Angela West: Am I “acting white” by asking why black people are looting their own neighborhood?

Would I be “acting white” if I asked why in God’s name are black people looting and destroying their own neighborhood in St. Louis? Would I be a sell-out if I asked why stealing all the tennis shoes from a sporting goods store would make a point for justice for a young man who was killed allegedly by a cop?

Would I be an “Uncle Tom” if I asked why burning a gas station, breaking into at least one convenience store, including a check-cashing store, a boutique, a small grocery store, a sporting goods store, a cellphone retailer, a tire store and a Wal-Mart would make things better? Would I be behaving stupidly when I told you that between 20 to 25 Walmart employees took shelter inside their store Sunday night as rioting and looting ran rampant in the area around them?

Would it be wrong to ask why people carted away goods from several of the stores, even as police moved in? These are stores located ] in this area — often at their own peril. These proprietors — small business owners — often live in the area or darn near close to it. Neighbors stealing from neighbors…shamelessly destroying their neighbor’s property as though they were released from bondage in order to pillage and plunder.

Police were having a difficult time catching the looters because crimes were happening at several locations. And it all started with a peaceful protest.

Thirty-two people were arrested, two officers had minor injuries — one injured a knee, another was struck with a brick — one officer was shot at, but not struck, nearly a dozen patrol cars were damaged, and someone in the crowd fired shots at a police helicopter but did not hit it, according to St. Louis County Police. WHY?

According to First Coast News, “earlier Sunday, Chief Jon Belmar of the St. Louis County Police Department said the incident started when a Ferguson officer encountered two men, one who was Michael Brown, on the street near an apartment complex. One pushed the officer him into his police vehicle.”

“The men had a struggle inside the car, Belmar said, and at some point the man — it was unclear whether it was Brown — reached for the officer’s weapon. One shot was fired inside the vehicle. The fight moved outside the squad car and Brown suffered fatal gunshot wounds about 35 feet from the vehicle, Belmar said. The second person has not been arrested, and police are not sure whether he was armed. Brown was not armed.”

The race of the officer involved in the shooting has not been disclosed. He has been placed on paid administrative leave. It will solve NOTHING TO TEAR DOWN YOUR OWN HOME. But for those who consider themselves to be victims of “Da Man” anything calls for a riot. Any reason suffices to tear down the walls of society and decency. And this is not just limited to the young — from the videos and pictures of the event, grandma, grandpa, mama and daddy were making off with whatever they could get their hands on.

Where did this happen? As Aisha Sultan writes for St. Louis Today, Ferguson, Missouri, a community of 21,000, is an inner-ring suburb, a place where it’s easy for the economic recovery to bypass the poor. It’s a city of 6 square miles, about 10 miles north of downtown. About two-thirds of the residents are African-American. The median income is $37,000, roughly $10,000 less than the state average. Nearly a quarter of residents live below the poverty level, compared with 15 percent statewide. But now it seems that some of these businesses are not looking at reopening in Ferguson — was that the intent of the riots? It is certainly the unintended consequence — or maybe intended — regardless, it is difficult to gain and maintain the “moral high ground” when the shooting of Michael Brown is lost in the visual scenes of the rioting and looting.

It’s part of north St. Louis County, where whites left en masse beginning over the past few decades. In the ’60s, they began rapidly leaving north city, creating one of the most extreme cases of “white flight” in the country. But many who remained in power are still white, including much of the law enforcement. A local lawyer said whenever she goes into courthouses in North County, all the defendants are always black.

It’s not surprising that the black community should be angry and tormented by the tragic death of one of its own. But am I “acting white” if I ask why we destroy our own communities in protest?

This is not the first time.

1980: Miami Riot 1980 – following the acquittal of four Miami-Dade Police officers in the death of Arthur McDuffie. McDuffie, an African-American, died from injuries sustained at the hands of four white officers trying to arrest him after a high-speed chase.

1991: Crown Heights Riot – May – between African Americans and the area’s large Hasidic Jewish community, over the accidental killing of a Guyanese immigrant child by an Orthodox Jewish motorist. In its wake, several Jews were seriously injured; one Orthodox Jewish man, Yankel Rosenbaum, was killed; and a non-Jewish man, allegedly mistaken by rioters for a Jew, was killed by a group of African-American men.

1991: Overtown, Miami – In the heavily black section against Cuban Americans, like earlier riots there in 1982 and 1984.

1992: Los Angeles riots – April 29 to May 5 – a series of riots, lootings, arsons and civil disturbance that occurred in Los Angeles County, California in 1992, following the acquittal of police officers on trial regarding the assault of Rodney King.

1992: Harlem, Manhattan in New York City – July – involved Blacks and Puerto Ricans against the New York Police Department, around the time of the 1992 Democratic National Convention being held there.

1995: St. Petersburg, Florida riot of 1996, caused by protests against racial profiling and police brutality.

2001: Cincinnati Riots – April – in the African-American section of Over-the-Rhine.

2009: Oakland CA, Oscar Grant Murder Riots

So far the race industry leaders Sharpton and Jackson haven’t appeared on the scene, but send some more news crews and sweeten the money pot a little and who knows where they might pop up, because soon we might hear about whose son the unfortunate young man Michael Brown might look like… if he had a son.


  1. These aren’t black people, white people, or any other color of people. These are low life’s, thugs who perpetuate hate, division and dis-respect for the hard working citizens who try to contribute to society. God hates ugly, and these thugs and low life’s are very ugly.

    • I am a white female mother of five grown children. I am sorry I am white, I was born that way. I am sorry to the entire African American population that I was born white. I didn’t have any say in the matter. I live hear St. Louis and have been following this closely. My initial reaction to the shooting was “Oh my God, I hope they find the officer was “justified”. If not, my heart aches for that young man. Within hours my focus and thoughts were no longer on the young man but on the pointless terror uninvolved individuals put on an entire community. It seemed like underlying fury had been let off a leash. I haven’t had time to consider who young Mr. Brown could have been. The actions of people within that community to protest young Mr. Brown’s death have prevented it. I sincerely don’t want to be a racist. I try very hard not to be, but it’s tricky ~ since we are not really allowed to talk to each other about race issues anymore. The actions of the looters made me a little more racist and that really makes me sad. I want to ask the same questions of blacks that they want to ask of me… “Why do you hate me so much for just being a different color”? “Why don’t you trust me just because I am a different color (without knowing me)?” “Why do you assume that I think or act a certain way, just because I am a different color?” “Why do you always expect the worst of me”?

    • Which are by and large black.; The blacks have a problem. hey are in “poverty” because they refuse to work. The riot and loot because they have no self control. They have a thug culture because since birth they have neglectful parents who only pop out kids for the welfare money we give them and as a result, they turn to the gang life for some semblance of structure and authority.

      LBJ made this all possible.”I’ll have those niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years.”

  2. Col West, thank you for been brave in the face of the name calling you get. I am a first generation migrant to the United Kingdom and I face the same battles you face when I speak truthfully about the black community. People think I’m arrogant or wanting to please the white man.
    People like you are men of valour and honour, regardless of your colour and you spur people like myself to want to positively impact my community and rescue it from the stranglehold of liberal socialists.

  3. Sorry, ”

    the black community should be angry and tormented by the tragic death of one of its own.” doesn’t fly. He was being arrested, resisted arrest, tried to get the officer’s gun. Fighting over a gun is going to get someone shot. Then the resulting riot is inevitable. Any excuse for these people. Just like when Hurricane Sandy was hitting and they were planning on twitter ahead of time which stores to hit in coordinated attacks. Any excuse for “free” stuff.

      • Then consider the rape, robbery and general mayhem that happened in the stadium after katrina. It was all black on black crime. Do you condone that? Is it another pathetic excuse to steal?

      • What does ‘Katrina” have to do with this article OR my comment or the comment I replied to or what I condone or don’t condone especially since my comment didn’t even mention a reference to condoning anything?

      • I missed your first comment about looting, etc. I retract my questions and apologize. The reference to katrina was one place the example was set that looting, etc was acceptable behavior from some people. It set the stage for sandy to prepare in advance for it. Whether a study, investigation, or anything else has been completed, common sense comes into play. This scenereo has been repeated many times in recent past with no reprecussions. Some of my spelling may be wrong, but the intent of what I am trying to say, I believe to be correct.

      • We do know that the 2 men were fighting with the officer… that much is a guaranteed fact. 2 men fighting with with 1 officer is going to get you shot if the officer has any brains at all.

      • Those that have not had any type of police or firearms training or force-on-force training, and the legal aspects of such, have no clue that an unarmed person trying to take your gun will get shot, legally so.

      • Your comment is interesting since the investigation of Michael Brown has yet to be completed OR released to the public.

  4. I’ve never read more ridiculous bull crap in my entire life. Who on earth, black, white, pink or yellow condone looting?!! If your mission is to stir up MORE garbage INSTEAD seeking the truth and justice for Michael Brown, you’ve succeeded. UNBELIEVABLE!

    • Have you NOT read some of the twitter/facebook/forum comments by people who thought that this group of citizens had EVERY right to loot? Have you not read the comments from the same locations which encouraged the looters to go to the white neighborhoods to loot instead of their own neighborhoods?

      • ‘I’ve never read more ridiculous bull crap in my entire life. Who on earth, black, white, pink or yellow condone looting’

        Are YOU just incredibly stoooopid or just a TROLL who can’t comprehend?!

      • LOL! It seems that–perhaps–*I* am not the incredibly stoooopid, uncomprehending one, considering that I gave proof to the idea that some non-thinking persons ARE condoning the looting. But, you go on ahead and keep playing your games, Little One. I hope you grow up to become a useful, productive citizen. Have a very lovely life.

      • Loralee Ford, NO ONE HERE is condoning any looting OR criminal behavior and since your education doesn’t cover comprehension, go clean your double wide, in MO. 😉

  5. QT should leave the store as is to remind local people the cost of destroying their own community. Kind of a modern museum for all to see. Maybe then people will appreciate the modern conveniences the community enjoys. Why would QT want to rebuild in a community that wants to tear it down again ?

  6. When the stores are gone from an area due to shoplifting, robbery, looting and vandalism will property values go down? We all want equal and sensible justice under the law. I pray my only child, now an adult, would be respectful when dealing with police officers, and that they would treat her respectfully. It was honorable of the young man’s parents to request that looters stop their actions…..

  7. WOW!! SEVERAL comments that apposed this article simply ‘disappeared’ including mine?

    What’s wrong West, you don’t like the FIRST AMENDMENT?!!

  8. Colonel West, I understand completely your reaction to seemingly nonsensical, self-destructive rioting by black citizens, but I offer this perspective from a libertarian point of view. We are witnessing more and more undisciplined behavior by our police forces in communities nation wide. Many of us are concluding that our police are not properly trained in their roles of protecting and serving citizens. They seem to now view themselves as an occupational military force, a brotherhood of enforcers for the government. This problem is particularly apparent in black neighborhoods where stop and frisk, often on obvious pretexts, is common and offensive to the citizens. Moreover, these confrontations sometimes have tragic results, like the instant case, and the citizens feel justified in riotous conduct to express their rage and powerlessness. Blacks are not stupid because they choose self-destructive behavior to express their rage. Rather, they see their conduct as sending an emphatic message that they will not take it any more. I, for one, believe they have a point.

      • How about assuring that we have properly trained and professional police officers sensitive to their roles as protectors and respecters of the rights of all citizens, even abusive fools.

      • In St. Louis the police are governed by a board of commissioners. You should show your force by peaceful protest and vote, not by fist. Riots only justify tyranny and loss of liberty. There are around 800,000 police officers in this country. Yet, they are now all vilified by the media because of the actions of a few. This is exactly what is happening to conservatives and Christians. The leftists wants chaos, because chaos calls for a strong armed rule of law, the loss of liberty, and destruction of the fabric of our nation.

      • I am not a leftist. Liberty is my highest value. I oppose government oppression at all levels. The police have an important and difficult role to play because they must maintain that sensitive line between protecting us and not overstepping their power. It takes a highly trained officer to walk that tight rope. I respect well trained police but not power abusers.

      • I was not accusing you of being a leftist, but I was stating that the alternative perspective you propose is the very trap that they want us to fall into. We should never condone violence, outside of the realm of self-defense or the just defense of others. We should never use the actions of others, especially the uncorroborated actions of others to excuse violence or destruction. Government oppression often begins with the inability of the people to govern and control their own actions.

      • I agree. The riots are not justifiable. But there is a reason for them and it is not that the rioters are simply lawless fools who rioted without reason.

      • Do you realize what you just said? You are vilifying Leftists – Labeling a group of people as a unit. How many leftists do you know that have stood up and said what you claimed? People call other people names/label others because it’s easier than thinking.

      • Thank you for your opinion Mae. What I do realize is that you are attempting turn my own words against me and use it as false accusation of hypocrisy. That my dear is common fallacy, more than one actually. Because of this, I also believe you are ill equipped to enter a real linguistic debate therefore, I will keep my response short. I was indeed vilifying Leftists. Amongst, conservatives and independents, the term “Leftist” is an informally agreed upon term to describe ideological left-wing extremists. Sometimes we also use the term “progressive”, but I wanted to break up the monotony of my posts and use a more vibrant and colorful word. I would concede that there are probably many “leftists” who did and will speak out against such horrible events. That my dear however is where the true hypocrisy lies.

      • How about teaching our children that the police aren’t the bad guys? And that if they want respect they have to give it, first. I live in this community, do you? I doubt it. Here’s the thing, if the Michael Brown HAD been respectful, and taught that way, he would NOT have attempted to go for the officers gun to begin with. He was a big boy, about +250 lbs and over 6 feet. He was using his body mass to intimidate the cop. I am NOT saying that he was justifiably shot. I AM saying that police officers put their lives on the line every. single. damn. day. and you’re going to sit there and say they aren’t reasonably trained?! That they are just an over reach of military power? So I guess that coo should have just let Mike Brown have his gun, too, then.. Then it would just be another sad case of, ‘he was such a good kid, I don’t know why he shot that cop.’ And no one would think twice about it, because, well, they “don’t know no better”. Brilliant for rationalizing that they don’t have an outlet for their anger. The next time a white kid gets killed by a black person, we should all riot, because racism has gotten way out of hand and it because.of bullshit rationalizations like this. No outlet for their anger?! It called anEDUCATION,.get one and you can FIGHT LEGALLY to CHANGE THINGS YOU DON’T LIKE!

      • I guess in your world it is the citizen that has the duty to serve and obey the police, regardless of how abusive they may be?

      • His question is actually valid. If the answer was black and white (pun intended), then we would not have this history of over 30 years of continuos violence in these communities.

      • You know what a law-abiding citizen is, Joe. Your question was unnecessary. EVERYONE know what a law-abiding citizen looks like. SMH

      • Your focusing on a tree when you should be focusing on the forest. The forest is community rage, not individual stupidity.

      • Let’s see a man who changed the world put it succinctly;

        First, one can resist evil without resorting to violence.

        Second, nonviolence seeks to win the ‘‘friendship and understanding’’ of the opponent, not to humiliate him

        Third, evil itself, not the people committing evil acts, should be opposed.

        Fourth, those committed to nonviolence must be willing to suffer without retaliation as suffering itself can be redemptive.

        Fifth, nonviolent resistance avoids ‘‘external physical violence’’ and ‘‘internal violence of spirit’’ as well: ‘‘The nonviolent resister not only refuses to shoot his opponent but he also refuses to hate him’’

        The resister should be motivated by love in the sense of the Greek word agape, which means ‘‘understanding,’’ or ‘‘redeeming good will for all men’’

        The sixth principle is that the nonviolent resister must have a ‘‘deep faith in the future,’’ stemming from the conviction that ‘‘the universe is on the side of justice’’

        Pick up a copy of Stride to Freedom, Martin Luther King Jr. 1958.

        The people of Ferguson “had” a just cause, if the evidence was proven against the accused. However, their message is lost by 1. their lack of action against the daily murders that happen in their society and 2. their violent action against those who may not defend themselves.

        In their rioting they become no better than the officer who shot the young boy; their criminal acts relegates them to a lesser position.

    • Let me say this… if a civilian was attacked by 2 men thrown in their car and beaten ans that civilian pulled a gun and shot one… wouldnt that be self defense? Wouldn’t most people not even bat an eye at the outcome? Now tell me why a police officer can’t do the same. He doesn’t know if theyre armed or not all he knows is 2 men are on top of him beating him and probably trying to grab his gun. The other man is lucky he didnt get shot as well… he wouldve deserved it.

      • The investigation just begun. There are conflicting stories and two eye witnesses have come forward who stated Brown’s hands were in the air.

      • Another issue that is important is why the stop occurred in the first place? It could be what turned the stop into a violent confrontation. We may never know what really happened because in this case it is the police investigating the police. The police, any police, cannot investigate themselves because they are all members of a brotherhood loyal to each other.

      • The FBI is investigating along side of the DOJ overseeing. They’ll get to the bottom of this and find the truth.

    • there is no excuse for such behavior. it does nothing but hurt their community and their image. and maybe if parents raised their kids to obey laws there would be no reason for police to profile and what not. because there would be no reason too. i have seen mothers come into courtrooms screaming about how their “baby” is innocent or whatever and they have caught the person red handed or on camera. it is the PARENTS fault for not busting their kids ass when they got into trouble as a young kid and now we see more and more bs everyday by young kids. and this is not just blacks but whites, latinos, asians. i see excuse after excuse after excuse, but no one standing up and taking responsibility for their actions. ppl today think they are owed something, they dont want to work and earn it. Get a clue ppl.

    • pretty poor justification to agree with looting, damage to other people property, etc. So let us just burn the town down well because I need to make a statement! BS. One needs to be held accountable for their action – everyone!!!

    • Rioting for tennis shoes and TV’s is not a point! There is no point! Calling for change is a point! Protesting is a point! ROBBING is not a point!

    • [[ Rather, they see their conduct as sending an emphatic message that they will not take it any more. I, for one, believe they have a point. ]]

      Really? So whats the point of destroying your own hood again? Fool.

  9. it doesn’t take a tragedy to set the “free stuff for the taking agenda in motion”…..when Detroit won the NBA title a couple years ago they celebrated by “looting”. They “loot” because of what they are, it has nothing to do with a perceived social injustice!!!! When OJ was found not guilty….did the WHITE community riot and loot????? NO…they didn’t!

  10. There seems to always be the excuse for bad behavior that makes it someone else’s fault. While tragic that a teen was shot and killed by a police officer, the FBI as well as the local police department is on the ground and conducting the appropriate investigation. That is absolutely no excuse for this behavior. Yet they will complain loudly and once again blame others when the grocery stores decide to close rather than return to business as usual, the gas stations close. When you create your own food desert and lack of jobs by your own lawless behavior, you get what you sow.

