No doubt John Kerry will soon be tasking our military to fight the weather

I just have to laugh when I think hoow the Obama administration makes the task finding material for this website sooo easy. I mean, here we are with a series of crises extending from ISIS in the Middle East, to Russia looking at possibly invading Ukraine, to Hamas continually rocketing Israel, to an increase in weekly jobless numbers (summer is drawing to an end folks), and illegal aliens just running all over our country because of an unsecured and porous southern border. But that’s just the “new normal” of Barack Obamaworld, so why not go and have a party in Martha’s Vineyard — is that where the 99 percent hangs out?

But, don’t worry if Obama is on vacay because U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is on the job and speaking out about the “biggest challenge of all that we face right now” — climate change.

Yep, I bet you didn’t realize all that rain they got up on Long Island recently is REALLY a dangerous threat to our existence. Forget about that ISIS flag showing up in New Jersey. It’s weather that should be keeping you up at night.

As CNS News reports (and Lord knows how they managed to keep a straight face), Secretary of State John Kerry told an audience in Hawaii Wednesday, putting an issue he feels passionately about at the center of a speech entitled “U.S. Vision for Asia-Pacific Engagement.” “The science is screaming at us,” he said. “Ask any kid in school. They understand what a greenhouse is, how it works, why we call it the greenhouse effect. They get it.”

If the Obama administration foreign policy is based on the premise of “don’t do stupid [email protected]”, does that also include “don’t SAY stupid [email protected]?” Folks, you just cannot make this stuff up! Here we have a damn Islamic terrorist army of over 10,000 men with $2 billion in their pockets, controlling an area as big as Belgium, and this loon is still talking about freakin’ global climate change?

If I’m a Christian or Yazidi in the Middle East I’m starting to curse Americans for their presidential election decision in 2012. I don’t think anyone stuck on Mt. Sinjar — regardless of what Obama wants us to believe — is worried about climate change. The only climate they want to change is the security climate and killing ISIS would greatly enable that.

I received an email from a former cadet at Kansas State who now works in Dubai as a contractor and has contacts in Iraq. He tells me that Yazidi girls are being sold in a slave market in Syria starting at age 7 — remember Mohammad’s favorite wife was Aisha, whom he married when she was six and consummated with her when she was nine. Somehow I don’t think these poor little girls are concerned about global climate change.

I know, some of you think I am making this up. But just look at this video, it’s only a minute long, and I know you could use a laugh.

“If you accept the science,” Kerry continued. “If you accept that the science is causing climate to change, you have to heed what those same scientists are telling us about how you prevent the inevitable consequences and impacts.” “That’s why President Obama has made climate change a top priority. He’s doing by executive authority what we’re not able to get the Congress to do.”

Ok John ol’ boy, here’s what I accept. I accept that ISIS is beheading children, raping and killing women, and enacting a Christian genocide on your and Obama’s watch. That is a fact, not your improbable political science. I accept that Hamas is a terrorist organization — certainly not a humanitarian one.

Next thing you know, the military will be tasked with fighting the weather — since Obama and Kerry don’t feel they need to have “boots on the ground” to fight the enemy. Jeepers, who still supports these people? And more importantly, whose side are they on?


  1. Climate change is not science. Anytime you start with a conclusion, then gather ‘evidence’ while silencing and ridiculing skeptics – it ain’t science.

    • It’s called Lysenkoism and it is really about a self righteous contempt for science and control by the state, the sort of the thing the movie “Mortal Storm” exposed as it railed against Hitler’s version of socialism before WWII, the sort of thing that Lysenko and Stalin used to destroy the wheat crop of Russia. We see it in the control of light bulbs who’s only sin was keeping us warm at night and in the winter. We had long ago switched to non-heat bulbs for outdoors. It’s about ACA paying for mass murder, dumpsters full of corpses, innocent lives who can’t fight back, the Jews du jour. And while conservation, saving stockpiles of carbon fuel for future generations, getting rid of the contaminants and effluents of coal may be a great goal, the faux science people attack the automobile and hamburger industry as if they were doing something wonderful!! Nevermind that vegan living, and elimination of grazing land means loss of carbon sinks and plant farms that create endless deserts while extincting (murdering) both native plants and native animal species. Meanwhile the Lysenkoist’s efforts are cancelled, those efforts pale compared to the millions of criminal aliens who will now need heating oil at a carbon cost equivalent to 5 cows per person, or the continuous operation of an SUV or a small mountain of coal each year, possibly the biggest increase in carbon footprint in the history of the world, openly sanctioned and obliviously ignored by the “sine sana” of the John Kerrys, by the “do-gooders of Obamabrook farms”.

