EXCLUSIVE: Mother of Clint Lorance: If he and his men had been killed, he’d be a hero! KIA!

There is a “War on Women” no one is talking about. It is the attack against the most honorable of American women: mothers who send their sons and daughters off to serve our nation in uniform. I cannot begin to tell you how often I’m stopped in person or get emails from mothers concerned for their loved ones serving in the military at this time.

Some ask me one simple question, “How can I allow my son to enlist now?” They’re afraid because they see a Commander-in-Chief who has turned his back on our men and women serving with true honor and distinction while affording rights to the enemy — and in some cases freeing the enemy.

The leader of ISIS (a group so vicious al-Qaida has disowned it), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi — was released by U.S. authorities. We released a known Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist named Ali Musa Dadduq who had the blood of five U.S, Army Soldiers on his hands — kidnapped, ritually gutted, and killed. Recently we released five senior Taliban leaders to a Qatar, a country that fully embraces and supports Islamic terrorism — and they will return to Afghanistan next year. And just recently we reported on the Afghan who killed three Marines in their FOB gym who only serve seven-and-a half-years according to an Afghanistan justice system — which means he probably won’t serve any time at all.

At the same time, a young Army Officer sits in Ft. Leavenworth prison with a 20-year sentence, First Lieutenant Clint Lorance. We wrote on Clint’s travails, and for those who would castigate him for his actions, take a walk in his shoes.

1LT Lorance was in a volatile area of Kandahar province and made a decision to engage the enemy based on his experience of their tactics — they were scouting his patrol. However, the insidious rules of engagement resulted in 1LT Lorance being sentenced for murder — which is like handing out speeding tickets at the Daytona 500.

Clint’s mother, Anna Lorance, joins the list of mothers like Vicki Behenna and Jill Tahmooressi who anguish over the unconscionable treatment of their sons. And just compare that to the White House Rose Garden ceremony for the mother of known deserter Bowe Bergdahl — who is still on active duty and may end up with $350,000 in back pay in his bank account.

Imagine the heartbreak of Anna Lorance as her son sits in prison at Ft. Leavenworth for facing the enemy, while Bergdahl roams freely on Ft. Sam Houston for abandoning his post in the same combat zone. That simple comparison should cause anyone to ponder, how did we get so upside down?

1LT Lorance’s legal team has put together a packet requesting his clemency, which was anonymously shared with me. I am humbled that even without an official title, people believe I will fight for them.

In her letter to U.S. Army Major General John Nicholson Jr., Clint’s mother Anna writes about her son,

“It is so sad that because of his leadership, his soldiers did not lose their lives on his watch. He came home and is now called a murderer. But if he would have not made that split second call and he and his men been killed, he would now be called a hero! KIA!”

How did we get to be so upside down? Is our military “punishing” our warriors and their families for not welcoming death and becoming martyrs — as the enemy does so willingly?

And so I will continue to be that “voice crying out in the wilderness,” fighting for justice for our warriors. It’s a terrible irony — look at the riots occurring in Ferguson, Missouri demanding “justice” for Michael Brown — where are the voices speaking out for Clint Lorance?

I hope you’ll take a few moments to share a mother’s hurt, and read the full letter Anna Lorance sent to U.S. Army Major General John Nicholson Jr. As well, take five minutes to hear the words of Clint’s brother.

Join me in sending a message to MG Nicholson, Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno, Secretary of the Army John McHugh, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Martin Dempsey, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and President Barack Hussein Obama: stop punishing the mothers of America who patriotically send their sons to fight for our liberty and freedom. The message that all of you are sending is that you care more for the mothers of the enemy than our own.


  1. We are all being conditioned to becoming Muslim, or die. That is our destiny unless a great leader can step forward and lead us out of this.

  2. As the wife of a 27 year veteran, my husband and I discouraged our two boys from military service. We were a proud Air Force family and my husband loved his job and loves his country but we could not sacrifice our sons to this president.

    • My brother said, “I will NOT serve this president. I will enlist when he is OUT.” So sad that this POTUS is defecating on our values.

    • but,,, but,,, what about freedumb?, and democracy?
      I’m assuming you would have sacrificed you sons to Bush??, and his
      war-mongering agenda??
      But I would thank your husband for his service to our country…
      but I find it a shame that you think the way you do..