  11. I really hate to say it but, White people don’t act this way! All my black friends don’t act this way. Why is it allowed by the blacks to act this way. The businesses in Ferguson will close and not come back. Great job, looters!

  12. I never considered myself racist, now living in Africa for a number of years, I’m not quite sure how to view myself. Kenya used to be a paradise when the british ruled it, but when the blacks came in, it is completely destroyed, it’s a giant ghetto. I can only assess that it’s in the genes. There are countless successful blacks, but they are a minority by far. No matter where there is a big concentration of blacks, it’s a ghetto, there is no denying that, I came to realize that more and more as I look around Kenya, It’s ashame, but it is the way it is. I still would not consider myself racist for pointing out the truth. Just as this article attests to, it’s the blacks destroying their communities, not the whites.

    • This is poor understanding of colonial history. There is a proverb/cliche about teaching a man to fish that comes to mind. The British treated the colonials only slightly better than slaves. When they left, they abandoned those communities without leaving any sense of personal community, responsibility, or any really understanding of self-governing. It wasn’t until India finally started to build its own education system, under their own initiative, that changes began there, same thing can be said for the Philippines, Vietnam, and many other colonies of the West. In the U.S. we have a similar situation within our impoverished areas, with the major addition that we have disenfranchised the fathers and husbands from their own families.

      • So what you are saying then is they do not know how to govern themselves and and be a self sustaining society?

      • Initially and historically no. It is neither lie nor myth that most colonies were primitive by the modern western standards of the time. Most had tribal and loose communal forms of governing — smaller self-sufficient units, with little industry, and typically little agricultural technology. The indigenous populations were enslaved or forced into labor by other means. Colonialism ended when the populace gained a means to defend themselves, i.e. the modern weaponry. It took time then for them to gain the knowledge, often through trial, err, and violence, to self-govern. Many failed and fell into horrible disarray and became progenitors of tyranny, many succeeded and became great allies for liberty.

        Given this brief history lesson you can see how one would then go about gaining full control over the people. Remove the knowledge of how to govern, and remove any means of self-defense.

      • Cut to the chase. Lib policies have screwed the black man since LBJ. And they are killing each other now.

      • I would got one further and say said policies have been to the detriment of all men, not just black men.

      • Good point! But it’s the black community that LBJ pandered to for votes and screwed the hardest under fraud of social heroin.

  13. He’s West doing what he does best- DEFEND THE WHITE MAN- As usual, you are trying to be a non offensive black men. Our “acting white” statement is strictly directed to racist whites who want blacks to act like GOOD blacks.
    Thanks for a fair and balanced article, you forgot to mention why blacks were so angry as to riot. But that was spoil your point of lawless blacks.
    Blacks riot and…
    Sharpton was in town. I guess you and the blk repsublicans missed eachother. Opps, you were NO WAY never there. They are on FOX complaining about looting. Tisk Tisk. When will white people make their statement about stopping the looting?
    Of course, West, Mike Brown could not be your son. If ever pulled over by cops, he’d be the first to say , DO YOU KNOW WHO MY FATHER IS??? HE WILL HAVE YOUR JOB!! That’s a privilege many blacks don’t have.
    Brown was from an area where “econ recovery was bypassed” But he was going to college and trying to get out. NEWSFLASH, blks are getting out.
    What does you wife have to do with anything? Sympathy again. SHAMLESS

      • And when white loot and protest it’s okay. Don’t you I think calling blacks , animals iis racist? I’m looking at TV and I don ‘t see animals. Maybe the TV in the KKK playroom needs adjusting.

      • They are two-legged primate animals doing the rioting and looting. And if they are white, cracker -azzed redneck POS trash I’ll say it.

      • I bet all the blacks friends you claim to have would love to be called good blacks. try that next time.

    • So next time a white is gunned down or attacked by a black, you are going to agree that us “white folks” are justified in rioting out of anger? The facts are still coming out and yes, tragically a life was lost, but it happens daily and other groups do not riot to prove anything. Justifying such actions makes you just as guilty as those committing the crimes…..and they are crimes.
      And as for Sharpton, he makes his millions keeping his own people down and crying RACISM any chance he gets. If we were united, he would no longer have anyone to pad his wallet. It amazes me how some people refuse to see the forest for the trees and create issues just to have something to complain about.

    • [[ He’s West doing what he does best- DEFEND THE WHITE MAN ]]

      As you defend the apes doing the rioting and looting. Typical criminal lib behavior.

      • Get bent. ANYONE who is rioting and looting deserves to be called any derogatory name that comes to mind. You like criminal animals? Take the mother effers home with you liberal slime.

    • Pussy, I just took the time to read your comment ,and then I got down to your comments about what if that was MR West’s son, and i beg to differ with you.If that was Mr West’s son I am sure when the officer asked him to get on the sidewalk he would have complied and we would not be reading this story. I know this because I know how the West family are raising thier children. If more people in the black community would be more like the West family these things would happen less often .In closing when I read the part about Mr West I totally disregarded every thing that you said because I know you didn’t know what you are talking about. So from this point on I will just ignore your comments.

  14. Further evidence of the utter failure of liberal policies! How many billion, maybe even trillion dollars have been given to these communities over the past 4 decades? Is there any sense of gratitude? NO! ONLY HATRED!

  15. Michael Brown was scheduled to start college yesterday. He was shot 13 feet away from the patrol car. He was shot several times in broad daylight. He had both hands in the air and surrendered to the officer. This was a cold-blooded execution. With all due respect Mrs. West if you don’t understand the anger. Don’t bother,

      • I understand the anger, but look at the article. Has nothing to do with anger. Your post is an attack on Mrs. West for asking why looting is an appropriate response to the anger. You missed the boat completely.

      • How is my post an attack? The looting is not an appropriate response. But the looting is not the only response either. What is going on over there is not about the looters it’s about Michael Brown who got killed by the police.

    • Were you there, at the scene, as an eyewitness? I thought not! So you DO NOT KNOW whether any of what you have stated is true! According to the police, he and the officer struggled for the officer’s gun. If you try to take a police officer’s gun from him, you should prepare to get killed! I have read reports from other witnesses (I admit, I do not know if these are true either, they’re just what I’ve read on the Internet, so yu can take that for what it’s worth) that say that Brown “rushed” the officer. But if you know so much about what happened, maybe you can tell us whether the officer was even white or black, since the race of the officer has not been revealed?

    • There are three versions. One side, the other side, and the truth. With all due respect, the truth has yet to be determined. Now if you want to excuse rioters then excuse the authorities if they shoot them.

    • “He had both hands in the air and surrendered to the officer.”
      Not according to eye witness testimony. And yeah, i know other eye witness testimony concurs with you, but the rest doesnt. Selectiive belief in testimony is pretty hollow and racist.

    • You say he was shot 13 feet away from the patrol car,and he had both hands in the air and surrendered to the officer ,seeing that you were there could you tell us the race of the officer?

  16. Allen, this could have been your son gunned down by the Police. Worse, it could have been YOU my brother. Don’t forget where you come from because if (God forbid) the “stuff” ever hits the fan, you will be counted along with every other African American. Black people shouldn’t be looting and pillaging, it’s senseless. However, save some of your outrage over the shooting of this young man!

  17. I’d imagine the looters weren’t protesting, but using the protest as a distraction/excuse to loot. Even if they thought they were protesting, all they were doing was hurting the local businesses, and consequently the locals who shopped at them, while simultaneously hurting the cause of the protest. That said, it seems there was violence even from the people that didn’t loot. What’s the point of a violent riot in protest of violence?

  18. I wait tell all the facts are in that’s what a person does tell they know the complete story.But looting and stealing property that doesn’t belong to you is wrong on every level they most likely don’t even know this kid just doing what thugs do best without regard to others.This young mans memory is tarnished by this and the problem those black folks absolutely don’t care.

  19. this is my old neighborhood and this saddens me…I had to leave when I had children and had to be responsible for their safety…I overheard parents in an elementary school principals office telling their child she did NOT have to do anything her white bitch teacher said…this child had assaulted her teacher…that was my children’s last day in the Riverview Gardens school district…I must be on guard whenever I go to North County, and ironically I also must be on guard whenever I encounter men with badges…

  20. All I know is before affirmative action people were more civilized, the entitlement mentality doesn’t stop at welfare, college placement, and hiring, it rots the soul!

      • and allegedly multiple other run ins with the police… I noted you left that part out.
        Playing football doesnt make you a model citizen, and he was going to start college, which means he wasnt IN ROTC, at best he may have applied for it or even accepted it. And dealing drugs is also the “spirit of entrepeneruship” too… Again, doesnt make you a model citizen, and I would note that most of your racist Black Panther friends would yell it makes you a capitalist uncle tom.

      • I don’t care about what black Panthers would say about me anymore that I care what you would say. He was in ROTC and sold candies to his classmate. While all his friends dreamed of the NBA or the NFL he dreamed of owning his business. He liked to say “let’s make something out of nothing”. I believe that’s what are supposed to be conservative values aren’t they?

      • Where are these multiple other run ins with police. Where is this info at? What does dealing drugs have to do with anything, where in any reports does it say that the young man was dealing drugs?

      • I know english must be hard for you and all, or you are just completely dishonest and pathetic. But since you asked, here let me spell it out for you.
        First, you can google search yourself his name and juvenile record, you will find statements that he has one. Since its juvenile and he is 18, its sealed, so whats in it is anyones guess.
        Second, dealing drugs in that language IS AN EXAMPLE NOT AN ACCUSATION dip sh it. Learn english or stop being such a stu pid hack trying to twist peoples words and pretending you are making some great point. It’s pretty pathetic.

      • Thank you fore telling me why I’m stupid and dishonest. Why do I have to google search what you are claiming. You should be able to provide me with links. It’s not up to me to fact check you. You should be able to provide the link to prove what you say is true. That is how debate works. You make a claim and then say look it up for yourself. I have looked things up on this case I haven’t seen any reports of him having a juvenile record.

      • I tell you how debate doesnt work. Thats for tedious hacks like you to twist posts and try to argue against a point that wasnt made. I may not like nor agree with a LOT of people here ,but at least they have the creativity and intellect to make a point themselves, not just twist a post and argue what they want to . People like you are pathetic. If you dont agree with my post, go do your own research and shut up. I dont care what you think based on your pathetic attempt at twisting words. Yes you are dishonest and stupid for that reason. Even more so that you think i owe you some proof. You’re jumping in with a not even half thought through response to a post not addressed to you. If you dont like it, dont read it. If you have counter proof, present it. But to jump in and demand proof is dim witted at best. Go do your own research.

      • I never twisted your words. Nowhere in your post did you say an example would be selling drugs. You made a blanket statement about selling drugs. How am I to know you were just using an example. When I call you out on it, you name call. If you can’t back up your claims I get it, it’s OK. You don’t have to resort to name calling me and telling me how I’m twisting your words and being dishonest. Here is your post word for word.

        Playing football doesnt make you a model citizen, and he was going to start college, which means he wasnt IN ROTC, at best he may have applied for it or even accepted it. And dealing drugs is also the “spirit of entrepeneruship” too… Again, doesnt make you a model citizen, and I would note that most of your racist Black Panther friends would yell it makes you a capitalist uncle tom.

        Tell me where in there you said dealing drugs is an example? Am I just supposed to know you are using it as an example? If you use something like that as an example it might help if you say it’s an example. Of course I must be an idiot though because I didn’t know you were using it as an example.

      • “Tell me where in there you said dealing drugs is an example?”
        “And dealing drugs is also the “spirit of entrepeneruship” too.”
        See when most people read sentences, they dont just read most of a sentence they read the ENTIRE sentence.
        So, when I put “too” on the end of a statement it is synonymous with “in addtion to” or “also”… When you construct a sentence in english, and you want to differentiate between what IS something and what is similar or an example of something, you would use, too, also, or in addtion to.
        For example, if you were to say “Elephants are gray. Elephants have trunks, there fore all gray things must have trunks.”
        And I responded, “Some rhinoceros are gray too.”
        Would you assume I am calling a rhinoceros an elephant?

        I know that concept may be difficult for you, but next time if you have trouble with big words like “too” try breaking out the old dictionary. It might help you from looking a fool.

      • I see what you are trying to say. But you responded the the comment about him wanting to be an entrepreneur so why would you even mention selling drugs as an example? Also because he was starting college that does not mean he couldn’t have been in ROTC. They do have ROTC in high school. He could have been in ROTC while in high school. I could be wrong I don’t know.

      • I responded to the entrepeneur comment because its a false equivalence. He, from my perspective, is trying to use that the kid was a bunch of ‘good’ things that display a moral or good person. My point in the drug dealer example is that to presume saying he is an entrepeneur = he is a good person is the same as saying all elephants are gray therefore all gray things are elephants.
        ROTC is strictly college, high school has Junior ROTC. The difference is that ROTC incurs a service obligation and commitment. JROTC does not.
        My issue with his overall argument is that its devoid of perspective. He is trying to paint the kid as a good innocent saint who is innocent and couldnt possibly have been in any way at fault. Every example people are giving are statistically just as likely true of the cop. He went to college, he probably played football, and he volunteered to serve the community.
        These are irrelevant points and have nothing to do with whats going on now or what happened. Unless everyone believes somehow this cop is satan himself and was just looking to gun down someone that day, you have to admit SOMETHING happened that caused this incident to happen. Was it police overreaction or is the witness a biased liar protecting his friend? No one knows right now, its only been days since the incident and the investigation has bearly started yet we have hacks like him spouting off about how good this kid was. For what purpose? To incite and to bias peoples opinions to be like their own. He is prejudice and probably racist because his whole perspective isnt based on reality its based on the color of the victim. Had this been a white/asian kid and a white cop, he wouldnt be saying squat. He has no idea what kind of person this kid was and is just trying to paint a picture that portrays the story as he wants it to be. And i WILL challenge that and point out the holes in his argument. Like he was an entrepeneur – so was Bernie Madoff.

      • This I agree with. I’m glad you said these points are irrelevant to the case because that is true. All that matter is what happened during this incident with the 2 individuals. Even if Michael Brown was the biggest scumbag of all time that is totally irrelevant to this case. Same thing with the cop he may be a bad cop but that is irrelevant to this case. All that matters is what happens. I don’t want to convict anybody because I don’t know what happened. I’m not accusing you of this but it’s more of a general statement but it is also wrong for people to portray the kid as a criminal because we don’t know. I want to thank you, we were able to clarify things. I’m always down to hear another perspective on how someone sees things.

      • The same. I apologize for my overreaction and insult. Not an excuse but I am so tired over the last few days of people trying to twist my words to get away from the crux of an argument, it is frustrating and I need to do a better job of controlling my frustration and differentiating from someone honestly seeking an explanation of my point.

      • That’s really all I was looking for. I even showed my mom your post just to make sure I didn’t read into it and twist what you said. If you perceived it that way, I do apologize. I have been going back and forth with so many people who have been quick to judge either way be it Mr. Brown or the Officer. Hell I had one guy today attack one of the witnesses because of his tattoos and the way he talked. Lets just wait until all the facts come out until we make a judgement. Not on this website but another so many people have been demonizing Mr. Brown. Even going as far as to say he deserved to die. When I see stuff like that it fires me up, I’m not saying you were doing that because you weren’t but a lot of people have.

      • Hell I’m white, I’m not demonizing him. It’s not fair to. I don’t know anything about him. I don’t care what his skin color is or what he wears or anything like that.

      • Blacks are always the victim.whites demonize the victim.take a good look in all jails and prison and you will see whos the make your race look uglier by showing how most of yall are making this country not pregitest i hate everyone especially those who brought yall here in the first place.The president is a total IDIOT! Think about it… Look up the top ten or 20 BILLIONAIRS No African Americans.No one will ever get that much crying about injust.intelligance has a lot to do with it also.So mr.demonlize lee take a good look at the missletoe hanging on the seat of my pants and you know what to do!just in case you cant read between the lines ask a white person they will tell you.

      • NO, I asked you a question and you don’t answer ,but you ask me a question .are you saying his family is not on welfare? Please answer. I think you are saying stuff when you don.t know what you are talking about and are now try to confuse the question so you will not have to answer.Why don.t you just man up and admit you are talking out of your a**.

      • What does it matter if they on welfare or not? I honestly don’t know and don’t really care. Try googling his name instead of googling “riots” you could find out for yourself. If you are really interested in finding out.

      • You have a habit of making statements that you can’t back up ,you stated earlier that the victim was thirty five feet away and he had his hands in the air, so by you saying that it puts you at the scene,so my question to you is what race was the officer?or are you just making it up because you was not there.

  21. This looting and destroying of your own community is just stupid enough to tell all the racists that they are right about blacks.

      • It is more about personal experience than it is personal responsibility. The majority of modern racists are not rednecks or members of the klan. They are normal citizens that only see the negative side of the black community as a whole. You really need to ask yourself why TV, Movies and everything else show blacks as thugish, stupid, and violent. That’s what most whites see is on TV and crap along with any negative personal experiences they may have had up to this point in their lives. And to top that off the majority of white racists just don’t want that sort of thing around them or their families but they don’t want to kill every black. That being said the majority of black racists do nothing but preach hate and to kill whitey non stop. So really which group is the more dangerous group of racists?

      • And these animals are responsible for rioting. Try to remember that and stop excusing them race pimp.

      • They are responsible for their actions and should suffer the consequences. No argument there but that’s just part of the story. Like you said we don’t know the whole thing yet.

  22. If a young african american harms an officer, (intentionally or not), or tries to explain and incident, or argues with a
    cop, ( Now they use the “I felt threatened”), the offender’s name and picture is plastered all over, everywhere, TV, Newspapers, Websites, everywhere, his family members named, every x-girlfriend is dug up.. every negative data bite they find out is reported…How many times have we heard, “I thought he had a gun!”, or,, “He tried to take my gun!”
    Imagine if there were no cell phones or people around to capture this..
    When an officer harms a african american, the officer’s name is withheld, all details are withheld “pending an
    investigation” tapes are viewed,, phones are taken, the black man sits in jail,,the cop gets a little vacation,,with pay (of course).
    There are occasional exceptions, of course, but more often than not,,,this seems to be the way it goes…
    I by no means condone rioting and looting, but we have watched this show over and over again, with the same ending.
    You tell the people to “Relax,, let justice do it’s thing”, and “Let the law work”, that’s why we have them”
    So when does it end??. Once a week at least we read about this,, everywhere in america,,,and not just in the inner
    cities. Seems to me the system is broken,,and altho there are good cops,,,there seems to be lots of bad cops,,
    or people who should have never been allowed to serve as a policemen.

