The counter-culture revolution I can support

Is there a counter-culture revolution occurring in America? I think there is, but you just don’t hear about it in the mainstream media — or really at all.

I find myself exclusively listening to our local Christian music station, Way FM 88.1. And who turned me on to it? My daughters, whose iPhones are chock full of modern upbeat Christian music. Who would have thought a You Tube video “Where I Belong” by Building 429 would have 1.6 million views? And just so you know, I often hum the tune as I’m running. It’s really cool.

Is cool being quietly redefined by our young people? Once upon a time it was all about “rebelling against da man.” Well, if you turn around, you’ll find liberal progressive socialists are truly the ones who seem to be “da man.” They control government, entertainment, media, and most aspects of culture, all to the detriment of simple, time-honored values such as faith, family, personal responsibility and freedom. The current vision of da man is touted as being cool, but it seems to me there’s a movement to reject that notion — and it is starting in churches.

This summer my youngest daughter Austen attended the Christ in Youth (CIY) Move Conference at Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida. Southeastern, just as Palm Beach Atlantic University nearby, is a college rooted in faith and service to Jesus Christ. It is a Christian university. The contingent to CIY from our Community Christian Church was the largest they’ve — two full tour buses — and the target audience was high school teenagers. Perhaps our young people are sensing popular culture is failing them in every aspect of their lives and rebelling.

These young people are perhaps realizing that the “cool” imposed upon them by the adults of our era is truly Not Cool as Fox News host Greg Gutfeld wrote in his book of the same reason.

This past week, talented young conservative blogger and fellow Liberty Alliance member, Matt Walsh, contacted me about a book he’s working on regarding this revolution. He believes traditional values are making a big comeback where we would least expect — as part of a counter-revolution by younger generations. The media doesn’t like to bring attention to a Christian rock group like Building 429 — ever seen them featured on any entertainment shows?

Two weekends ago we had family movie night and watched the movie “God’s Not Dead” — and again who recommended it? Our daughters. We thoroughly enjoyed the film, and if you haven’t seen it, you will as well. Great ending that illustrate the six degrees of separation in which our lives operate.

Yes, the Sixties hippie generation that embraced drugs, free love, and all that jazz has become da man and trying to inculcate their values upon an entire nation. However, it seems their beliefs, which are the antithesis of our Constitutional Republic, are being recognized bit by bit. The progressive socialist petri dishes which we call our colleges and universities are replete with these soldiers of the Sixties revolt and are doing their best to replenish the ranks with future generations — but there is push back.

Funny, we don’t hear about the synthetic marijuana deaths in Colorado and California – I wonder why?

This new counter-revolution is made up of young people who pride their independence — such as those who established America. And they want to be the ones charting their own course for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am proud of them and fully support them and it’s why I’m so honored when Young America’s Foundation invites me to speak on college campuses.

There is indeed a revolution coming. It’s building up, and I’m proud to be part of it. These “kids” are realizing, this is not where they belong, and they don’t want their country to belong to this sad state either.


  1. Mr. West, I believe you are totally correct and didn’t give it much thought. My daughters also have been showing signs of this counter-revolution. They love Christian music because it makes them feel good about themselves. When they need a pick-me-up, they play either Christian music or country. I sure hope it firmly takes hold.

  2. Yeah, it seems like there is an upsurge in Christian values, which is great, although, I notice more young girls than young guys who partake in it. We really need to get at the young men. A lot of them think they’re “too smart” for Christianity. It’s… tough, but have to keep at it.

  3. I sure hope so. But seeing as so many adult ‘Christians’ voted for Obama twice, I will have to wait and see if this gets any traction.

      • IMO, yes. How can someone be a true Christian and vote for a man that stands for the things he does? During the 2008 campaign, his followers were calling him the ‘messiah’. That should give any, true, Holy Spirit filled Christian pause. Yet so many ‘Christians’ voted for him, and twice!!

      • But he did not refer to himself as a “messiah”? Is that correct? If he had, I think that would make anyone pause for a moment if any person called themselves a messiah. What do we do with those that make those claims? Study them. I don’t know if Obama ever heard about this. Honestly, you are the first person that has mentioned this that I know of so I will have to look it up and have a good laugh at other peoples expense. I do understand now that when you mention being a true Christian is someone who did not vote for Obama based upon what those people said about him. You also mentioned just now about the things he stands for. Could you enlighten me on those things?

      • Actually I saw those claims Not from Obama but from some of his most fervent followers. I found it to be somewhat frightening that there were those who actually thought that way. Fortunately it seems as though it was only a small group of fanatics.

      • I think I may have a answer. Then again, maybe not.. um, In Aug 2008 the McCain Campaign was mocking Obama about some of his speeches as if he was a Messiah or Moses. Being “The One” we have been waiting on to led this country to greatness and recover quickly from a economic melt down. Even Barbra Walters has made later comments on how everyone thought he was going to be a Messiah as in delivering all these great promises and ideas from his speeches. It all seemed great. But with any politician, empty promises, in ability/unwillingness to stand up against companies, and only putting off things until another election is close then do something type ideology seems to be the norm for both parties.

      • Really? How about pro abortion, pro gay marriage, anti Israel, pro islam, pro big gov’t. All these things go against what the Bible teaches.

      • no one is pro abortion,,,,but they are pro choice…
        you think you would understand that by now… G’s

      • Call it by it’s real name, don’t be shy, it is pro-murder.The killing of a new life.By the way in Latin fetus means baby.

      • Is it not murder because it is called the death penalty? What purpose does it serve? Do you feel it gets them to their maker so he can judge them to a hell?

      • Planned Parenthood is definitely pro-abortion, and you are definitely clueless, and probably willingly.

      • So this goes with the statement that how could a “True Christian” vote for Obama…TWICE?

        Brigadier, you brought up some good points. However, I do not see a difference between someone calling themselves a Christian or a “True” Christian. Is this to say that “True” Christians follow Jesus and his teachings to the letter versus the others who just claim to be Christians for face value? I guess you could stand on the foot of how could a Christian vote for him when your religion has all these rules. I did not know the bible teaches against “Big Govt”.. what part of the Govt is to big? Ah, the military. Since you believe that Jesus was a Jew, it’s only natural to protect the country.. regardless of what they do.. it’s okay. Did Obama cut any type of funding to Israel? No. Did Obama say that he is Anti-Israel and Pro-Islam? No. We have always provided money to both. That’s what a secular government does. It is not allowed to show favoritism based on religion.

      • G,,, how could someone say something so stupid???
        It’s a big world out there Biff,,,crawl out from under your bunker
        and give a look…
        christians don’t say,,or do stupid things???
        bewildering huh?… christians voted for Obama

  4. We talk loads at the dinner table, yes we have dinner together most days, my four boys are the ones who bring up what kinda girls they are looking for. Each one of them has said they want low maintenance, someone who likes nice things but won’t put them in debt. And the most surprising thing, is they want some one who does not expose themselves…modest in dress. At least they are thinking about these things.

  5. A renaissance of sorts is underway. The most vibrant churches in my area are chock full of 20 something worshippers. Myself and likeminded Christians (tired of hypocrisy and un-Christian like behavior) have started a new worship center where all are welcome. It is our intent to be a true sanctuary, regardless of who you are or where you are in your life journey. That being said we have been amazed at the number of 16+ young folks walking in the door (and coming back). Being an ‘old’ hippy rocker I love the contemporary Christian music and perform in our Praise band. I recently attended a Jeremy Camp show and it rocked! Yet I have some concern that young folks may be walking a fine line between worship and idolatry at the concerts. But if this is what brings them to the Rock, A-OK with me.

  6. For the largest following by young people of faith around the world merely follow the pope, such as this week on EWTN in South Korea. The Pope’s following of young people on World Youth Day is unrivaled by any concert or event in the world. EWTN is a cable TV station played worldwide that has no commercials and is run entirely on donations from good Christians and the unbelievable story of a nun Mother Angelica who started EWTN with nothing but her faith and help of fellow nuns and has been in existence for over 25 years!!!!!!…Channel 243 on Comcast…Quite a LEAP OF FAITH, I’d say…thankyou and God Bless You …and keep Mother Angelica in your prayers who suffers from a debilitating stroke and still prays for all of us….

  7. With the financial, social, and economic storms that surround us, we need to have this sort of Holy Revolution. It is one that not even Obama and his minions will be able to stop.

