Should we be concerned a German officer is now the Army’s Chief of Staff in Europe?

Recently I was asked my opinion about a historic first for the U.S .Army. As reported by the Army Times, “A German Army brigadier general who recently served with NATO forces in Afghanistan is assuming duties as the chief of staff of U. S. Army Europe, the first time a non-American officer has held that position. Brig. Gen. Markus Laubenthal was most recently the commander of Germany’s 12th Panzer Brigade in Amberg, and chief of staff of Regional Command North, International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan.” Yeah, I know what you’re all saying: Obama has sacked so many of our own senior officers and generals that we had to “outsource” for a Chief of Staff. Ok, all jokes aside, this is certainly something General Patton would never have believed could happen.

However, let me share with you some truth from my 22 years of service. When I was an Artillery Battalion at Ft. Hood Texas in the “Steadfast and Loyal” 4th Infantry Division, we were part of the III (US) Armored Corps, “Phantom Corps.”

One of the Assistant Corps Commanders was a Canadian exchange General officer — I will never forget that because I had to brief him on our Multiple Launch Rocket System Battalion, as it was the newest upgraded system in the Army. He was a very astute officer, very engaging, and highly professional. So I would ask that everyone not go apoplectic and believe that we’ve never had foreign officers as part of our chain of command, even in operational units.

In addition, if you were to visit Ft. Leavenworth, home of the Combined Arms Center (CAC) and the Army Staff College, you will see many foreign flags flying on some of the homes. That’s because there are foreign exchange officers as instructors and also members of the CAC staff serving as associate doctrine writers. Heck, as a young artillery officer, my tactics instructor at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma was Major Gonzalez, a Venezuelan officer — and boy was he good and tough.

Brig. Gen Laubenthal will serve as the major staff assistant to USAREUR commander Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell. Laubenthal will synchronize the command’s staff activities much as American predecessors have in the past. Now, I served with LTG Campbell in the 4th Infantry. He was the Commander of the 1st Brigade and you will find no better officer, leader and man as Don Campbell. So I don’t think he’s there doing anything to undermine the command structure of the USAREUR.

The Army Times says “Laubenthal’ s assignment comes at a time of strained relations between the U.S. and Germany as a result of disclosures over the past year that the National Security Agency, and more recently the Central Intelligence Agency, had been conducting information-gathering operations against German citizens, to include Chancellor Angela Merkel.” So some may think this could be a move to placate Chancellor Merkel. However, when you consider that we’ve already seen much coalition integration — such as in Afghanistan — this was certainly something of an eventuality.

Does the fact that a German officer is the U.S Army’s Chief of Staff in Europe trouble some people? Absolutely, and it reminds me of a great line a colonel once used on us dumb captains: “surprises are for birthdays.”

It would have been preferable if this had been reported to the American people earlier in the planning stages. Of course, when you have a Commander-in-Chief such as Obama, everything becomes suspect. I’m quite sure Brg. Gen Laubenthal is accomplished and competent and will fulfill his duties in a professional manner based upon U.S. staff and operational doctrine. If he doesn’t, trust me, LTG Don Campbell will send him packing.



    How about getting couple of centuries back into the colonial America? Let us
    have a look at the American struggle for independence and learn about the
    crucial role of the German General von Steuben in it.

    Born in Magdeburg, Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm Augustus von Steuben became a
    soldier at 16 and served under Frederick the Great together with the father.
    Later von Steuben quit the army and entered the service of General John Mayr
    from whom he learned the infantry tactics. After General’s death he returned to
    the regular army where he was promoted to captain. With the ending of the Seven
    Years’ War, in February 1763, Steuben was discharged and spent some time looking
    for an army unit to join. In Paris he met Benjamin Franklin who was then trying
    to get French assistance for the American revolution. Franklin notified General
    George Washington about Steuben and the latter was invited to the colonies to
    meet with Washington. Thus, Steuben arrived at Portsmouth, New Hampshire in
    December of 1777. He was willing to help the Americans, and upon his arrival he
    sent a note to the Congress and to General Washington, where he described his
    experience and his intentions. In January of 1778, the Continental Congress
    accepted Steuben’s services.