    • What a sack of crap.
      You automatically assume the cop is guilty? Why are you so quick to be anti cop? Were you there? No. Neither was I. Unlike you and those like you, I’ll wait for the FBI and DOJ to do their work. I would expect civilized people to do the same. I would expect civilized people to tell those who are rioting and looting to stop it. Fortunately, most people are not like you who offer excuses for the violence by animals using this dead kid as a reason for rioting. And your race baiting is disgusting but expected from lefties. Do you Sharpton clones think you’re helping with the race pimpery? Where the hell are your long diatribes and anger at blacks killing each other every week in places like Chicago? You’re not fooling anyone. I have yet to see all of this ‘outrage’ at blacks killing blacks. Why? Because you libs
      DO NOT GIVE A F**K.
      When I start seeing your azz up here in Chi every damn weekend railing against the black on blacks weekly killing, THEN I will believe you give a crap. When you start expending this much energy and bandwidth on the shooting gallery known as Chiraq, THEN and ONLY THEN will I believe you are not a race pimp and race baiter. Until then, YOU are part of the problem.

    • Dim wit.. Race isnt the issue in your example because the same happens to whites, asians and hispanics. Black racism peddlers like sharpton and jackson MAKE it a national issue, where the other communities allow the justice system to work it out and dont resort to rioting based on their racist colored glasses – ie what you just did.

  23. Rafael X while what you say about the young man may be 100% true and its a tragedy….your using him and his death as an excuse for the looting and violence only serves to cheapen his life. If he were my son I’d tell you to shut up. He was too good to be used by sub humans to act sub animal. Even wild life doesn’t rampage and destroy like these goons. It is a Black answer to what? No they are not protesting…they are living their culture….sickening disgrace to every decent black person rich or poor. I too had to leave a neighborhood because this element took over. Every race represented there lived in fear. No children out anywhere for the last three years….just thugs and drug dealers…users…and I’m still angry. My black neighbors of 14 years were as afraid to walk out their door as any other race there. Sorry…connecting this behavior to that young men’s death is disgraceful if he truly was the decent young man you portray. There are constructive ways to deal with situations. I’m tired of race always being an issue when I read thousands of comments by blacks who hate whites….they have made me wary, weary and race cònscious…stop justifying the unjust and degrading this young man.

    • The riots don’t do this young man memory any justice. But the riots are one part of the story. Criminal elements will take advantage of these situations to do these type of things. Arson stealing. Happenned in Boston when the Red Sox won the World Series. No one pointed at the race of the rioters. It’s not a black or white thing it’s a criminal thing. I’m tired of people pointing and jumping up down going: “look at what these black people are doing”. Riots are just part of the story. Fact remains that a young man was killed for no apparent reason.

      • Key words…fact….young man killed…apparent….THAT’s reason for an investigation not a riot. You keep bringing up the fact he was killed like it somehow over rides the riots…they are TWO SEPARATE and distinct issues…. The topic of this article is the disgusting degrading behavior……Fact remains his death does not justify the behavior.

      • A life is worth more than any destroyed property yes it overrides a lot of things. If we really believe in the sanctity of life. Riots are expression of rage over the shooting. Rage is rarely a rational emotion.

      • Lol…now you are arguing vanity to read your own stuff. No dispute about the value of a life over property……not relevant to the discussion at all. We agree on that but its not even a point. Two different topics entirely. The looting and rioting may be an expression of rage but your attempt to dignify this behavior on any level disrespects the life and dignity of the deceased.

      • “a young man was killed for no apparent reason.” except for the witness testimony that he assaulted a police officer and potentially went for the cops gun.
        Regardless of whether that is what happened or something else, SOMETHING happened. The cop just didnt sit in his car point to the kid and kill him. Dont pretend like he was an innocent little buttercup reading to a bunch of blind kids and mean old cop came up and executed him. That is just as gross and ignorant as those who are rioting now and those who are “pointing at the race of the rioters” as its devoid of fact and reality.

      • Another witness is saying totally different things. He was a member of the ROTC that LTC. West is always praising. He played football and was going to college. How about we let the investigation take it’s course. Don’t act like that cop acted totally by the book either. There is a reason why the other young man wasn’t arrested.

      • ” How about we let the investigation take it’s course.”
        So let me get this straight, when I point out there is contradictory witness testimony you point out that testimony is contradictory too. (Circular argument since that was my point, all you did is validate that).
        BUT, you DONT want to wait for the investigation before you say he was killed for no reason, he had his hands up, the killing was for no apparent reason.
        Do you at ALL see why you are a hypocrite, race baiter, and completely devoid of integrity in your “arguments”?

  24. How many minors were shot or killed in St Louis over the past 6 years…Very few people cared, no media attention, no big public marches and no riots when those minors were killed somehow the “community” only care if the police are involved.

      • A 14 and 15 year old girl was shot and killed…No media attention and no marches because they’re perpetrators looked like them…people don’t care as much then.

      • Way to avoid the question. We lose enough to gangs, drugs, jails and even abortions. We can’t afford to lose those who are trying to make it the right way to cops or armed citizen. I don’t think anyone needs to be of a certain pigmentation to understand that.

      • . < thats the point you missed.
        Let me clarify, how about they clean up their community and not pretend like this death is any more or less meaningful than the others. Are you saying the other people that died were worthless because a cop didnt do it? Are you saying they deserved it? Or are you saying they deserved it?

      • I’m saying we lose enough young people to these circumstances, drugs, violence, jail, gangs. We can’t afford to lose those who are trying to do right to police or armed citizen.

      • “We can’t afford to lose those who are trying to do right to police or armed citizen. ”
        Again with the presumptions. You are making a declarative statement devoid of fact. Your whole opinion is based on biased “witness” statements that is contradicted by other “witness” testimony.
        There is no evidence (VERIFIED evidence presented in a COURT) that he or the cop is guilty of anything. What we do know is that he is dead and the cop isnt. What we CAN presume is that something happened to provoke the incident. Who’s fault it is, and who is right is up to the courts. Not some mob and not you.
        The fact you are putting valuation of lives based on who killed who, is disgusting.
        When a gangbanger does a drive by and kills an 8 year old little girl, HOW is that worse than some 18 year gets into a fight with a cop (REGARDLESS of who is at fault)!?!?
        Again, the problem is people like you who can brush that little 8 year olds death under the rug and want to put a racist colored microscope on the cop and not the community that is destroying itself and dragging everyone around them down with it.

      • Yeah, except I dont see anyone here trying to paint the cop as an altar boy the way you are for Brown.
        You ignore the fact he had a juvenile record. You ignore there is testimony that he was assaulting the officer.
        You want to bring up he was a football player.. So is Ray Rice, so is Ben Rothlesburger, so are several other convicted felons.
        You say he was on the way to college. So have many other convicted felons.
        You say he was an “entrepeneur”. So were many other convicted fellons.
        Many convicted felons were all of these and more. Its immaterial.
        What is the cops background by the way? Did he play football? Statistically he probably did. Did he go to college? Statistically he probably did. Did he have military service time? Statistically he probably did. I noticed you havent mentioned ONE WORD about the officer and HIS backgrounbd. You havent allowed in a single post that MAYBE the officer was justified. EVERY post you make is that this man was innocen and killed by a cop for no reason.
        You are a hypocrite at best and an instigating racist at worst.

      • No one knows who the officer is yet. Nothing has been released about him or her. What I’m saying about Brown is what his parents, teachers, friends and classmates are saying about him, they call him the “gentle giant”. They might be lying who knows if there is a rap sheet or anything else it will be uncovered. Maybe it’s justifiable but it will be hard to justify. If the cop allowed a strugle to take place in the squad car and Mr. Brown did try to reach for his gun, he’s incompetent at best. That still doesn’t explain why the body was 35 feet away from the squad car.

      • We know he is an officer. So we know unlike this 18 year old, he has gone to and graduated college at least with an associates if not a bachelors. We know that he volunteered to be a cop in a large city which means an inherently dangerous job serving the public. And we know he clearly doesnt go around shooting people randomly since he is still a cop.

        Yet you feel confident calling him incompetent and be derisive toward him while admitting you know nothing about what happened or him. You admit the family could be lying, or if wrong more likely not know their son as well as they think – cause thats unheardof right?
        Basically you are taking for gospel every positive spin of this 18 year old and ignoring any conflicting information, outright criticising the cop and effectively convicting him of murder based on nothing but your own big-otry, and whenever you are confronted with your hypocrisy you fall back on the “lets wait for the evidenceto come out”. Ive never seen anyone so willfully big-oted or hypocritical in my life. Congratulations.

  25. Where someone’s genetic background is from,where their socioeconomic background is from is only an excuse for taking from others. As long as we expect our government to fix everything then we have to expect to have to deal with them putting their noses in raising our children, who we can hire, fire., where we can live, what we can eat,can we smoke or not. You don’t get anything in this life for free. So when we start expecting to be taken care of well then we have to expect that our voice will get smaller. I am no better and no worse due to where my ancestors came from. It just means that when my mom was giving me what for when I didn’t follow the rules she might of said it different than the neighbors. To quote my mom she always taught me that stupid comes in all colors. No race is exempt it is just they don’t all get their 15 min of fame..good or bad. I don’t expect everyone to believe like I do ever I do expect to have the right to practice my beliefs as long as I am not using them to hurt others. So if me saying Merry Christmas is not in your belief then how about a smile as the intent was in friendship and move on!

  26. Black people riot over a killing bad and disgusting, white people riot over winning the world series hardly a peep. If Mrs. West doesn’t see the double-standard she has the answer to her question.

      • They were also next to the black rioters in Los Angeles. They weren’t even rioting out of protest…they took advantage of the situation just to get free stuff.

      • Yep! But the white guilters don’t want to hear that. Nor do the blacks who applaud those animals.

      • I think it challenged your read comprehension. Otherwise you are a simple troll. The author says:

        “It’s not surprising that the black community should be angry and tormented by the tragic death of one of its own.”

        She empathizes with this community, but questions the reaction of the community. But, you don’t offer any intellectual input, just hate, which makes you complicit to the those that would stereotype the very people you are trying to defend, assuming that is your true motive.

      • People will have their stereotypes whatever I do or say. I can’t be responsible for anyone else characterizing me anyway they want, at the end of the day, I know who I am. No need to question the rioters they are vile and senseless. But rioters and looters are just that, I don’t think it’s fair to label the whole “community” based of the actions of some thieves.

      • While I agree with your point, I still think you miss the gist of the article. Yes, riots, foolishness, and criminal behavior are not race specific. But, using your Wold Series example, if someone stood up and against the perpatrators and made statements against them (which most did), those speaking out would not be vilified by said community. They would not be called “tokens” or “Uncle Tom’s” or “sellouts” as often happens in the black and hispanic communities. We see this time and time again. Nearly every prominent black conservative leader has to deal with this continuously throughout their career. Liberal policy has created a long established “us or them” attitude in minority communities because they love the race card, its the proverbial ace in the hole. Mrs. West is trying to find the logic behind this espoused belief.

      • Logic is pretty simple. Mrs. West talk of the black community as if it’s something she’s seeing from the outside looking in. Like that could not happen to anyone close to her. Although I choose not to use “uncle-tom” or “sellout” to characterize people that’s why others do. Mrs West talks about who’s son Michael Brown looks like but seem oblivious to the fact that he could be hers too.

      • You are on a conservative website, Mrs. West is clearly using that example as a toungue-in-cheek jab at the left. The POTUS and his administration and cronies have only fueled the fire under the pot of racism. Obama, Holder, Reid, they are all guilty. She was being overtly facetious, and at times satyrical. Again a minor point of the article is that at times she does feel like an outsider because, when her opinion goes against the grain of the liberal social agenda she is vilified. This article speaks more loudly of failure of public liberal policy rooted in racism. What we are seeing is the direct result of communities constructed by racism disguised as welfare over the course of 6 decades. The “white flight” she mentions is a prime example supporting the very argument she is making, which is racism has been alive an well in these communities, in-spite of the grandiose progressive socialist policies enacted to “break down” the color barriers. But, you clearly don’t get that because I believe you came here to merely concoct an excuse to call a successful black woman an “Uncle Tom”.

      • Anyone the has read UNCLE TOM’S CABBIN knows that Uncle Tom was the hero of the BOOK! Allen (leave my men behind) West and his MRS are more like Mr and Mrs UNCLE RUCKUS!

      • You are correct, but I suggest you read the history of the novel and the many pro-slavery parodies that followed, which is where the cliche found its meaning as it is typically used today.

      • Mr. Rodriguez,

        Are you a lawyer? I’m being serious you’ve a mastery of the written language. Love it.

      • If you feed the trolls big enough words they eventually choke on them. In all seriousness, it makes no sense to argue without supporting yourself above and beyond dispute.

      • Well said, continue your comments, I enjoy reading them. Yes I agree if you’re going to argue come with ill refutable evidence to your claim.

      • Raf, its not about rioting per se but more about why do Blacks destroy their own neighborhoods when they are pissed off at these actions. Why destroy and bring down your own homes, businesses and living if you are angry? This is what feeds the white supremacists groups and any racist group for that matter. She is not asking they go on and destroy other neighborhoods either but she is asking why do they do it to their own, which affects the whole town now as businesses will not rebuild and move out and thus causing more joblessness amongst the African Americans further pushing them down… And asking that as a Black woman they call her an uncle tom or other disparaging names… telling her or other blacks they are “acting white” by asking why do they do this…

  27. No you are not confused. You are very intelligent. You know exactly what I am saying and you know how to play with words. Compliments aside lots of things are related. The point remains his life was too valuable to use his death as an excuse for rioting or looting.

  28. A lot of riots are missing from the list. Chicago 1919, Tulsa 1920, a lot of riots. Since unions made them popular there have been far too many. Time to take advantage of the first amendment.

    • Rioting are a sign of unrest and people saying that they aren’t going to take whatever it is anymore. Such as the Boston Tea Party.

  29. I grew up in that neighborhood a few years back and I know it well! The officer involved was “WHITE” and by the witness account he shot that man for NO REASON! But my question to you allen (leave my men behind) west. WHERE ARE YOU when it comes to the black community? How many speeches have you given in the black community vs the white communities? How many kids in the black community do you mentor? How many in the black community look to you as a LEADER?

    • Translation: I wasnt there have no first or second hand knowledge, no relevant facts, but I take anything critical of the cops to be gospel because at one time I lived in the vicinity of this event. And oh, because I am a big-ot I know this cop is white because I hate white people. And why has LTC West not come into the ghetto and blamed whitey for all our crime and violence like sharpton and jackson.

      • You mean the racist community… As for the American community, the one not fullof racists (white or black) why lower himself into dealing with scum, he is talking a lot in American communities.

      • I might ask you the same question. Why are you revealing how racist you are and justifying abandoning communities that are not worth it and deserve the wheat you sow.
        You’re a disgusting racist slime ball. Keep talking and making the kkk look like the sane ones.

      • Cause all black people are racist scum like you?
        So in your world not only can a black man not be a cop, if he doesn’t support your racist ideology, heisnt black?

      • Meaning you have reached your limit on ability to form words and sentences, so you will now just repeat your posts.
        That’s about what I expect. Slither back into your hole racist. Im sure theres a New black panther meeting so you can commiserate with the other pu ssys about how the man is keeping you down.

    • Mr. Earl Lee,

      I’m a resident of Saint louis and love it here so much I came back after 22 years. My question to you is, where the hell are black men and leaders who hold young men accountable? The black community calls LTC West an Uncle Tom for not believing in the victim mentality that most race baiters continue to perpetuate. Lets not forget Bill Cosby was called an Uncle Tom for calling on the black community to get educated and stop calling their kids names he can’t pronounce. I hate race politics and it is counter-productive. I would invite you into my home regardless of color if you treated me fairly and respected my house.

      I also want to know Mr. Lee, why you ask why Mr. West hasn’t came to the black community? Where are you on your actions on holding young men in your neighborhood accountable or within your family for that matter. Mr. West shouldn’t have to inject himself unless he desires, but I’m sure the black community would welcome him with open arms (sarcasm).

      I’m sure you will call me a racist and whatever else you desire, but it isn’t about race, it is about behavior. One more thing, what men did he leave behind? If I recall he was asked to Retire or left the military of action that were not politically correct for his actions after serving our country for 22 years. So could you expand on your name calling please?


      • Earl please let me have this one. LTC Allen West is always wondering in several of his articles. Why does the black community put so much trust in Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Why do they listen to them but ignore black conservatives, they are race-hustlers and race-baiters. The reason why it’s very simple, Al Sharpton shows up. He makes those people who feel wronged by the system know they have someone with influence on their side. He will risk his name and reputation to help them to make them feel they are not alone against the system. Right or wrong he’s always there and we can count on him. He gets paid? So what, he has to make a living like everyone else. Tawana Bradley? sure, he makes mistakes everyone does. That family requested for Al Sharpton to be there no matter what anyone thinks. Earl is asking LTC. Allen West someone who’s supposed to be a leader of men. When have you shown up for a black family going through what Michael Brown family is going through. You seem like a reasonable man, and my boy Earl tends to be a little abrasive sometimes. I don’t believe you to be a racist. Ok Earl you can add your 2 cents.


      • Rafael X,

        I concede to that argument, you’re right, he should inject himself if he truly wants to be a leader across all racial demographics. I don’t get offended easily by Earl, he is entitled to his beliefs period.


      • he white communities are not the one that is in need of dire HELP! I try to teach folks to be self sufficent. Teach them about PRIDE and not seeking HANDOUTS from ANYONE! You feel like a MAN when you work and earn things YOURSELF. I try to teach them do not give up your DIGNITY by asking for a handout! GOT IT?

      • Mr. Lee,
        I chose to come back to St. Louis because of the diversity and the lack of common faces I was accustomed to in the military. I don’t see communities as white or black as much as American. I say that because if you recall September 11, 2001, those terrorist didn’t segregate their actions based on color.

        I assume that in your response your capitalization wasn’t in anger but more for affect? I would agree with your statements and would ask you why aren’t there more black men like you? Those are the same statement I would make to my children.

        How do we come to common ground? I don’t want to see anyone hurt or hated for being black, brown, or yellow. If that person is a jerk, he is a jerk, not for his skin color but for the person himself.

        I don’t buy your analogy either, some of the strongest men I have had respect for have men black dudes who inspired me to be better as a man and as a soldier. My Drill Sergeant in basic was a huge scary SOB who inspired me to become a good soldier, so why can’t a white or Mexican person inspire black communities? I can understand that sometimes given our history in our nation, it helps to see someone of the same race achieve, but sometimes it isn’t about race but about getting it right.

        For example, I personally don’t like the policies of President Barack Obama, but I haven’t ever said he isn’t my President. I respect his office and him as a person who can lead men to achieve greatly.