  3. …COL West, you remind me of Noah talking about the flood! I have personally been so upset that a warrior with your record was forced out of the military for the reason they claim. You are more in control than I would have been. Having been married to a CSM
    I have the greatest admiration & respect for the “MAMA BEAR” attitude the military is instilled with to a person that begins in basic training. It behooves me to understand why “my team” gets the fouls called on them while the “other team” spills blood, gut & body parts everywhere & then “my team goes to prison. More & more I wonder where America is hiding…

  4. Our ‘Rules of Engagement’ are a joke and were changed to PROTECT THE ENEMY…or put another way…to CRIPPLE OUR MILITARY and MAKE THEM E A S Y TARGETS.

  5. Clint Lorance was convicted of murder for ordering his men to shoot two unarmed Afghan civilians on a motorcycle. The unarmed civilians were a good distance away and were not heading in his direction. Clint Lorance’s platoon was on a foot patrol, but was not engaged in combat… and the civilians on the bike posed no threat.

    Clint Lorance’s defense was that he suspected the unarmed men on the bike may have been Taliban spotters.

      • Yes. Typical.
        Do you believe knowledge is limited only to those things witnessed first hand?
        Are all your opinions and beliefs based solely on what happens right in front if you?

      • War is hell you idiot. Bad things happen. Ever read about WW2? In your moronic world half of our vets would be behind bars. Get a backbone.

      • We hold ourselves to higher standards. It is our integrity and moral superiority, not just our weapons and our training, that makes our military truly great.

        Yes, it would be easier for us if we behaved like Roman legionnaires or Waffen SS and killed anyone we simply suspected might be a threat… but we are Americans and we hold ourselves to a higher standard.
        We don’t abandon our values just for convenience or safety.
        We kill savages, but we don’t become them.

      • Sounds more like self-righteous BS to me! Free Taliban leaders and known terrorists… give money that goes to fund our enemies…. weaken our national defenses and show weakness repeatedly in the face of the enemy?!

        How many innocent people have died due to the cowardly actions or inactions of the Communist President occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?!

        Maybe in a couple years we will begin to rebuild this great Republic once the neo-phites and Communists have been removed from their high positions within our government.

      • Self righteous BS?
        You think the US Army’s Code of Conduct is self righteous BS?

        You wrote in previous posts that you served years ago.
        Were you paying attention during all the instruction about the Code of Conduct and personal responsibility for your actions?

        If you think it’s okay for US soldiers to deliberately shoot unarmed noncombatants, you don’t understand our military or our nation’s principles.
        And if you think that’s “self-righteous BS” then your comment about rebuilding this great republic is backwards since you want to forsake the principles that made it great.

      • After reading all of your posts, I believe you’re a troll. I doubt you ever served anywhere, for or with anyone. Especially with that silly ass picture you have. You think that makes you legitimate?

      • The picture is me.
        I’m sorry that you doubt my service because I oppose shooting unarmed civilians and I honor our code of conduct.
        That you think shooting unarmed noncombatants is acceptable shows how little you understand American values.

      • And your mind is made up, can’t be changed. So you are the head block head. Wasn’t there a 2nd Lt in Vietnam that killed a whole village of women and children because he thought they were VC???

      • First Lt. Clint Lorance was leading his platoon on a patrol in the Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan when three men on a motorcycle suddenly came toward the U.S. troops. He gave the order to fire, killing two of the men.

        A search later found no weapons, cell phones or radios on the men.

        Army prosecutors said Lorance violated the rules of engagement by not holding fire until there was clear evidence of hostile intentions by the Afghan men.
        One of the soldiers who opened fire testified against Lorance at the military trial, saying “my life wasn’t threatened at the time.”


      • Neither I nor Mr West were there, but I can read a court martial transcript.
        There was much more detail, but I only posted what Clint Lorance admitted to.
        I just figured since Mr West decided not to include in his editorial why Clint Lorance was i prison, someone should.

      • The court martial transcript has not been released as public information to date. The sentence nor conviction have been confirmed. If you did indeed read the court martial transcript, please let everyone know where this can be found so we can all read the details you mention above.

    • He gave the order based on intelligence forwarded to his platoon that the Taliban was in the area. All civilians had been cleared from the area. Should he have waited until the Taliban spotters gave the position of the platoon so the enemy could shoot and kill first? That sounds like a stupid command our useless CNC would order. Protect the enemy first, not the American troops.

