CAIR goes after “National Security Summit” I’m moderating

One of our cherished freedoms is our First Amendment right of free speech. It is a freedom the Founding Fathers bequeathed to us as a result of England’s attempt to silence their voices — as detailed in Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence grievances.

So how is it we’ve come to a point in America where any special interest group feels it is entitled to or capable of silencing the voices of others? And even more disturbing, this special interest group is clearly aligned with America’s enemies.

The group of which I speak, of course, is the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR). We’ve addressed this group countless times here as an unindicted co-conspirator of the largest terrorist funding case in the United States, the Holy Land Foundation case in Houston, Texas.

As well, CAIR is listed on the FBI no-contact list as a result of its questionable affiliations. CAIR is nothing more than a Muslim Brotherhood front group in America and its fundraising efforts have served to benefit the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas. And when it comes to stifling free speech in America, let’s remember CAIR’s efforts to stymie Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s recognition at Brandeis University where their tactics of fear, intimidation, and coercion made the administration there fold like a cheap chair. CAIR used that success as a rallying cry in a fundraising email to its supporters — aka “stealth jihad terrorist sympathizers.”

CAIR's Facebook post

Now CAIR is using social media and the same ol’ tactics to try and cancel another event and this time they picked the wrong fight because I’m involved in it. CAIR very kindly posted the entire flyer on its Facebook page. Its part of a speaker series entitled, “Israel Security Summit: The Fight for Western Civilization, Israel-Global Jihad-America.” The panelists assembled include two retired U.S. military three-star generals, men who have dedicated their entire lives to the service of our Republic — one, LTG Boykin was an original founding member of U.S. Special Forces Operational Detachment (Delta): “Delta Force.” You can download the complete flyer here.

However, you can see CAIR is already starting its campaign to have this event cancelled. They’re using threats of violence to scare the community of Stoughton, Mass. Now, I have a simple question. Why is it when another Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) wants to hold a conference, no one is trying to get it cancelled? But that doesn’t mean there aren’t many of us who want to sound the alarm and educate our fellow Americans about the goals and objectives of these cultural jihadists.


Spare me the “Islamophobe” bovine excrement. I can’t think of a better time to have a panel to discuss Hamas, ISIS, al-Qaida, AQIM, AQAP, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Abu Sayyaf, Jemmat al-Islamiya, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Taliban, Haqqani Network, Iran, Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar, Turkey — as you can see, we do have a problem with the rise of Islamic totalitarianism and jihadism globally.

Why is it that CAIR doesn’t want Americans to listen to a former U.S. Air Force Major Combat Command Commander, former Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, and a former CIA Agent? What is it that CAIR fears? Could it just possibly be the truth? If this event has drawn the attention of CAIR, there can be only one conclusion: they fear what just might be said — the truth. And hence why they are threatening a nice suburban village with violence.

Message to CAIR, I don’t think you should be threatening folks in Massachusetts who haven’t forgotten what two jihadists did at the Boston Marathon last year. As well, if you took the time to study American history, you’d know not to pick a fight with folks whose favorite football team are called the “New England Patriots.”

And you don’t want to pick a fight with the moderator of this event or the panelists. I recommend you cease your threats and social media shenanigans because this event will go on – in fact, y’all have just made it MORE popular! And if you want to hold your own event, feel free, go ahead but if you show up at this event and attempt to be disruptive — it will be a bad day in Stoughton for CAIR and any of your Islamist apologists. America and Israel will not be intimidated into surrender.

Molon Labe!


  1. I am a joyous Islamaphobe!
    Islam is evil, all Muslims burn in hell forever, they worship a rock, a false prophet and a false god who is a liar.
    Turn to the real Jesus, repent Muslim and throw down your phony Isa and be saved.

    • And the difference between you and them is what?
      You sound the same.
      Everyone should follow your religion and all those who don’t are evil and will burn in hell forever.
      I hear that same message from them

      • neither is the majority of Islam.
        The extremists, however, are a very real threat and want to go back a few centuries.
        That is true

        While Christians are not looking to turn the clock too far back… they are certainly doing their best to keep it from moving forward.

      • Your comment shows you know nothing about Islam or you are a demonic deceitful liar! Or quite possibly both!