  8. History proves that revival usually begins with our youth. There is a line in the song “Hosanna” that goes “I see a generation rising up to take their place, with selfless faith” and I have seen it in my own daughter’s life, in the life of many of our youth at church and across this country. Lead on youth and pray that our adults will follow!

  9. I find this so refreshing, but with so many young people believing that it’s okay to be gay or have gay friends or to have abortions I sure hope this takes traction.

    • Exactly. I wonder how many of these young kids think they can be Christian AND gay, or Christian AND promiscuous, Christian AND smoke pot. After all, the baby boomer generation has set a terrible example.

      • Christian is a good start. The Holy Spirit will then work on their hearts. God didn’t call the perfect, he perfects those who are responsive to his call (throughout their lives).

      • And the baby boomer generation are from what era? Buehler! Buehler! The 60’s and 70’s…which are today….TaDa! The liberals! Obama. The Clintons. Etc. etc. No mystery here.

  10. I am into classical music or new age myself, but I used to play The River channel at my barn. One of my clients noticed it and mentioned it to me. The message was there, it was just background noise for some people, but others paid attention and liked the station. The horses didn’t object either.

  11. my 23 year old grandson is so into Christian music!! was raised in a home where Christ was always present..and so proud of him..nothing more soothing than a beautiful hymn playing in the background.

  12. Mr. West, you mentioned the synthetic marijuana causing deaths in Colorado and California. The article you linked is from 2013 and states “as reported by CNN”. Isn’t CNN part of your so called mainstream media? I has also been reported by ABC, local news organizations in the given area it takes place, and at the end of it all it’s parents who are responsible to talk to their kids about facts like this. Just because it happens once in awhile someplace does not mean it always makes any media source. To include your all time favorite of Faux News.

    If you want more religious shows on T.V. just turn to the 700 club channel.

    You are correct how God’s ^Not Dead shows a sixth degree of separation on a small platform of a small area near a college campus. However, the movie itself.. was not that great at all. But that is my opinion so I understand that others may enjoy it for any reason.

    As far as this religious movement or rebellion against.. what was the metaphorical picture you painted.. oh, da man who is a Democrat? How is it that being a “liberal progressive socialists” is a bad thing? Liberal: free from prejudice or bigotry; tolerant; believes in the freedom of the individual; favoring the freedom of action especially with respect to matters of personal belief or express. Progressive: Base principle that everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does his or her fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules; Progressive thought relies on four pillars to work; freedom, opportunity, responsibility, and cooperation. Now the socialist part is untrue. I understand that you may have an opinion that it might be but I can not currently think of anything that is owned or regulated by the community as a whole. We appoint/elect people into positions of government to watch over these things and regulate them. I do believe we call that a Republic.

    • You asked “How is it that being a “liberal progressive socialists” is a bad thing?” Then you describe “Liberal: free from prejudice or bigotry” unless, of course, one disagrees with the LGBT agenda for America. In which case the errant fool must be silenced, his or her business/livelihood destroyed, or placed in some sort of re-education situation.

      You then go on to say, “tolerant; believes in the freedom of the individual; favoring the freedom of action especially with respect to matters of personal belief or express”. See above.

      You then deliberately mis-speak thus, “Progressive: Base principle that everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does his or her fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules; Progressive thought relies on four pillars to work; freedom, opportunity, responsibility, and cooperation.”

      That is the definition of a Conservative young man.

      You really need to think these things through before you post.

      • Conservative: To limit change, restore traditional ones, preserve or to return to earlier traditions; a traditionalist. All though being a conservative can mean different things in different countries, here in America it draws it roots from the Revolutionary War/Tea Party of that time. Yes, the Conservatives Party (GOP) also believes in freedom, opportunity, responsibility, and cooperation. In fact, both parties want the same thing.. to a point. I did not deliberately misspeak.

        You brought up the LGBT. Would it be tolerant and to believe in the freedom on the individual to allow the LGBT their equal rights that everyone else has? What is the agenda of the LBGT? You mentioned that if anyone disagrees with it must be silenced, business/livelihood destroyed, or placed in some sort of re-education situation. Would you not feel the same if the KKK was using their free speech? You would want to try and make them understand that just because someone is not white, does not make them any less of a human. The KKK has hard core Christian beliefs, their morals are the same unless you’re another race, and the way they were raised has everything to do with what they believe now. It’s like banging your head up against a wall. But that is common with dealing with anyone in what they believe when you are on the other side of the debate.

        Like I said before, the very definition of Conservative is different depending on where you are in the world. This would hold true also for Liberal, progressive and socialism depending on what you are talking about. I am sure Allen West was trying to use it in a negative way. I was only trying to point out the definitions of each noun.

        Well, thank you for calling me a young man!! I have not heard those words in sometime now. Thank you for that sir!

      • Conservatives don’t want change for the sake of change. They want freedom, justice, and equality, and believe that success can be achieved through hard work and ingenuity. Progressives want to “fix” what’s not broken. That, or replace it. They often have a warped sense of responsibility and justice (hence being pro-abortion but anti-death penalty). They champion the idea that people cannot achieve great things just through hard work.

        LGBT people already have equal rights, first of all. The one right they often claim to lack is marriage, but they are allowed to marry. Marriage, by definition, doesn’t include union between 2 men or 2 women. Their agenda is to change that definition, one held sacred by millions, if not billions, of people. It doesn’t need to be changed for them to have unions. They could just call their union something else, because it is, in fact, something else.

        Second, race and orientation are not equal. Race is something you cannot hide or resist. It is not something that you “do”.

        And third, even if they did equate, no. Racists should not be attacked by the government unless they are physically attacking others, inciting violence, or discriminating in the work place. If people choose not to shop at their establishment because they disagree with them, that’s fine, and eventually they’ll go out of business if enough people disagree with them, but the government should not fine them, close them, arrest them, or silence them. It’s their right to think the way they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone. In the same way, people should not be punished for thinking homosexuality is wrong. It’s their right, whether you agree with them or not.

      • Can you give me an example of something that is/was not broken but progressives tried to fix or replace?

        A warped sense of responsibility of justice? Like pro-life but for the death penalty? Please give an example on “the champion the idea that people cannot achieve great things just through hard work.”

        Yes, some states are now allowing same sex marriages. Where are you getting your definition of marriage?

        Appealing to popular demand is a fallacy so even if millions, billions, or trillions of people (glad we are not in those numbers!) held something as sacred for many years does not mean it’s correct. Every society through its history has allowed all different forms of marriage to include plural, arranged, and poly.

        Are you suggesting that the LBGT community should hide or resist in some way who they feel they are or are not when it comes to orientation?

        I agree that anyone voicing their opinion on something has that right. If people disagree with the status quo then they have the right to say something about it. If they break no laws in the process then once again, I agree 100% they should not be arrested. I am against anyone punished for their beliefs. If someone has a different opinion than me it’s fine. I don’t have to shop at certain stores if they support a certain agenda I don’t agree with. If a homosexual couple want to express their love for each other through a marriage then go ahead and get married. They should receive the same privileges through taxation, marriage counseling, unemployment, protection at the work place, divorce, and anything else that goes along with marriage.

      • The military. Schools. Taxes. Marriage.

        I’m not sure what your point is here. How is it warped to be pro-life, meaning you’re against the killing of innocent, unborn children, while supporting the death penalty for murderers? The two beliefs both stem from thinking life is precious. Abortion is the taking of innocent life. The death penalty gives the ultimate punishment for the taking of life.

        Like the idea that people need the government to help them achieve something or overcome obstacles?

        From the millennia old definition. You know, history? Our government didn’t invent marriage, and it has no power to change it. It is what it is, and that’s what it will always be.

        No, but it would mean that there’s a reason to leave it alone. Also, notice that in all of those forms of marriage (poly and plural are the same thing, btw), the union is heterosexual.

        Not at all. While I believe homosexuality is wrong, I’m not trying to stop people from being homosexual (that’s tolerance). The most I’d do is say that it’s wrong. All I meant was that, unlike race, homosexuality can be hidden. The two are not comparable.

        I agree that they should receive all the same benefits, but they can never have a marriage. It’s just a matter of definition. Calling an apple a banana doesn’t make it a banana.

      • I was thinking you would give the examples along with the things that you think progressives have broken. Specific things. I do not see how any of those things are broke. Maybe taxes since no loopholes for business have been closed. And how the top 1% pay less percentage on their taxes.

        Well, at some point I am sure you would need the Government at some level to achieve something or overcome obstacles but anything specific?

