who said that the idea of giving to those according to their needs came from the Bible. Those guys may have been real commies but they understood religion.

      • All religions are the same – on the road to hell. True Christianity is not a religion, but a faith. Big difference.

      • It also says that you are to work 5-6 days a week and one for rest if you don’t work you don’t eat, helping the poor was for widows, children, elderly and handicapped people. It was not meant to take from people when you could earn it yourself. You can’t piece meal the Bible you have to read the whole thing.

      • It also says to stone people who work on the Sabbath.. what day is that by the way..??. Is that Saturday or Sunday? Or maybe it’s Friday or Monday.. ???

      • The Mosaic law doesn’t apply to Christians. The law was fulfilled once and for all on the Cross. The Mosaic Law was for the Jews. Works to get into Heaven. With Jesus, we no longer need that. Get your facts straight.

      • Reality, nice name, you do know why that one incident happened right? And it was Judaic law not Christianity? And it was 4500 years ago when God first made his will/Commandments known? There was a point… what was it? At that point it was Saturday oh so knowledgeable one, Judaic law. Didn’t realize I would be teaching history but… Okay. It was one man who was stoned. Do you know why you take the Sabbath off? BTW your over use of question marks has caused the admin to disable your question mark key until further notice or until your training of the correct use of said offending key is complete. ?????? gawd…lol. Brilliant. You’re in high school right? Pearls to swine.

      • As usual, a liberal is taking one sentence from the Bible out of context and twisting it to meet their Machiavellian agenda. Please. Have some integrity, will ya Willy? Show me one place in the Bible where it says the one should turn to the .gov for all their needs to be met? THAT is socialism, Willy

      • Go tell that to a believer in liberation theology.

        I am an atheist. People of faith pick and choose the parts of their religion that they agree with, and ignore the rest.

      • No such thing as an athiest. Everyone has their own god, whether you admit it or not is a measure of your character.

  2. Did Allen West just call Teddy Roosevelt a Communist?

    Mr West, i would like to offer you a classic example of irony.
    From now on when someone asks me to provide an example of irony, I will use this article you wrote…

    Irony is Allen West flying over the countryside and admiring the natural beauty of the American landscape while complaining that the government protects and preserves that natural beauty.

    The next time you look out at majestic purple mountains or our beautiful forests and deserts… don’t tell anyone you enjoy the view or admire the majestic natural beauty of America because you wouldn’t want to be seen supporting a “progressive -socialist” agenda.

      • Funding Jihadist terrorists makes Obama culpable. Do you happen to remember the title of article where West made that statement?

      • You may seen them as ‘Jihadists’ but in the eyes of America they are ‘freedom fighters’. US has a decades-long history of supporting Islamists.

      • I like middle easterners just fine. However, the ones that are cutting of heads and displaying them like trophies…. not so much.

      • In reality, Obama’s war on terror is against Jihadis. He’s killing lots of them right now in Iraq. Again.

      • After waiting far too long, and still not doing enough. Also, not securing our southern borders, and it is just a matter of time before we are hit hard from within.

      • He’s done more than any previous president to ‘secure’ the borders. He’s even got spy drones flying down there.

      • It’s practically impossible to secure the borders completely, given the many thousands of miles they span. And then there’s the coastal regions. ‘Fortress America’ is nothing more than a conservatives’ pipe dream.

      • But it is EASY to send them back once they are here. Unfortunately, our POTUS is not inclined to do so.

      • Tell Mr Brucie it’s 70,000 and at no time was a new law introduced that allowed immigrants to suddenly cross. The right likes to claim that Obama gave a speech on it and that caused all these kids to come from 2 countries away to run away from home to get to America… as if the law or policy was some big secret that every American knew about but kept secret because we didn’t want other countries to know how to get into America and we would keep them..

      • It can be made more secure than it is, and Obama is blatantly inviting ‘refugees’, intentionally, to overburden the system. (Cloward/Piven)

      • Taking in refugees is nothing new.

        Btw, nobody on the Left who even knows who Cloward/Piven are consider their idea a good one.

      • And still, they pour in. Mexicans, Central Americans, So. Americans, jihadists, all your desirables, huh, freak?