      • Really?
        I wrote that extremist Islam is a very real threat, but they are not the majority… and that makes you think I am a deceitful liar?
        Do you think extremist Islam is not a real threat?
        You don’t believe in the dangers of terrorism?

      • The difference is the real Jesus. The message is not the same but there are similarities. Satan knows how to twist God’s words. The real Jesus heals the sick and raises the dead. The real Jesus tells His people that He is the Son of God from eternity and that no other name is given to men whereby they must be saved. The real Jesus came down to earth and took the form of a Jewish man in order to die on a cross for our sins and be resurrected on the third day.
        Islam is the creation of a demon inspiring a false prophet who was a pedophile whoremonger. It tells it s adherents all sorts of evil things to practice.

  2. Islam = Superstition! “If we touch a pig we are unclean!” This is a vain superstition. What makes one unclean is what proceeds from within, not pigs.

  3. I’ll worship and believe what I want, you do the same, just don’t try to convince me to change my beliefs or who I worship and I won’t try to change you either. If you try to force me or try to take away my God given rights, I will fight you with everything I have. I am a Christian by birth and an American by the grace of God.

  4. The September 9 event sounds like a worthwhile and important meeting, featuring speakers like yourself and the general, who have been at the forefront of trying to wake the American public up to the dangers posed by subversive organizations like the pro-terrorist group CAIR, and by their allies at home and abroad. I hope that all parties involved will stay strong and NOT give in to any heavy-handed attempts by this group and its dhimmified dupes and fellow travelers in the political and media establishments to stop or force the cancellation of this event. And I hope that you will post videos of the session on your website for the education of anyone who cannot make it to this event in person.

  5. CAIR is trying to cancel this but where and when has CAIR spoken out about what is going on with all the killings in Iraq. Not one damn word against it. So they think people are Islamophobia, I wonder why. The Muslims protest about Israel and Gaza and the killing of civilians and children. Why haven’t they protested about all the children and civilians that are being slaughtered in Iraq in the name of Allah? Not only Christians but Muslims that are considered not Muslim enough. Do I trust any Muslims? No!!! They are suppose to be gentle people? Of course that is only if you agree with them. Until the day CIAR and all the other Muslims stand up against what is going on I will never trust them. And they only have themselves to blame.

  6. Islamophobia was definitely a word created in the west to prevent anyone from questioning or speaking up against the many atrocities committed by many muslim nations and terrorist muslims aka jihadist’s. CAIR has much to fear, and Allen West, please make sure the event goes on, in fact please record it and put it on your blog, Many of us unable to attend would love to hear the message of these brave leaders. Its about time the truth comes out and .societies and nations start asking themselves, what have we gotten ourselves into by defending islam which is constantly threatening the very essence of freedom worldwide with their many jihadists fighting in the name of allah and islam. Many ex-muslims that have left this “so called religion of peace” are now taking a very brave stand and speaking up against this cult posing as a religion in order to get away with the many hate crimes, violence and genocides taking place right now. Ali sina is an example of one ex-muslim that left islam & is sharing his knowledge and awakening the West of the reality of Islam.

    Mr West is crying about his freedoms being attacked because a Muslim group is opposed to him.

    But what are you speaking about Mr West?
    Oh yeah… you are giving a speech against American Muslims.

    Funny… you have every right to speak out against them… but if they speak out against you it’s an attack on your freedom?

    Typical hypocrite.

    You think only your speech is protected and only you have the right to disagree.

      • Sorry bub… Mr West needs to get a grip and understand that freedom of speech isn’t just for him.

        Did you have a point to make on the subject or did you just want to throw a personal insult with no explanation?

      • The fact is that Hamas, Hazbolla, Muslim Brotherhood, the 9/11 bombers, the terrorists in Libya, are ALL a threat to freedom and religious liberty. Earl Less is likely an Islamist.

      • Brands and earl I think what you have both failed to grasp is that as much as u want to believe Islam is a peaceful religion like the many others, u fail to understand the big threat Islam poses to western values and nations. Why don’t u start by researching islam, maybe even read the quaran preferably the Persian translated version. Another good resource i

      • Earl Lee and Brendan, it’s commendable if you think you are speaking up for innocent people, all I can imagine is that you haven’t gotten the facts about Hamas, Hezbola, Muslim brotherhood etc. A quick Google search will let you know what they think about YOU and what they intend to do to YOU.