        I know history and the definition of marriage does say between homosexuals also. Understand that words change overtime to pick up new meanings or expand into totally different meanings based on slang. I am sure you know that but I just kept typing. Also, when I mentioned plural, poly, and “all different forms of marriage”.. all forms had to do with homosexuals. They are all consenting adults.. except maybe those arranged marriages.

        Our Government was designed with the purpose of being secular. I was thinking you would say because it is in the bible at such and such verse.

        You are correct on the race and orientation that those two are different when it comes to “hiding” them. However, any minority group regardless of the situation has had to speak out and demand equal rights. They have to make their case and over the years the general public changes their minds on how they feel about certain things.

        They can have a legal civil union/marriage done by the county or city. If you are saying they can’t have a church sanctioned marriage then that would be just a matter of time before it would be seen okay. There are already churches that accept homosexuals within its communities. So, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck… its most likely a duck.. if it feels like a marriage, acts like a marriage, then it most likely is a marriage. Kind of like a common law wife. They were never married but I tell my sons that their Grandma in Georgia wants to talk to them. Is she related through marriage.. no but my Dad and her have been together for 30 years now so in my eyes, they are married.

      • I’m saying they aren’t/weren’t, but are targeted by progressives anyway. And taxes on businesses should be lowered. Companies are paying taxes in other countries because rates are too high in America. Likewise, people who make more money shouldn’t have higher tax rates. I believe in a flat tax. The more you make, the more you pay, but everyone pays the same percent of their income. People shouldn’t be punished for success with higher rates.

        Not at the moment, no.

        Where in history does the definition include homosexuals? Again, I’m not saying homosexuals can’t be together, or that they shouldn’t have the benefits of marriage. I’m saying that marriage is, by definition, heterosexual. Anything else simply isn’t marriage. And while words often change over time, marriage is more than just a word. If marriage was just a word, people wouldn’t be fighting to have it or fighting to keep it as it is. Besides, when words change, they often become something new, and no longer represent the original meaning. Gay, for instance, no longer means happy. If you change the meaning of marriage, it is no longer marriage. It’s something else. Homosexuals can never have marriage. Even if they change the definition on a piece of paper, the original meaning will remain unchanged.

        The government was designed with the purpose of serving and protecting its people and their freedoms. That’s it. It isn’t allowed to establish a religion, but it can be affected by religion, though it isn’t allowed to affect religion.

        They have what they call a marriage. Just because something acts like something else doesn’t make it something else. It is what it is no matter what it claims to be.

      • Marriage definition

        The flat tax could be a good idea if all the “if” and “and” are removed along with exemptions and deductions. This is already one way that business get out of paying any taxes along with the rich. After seeing companies that get refunds because they paid to much in taxes based on their overseas ownership BS loopholes, I have no sympathy for them. Someone paying 10% in taxes at the bottom is not the same as paying 10% in taxes at the top of the money pile. It is a very misleading policy that you are suggesting and one I do not actually agree with. Not saying that current tax code is perfect by any means but introducing a flat tax will cause more problems than it’s worth. In the late 70s, companies began to destroy Unions or simply move overseas to where the labor force was cheaper. It was not a matter they could not keep up with inflation, pay their taxes, or have better educated workers overseas. It was all about cheap labor would cause the profit margin to skyrocket. Since then, productivity has done nothing but go up. Inflation has done nothing but go up. The cost of living has done nothing but go up. Minimum wages are stagnated.

        By cutting welfare, unemployment benefits, and food stamps you are forcing people to take the minimum wage paying jobs that don’t pay enough for the cost of living. This puts the worker at a disadvantage when negotiating a raise or for a job. For every 1 job that is worked, there are 3 people waiting for a job, wanting a job, and begging for a job with hopes that someone will get fired. A company then has control over its workforce. I remember a certain company promising to fire its workers if Obama was re-elected into office. The threat was well known and several other companies threatened the same thing. However, a majority of Americans would not allow some company to threaten their choice for who to vote for… then again, maybe it did and caused the race to be closer in certain states.

        “Besides, when words change, they often become something new, and no longer represent the original meaning. Gay, for instance, no longer means happy. If you change the meaning of marriage, it is no longer marriage. It’s something else. Homosexuals can never have marriage. Even if they change the definition on a piece of paper, the original meaning will remain unchanged.”

        Gay does still means happy also. You said in that case the word that “Gay” no longer means to be happy but then you said by changing the meaning of the word “marriage” it would contain it’s original meaning. Maybe you mistype what you meant there.. not sure but it sounds like you said it would change for one word but not the other.

        Correct, the government cannot establish or show favoritism for one religion over another. Unfortunately, yes government can be affect by religion and I can give many examples on that very topic. Government can affect religion even though you said it isn’t allowed. One example is how Christianity is fighting to get back into schools because it was removed and stories are still popping up on that one. Government affected it by getting it out of the schools. The same goes for Mormonism that not only allowed polygamy but was pretty much racial when it came to blacks. When it comes to killing animals for sacrificial practices, I do believe those are against the law also.

        The government phones were started by the conservative super hero Ronald Reagan with legislation that had tax payers pay an additional cost within their phone bills to allow people claiming unemployment to have a phone connected for free within their homes. When Clinton was in office, he expand the program to include other social programs along with he ability to call 911. Bush recognized that more people were using cell phones and passed additional legislation that allowed for cell phones at the end of his Presidency. Obama received all the credit but it was Bush W who actually did it. The misinformed were therefore saying it was Obama and of course, Faux News loved the story.

        Unemployment has kept up with inflation so getting unemployment is better than getting a part time job that pays minimum wage that is not in proportion to what the American worker should be getting but companies (the head of the companies) do not want to give up their high profits.

      • That’s a modern definition, based on changes the government has made. The true, historical definition is heterosexual union. You can’t change history, no matter what you write on a piece of paper.

        “Someone paying 10% in taxes at the bottom is not the same as paying 10% in taxes at the top of the money pile.”
        You’re right. The person at the top would be paying far more. That’s the point. Everyone pays the same percent, which means the more you make the more you pay. A person making $30,000 a year would pay $3000, and a person making $300,000 would pay $30,000. Why should the person making $300,000 be punished with a higher rate?

        By giving people too much money and too many benefits, the government is taking away their reason to work. A person who isn’t working should not have more food, money, and luxuries than someone who is working. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t get some help when they have hard times, but there’s a difference between helping someone and outright supporting them. Besides, government help doesn’t end when a person gets a minimum wage job. It just lessens. When given the option of working for little money with little government benefits, and not working with great government benefits, many choose the latter.

        “Happy” might be listed under “gay” in the dictionary, but if you call a happy person gay they won’t think you’re calling them happy. Gay doesn’t mean what it used to, even if the dictionary still lists its original definition.

        I meant that, even if you change marriage legally, the original, historical definition will remain unchanged. History cannot be changed.

        That’s not exactly “affecting religion”. That’s simply not allowing religion to be taught in public schools. By affecting religion I meant actually changing it or punishing it. That’s why churches aren’t taxed. Taxing churches would give the government power over churches.

        At the end of Bush’s presidency Democrats controlled the House and the Senate. It’s not really something that should be placed on him specifically. That said, it’s not the phones themselves that are the biggest problem. As I understand it, the phones are fairly nice, maybe even smartphones. They also come with quite a bit of service. If they’re free, they should be cheap, basic phones. It’s easy to get old-fashioned flip phones for under $10, and service for less than $10 a month. If the government’s paying, the free phones should by like that, at best.

        Exactly. If unemployment is that good, why ever go back to work, especially if you’d have to go to a job with less pay? I do think minimum wage should be raised, but not all at once. It should go up a bit per year until it reaches what it should be, and then it should be updated every so often to keep up with inflation. Raising it all at once would cause a sudden surge of costs for companies, and they might react by raising prices, laying off employees, etc.

      • I want to say upfront, Thank you. You are the first person in a long time that actually puts some thought into your responses instead of attacking me with insults.

        When I mentioned the tax thing, you have to take in consideration cost of living and minimum wage. A family who has both parents working are barely making it. They have no expendable income. They in turn rely on credit to try and keep their standard of living up but eventually have to make sacrifices to cut back. With the actual flat tax ideal, it calls for no deductions/exemptions. The middle class and poor rely on these things according to their tax bracket they currently fit in. Without those deductions/exemptions it would sink most Americans. With expendable income, you have savings and the chance to invest in things like a CD from a bank, 401Ks, and many other non taxable items. Somebody who makes more can do these things which just widens the inequality gap. I thought I had already linked the YouTube video for you to see what you think but here it is now If you get the time, also watch Inequality for All on Netflix.. maybe it’s on YouTube as well.