    The agreement between the Congress and von Steuben simply stated that Steuben
    wished to volunteer and required neither rank nor payment. He only wanted his
    expenses to be paid and, if the States should not win their freedom, the
    Congress would owe him nothing. But, should the patriots win the war, then von
    Steuben expected to receive full reward for his services. After that, von
    Steuben attained the rank of Lieutenant General, and was sent to serve with
    General George Washington at Valley Forge.

      • Really??? You really mean that?? Or are you just stirring the pot?? Steuben turned things around for the Colonial Army..

      • The only thing he taught them was to face the enemy and then fire at each other. Not to take cover or use camo. But stand about 100 feet from the enemy and blast holes with muskets. It was the Native Americans that taught us to hide from the enemy, to take cover, to use snipers and flanking positions. Stuebing was a moron. That is something you learn in the military academies and schools.

      • So which military academy did you attend? He taught the Americans how to form and march and how to fight by the standards of the time he made them a UNIT. He gave them the confidence to stand against bayonet charges. IIRC the American Army was more successful after his training than before.

      • Have any of you done any kind of Civil War or earlier reenacting? Fighting in linear formations is not as easy as it sounds, and von Steuben’s training of US troops to handle the nine plus steps for loading a smooth bore musket under enemy fire, plus handling a bayonet charge did much to reverse the huge defeats US troops suffered. After US troops had been trained by von Steuben they became the equals of British Regulars or French troops. Certainly Washington did not think von Steuben was a moron, and Washington understood the limitations of both rifles and smoothbore muskets better than most people.

  2. As a Division G-5 (old number system ACS CMO) with a German GDP mission in the early 90s my experience was that all the German officers I dealt with were much more pro-American than our current administration appears to be.

  3. I pray that he does a stellar job over there; like you said, sir, I wish we were told about this before it was sprung upon us.

    In one of the [Marine Corps] units my husband was assigned to, an Australian officer (Captain or Major; I forgot which.) served as an exchange officer. Most (if not all) of the unit really liked him; he was competent and engaging to boot. I’m not about to repeat what his call sign was, though. LOL

  4. you sense his post position is merely ceremonial & symbolic. But it is a slap in the face to honest hard working officers desesrving of position.

  5. the USAREUR Chief of Staff is anything but ceremonial. I remember the 12 Panzer Brigade very well, they were tough and could hit hard. I can think of several US Army BG’s who would be much worse than this officer.

    • Spot on Mo! In addition, any historic reference to the 12th Panzer Brigade would more than like be connected to the 12th Panzer Division, which fought entirely on the Eastern Front. In addition, there is NO way the Bundeswehr would allow an active unit to be connected to the 12th Waffen SS Division…

      • My tank unit was assigned to maneuver with the 12th Panzer BDE for a rotation at Hohenfels. That brigade was every bit as good as my parent brigade at Vilseck. They could fight, if ever deployed.

      • You miss the point. Historically putting foreign officers in command of American troops is a bad idea. This is why Pershing refused to put Americans under French or British command in WW-I. WW-II was not good for this either see Market Garden and some others. It was bad in Somolia. So there are Americans that are worse. This is not the question. The question is are there any Americans as good? Or have they all been purged by Obama? Who did this officer take his oath too? Will his first loyalty be to the US Army?

  6. That German general has no allegiance to the U.S., what happens if relations between the U.S. and Germany become strained?? This is insanity… plus he was assigned to the U.S. military, who swear an oath… “”I, _____ , having
    been appointed an officer in the (Service) of the United States, as
    indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear that I will
    support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all
    enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance
    to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental
    reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully
    discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So
    help me God.” You cannot have allegiance to two different countries

    • The German General, he is in charge of NATO. Maybe you need to educate your self, what NATO is. The US is part of it, not under the control of of any one country. It is a coalition of Western European countries, and the USA is part of that coalition. May I remind you, that WWII was over in 1945.

  7. power and leadership redistribution — don’t be selfish and anti-diversity. We are the world’s military now and the world should have say on what we do. Just shutup and pay the bills, America.