      • I am not defending extremist groups.
        i know very well the very real dangers of radical Islam.

        But I also recognize that not all muslims are radical …and that my fellow citizens have the right to have faith based organizations encouraging their followers to vote… be they Christian, Jew, Hindu, or even Muslim.

      • What you and so many uninformed apologist, sympathizers or outright deceivers fail to understand is the extent and nature of an existential threat. First, orthodox Islamic political and cultural ideologies (sharia, religious) are the antithesis of our Constitution, Democratic Republic ( political islam is a totalitarian theocracy); Humanitarian ideals (Islam’s barbaric, misogynist, moral, civil and criminal codes violate all of our modern laws); religious ideals ( muslims are forbidden to take an oath of allegiance to any organization or religious affiliated entity, except islam, or as an act of treason to infiltrate “the enemies camp.”) As succinctly explained by muhammad in the quran or koran if you haven’t read it.

        Therefore muslims should and will soon be unable to hold public office as the public becomes more educated, to it’s supremacist fascist ideology of global domination. Add to that muhammad’s specific demands to reject the friendship of Christians and Jews, and the denigrating verses that call for their enslavement, or murder when muslims have achieved military superiority by brute force or “infiltration,” by any standards of common sense one realizes islam has no place in civilized society.

        Many of the Founders obtained translations of what Churchill called Islam’s “Mein Kampf,” and we’re adamant islam was totally incompatible with their newly formed republic. As awareness grows of the horrific realities of orthodox (radical) Islams evil, demonic doctrines and sharia, and it’s alignment with fascist, communist ideologies, the majority of Americans and other western populations will terminate the spread of this political cult, by attrition, ostracism and perhaps in some cases violence.

        The truth is islam cannot assimilate due it’s proclivity for violent expansionism, and it is building enclaves in preparation for this violence not for peace. And those so called innocent women and children still support this violent cult “existentially,” willfully ignorant or not. With recent polls attesting to the fact that upwards of 85% of muslim adult males, worldwide including America, support the destruction and/or take over of the US and Israel, regarded as the “great and little satan.” This is secretly taught to the jihadist initiate’s in the mosques, attested to by the secular reformist, Zudi Jassar, in the Senate hearings, who is allowed to live as an apostate (not a true believer) because he acts as a foil and shields the orthodox jihadists.

        So by any reasonable analysis islam is and will remain a direct and “existential” threat to all of western civilization and should be removed by all means necessary. It is a cult, not a true religion (incompatible and engaged in hostilities with all other world monotheistic faiths); the god of islam, if you read it’s manifesto, is redefined to deliberately defy the accepted theologies of all world faiths. Making it the antithesis of the Judeo Christian concept of God; And muhammad was neither a prophet nor divinely inspired: he confessed to contemporaries he believed he was demonically possessed, but those who wanted to take economic and political power from the tithes of a new faith convinced him otherwise; and when asked by his followers to perform a miracle to substantiate his divinity, he could only tell the truth, as recorded by a contemporary historian of muhammad, and say he “is only a man.” A multitude of middle eastern scholars from ancient times to present believe muhammad was a heretic, a militant criminal and quite possibly the antiChrist, with allah the personification of Lucifer.

      • Wrong.
        There are hundreds of millions of westernized peaceful moderate muslims.
        That does not change the very real threat of the radicals.
        But your history of America is incorrect and your failure to recognize that Islam has many subsects with different belief only shows your ignorance.

        I am a realist… not an apologist.
        Go take your crusade back to the middle ages

      • Name one that doesn’t subscribe to the “orthodox” teachings of muhammad. The polls don’t lie. It was done by an objective high profile media organization. You’re possibly a secular muslim and I’ll take your word you served. But you’re blindly willfully ignoring the barbaric, primitive “middle ages” orthodox behavior of your isis brethren. Whose living in the middle ages? You either don’t know your own history, which I doubt and its not likely youthful ignorance, but you are obviously brainwashed into the muslim cult of tayiqqa, and are just a lying, deceiving, demonic miscreant, that belongs in one of the hell holes they call countries in the middle east. If you’re not a resident already why don’t you start a movement to repatriate all muslims to the middle east so you can live in the paradise of the islamic caliphate. And there you can try to create a civilization of your own since everything islam is was stolen and borrowed from more civilized cultures.