        I can agree with you on the lesser expensive type phones instead of some super fancy smartphone. The only reason I can think of why anyone is given the choice to get a more expensive looking phone is either the phone was really cheap priced since those prices are always dropping or to give that perception to other people that the person with the phone is not some super poor person who can only afford a $10 dollar flip phone. I had a “conversation” with someone over this and they were upset that they had to wait in line while the lady in front was on her phone, kids were running around all crazy like, and then she hands over the EBT card. Immediately she was upset at that point because she then place the lady in a category of being on food stamps. She had a nicer phone AND nicer looking fingernails than she did and the discipline of the kids came into question. She was trying to paint a picture and mentioned other things to leave no doubt that she was talking about a black women. I questioned her was it possible she go the phone before she went on food stamps? Was it possible she knew someone who did nails and got them to do it? She was unwilling to accept any of this as possible but wanted to stick to how people on food stamps are just taken advantage of the system but a certain kind of people. Mainly black.

        Just to point out, I would really like to see the churches taxed.

        Religion is taught in school. I even took a religious class but with the first week, Moms or Dads where having their kids pulled from it. Why? Because it was a religious class that talked about all religions and their faiths. It did not cater to one religion being right versus any other. This of course angered a lot of the students and felt they were misled about what the class was about. I thin the initial shocker was when they had to put their bibles away unless they wanted to reference and Christian scriptures to what was being displayed on the overhead projector.. oohh, I think I just dated myself on that.

        Okay… on the definition thing.. you once again state that Marriage will always mean heterosexual marriage but “gay” no long means happy. You also stated that If you say someone is called gay today it means they are homosexual. Actually no. Calling someone gay is like calling them stupid today. Not stupid as in ignorant or lacking a education of knowledge or even common knowledge. I think the link I provided before has that definition also. It seems it is used when someone does something that someone else thinks was silly to do or they consider out of style, not with today’s fad or something like that.

        You are correct, you cannot change history by changing what you have written on a piece of paper. When I hear the phrase, “All men are created equal” I do not think this only applies to white men and I do not think this does not exclude women. It says to me that we are all alike. We are all human and with that, this country will do something special by treating everyone equal when it comes to rights. However, it took many years before women could vote, it took many years before a black person could drink from the same water fountain as you. These rights do not stop a sexual orientation or preferences for adults who can consent. However “third world countries” who may have a theocracy type government will enforce homosexual laws by hanging them because it says homosexuality is wrong in their religious book. Do we really want to be like them and hold back certain rights as a human being because they are a minority based upon what is being refereed to as a “traditional value” by certain religions in our country?

        I honestly need to read up more on government benefits since I did not know that they were only lessened when you make money. I think I will go by the local office to get it from the horses mouth.

      • Personal attacks are often the last resort of people with no argument. As much as the attacker tries to make the other person look bad, it reflects more on attacker him/herself.

        If taxes are too high, the first thing we should do is lower taxes, not let people out of them. Then, when taxes have been significantly lowered, there should be exemptions and deductibles for people that truly need them.

        If someone is being supported by the government, how others perceive their phone should be the last of their worries. In your story you mentioned the possibility of someone owning a nice phone before becoming dependent on the government, which is reasonable, but continuing to use that phone is still inappropriate. Generally the nice phones have service starting at $50+ a month, so even if the phone is “theirs”, they’re still spending a lot of money on the service. If its possible to switch to a cheaper phone, they should.

        Also, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be upset when you see someone on unemployment or food stamps getting things you can’t afford while employed, or even things you can afford, but had to work for. I’ve heard several stories of (and witnessed myself) people using food stamps to pay for expensive luxury foods like pre-made meals, junk food, and soda. Food Stamps shouldn’t provide more than what people need.

        As I said, churches aren’t taxed because that would give the government power over churches, and therefore religion, a power it is forbidden to have.

        A class on religion is not the same as teaching religion. Such a class groups all religions together, and teaches about them as if they were just another subject. To a religious person, their religion is correct, and they don’t want their children taught that other religions are just as correct (or just as wrong, as some teachers might put it).

        What I meant was that if the definition of marriage were to be changed, it would no longer be marriage, and that marriage as it was will remain unchanged. In other words, even if what people mean when they say marriage changes, what was and will always be marriage will stay the same.

        I never said that gay meant homosexual. I just said it didn’t mean happy anymore. Even though the word gay is often used as an insult, its primary meaning today is homosexual. Its use as an insult originates in the negative connotations of being homosexual.

        In America, people should and do have equal rights. The problem comes with what marriage is. As I keep saying, marriage is heterosexual union. It is literally impossible for there to be a homosexual heterosexual union. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have a union. As I already stated, I think they should get all the benefits of marriage. They simply cannot, by definition, have marriage, and the government has no real power to change that.

      • One of those rare times I’ve ever agreed with the ACLU was when Norm Seigel, a former director said that in reality the 1st amendment does not protect free speech, it’s there to protect UNPOPULAR speech. You’re absolutely right, if someone wants to say, or express in a peaceful, nonviolent way opinions that are repulsive or downright stupid,as the late Sen Hubert Humphrey said, your right to free speech does not mean I have an obligation to listen. Or, to quote Billy Joel, “you can speak your mind, but not on my time…”.

      • “Liberal: free from prejudice or bigotry”? Some of the worst bigots I’ve had the DISpleasure of knowing considered themselves to be “hip”, “with it” lib/progressive types. It’s all an act with most of them. Scratch a liberal and you’ll find as much racism as a klansman. Instead of facing up to their own racist attitudes, they need to project them on others. Is it guilt? Some sort of holier-than-thou superiority complex? A lack of character? I witnessed this mindset back in college. White student activists and other useful idiots, generally from “privileged” backgrounds putting on their schtick about how they were “in solidarity” with their “brothers and sisters” in the ghettos as well as oppressed peoples anywhere else, pretending to be “down for the struggle”. I wish I had these phonies under surveillance on a typical Saturday night of partying. When the brewskis flowed and the doobies passed around, that’s when these hypocrites let their, no pun intended, TRUE COLORS show. In vino veritas, indeed!

      • “Scratch a liberal and you’ll find as much racism as a klansman”.. I think you meant to say conservative instead of liberal. Um.. been to protest before so.. I have been to the ghettos.. I am already under surveillance. And as far as turning on my phone of a Saturday night to capture my video came.. that would be cool. You would get to see the women who wear Christian symbols.

      • Oxygen gets to my brain just fine. I don’t have an Anonymous mask. Think I should get one?? Not sure why I would need one but I guess as long I don’t wear it to tight then I should be okay. Right? If you are referring to the Wall Street Occupiers then I guess that would be a compliment that you are extended to me. The reason I say this is because the people who initially started understood that no one was held accountable for the 2008 economic failure of Big Companies and Banks. In 1980, the Savings and Loan was discovered and the resulting investigation sent many people to jail.

    • Conservatives will never admit that prohibition doesn’t work. That’s why they keep on pushing the drug war propaganda. Thankfully most people see West and others like him for the liars they are.

      • Now, William, you just forgot the respect you showed earlier. You say LTC West is a liar. I say he isn’t and I’d take his word for something before I’d take yours. Ooh, I forgot to be respectful. You don’t know what you’re talking about when you classify someone you don’t know and never met as a liar. I’ll hold my opinion of you, as I’d make the same mistake, and continue to believe that LTC West is a decent, respectable man who doesn’t deserve the criticism.

      • If he believes all that conspiracy theory stuff, then he is insane. It’s one or the other. Maybe he really DOES believe Communists have infiltrated the highest offices of the US government. Maybe he also believes that Obama is a Muslim terrorist. Poor guy, I’d hate to be that paranoid.

      • You want an example of him lying… sure. During the conflict that he was apart of overseas, we were given orders to not humiliate, beat, or torture any body we arrested. Mr. West took a oath and most likely swore to his/your god about following the officers above him. He lied about that and beat a prisoner. No excuse. He ducked the Court Marshall as all officers do by retiring at his current rank. Then Mr. West, who had given many speeches to Soldiers about not drinking and driving and how wrong it was went out and got a DUI while being a representative in my hometown of Jacksonville Florida. Fine example of do as I say, not as I do.

      • Umm, two points here, #1, not quite, Allen West’s OPPONENT Patrick Murphy got busted for drunk and disorderly back in 2003, according to, of all places the Huffington Post, . and #2, for once you’re absolutely right! Allen West WAS arrested and jailed for a DUI, but NOT Rep Allen West, it was ANOTHER Allen West, the guitarist for some metal group called Obituary, back in 2007, according to this: . Let Google be your freind.