    • Bully Pulpit, when American Lives are at stake, I want American Leadership. I’m sure this guy is very competent but after we got caught with Obama looking up Merkel’s skirt, I’m sure this guy will be zealous in keeping his eyes open and reporting what he sees and on that, I don’t blame him or Merkel. Obama is a contemptible and shameless little man who has no business as president, he is an embarrassment to America.

  8. I’ve been saying that Obama will be heading the UN after this gig and he needs his world military established with the public already conditioned for it.

  9. LTC West, I am disappointed you would respond to this one. Especially the Patton part. Patton was removed as military governor of Bavaria after WWII because he advocated keeping former Nazi’s in key local government positions in order to keep it functioning efficiently. In addition, as a former AC LTC, you should know that this is not a command position nor executing direct control over U.S. troops, but as Chief of Staff, coordinating the USAEUR Staff and is functions.

  10. This is being done as a part of the NATO Alliance… German troops have served under U.S. Command. And again, this position does not execute command authority over U.S. troops. Chief of Staff coordinates staff functions only.

  11. There is / was a U.S. Naval Vessel named after a British Naval Officer and there was always an Officer from the Royal Navy assigned to the ship.

  12. Have experienced exchange officers. We also reciprocate with our officers into NATO country units as well. As an Infantry officer I served in armor units. Interoperability is important. Would like to see more interservice exchanges as well.

  13. “It would have been preferable if this had been reported to the American people earlier in the planning stages.”

    Why would it have mattered if it was reported to us earlier? It’s not like the average American’s opinion would have had any influence on the decision. Laubenthal would have been put in this position regardless, and as the author of this article said I’m sure he’s competent for the job.

  14. Thanks for your insights, Allen West. I’d been concerned as to whether this personnel choice was some undesirable innovation by this administration, but now it doesn’t sound like it is. I’ll sleep a bit better now.

  15. I don’t understand why this is necessary beyond why it’s permitted. There may be diplomatic issues, isn’t that for the diplomats? Why in the hell we have ‘exchange officers’ is beyond me. Let our military officers lead our own military.

  16. For the love of GOD and Country, will you please Mr. West run for President, and get this idiot President out of office, our country needs your leadership!

  17. Well Well well a Panzer General is now Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army in Europe, I wonder what Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel would think about this? My guess given enough time even the wounds of the Second European Civil War will heal to some extent. I don’t have any real problem with this, since the enemy in Europe is a little further East! And with that problem, it might even make some sense, but the Idea of German Panzer Troops going back to Ukraine to block the Russians might cause some to reach for a Double shot of Whiskey first, or Vodka depending on ones tastes!

  18. Before we all start running our mouths, know this. I have worked with/for some ANZAC<(yes, it's still somewhat of a real thing), and NATO officers. These guys did not put politics or career before mission or the "right thing". They had more moral courage and a "career be damned" attitude than you would ever be able to expect from a US field grade. Not saying that is who this guy is, just don't rush to judge.

    • I wasn’t aware this was legal – I’m not judging him. I can understand him commanding a group of troops that are from multiple countries, but not commanding the US force only. Maybe I am misunderstanding what is occurring?

      • He does not command US Force only. He is commanding a group of troops from multiple countries belonging to NATO.

  19. Why should I take orders from an officer that has not taken an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States? So far as I am concerned I would have no reason to follow his orders. That our leadership in the Pentagon allows this tells me that Obama’s purges have worked. Doing things of this sort is why the American Rangers died in Somolia. This is more one world Gov’t BS. In WW-II Monty had control of American Divisions during Market Garden, an operation he botched like most of what he did, and the Divisions were held and suffered more casualties than they should have. See Donald Burgett’s “The Road to Arnhem. I see no reason to gave a foreign officer as Cheif of Staff of any US Army command.

      • No way out Good handle for you. You couldn’t find your way out of a wet paper bag. All the Allies that belong to NATO do these things. He is not the sole commander of our military forces. If you are referring to the misspelling of ” with”. I am mildly dyslexic, I didn’t catch my mistake this time. Better name for you would be ” Troll with nothing to do but bait people in a discussion.”