      • Also, the subsets in America are cowards that pray they don’t have to honor the cult requirements of jihad, believing they will be able to wait out the coming “attrition” because thier population is still inferior. They, like you are schizophrenic hypocrites who have become soft apologist that believe by hiding in the welcome embrace of America, you can avoid your fate, while at the same time pretending outrage at the barbaric “middle ages” behavior of your compatriots. This veil that hides this great lie and masquerade you live is being ripped away and soon, even the moronic left will want you and your kind to account!

      • Yeah, we saw all of the outcry they displayed after every terrorist attack. Chirp, chirp, chirp. And, you are correct, that being a (lowly E-5,) doesn’t even come close to a General Officers’ service. You accuse him of abusing prisoners! Did you witness this? In all my years of service, I never once observed a GO in a position to abuse a prisoner. Rant on, if you must. Pretty sure your points are moot to this forum.

      • It seems you haven’t been paying attention for the last decade or so since there seems to be a lot you don’t know.
        First of all, a Lieutenant Colonel is not a General Officer.

        Your claim of denying knowledge of moderate muslim protests in the age of the internet when you can just look anything up is ridiculous… almost as ridiculous as trying to pretend that Mr West did not get in trouble for abusing a prisoner.

      • Freedom of speech does not include freedom to overthrow the U. S. government–that is called sedition and Brendan seems to be for that. As an Islamist, Brendan thus creates a huge problem for true Americans and the U. S. Constitution.

      • Only in your imagination.
        Where have I ever said anything about overthrowing the US government?

        Why don’t you accuse me of wanting to burn down orphanages or kidnap old ladies as long as you are making up wild accusations based on absolutely nothing that I wrote?

        For someone who claims to be defending the Constitution, you seem to have a very poor understanding of it if you think that free speech is only for people you agree with.

        If you want to respond by accusing me of wanting to usurp the Constitution I swore to defend, have the decency to back up your wild accusation with something.

      • You may have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution but by your posts you do not have a clear understanding of the spiritual, theological history of it’s origins and the razor sharp definitions that give exact meaning to terms such as oath, treason, democracy, republic, free will and speech. I have tried to enlighten you with another post following this one. I hope it inspires you to do more research. I have over 40 years invested in this type of research, with nearly 15 years of that studying and analyzing islam.

      • You’re a dumb ass and we should send you to the far far north with just your bare hands and see if you can survive the winter! I think I will add big mouth to that as well! When you can show how YOU have fought to preserve the Constitution of the United States of America, which is not a flawed document but a document that has served America very well in these last 238 years……. then, and only then, will anything you say be anything worth listening to! Insults shouldn’t bother you if your are a real man, like Col. West!

      • Wow… you don’t know how to read.
        Where did I ever write that the Constitution was a flawed document?
        You are arguing with me over something I never wrote.

        I wrote in favor of freedom of speech and that seemed to upset you.

        As to comparing my military service to Mr West’s…
        well I was just a lowly E5, not an officer… and I didn’t serve as many years as he did…
        But I also never abused prisoners and had to retire in disgrace either.

        As to your crazy rant about surviving in the North, Ms Bowman… I have no idea what that has to do with anything.
        But just to satisfy your curiosity, I would do just fine.

        Go take some ritalin or whatever you need to focus your thoughts before responding… and try to stick with things that were actually discussed, not imaginary fights in your head.

      • It stated why when these groups have an event no one tries to stop them. But they try to scare others into not having meeting that disagree with them

      • So they don’t have the right to oppose something because no one opposes them?
        Not that that would change the rights to freedom of speech if it were the case… but it’s not.

        Mr West suggesting that no one speaks out against the Muslim groups is false and just another example of his hypocrisy. He, himself, speaks out against them and calls for directly opposing them.

        In the above article, West states that no one is trying to oppose the Islamic Society of North America… but he is.

        Here is video of Allen West, on FOX News, condemning the Islamic Society of North America and CAIR

      • What chapter of the Islamic Society of North America or CAIR is Brendan a member of? He’s certainly an Islamist.

      • Wow… so in your senile brain, anyone who supports freedom of speech or dares point out Mr West’s hypocrisy must be an Islamist?
        Sorry to disappoint.

      • Brandon is a CAIR operative, same crap different sites.
        Go Alan West, Continue to tell the truth about these poisonous traitors.
        islam is a disease.

