Another black conservative taking a stand: Tiffany Koehler

At many different levels of government we are seeing more blacks run for positions as Republicans — namely as conservatives. On Monday we featured an interview with former NFL player Gary Cobb who is running for US Congress in New Jersey. Of course, there’s always a dark side to this as we reported about congressional candidate Glo Smith’s campaign signs defaced — actually “white faced.”

But I’d like to share the inspiring story of another woman making a stand: Tiffany Koehler. Ms. Koehler is running for State Assembly in Wisconsin and her primary is today.

As reported by the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, “When Tiffany Koehler knocks on doors in search of votes for the Assembly, people often assume she’s a Democrat. “I kinda laugh about it and say, ‘No, I’m a conservative,'” Koehler said. She’s a Republican, and what makes that worthy of note is that she is African-American, or as she prefers to say, black. She is running in the Assembly’s 58th District. Koehler, 44, who moved from Greenfield to Slinger in 2012, is not playing up her race in this election, nor is she hiding it. “I can’t ignore it. I do look different from anybody that’s run,” she said.”

Ms. Koehler’s journey is quite interesting in that she said she leaned Democrat growing up, but was rebuffed when she tried to start an anti-abortion chapter of the party — so much for inclusiveness and tolerance. Then she took a closer look at the Republican side. “The message of making the right decision, taking responsibility, working hard — that was my whole life,” she said. “I consider myself a compassionate conservative. I want people to share their God-given talents with the world and not be dependent on government.” Her stands on the issues mirror those of her opponents — cutting taxes and spending, defending the right to bear arms, encouraging business growth, to name a few.

Ms. Koehler, who is single, — so much for that whole “liberal progressives own the single women demographic” — served 14 years in the Army Reserves and Wisconsin Army National Guard and graduated from Cardinal Stritch University in 2006. She has worked in the nonprofit sector, most recently as housing director at St. Catherine Residence for women. Hmm, single black female conservative, veteran, and pro-life…and compassionate — certainly blows a hole in the progressive socialist description.

If Ms. Koehler is successful in the GOP primary today, well, guess what? She would become the first black female Republican ever to serve in the Wisconsin Legislature because there is no Democrat running in opposition. This year, 2014, could see her and former Saratoga Springs, Utah Mayor Mia Love become trailblazers — and it is better late than never.

Now, don’t go believing Ms. Koehler has had a picture perfect life — quite the contrary.

As the Journal Sentinel recounts, “she was born in 1970. Her father was black and her mother white. “I often joke that I was created during the time when blacks and whites were fighting on the 16th St. viaduct, and my parents were underneath the bridge kissing and making out,” she said. Her father, who as it turned out had a wife and family in Indiana, was in Milwaukee attending college. He did not stick around to be a father to Koehler.”

“Her mother, Mary Koehler, faced mental health challenges through much of her life, and Tiffany Koehler lived in 19 foster homes from birth to age 3 and again from 12 to 18, following a period staying with her mother in Shorewood. It took years for her mother’s parents, who moved in Milwaukee high society circles, and other extended family to accept her, Koehler said. Her mother worked two jobs to support her, and Koehler later took care of her mother until she died in 2010.”

Tiffany Koehler has overcome tough odds and has come through a shining example of conservative principles — she possesses that indomitable rugged and resolute American individualism. She could have easily been a victim, but chose to be a victor. And now she wants to take her winning message to the Wisconsin State Legislature.

Well, Tiffany, your greatness will not be determined by your winning or losing in the 58th Assembly primary today. You are simply a reflection of what makes America great, exceptional! Good luck and I look forward to meeting you one day.


  1. Wishing you all the best and big success in the election, Ms. Koehler !
    Take a stand, speak for what is right !
    God Bless and carry on !

  2. She is not black or white, she is all American and we should all applaud her courage and conviction. Best of luck in all of your life endeavors.

    • But, she is black. Everyone should be proud of their heritage in some way. The left is fighting against the Constitution using race and class, they are using the very instruments of protection our nation provides against us, they have become masters of this, almost artful. Conservatives are trying to focus on character and creed, pretending to be colorblind. That’s part of why we are losing.

      • Arguably white is pretty vague and loose definition of heritage. But, why not. It’s really only the left that tells you that’s the only evil crayon in the box. I’m half-white, Scottish to be more specific and I’m pretty proud of that.

      • Much of what you say is correct…however, I think we’re losing because sometimes it seems “we” don’t really stand for anything anymore. All wobbly…and because there are more and more people looking for handouts.