      • There was nothing found on their unarmed bodies to indicate they were taliban spotters.
        Where did you hear that all civilians were cleared out of the area?
        Did you make that up?


      • They turned out not to be.
        Were you ever in the military?
        Why are you making excuses for deliberately shooting unarmed civilians?

      • They were unarmed because they were spotters reporting to the Taliban as to the movement of our soldiers. I did not HEAR all civilians were cleared out of the area I READ it in the article. Go back and read it again.

  6. The actions and inaction’s of this POTUS is one of the main reasons I no longer believe in the electoral process in the United States.

    As much of a non-supporter of both Bushs’ who are supporters of a one world government (as have all presidents since Eisenhower except Kennedy and Reagan), have close personal ties to the Royal Saudi family and were both big-time spenders (especially “W”), pale in comparison to the America Hater living at 1600 Pennsylvania. At least they were supporters of the ONLY TRUE American Heroes we have; those that have signed away their lives in defense of this once great country and no-one demonstrates that more than “W”.

    The America hating progressive liberals captured our educational system two decades ago and have programmed our younger generation into their values and (non) logical thinking processes. Unless they support one’s position, facts don’t matter and if they disagree, ignore them. Best current example: Hobby Lobby.

    Believe me, it goes way beyond BHO supporting Islam and punishing those that serve, it is the total destruction of world position this country once held. One example: if we want to get to the space station, we have to hitchhike with the Russians. Additionally, there is so much more going on behind the scenes that this
    is NOT the same country my two brothers and I served in the military.

    I could go on for hours but then I would say some things that would paint me as just a silly old man, regardless of the documentation.

    For those who believe, no proof is necessary – –
    For those who do not believe, no proof is possible. (unk)

  7. rules of engagement are rules of engagement….
    you break the rules,,,you pay
    you broke the rules,,, and look where you are now…
    I always find it interesting that you tote your military career,,, and stars and stripes,
    and mom’s apple pie and amber waves of grain,,,
    only when it’s works for you,,,
    when it;s something you don’t agree with,,, they (military) pretty much sucs…
    when people brake the rules,,,as in real civilian life,,they pay,,,

    • So you would agree that Mr. Law and Order Eric Holder, and Pen and Paper – Muslim-loving Communist with long lists of criminal activity Barack Hussein Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Reid should all be doing time, right? So you think that the Guitmo Prisoners released should be listening to the Star Spangle Banner from their Afterlife, right? And the Russian Spies Obama releases to the Russians should all be hung, right? And all the illegals and their families should be reunited back with their families back in their home countries (not the US), and should stay there, right? And that all those against 2nd Amendment Rights legislatures who upheld their honor to uphold the US (NOT ISIS) Constitution should be kicked out of office, right? Just saying..

    • ROEs are written by in the rear with the gear types who have never even had a whiff of gunpowder much less been fired on. “Rules are rules!”: now that is a piece of brilliance worthy of a sophist. There should only be one rule in war: “Close with and engage the enemy to kill or render him harmless.” Unfortunately, the writers of our rules of engagement attended the prestigious school of PC Warfare. Our ROE get more of us killed than of the enemy. I have the distinct feeling that if these same geniuses wrote ROE for our forces during WWII we would be speaking German and Japanese now. Oh and by the bye majordweeb, learn to spell “sucs” and “brake”! It sometimes helps credibility although in your case that’s an unattainable goal. But thanks for your service anyway.

      • Contrary to the propaganda dished out by the government defending the need for such restrictive rules, the rules of engagement were NOT written to protect our front-line troops, since they face an enemy who respects no rules but its own and who sees our concession to the norms of civilized behavior as a sign of weakness to be exploited. They were written by weasel lawyers and bureaucrats to protect the careers and reputations of the higher-ups in the military and their civilian bosses at the Defense Dept., the State Dept. and the White House, by giving them PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY in the event some incident that might generate bad publicity happens – the higher-ups can piously say that whatever Lt. Lorance, or Lt. Behenna or LTC West did (usually in some effort to carry out their mission of fighting the enemy and/or protecting their troops, as in Colonel West’s case) was strictly against “the rules” and therefore they will punish him – and thus wash their hands of the matter as if they were Pontius Pilate and deflect any scrutiny or bad publicity from themselves while they hang the lower-ranking poor bastard out to dry. The USS Cole was blown up by terrorists because orders had come down From Above that the sentries on deck were to patrol with unloaded weapons – because the higher-ups did not want to deal with the bad publicity and uncomfortable questions that might arise should a jumpy sentry accidentally shoot a local. So when the terrorist small boat loaded with high explosives pulled up alongside the ship, the guards might as well have been armed with those comic prop guns that shoot out a little flag that says “BANG!”, for all the good they were able to do to stop the attack.

