Just in case you had any doubt: DIA chief says Islamist ideology rapidly expanding

It was the theme most professed during the 2012 presidential election by Barack Hussein Obama: “Osama bin Laden is dead and al-Qaida is decimated and on the run.” And so a nation, for the most part, fell for the political propaganda and of course, did no due diligence, followed the bumper sticker sound bite and Obama was reelected.

Now there is a different assessment coming from the retiring head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “The terrorist ideology behind al-Qaida is expanding significantly—contrary to President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign theme that declared the Islamist terror threat in decline, according to the outgoing director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. “It’s not on the run, and that ideology is actually, it’s sadly, it feels like it’s exponentially growing,” DIA Director Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said during a security conference recently. Flynn was asked about the controversy over Obama’s statements during his 2012 reelection bid that al-Qa-da had been “decimated” by the U.S. war on terrorism, and that the group was “on the run” as a result.”

So once again, for Obama it was all about politics and winning reelection, not the national security of Americans. Imagine the human cost of this blatant disregard of the true situation involving the resurgence of Islamic jihadism?

We see the results of an administration which refused to recognize the emergence of ISIS. The same administration that enabled and supported jihadists and Islamists in Libya had to evacuate the U.S. Embassy due to those jihadists. Do you really think this is all coincidental?

“My belief—so this is Mike Flynn—core al-Qaida is the ideology,” the outgoing Director said. “Al-Qaida command and control is where the senior leadership resides. So al-Qaida command and control resides today, Zawahiri, over in the [Federally Administered Tribal Areas], Pakistan.” Flynn said al-Qaida’s leadership is being challenged by the offshoot Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as ISIS, whose leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, who was once in U.S. custody, is declaring himself “caliph,” or leader of all Muslims.

Why is it that America makes excuses constantly to dismiss Obama’s lies? And especially in this case where the security of our Republic is at stake? Did we not learn the lesson when the same basic dismissive attitude occurred during the Clinton administration towards Islamic terrorism?

What LTG Flynn recognizes is the issue of ideology and that is where we have not been successful. We have engaged this enemy from a position of political correctness and have not sought to erode the support of the Islamist core — its ideology.

As the Free Beacon says, “critics of the administration’s counterterrorism policies say political sensitivities aimed at avoiding offending Muslims are preventing military, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies from identifying the nature of the Islamist terror threat, a needed first step in developing an ideological counter.”

LTG Flynn stated, “We use the term ‘core al-Qaida,’ and I have been going against these guys for a long time. The core is the core belief that these individuals have. These organizations that are out there that are well-organized, they are well-funded, they reach into these young people and they pull them in,” Flynn said. “And there seems to be more and more of them today than there were when I first started this thing in, post 9/11.”

Sebastian Gorka, a professor of counterterrorism at the Marine Corps University, said Flynn correctly identified the problem. “The administration had willfully distorted the reality of the current threat,” Gorka said. “By completely denying the relevance of the religious motivation that drives jihadism, they have focused exclusively on al Qaeda as an organization. This has made the growth of other organizations like ISIS/IS possible.”

If we do not engage and defeat the Islamist ideology we will not be successful. That means not allowing planted Muslim Brotherhood front groups in America to influence our national security policy. It means meeting this enemy for whom they are and developing a strategy that uses every element of our national power to destroy it. LTG Flynn gave two very disturbing assessments.

Asked if the United States is safer today than it was two to 10 years ago, Flynn said: “My quick answer is, we’re not.” “Is there going to be peace in the Middle East? Not in my lifetime,” Flynn said.

Leaders tell you what you need to hear. Politicians tell you what they think you want to hear — all for their political advancement, meaning they will lie — as Obama has, and continues to do.


  1. So where is CAIR on this? Haven’t hear a word from them condemning the ugly violence and the murder of the American journalist by Islamic forces. The only time they set up a ruckus is when they want to change things to their religious point of view, when they believe that someone has said something against them or when they demand Sharia law should over-rule US law.

    • Go to CAIR.com. There do a scrolling statement about it. But you’ll find more on the comments about Gaza, Ferguson (racial profiling) and something about being put on terrorist watch lists. Oh and if you can find it, a comment to the White House dated July 7, 2014 that they condemned ISIS. You hear them speaking out about every thing else but why aren’t they coming out on the news and condemning it? With all the protesting about Gaza why nothing on Iraq? Muslims are also being slaughtered there also. Now if ISIS does what they are threatening to do, they are calling on suicide bombers supposedly over here to hit New York and Vegas. If that happens you know who you can blame and I’m not talking about CAIR.

      • CAIR only makes empty statements of condemnation. Like every other islamic group, their goal is the same as muslim “extremists”… a takedown of western culture/democracy. Just like most mosques (if not all) serve as fronts for terrorism and the pursuit of the same goal as all islamic leaders and organizations.

  2. Why do people keep choosing leaders like Obama, despite what is going on out there? Very simple: nowadays, people react more on hate and disagreement, than analysis and critical thinking. Progressives think the last 50,000 years have produced nothing but hate, war and inequality, and religion and the white man has everything to do with it. So, their natural way of thinking is basically to counter whatever a conservative thinks. And, it is a very juvenile form of logic. Progressives and liberals alike only like Islam and muslims because if conservatives hate them, then the muslims must be doing something right. In short, progressives would rather see the destruction of the world, and for it to start afresh, than to continue the hate, the inequality, the belief in angels, etc.

    And, I’m not even making this up. If you analyze every science fiction book or movie (virtually all of them written by progressives,) they have one thing in common: the world is united, and is top-town totalitarian, utopian. “The Matrix” is a perfect example. “The architect” is basically this guy who creates universes, and then allows humans to roam free, and without him interfering. However, his work has failed five times, and each of those five times he’s destroyed the universe, and then created another. And, again and again mankind keeps making the same mistakes. So, think of the universe we live in right now as version 6. Progressives basically want to end version 6 of the universe, and somehow once again build it from scratch. But in version 7, it is going to be different, and of course the progressives know how version 7 will be successful – by actually interfering and messing with everything that comes naturally to humans: spirituality, rites of passage, competition, etc.

    In short, progressives really believe Obama – or more accurately the ideology Obama is the correct direction. Hence, they’ll keep voting not for the person, but for the ideology the likes of Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren will promise the people.

  3. I love reading all of these and I think for the most part, so do all the people that share the same views as Allen West. It makes me quite upset to hear about these articles. Bit seriously, what is going to be done about all of this? I seriously fear for our country with the leadership we have. Something needs to change and it isn’t going to happen with our current president of another agenda.

  4. THis is a direct result of who BO is. Of course he has allowed and exacerbated this at a minimum. Those who know the constitution understand that his is why we require a natural born citizen reside in the white house. Lets see this guys paperwork from the colleges….they will show his background and I believe show that his brother’s muslim brotherhhod ties are his as well.


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