      • The problem goes far beyond having a long, porous border. Take for example all those Central American refugees, fleeing drugwar violence and gangs.

      • Obama’s actions speak for themselves. He is indeed a Jihadi. He hates this country and said himself that his goal was to “fundamentally” change it. You and others like you, who honestly consider yourselves smarter than the rest of us are, regardless of education or IQ, incapable of independent thought. You are indoctrinated and mindless.

      • “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction” ~ Obama

      • he was referring to American Muslims. He also said he would bomb Muslims in Pakistan and kill more Muslims in Afghanistan, and that was before he was President.

      • Only in your imagination. In the real world there’s just as much diversity among Muslims and Jews as there is among Christians.

      • Muslims are just like anyone else, they pick and choose the parts of their holy book that affirm their personal and political agendas.

      • Really? Did u c the beheading by ISIS of American journalist today?!! You’re SUCH a tool … or is that fool? Prob. both.

      • Iraq would probably be a much safer place today if Saddam wasn’t gone. Not that he was a good guy, but he kept the terrorists in check.

      • Exactly! Before he was President.

        He said a lot of things to get elected that he never followed through on.

      • Yup. But he also kept promises, like people keeping private doctors and private insurance. And his promise to bomb more in Pakistan and escalate the war in Afghanistan.

      • He also stated he would use drones to target terrorist living in another country. Republicans acted like that was ridiculous but deep down inside it made them fill with joy at the possibilities.

      • @William, Obama demands that foreign constitutions be abided by to the letter. Why is it then he circumvents “The Constitution of the United States of America”?

    • Hey, Brendan, where in the US Constitution does it allow the fed .gov to own land? Here is a novel idea, try reading the Constitution first.

    • “Our beautiful forests…”

      The lands of the Virginia Company were granted to the colonies under a Deed of Trust (on lease) and therefore they could not claim ownership of the land. They could pass on the perpetual use of the land to their heirs or sell the perpetual use, but they could never own it.
      Ownership was retained by the British Crown.

      Most Americans believe that they own their own land, but they have merely purchased real estate by contract. Upon fulfillment of the contract, control of the land is transferred by Warranty Deed. The Warranty Deed is only a ‘colour of title.’
      Colour of Title is a semblance or appearance of title, but not title in fact or
      in law. The Warranty Deed cannot stand against the Land Patent. The Crown was granted Land Patents in North America by the King of England.

    • Teddy Roosevelt started the first progressive political party. It was called the Bull Moose Party. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always liked much of what Teddy Roosevelt accomplished. I do not like that he split the Republican party which allowed the socialist Wilson get elected.

      • I agree. He was a progressive.
        But Mr West took it a step further by comparing Teddy Roosevelt’s plan of preserving nature to the Communist Manifesto’s concept of state control of private property.

      • No, it’s not. You are redefining words like you work with Faux News. Progressive favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are, especially in political matters
        ; making progress toward better conditions; employing or advocating more enlightened or liberal ideas, new or experimental methods, etc.

        And this here states that the Progressive Party reformed with the Republican Party,_1912)… and nothing else follows.. so what year or place are you getting your definitions that it is compared to Communist?????

      • “making progress toward better conditions; employing or advocating more
        enlightened or liberal ideas, new or experimental methods, etc”

        Better conditions for who?

      • Better for you and me. Requirements for employers to insure employee safety over quota standards, fair wages, fair treatment that looks behind race, religion, health, and anything that might be held against you for employment. Allowing workers to form unions. Holding companies liable when they fire or demote a whistle blower just like in the market crash during 2007-2008. Wages that stay above the inflation level which requires government to stop printing so much money. The possible return to the gold standard.

      • Progressive = Fundamentally “transforming.” Look where it’s gotten you. Jihadists thru the southern “border, 18 trillion dollar debt, segregation in the military instituted by WILSON, a pRsident who sits back and ignores very new crisis, a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER running the country (into the flusher), reducing the military to bare bones, releasing terrorists, and criminals, spreading ILLEGAL ALIENS throughout the country in order to guarantee a “progressive” governance forevermore, etc., etc., etc. Thanks for your “efforts.”