      • Just like a wing nut to imply I was referring to your disorder. I was not. Are you suggesting That the country of Germany is better to the U.S Than it’s own government? That’s an odd take

      • I was suggesting nothing. I just made a personal comment on the fact that Germany is in NATO and that this was not an uncommon practice. I don’t view it as and immediate threat.
        What kind of question is ” Are you suggesting that the country of Germany is better to the U S than its own government?” What? That doesn’t even make sense. I’m just glad that it wasn’t a Obama Muslim Brotherhood commander. Sarcasm, have you heard of it?

  20. I have not attended any of the academies. Unless you count basic and airborne. Several people I know have attended The Citadel and West Point. To include officers in my unit that were part of the training. Additionally you will find no heritage in SOF owing to him. You will find SOF owing tactics to the Native Americans however. He gave them idiocy to stand there and get stabbed if that’s what you mean. And if you measure success by standing, facing your enemy and shooting each other as success, then sure. Better to use small unit tactics during a conflict such as The Revolutionary War.

  21. I wasn’t aware that was legal…How can a non-US citizen be authorized to command our troops? Isn’t that the same as our troops taking orders from a foreign nation?

    • He’s not in command of anything. The chief of staff coordinates staff activities to make sure all their work gets done. There’s a deputy commander who is second-in-command.

      • Part of the confusion may be because the title “chief of staff” may cause some people to perhaps unconsciously associate it with the U.S. military establishment’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, consisting of four-star officers who are either the highest-ranking officers in their particular branch of service, such as the Marine Corps Commandant, or considered the most senior, such as the Army and Air Force chiefs of staff and the Chief of Naval Operations, with the separate JCS chairman considered by law to be the highest-ranking uniformed officer in the military– although the members of that body don’t have operational command authority over their respective service’s troops or other personnel.

  22. Did you guys even bother reading what Gen. Laubenthal’s job is? I just retired myself, and served with all manner of foreign officers.

  23. Thank you for replying. While that may be his daily duties, what happens if an emergency occurs? Meaning, what if the troops are called into action for some reason, do his duties then transition to military duties/activities that he is then in charge of?

  24. Allen (leave my men behind) West…when you post something about your MILITARY RECORD…make sure you include RELIEVED OF COMMAND and faced 11 years in prison!

    • Only if he would have been recommended for court-martial, which he wasn’t. The UCMJ will scare the hell out of you the first time you see it. Sodomy used to carry a maximum penalty of life in prison. I’m scared to think what it says now, since it’s okay to be gay in the military under Obama.

      You don’t get a choice of court martial or Article 15, your commanders and JAG choose for you. The fact he was given an Article 15 speaks to his service record. That he did the right thing and retired honorably, speaks to the man.

      Our #1 enemy are savage barbarians stuck in medieval times. Except back then they weren’t cowards hiding behind women and children. If they want to fight, then fight as men against men on the battlefield, and I’d be honored to serve along side LtCol. West

      • Arguing with you obviously won’t prove anything. As a veteran, I know my comments to be true. If he did indeed do something dishonorable, he wouldn’t have been able to retire with an honorable discharge. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  25. Are you insinuating he’s not qualified? Because the article clearly states he is. Just because someone isn’t from the same country doesn’t mean they won’t correctly control out troops. The German army trains just as hard these days. Regardless of what anyone thinks. He is a human, and so would an American be. And….we are in agreeance that we’d take orders from British generals etc… We even did in WW2….think about that for a moment. It’s good to have allies.

    • I said nothing about not being qualified, I just wasn’t aware troops were allowed to be ‘commanded’ by officers of other countries unless it was a coalition of various nations (vs. a German ‘commanding’ a US only force.) I was simply asking for clarification on whether this was in fact a legal act. I was not insinuating anything, nearly asking about something I was unaware of. Is that OK that I am willing to learn?

      • I wasn’t aware either, until my son pointed out a very obvious example, Baron von Steuben who served as Major General in our Continental Army, training soldiers, and also served as General Washington’s chief of staff. There are many other examples. Laubenthal will not be in command of troops, he will be chief of staff as was von Steuben.

      • John Paul Jones was Scottish as well. However, that doesn’t mean this is appropriate at present since there are plenty of Americans competent for the job.

      • Actually, and I am saying this facetiously, there may not be as many as you think with this Administration firing many top military commanders.