        I hope this situation in our city gets resolved and if you need help I’m willing and able to bridge the divide.

      • Former resident of St Louis until 2 months ago….lived in the city till I was 12, moved to Jennings, Spanish Lake, Bellefontain Neighbors, and finally St Charles before I moved to Texas 2 months ago!

      • Yeah it called me back, grew up south St. louis, now returned to south St. louis, but went everywhere in the city and have family on the north side and in St. Johns. The weather I take it.

  30. Why she chose to use the words “ACTING WHITE” there are many BLACK FOLKS that are saying how wrong it is for those to LOOT….me being one of them. Apparently the WEST family has to appease “WHITE FOLKS” all the time… matter what…just as long as those WHITE FOLKS keep making them RICH!! Can I get a list of the black events allen (leave my men behind) west spoke at???

    • Are you as skeptical when victima is also listed as having been ‘allegedly’ killed by someone when a cop isnt involved?

      • I think the point is that this is the undisputed fact made by eye witnesses, the police, and the dead body. ‘Allegedly’ means that the statement has been made without there being proof.

      • Allegedly is a legal disclaimer from decades ago to avoid libel lawsuits and jury pool poisoning. Every one but kimye and earl “im a racist” lee knows that.

      • Yeah, because commomn colloquial and juris prudence is beholden to the single word definition devoid of context.

      • Im saying you dont understand either one. Allegedly is a qualifier. You are too simple minded or intellectually disingenuous to admit the “proof” part of the websters definition is also part of the term. Proof, means, proved in a court of law by a judge and/or jury.

      • Unfortunately for your argument, the word “allegedly” can be used outside of legal arguments. Your alleged statements of my simple mindedness or intellectual disingenuity are a prime example.

      • And unfortunately for your dishonest mind, this article being a published document is subject to the LEGAL requirements of avoiding libel and jury pool contamination. So while you can pretend for your ego its not in the legal sense, we both know allegedly is used in the legal sense for this and every media outlet.

      • If anyone contaminated the jury pool, it would be their Police Department. They have admitted to the shooting. Who would sue Allen West? The police department has gone on record stating the FACT about who did the shooting. Any libel case would be laughed at and thrown out with extreme prejudice. I have never seen the “I admitted it but they are libel anyway” defense.

      • And so you know, as you have trouble with common legal terms, when you direct quote someone, its not subject to libel. so it doesn’t need the qualifier “allegedly “. Keep trying little one, you will learn.

      • If I ever get into any trouble, I want you as my lawyer. The judge would throw the case out because of your pure incompetence.

      • What is clear and what has been proven are not the same. Your intellectual dishonest game doesnt change that. Andtere ave been PLENTY of “clearly” guilty people acquitted when unexpected evidence turns up.
        How do ypu know there wasnt a second shooter in a window? How do you know the bullet that actually killed him wasnt the first bullet and it was fired in the struggle by the victim? How do you know he didnt have a rare heart condition left undiagnosed that was triggered by hitting his body on part of the police car?
        There are a ton of scenarios that while almost certainly didnt happen COULD have happened. Every INTELLIGENT person knows this as do media outlets, so they use allegedly ALWAYS when there has not yet been a conviction.

      • A rare heart condition…what does that have to do with anything? I dont get it. A second shooter in the window? Huh?? Whaaat? I’m going by what the eye witness saw…we cant go by anything other than that because NONE of us where there…”Allegedly” lol

      • And what did the eye witness see? You talked to him? Whats his whole statement? Where was he standing? What information did he “fill in” as fact when he didnt see it? What did the people in the buildings see? Where is this eyewitness from? Does he have any prejudices or stake in the case? Does he have an axe to grind against cops?
        Or did you just read snippets of his statements third hand from a reporter? Or watch snippets of video? Was it edited? What was left out? Were people witnesses and ignored by the media to push an agenda? Whats the reporters background? Does the reporter have biasagainst cops?

      • He is telling the entire event as he wants people to believe it happened and as he may or may not believe it happened. Do I have to prove you wrong on that point yet again?

      • His statement is irrelevant. The case is not even done being investigated much less put before a jury. Its illegal and immoral convict anyone before they have had their chance to defend themselves in court. If you want to start mob rule and hang people off what others said happened, how many young black kids are going to be alive in neighborhoods with the klan in them? You may not like the qualifier. But its there for you and all of us. No one is guilty until its been proven they are guilty. In a court, not on a tv show and not by a lynch mob.

      • You say its illegal and immoral to convict anyone before they’ve had a chance to defend themselves? Doesn’t allen (leave my men behind) west do that on almost a DAILY basis?? I’m just sayin

      • If he had, he would have been sued for libel. Not happened yet so yourstatementis a lie until you can prove it.

      • I understand everything you are saying,but unfortunately that is not how it is where I grew up. The young black kids are proven guilty before they are proven innocent.

      • If you wish to be better than the klan you must not think the way the klan does. If I took any set of your posts and changed the word “white” into “black” it would look like a klansman wrote it. You’re no better than they are.

      • Would you solve one injustice by committing another. Right is right. No matter what is inflicted upon you or me, if you want to be better than those who would treat you unjustly, you must be just. Or you are no better than them.

      • So what your saying is let it play out in the court system and let them decide who is guilty or innocent. What I am saying is that it is not always fair.

      • People are fallible. You either have faith thst those involved will do their best to see justice done or you dont. There will always be mistakes. Technicalities free the guilty, lies convict the innocent. But deep down most people are trying to do the right thing and the jury will do the same. Nothing you, i, or anyone says or does will change the heart of the wicked. You should, likewise, not let their wickedness change you. Ultimately, no matter what happens, the truth will be known. I ask for patience till it is. It used to be said that we would rather see 9 guilty men go free if it would keep the innocent tenth man from beingly wronglypunished. It is a hard belief to accept sometimes, but for me, I have seen the costs of not believing that. There are places where you can be imprisoned just for being the victim of a crime by an ‘elite’. places where a trial is the length of time it takes your executioner to load his weapon. Those ar extremes, but I would rather suffer the crimes of a freed guilty man than know my security came at the price of an innocent mans freedom.

      • By the way, if you are looking up LEGAL terms, Blacks Law Dictionary is the appropriate reference. Try using your head and not your ego.

      • So you are alleging that the writer wrote this article with words to protect themselves legally? Seems like admission by the police department would be sufficient protection.

      • Its not. If the cop somehow got off, he could sue Mrs. West for libel if he can prove damages. If a qualifier like “according to police” were used that would suffice. But statig did or did not without a qualifier is a statement by the writer and not the police and subject to libel.

      • Witness accounts are not fact and generally viewd as unreliable by prosecutors, especially on their own. Experiment after experiment has proven this to be true. Peoples memories blur, and fill in blanks, they color them with past experiences, biaese and prejudices. You know that, and dont pretend you diont. Else you have dexcided every black man tried in the south convicted on “eye witness” testimony is guilty.

      • Thete were hundreds of witnesses to hundreds of other crimes.
        And so 3 is your magical number for guilt?
        Shall I dig up a 1900’s case in Alabama for you that has 5 eyewitness’s? Will that mean the black man convicted was guilty?

    • “Allegedly” – did ms. allen (leave my men behind) west really say that? I thought the Ferguson Police Force was predominantly “white”…I heard there were three policemen, 2 males and 1 female that were african american.

  31. One more point mr allen (leave my men behind) west. WHere is your outrage for a unarmed BLACK male being gunned down by a white police officer? Once again you prove to me that you are nothing more than the real life UNCLE RUCKUS!! “WHITE PEOPLE ARE JUST A JOY TO BE AROUND”

    • Wheres your outrage about the hundreds and thousandso black on black murders and violence every year?
      Wheres your outrage over black on white race based crime?
      Wheres your outrage over hispanic or asian on black crime?
      Wheres your outrage the real africans that immigrate to the US think people like you are garbage and a disgrace, lazy and stupid (their words)?

      • Now…who says I’m not outraged? I participate in the community…I’ve gotten HUNDREDS off of the welfare rolls and into good jobs. I’ve given seminars and talked to the youth of the BLACK COMMUNITY so blow it out of your tookus. NOW…please tell me what allen (leave my men behind) has done for the black community?

      • Just the black community? Not the low income, ghetto community? So you are ok if a whites only organization comes and does the same only for whites?

      • The white communities are not the one that is in need of dire HELP! I try to teach folks to be self sufficent. Teach them about PRIDE and not seeking HANDOUTS from ANYONE! You feel like a MAN when you work and earn things YOURSELF. I try to teach them do not give up your DIGNITY by asking for a handout!

      • And you perpetuate racism which goes hand in hand with the victim mentality and contradictory to pride and self sufficiency.

      • I think you are right about the dignity of earning your own way, but that applies to every person in this country. Now, just consider removing race from this conversation and applying those same thoughts you expressed to the community that staged the riots…not saying they cannot be upset, but what good did they achieve? They only reinforced the idea that people within that community act violently and police need to be on the “alert”. Anyone, regardless of race, would be on alert if they go into a neighborhood that is known for violence. This perpetuates a mindset that leads to cases like this one.

      • I agree…the looting was IDIOTIC!! It wasn’t done because of the death of this young man….it was done to get some FREE STUFF!! NOTHING MORE!!!

      • The only thing the looting accomplished was to get the attention away from the victim and directly on the looters. SAD!!!

      • I’m afraid you are right Earl, but I hope the truth comes out and justice (whatever it may be) is served.

      • Why does Col West need to specifically do anything for a certain “color” of community? Are you suggesting that because he is black that by default he has to support black communities? People within the respective communities need to stand up for themselves and represent their positions. Col West and his wife are simply stating their points of view as “black” conservatives that get accused of acting “white” if they don’t follow the script that a lot of liberal people expect of them.

      • Allen (leave my men behind) only complains about the black community…he doesn’t support the black community…why? With his status he can do alot for the black community. This UNCLE RUCKUS knows that its more PROFITABLE to criticize the black community than help it!

      • Earl, we are all Americans and should be doing things to help our own country and communities. I’m not sure what color has to do with which community we support.

      • You ever stop to think that if your accusations are correct about him only acting on what happens in the black community that he is actually angry that not more is being done to help the black community, which by the way I have seen him state many many times when he is going on about vouchers for schools taken away for blacks? About Jackson and Sharpton not supporting blacks in a positive way only when something bad happens…

      • I really pity you and your life… you are a very sad and pathetic person to keep harping on this tired issue and now you do it to his wife… I will keep you in my prayers Earl….

      • I highly doubt that it is Earl as you can’t let go of something you have absolutely no control over. You live in a very sad place, in your mind, that can’t put it in the past. God forbid you die today with so much anger in your heart…

      • What is obvious is that you are very resentful of Allan West and now his wife, which comes off as being very childish and spiteful. You live in the past and carry on a one man war of a bitter old man… As I stated, I highly doubt you are anywhere near being happy and living in a state of mind that is great because great men (and women for that matter) are mature enough to let things go and debate/argue/discuss in an adult like manner without resorting to childish behavior of calling names and attacking the spouse (and others linked to him). If you want to be credible grow up a little and talk about the facts of the discussion not throwing your tadbits of tantrums here and there… its very unbecoming..

    • I don’t know why it has to be about race all the time, perhaps the shooting of this young man was racially motivated but where’s the proof? It is said he was attacked in his patrol car when the first shot happened. So why is it ok for the officer to be attacked and doing his job? If this were a white male attacking him is there any proof he wouldn’t have done the same thing? It doesn’t matter if the majority of the population is black with the police force majority white, do you think that all things are always racially motivated? Honestly before any of us do or say anything we need to know all the facts, of which not all are in yet.

      • Exactly … a young man, whether he be black or white or whatever… where are these black leaders when its black on black crimes? Thats what Col West is always on about… why don’t Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson do something about those issues?

      • I think the issue is when it comes to the “view” of justice. There are many instances of perceived overuse of force by law enforcement and many end up in death. Then there is an investigation done by the organization accused of the overuse with the verdict that it was a justified use of force. The problem is that we are not hearing about this issue outside of minority communities. If it is happening to young white kids, it is not being reported.

    • when the facts come out, you may be embarrassed of your words. a smart man or woman acts based upon facts. i think we are seeing who is smart in this situation.

  32. This is happening because people have been programmed for a few generations now, not to know or love God or His word, to disrespect the ten commandments as they have been removed from their sight, and to live as their own judge, and so this is what we get. Our whole culture has been undermined by the New World Order Socialists, and America is falling without a shot being fired. They said they would do this and they have done it.

    • hit the spot! we can’t event pledge the flag any longer to appease immigrants. nobody knows who they are anymore and there are no more role models. let’s rap about it and make a movie. that what we have become.

  33. LTC Allen West is always wondering in several of his articles. Why does the black community put so much trust in Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Why do they listen to them but ignore black conservatives, they are race-hustlers and race-baiters. The reason why it’s very simple, Al Sharpton shows up. He makes those people who feel wronged by the system know they have someone with influence on their side. Al Sharpton will risk his name and reputation to make us feel we are not alone against the system. Right or wrong he’s always there and we can count on him. He gets paid? So what, he has to make a living like everyone else. Tawana Bradley? sure, he makes mistakes everyone does. That family requested for Al Sharpton to be there no matter what anyone thinks. Earl is asking LTC. Allen West someone who’s supposed to be a leader of men. When have you shown up for a black family going through what Michael Brown family is going through? When have you shown yourself to be a leader in the black community? You talk a good game but why should we listen to you when you haven’t stuck your neck out for any of us?

    • Al Sharpton is a race chaser… He is only there to make a buck or push his racist agenda on to continue the racial divide… he has no intention on helping matters only to make them worse..

      • Do you want every black leader out there? Why aren’t you yelling about Obama, Holder, Juan Williams, Louis Farakhan, etc… why aren’t you calling them out of their name and asking why aren’t they out there calming this down and getting answers? Why do you ONLY pick on West? Others are putting in their 2 cents but you aren’t chewing their behinds asking why they aren’t flying out there immediately to get answers… What are you doing? Are you there or just have this need to point your finger at West and his wife?

      • because I don’t hear Holder, Obama, Juan Williams, Louis Farakhan..etc putting down the black community the way ALLEN (LEAVE MY MEN BEHIND) WEST does!

      • Where is he putting them down? He has been saying there is a problem and it needs to be fixed… he has been calling on our leaders to do something such as Holder and Obama etc.. and they have done NOTHING… they are the ones who should be doing something…. dont you get it?

      • Consider; Allen West made his life good by doing responsible things. He is from a poor Black neighborhood, raised by caring parents, which made him a Man. Succesful, he is to be discredited by others who don’t/won’t try to be better.

      • he is watching the black community act like feral animals. he’s thinking about the lost cause. he is ashamed. not much to say at this point. it’s beyond repairable and blacks are ruining everything they did have….. which is more than poor people have in every other country. being poor and being ignorant are two different things. these people are ignorant and happen to be poor. guess they should have stayed in school instead of laying in bed making more problems.

      • Maybe he’s there to make a buck but he’s the one calling the rioters to calm. He’s the one telling them they are sullying Michael Brown’s memory with the looting and rioting. Those people are angry but they will hear his voice. He earned it with every march, every protest, everytime he hugged a grieving mother. Black people don’t trust black conservatives because they always seem to be outside looking in. If Al Sharpton can save the remaining businesses in Fergusson that haven’t been looted. He will have earned every cent.

      • And he only does it in these instances… where is he when a white man is murdered by blacks who want to kill someone just because of the colour of his skin? Where is he when its black on black crime, which accounts for a much higher percentage of white on black crime? Why isn’t he trying to build up these communities when there isn’t a white on black crime but other times such as poor neighborhoods. Because there isn’t anything in it for him, no money, no notoriety, nothing… West has been calling them out on all this for years… he is bringing this to the people, telling folks what our politicians who we elect are failing to do to help blacks and other minorities..

      • Yes but LTC. Allen West doesn’t show up. Talk is cheap. I can say whatever I want about Manning sucking in the Superbowl but I can’t quaterback an NFL team. Michael Brown was killed by a police officer you think his parents care if the officer was liberal or conservative? If Al Sharpton cared about his reputation he wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing. It might turn out that Michael Brow derserved every bullets that hit him. Still his mother doesn’t deserve to have to bury an 18 year old. Al Sharpton is there for her, Allen West is not.

      • And what good would it be for West to come in during a riot. Nobody is listening to anything. Things need to calm down before anyone will listen. They should all be shown videos of their riots and asked how did this help anything? It actually proved the animal like actions of the black community. Feral animals are put down. That’s a bit concerning.

      • What has West done other than call out people and stir racial tensions even more? What has West done to pull forward the black community instead of just b*tch?

        I look forward to your answer.

      • West tells it how it is regardless of it being popular or not. truth will set you free. Sharpton tells blacks what they want to hear to continue the racial tensions. period. West is helping those who are listening to the hard truths. The truths that Whites can no longer discuss. Those who don’t listen will continue to suffer and will not be set free.

      • is this about west or you? if you need help, just ask. there are plenty of free programs available to you. tax payer paid. if it is really a serious issue, you should call for emergency help by dialing 911. if you are in st. Louis, it may time some time for the help to arrive. they are trying to stop the riots and looting. wish you well.. really do.

      • You can NOT answer the question I asked. Therefore, you give me a troll response? How old are you and are you even sane?

      • U.S. officer fined for harsh interrogation tactics
        Saturday, December 13, 2003 Posted: 6:16 AM EST (1116 GMT)

        TIKRIT, Iraq (CNN) — The commanding general of the 4th Infantry Division on Friday accepted a U.S. military investigator’s recommendation and ordered administrative action against Lt. Col. Allen West, who was accused of using improper methods to force information out of an Iraqi detainee.

        Following a military hearing, West was fined $5,000 over two months, according to West’s civillian attorney, Neal Puckett.

        The punishment does not affect West’s eligibility for retirement and pension, Puckett said in a statement.

        West, 42, will be assigned to the rear detachment of the 4th Infantry Division awaiting the processing of his retirement request, the statement said.

        Maj. Gen. Raymond Odierno, the 4th Infantry’s top general in Tikrit, could have rejected the recommendation and ordered a court martial. If he were to be found guilty at a court martial of the two articles against him, West could have faced 11 years in prison, a military prosecutor told CNN.

        The case stems from an incident August 20 at a military base in Taji, just north of Baghdad, when West was interrogating an Iraqi policeman, who was believed to have information about a plot to assassinate West with an ambush on a U.S. convoy.

        In testimony at an Article 32 hearing — the military’s version of a grand jury or preliminary hearing — West said the policeman, Yahya Jhrodi Hamoody, was not cooperating with interrogators, so he watched four of his soldiers from the 220th Field Artillery Battalion beat the detainee on the head and body.