      • What jihadists has come through the southern border. 18 trillion dollar debt, that’s 10 Trillion left by bush plus a bail out for the financial centers and auto industry. I am very disappointed in the people who were in the position to bring those to justice who just shrugged their shoulders and did not put any of those bankers or wall street guys in prison. The military is not segregated. Obama was also a Senator besides a community orgainzer. Democrats have always reduced the size of the military. What criminals have been released? The spreading of the Aliens is so that no one state has to bear the burden of all of those running for their lives from a country that is killing people.. would you be open arms to people from the middle east fleeing IS?

      • ‘Progressives favour “improvement” and “enlightenment” and “better conditions”‘ … as defined by progressives; a world where rocks and dirt matter more than humanity.

      • Second you start using left wing terms and calling FNC “Faux News” just shows your leftism and lost the argument. BYE LEFTIST!

      • If I wasn’t clear… my point is that comparing the plan of one of our greatest Presidents to preserve and protect vast areas of American wilderness to the Communist Manifesto’s concept of seizing all private property is not only idiotic, but ignorant of the differences.

      • Yes… I have plenty.
        Not being a hypocrite is one of them.
        Another is not linking one of our greatest Presidents to the Communist Manifesto.

        Was there a point to your question?
        Do you think that opposing hypocrisy and standing up for Teddy Roosevelt makes me unprincipled?

  3. Great reporting, Allen West…..Carry On !
    I heard a statistic awhile back that Texas has a higher percentage of privately owned property than any other state….Only about 10 % is federally owned….Hope that stays that way.

    • When Texas became a state (It had gained its independence from Mexico and was a country) part of the deal was that Texas retained its public lands.

  4. Crap, looks like the DNC has assigned a new group of trolls to clutter up these pages with their talking points and pure sh*t.

  5. More important than land is water. Please do a story on “water rights” and how the Mississippi River floods almost every year but the high plains states and the Rocky Mountain state have drought or near drought conditions but are not allowed to store enough water in reservoirs to overcome the drought conditions. Meanwhile, the golf courses in the deserts of Nevada, Arizona and California are lush and green despite the ever decreasing water supplies in Lake Mead and Lake Powell. Water is our most precious resource. My city has an ordinance that my lawn must be green, but jack up the water rates to a point that I can’t afford to water my own lawn (as if I would if I weren’t forced to by my local government). Sorry for blathering.

    • Ken, you aren’t blathering. Water rights are damn near always kept hidden and/or “under the table”. Long story short: my dad, western NE rancher (he’s now 87) *still* involved in water rights fight that started over 25 yrs ago. Since my family has owned this land since 1870s, they were supposed to be “grandfathered” in to land ownership. But oooh no. He’s a strong old man & I can only hope he prevails before passing, or my bro & I will hafta take up the cudgel – which will mean *another* 25 yrs … :/

  6. I applaud you once again Mr. West. You have kept up with your daily BS. Have you no clue about fossil fuels? How this country is trying to move past them. You want to strip the land and drill, drill, and drill. You just loved the land and marveled at its beauty but I guess the site of drilling rigs, mines, and fracking is more enjoyable to you. Besides, with fracking, we can get more people ordering potable water to be delivered to their houses instead of drinking from a well that has flammable water.. right? More water delivers equal more jobs..

    Those jobs for drilling require a blue collar worker. Nothing wrong with a hard days work but why not put money into education to once again have the top educated work force in the world that is capable of making advanced products besides burning even more fossil fuels. Is it your religion that comforts you into thinking that we little humans have little effect on the environment? I mean why not get rid of those pesky laws when it comes to hunting animals to extinction also.

      • I will agree that there are some people who are out of line, some people who have little to offer as far as intelligent conversation, and some who are just trying to get under your skin. However, I also check out liberal sites, like Huff Post and others and notice the same cross-section of society. I see liberals being slanderous, uninformed, and barely rational. It isn’t something exclusively conservative or liberal, but a societal issue. Personally, I blame lax parenting and permissive societal mores. But maybe there’s just a need for more Buddhists.