  2. No one is fooled by the inadequacies of this entire administration. How many Americans give a rip about climate change, (or even believe it), when Isis is marching toward the US?
    Just another lame attempt to divert us from the seriousness of the real issues.

  3. As sea levels rise, and the risks of flooding to urban areas during hurrican season increase, it is very believable that the military will be called on to help deal with a crisis or two created by climate change.

    • That’s not climate change, nor are the sea levels rising. Empirical evidence shows the oceans are still where they’ve always been, contrary to the dire predictions made by global warming charlatans a decade ago. Hurricanes are a natural phenomena that have been flooding coastal areas throughout recorded time, long before their were automobiles, airplanes, factories, or even cities built in the hurricane flood zones. For over two hundred years, as long as there has been a state militia or National Guard troop, they have been called up to assist in those times. Amazing how the Marxist propagandists can take the simple facts of normal, everyday life and turn them into crisis hysteria.

      • Sea level is currently rising about 3 mm per year. Both tidal gauges and satellites agree on this number.

        Since 1870, sea level has risen ~8 inches, which is enough that it actually has already caused problems in some coastal areas (e.g. a lot of buildings in Venice used to be a lot drier at high tide).

        Glaciers are melting, they are melting faster than they are forming. That water has to go somewhere, and it is causing the sea level to rise.

        None of these facts are in dispute.

      • And geological evidence shows the oceans rising and falling as much as 400 feet as ice ages came and went throughout the history of the planet, according to the forces of nature, with nothing man-made about it. That’s life, that’s nature. That’s how the oceans have always been.

      • The glaciers are always “callving” which means that as the glaciers are being pushed father into the ocean, the front of the glaciers keep falling off and that’s what Icebergs are. Check it out. The glaciers are neither getting smaller nor bigger.

  4. Oh, the insanity of it all. Are they having a contest to see who can be the biggest fool? Between Nancy, Bozo, Kerry, Harry, and Biden, there doesn’t seem to be a brain or any sense. It’s mind boggling that there are any people left who think these idiots know what they are doing.

  5. Jackass. He speaks as if our grade schoolers are schooling us. Propagandized public schools shove this crap down kids throats from PRE-K on just so these monsters can mobilize the kids to educate their “ignorant parents” or eliminate their parents if need be to progress the agenda, I.e. “save the planet” from their parents… Scared yet?

  6. He’s exactly right: Obama is doing what the Congress wont. Which means the Congress is still on our side.
    They are just on vacay.

    • What Congress IS doing is ignoring the illegal fiats issued by the White House so they don’t have to take sides one way or the other. Their crime is just as bad.

      • The House of Representatives has made many attempts to deal with those issues but all bills from the House must also be approved by the Senate before they become law, so currently they are easily killed in the Senate. That is why the coming midterm election is vital. Nothing can be done as long as the Democratic majority in the Senate blindly aid and abet Obama’s destruction of America. The good news is that similarly The House has been able to block the Senate’s most malignant legislation ever since the democrats lost the majority in the House. The scary thing is that one more Obama appointment to the Supreme Court, and there is no longer any control over the liberal constitution-haters on the Court usurping dictatorial power and making up the laws as they go along by setting essentially irreversible case law precedents. Since a Supreme Court nominee must be approved by the Senate, there is currently nothing to stop Obama from appointing the Devil himself to the bench should an opening occur. Therefore, we desperately need to elect a conservative majority in the Senate this fall for American liberty and constitutional rule of law to have any hope of survival.

  7. The lunatics appear to be running America. John Kerry has about as much of a chance of convincing the American people that as one nation anything we do will affect climate change. Let’s be honest here. If the USA were to stop polluting the atmosphere 100% it would be like one drop of water in a 50gallon drum and what China alone pollutes would be like 1000 times what we stopped, alone. Now go figure in the remainder of the world. Kerry – and Obama by extension- is an idiot. Anything he says is… Not fit for human consumption.

    • BUT, The Bobble-Headed, hands out, sheeple just keep voting Democrat and the beatings shall continue,
      until morale improves!!!!!

  8. Yep. The world is falling apart, ISLAMIC STATE has established a renewed Caliphate, and the killings, raping and other atrocities continue to abound. Our nation is being inundated with illegal aliens from all over the world, most with hostile intentions. Our economy is still in the toilet and NOBODY in Washington is doing a damned thing about it. But…but…but…John F Kerry (D-Ma), a self-proclaimed WAR CRIMINAL, is whipping us up over climate change? What a guy, to ignore the minor problems to lead the charge against something we an nothing about, if it actually were true…climate change!