        West said he also threatened to kill Hamoody. Military prosecutors say West followed up on that threat by taking the suspect outside, put him on the ground near a weapons clearing barrel and fired his 9 mm pistol into the barrel.

        Plainly speaking, West’s actions amounted to torture. I can’t see how anybody (even West) can compare torturing another human being with being drunk and disorderly with a straight face. West participated in the TORTURE of another human being. Is the type of extremist who deserves a seat in Congress? I certainly don’t think so and hopefully the citizens in Florida’s 18th District won’t think so either.

        George Zornick, of The Nation.Com, recently wrote a revealing piece about West’s misconduct in the Army titled, So Allen West Wants to Talk About His Military Record…

        Check out this excerpt:

        The voters of Florida’s 18th District will have to decide if they want to hold Murphy’s run-in with the law against him. But it’s odd that West trumpets “duty, honor and service” in comparison to the transgression, while touting his military career—because his record there is, by almost any measure, more ignominious than an arrest for drunk and disorderly conduct.

        West resigned from the military in 2004, following an incident involving his unit’s treatment of an Iraqi man. West himself was charged with two violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, including one against assault, and agreed to retire after an Article 15 hearing in order to avoid a court martial.

        According to a 2004 account in The New York Times, West let the soldiers under his command beat the Iraqi man, whom West believed was involved in an attempt on his life. (No evidence was ever found implicating the man).

        Allen West’s repugnant misconduct while serving in the U.S. Army is even more reprehensible than his embarrassing misconduct as a first-term U.S. Congressman. His failures on both of these jobs revealed him as an extremist opportunist, who doesn’t deserve the privilege or prestige of serving a second term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

        It’s bad enough that someone who helped torture somebody was allowed to retire from the Army with a lifetime pension. West is as equally unfit to serve in Congress as he was unfit to serve in the U.S. Army.

      • Well then you seem to be very intelligent man and educated! Why are you not running for an office in which you could be very helpful to the AA community! You have done your research and have given a honest response about Col. West! So why not help people not just black, all people! Because sir, we are in a war here in the US and it is not a color issue! Isis wants America and I can tell you they don’t give a rats behind what color we are, we are Americans! That is all that matters to them!

      • Well you have not answered the question so I must be running a close second to your first ignorance! Sometimes I don’t think you want help, just a place to stir the pot some more! So go for it, and nothing will ever be done! So now I am like Zado, what have you done! You seem to reject any reasonably response! So get real!!

      • Again I asked you what have you done and again you do not answer and you print this whole big story and still do not answer the question that shows me you have done nothing but spout nonsense. Your ignorance really stands out the more you write ,if I were you I would quit now but you are to stupid to remain silent so the more you say the more everyone will see you for what you are ,an ignorant reason to reply you ,earl and raf x are to stupid to carry on a conversation so for now I will just ignore you 3 morons, You 3 might want to enroll in night school and learn how to interact with others but on the other hand I think you 3 are beyond the learning stage.

      • What the F have you done, where do you live who are you married to, what is the name of your first born?!!

        This this is NOT about me, you dope! Are you F’ing kidding me?! F OFF!

      • West tells it like it is? NO…allen (leave my men behind) west doesn’t know how it is…he tell it from a prospective to please those WHITE FOLKS that will make him a multi-millionaire!

      • Get real ,I will answer that for you. Colonel West is leading by example,he is showing that if you are raised right as his family has raised him you can succeed in reaching your goals. He has this website that is a voice for the people that feel they have no voice. He is a great inspiration for all people regardless of their race or standing in life,he travels around the country speaking to all kinds of groups, about all kinds of issues,he has a strong following of people that are concerned about the course this country has taken,he is a natural born leader who is determined to get this country back on the right track. My question to you is, instead of just b*tching what have you done? I look forward to your answer.

      • U.S. officer fined for harsh interrogation tactics
        Saturday, December 13, 2003 Posted: 6:16 AM EST (1116 GMT)

        TIKRIT, Iraq (CNN) — The commanding general of the 4th Infantry Division on Friday accepted a U.S. military investigator’s recommendation and ordered administrative action against Lt. Col. Allen West, who was accused of using improper methods to force information out of an Iraqi detainee.

        Following a military hearing, West was fined $5,000 over two months, according to West’s civillian attorney, Neal Puckett.

        The punishment does not affect West’s eligibility for retirement and pension, Puckett said in a statement.

        West, 42, will be assigned to the rear detachment of the 4th Infantry Division awaiting the processing of his retirement request, the statement said.

        Maj. Gen. Raymond Odierno, the 4th Infantry’s top general in Tikrit, could have rejected the recommendation and ordered a court martial. If he were to be found guilty at a court martial of the two articles against him, West could have faced 11 years in prison, a military prosecutor told CNN.

        The case stems from an incident August 20 at a military base in Taji, just north of Baghdad, when West was interrogating an Iraqi policeman, who was believed to have information about a plot to assassinate West with an ambush on a U.S. convoy.

        In testimony at an Article 32 hearing — the military’s version of a grand jury or preliminary hearing — West said the policeman, Yahya Jhrodi Hamoody, was not cooperating with interrogators, so he watched four of his soldiers from the 220th Field Artillery Battalion beat the detainee on the head and body.

        West said he also threatened to kill Hamoody. Military prosecutors say West followed up on that threat by taking the suspect outside, put him on the ground near a weapons clearing barrel and fired his 9 mm pistol into the barrel.

        Plainly speaking, West’s actions amounted to torture. I can’t see how anybody (even West) can compare torturing another human being with being drunk and disorderly with a straight face. West participated in the TORTURE of another human being. Is the type of extremist who deserves a seat in Congress? I certainly don’t think so and hopefully the citizens in Florida’s 18th District won’t think so either.

        George Zornick, of The Nation.Com, recently wrote a revealing piece about West’s misconduct in the Army titled, So Allen West Wants to Talk About His Military Record…

        Check out this excerpt:

        The voters of Florida’s 18th District will have to decide if they want to hold Murphy’s run-in with the law against him. But it’s odd that West trumpets “duty, honor and service” in comparison to the transgression, while touting his military career—because his record there is, by almost any measure, more ignominious than an arrest for drunk and disorderly conduct.

        West resigned from the military in 2004, following an incident involving his unit’s treatment of an Iraqi man. West himself was charged with two violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, including one against assault, and agreed to retire after an Article 15 hearing in order to avoid a court martial.

        According to a 2004 account in The New York Times, West let the soldiers under his command beat the Iraqi man, whom West believed was involved in an attempt on his life. (No evidence was ever found implicating the man).

        Allen West’s repugnant misconduct while serving in the U.S. Army is even more reprehensible than his embarrassing misconduct as a first-term U.S. Congressman. His failures on both of these jobs revealed him as an extremist opportunist, who doesn’t deserve the privilege or prestige of serving a second term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

        It’s bad enough that someone who helped torture somebody was allowed to retire from the Army with a lifetime pension. West is as equally unfit to serve in Congress as he was unfit to serve in the U.S. Army..

      • What about Bill Cosby! He tells it like it is and you refer to him as an Uncle Tom, same with Clarence Thomas! They educated themselves and it appears that that is the reason for them not being accepted by the black community! WTF

      • What the F are you talking about?!! Where did I mention any of these two AA’s names or suggest that they are WHAT YOU ARE CLAIMING, “uncle Tom’s?!!!

        ‘you refer to him as an Uncle Tom, same with Clarence Thomas’

      • Just pointing out that you are asking about what West has done! He is doing the same thing Cosby and Clarence are doing! Trying to get people to do the right thing and tearing down a community is not the answer! Re:uncle toms, most educated black people are refered to in the black community! Unless they walk and talk like a thug, like All and Jesse, that is how they are refered to! I think they are both great men and have tried to help black communities but that is not something the black community want to hear! Same goes for Col. West!

      • You either had FAILED reading comprehension, you’re a BIGOT or a complete idiot.

        BTW, I’m NOT AA, BIGOT! Now take your IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY elsewhere!

        Lastly, don’t ever attempt to make excuses for your bigotry, your attempt to get out of your BS only makes you look even more ignorant and BIGOTED.

      • Martin Luther King is rolling over in his grave! Of all the work and help he did to make black people stand up for themselves seem to have been lost in the black community! He wanted protest yes, but not riots and the tearing down of a black community! With this kind of behavior, IMHO King would have been disappointed in the actions of the black community! And a side note to Rodney King, he was I believe wrong in his actions, but yes the police I think went overboard with the beating he got! And I also believe the reason OJ was not convicted of the murder of two people one of which was the mother of his children was because the jury was afraid of what the black community would do in light of the Rodney King situation! I believe they were afraid for their lives! There was overwhelming evidence that OJ was the murderer of Nicole and Ron Goldman! The glove was nothing but bs, leather shrinks when wet and OJ quit taking his meds. for his arthritis which made his hands swell! I have friends of all colors! I have a wonderful friend whom refers to me as her little sis, as I refer to her as my big sis! She is a great person and I love her very much! Justice is never done by the tearing down of ones community! Ever!

    • Why do you only mention black communities? What if Col West showed up for a Hispanic family, Caucasian family, or Asian family? What if a white man showed up to support a black family? What if we quit considering race and just started treating everyone as they deserve to be treated?

      • Allen (leave my men behind) West KNOWS that for his money to continue to flow he CANNOT appear to support the BLACK COMMUNITY!

      • Col. West can show up for anyone he wants. But he can’t expect those he doesn’t show up for to take his lectures seriously. In this case the rioters and looters are black the shooting victim is black. Wether we like it or not it is racial. There is nothing I would love more then to leave race of it. Truth is white kids don’t get gunned down by police or armed citizen as often. Did that kid deserve to get gunned down like dog in broad daylight? Maybe. But it’s a tough pill to swallow.

      • You are right, but why do white kids get gunned down less often? I truly feel bad for the family and community that cared so much for Michael Brown.

      • if the police officer is found to be in the right, will the black looters step up and re-build the community? Or, will they find something else to cry about?

      • let’s wait to see if the friend had a gun. what happened in the car to cause gun fire. lets wait for the facts. are you listening to the eye witnesses that are now looting and burning down their own community? I’d advise you not to do that.

      • Gun doesn’t fire itself. Even if it did doesn’t justify the 7 other shots. The friend wasn’t even arrested. All the shells found are from the cops gun.

      • and if the police officer was in the right??? then what? do you start pointing out the problems in the black community or will you find something else to blame??

      • Because they’re not out there being idiots, causing crime, and wasting their lives waiting for the government to take care of all their needs.

      • because most white kids know that their parents would kick their @ss if they acted out. white kids can’t get free things as easily as blacks. white kids have to act right or they get nothing.

      • You honestly believe that ALL ‘whites’ listen to their parents and are the only ones on this planet to be given discipline? And you also think that there are NO ‘WHITES’ are collecting food stamps or allowed to get ‘free’ things when they are poor?

        Is your home address:

        999 Under-A-ROCK Place
        Nowhere USA


      • you made the point … ALL in caps. now my answer. no, not all whites. maybe a few per capita. but the black community is darn near close to ALL (in caps) per capita. – per capita means the % based upon the entire group… just in case

      • AGAIN, DO YOU honestly believe that ALL ‘whites’ listen to their parents and are the only ones on this planet to be given discipline? And you also think that there are NO ‘WHITES’ are collecting food stamps or allowed to get ‘free’ things when they are poor?

    • Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson show up? That’s why you support them? I don’t think so… support Sharpton and Jackson because you need your diaper changed. West gives a MAN respect to be a MAN and you want your nose wiped by Sharpton and Jackson. Grow a pair!! Get that chip off your shoulder and stop using the color of your skin as an excuse.

    • Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are Race baiters. They show for the money and recognition. Just what are they doing to help the blacks? Why do they not show up in your neighborhood to help with the poverty and the killing of black on black? Why do they not go to Chicago, call in all the Hollywood “elite” and try to stop all the killing of blacks. Why do they not help the blacks to get out the poverty they are in?. The blacks are killing each other, more so than white on black. Why do blacks feel it necessary to steal, demolish and harm their own neighborhood and then bash whites for it? Not all blacks are thieves , but quit making excuses for the ones that are. Whites have their “trash’ also so blacks are not privileged in that field. Also, when the press are not around, where are Al and Jesse? They damn sure are not in your neighborhood trying to make better lives for the blacks!

      • Maybe they are. Right now it’s not about poverty or gang violence or black on black crime. It’s about one young man gunned down by police in broad daylight and an angry mob burning and looting. Even if it turns out Michael Brown deserved to be blasted into oblivion, his mother doesn’t deserve to have to bury an 18 year old. Tell me who else will calm to the looters? Whose voice are they going to hear while they are expressing their blind and senseless rage? If Al Sharpton can help save the remaining businesses in Fergusson from being looted and burned to the ground. He will have earned every penny.

  34. Where are you ALLEN? Mrs West? Why don’t you speak up?? I’ve heard Ben Carson speak on it today on Bill O’Reilly …where are you ALLEN?

    • I would find you have more credibility if you also ask Obama, Holder and other leaders to do the same, other than that you are just a washed up whiner with no life….

      • Once again Rena…Obama and Holder are not the ones putting down the black community like allen (leave my men behind) west does!

      • Once again Earl…. he has been calling out these leaders to do something to help them instead of taking things away from them such as the vouchers programs etc….

      • He hasn’t been calling out anyone to HELP the black community…he is not interested in the black community. Allen (leave my men behind) knows that if he appears too close to the community that he will lose support meaning a loss of revenue that he knows he can’t make up from the black community!

      • Why can’t the black community help their selves?? The very thing that is
        happening right now IS WHY!! We need to stop with the oppression
        nonsense and take responsibility for our own actions. Blacks will always
        be oppressed if they keep the mentality. Rioting and looting never
        helps the situation. Stand up and act like mature adults. All they do is
        bring shame on themselves but a large number of them will never feel
        the shame because they think the things they looted were owed to
        them…WRONG! It’s also sad that Obama being half black himself could
        have been a true role model and turned around the thinking of most
        blacks and went down in history as a real man of change but instead, I
        believe that history will have a very, very dismal recount of his term
        in office.

      • If, IF, obama Sr is the real father of (B)barrack, obumbler IS NOT 1/2 Black. He’s near 50% dark skinned Arab (most likely muslim), with just a “smidgen” of African Black thrown in. Raised in foreign muslim conutries in his early years, obumbler has no connection to the American Black experience, and in his teens, was raised in a White communist household, attending up scale White schools. Research it. It’s all out there.

      • is the riots helping the black community? how do you help those who are hell bent on not helping themselves. not possible.

      • he does this for a reason. because the black community is down. you can’t lift anyone who doesn’t see the truth. is he supposed to paint a pretty picture of the statistics? Pretty Pink Fatherless Children. Fluffy Soft High School Drop Outs. Rose Red Blood Puddles from Black men killing each other. Rainbow colored EBT cards used to buy drugs. Sunshine filled ghettos of people in their bedroom slippers at 3PM. Really. Wake the F up. We are only a few decades away from total segregation and them moment blacks do not have any white support, the community will simply kill itself. Sad and tired.

      • Why aren’t Obama and Holder putting down the black community over looting and stealing? Holder is afraid of race discussions that are candid unless he is in control of the conversation. You have riot over 1 black man getting shoot, yet literally a hundred are killed in a typical Chicago week but noting is said.
        Face the real problem – black on black crime is much bigger than white on black crime.

      • That’s the thing you guy fail to understand everytime. That 1 black man is an individual, a human being. Who he was matters. Why he was killed matters.

      • I agree, who he was matters & why he was killed matters. I believe this because he was a human being not because he was a black man. It would still matter to me regardless of what color his skin was. Can you say the same?

      • he knows what we don’t yet know.. it’s too late for the black community. that is obvious. look at the statistics. look at the riots. self destructive implosion. it’s almost over. those who wise up and get out now just may make it. those who continue to cry wolf will be digging deeper and deeper into the whole that is almost caving in. look at the looters. they are shoveling the dirt right back in the hole. Smart. very smart.

      • But need to read allen west bio to see if he came from a black community and used programs to help him get out of the black community

      • Diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain. Good work, Earl. It’s good we have someone like you that knows everything about everything, or at least thinks he does.

      • Dispute what I said….allen (leave my men behind) was not relieved of command and left the army a DISGRACE?

      • Do you have something to say? Tell me how do you feel about the white people who rioted in San-Francisco after winning the world series. Are they feral animals for rioting over a damn baseball game?

  35. If black people knew how to build up a community and not tear it down, Africa would be an economically successful contintent. But what do you see in Africa? Nothing! Just a bunch of war ravaged tribes trying to get clean water, medicine, and food. Leave them to American cities and you get Detroit, St. Louis, etc. Those places are better off being nuked and leveled to the ground and built from scratch.

    • Your ignorance of Africa is almost as striking as your ignorance of the social structures of the cities in the United States. It has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with economics and the distribution of resources. By your logic you could say, “If white people knew how to build a civil society we would not be under the renewed threat of nuclear war that will destroy the entire human race.” White people just have a more efficient way of killing each other. I am not sure what in the modern world seems so civilized in the white world. Nothing but fear of global destruction has kept the U.S. and Russia from destroying the entire world. If that’s your definition of civilized I’ll take life on the African plain any day of the week.

      • I am guessing the residents of Detroit and St. Louis would be glad to pay for your plane ticket to join me. You want to come along, and express your wisdom there? I’m sure we can all learn a great deal about how to build a civil society from you.

  36. I am a white female mother of five grown children. I am sorry I am
    white, I was born that way. I am sorry to the entire African American
    population that I was born white. I didn’t have any say in the matter.
    I live hear St. Louis and have been following this closely. My initial
    reaction to the shooting was “Oh my God, I hope they find the officer
    was “justified”. If not, my heart aches for that young man. Within
    hours my focus and thoughts were no longer on the young man but on the
    pointless terror uninvolved individuals put on an entire community. It
    seemed like underlying fury had been let off a leash. I haven’t had
    time to consider who young Mr. Brown could have been. The actions of
    people within that community to protest young Mr. Brown’s death have
    prevented it. I sincerely don’t want to be a racist. I try very hard
    not to be, but it’s tricky ~ since we are not really allowed to talk to
    each other about race issues anymore. The actions of the looters made
    me a little more racist and that really makes me sad. I want to ask the
    same questions of blacks that they want to ask of me… “Why do you
    hate me so much for just being a different color”? “Why don’t you trust
    me just because I am a different color (without knowing me)?” “Why do
    you assume that I think or act a certain way, just because I am a
    different color?” “Why do you always expect the worst of me”? “Why do you presume to know what I am thinking because of my color?”