      • The world has never lacked for the irrational and uninformed. Their thoughts used to be confined to ranting to friends and family or yelling at a television. The difference now is the Internet, which gives a public voice to anybody with a computer, regardless of whether they deserve to be heard or not.

      • Oh, the liberal is name calling because no one buys into his BS. So why come here, Earl Lee, since you know so much about politics. You are what a Democrat refers to as a useful idiot.

      • “I will not be responding to your comments in the future..”

        That’s the smartest comment you’ve made all day. In fact, I gave you a “Like”.

      • That’s because you can’t handle facts, and YOU are the one who can’t communicate to discuss anything.

      • You can tell me if these are facts or not (of course some of them are not but I thought I would mix it up..)

        The US is currently shipping oil to other countries because there is a abundance.

        Oil companies/Wall Street control the prices of oil.

        Obama controls the price of oil.

        Congress controls the price of oil.

        The Keystone pipeline will only lower gas prices by .05 cents per gallon in 2 years.

        The Keystone pipeline will lower gas prices to $2.00 per gallon 7 months after completion.

        The Keystone pipeline will provide temporary work for 75% of the workforce hired for construction and the rest will be permanent.

        The Keystone pipeline will provide temporary work for 25% of the workforce hired for construction and the rest will be permanent.

        The amount of refineries in the US has dropped from 300 in 1980’s to 140ish as of 2013.

        Fracking does use chemical products in the water and all that used water is pumped back up to the surface for storage and can be cleaned to be made potable again.

        Clean coal does not pollute the air when it is burned.

        Exxon’s CEO gets court involved to stop fracking near his home because it will cause it’s value to go down.

        The BP oil spill/accident in the Gulf of Mexico is all cleaned up and the marine life is fine today with no signs of damage.

        BP was well prepared to handle the situation in the Gulf.

        The oil companies are not a Cartel and base their prices on supply and demand.

        End of the Which of these are Facts..

        I know it would take a long time to switch from fossil fuels to something else completely so I am not stupid on that. But to demand more drilling when it is not needed/necessary is beyond me.

        We are already drilling here in the US and offshore.

        I know that plastics come from oil.

        I know all the people before see me as some stupid liberal, uneducated, environmental wimp, inability to communicate (as you stated), and somehow I am against jobs and all about some communist society is all I hope for and dream off. Oh, and I have a Karl Marx poster right next to my Obama, and Fidel Castro poster also. I eat the souls of the children who have been aborted and I smile when I see the American Flag burned…Whatever.. I am willing to bet I am more Patriotic and have served my country honorable more than almost anybody include Mr. West.. I could be wrong on that when it comes to some/a few of you but not when it comes to Allen B. West.

        I believe in a lot of the same things you do. Yeah, yeah.. I know. No way.

    • I don’t know where you get your information about fracking, but in my area the wells are tested before, during, and after fracking, and we still have potable drinking water in our water wells. Our water wells are at about 100 feet and the fracking is taking place at about 15,000 feet. And after fracking, the water/chemicals are removed and stored above ground. The methane gas shown in some unscrupulous documentaries is naturally occurring in the hard water well areas, and has NOTHING to do with fracking (gas has always been there, nothing new). Before we even knew about the oil down below, we had that unpleasant odor with many of the water wells. One documentary was actually exposed for lighting a match to the methane gas line on a water well on camera and SAYING it was coming from fracking…..not true….the gas line is there to let the naturally occurring gas escape, and was always there, even before drilling.

    • No, we don’t need to “move past” fossil fuels and that is something that only the liberal do gooders feel is necessary. I’m guessing you don’t have the need to drive to a job, or to have electricity (affordable) or any other things. I am in full support of drill here, drill now to protect the national security, create jobs and to make life much easier and more economical for the average, HARD WORKING American.

    • Reality…you might say you are totally out of touch with reality. We are a hundred years away from moving away from fossil fuels…..what we need to work on is clean drilling. Fracking is not new, actually it has been going on since the 1920’s, just not made a major problem until recent liberals discovered it….lol….you seriously need to research all the points you are tying to make here cause you are really off in you beliefs!…As for education of our youth, the liberal idiots have destroyed any real symbolance of what education once was and should still be; and replaced it with crap like core math…..let’s try reading, writing, English as a first language, arithmetic,history, and art like, you know, what got us here!