  9. John Kerry: If you think think conditions on Mt. Sinjar are bad now, how do you think those trapped on the mountain will feel when the sea level there rises two feet due to global warming?


    • Agreed. Is it worse to pursue tyranny, or to be given the job of defending freedom and making deals with the tyrants and lying to those who gave you your job?

  11. Climate change IS the nail in the coffin. The gov’t continues to push that because it is a key objective to Agenda 21and control of the populace. It seems laughable now, but under the guise of protecting us and the planet they are ushering us into a police state! We need to shut that climate change stuff down! AKA “global warming”….another name for control.

  12. What a fool! Hey John want to talk about H.A.R.P. And Monsanto? Want to talk about another industry start up that has already wasted billions of dollars. Want to talk about the rest of the world’s participation in a fake crisis as the world is experiencing the worst terrorists crisis if our time. Want to talk about how Obama’s actions that you support are Treason. And last John do you want to talk about our southern border

  13. And since when is Allen B West an expert on anything other than promoting his opportunist propaganda, must be nice to get two pensions and money from your [email protected] website. 2 years in congress, and all of a sudden Mr. West is an expert on all affairs, I can’t wait to read the bull when Obama is out of office…

    • Allen West has more brains than the ENTIRE Obama administration.

      They are all LIARS, THIEVES, DUMBAZZES or a combination of all these traits.

    • You would do well to listen to Allen West, learn from Allen West, and follow his lead. This is a VERY smart and savvy man you try to demean. He is also a true Southern Gentleman, and his warnings don’t fall on everyone’s ears as “opportunistic.” There are many of us who know him and would love to have him as President. If you value this country, you would, too.

  14. Yep, he’s right any grade school kid knows that plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen as a by product. Humans and animals take in oxygen and produce canon dioxide as a by product. To try to regulate carbon dioxide emissions as if it was a pollutant is ludicrous.

  15. I liked Lurch in the Addams Family, but this guy is not even capable of answering a door properly! He’s a sitcom character through and through! He’ll be awarding himself another purple heart before we know it!

  16. The biggest challenge we have right now is getting the liars in this administration to tell the truth, and remember Benghazi, IRS, Veteran’s Hospitals, the Border Crisis, the muslim terrorist living among us, oh, and I could go on and on. Feel free to add to the list.

  17. Lurch has always been an idiot. I don’t hope for a terrorist attack in his home district, but maybe that’s what is needed to get the idiots who elected him focused on reality.

    • You are so right. I also hope an attack never happens. But since those who would attack are probably already here, I can think of a couple of places that I would prefer be #1 on the list. Unfortunately those places are populated by people who seem to be supporting those who would do the US harm!

      • Exactly. No terrorists are going to hurt obama and his administration. No one has helped them more than this president.

  18. The global warming proponents know neither science nor history since science is not merely a fad theory du jour parroted by someone who has a degree in science spouting the party line but is supposed to be backed up by empirical evidence. They don’t know history either since throughout history there are records and evidence of lengthy periods of climate change, both heating and cooling, with no evidence of their being man-made, but due to the natural forces of the earth. Around 1000 AD, there was such a long period of global warming that the Vikings established settlements on Greenland and Newfoundland, Canada, once icy areas, temporarily turned into temperate agricultural areas. A hundred years later, forced the settlers to abandon them and return to Europe when the icy period returned.

  19. This is sad, the country is sinking and the people are like sheep, continue to graze.
    Hoping that some one will stand up and fix all these problems. Yet no one has the balls to stand up. The best analogy: it’s as though we’re on the Titanic, the band is playing and most of us are hoping that this big ship will not sink, that some one will show up before the end of the (2) hours are up and make things better.


    Have a good w/e

    • Maybe they should put GWB’s likeness up on Mount Rushmore, along with the Original George W, Tom, Abe and Teddy, if for no other reason than that he saved America by keeping this fool from being elected President in 2004 (and as an added bonus, also prevented The Jolly Green Idiot — i.e., the hypocritical phony “green” profiteer Gore — from taking over in 2000).

  20. It is incredible, unfortunately, it is true. We need to get these losers out of the White House. Is there any group willing to start a chain of unhappy and worried citizens to protest in front of the White House? We could have buses going from all the states and the media will not have other choice than talk about it. I am in; I’ll be happy to make the calls. Let’s do it. We can’t wait two years, it will be too late

  21. I suppose we need to worry about climate change on Jupiter, too. The giant red spot storm is getting smaller and smaller. I’m sure that’s been caused by the “greenhouse effect” here on earth, too.

    • It’s a toss-up; show how much of an idiot you are about our state affairs, or show how much of an idiot you are about pseudo-warming. As I said above, I think he and Joe should take their act on the road – the far, far away road.