      • You are TOTALLY correct. I stand corrected and thank you for my false accusations of this Allen West drinking and driving. I do believe I did get the two stories mixed up. Google and I are great friends and I salute you for checking that. Sorry if I mistakenly mislead anyone. Again, thank you for correcting me.

      • Your welcome. We may disagree on a lot of things, but I do appreciate and respect your intellectual honesty here.

      • No, because those that don’t “partake” are intolerant to taxation for something as stupid as drugs.
        Warfare with the criminals eliminates the bad guys. Nobody wants bad guys.

      • People who don’t partake in drugs won’t be paying the taxes on them. And if you think prohibition got rid of the ‘bad guys’, you are terribly misinformed.

      • I’m sure there will be “something” that they will end up paying taxes for. Also, I said, “warfare with the bad guys”. Can you not compehend? Ok. You need to now sit at the children’s table.

      • We wouldn’t have to pay for an insanely expensive international drug war if prohibition was simply repealed. It would save a lot of lives and cut down the gang activities too.

  13. I grew up during the 60’s and 70’s when our world began changing. I will admit, I was fascinated with the hippy culture and was a part of it. But, as I matured and became a parent and my girls entered school, I saw a disturbing change within our schools and disagreed with most of it. I noticed the schools were trying to undermine family values, making my girls believe their family was unimportant and what they were teaching was the way things should be. I noticed the education system was no longer trying to produce productive, well educated, independent citizens, they were teaching rebellion. Rebellion against their own families, rebellion against each other, rebellion against faith and rebellion against laws. I tried my best to sway my girls against what the schools were teaching and will admit, in some areas I failed, I wasn’t strong enough but there are areas I prevailed and as I watch my girls become adults I see some strength, there’s still some areas that they stand out in, in positive ways and I do see that my girls are apart of this counter-culture revolution. They believe in God, they are strong willed, they work and take care of their self-made responsibilities and I am very proud of them and I see they will be a part of the ones who are strong enough to change things around!

    • And I think that is about all you can do… is your best and from there only hope that your kids listened to you and will take whatever mistakes you have admitted to and learn from them. I find that my kids do the same however, they will learn best from their own mistakes.

  14. This is so wonderful to hear about your daughters and that they want healthy minds, bodies and soul which the Lord encourages through his teachings. Feels good to be healthy and content as opposed to the depressive and sad nature of people in moral decay. I am hearing more and more about our youth standing against the wave of evil that has swept this land. I get so excited when I hear about the good our Christian youth does, I don’t know what to do with myself!

  15. Thank you Col. West. Never read any of Matt Walsh’s pieces, never heard of him too. Reading your post gave me an interest to look him up, Surely, he’s a brilliant young man. One striking and common thing about all these rising wise young men and women is that, they all share the love of Jesus. They’re lives is rooted in God. Some knew Christ from young age and some came to know Him just recently but the end result is they shine in whatever field and path they may take as they try to live for the Lord. It is truly an encouraging and inspiring hope, knowing our youth have the same fighting spirit as our founders. Praise the Lord!!!!

  16. I think this is the first generation that does not question authority. They actually attack the ones who do speak there mind by calling them stupid or racist or degrade them so they think by just accepting what is told to them is cool and hip… it is very sad for this young generation right now…

    • Maybe you missed the Occupy Wall Street protests? That was a lot of youths protesting corrupt government and the wealthy elites who bankrupted Americans, millions turned out world wide.

      • Many of those occupy people were on somebody’s payroll. Animals have more class. Most animals don’t defecate so close to their food! You have apparently been brainwashed by some communist professor and don’t even know it! Why don’t you go live in Iran or even Saudi Arabia for awhile? Then you might appreciate the wisdom of the founders.

      • where are they now??still living in their momma’s basement waiting for the libtard dems to send them their checks

      • Ok, William.Think of a response. “Thinking…thinking…thinking…(bong reaps during thought process)..thinking…”

      • The OWS movement is really just a new bunch of useful idiots, a new generation being fed the same old crap. Progressives really do recycle their garbage.

  17. There is a silent revolution among kids and young adults. I have witnessed this first hand that these younger people are not allowing anything to disrupt their beliefs in God and Jesus Christ and the human values and liberties. It’s happening all around the country and it’s great.

    • This is why religion tries to get them hooked as kids.. Once their minds have matured its much harder to get people to believe fairy tales. It’s not great when people succumb to mass-delusion.

      • “This is why religion tries to get them hooked as kids”! Oh my gosh! Really! These kids have choices and decided to go with what they believe in. They think for themselves. Moron!

      • If they did, there would be no religion.

        In reality kids look to parents and other authority figures for guidance. Maybe Freud was right, and gods are just surrogate father figures for weak-willed adults.

      • In reality…the other, “Human” reality (which leaves you out), do look for guidance from the parents, but “some” children, do not have or can not get, guidance from their parents and authority figures, and so they decide to take it upon themselves to seek a non-threatening guidance such as Christianity. You know, the religion that teaches to love one another, and not tread on one another, but you wouldn’t know about that, since being…a Terrorist Bomber that you are who thinks for himself, and not for others, leaves you clueless. Oh, and weak-willed adults as in helping others? Oh that’s right. You can return to your pot smoking or bombing or whatever you can conjure up in your mind.

      • Religion is a crutch for people who have difficulty dealing with reality. And BTW, it’s your Christian leaders who are bombing people in the middle east right now.

      • I enjoyed this exchange, not because I agree with you William, but because you respectfully respond. The dude is respectful in his responses, as well. This is what we need in America very badly. That being for two people or groups who disagree with each other to sit and respectfully discuss the merits of what they believe. What if Conservatives and Liberals in politics could respectfully discuss the reasons they believe as they do. Perhaps, from that, they could find that they might not be so far off in some cases and can actually reach consensus. Wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh air??

      • In case you forgot, it’s the liberals who are in charge (Obama and the majority led Congress). And, they are bombing the bad guys. Unless, you support Terrorism. Oh yeah…that’s your thing!

      • Everyone has a religion, whether it be Christianity, Islam, Atheism, etc, and yes, those religions answer, or seek to answer, otherwise unanswerable questions. How can one exist without a belief about existence?

        And though our “Christian” leaders are bombing people in the middle-east, they’re doing it to protect the innocent from an army of evil terrorists (perhaps you don’t think anything is truly “evil”?).

      • What’s evil to a Christians, eg. war, torture or executions is perfectly OK with Molech-worshiping neocons.

      • Yes, like with the Babylonian Molech religion in America. To them, child sacrifice is a rite of passage. They call it ‘Cremation of Care’.. basically, killing the conscience.

      • So if a terrorist were to kill your child or loved one(s) in the name of his culture or faith, you wouldn’t consider what he did evil? If someone was to go on a killing spree, it wouldn’t be evil?

      • I’m not justifying the killing of children in God’s name. I am an atheist and think these people are utterly insane.

      • You might as well be saying that kids shouldn’t be raised at all. Anything a child is taught, whether by a school or by a parent, is in effect “hooking” them, but that’s how you raise a child. You teach them what you believe is right.

        And btw, that’s also how evolution and other atheistic ideas are forced on people. They’re forced to learn them as children, when they don’t know enough to question them, unless their parents teach them to. The difference, of course, is that the children don’t belong to the public school system.

      • BTW, Darwin was a Christian. The vast majority of educated Christians accept it as reality.

        Read a book, sheesh!

      • I’ve heard that, but I heard he converted late in life, well after he thought up evolution. I’ve also heard that he wasn’t a Christian, but a theist. Do you have a source that says otherwise? Besides, even if he called himself a Christian, that doesn’t make him a Christian. Christians believe the Bible, which disagrees with evolution. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to believe both. That applies to the evolutionist Christians today, as well. They believe evolution because they’ve been taught from a young age that it’s absolutely true, “hooked” as you might put it. They simply choose not to drop Jesus when they believe in evolution, and don’t realize the two contradict one another.

        And I doubt that “vast majority” comment. Virtually everyone in America is educated, and I doubt the vast majority of Christians believe in evolution (again, feel free to prove me wrong with a source).

      • Actually, as a young man he was training for the Clergy. He remained faithful until his dying days. He never questioned his faith until his daughter died. He considered evolution to be the work of God. There’s been many many books written about the man, maybe go read one or two. And face it, evolution is reality.