    • “flammable water” – careful, your ignorance is showing – that propaganda has been well refuted, even director Josh Fox knew the water was flammable long before there was any fracking in the area, the real causes for it had long been known by long-time residents of the area – but Fox decided not to mention those facts in his Gasland movie and deliberately perpetrated a lie to fit with his own agenda. (Please google and satisfy yourself). This is your trusted source of information?
      Your second paragraph is gibberish – typical progressive mindset – stop drilling for oil because one day someone will figure out how to manufacture non-petroleum-based products without the use of petroleum-based products: In the meantime, what? Did you use petroleum products today? Thank the “blue collar worker” that brought them to your door. In what reality do we all possess engineering degrees and no one gets their hands dirty or breaks a sweat? Good grief.

    • Another fossil fuel/peak oil true believer. Geologists have quietly stopped referring to it as fossil fuel since it is being extracted at depths unreachable by any decomposing surface organisms.

    • You do realize that all of your green energy takes oil to manufacture right….check how these two were ready to sell you all down the road on Faux Fracking controversy. Using the Greenies to make money. This is supporting what Flaming Sky Garbage is telling you.
      Begley big green supporter? Big money grubbing dipstick.

    • Wow, another delusional leftist. 40% of electricity generated in the USA comes from coal, so unless you’re off the grid, STHU.

      Did you create your own “internet device” devoid of petroleum products, e.g,. plastics? If not, STHU.

      Is it your religion that believes plant food is unnatural? Stop breathing.

  7. disturbing is just the tip of the iceburg…this country has been dominated by a government that operates outside the Constitution, putting ALL Americans in harm’s way…this will have to stop soon or there very well could be another revolutionary war…and if that does happen, you can put the blame squarely on liberal dems’ and obama’s shoulder…gop may not be perfect but at least they aren’t the ones nullifying the Constitution

  8. So, if they are “preserving & protecting” then the natural resources would never be utilized thereby achieving the goal of raising the price of almost everything to the exorbitant level would be reached more quickly. No, the land belongs to citizens who are willing to purchase and maintain it. Take it away from the feds.

  9. Allen (leave my men behind) west rides in and post to his BLOG!!! What exactly is he doing to change things?? Is he running for any type of office??

    • just like a progressive – have a beef? change things (unilaterally, if possible) and then worry about facts, analysis and collaboration

    • Did Col. West piss in your Wheaties in a past life or do you have a crush on him, Earl? This much attention, it has to be one of the two. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a crush on him. He’s a good-lookin cat. 🙂

    • …then you slither in to indulge your personal obsession with Allen B. West with your inane remarks, doing less than nothing to advance rational objective discourse on this or any other topic of interest; no counter to West’s claims, no alternative analysis, no challenge of the facts. Are you campaigning for moron of the day???

      • And you still didn’t address the point! To post to a blog is nothing…RUNNING for office and winning can accomplish something!

      • “address the point”? Your point has never been about the written articles.

        You’re just a sad sack who admits stalking Col. West because, in your own words, “There’s no such thing as a black Conservative”.
        Why would anyone want to address your notoriously unrelated ‘points’?

  10. I’m Stuck Here in ‘COMMIEFORNIA” …….
    Noticed This POS State Isn’t Even on the List Of States That Want’s Our State BACK!
    I’ll Be Movin To Montana Soon…Gunna Be a Dental Floss TYCOOOON!
    Take That Obozo.

  11. during the many wild fires in 2003 in CA. I watched on GEOMAC. Most of the land is federal. It showed it in detail. geomac was a great resource. But small districts of homes surrounded by vast areas of federal lands. So yes.

  12. This has to be stopped before we end up like (communist) countries that require their farmers and other citizens to meet a quota before being paid and to avoid punishment. Look at China, look at Laos…I’m pretty darn sure most Americans do not want to EVER have to live like how some of those people have to.