  26. Let truth be heard, after the robotic stance of Germans and their allies, an how the Nazi danced through Europe, I’m of the opinion that the name Germany should have been banned from bearing a name, continued status as a nation ( flag), should have been erased from the map.

    • Moshe educate your self, the war was over in 1945. The German Government has made heavy payments to Israel for reparation of war to Israel. They have payed in full and also apologized to the Jews. I do not know where you were educated, and by whom? who ever educated you, did not do a good job. I feel sorry for you, having to live with so much hate in you. The war is over, take a few courses in History and learn to be a good conversationalist. You can not have a good conversation with an ignorant person, or a madman.

      • APO, because of the courtesy of worthy participants, my parents, I have been equipped to gain wisdom by the classroom they provided me through early private school and then support throughout my travels/career globally, that has enabled me to seek the “YESOD” Hebrew for foundation.

        I’m a student of the Kabballah, which possesses wisdom beyond eartly material science, wisdom beyond this spatial dimension, whose academies fail at producing subjects, who can bring peace, equality and true agenda other than the monetary system to this loaned space and time.

        The Kabballah also guides me through the applications of Gematria, which allows me to read and study word equations and numeric patterns, your word equations represent “hate” a word you used, ignorance, mad man, “paid in full”, I hate to tell you, one can never pay for the 6 million innocent Jewish lives lost, the trauma suffered and lost.

        I have interviews survivors at different points of the earth, no money has repay the pain and loss, your words define your Nazi complex, where you personally do not sympathiz for the victims of the holocaust. Which farther makes me understand that I’m talking to a deniar or a self hating Jew.

        Whatever the case may be, you are not worth further conversation, you are among the blind that do not know Avodah- the devine services of the 10 gates, which allows one to maintain saintliness regardless of your environment.

        A mystical obtainment, not accessible in the academy, provides a safe haven for others who are seeking to know the light or learn of love on our paths, are often distracted by elements on your response.

        In order to be an example of the sanctified level we all seek, unless you are a demon, we must enter the 10 gates of wisdom, where the soul is purified with Devine love and expression, which then enables us to endure during any earthly test, including the sacrifice of life itself.
        Daniel Moshe Johnson
        [email protected]

      • Read what you have written, and try to live by it. Let go of all of your hatred inside of you, and try to become a nice Jew.

      • The Torah request only being a Jew in fear of Hashem an representing his commandments in action, for “fear of the Lord is the beginning of understanding”

      • That confirms it. He’s from another planet. Maybe his mothership can destroy the nazis still in hiding. I wouldn’t even consider a second option for land as God wants the Israelis in Israel. Since the Palestinians have only occupied and have no legitimate claim to land, perhaps they could relocate to Germany.

      • We will leave the NAZI tracking to the Mossad, and maybe we Jews should start boycotting Mercedes Benz and BMW, both companies were profiteers of the Nazi war.

        As the Arabs known as Palestinians, they can go to one of there 57 brothered Arab States.

        You see Willy, you and APO are two arrogant pricks who will submit to tyranny and ignorance, you probably hate Col. West, and in fact you may hate people of color and Jews, you definitely are two ignorant cunts.

        Any case,
        I wish you wisdom and I wish you Torah.

      • I’m sorry you feel that way, but you don’t know me and calling me names doesn’t validate your comments. I love Col. West and wish we had more leaders like him. He says what he means and means what he says. I am also pro Israel and have been since grade school. I use what knowledge I have to spread truth against the terrorists that want to deny Israel’s existence. I’ll disregard the rest of your insults, and I apologize if I insulted you re: Kaballah

      • Apology accepted, no matter how one studies and lends time to the techniques of positivism, negativity always slips into the conversation.

        There are Jews and Americans who are looking at this military move, especially with the commander of Camp David having Muslim history and name, and many top Generals replaced.


      • Absolutely, some of our finest officers and even senior enlisted men have been terminated or asked to resign. Nobody speaks out on this anymore. Too many other distractions…distractions by design to hide it all.

  27. West…you’ve outdone yourself with this farce of a faux patriot , rebel flag waving hayseeds rougenecks that make up your half arsed audience. Just silly stuff.