      • As a young man, yes, but later in life he said he was agnostic, and said he considered the Old Testament false.

        Evolution is your reality, not actual reality. It cannot be proven to have happened, even if it’s proven possible (even that has yet to happen).

      • I’ve read all his books and a number of biographies, and never heard himself admit to being agnostic.. And yes, evolution is reality. That’s why there’s the great diversity of species. It’s been accepted as fact for the past 150 years.

      • “In my most extreme fluctuations I have never been an atheist in the sense of denying the existence of a God.— I think that generally (& more and more so as I grow older) but not always, that an agnostic would be the most correct description of my state of mind.”

        “The mystery of the beginning of all things is insoluble by us; and I for one must be content to remain an Agnostic.”

        It has been accepted as fact by those that accept it. It has never been unanimous, and even now I doubt the majority of people accept it.

      • My generation, the Millennials, are bright enough to understand the difference between fiction and reality. They are also bright enough to understand that the above-mentioned works of fiction, just like the news you consume, is created through the prism of the author’s worldview. That has nothing to do with their own world view and Twilight and Harry Potter are not gonna replace the Bible anytime soon.

        Just because I love Final Fantasy and I know which spells to cast to defeat the bosses and make sure my party is healed to make it through the fight (Gotta cast Haste to speed up the ATB, gotta get your summons ready, gotta cast Curaga to heal between attacks, gotta figure out what elemental he is weak against [Cast Scan], gotta cast Double to Triple so you can use more than one magic spell at a time, etc.), doesn’t mean I’m going out to study Wiccan after each play session. And it doesn’t mean that the word “spells” really has anything to do with Wicca from the viewpoint of the game (It doesn’t). And just because I love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna attempt to live in the sewer or attempt to Morph so I can flip off walls and teleport to the Command Center. I’ve watched football games plenty of times. That has never made me want to run out and play football. I’m a basketball guy and no amount of watching the Super Bowl is going to change that.

        I know you think all of the above media is “evil”, but consider what one of the most influential Christian writers of all time, CS Lewis, author of Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters and The Great Divorce among others, says about fantasy. He says that the fantastical nature of fantasy can open up the mind to the fantastical nature of God. And I wholeheartedly agree.

        I think you oppose the above media because you forget what it’s like to be a child. No matter what anyone says, people go to these fantastical places in their minds, whether they are at work or at school, even if they aren’t exposed to any form of fantasy or stories of adventure. Boys will often “play fight” even if they’ve never been taught anything about “fighting” or “shooting guns” or “martial arts”. They do it cause they are bored and it allows their brains to dream and imagine.

        I’ve read Harry Potter and God can even be found in Harry Potter whether you want to admit it or not. While the author may imbue Harry with an ultimately secular worldview, that’s not MY interpretation. Just as an author of a song may have his own meaning for the song as he created it, when you listen to that song yourself, you form your own interpretation of the words and their meaning and it can move you in ways the artist never intended.

      • And there you have it folks. These young ‘adults’ think they can be a Christian and still dabble in witchcraft. Such a shame, and it proves my point.

      • HAHAHA.. is this the “I am more Christian than you bit so I am right and therefore going to heaven and you’re not because you don’t practice the dogma like I do.. burn in hell heathen”

      • Sorry to disappoint you. But I think you need a reality check. And if you indeed knew anything about what the Bible teaches, you would recognize that what I posted is the truth.

      • When I went to church (Southern Baptist Church) is was taught how the Eagles, KISS, and well known songs were all devil music. If you didn’t know the words until the song came on then it was devil music. Back masking was the talk of the day and laws were past in several states outlawing it because people heard what they wanted to hear in one of many songs in a small part. Dungeons and Dragons was never my interest but I so amused on how it was considered to be the devils work. Along comes Harry Potter many years later and it’s the same thing over again. It’s witchcraft!! Please tell me which of the spells is a actual spell that works. What magical combinations of chemicals will turn a frog into a Prince? I guess those Disney movies are the Devils work also with Mickey being a apprentice to the Sorcerer. Go back to the 1700 century where you belong and burn witches in Salem.

        I know plenty about what Christianity teaches when it comes to interpreting the bible of the Christians to mean what they want it to mean when it’s convenient for whomever. It has been a “do as I say, not as I do type religion”. You claim it’s a faith and not a religion. It’s a religion by definition. What you posted is your version of what you consider to be the truth. It does not mean it’s the truth.

      • Really? You are suggesting that if someone was to actually use these “spells” 1. They would work 2. Somehow it means I worship the devil, dark-side, or participate in witchcraft. Please.. wake up Brigadier.. if this crap worked … then .. why doesn’t it work?.. It does not.. this is the second stage of “magic”. The 1st one is when you go to magic show. You know there is a trick to it but as a kid, you are totally dumbfounded on how it is done.. Now that we are older, we look for strings, mirrors, and avoid anything the magician does to try and distract us from the trick.

        The 2nd is you example of “magic”. The ability to express commands in some secret language with magic mixtures of toads and bat eyes to gain some ability to read minds.. or whatever..

        The 3rd is supernatural.. which just like with the second, there is no evidence for it. Even the 1st is make believe magic. Those are just tricks and really do not count as anything Magical except its ability to make us wonder how the Magician did the trick.

        Hocus Pocus!! You’re a fly!!

        Which brings me to my long drawn out writing now about my 1st encounter with a person who claimed to have the second ability.

        I had a Soldier in Korea who was into all this magic stuff.. not the first kind but the second kind. He would tell everyone how he could see their aura. His story would change on what he could see. First it was just shades of white to black around a person and then became black dots. Everyone had a white aura and if you did anything bad then you would get a dot. Depending on how big the dot was depended on the severity of the bad thing you did. The bigger the dot, the more heinous was the crime or injustice done to someone else. Private Zwall soon began to claim to have the power or ability to transform anyone into any creature he wanted to. I grew tired of this Soldier with all of his screw ups, painting his room some wild color, burning candles that were a fire hazard, cloths thrown into his wall locker and not hung up, showing up like he just rolled out of bed, and overall a dirtbag. I decided it was time to publicly humiliate him. We all stood around and I began to question Zwall on this new found power of his. He had told everyone else also but nobody had challenged him or talked about it out loud with other around. I asked him how he was able to do this and he explain it was through special magic words that he had discovered. I asked for him to change me into a horse and then stopped him out of a comical reaction as if to verify what would actually happen. I asked if he turned me into a fly.. would I still crave pizza since I like pizza or would I just like whatever a fly likes. He said it would be just like I was a fly. Would I remember? was my question and he explained it would be like a dream. I asked him if he could do the half horse half human deal (to play dumb for him). He explain that was called a Centaur. Which I knew but this gave the illusion that he knew what he was talking about. I asked him to change me into one of those right now in front of everybody so everyone could see plus since it was only half of me, I would remember and… I could for once say I had a horses dick (that was my punch line) Needless to say, Zwall did not comply and would not demonstrate his powers for anyone. He only wanted people to believe he could do those things so we should fear him. Many months later after I had left Korea, I was informed by a friend who was still there about Zwall. Zwall had went to clear to get out of the Army but the Mental Doctors had never ran across anyone like him.. Zwall was in the Army for another year and a half going through treatment. Upon his first visit for clearing, he was immediately admitted to the hospital for mental reasons with a armed guard on him since the hospital did not have any type of actual cells like in a mental institution.

        When any tarot card reader, psychics, voodoo priest, or christian healing power preacher is put to an actual test, they all fail.

      • Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Chronicles Of Narnia and Twilight are based on novels. Books, for the realists. So, who believes in fairy tales?

  18. Religion is being rejected in American culture. It really serves no good purpose these days, and only causes more problems than its worth. Welcome to the Age of Reason.

    • Religion is being rejected in America. Says whom? So you would prefer Islam? How about Sharia law? Do they seem adequate for your personal agenda? Anything that goes against the grain of values and personal pride and liberty, that makes you, seem “wiser” is part of your “me first” attitude! Since when has any person with Christian faith ever hurt you? When has any Christian ever done anything to you?

      • According to surveys, religiosity peaked in America in the months after 9/11 and has been in decline ever since. We live in an age of reason and science now, no need for gods. People run to religion out of fear and uncertainty. I guess for some, it’s easier to believe in fairy tales.

