After Obama declares siege of Mt. Sinjar over, hundreds massacred; women and children abducted

I would say the Christians and other religious minorities of Northern Iraq, such as the Yazidis, are probably sending a message to President Barack Hussein Obama: please no more victory laps. And it would seem Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his merry band of barbaric savages watch Obama’s speeches as well, because since Obama declared that the siege of Mt. Sinjar had been broken, we’ve seen the ISIS response.

According to the folks on the ground, as opposed to Obama in his Ivory Tower, the situation is still bleak.

As reported by the UK Daily Mail, “Islamic State militants today ‘massacred’ more than 300 Yazidi men – just one day after allegedly killing 82 others who refused to convert to Islam. The insurgents stormed into the small village of Kocho in northern Iraq, where they spent five days trying to persuade villagers to take up their religion, local officials said. When they refused, 82 male members of the ancient sect were reportedly rounded up and shot dead yesterday, while more than 100 women and girls were kidnapped. And today, a further 312 Yazidis were allegedly murdered and their families abducted.”

Based on reports, it appears the women and children are being taken to Tal Afar for the satisfaction of ISIS fighters. So it seems that Obama’s happy victory dance cost the lives of 394 and what can only be imagined for those taken away by ISIS fighters.

The Mail reports “the news comes as U.S. officials said a mix of fighter planes and remotely-piloted aircraft have attacked Islamic State militants near the Iraqi city of Irbil and the Mosul Dam. In a statement, U.S. Central Command said today’s airstrikes were launched under the authority to support humanitarian efforts in Iraq, as well as to protect U.S. personnel and facilities. Central Command says the nine airstrikes conducted so far had destroyed or damaged four armored personnel carriers, seven armed vehicles, two Humvees and an armored vehicle.”

I would like to see a total BDA (Battle Damage Assessment) of the U.S. airstrike conducted to date against ISIS. I tend to believe the resources expended to this point reflect a serious waste of taxpayer dollars when weighed against the battlefield effects. However, since Obama apparently cares little for the fate of the persecuted Christians and Yazidis, I suppose in his mind he is being effective.

Now of course all the Obama sycophants will scream and throw themselves on the floor in anguish. But I believe Obama’s legacy and place in history will be cast along with those who enabled the killing fields of Pol Pot and the rise of his Khmer Rouge. The fawning progressive socialists will do all they can to savor the memory of Obama, but the voices of the children who witnessed the destruction of their civilization will resound stentorian and echo through the ages.

Obama may be welcomed at posh Hollywood gatherings and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars — but in circles far away from the opulence his name will be cursed. And that will be the true legacy of Obama remembered by the deaths of the children of Mt. Sinjar, the rape of the women, and the executions of the 394 this past weekend.

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It is very sad that a man so many people believed in from many parts of the world, probably even the whole world, is but a figment of the imagination. Barry-Obama will go down in history as the man who deceived the world with his lies and his ever so catchy speeches, who did absolutely nothing for the oppressed and the weak, he used his finite power to cause more disaster than good. I pity his daughters who will have to carry his name for the rest of their lives.


Obama is America’s greatest shame. He constantly dishonors us in our standing with the world and has ruined our economical standings. I cannot say that he has turned people away from GOD because if their faith was that small, it was not harmed by him.

Earl Lee

What are you doing about it Allen (leave my men behind) west?? Posting to a BLOG???


why should Obama care, just his radical Muslim buddies having a good time. this is probably the most shameful thing yet, what is wrong here even the left is taking notice, just how bad does it have to get ?

Two-faced, cloven-hooved, forked-tongued race-pimp Barry Ebola’s White House official schedule 19th August 2014: A.M. Do deal with Netanyahu; pay Isnotrael $666 billion to import an “Iron Dome” system adapted to defend America against anti-government racists Mix snake-oil with napalm, pour over Ferguson Announce the new $666 billion EBT “Oprah Holder Sharpton” Shopping Mall that Larry Silverfishstein will be building in Ferguson courtesy of American Tax payer Set Free another merciless ISIS terrorist warlord or two from Gitmo Destroy Russia, Syria then America in that order Create a new ‘America’s Highest Award’ – The Bergdahl Medal of Honour Make speech about… Read more »
Elizabeth Levesque

obama doesn’t care. Textbook narcissist.


This is all going according to the PNAC plan of the neocons.
“Stability” in the region to them is a stable source of profit for the war industry.

Peter Risdon

FYI, a young Pashmerga asked me to help him get this out:


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