  28. Col. West – Please explain to the readership what nation and constitution the general swears an oath of allegiance to, whether he is subject to the UCMJ and so much more, rather than just assure us that the good German will do a good job. That is not the point, Col. West. That is so far from the point it cries for correction. NATO is one thing, joint command in a war theater yet another thing, but insinuating a foreign national into a regular, fulltime United States Army job is quite another thing. Please do not pooh pooh concerns by advising people not to develop apoplexy. We have had quite enough of the “nothing to see here, move along” motif for the last six years from the criminals in the Obama administration. To read your casual dismissal of patriotic American’s concerns is disheartening, to say the least.

  29. You missed the crucial point, a chief of staff commands nothing. Command authority will still rest with the American Commanding General. I’ve held five commands, and I do understand fully what the issue is. I suggest that you do your research on command authority and the difference between a commander and a chief of staff before saying anything else that is not applicable to this situation.

  30. I can see West’s point. Like most of you right wing loons, he thinks that Hitler was a democrat. You should be embracing “New Europe” This man knows how to run a force in Europe

  31. Honestly, I don’t see a problem in it… people forget, we screwed Germany over in WWI, or after it rather, with a very unfair Versailles Treaty. We basically stripped and raped them of any dignity or anything. As a result, it came back with a vengeance…. Finally the two halves of Germany reunited and has been doing well in the world since…. And who’re we to be pots calling the kettle black? We have an illegal person running our nation – Cleric Obama….who I might add is strongly supporting the Muslim brotherhood like no other. And you’re all worried about a German officer taking office for our Chief of Staff?? If I were still in the military, I would still voice that I’d rather follow the orders from an appointed German officer than direct orders from our joke of a “Cleric Commander in Chief”….

  32. I don’t care how good a man he is. This is the US Army and only US officers should be serving in the US Army. It’s given that name for a reason.

  33. I’d feel better if he was Israeli.. Then we could be assured that both American’s troops would remained trained and ready and Israel would have America’s back as it should.

  34. Idiot….perhaps you can recall that in WWII the Supreme Allied Commander in EUROPE was Dwight D. Eisenhower….an AMERICAN! Go climb back under your rock Mr. West!

  35. We should be concerned that NATO still exists. It hasn’t had a purpose for 25 years, and it deliberately initiates illegal wars to validate its own existence. World War II ended 69 years ago and we’re still subsidizing western Europe’s defense via our Army, which is enabling their self-destructive social welfare programs. We “won” the war, but we’ve been paying for that victory for almost 70 years.

  36. In word “NO”. The Germans are not Nazis, they are good friends and they are always good military people. I have no problem. There are PLENTY of things that ARE problems, this is not one of them.

  37. I see here most, if not all of the comparisons are for teaching, exchange or something else lower in the chain of command. Those positions really aren’t a concern. But chief of staff? I think that maybe that position, being chief of staff for the “U.S. Army”, should be a U.S. citizen. Why would this German officer have the U.S.’s best interest at heart? I would think he would have Germany’s best interest, no ours.

  38. I find it amazing that someone who is a gutless traitor to his president would have the balls to make commentary on anything that president did for his country. What was it you did, Mr. West? Oh yes, refused a direct order from the Commander in Chief. Proven to be a terrorist to so called terrorists by firing your hand gun next to a prisoner’s ear causing damage to his hearing. It’s why you were discharged wasn’t it? Oh yes, and you remember coming to Syracuse to support the loser, Ann Marie Buerkle? Yeah, someone called you a traitor as you entered. Did you get a little pissed at that and demanded we be moved? Traitor and terrorist. You are a disgrace to the uniform and to your race.