      • I remember the incredible stack of files, loose leaf binders that I was handed to read when I arrived at 11th Marine Regimental HQ before I was able to report to my duty with G Btry/3/11. No wonder we lost 56,000 men and the war. I seriously doubt that my counterparts in WWII had to abide by such pure bullshit & blather. You have no idea what it is like to hear a call for artillery support with gunfire cracking in the background and have to wait for clearances before being able to fire . . . and then, the first shell had to be a 200meter height of burst white phosphorus round which told the enemy they had several seconds to beat a retreat. Brilliant, just F’ing brilliant.

    • I honestly wish I could share this conversation with you in person. You have got to be the most ignorant moron I’ve seen on this page to date, Obviously no combat or even military experience attempting to cast stones at Warriors. I think you’re a cowardly little weasel and only able to hide behind your keyboard because of the efforts of real men…….Disgusting….

    • You must be a special kind of stupid or you have absolutely no military or combat experience. I’ve never seen an ROE that made any sense. They are written by inexperienced civilians so far away from harm that their most common injuries are paper cuts and carpal tunnel syndrom from too much typing. You belittle soldiers who do their duty while you cower in your basement illuminated by the glow of your computer monitor. You and your ilk are repulsive.

    • How about we send you to Afghanistan and give you all the gear and equipment you need to defend yourself and keep you alive, but then we tell you that the only time you can defend yourself is if you have positive identification of the person shooting at you. If you can not see who is shooting at you, you can not shoot back at them and you have to sit there and let your team mates take bullets and just live with it. Once you have been in these types of situations then you can talk about how you absolutely have to obey the ROE, until you have been in that situation and you just have to watch your friends get shot and killed and know that there is nothing you can do about it keep your mouth shut and your nasty little fingers off the keyboard.

      • majordweeb was probably always one the last kids who got picked to play dodgeball and has been taking it out on the world ever since.

    • You worthless piece of crap. Where are you, sitting in a corner hoping no one comes after you, and if they do, wait and see if you can identify the shooter before you shoot back. Oh wait, you’re one of those ones who thinks they could talk their way out of being killed. Good luck with that. I am the mother, and grandmother, of four kids, and four granchildren, that have served, or are serving our country to try and keep it safe for future generations. Until you have been in Afghanistan, or any one of those other God forsaken countries, and get shot at, don’t sit there in your corner and say they are breaking the worthless ROE law.

  8. A third-generation America-hating communist is in the White House. He has Muslim Brotherhood advisors. Yes, the world IS upside down.

  9. I have a son, daughter-in-law and two nephews serving in the Army. My son deploys to Afghanistan in a month. My son is reevaluating his plans to continue as a career soldier. The physical and psychological demands and ROE imposed by the politicians and chair-warmers on our infantry put our soldiers’ lives in danger unnecessarily and promote the continued disintegration of one of history’s finest armed forces.

  10. My son is serving in the united states air force and he knows….you don’t enlist because of who is in the OVAL OFFICE…you enlist to protect a NATION!!

  11. How can you say the military is protecting our nation? The enemy is already here. There are 36 terrorist training camps here in the USA. Our commander in chief is allowing them to train on American soil. So how is the military protecting us overseas?
    The American military is protecting the interest of the big banksters…the richest of the rich, the elitists. The military is protecting, guarding the opium fields in Afghanistan and the drug trafficking taking place from overseas to America so the rich can line their pockets with more money. They Military are being killed over drugs. It’s been going on for years. It’s not about killing the enemy. The enemy is here in the USA. Out tyrant Government, the Rothchild’s, Rockefeller’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s and on and on. We are loosing and grieving over the deaths of our soldiers for no good reason. They are being killed because of money. When are Americans gonna realize it’s not about the enemy. War is a racket.