  13. The actual land this country contains shouldn’t be owned by the government at all. The government needs real estate for military installations and training facilities. It should be leasing the land from citizens who own it. This is a country where everything belongs to We the People, and that includes the actual earth beneath our feet. The government, federal or state, shouldn’t own any land. They should be paying We the People for the use of it. National parks and state parks should be protected by government agencies, but not owned by them.

    • It doesn’t make much sense for taxpayers to pay landowners. “The government” would be using taxes to pay for the use of the land. So do we raise taxes to rent military installations and national parks? I agree that the federal government shouldn’t own a bunch of land, but let’s not forget who’s money the government would be spending to pay for these leases.

    • They kicked the farming communtiies off of those lands to make them into National Forests in the beginning of the Park system. Emminent Domain, they are still using it. Read Agenda 21. You will see what all they want to make into no-go zones. You are right. But look at the plan and you will see why what you say goes against the long term goals of these buffoons.
      Now, how do we take the land back from them? States have rights that they are not employing. They need to force an amendment or to enforce their own power. I don’t have enough knowledge to say which. What power can the individual assert? We all need to find out and do one thing, each. It would create an avalanche.

      • Agenda 21 is one of the most scary things ever designed and it was designed by the United Nations. We are a sovereign nation and shouldn’t be dictated to by other nations. We have been the one nation that has shown the way to prosperity and common law and individual freedom. The others should be following our lead. You can’t push a rope. You can’t lead from behind.

  14. So here in America we have a Race war in Ferguson, A political war between people in the two main political parties, a financial war between the different classes, an educational war between those who can get good education and those who cant, a cultural war on immigration, a drug war for or against legalizing pot and a generational war between the baby boomers and our teens. What are we fighting for because it’s not America vs “foreign invaders” it a bunch of in fighting. After serving my country in the ARMY Im truly ashamed to be American these days. People like Allen West who stoked the fire of hatred are the problem not the solution.

    “Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country”

    • If you’re ashamed to be an American, you aren’t an American. Get the hell out of my country. YOU and your smelly liberal progressive ilk are the problem. The liberals engineered every single one of the cultural and generational divisions you mentioned above.

      • “True Patriotism hates injustice in it’s own land far more then anywhere else” Clarence Darrow

        I love my country and I’m no liberal. But being Ashamed of leadership and of this countries citizens and the way we continue to destroy ourselves from within is shameful.

    • “financial war between the different classes”

      Yes, the lazy want free stuff.

      “who can get good education”? Precisely WHO?

      “cultural war on immigration”
      “foreign invaders”

      Make up your “mind”. Are illegal aliens present or not?

      Drug war? Move to Colorado hippy.

      “People like Allen West who stoked the fire of hatred are the problem not the solution.”

      Please quote West’s “hatred”. Is it hatred of socialism? DO you love socialism?

      • “I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.”

        -West on the 2012 election.

        “The Angel of Death in the form of an American Bald Eagle will visit you and wreak havoc and destruction upon your existence.”

        “This is it. I’m going to count to five again, and if you don’t give me what I want, I’m going to kill you.” Speaking to detainees

        “If Joseph Goebbels was around, he’d be very proud of the Democrat party, because they have an incredible propaganda machine.”

        Also if you had any idea of how to interpret context you’d realize that I wasn’t saying I was for legalizing pot, inner city Chicago kids are not getting a good education (Detroit,philly,baltimore etc….) They are not foreign invaders hell bent on destroying America they want a chance to succeed and we as Americans are brutalizing them. Not every illegal works for the cartels or have an agenda to kill,rape,murder.

      • Yes, Jihadists should be given kid glove treatment while beheading Civilization. Brilliant! Guess Obama is now playing the “Angel of Death”, given his penchant for droning and bombing the peaceful folks who make up ISIS?

        “inner city Chicago kids are not getting a good education (Detroit) …

        And Who Precisely Is Stopping Them? Odd, how Ben Carson came from Detroit and is now a renowned doctor, but somehow “kids are not getting a good education”. Yeah, must be West’s fault.

        And propaganda? MSLSD is the propaganda arm of the DNC, with the NY Times playing it cool until the next presidential election, wherein, amazingly enough, they can find that Romney was a bully, but somehow discounted Obama’s relationship with the Bomber Ayers.