    • since they need to change the subject (if they can) so we aren’t thinking about the thousands of Christians being slaughtered every day while he plays golf.. and vacations in luxury with not a care in the world.. Kerry is just the messenger.

  22. Johnny Kerry is a traitorous POS. No way should he have ever been elected or appointed to anything giving him access to America………He should be given a fair trial and hung.

  23. Global warming is junk science. I am a retired science teacher….my husband has a doctorate in the medical field. Weather….hot or cold is natural. When I was youth in the 1970s….they told us that an ice age was on its way. I remember in the 1980’s they latched onto “carbon dating” as being very accurate. Then it was proven….not so accurate. This is about money and control. Nothing more….nothing less.

    • Thank you!! I went to school in the 60s. I vividly remember my science teacher showing us how the earth is constantly changing. How the Ozone opens and closes to help affect the changes. How scientists have been drilling in the polar ice caps telling the history of the earth by the sediment they find in the ice layers. The heating and cooling cycles. Isn’t this being taught in school anymore??

      • Even in the late 80s and into the 90s when my kids were in school I would ask if they were taught certain things. They usually said no. I would look at their notebooks and papers and see they were speaking true. I tried to teach them what school didn’t.

      • I taught the things you are talking about…mostly on my own. The science text books now support the “greenhouse effect”. However, they have these “modules” that they try to get you to use…..that teaches this junk. Basically, you build a green house and then sabotage it. Dumbest thing I had ever seen. I wouldn’t do it. I told them to fire my behind. However, my test scores are so good…..firing me….isn’t something easily done when your students show that they are learning very well from what you are teaching. This is my gift.

      • Thank you for being a teacher who teaches the truth. Your students will remember and will pass on the knowledge.

    • yep – GE – who happens to be one of his biggest campaign supporters also just happens to sell all the equipment needed to reduce power plant emissions

  24. Kerry has always been an ass. Nothing has changed. He fits in real well with the rest of the morons that are ruining America. All through history climate has changed and it will continue to do so. The Ice age ended, deserts were once rain forests. Then came Al “Dork”.

  25. You know Mr. West, I don’t understand it myself. I asked just the other day WHY those you voted for Obama haven’t seen the light yet??!! I don’t get it – who is still loyal to this man? And as for John Kerry, I couldn’t look at him with a straight face after seeing the bloody fetus covered trucks he campaigned in back in 2004! I don’t understand the Congress – I keep seeing Congressmen saying they want to impeach Obama but they don’t get off their asses and do it! Get rid of all the politicians and start a new group if they don’t want to get rid of them.

    • Grace, they don’t because right now the senate would not vote for impeachment so it is a lost cause.. after November I hope things will be different.

      • i still dont think they would do it unless Obama does something that sets a new low – the last thing the gop wants to do is make a martyr out of him – plus – if you think the rioting in ferguson is bad i would hate to see what would happen of the first “black” president got removed from office, but unfortunately it may be necessary

      • Stop calling obama BLACK——he is not. In skin tone only. He is 1/2 lilly white and there is a lot of Arab in there too. Problem here is that it is the “perception of being a black man”. Allen West is a black man and he should have been our first “black” President then we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in.

      • it does not matter what we think – only the people that vote for him and they are too dumb to know the difference

      • I wish people would stop calling him the first black president. He isn’t!! He has more white in him than anything else. He just doesn’t want you to remember that! He’s only like 1/4th black! If you want a true black president, elect Allan West!

    • if I remember right he married a HEINZ heiress , that rich enough ?? she must be a 3 bagger cause he is plain ugly and dumber than dirt..climat change NO Man controls the climate not will he ever geeeeez they need to get a grip

      • yeah – cause the DEM voting block is so dumb they probably think they got the money from “the man” not realizing the whole tim that they just voted for “the man”

    • The Gigolo’s failed first marriage was ALSO to a moneyed heiress, although not quite in the same super-rich league as the widow Teresa Heinz (about $750 million). As we found out during his presidential campaign in 2004 and his later service as Secretary of State, Kerry doesn’t do a lot of things well – but one of the few things he DOES excel at is getting wealthy women to marry him. Oh, by the way, is Mr. 1%’s $8 million, 77-foot yacht, the Isabel, still berthed and registered in neighboring Rhode Island rather than in his legal primary state of residence, his native Massachusetts, so he can duck the latter state’s hefty taxes on his rich man’s toy?

  26. Glaciers all over the world are disappearing. People are actively measuring and monitoring this. It is a fact.

    Sea levels are rising as a result, that too is a fact.