  12. Anyone serving time for how they mistreated our POW’s in Hanoi??
    Our soldiers locked up inside Ft. Leavenworth are prisoners of obama’s war on this country. For now…

  13. “Attack rapidly, ruthlessly, viciously, without rest, however tired and
    hungry you may be, the enemy will be more tired, more hungry. Keep punching.” Gen George S. Patton.

    Not much chance of that happening with our current political leadership on either side.

  14. I agree with Col. West, but his article begs the question, isn’t punishing the mother’s AND the service members who support the Constitution the whole idea? Personally, I think it’s deliberate and the aim is to create a military loyal to obama, rather than the US.

  15. View AmericaIdea for the 2016 Dream Candidate. This goes into the problems and possible solutions with the Dream of ’16. It’s not too late! Military problems should be thought about and addressed. Support this republican next time.

  16. Wow, the Soros budget must be bursting at the seams by the number of trolls banging on this site. Got the enemies attention again, it looks like Col.

  17. When will our military commanders take action against this terrorist dictator, Barack Hussein Obama, arrest and try him for war crimes. You don’t make deals with the devil (terrorists), send billions of our tax money to terrorists countries, send military equipment and planes to the enemy, fire our men fighting in the heat of battle, reduce our military to the smallest since the beginning of WWII, arrest a soldier for defending his men and allow this tyrant to continue to sit in the White house illegally is unconstitutional and that makes them as guilty as he is. They are a bunch of cowards!. Obama is nothing but liar with blood on his hands. He sold us out and Congress, which has a duty to either pass or veto any and all bills signed into law by any president, has done nothing. Therefore, they are as guilty as he is. The only way to remove this dictator is by force. He must be arrested and made to stand trial for crimes against humanity. It’s going to take some back bone for Americans to stand and say enough is enough, we are taking back America. I just pray it’s not too late.

  18. “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.” – General George Patton

  19. Polly…36 “training camps”, please, continue. Where, what and how the heck would you know, IF you are speaking of enemies of the patriotic americans?

  20. the adminstration does not want our military to harm obama’s fwllow terrorist. obama wants our military to die for obama, not serve our country.

  21. This president and his minions are a disgrace. My son was in Afghanistan and he told me they had to get “permission” to engage the enemy! This is a frickin war…..you don’t ask permission….you shoot to kill! What has our armed forces come to? I’m ashamed of them!

  22. Sectors of our culture have been upside down since the Clinton administration, and while the Bush administration could have mitigated the policies President Clinton put in place, it is not known whether he failed to do this out of ignorance or he agree that the global approach was the way to go. President Bush rejoined UNESCO, created NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, led us to CC, continued science challenged invasive species policy, let the 1997 IPPC go into force. Was he ignorant or complicit?

  23. We can pretend ISIS, Taliban, Hezbollah or other terrorist organisations don’t exist but this ignorance and arrogance will cost America dearly. Can you imaging getting permission to kill ISIS with the most recent RoE’s, I mean it is just outrageous? Let me get this straight, the only way Obama will ever be happy, if American soldiers are gutted alive, beheaded, cut up into little bits hung in trees or left on a cross while the enemy gorge their eyes alive. Hmmmm, basically OBAMA wants all your soldiers to act like martyrs otherwise, it is off to Leavenworth. So why the hell would any mother want their son or daughter joining the army. I mean, you have to ring up Washington to get permission to kill the enemy all because of the RoE’s. I just shake my head in horror. OBAMA is a coward, gutless and a supporter of various terrorist organisations. Look what happened when he interfered in Egypt.

      • Freedomride.com is not my page. It belongs to Allen West, I think. I just use it to shine a light onto the Leavenworth 10 bc it has all the info in one place. Are you on Facebook?

      • Yes, I am on Facebook and I also administer a Facebook page called CARE, which is a support page for all soldiers negatively impacted by the changes to the rules of engagement. Another good site is Ed Brown’s DCXposed.com. I hope you’ll look us up on FB, and heres’ a link to Ed’s site. cxposed.com/the-leavenworth-10-uncommon-injustice/

  24. where can I get updates on Clint Lorance’s defense/appeal. Has he been released or going to be released? I have contributed and want to again if funds are still needed.


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