        Never mind that Obama hired a former SDS radical to head the DOJ.

        Yeah, nothing to see, move along.

        As for your quotes of West’s, aww, po’ baby, can take a little heat?

        Anyone who voted for Obama in 2012 is either delusional, being bribed (Solyndra, Corzine, IRS, F&F and Benghazi ) or retarded.

    • People like Allen West are the problem? Man, what planet are you living on? I’m having a bit of a problem with where America is heading too — and it ain’t because of Allen West. He’s a true patriot. Try blaming our Muslim “president.” Put the blame where it belongs.

      • Obama is not a Muslim and your ignorance to such garners no further attention from me. Even if he was, newsflash, that doesn’t make him a bad man.

    • Well, guess which side of the political spectrum has the socialist tendencies and the “wrong is right” attitude? I too served in the military…but even though we indeed have self-inflicted problems in this country, I’m proud to have served and be an American.

      • I too am a proud veteran and proud to be an American. However disagreeing and being ashamed of my country, contrary to what you might think doesn’t change that.

      • You shouldn’t be ashamed of America. You should be ashamed of those who are doing their utmost to drag this country down.

  15. I work within the rural land industry through out the country and it is horrible what he government is doing to the ranchers and farmers.

    • Wrong. The Federal Government should have nothing to do with the selling of any lands. We already know that they can not be trusted with The Taxes that the tax payers pay.

    • Not if the ones doing the hiring gets their money from the taxpayers and not if those jobs are service jobs that are not productive. All jobs must produce money from what it does and not money from the Federal Government. And no land being sold, should be sold to any foreign citizen or Citizens with duel citizenships. All lands must be sold strictly to American Citizens. Veterans should get their lands at a much cheaper price and those veterans who gave up their lives or body parts should get tgheir lands without paying a dime. Knowing that those Veterans who gave their lives can not make a claim for any land, their family members could ask for land for their son’s and daughters who could not do their own asking. This also would include Veterans who were not able to do the asking for any other reason.

      • That’s a good idea, the Vietnam vets should have the red carpet treatment, they suffered the most coming home to the college protesters and business as usual attitude. The draft was tailored made to protect the college eligible men, teenage pregnancies and shotgun weddings put the lower educated men in a new deferment. It was a horrible time for 18 year old males who were forced to serve a war nobody respected, and they were not thanked or honored the way all veterans should be..

  16. The Federal Government is going to lose it soon. The world has had it with America living beyond its means and printing dollars which the world is forced to use as an international reserve currency. The oil states are slowly disengaging from the dollar as is China. When it happens, the dollar will attain parity with toilet paper and the US will break up into a series of third world banana republics. America was great. G-d help America.

  17. This is one my pet peeves.The federalis gate off all vehicular access and then try to arrest anyone found carrying a firearm. This is bogus as no law exists prohibiting the carrying of firearms. I recently had occasion to “buffalo” an agent, pointing out that I was an old man with nothing to lose, while he stood to live a great many years. Fortunately, it worked. But such is the scheme of things.

    • The way the Government is acting when it comes to Firearms, it will not be long before those with firearms wilol fear for their freedom and likely even their very lives if they are packing and they see a cop pulling over in their area. It is also getting to the point when those same men and women armed when that cop pulls over, will very likely pull their weapon and hold it down at the side, barrel pointing towards the ground. Will they put their weapon into action should the cop reach for his or her weapon? That is why the Militia out at the Bundy ranch pulled their weapons…that and history with the Federal Cops back when Clinton was in power. We all recall those times and what happened to Adults and to children at the hands of the Federal Police.

  18. Col. West, I live in Nevada and I remember the day the BLM gave in to the Militia out on the Bundy Ranch. I say that The BLM was wrong. Wrong by 100%. The US Constitution tells us all that the Federal Government can own or control and the Desert Lands surrounding The Bundy Ranch is not one of those parts of our state.

  19. I would love to share your article with my family members who continue to blindly support the Regressive Disastercrats but it contains too many big words and requires thinking.


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