    There is not some grand scientific conspiracy here. These two facts are readily observable. Denying them serves no purpose, because they remain fact.

    • Which is exactly why Obama ( or more likely his handlers Jarett & Soros) choose Biden. He knew the day would come when his own incompetence was evident to everyone. But people would be afraid to replace him with Biden.

      • been saying the same for years….in fact when they said Joe was going to be his VP….I knew then no one would ever …take him down…

      • Oh, I think Obama can be taken down without the threat of Biden. Just say that BOTH need to be impeached, and sent to prison.

  27. John Kerry was a traitor and a liar back during the Viet-Nam war and he’s just as much of a traitor and liar today. Snake’s do not change their spots, they just shed their skins.

  28. This clown, that is jetting around all over the world making an ass out of himself is the same clown that told African leaders that they should not farm more land to feed not impoverished but starving to death people because it leads to global warming. To bad his jet does not just disappear say in the Indian Ocean, or any ocean will do.

    • if you can’t get anything through congress ….ask Harry Reid why everything is piled up on his desk. He would put anything on hold if it may Republicans look good or accomplish something. He puts his job, power and his money ahead of America. Congress is there to help us filter out the crap. If obama bypasses them then we don’t need them, let’s just make him a dick tator !

  29. Whose side are they on, you ask. I know thry are NOT on America’s side. their mission is to de-exceptionalize America.

    • Unfortunately our public school program is doing a great job of that already. America can only be as exceptional as the people that vote in its leaders and right now the voting base is exceptionally lacking

      • Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but I believe that’s part of their plan. They already have convinced a good percentage of the voter base that they want more help from the government, and that they can vote that help in for themselves. When you lower the education of that base you make them MORE dependent on the government. If they’re not educated enough to get a job what are they supposed to do? Of course the gov’t has to take care of them.

    • yeah and Moochelle would blame him being 290 pounds in the school lunch program and vending machines. Nevermind the entitlement program that gives him free food and allows him to sit on the couch all day.

      • After school they get home to an empty house, sit on the couch and play video games, and munch down all the junk they want because they’re starving from their 700 calorie lunch.


  31. I accept what our founders warned us about as settled science because everything they pointed out had happened and would again in time. All I can say about Kerry is he lied to congress once so lying to you is nothing more than par for him.

  32. I suppose it didn’t occur to you that the civil war in Syria — where ISIS originated — is happening because of a drought of unprecedented severity. It is the worst in the northeast corner of that country in recorded history. [And Damascus, the oldest city in the world, has meteorological records that date back to Biblical times!]

    If you think the immigration problem is bad now, just wait until things begin to really heat up south of the border. There will be a flood of climate refugees coming northward.

      • The overwhelming amount of peer-reviewed evidence backs me up. No amount of blinkered, partisan-driven wishful thinking is going to change that.

        A serious crisis unparalleled in the history of civilization is rapidly approaching, and your response is to mock it. This is foolish.

      • Edward if you look at weather over hundreds of years you would know that all these events come in cycles. There has been global warming since the last Ice Age. Only one person is in control and I doubt that we will be changing His plan.

      • In reality, the climate has been remarkably stable over the Holocene (the past 10,000 years since the last glaciation). Global temperatures have varied only a half a degree C one way or the other past the mean. If we go 2 degrees C over the mean — as it appears we are headed; and soon — we are in for a world of hurt.

        Anyone who believes we humans can’t change the climate should review the concept of a nuclear winter.

  33. Yes, CO2 ( aka plant food ) is a threat to the world. Meanwhile ISIS is chopping kids heads off and John F’n Kerry is worried about the stuff he exhales abundantly.

    What next, banning the most significant GHG? DiHydrogen Monoxide? Yep!

    Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide!

    Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide! The Invisible Killer. Dihydrogen monoxide is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and kills uncounted thousands of people every year.

  34. It is truly insane. Our lives are in danger with these people. — Be sure to vote right in the Nov., 2014 election. We must foment an unmistakable tsunami.

  35. Kids get it because of the idiotic indoctrination of common core twisting the truth so they will fall in step with the “democracy freedom” world take over by the DC city corporation. Ya…they get it and so do I!!!!!!!

  36. Climate change is and has been a world wide project for the last 50 years. It is being done right in front of us. On any given day look up to see the ever expanding “vapor trails” that can be seen from horizon to horizon. Compare them with a normal vapor trail of a commercial passenger jet. There may be many LOL’S but it is a fact.
    Google chem trails and see what we’re being exposed to.

  37. People in Africa starving to death idiot Kerry tells them don’t farm What the hell is wrong with this nut you put all the dems in Washington together you wouldn’t come up with one brain


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