    • Former Lt Col West was NOT discharged! He retired! From Wikipedia:

      While serving in Taji, Iraq,
      West received information from an intelligence specialist about a plot
      to ambush his unit. The alleged plot reportedly involved Yahya Jhodri
      Hamoodi, an Iraqi police officer. West had his men detain Hamoodi.[18] Soldiers testified that in the process of detaining Hamoodi, he appeared to reach for his weapon and needed to be subdued.[18] Hamoodi was beaten by four soldiers from the 2/20th Field Artillery Battalion on the head and body.[19] West then fired his pistol near Hamoodi’s head,[18]
      after which Hamoodi provided West with names and information, which
      Hamoodi later described as “meaningless information induced by fear and
      pain.”[18] At least one of these suspects was arrested as a result, but no plans for attacks or weapons were found.[18]
      West said “At the time I had to base my decision on the intelligence I
      received. It’s possible that I was wrong about Mr. Hamoodi.”[18]

      West was charged with violating Articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. During a hearing held as part of an Article 32 investigation in November 2003, West stated, “I know the method I used was not right, but I wanted to take care of my soldiers.”[19] The charges were ultimately referred to an Article 15 proceeding rather than court-martial, at which West was fined $5,000.[18]
      Lieutenant Colonel West accepted the judgment and retired with full
      benefits in the summer of 2004. Asked if he would act differently under
      similar circumstances, West testified, “If it’s about the lives of my
      soldiers at stake, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can.”[19]
      At his hearing, West said that there were no ambushes against American
      forces in Taji until he was relieved of his leadership post a month
      later.[19] After West’s retirement he received more than 2,000 letters and e-mails offering him moral support.[18] A letter supporting West was signed by 95 members of Congress and sent to the Secretary of the Army.[18]

      • Thank you so much for the in depth analysis of Mr. West’s final days as a soldier. What you failed to mention is such action, regardless of his so called dedication to his troops, was in direct violation of the Geneva Convention for prisoners of war, which the enemy combatant was. He was allowed to retire rather than face court martial. When force is used to coerce testimony from someone it’s called terrorism and torture. It’s been proven to not be an effective method of interrogation. I’m sure Mr. Rumsfeld and Mr. Cheney would disagree. If this is the kind of leadership you want for your military then perhaps you should consider Somalia as a home. Less restrictions.

      • You have no concept of Islam, do you! There is no ‘Geneva Convention’ when dealing with them! They are of a whole different mindset of which Americans have no clue. You’d rather our troops die than have some terrorist ‘tortured’! Tell that to all those people being tortured and butchered by IS! i’ve seen the pictures…i’ve watched the videos of what IS is doing to those people in Syria and Iraq! So, go on…say this to those who are suffering over there! In fact, tell this to all our families here who have lost a loved one in these wars! Tell this to the families of Benghazi!!!

      • And you have no concept of the NAZI regime do you? Mass exterminations. Tortures that the radical Islamics can only dream of committing. No, the purpose behind the Geneva Convention was to raise us above the atrocities committed by the insane who lead others to commit even more atrocities. Mr. West gave in to his lost sense of decency. Hence he’s as much a terrorist as any radical, (please note the distinction) islamist.

      • i stand with Allen West! Frankly, i would have done the same or even more…especially after an Afghani Col sexually assaulted my Army daughter on her FOB!!!! Allen West is in no way a traitor to our country! As for Obama, he IS the traitor and should be arrested and hauled out of OUR White House and charged with his many, MANY treasonous acts against our nation, and this should include his whole regime! NObama is NO Commander-in-Chief at all!!! He is an Islamist infiltrator who is systematically destroying our country! Your comment shows your vile contempt for Allen West!

      • He’s a Teathugligoon. That’s what it has to do with it. I know many blacks who lean Republican but he leans toward insurrection against his president.

      • I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that as long as we have presumed adults resorting to the childish distortion of words to describe the people they hate, we aren’t going to find many answers.

      • Teathugligoon = Tea Party thug, member of the Republican party and only goons use unnecessary force to achieve the goals. I’m afraid Mr. West fulfills all of the requirements.

      • It’s one of my finer qualities, Hoppy. Would your last name be Cassidy? You see, I’m old enough to remember Hopalong Cassidy and be juvinile too a fault. Stop by my Facebook page sometime if you really want your head to explode.

  39. Article 2 Section 2 a president cannot be commander n chief until congress declares war [and only for 2 years], & Article 1 Section 8.

  40. Bottom line, Germany still carries a name, nation and flag that allowed evil to flourish, that’s the focus here, and known of you can deny this.

    Should we study this chap and his position, YES!
    End of conversation. ..


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