      • Not everybody run’s and believe everything science says, look at global warming. The wacko left have been trying to Sale it for over twenty years. It doesn’t matter if we experience the coldest winter on record. To the left it’s global warming. We have less than 2% of record keeping of the earth and some how that is enough to sale global warming. If you live in the age of reasoning then you know funding can make science say what ever they want it to say, so I wouldn’t put to much weight in your survey of religion. Over 90% of the world is religious. What you were re iterating was Christianity in this country. That is a very small survey to be talking about the decline in religion.

      • My generation, the Millennials, have a very high rate of believing in God. They also reject not only religious institutions in general, but ALSO secular institutions in general. They believe in God personally, but aren’t so much linked by any denomination or church. Under the liberal President they have now, their trust of government and the Democratic Party has been almost completely eradicated. Most of those who voted for Obama, their first vote, now regret it and they see the lies and swindling plain as day.

        I also think most Millennials are bright enough to realize that science cannot account for everything, to discount God is foolish, especially when they see that reflection in their own lives and the lives of their friends. After all the entirety of science didn’t realize there was an “ocean” beneath the crust of the earth that holds more water than the entirety of oceans of the world until 2014. Hard to put your full trust in that lot.

        “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

      • John, William is just another liberal “new age” wacko. He is a false prophet thinking some sucker will believe him. He claims he doesn’t own a Television. So where does he get his information? From the Internet? Ha! And that’s where the truth is?

      • And speaking of “man-made global warming”, who is telling us it’s really happening? Scientists, many of whom have CV’s that are dubious to say the least, who receive funding from the gov’t as well as tons of $$$ from the Sierra Club, WWF and other eco groups. Consider the source. For these scientists to tell us anthropogenic climate change is occurring is as meaningful as Bill Gates issuing a strong buy recommendation on Microsoft.

    • Incredible Prophecies that Prove God Exists By Dr. John
      Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon, and Dr. Walter Kaiser, Jr.

      Excerpt: But, of course, there are many more than eight prophecies. In another
      calculation Stoner used 48 prophecies (even though he could have used 456) and arrived at the extremely conservative estimate that the probability of 48
      prophecies being fulfilled in one person is one in 10^157.

    • Religion indeed is drying up? Be careful friend the Muslim faith is growing at a radically alarming rate.
      However, our friend Lt. Col. West is not speaking of religion but relationship. Faith is part of everyday life. JESUS and the followers of HIS followers have been “dream chasers bound to fade away from the face of the earth” for centuries. However, every time it seems the WAY OF CHRIST JESUS is doomed, GOD happens and HE revives with a remnant.

      William, The premise that JESUS and GOD are fairy tales is a lie perpetrated on man since Eden when satan told Eve you will be like GOD…. Watch and see the chaff is being separated from the wheat- those playing Christian are falling away, but those desperate for JESUS are becoming stronger; less satisfied with this world’s trappings; more sensitive to HIS Call; and more willing to obey and love GOD with everything – heart, soul, and mind, and then our neighbors as ourselves. We are intense in our love for GOD and HIS CHRIST and growing in compassion for all mankind including those that hate us.
      Roman lions could not devour the TRUTH, and all prophecies of the death of Christianity could not make JESUS and HIS MESSAGE of HIM BEING THE ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER have proven empty claims. Even in times to come there is a CHRISTIAN revival to come.

      • Like Islamists,West is a radical fundamentalist, and a theocrat. And a nutter. And a war monger. He’s made this quite clear over the years. Now he’s claiming Obama is an Islamist.. what’s next, Obama armed al qaeda? West is openly a supporter of the ‘Tea Party’.

        And yes, religion may be growing world-wide, but I am talking about the more civilized parts of the world, Europe, England, the Western Hemisphere etc.

        Let me put it another way, for every Islamic or Jewish immigrant coming to England or America, there will be five Americans who forget to go to church on Sunday.

      • Be it that, but they won’t bow down to an evil power such as Islam. If the SHTF here in the U.S., who are you going to run to?

      • No. I just thought his picture looked like David Koresh, a wacko, thinking he was a moron by using that picture. That doesn’t change anything. You all want to attack everyone who has life in them with an inner spirit. I just don’t get why you want to try and mock people for their beliefs? Christians are not all about extremism or snake handling/drinking its poison. Besides, what has anybody done to you to make you feel this way?

      • No, I don’t attack anyone. During a argument/debate, when you say something about the individual that is off the subject and about the way they look or about their character is refereed to as a fallacy of argument. You are basically trying to avoid the subject at hand and instead cast a negative light on the person. I did not mean for you to feel or think I was attacking you. I have life within me also and I live life. Nobody has done anything to me to feel any particular way. Why do you ask?

        Did you edit your one comment down below to just “…”?

      • Why is this a debate? I originally supported a poster who agrees with Allen West, then this William guy starts in by insulting the poster’s beliefs. That’s all. I made one suggestion about what William looks like, which is David Koresh.

  19. What I posted in response:

    “I’m a 20-something myself and all I listen to are Christian rap artists and Christian metal bands. They are legion, and growing in popularity everyday. In fact, Demon Hunter’s latest album, “Extremist” (their 7th) charted #15 on the Billboard 200 the week of its debut. Christian rapper LeCrae just reached #1 on the entirety of iTunes! That’s #1 on the SECULAR charts. This is the first time a Christian rapper has ever been #1 on the secular charts. His previous album was a Billboard Top 20 entry as well, and he has a new album coming out in September. Will he become the first Christian rapper to reach #1 on billboard? It’s very possible.

    While I still consume movies and videogames and read secular books, I think there is a seachange that is happening among young people. And young people are less likely to dismiss this new Christian media coming from Christians themselves. I’ve said for a long time that there are two areas Christians have yet to really penetrate. Christian films and Christian videogames. Films has begun to happen. I think we’ve crossed the threshold where we will start to see Christian films released REGULARLY. God’s Not Dead, Noah (let’s not get into the weeds on this one), Son of God & Heaven Is For Real all outperformed estimates. Ridley Scott (Alien, Kingdom of Heaven, the upcoming Halo series based on the videogame, Promethius) has a new film called Exodus in which Christian Bale plays Moses. This is hot off the heels of Russel Crow playing Noah. Who would’ve thought? Christian movies have proved to be big business. So they are not going away. And there are like three more Christian films launching by the end of the year, including a Left Behind reboot with Nicolas Cage as Rayford.

    Videogames are arguably more important to my generation than movies and music. And that is the one area where Christians have yet to penetrate in any area. Christian books took off after Left Behind, and I read books by Christian authors all the time. So videogames and perhaps comics, are the two areas left. I think as our generation gets older there will be more young Christians making this media, and thus the movement will only grow. Indie Videogames, games by small studios, have exploded in the last several years, so I can imagine games with a Christian or Biblical message being made even if it’s an Indie Game. And there have a been a couple of semi-big ones that had some kind of basis on God or religion (Dante’s Inferno, Xenogears, and “El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron” where you play as Enoch in a sci-fi re-imagining of the Book of Enoch, to name a few), but we’ve yet to see any big Christian push like what is beginning to happen in film.

    Music is the biggest place though. The Christian music that exists, and I kind of laugh at this post because a band like Building 429 is very tame compared to the Christian music I listen to, but the Christian music that exists is every bit as good as secular music. It’s actually better in many regards. I barely listen to secular music anymore because there is no reason too. Secular rap and secular metal are full of filth, if you want intelligence, you go to the Christian realm. So the future is very bright indeed. 🙂

    • That’s awesome, Josh. My son loves Lecrae, KB, Andy Mineo and all the others, too many I can’t think of. I’ll ask him if he’s heard of Building 429 and Demon Hunter. Keep the faith!

  20. Perhaps if the Liberal Progressives would wake up to realize that most see them as the dark ugliness and parasitic filth that has been stinking up the nation, they would change THEIR tune.

    • so all people who don’t share your christian faith are parasitic filth?
      there are no good, decent, people with morals and live a good life,
      unless they’re christians??
      I find that to be a crock, and in line with what you all say here about muslims,,,or any other faith other than your own…
      and you wonder why people point and laugh at the “bible thumpers”,,
      and the “holier than tho types”..

    • you could stop watching Faux News or give credit for the “liberal progressive socialists” part to them. Also, the word socialist that you are using.. it has a extreme side to it and I do believe that once again by connecting dots Faux News has you believing that Democrats/Liberals all believe in some hard core socialistic ideas. This is very far from the truth because the world socialist and progressive do not support each other in today’s terminology. If you are trying to insult a group of people who want to get the rest of society to help support the needy, hungry, and homeless through social programs that actual supports the Christian ideal of helping out the needy (not just because they are white) then I would think you would be on board with that idea. Instead, you support a platform that wants to cut welfare, cut unemployment, cut medicare, cut health care (actually destroy it), and keep the average American (middles class) from earning more (not raising minimum wage) in order to get the economy going. The middle class is the economy. That are the job makers. One supper wealthy person does not buy more food than.. well, currently they might because the middle class can barely pay their bills along with having a night out or two on the town at some nice restaurant.