      • Ha! You’re a paranoid loon who thinks anyone who supports the Constitution is a CAIR operative.
        Nice try Stevie.

      • Wow… you are crazy.
        Why don’t you call me a kiddie rapist too since that is just as crazy and unfounded.

        Where did I ever write anything like that?
        Oh right… I didn’t.
        Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and others are all threats to humanity that need to be wiped out for all time.
        I understand the very real threat of radical muslim extremists better than you ever could.

        You’re just some senile old coot who never had the balls to serve his country… and now, from your Palm Springs home, you want to pretend you stand for the Constitution, all while slandering me for daring to support free speech for all Americans… a concept you can’t seem to grasp.

        Oh yeah, and gentlemen don’t have to retire in disgrace to avoid prosecution for abusing prisoners… but if you ever served, you’d understand that.

    • You need to re-read the article. Mr. West does not say muslim groups do not have the right to hold conferences. He states that they do not have the right to prevent him from holding his conference, ESPECIALLY by using threats of violence.

    • I can’t figure you out, you make ignorant comments that make it seem that you support CAIR. You criticize Mr. West like he did something to you, and you have something against senile people. I get that every one should have the right of freedom of speech. CAIR has the right to say what they want and this post is not about taking that right away, but it is about CAIR trying to have this event cancelled. I don’t know if you suffer from some mental, or emotional condition, or you are just misunderstood.

      • I don’t support CAIR or any other political religious organization.
        I support free speech and I call hypocrisy on the double standard of people like West who claim the right of free speech to attack others but cry foul when he is on the receiving end.
        I support the right to free speech, regardless of whether i agree with, or can even stand, what is being said.

        As to my “Senile” comment to another poster…
        When an old man calls me a muslim terrorist who supports Hezbollah, Hamas, and the attack on 9/11 that took the lives of my friends… just because I wrote in defense of freedom of speech… me calling him a senile coot was the nicest thing I could think to call him in my response.

        I’m curious though… you responded to me because you felt my calling another poster a senile coot was inappropriate… yet you did not feel the need to respond to him calling me a terrorist sympathizer who supported the attacks on 9/11.
        I responded to his unprovoked personal insult with a far more mild insult… why is it you felt the need to take issue with my insulting response, but not his insulting slander?

      • I get it why you are receiving so much flak,
        you don’t focus on the point. The point of this article is clear…”Now CAIR is using social media and the same ol’ tactics to try and CANCEL another event,” and it’s not about infringing on CAIR’s freedom of speech right. I said, “that makes it SEEM that you support CAIR,” and I said “SEEMS” because I had read in your previous post that you “did NOT support” CAIR, and you miss that as well. I agree that calling someone “senile” is a mild insult, and yes, I would have gone off on someone who’d called me a “terrorist sympathizer.”

    • Earl Lee, u need to get the facts about our hero Alan West before you post ignorant remarks…I’m sure if we were face to face and I asked you to explain what he did you wouldn’t have a clue, you are parroting remarks from the left’s “useful idiots” I can guarantee you if you were one of his men you would be respectful and proud of what he did…as they are.

      • I’d like to know where’s Earl’s outrage at Obama’s abandonment of the Benghazi Four/Five? Obama is Commander-In-Chief, for crying out loud!

    • Earl Lee, name says it all.
      Alan West is a Honorable Man, a decent Man, and 1000X the human you are.
      Crawl back under your rock.

  8. “It is a freedom the Founding Fathers bequeathed to us….”

    It is a freedom that God bequeathed to us. Our founding fathers just formally acknowledged that right.

    Mr. West neglected to mention one organization that IMO belongs near the top of his list. CAIR.

  9. you go mr west. as i always say wests the best. i would love if you became the father of our country. your caring attitude, and your strong leadership qualities along with your service to our country make you a suitable and strong candidate…… please continue your quest to keep us up on your thoughts of our nation.

  10. Slap em upside the head with pictures of Foley getting his head removed by their buddies in the ISIS. These pukes should be rounded up and air dropped into Iraq and Saudi Arabia preferably without parachutes. 50 years ago this group would have been classified as Enemies of the USA and either deported or arrested for sedition and espionage. If you can’t arrest them for sedition against the USA then deport their arses back to their countries of origin,


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