    • You don’t have to apologize for who you are. You are also responsible for who you are and the choices you make. Racism is not something anyone (black or white) catches like it’s the Ebola virus. Racism is a learned behavior and it’s a choice. When it comes to racism no one is “born this way”. Looting, arson vandalism are crimes and don’t have pigmentation. You don’t want be racist then don’t be. All those burning question you ask us. Ask yourself those questions and answer them for yourself.

      • Even if I am not racist and regardless of my personal beliefs, I will be stereotyped based on the color of my skin. Your initial impression of me (before you get to know me) will be based on your perception of my race, not my individuality. That perception will affect the capability of us to get to really know each other. When we do meet, no matter how enjoyable our obviously superficial conversation is, you will doubt me. Until both sides open themselves up to communicating on a personal level regarding incredibly sensitive issues we will not make progress.

      • If racism is a learned behavior that means it dwells and became to be in the black community.i wasnt raised to think they owed me or i held them down or that i was treated unjust.Nothings never said about the cheifs that sold them into slavery to whom im sure was black.back to the looting and damage they dont care about their community.All the government housing projects didnt look like ghettos when i was young.b/c they were mostly white.heres another point black bum will beg or ask white people only b/c they know a black manwant give them shit.thats why they dont care what they tear up.i know its got to be some good in them just as itsbad in mine but the majority are screwed up.

      • You also learn things as an adult. So it’s not too late for you to learn how to write. Black kids don’t need to be taught they are treated unjust most of them end figuring it out for themselves. It’s not the whole black community rioting and only one black kid got shot 8 times by a sworn officer on duty in broad daylight. One individual, one human being.

      • Racism is only partly learned. But the root of it is inherently part of our natural survival instincts. We are but animals after all. Just because we evolved into upright, intelligent, speakers, we are animals none the less. Early man just like very other animal is afraid of that which is different. It fears for its own survival. It kills that which presents a possible threat. And different means threat. The hate part, the new style of hating everyone based on their skin and refusing to even try to get along is learned. And let me tell you. The white children of those kkk, segregationist, true racists worked so very hard to teach their kids of my generation (born in the mid. 60’s and 70’s) to be accepting, tolerant, and that we are all created equal. My generation, the white half, we’re not allowed to harbor hate of a color. They could hate a person , but for a reason other than their race. We saw the struggle and taught a melting pot mentality. Whereas the black community who heard all the struggles, the pain, the horrible ways their parents and grandparents, and so on had been treated and taught them to be proud, strong, and that (purposely or not) that whites were not to be trusted or believed, and that we were the enemy. Now it’s our kids, who have switched places as far as who hates who, and who is a victim more often than not of racial hatred and violence. Quote all the facts you want, but white America is not your enemy. We aren’t killing you in droves and record numbers. How many blacks per 100 who are victims of homicide are killed by whites? Well I’ll tell you, 3. Yes. 3 out of every 100 blacks killed in America died at the hands of a white person. Compare that to the 93 out of 100 that die at the hands of one of their own race. Who is your biggest enemy ma’am? I know I got off track and I apologize. I don’t lump all of a race together, and know that by and large people of all races are good and tolerant folks. So please don’t think I’m saying “all —-“. I’m white, big surprise. My gf is black. My ex wife is from El Salvador. None of my parents children married their own race. I’d say we are pretty much accepting of people as a whole. Ad most of who I know are as well.

        It’s those who refuse to accept responsibility, and blame all their problems on everyone else who need to step up. Are there injustices being perpetrated against them? Of course there are. But how many want to look and live the gangsta lifestyle but claim racism when that appearance garners the attention of those who are supposed to be looking out for gangstas? If I dress like a dog it doesn’t make me a dog, but it won’t stop the dog catcher from stopping me to check.

      • First of all I’m a guy, did not take offense I know the avatar might be confusing. I believe that if a dog catcher can’t tell the difference between a real dog and a costume he should switch careers. That being said we came a long way from when white cavemen never saw a black cavemen and would perceive him as a threat (or the other way around for that matter). World is getting smaller information on any culture is available for anyone willing to learn. It’s 2014 I don’t believe we are controlled by our reptilian brains anymore. The ability to learn is what put humans on top of the food chain. Let me finish by saying killers of all races tend to kill people of their race it’s not particular to black people. Also every race have their gangsta culture. Does every Italian in an Armani suit and slicked black hair presumed to be a mobster? Does any fat white guy with a pony tail on a Harley presumed to be a Hells-Angels? But somehow young black men have to abide to a certain dress-code not to get shot by police. You don’t see any double-standard in that?

      • I 100% agree. Thank you for putting it that way with how people dress and are not considered mobsters and hells angels. That is the easiest way to understand the injustice that occurs.

      • Why is it wrong to hope that the cop was justified in his actions? Aren’t cops supposed to be the “good guys”? Aren’t they supposed to protect & serve the communities in which they work in? Why is it wrong to expect someone, who is being paid by her & every other taxpayer, to actually do their job correctly? Unfortunately there are bad cops out there and every time they use their misuse their authority we get further and further away from how it’s “supposed to be” but that doesn’t mean we should lose hope.

      • How could both be good guys in this scenario? A young man is dead. Either the police officer was “justified” or he was not. If he was, then the young man was not behaving like a “good guy”. If he wasn’t, then the police officer is not a “good guy”. And yes, I do hope that the shooting was justified. It makes me feel better than to think the police officer killed him just because he could. Where is your logic in that statement? Do you hope that this was a hate crime?????? And, what do you mean by “typical”?

      • No one unarmed gets shot 8 times by accident. No one is an imminent threat unarmed 35 feet away. If it was “justified” it will be hard to justify. Those are just the confirmed facts. We still don’t who that officer was. Unjustifiable things tend to happen to young black men that is also a fact. If it makes you feel bad just to consider the officer who killed him did because he could, how do you think his family and friends who are convinced it is the case feel?

      • I agree with you on every point you made above, Rafael. Every – single – point. (I did not know they confirmed he was shot 8 times or from 35 feet away upon first engagement). Serious question… how would it make a difference if the officer was black?

      • Good guys aren’t “supposed to be” shooting other good guys. Why would she hope for that? Please explain what you mean by “Typical!” and what you think she should have hoped for.

      • I didnt threaten you. I don’t threaten people. I just said what I wished. Watch the news idiot. THere is a video that shows everything that punk did but ur head is so far up your own ass and ur obviously such a die hard liberal u want to see things one sided as always even when the facts r staring u in the face. If something were happening to u u would sure call police as would any of those jungle animals who were rioting

  37. At least when blacks riot they don’t hang people as they used to do white people rioting in the nineteenth century. Go over your history books.

    • You are right but as we stopped rioting and playing the victim why do you continue. Are you not aware every other race finds it hilarious to see such a lack of dignity?

    • Yeah, that makes these riots in Ferguson OOOHHHHHHH so much better than any other riots perpetrated by any other group of illogical people from any other point on the genetic melanin scale. If you read the article, you noticed that in several of the riots mentioned, the rioters killed people. So, I’m guessing you think that a hanging murder is worse than other kinds of murders? Perhaps, you should go over your history books cos when ANY group of illogical people (who are ANY color) get to rioting, murder and other illegal acts occur. And, while you’re at it, why don’t you watch the news? Knock-out game, anyone? People have died in that “game.” The pedestal whereon you’re trying to pretend you have a moral superiority is on shaky ground.

    • so you’re saying blacks killing blacks, robbing blacks, assaulting blacks is soooo much better? get your head out of your ass for a few minutes. you’re lacking oxygen.

    • Great job Adriana, make excuses for criminals committing crimes…even though the local community has said repeatedly that most of the rioters AREN’T from their community….or that the family has asked for peace, since their son would not have wanted violence in his name.

      Keep looking for a way to blame someone other than the criminals committing the crime.

    • What has that got to do with looting and stealing today? Will you use an excuse that is 150 years old forever? You were not born, I was not born. Nobody I know is alive 150 years later.There is a lot of History out there and none of it makes any of this O.K.

  38. @adrianapena:disqus . You’re about 150 years out of date. There’s a lot of things that happened 150 years that i and you are not responsibie for, so that comment was way out of date, irrelevant, and added nothing to the conversation.
    But you missed the primary point – looting and stealing from local buninesses, many black owner, has nothing to do with the issue of the shooting. Looting and stealing isn’t a race issue. Regardless of the color of the perpetrator, looting and stealing is wrong. Period.

  39. Something to consider is that many of the rioters have come from outside of the community. They have come to Ferguson for a variety of reasons. Some came simply because they could get away with it. Others came because politicians could use them to promote their own agenda. Certainly some of the people who joined them are from Ferguson, but, as usual, it is opportunists from outside of the community that come in and set everything ablaze. This is just what the people in power wanted. They can justify the purchase and use of military style weapons and vehicles by civilian police.

  40. I can’t recall in my 73 years on this planet, any incidence where a white kid was mugged, murdered and/or somehow killed, and the white community that he was from or lived near exploded, and whites went on rampages looting stores, stealing sneakers and TV sets, and burning buildings, businesses, cars and anything else that got in their way!
    What is it in the Black culture that tells these folks its OK to regress to the “Rules of the Jungle?” That somehow it’s OK to act like uncivilized animals when anyone does something horrible, or even just looks at you askance, or “disrespects” you somehow per your perception. The Sharpton’s and Jackson’s of the world have something to do this I suspect, as do the Obama’s, Holders and all the entitlement liberals we have as well. They love to stir the pot, tell them they’re victims and entitled, and laugh about the fools who support them ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK!

    • I certainly don’t condone this type behavior in any race. But don’t be so uppity Mr. Bruno. I remember the times when your people were in the streets not looting, but spitting and hating on Black kids as they tried to enter segregated schools.

      • Great point Pat. That is a perfect example of how any mob will regress to the rules of the jungle when antagonized to a frenzy.

        Pete, you need to learn your history; how many white mobs have murdered blacks for the crime of “maybe looking at a white woman?”

        Saddest thing is, most (all races of) Americans are disgusted and outraged by the police’ actions. I’d be in the streets peacefully protesting this injustice as should every American.

        We the People need to take our country back! Public servants are just that, public SERVANTS. They should be held accountable regardless of who they know or how much money they have.
        My .02 anyway

      • Good point. That sort of thing did happen in the segregated South many years ago. Those were criminal acts, and were abhorrent just as much to civilized whites as to the blacks who suffered the atrocities.
        Don’t recall any recent actions like that, can you? The world is full of all sorts of creeps, so I don’t doubt that some screwball has done something that stupid more recently, though.

      • Thanks Pete, nice to be able to have a decent exchange of ideas. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head, but there are so many creeps and freaks. No aluminum foil hat needed at all these days.

      • Until the investigation is completed, you can’t be sure if there was an injustice. You are convicting the cop before all the evidence has been collected and examined.

      • Dan, you made my point perfectly. The superior attitude is what I have a problem with. There is not a perfect person nor a perfect people is all I was trying to portray. , You are a wise guy, we win as We The People. Thanks Dan

      • The slugs you are referring to are hardly “My People” Ms. Nash. That’s a red herring argument anyway, way off subject! We’re not talking about sixties “Equal-rights” marches and clashes that were of another world, another time and place entirely. One that I remember vividly incidentally. I lived through it! … Were you on the front lines, Ms. Nash?
        No, today we’re talking about looting, burning and otherwise mindless destruction whenever given the opportunity, as a normal response on the part of “self appointed victimized” peoples, whenever a possible mixed race-related incident occurs. Anything from a beating to a murder, and whenever someone OTHER THAN FROM THE HOOD, is involved. Cops are particular favorites, and of course white or Hispanic thugs qualify as well. Lets go downtown and break into some stores and steal us some Air-Jordan’s, or some rims, or some HDTV’s, etc, and then lets burn the stores down! In case you haven’t noticed, this is a recurring pattern, one that only seems to ever happen in Black neighborhoods, and one that needs to be addressed by responsible Black leaders (Not the likes of race-baiters or racists like Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, or Holder), and needs to be broken.
        BTW – In the past dozen years, I have had three black roommates, one a muslim, and one serious relationship with a black woman! I was also the only white face at two funerals during this period, one of whom was one of those roommates. I haven’t a racist bone in my body, but the Black community had better get with the program and ADDRESS THIS PROBLEM! It is their problem! It is eating their lunch!

  41. The looting for justice is just an excuse for the criminal element in the Black community to legitimize their behavior. It does nothing positive for blacks or for the local community when stores close or go up in smoke .

  42. And for those that want to say this young man was a THUG……the St Louis County prosecuting attorney just said the kid had NO CRIMINAL RECORD

    • Just because he has no record dont mea
      . he want a thug.i must put you in the same catagory as the president.When obama came in office i only seen one thing that i give credit to.i saw sighns that said OBAMANATION. Its pronounced the same just spelled a little different.To me it means the same as it means in the bible.AN ACT AGAINST GOD.People that think with your idiology make it hard for the black folks like i grew up with.i never seen color to the majority of your race divided our nation.

      • If the policeman’s face was beat up, I would say that was thug like behaviour. And that comes from witness who said he jump in the car. Let the story unfold. They are probably both in the wrong, I see no reason to shoot someone so many times unless you are terrified,

      • Have you seen the policemans face? The 2nd witness that came forward said the young man was on his knees going down and the cop KEPT shooting. They REFUSE to release the amount of shots that were fired into this young man!

      • You mean the witness that had to constantly stop to think about what he wanted to say happened next? The witness whose every word sounded scripted in order to make the cop look like a white devil and his friend appear to be a complete angel? No two witness testimonies have been even remotely similar.

      • Are we seriously going on a “witnesses” account that happens to be his friend. What the freak do you think he is going to say. Are seriously supposed to believe that a cop just shot an innocent black teenager with his hands in the air. Come on, you have to be more intelligent than that.

      • They are looking for that criminal record like it’s Lois Lerner’s emails. He’s a blood on breitbart because they have a picture of him wearing a red shirt. They didn’t learn their lesson with that “Muslim prayer rug”.

    • Have you seen the pictures of him holding up his gang signs etc.. No all the media will show was that he was just a big teddy bear. But by his friends own admission when the cop asked them to get out of the way so he could get to the call he was on, they refused. HMMM Poor innocent teenager.

  43. If you are white and ask anything negative or that challenges the black community you may as well be ready to be called the kkk.Not all African Americans act like this.They were at home watching this unfold.

  44. Another thing is being white we are considered to be racist but the truth is black people are the most racist in the world.They repeat to every generation that the white man did this and that to them and teach this to their children at a ealy age.They cry about being segregated but all they do is divide their selves fom us.Heres some or them: BET.Black histor month and i could go on and on.Also they call the rebel flag a hate has nothing to do with them.Technically it was a battle flag it had nothing to do with them just like the civil war.What makes it even worse is the spanish sees it and is robbing our government 51 years old and tired of hearing the shit.i never owned a slave of any kind but they refuse to let it like go They cry and they get.its more crimes of black harming white than

    the other way around

      • if you want to complain about all the hand-outs and free programs…. you should defiantly complain Earl Lee. A black has no excuse not to succeed. It’s all there for you but you would rather hang with your bro’s in da street instead of going to school, college, internship… etc. The mother of the boy who was shot even said that most black men don’t stay in school. Case and Point!

      • The black proves that for decades they have made their own beds and now bit*ch about what they THEMSELVES have done to THEMSELVES!

  45. I fear many of them will be sitting up in some church come Sunday morning. Then again, I hope not. Nevertheless, it is a crying shame, as they say in my part of the woods. I suppose they believe the lies of the left that you can act a fool if you want and it’s all good.

  46. No. Asking such reasonable questions like any sane person would ain’t got nothing to do with race. If somebody claims that your acting White cause your asking such questions ask them if they are claiming Whites are smarter than their race.

  47. this riot and stuff is soo stupid! people have no idea the mess that officer went through that night with those guys, if the officer hadnt fought back we would be reading about a dead officer…but that i guess would not cause a riot! shame what this world is comming to. why the hell does it matter what color the cop was? the guy took his gun and was fighting with the cop!

      • who told you 8 times. are you listening to the eyewitness high school drop outs again. can they even count in whole numbers and not grams?

      • May I say this as a weapons expert. If a person in uniform pulls a weapon and draws down (aims) you better know . . . the intent is to kill not wound. Police officers are taught to fire repeatedly. That being said, the cop could be 100% wrong, who knows? I know better than to disrespect, confront or agitate anybody that is armed, cop or criminal, and I am no big fan or either. If I am truly threatened and armed, I pop all 15 rounds plus the one in the chamber, and stand there clicking an empty smoking gun. Just saying, 8 rounds (if true) may or may not have been excessive.

    • I think it’s safe to say the guy didn’t take the officer’s gun since the officer still had the gun to shoot multiple rounds off with. What evidence has been released to prove he was fighting with the cop or are you just making an assumption? My understanding is that an eyewitness statement contradicts the officer’s statement. That’s why it’s important for a thorough investigation to be done, to find out the truth.

      • Same eyewitnesses that are burning down their own community. I would definitely listen to those people for sure.

      • And you know that these individuals were involved in the looting how? Ferguson is a town of about 21,000. I’m pretty sure not all 21,000 people are looting.

      • So you’re opinion is that all 21,000 residents are looting? Even the Ferguson police chief doesn’t believe that according to the interview I saw of him. What excuses have I made?

      • the first shot was fired inside of the car when the two young men pushed the officer back into the car when he was trying to get out. very smart move isn’t it? push an armed officer back into his car when they were not armed… not very logical.

  48. The problem with asking that question isn’t whether it is too White or not but rather will asking that question cause the next round of violence to occur in the nearest White neighborhood because the question was asked?

  49. A lot of people are making a lot of assumptions about the kid who got shot. What about the police officer that shot him? We still don’t know his name, who is he? What kind of cop? Was he intoxicated? What does his jacket looks like? What was in his psych eval? Any commendations? Medals? Reprimends? Any complaints for excessifve force? How does his colleagues, friends and family feel about him? Do we know any of this? Of course we don’t.

    • I agree we need answers to all the questions you raised but to get those answers an investigation has to be done first. With whats been going on in Ferguson do you really believe that the police in good faith should believe that no harm would come to the officer or his family if his name was released? Wouldn’t that open up a liability issue for the city of Ferguson? Of course his name will be released at some point but as of right now he hasn’t been charged with anything because the investigation isn’t complete. I believe once the investigation is complete the officer will be charged and his name released.

    • The dead young man was arrested in late 2013 for robbery with a gun and charged with 4 crimes. Not exactly a nice, clean-cut kid.

      Wait and see what comes out of the investigation.