  21. When I see what is happening in America and around the world I find comfort I knowing this is my temporary home. No matter how old I get it won’t even be a blink of an eye compare to eternity.

  22. You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep seated need to believe

    ~Carl Sagan

    • Incredible Prophecies that Prove God Exists By Dr. John
      Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon, and Dr. Walter Kaiser, Jr.

      Excerpt: In another calculation Stoner used 48 prophecies (even though he could have used 456) and arrived at the extremely conservative estimate that the probability of 48 prophecies being fulfilled in one person is one in 10^157.

  23. I’ll never understand why people NEED to have religion. I never needed it. I never felt the need to believe in supernatural beings either. That is archaic thinking.

      • Wow Christian … I hope you prayed for forgiveness and really meant it which means you won’t do that again. I am sure your god would be very upset at you since he has love for everyone and now you are his spokesman? Might have just got that one way ticket on the Highway of Hell.

      • Truly, it would behoove you to carefully re-read my comment before replying. Who said anything about love? I love ice cream, but I certainly don’t need it. When I indulge in it, it is for pleasure, not need. As it says in Revelations, God created all things for His pleasure. God does not need William or you or me for that matter. It is we who need him. Check out Acts 17:24-25. Oh, wait! I suppose I am being presumptuous in quoting the Bible, since you referred to “your god…” That implies that you either believe in a different god or no god at all. In that case, this dialog is moot.

      • Agreed. They (the non-believers) always have some random or off topic thing to say instead of continuing with the thought process. Pretty much non-corformists.

      • Non-conformist or non-corfomist.. I am going to say you meant non-conformist No big deal, but I will take that as a compliment. I am sure you some how meant it as a insult or in some negative way. If it was unnecessary for me to respond then I am sure it was unnecessary for fiatlux to respond to William’s comment.

      • So you are saying your god does not have love for everyone? I am only repeating what Christians say right now. And that is god loves everyone. So he does not love everyone?

      • Curious… First you insist on putting words in my mouth with a question that has no relevance to my comment: “So you are saying your god does not have love for everyone?” Next you try to pigeonhole me with a sweeping statement on “what Christians say right now.” I find this form of debate disingenuous. One thing God did not grace me with, unfortunately, is patience. If you want to know what my beliefs are regarding God’s love, then fine. But I’m an individual who happens to be a Christian, and I won’t presume to speak to what the “Christians” you’re referring to are saying. My authority is the Gospels which explicitly state that “God is love.” Period. But I know you already know that, so
        what really is your bone of contention?

      • I have been accused of cherry picking because I pick one piece of the bible. One versus and I am typically called all kinds of names for doing that. In this case, I agree with your statement about what it says in your bible from 1 John 4 8. Plus the little bit before there. Your god always has love and time for anyone.. not a “in a few minutes” but a right now mentality set according to your bible. Yet you step up to defend your belief (which is fine) and you do make a somewhat correct statement but I don’t know if you was trying to use reverse psychology or just a mean statement. Your statement only pushes him away. Maybe you was just trying to make him feel lonely? Your god, according to your bible, wants everybody to accept him to come into his kingdom of heaven.. and according to your Revelations.. he is going to need a army that defeats Lucifer and his demons on earth, in the skies.. where ever they are..

      • Sorry, Reality, but we just don’t seem to be on the same page. I’m having difficulty trying to understand your references to the Bible since you’re clearly a nonbeliever. But don’t get me wrong. It’s great that you’re searching for answers there. You just might find more than you bargained
        for. However, you tend to jump around a bit. The dialog has gone from not needing God to God’s love to Lucifer and his demons. I can only deduce that since you feel such umbrage
        over my comment to William, you are trying to use Christianity itself – in a round-about way – to discredit my own Christianity. That is why you asked if I was just being mean. Btw, I notice you aren’t offended by William’s “mean” and condescending remarks. In fact your concern for his feelings is touching but, with all due respect, if he doesn’t need God, I doubt he needs your sympathies either.

        Look, I may be Christian – and I think I can speak for most Christians in this case — but I also happen to be fallible. Only Jesus was infallible because he was divine. As mere mortals we can only pray that we can emulate Christ by even one-millionths of what He stood for. Yes, certainly, I could’ve taken a softer approach to William’s comments, but I believe that the use of irony instead of using insults as he did (“archaic” thinkers?), is a far more effective way of correcting
        a false way of thinking. Obviously, it got your attention, another nonbeliever. Now consider this: If you don’t need something, why stew about it? It’s like trying to prove a
        negative, the very thing nontheists berate believers about. So, why not irony? If irony sometimes hurts, it’s because there’s truth in it.

      • Because I am a “nonbeliever” does not mean that I have not ever read anything in your bible or anybody else’s. I am not searching for answers in a way but understanding way more to what the bible is saying, how it was made, how it was constructed, the translation problems and the inconsistency of word usage so that a story fits a certain idea.
        I understand the different religions of the past. Why they were made and abandon. I understand the human nature need to feel special, important, and needed.
        Even if William did not need me to jump in and even if it was a comment that could of ended right there if I had said nothing, it was the mere fact that to me it was not a sarcastic remark but a way to try and make William bad. Even if he is an Atheist, to me it was one of the type of comments ever other people would see that he did not respond so they would have thought someone your comment put him in his place.
        The comment on a “loving god” followed yours to mean that regardless of the person, doesn’t your god love everyone. If that is so then he wants William to accept his love and for William to love him. Your comment was negative. And seemed total opposite of what Christians should be saying. “Well William, I understand you may feel that way but he still loves you” Or something along that lines. I knew right from your comment, you seemed like one of those Westboro Baptist Church Christians.
        My next statement was a question. I am sorry if the way I phrased it caused you to think I was putting words in your mouth. It was not to put words in your mouth and should have been a “no” because we all get to hear how your god loves everyone. Instead, I am putting words in your mouth? How? All Christians are saying (once again for ya) that their god loves everyone.
        Typically, if I bring up any bible verse to any Christian that someone causes a conflict in what they have been told or read in other parts of the New Testament. I am accused of Cherry Picking. You have pointed out a couple of versus for me to read and made the statement that “God is Love” Period. My statement of Cherry Picking applied to how other Christians and what they do but when they are slowly cornered or faced a with conflicting statement. The call out Cherry Picking.. which would be like a BSOD in the Microsoft word.
        The statement on Lucifer and fighting him with a Army is from your Revelations. It was only moving the conversation forward to prove that your god needs him. He needs him for the growing Army in your heaven to fight the growing army in your hell. According to your bible, we die, go to heaven (depending on your sins and accepting Jesus as the son of a god blah blah blah) and this Army of Souls will right behind Jesus when he returns to Earth. I think something about blood being as high as a horses bridal is mentioned.. where does this blood come from? The people who missed the rapture? From the demons, who are also spirits.. I guess. Or I figure everyone takes a human form again.
        Atheist do not try to prove a negative. It is up to the different religions to proved their proof of their claim. I am sure you have heard of the tea kettle in space claim and how when someone sets out to investigate the claim, an excuse or another explanation is given why the person was not able to find the tea kettle in space. He is not trying to prove a negative. He is expressing his opinion on what evidence has been presented to him (like everyone else) and making a statement/conclusion based on all the evidence that has been presented by different religions. Is believing in something without evidence a positive way of thinking?
        Just because someone does not believe in your god does not mean that they are no longer human and do not need help or support in any way. I have on a FICTION shirt that goes through each of the religions symbols of the world. F is fairy tales, I is dotted with the Star of David. C is the Islam moon and star. T is Christianity. O is the ying yang. The N is Stonehenge. Atheist just do not see there is any evidence presented so far to justify the acceptance of any religious claims of any religions based upon their abilities to present anything measurable evidence. Being the number 1 religion in the world is a appeal to popularity. I can simply point to Islam and how it is second and gaining more members that Christianity though out the world. Does that make it the religion I should accept based on that.. No.
        If suddenly come tomorrow, Islam provided some kind of evidence that showed Mohammad did have visits from Gabriel who spoke on the Jewish God’s authority. Would the Jews suddenly accept Islam or how about Christianity? If is the same with words of faith for each religion.


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