  3. Sent it out to Twitterville and Facebookworld for all our fellow Wisconsin Patriots to vote for this upstanding American

  4. First thing that is shown is the question “Are you a Christian”? Who in their right mind would anwer that question right now. Is “somebody” taking a survey?

  5. Let me start by say….it is so funny that Mr. West is mocking that the “liberals” are always stereotyping blacks, when the first think out of the woman’s mouth stating she is not a democrat, but a republican. What fool said all democrats are liberals?!? Do you even know what a liberal or conservative is? Or the difference? Allen, you need to stop placing your own bigotry and assumptions on others. I am a liberal on some things and conservative others. In case you didn’t know, or don’t have enough nerve to admit,.. YOU ARE WRONG!! The difference between a conservative and a liberal is…..NO, not the party they vote for….it is the person’s personal beliefs on the varying subjects. So, in short….YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE STEREOTYPING BLACKS!!

    • Hmmm If there is a conservative wing of the democratic party I have not seen it in my lifetime but if you insist they exist I have to ask them why? Why would they stay in a party that will not tolerate their very existence? Because they scream bloody murder if a conservative begins to speak at one of their rallies. You want to see an ugly mob speak out against any liberal talking point and watch your compassionate tolerant democrats become vile viscous monsters. I have seen it happen.

    • But you seem to be pigeon holing blacks and conservatives. The philosophy of conservative-ism is also quite liberal. Freeing slaves, Freeing women to vote, ending segregation, etal (the most known hi-lites)
      That is actually quite liberal (Original LIberal — the “get off my lawn” liberals)
      To be conservative is not about skin color, who you sleep with, if you want to cut your balls off, free to your religion/belief structure, or if girls wanna play in the NFL — it’s about personal liberty, individual rights and ability (vs containerized groupings selected for special rights) and the respect of life (“which science determines as “the point of spontaneous cell division”)

      I do not see that respect for people in the Democrats and in 2010 they were proud that they “at least got rid of all the blue dogs in congress” even if they lost the house.

      • Great post Bully. The word Liberal was hijacked back in 1921 by the Progressives because the Progressive Party of the Times was being equaled, rightly so, with the American Communist Party, so they dropped the word Progressive and started calling themselves Liberal. Totally opposite meanings

    • Until those who call themselves “conservative Democrats” stand up to the heads of that party–which, at the last convention, LOUDLY BOOED God, then they inadvertently SUPPORT radicalism.

      Shame on such cowards! I don’t think the GOP is =erfect,= but the IDEALS they shoot for are good ones.

      Smaller government
      More freedoms
      Fewer taxes
      Greater freedom to worship God PUBLIC ALLY
      A strong military
      Fighting the abortion industry (which still has as its goal the destruction of the minority families)
      The support of parental control
      The freedom of the states, home schooling, charter schools, vouchers, being energy independent
      Stopping of the HOAX of “man-caused global warming aka climate change”
      Private property rights
      The right to be armed
      No PC censorship
      Freedom of association
      Publically praying anywhere, any time

      In short, these goals & a HOST of others that make America the once finest nation ever to exist–even WITH its flaws….

      So why anyone =would= support the communist-led Dem party which stands for the OPPOSITE of all of the above, is impossible to understand! Simply by associating with this totally un-American, corrupt party, they brand THEMSELVES as non-Conservatives!!!

      Thus I say, get off your high horse, you “conservative in some things,” get off Allen West’s back. He’s one of the most ethical, decent, & patriotic people around, & I’d love to see HIM in the White House! I detect NO “stereotyping” by him of anyone. Give it up. You’re too thin-skinned.

  6. It was close. As a Conservative, this woman will not be going away. We will undoubtedly hear more from her, she obviously has the dedication and love for our country and that is always a good thing.

  7. Wonder if she shares West’s views on civil rights for gays. It’s funny how civil rights are for some folks. Once they have them–I remember the movement and the laws and the constitutional amendment–suddenly they think no one else is entitled to them. Kind of funny, in a double-standard sort of way. But West says gays can change. I guess he’s gay himself; otherwise, how would he know that? Or does he feel it is within his power to make himself gay? Does Koehler mirror West on this topic?

    • No Mr. West is being a honest bible believing man. Get it right, you wanna be gay, me or other Christians are not trying to stop you.But we have the right to believe as we do, with Pres Obama, Christians have been attacked, threatened, killed. Chaos comes when confusion and do as you please sets precedent over all other matters.


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