      Meanwhile, tearing down the neighborhood is ridiculous…

    • you need help. just what if this cop did exactly the right thing. didn’t you read and hear that the two young men pushed the cop back into his car? that is an invitation for trouble especially when you are not armed. Or, was one armed? Is that a smart thing to do Rafael? You push a lion and you will be sorry. I guess the word on the street is to do whatever you want to a cop because they can’t do anything back. Stupid things happen to stupid people.

      • The answer to both of you is that we don’t know right now. There is an ongoing investigation. The investigators are not saying anything until they complete the investigation. If the officer fired while the young man was trying to take the officer’s gun, the officer might be justified. Police have the right to protect themselves. If the officer shot the man while he was backing away, or while he was not advancing in a way that justifies the use of lethal force, then the officer should, at a minimum, be charged with manslaughter.

        You push a lion, and you will be sorry, but police are not lions. They are humans with the ability to exercise judgement. Even if the young men did something stupid, like pushing the officer, if there was not an apparent threat to his life, the officer is not justified in shooting anyone.

        Right now there are conflicting accounts. By the time all is said and done, we will probably have a fairly clear picture of what happened. At that point we will see if justice will be served.

      • Shot 8 times 35 feet away? Was that kid spiderman? Reports that are coming are showing that police department to be a bunch of incompetent Barney’s. But we’ll see.

      • Pretty sure the cop suffered contusions on his head and his eye was swollen shut from the 6’3 innocent lil kid that attacked him and was blocking him from responding to a call.

      • Is there a picture? Do we know the who cops is? Did he file a report? Did he sign it? When don’t know who he is how can we tell it’s the right cop with the swollen face?

      • Do you know otherwise?
        You are just as likely to be wrong.
        Wait to see what comes out. Cool heads will prevail.

      • Rafael, I wish someone would shoot ur dumb ass. Your too stupid to be on this planet! That punk robbed a store, assaulted the owner, assaulted the cop, tried to steal his gun. He acted like an animal and he died like one and good riddance. One less we have to deal with or support on welfare! Blacks want justice just for themselves and I for one am sick of it. They do stuff to white folks everyday like that baby two of them shot in the head as it lay helplessly in its stroller. Only heard a few words on that.

      • And I’m shocked to see the thug that you’re not don’t have any problem threatening my personal safety. I didn’t see a video of this young man assaultingn a cop. Didn’t see a video of him trying to grab the cop’s gun. He’s body was 35 feet away the only thing on a human body with that kind of reach is your stupidity. If calling this man names help you sleep at night and justify his assasination (like you’re advocating for mine). So be it. It doesn’t stop the hypocrisy of you and your ilk from turning stomachs.

      • As many as 10 shots may have been fired, but no evidence that the deceased was struck 8 times. “Shot 8 times” is a wild accusation with no basis in fact.

        Heed your own words and wait to see what the facts are instead of parroting outrageous rumor.

    • You’re an idiot, Rafael. You know damned well that if the cop’s identity were put out there, he’d either have to be locked away in protective custody or he’d be dead inside of an hour – along with his family and, more than likely, immediate neighbors.

      The uncontrolled, blind, bestial rage of the black community in matters such as these is as injust as it is foolish. The investigation has to go quietly because otherwise we’ve got another Martin/Zimmerman situation.

      Every afro-centric community in America has already shown its blatant disregard for facts, rational, logic, reality, or actual justice. They scream about murder, while at the same time make up most of the criminal population in our prisons. They complain about racism when black-on-black and black-on-white crimes are never given even remotely the attention that white-on-black crimes are. They claim to want justice, but their bottom line is a combination of selfishness, lack of ambition, and overwhelming ignorance (as seen in this situation).

      I hope for actual justice in this situation, but turning a cop over to the mob (which is what you’re suggesting) is about as far from that as possible. They don’t want justice; they want vindication and the freedom to act as animals do.

      • The black in Africa absolutely hate the “oh boo hoo” black in America. They even see where the so called african american is full of absolute CRAP! SCREWING THEMSELVES AS THEY FALSELY CLAIM TO BE SUCH VICTIMS when IN FACT THEY ARE THEIR OWN VICTIMS

  50. So, if you think the shooting was unjustified, by all means protest the shooting. Hold a vigil outside the police station. But when you start burning an looting you aren’t after justice, just loot.

    • Not suggesting it…but wouldn’t it make more sense that if you’re pissed off at the police then go attack the police station. Not your own community. #iseedumbpeople

  51. No sir, Mr. West. You would not be “acting white”….you’d be acting like the intelligent and decent gentleman that you are 🙂 Keep up the fight and keep spreading the truth!!!

    • Lynn,
      I’m not trying to be a “smarty pants” but I thought I should point out that this article was written by MRS (Angela) West but your nice comment would still apply to her!

  52. Al Sharpton has appered in Ferguson. He made his big appearance, but where is he when innocent children are killed by stray bullets in St Louis. I live here and only does he show his face when a suspected white cop kills an “innocent” teddy bear like Mike Brown??

    • P_Arthur: you missed the point(?)
      Mrs. West “open letter” was asking out loud for others to think about -to bring the social realities (sic) to the forefront of thought, as it appears that many have overlooked the obvious.

    • The only overtly racist thing I read in this piece was this:

      “But for those who consider themselves to be victims of “Da Man” anything calls for a riot. ”

      Other than that, your questions are vaild. However, it should be noted that plenty of white people have take part in mass riot looting. It just so happens in this case that the perpetrators are black.

      • You must be kidding. Stop with the finger pointing and pay attention. This is such a serious issue when a community feels pride and gets satisfactions from burning their own community down. I never ever heard of whites doing this. This is mental illness and they should be locked down. Who will pay to rebuild? Yes, the people that get up everyday and go to work. So so tired of this. Blacks are segregating themselves by their actions. Sad part is the segregations will be much worse than it was in the 40’s and 50’s. Now, blacks are not looked at as hard workers, they are looked at as animals. Just look at the looting videos. Feral Animals. GOOD blacks need to separate from the BAD blacks now and make it loudly known. There is no saving the black community as a whole because the majority don’t want to be saved.

      • “I never ever heard of whites doing this.”

        You lost me there. There is no way that you could be that out of touch with reality that you’ve never heard of white people participating in riots. Do you really think every riot involving looting that has ever taken place on the planet only involved black people.

        Crawl out from that rock you are living under with something more believable to contribute.

      • You oviously didn’t watch the footage from the LA riot after the Rodney King trial.You would have been just as ashamed of your people!!!

  53. Why? Just because the stuff is there, nearby and convenient, and the opportunity to steal and destroy has presented itself. If these were the kind of mature, responsible individuals who visualize a tomorrow, goal plan for a good future life, and think in terms of logical consequences, they would have finished school, gotten good jobs, and saved for a nice home, like Col. and Mrs. West did and thousands of other hard-working African-American citizens still do.

  54. Yes, Allen, you’d be acting white, but who gives a flip? No, it’s not . That’s what the Libtards would tell you. The difference is that you’re among the few who have common sense. Even a dog knows better than to take a dump where it lives, but these hoochies don’t.

    • Sharpton, obama, jackson, wright feed off their own. They aren’t out there helping their fellow blacks, jobless, poor, etc. They’re out there using YOU black, jobless, poor and YOU ALLOW IT! FOOLS!

  55. Saying “their own communities” almost implies that it would be OK if they destroyed other communities instead. How about not looting and burning at all?

    • I think the phrase “their own communities” is just meant to stress the extreme stupidity of their actions. If I say these criminals ran around putting sugar in “their own gas tanks”, I am not suggesting that they go put it in somebody else’s tank, I am just stressing the stupidity of them hurting themselves. I am a businessman. Do you think I would reinvest my money, time, energy and job creating skills in that community? Their stupid actions only hurt themselves.

      • Mr. Weaver, I totally agree, yes the events that has occurred is tragic and unjust but destroying a community is just as tragic and it only shows that we as a people cannot seek justice in constructive ways.

      • Mr. William is correct in noting that the use of the word, “own” comes across as suggesting that you not destroy your own, but rather, a neighboring white area. In fact, these very words were already used in another site, where the angry writer wrote that blacks are only hurting themselves, “not the rich white communities.” A single word can, AND WILL, lead these unruly crowds to do exactly that… Go after ANOTHER sect of innocent citizens, just because.

      • Mr. Irate, Thank you for opening my eyes. I went back and read Mrs. West’s powerful wording and I can see it now! :

        “. . . if I asked why in God’s name are black people looting and destroying their own neighborhood in St. Louis?”

        By putting the word “OWN” in there she is encouraging the hoards of hooligans to stop hurting themselves and their community and go hurt some nearby communities instead. She is just like that “angry writer” on the other site that wants them to attack the “rich white communities.”, and these crowds will (as you say) “do exactly that”

        Mrs. West, Shame On You for using that single and most powerful word “own” to direct your minions to mischief. Words mean things.

        Two other powerful meaningful words that describe this whole line of thinking . . .

        . . . “bovine scatology”

  56. They wouldn’t because i pay for their foodstamps and healthcare. It would be too detrimental for them to give up a pack of smokes, a beer, or a lotto ticket.

    • Doubt you pay much more in taxes than I do. Have you ever known someone who gets foodstamps and medicaid. I’ve worked with a number of young men coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan who need the foodstamps and medicaid to keep their families afloat. Some of them were even white.

  57. I would say I’m sitting back and amused at the stupidity of the community tearing itself apart. But what I predict happening is after its all said and done, they will not have jobs in their community to go to, which in turn causes them to move and eventually they end up in the “white” community, turning it crap like their own. The economic effect is that when that happens, home owners lose out because the value of everything around them begins to diminish. And of all the comments I read, I think it’s better to say we stereotype people rather than be racist.

  58. social realities: Blacks vote around 93% Democrat, from the early 60’s the democratic policies have broken the family, spread the culture of death (abortion) through out its communities to the point of genocide and perpetrated a victim mentality. Now the Democrats are cultivating a new voting block, this will lead to more hardships for blacks. I do not see change anytime soon, the yoke of the oppressor is stronger than ever.

  59. Spot on Ma’am. Well said.
    Now, what I found disturbing in the aftermath is the analysis by two journalists who suggested the community felt entitled to loot and vandalize. I’m sorry, no one is entitled to take/destroy another’s property. Asinine talk like those journalists only serve to justify the actions of the criminal rioters!

      • I beg to differ; no one is entitled to murder, but even God’s law differentiates between intentional murder, an accidental killing, and killing in self defense. It’s only intentional murder that’s actually forbidden.

      • No, and because the waters have again been so muddied before a proper investigation could even be launched, by media, and by the perpetually hateful “victim” crowd (Sharpton, Shabazz, Jackson,and shyster lawyers who profit from such agitation), the fact is we may never actually get at the truth. Best I can say is that evidence, in the form of the robbery video, and a witness statement that Brown had, in fact, turned back toward and was advancing on Wilson, did not stop when shot, both indicate it was Brown’s guilt over complicity in the robbery that prompted his attack on Wilson in the first place. That would create in Wilson’s mind, a probable threat to himself and his community, when Brown began coming at him again, prompting his response. He had no prior history of using excessive force. I suspect if he had the least tendency, it would’ve been reported long since, in that community, based on their behavior in this situation.

      • Waters where muddied by “chief wygum”. No one saw the cop on the video. There was no shooting on that video. Robbery video is evidence in a robbery investigation no a murder investigation. Video is irrelevant just a stunt for the chief to protect his department and inflame rioters. Riots play into his hand, right now Ferguson police are serving and protecting themselves. How weird that the “accomplice” in that “robbery” isn’t accused of any crime, wasn’t arrested or even questioned on the shooting. Unlike officer Wilson he’s still in town and not hiding. No one knows what was in Wilson’s mind until he or his lawyer enlighthen us.

      • He obviously wasn’t talking about the American Hero name Allen West! Maybe he was talking about you? How is your panhandling going?

  60. Is the Author trying to be pro-white and pro-black at the same time? Last paragraph is paint liberals and civil right leaders as incompetent publicity seeking black males. The last sentence specifically is meant to be sensational and insulting to the incumbent president.

    • They are incompetent publicity seeking regardless of their color. They somehow became public figures despite not having an ounce of intelligence. All they do is incite hate and reverse discrimination.

    • The Wife of ..Allen Bernard West is an American political commentator, former member of the United States House of Representatives, and retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel great man. Former Florida Rep. Allen West declared President Obama an Islamist who is intentionally working against the security of the United States.Thats a fact jack…

      • What?? Ok…since Allen (leave my men behind) west doesn’t have any common sense I will try to explain. How can someone be a MUSLIM while sitting in Rev Wrights “CHRISTIAN” church for over 20 years??? I guess 20 years ago he saw the future and KNEW he would be president. You people are some LOONS!!

      • Also, allen (leave my men behind) west is a DISGRACE to the military and this nation! He is doing what he does best…POSTING TO BLOGS! Let the real LEADERS lead and let him continue to POST!

      • Tell us about your military service to this country? Or are you just another parasite with a big mouth and NO respect for those who have risked their life protecting you?

  61. Doubtful that very many of these rioters and looters even knew or care about who Michael Brown was. They heard about their brothers and sisters rushing to grab merchandise so they themselves rushed to get in on the action and grab all the stuff they could get away with. Kind of like what George Soros said about ripping people off, saying that if he hadn’t of taken their money, somebody else would have.

  62. Would I be ‘acting white’ if I asked why in God’s name are black people looting and destroying their own neighborhood in St. Louis? Would I be a sell-out if I asked why stealing all the tennis shoes from a sporting goods store would make a point for justice for a young man who was killed allegedly by a cop…

    I don’t know who you talk to in your day-to-day. There are, I am sure, a lot of people in your community (because they exist in every community) who would call you vicious names for pointing out the terrible things too many people have done in Ferguson after Michael Brown’s death. I’ve met many people who were just that type. However, there are many people of all races–black, white, and others–who would agree that these things need to be talked about. They would support your question. They ask why people do these sorts of things. The comments section here and on just about every other site where Ferguson is being discussed prove that.

    However, two things I would like to point out about the section I quoted above:

    1. “why in God’s name are black people looting and destroying” – I’m very aware of the fact that people make generalities when they speak and write. It saves time and usually the meaning can be assumed. However, this is the wrong place for it.

    See, some people who make statements like that mean “why in God’s name are SOME black people looting and destroying….” This is factually correct and a damn good question that needs as much discussion as the other questions brought up over the last few days. I’ve asked that question over and over again.

    But other people mean “why in God’s name are THE black people looting and destroying….” These people approach news like this with biases, racism, and ignorance. They ignore the fact that the number of black looters pales in comparison to the number of black people protesting peacefully, the number of black people speaking out against the lootings and violence, and the number of black people who’ve volunteered to carry brooms and bags in the hot sun and worked diligently to undo the mess. They have collected broken bottles and rubber bullets. They’ve helped shore up broken windows and walls and have vowed to do more. But they get ignored by people who already have stories of their own in their heads.

    The problem, as I can see it, is that some people don’t know which kind of person you are (I sure don’t). Some of them (not me) may assume you’re the latter and call you names. Others may assume you’re the latter and see that as further proof that their biases are justified.

    These people are obviously wrong in jumping to conclusions. But that’s the problem with generalizations like that. They give the wrong kinds of people a reason to open their mouths.

    2. “a young man who was killed allegedly by a cop” – Your use of the word allegedly is a bit worrisome. This isn’t just some allegation. The fact that Brown was killed by Wilson isn’t in question. The question is why Brown was killed.

    It’s a smaller point, but it’s one worth making.

    These proprietors — small business owners — often live in the area or darn near close to it. Neighbors stealing from neighbors…shamelessly destroying their neighbor’s property as though they were released from bondage in order to pillage and plunder…And this is not just limited to the young — from the videos and pictures of the event, grandma, grandpa, mama and daddy were making off with whatever they could get their hands on….But am I ‘acting white’ if I ask why we destroy our own communities in protest?

    This is a huge misconception I see all around the internet.

    Accounts peg a few dozen looters at most, many of them hitting multiple stores. Obviously, any number greater than zero is a huge problem. There is no justification. But, again, generalizations can lead to misunderstandings about who did what.

    But, and here’s the kicker, the vast majority of the people taken in by police for looting and other acts of violence were not from Ferguson. Of the nine people arrested, two of them, Steven C. Martin and Nikko Fiertag, were from there. They were people who’d seen an opportunity to gain from doing harm. In their minds, they didn’t have anything to lose by breaking into and destroying business they never visited.

    Again, not being from there doesn’t change the fact that what these people did was unquestionably wrong–you would have to shovel a lot of manure to support their actions, but “Neighbors stealing from neighbors…” is a little misleading.

    I still don’t know if you mean to do this, by the way, but before and after mentioning that only thirty-two people were arrested, you make very big statements that make it sound as if it’s the community that’s looting. Your words make an unfair connection between the people who rioted and looted and the people who protested and cleaned.

    One more thing: I poured through the photos of the looters and the looting both before and after I read your post, but didn’t see any grandmas or grandpas. Obviously, it’s not a terribly important point (looters are looters), and you seem to be comfortable with hyperbole, but if you do read this and you actually did see photos of elderly people (I’m assuming you meant they were elderly) looting or being arrested for looting, please let me know. You may be telling the truth, but that would mean you found a legitimate source that I couldn’t.

    Nearly a quarter of residents live below the poverty level, compared with 15 percent statewide. But now it seems that some of these businesses are not looking at reopening in Ferguson — was that the intent of the riots? It is certainly the unintended consequence — or maybe intended — regardless, it is difficult to gain and maintain the ‘moral high ground’ when the shooting of Michael Brown is lost in the visual scenes of the rioting and looting.

    I am in total agreement with you on this. I’ve seen a lot of apologists making a lot of excuses for the violence and crimes committed by grown adult who, frankly, should know and act better. I would expect better from a five-year old. Heck, I know five-year olds who ARE better.

    And the consequences of their actions will be hard on Ferguson (a fact made worse by the fact that, as I said before, most of the confirmed looters weren’t even from there). This is selfish immaturity in its purest form.

    I hope with every fiber of my being that every looter is found and punished accordingly. They’re a cancer that needs to be removed.

    Unfortunately, the looters are getting a lot more words in print than the peaceful protestors. I’m sure this is in part because drama sells. People would rather talk about the terrible things others are doing, especially when those others are identifiably different from themselves. But the skew is bringing the ugly out. Personally, I’d rather be talking about the shooting, the looting, the riots, the protests, and every other related topic with people who may disagree with me but are open and knowledgeable.

    Hate won’t heal. People who’re just looking for an excuse to look down on others won’t make the world any better. They’re another kind of cancer and I grow weary.

    So far the race industry leaders Sharpton and Jackson haven’t appeared on the scene, but send some more news crews and sweeten the money pot a little and who knows where they might pop up

    I’m not sure of this, but I think I read somewhere that Sharpton has been to Ferguson. Either way, I’m hoping you stressed the wrong part of your sentence, because it reads like you’re against the news presence. I’d hope I wouldn’t need to tell anyone why the should be there and why they should be allowed to openly document everything going on.

    because soon we might hear about whose son the unfortunate young man Michael Brown might look like… if he had a son.

    I…don’t get this. It’s obvious you’re referencing what Obama said in response to Trayvon Martin, but why? Are you trying to lump him in with the “race industry leaders”? Do you think he shouldn’t have responded to the question when asked about Trayvon? This seems like a very odd message to go out on.

    (Now that I’ve posted this, I want to apologize. I thought Discus would crunch my comment with a “read more” link so that people would be able to get past it without scrolling so much.

    My bad.)

  63. do any of these people have jobs? how is it they seem to have so much free time to be out on the streets for hours and days protesting and looting if they have a job? they are certainly not starving, as many of them are grossly overweight. I am also sure the police dept would gladly hire more black officers if there were more with the gumption to attend school and get enough education to be hired in those positions. the press should have left and that one step would have down sized the protests and maybe the looting, it would certainly make the Sharptons and Jacksons want to go home. there are many from outside this area who have come to town with nothing more in mind but to cause trouble and civil unrest. The black community seem to want all to believe the kid who died was an innocent angel, which he is definitly not, he was involved in the robbery of the convienience store just prior to his death, not one photo of this kid had a smile on his face, just a beligerant smug look of defiance. I am willing to bet he has a juvenile record to go along with his lack of a smile and lousy “you owe me attitude”. when the people destroy their own town, they are thugs and do not deserve to have anyone rebuild a business for them to patronize or tear down when the next time comes they are not feeling like they are getting enough attention.

  64. You forgot to mention “Agents Provocateur”…
    AGENDA 21 is being implemented as we speak.
    Detroit is an example.
    De-industrialize and Depopulate as everyone is gradually run off rural lands into the larger cities while a high-tech control grid is built around us…their final solution.
    The Georgia Guidstones were built for a reason.
    The degenerates behind all this evil have underground bunkers to live in
    while the rest of us pick sides in a game of false left-right paradigms as they put up
    “No-Fly Zones” above us and menace us with a police state mentality.

  65. You do sound like an “Uncle Tom” because you’ve failed to criticise the police brutality and senseless murders towards black teens. By the way, black people don’t own the community, those stores are not black owned and never helped to improve the community despite the million of dollars black people spent there therefore, black people careless about it. I rest my case! ✊

    • You do realize that you just made yourself seem ridiculous, right? Those business owners and their stores served the Ferguson by their very presence. Providing jobs, insuring their employees in some cases, and providing goods and services to the public. You didn’t even make a case for anything except proving your own ignorance.

      • 70% black population in Ferguson yet the majority of the employees are Indians and Arabs and so are the owners. You, sir, need to think prior replying.

      • Why do you suppose that IS? Prejudice doesn’t really work as an excuse. Arabs aren’t among the most trusted citizens in our nation, since the WTC. So why would they have the bulk of jobs? And the Ferguson PD Chief made the comment the department had trouble KEEPING blacks? Could it be, perhaps, that being paid for NOT working appeals more to the people of Ferguson’s black community?

      • That’d be funny, if it wasn’t symptomatic of the general ignorance! Who did they think was most responsible for black enslavement in Europe first, then America? It wasn’t whites….

      • Since slavery in America is what BLACKS claim as the “root” of their hatred toward whites, then pointing to how they truly deal with the peoples ultimately responsible for it, when that IS their excuse for all these riots, going back to Watts, and even before, it is pertinent. They behave like “abused kids” currying favor with the abuser and blaming the ones who didn’t stop the abuse. That’s understandable in children, but these are adults, and nearly a century and a half after the fact. Even Jim Crow was abolished before most of those were born. So MAYBE you should stop accepting their lack of accountability for their choices and acts, and start questioning why others still are as well!

      • Actually, it’s precisely slavery we’re dealing with. Therr is NO “systematic racism and white supremacy” except in the minds of those who PROFIT from fomenting such erroneous beliefs, to maintain divides! Booker T Washington had that figured out a century ago, but few listened then either. Today, most blacks are economically enslaved WILLINGLY, by the welfare state, just as surely as they were once owned by other men, not a few of whom were ALSO black, a century and a half or more ago! And it’s these slaves, incited by DHS agitators who are rioting, looting, and so on, now!

      • Wow! Got all the party talking points down pat… Too bad they’re all just fantasy / lies made up to “excuse” the inexcusable! There isn’t now and never has been “white privilege”; whites just WORKED harder and used opportunities presented that others turned down or failed to see! But so have blacks done, and Hispanics, and Asians… without affirmative action! They did it on MERIT!

      • No, of course not, you’ve bought, hook, line and sinker, into the leftist lies, without examining any of the facts, and don’t wish to be disturbed by them in any way.

      • I seriously doubt that! I read Walter Williams Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Star Parker, and a number of others regularly; I find they’re pretty knowledgeable and wise. I see no good reason to pay some dude to tell me what the Washington Times, LA Times and other lib sites spew with great regularity.

      • 100starsWired100,looks like you’re smoking some good stuff in your picture icon.Can I have some?
        I’m sure it helps with your inability to accept responsibility for for own actions and your failures in life.It helps to blame all the failures in your life on another race of people doesn’t it?Blame the police when you commit a crime for arresting you!Blame them for defending themselves when you attack them!The cop was only human.If some animal hit me because I told him to get out of the middle of the street,the only difference is,I would have used a 12 gauge shotgun instead of a 9mm.In other words,I would have not shot him in the head,I would have blown his head off.
        If he had acted civilized and followed police request,he would be alive today.He brought it on himself,no one to blame other than himself.
        Agree or disagree,most likely you’ll find something to justify his barbaric behavior at the store or at the time of the shooting.How about learning to take what happens to you because it’s your fault.Quit blaming it on the police and the white race.
        God will black people ever be satisfied and stop bitching?
        P.S.,next time you are being beaten,raped,or robbed,call 911 at the hood for help.They really care about you don’t they?

      • No mam, my thinking was accomplished well before my typing. You, on the other hand are not only incorrect with your numbers and claims but are ignorant enough to not even see the fact that businesses help people, not harm them. Just wait a couple of years and you will see how many businesses refuse to open/re-open in Ferguson. Then try to tell me those residents are better off.

    • When you resist arrest for theft, what do you expect. Really think about it. He was not just shot because he was walking down the street. This kid was committing a criminal act. I don’t feel he should have died, no, but this is not an act of just being gunned down. Nobody has seen the evidence, let the justice system investigate and quit looting, it just looks bad and makes blacks look worse.

  66. I honestly hope none of these businesses ever open their doors again. The people didn’t appreciate them, they proved that!!

  67. Boo hoo, i guess to let more blacks on police and fire dept., city will have to lower entrance leval to 5 th grade leval,, and not have a drug test policy,,, hands up dont shoot! So that we may get to loot!!!!

    • Maybe they should apply for one of those positions in Northern Kentucky! There’s a heroin epidemic among the fine upstanding White citizens,so failing for smoking a blunt might not look so bad! You people are the biggest hypocrites in the world! You do everything you criticize other’s for.You might not rob the local liquor store,but you steal people’s retirement and life savings through ponzi schemes.Force people into bankruptcy and foreclosure.with subprime mortgage loans.The kind of things that destroy people’s lives.You don’t do drive byes,you do walk byes.You do really Crazy $hit like,walk into a crowded place and start shooting everyone in sight,or plant a bomb that kills and maims innocent people.Your hypocrisy knows no bounds! Your narcissism makes you blind to your own depravity! There are crazy low lifes in the hood,and there are crazy low lifes in the burbs.You’re not fooling anybody with your (we are so much better) attitude!

      • And if black people had the intellect to act like what you’re racist white people rant explains then could you imagine want the world would be like. If it was the cop that was killed no one would hear it or if it was an Asian that was shot no one would hear it. Black people need to wake up and stop moaning, blacks are the most racist of all and the most uncivilized. It is statistics.

      • Please take an English class! Trying to interpret your comment was irritating! All I’m saying is people need to come off their high horse.No group of people are above reproach! If you believe the statistics then take a look at this one.Statistics show that white women in their forties engaged in more shoplifting than any other demographic group.The reason they don’t show up in crime statistics is because PEOPLE AREN”T WATCHING THEM!!!! Statistics showing blacks steal more are not really an indication of who’s shoplifting.It’s a reflection of who’s getting caught.And that’s a reflection of who’s being WATCHED!!! But your narcissism will keep you from believing that!!!

      • How can statistics show something and simultaneously not show something? Name your source rather than talk out of your chimpy ass.

      • Teeny Weeny,just put in the words”according to statistics white women in their 40’s are biggest shoplifters” and get a big dose of reality!!!

      • Thats funny because I googled it and didnt find a damned thing. Shut up with your retarded monkeyshines. Black race continues to be the dumbest and most dangerous race alive. Even the arabs crazy muslims seem to behave better in the us. Id taken a loooong break from even thinking about blacks, but this lying about police and rioting over nothing, makes me think the blacks in poor neighborhoods should be shipped to africa to die of ebola or something. Bunch of goons.

      • Not to mention – statistics show blacks kill each other, there their own biggest threat, still they blame white people did this, did that. If anything its reverse racism now, all they do is blame…

      • True. And guess what Im not even white. Im hispanic. Hispanics dont like them either bc of their atrocious behavior. We all have to live in fear when we see black people around. But things are changing. Some black female panhandler tried to approach me at 4 am on the street to ask or money. I said no and she raised her arms and said dont shoot. She was afraid. I was not trying to instill fear, but Im glad to see that blacks see us as capable of defending ourselves. We must not be a sitting duck to their violence. I hope that now the national guard gets those feral wild savage apes under control bc its ridiculous.

      • I agree with you 101 percent. You never see Hispanics or any race for that matter act like this. No one kills each other, or loots their own community except blacks.

        I lived in Brooklyn NY in Sunset Park, I’m White and it’s predominantly a Hispanic area. Never saw such nice family oriented people, it was raining one day and I didn’t have an umbrella – this older Hispanic women came up to me and walked me home under her umbrella.

        I have been in black neighborhoods where they through bottles at me for just being white. Thought it was so funny, their evil.

      • You think thats evil? In Africa theyre worse. They rape babies bc they think it cures of them of aids. And just the other day they looted an ebola clinic and removed alot of infected items and infected people bc they think ebola is fake. Its a mixture of evil with sheer stupidity. America needs to stop feeding them bc its pointless.

      • Where do you get your lies from ? I hired 5 hispanics for toilet cleaning and grass cutting jobs at my mansion, and every one of them stole from me. Hispanics cannot be trusted.

      • Are you freakin kidding me? Your so-called “CIVILIZED AMERICA” originated in “theft and murder.Your people practically wiped an entire race(native americans)off the face of the earth! You are known for being mass murderers,child molesters,ect.For awhile I couldn’t even look at the news without seeing another report about one of your female teachers having sex with one or more of her students.Tell your women to “KEEP THEIR LEGS CLOSED TO LITTLE BOYS” I always thought it was just the men that were sick perverts,but I guess the women have joined your disgusting club.I don’t believe you are Hispanic,they can’t stand racist white people either.You have an ingrained viciousness toward non-white people period.And they know their history.They know that Calif,Texas,Arizona,ect used to belong to Mexico,before your people stole it.And now you don’t even want to give the ones that have been here for years(working as your maids,babysitters,cooks ect.ect)citizenship.All they have to do is take a look at the opposing crowd when they are protesting for immigration rights.I get to hear it all.Get this through your head,everybody knows their history with you people!!!! And speaking of diseases,your people brought small pox,measles,diphtheria,syphlis,ect.ect to America.The native americans were murdered by both your guns and the disgusting diseases you brought with you.

      • actually, the muzzies are the little boy/child molesters in this world. YOU prove to be an absolute ignorant fool in many ways. What America got, they won!

      • I practically wrote what the article said verbatim.What freakin hypocrites you are!!!Every race that has ever had the misfortune of coming in contact with you has reaped the whirlwind of your greedy,sadistic quest for power.Your lack of a conscience has served you well!!! No normal human being could commit the atrocities attributed to your race without some kind of pathology involved.Last night I listened to George Takei(Mr.Sulu)of Star trek,talk about being a Japanese American during the Pearl Harbor incident.He told how his neighbors and friends turned on them,and how soldiers knocked on their door and removed them from their homes.And put them into internment camps.You talk about peaceful assembly(and I agree) But you have killed every single peace loving humanitarian that has ever spoken out about the injustice in this country.Abraham Lincoln,Martin king,John and Bobby kennedy ect ect.Not to mention the civil war,but you were always willing to kill your own who were sympathizers.But that’s your MO.Google “white women in their forties engaged in more shoplifting”

      • That is so true. It is more of us whites committing crime than blacks. We hide the statistics because of fear of the unknown.

      • Some white people don’t know or interact with blacks on a regular basis.All they have to go by is what they see on tv or hear about us.We however must interact with whites in our everyday lives.With that interaction comes some negatives.We often encounter some of them with the same mentality and stereotypical view of us that you see expressed in most of these comments.Let me also say that we are rational human beings and we know also by experience that there are really nice and respectful people in all races.

      • I know many blacks and whites who do not like the crap the black continue to spew in order to get the special treatment they feel they deserve regardless of the fact that the deserve NOTHING….just like the rest of us. It’s about integrity, grit, and hard honest work…..not the boo hoo crap many of the black and lazy think is acceptable in this day and age. We’ve all been free to make our own choices and destiny for DECADES now!

      • LOL. The black prove to be the most whom are stealing, committing hate/racist crimes, murder, and the most who want to blame everyone and everything for their own bad choices. Proven often.

      • I totally get it!!! “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”I know that not all white people are racist.But when I look at the comments on some of these sites I’m shocked at the viciousness and name calling.I’m Mexican American and I see some really awful things said about my people as well.Some of their people are really hateful!!!

      • Rare. Only the foreign and congressional are the best at being legal thieves. Millions of Americans of all races are victim of ID fraud by the illegal immigrant. Do you even know that Rangal, Jackson’s son, Cummins and many of their colleagues feel they shouldn’t pay rent or do their jobs in Congress, yet only Jackson’s son was jailed for his crimes. They got there and have committed multiple crimes and sit on their asses knowing that no one will fire the black or white dead beats/criminals regardless of the fact they are corrupt and inept. Look at the prez, the black/white fool who NEVER did a damned thing other than BS his way through life and use other people’s money to prop up his own self. Remember he fought for that Bit*ch irainan slum lord Valerie Jarrett he now has as an advisor in his administration. He cares not about the black or poor and proves it over and over again. He cares about his own sorry ass and no other except the illegals he’s fighting for instead of the black/white who also needs what the illegals have taken from all of us. How’s that make you feel, bro?

    • Guest go back to school. Go wash your butt, then come make stereotypical comments. You make all of us white people look bad. I know many well black educated people.

    • All businesses have been forced to lower the standards of testing so the black is employable. EVERYONE knows that! As an educated minority, I have spent years having to carry the black inept on my back when they were employed at all of our demise if we didn’t! They knew it wasn’t their responsibility to do their jobs!

  68. Angela, don’t know how old you are, but you forgot the 1965 Watt’s riots in LA. So long ago, yet the same mentality. Pre-riot, my brother drove a Coke (the soda) delivery truck at the time and had to pay the local kids to protect the truck from theft while he stocked the markets. Not much has changed with the exception of the adult instigators Sharptons, Jacksons, Van Jones, etc. not to mention our illustrious community agitator with the title of President. Read the comparison to Ferguson.

  69. In THAT community, those citizens are living BELOW poverty level (as it
    states in the article). NOW, I am OVER this Allen West jerk constantly
    dragging down his own race, when he won’t even speak the TRUTH about why
    HE was released from the military (his OWN BRUTALITY, thank you). He
    needs to clean up his own life BEFORE judging others!

    • One fourth of our community is living poor and we do have altercations with the police. One man was shot and killed in his garage, but no one rioted and tore the damn city up. Were we upset? Yes. But looting our neighbors? No. And it is a rotten’ excuse. Just because one man hurts another does not give anyone the right to go out and hurt others.

      • Yall shouldve..what if the man in the garage was your son or husband..what would you have done..called the police to report the police killed your son/husband in his garage..get real woman

      • Marching? Yes! Making a demand and picketing? Yes! Tearing up the damn city and hurting others? Absolutely not! What those thugs did to their neighbors was wrong! So you get real sweetheart!

      • Civilized people seek justice and lawful investigation. WE don’t loot and commit further crimes. You are a damned idiot blackperiod!

    • Really, You want to judge a man who was only looking out for his troops in which he was responsible for. So he shot off a gun close to the enemies head on purpose to get information about who ambushed some of his men. You want to hate a upstanding military man for getting information from an enemy snitch! SCREW YOU!

  70. Most people tend to value possessions. Many races “own” something of value like a home or business. If you have nothing, you tend to value nothing. Without meaningful employment, or the desire to find any, you’ll never have the opportunity to own anything. The value system in the specific community is skewed from what we expect as normal. So, when you have nothing, you may tend to destroy everything around you. I’ve never been to Ferguson, MO, but I expect it is much the same as many communities today. It was nice and safe 20-30 years ago, and now it’s a shit-hole. From watching television coverage the best bet now is to light it on fire and let-er-rip.

  71. The misunderstanding on
    Mrs. West’s part here is that it is not “their own” neighborhood, at
    least not from their standpoint. Part of the reason turf warriors are so
    adamant about claiming their “hood” is because they understand that it
    doesn’t actually belong to them. They are desperate for an identity. When
    economically disadvantaged people look around and see that 85% (often more) of
    the businesses in “their” communities are owned by people who drive
    in from other cities, collect money from the community, and ride off with the
    community’s power, the people are compelled to fight. Outside business owners
    create an “us vs. them” environment, and they reinforce the concept
    by putting up bullet-proof glass divisions between owners and the communities
    they serve. On an average day–there is no means for the people to fight; there
    is no group support; and progress is slow. Compelled by an event, however,
    welling tensions explode, and people whose voices have been muted find an
    outlet for their rage. Their collective depression takes on a life in the form
    of riots and looting. When they speak, no one listens. When they become
    destructive, they get an immediate response. Instead of shaming people for
    their powerlessness, we need to empower them by listening to them and letting
    them know that their needs are valid. They have a right to personhood. When you
    treat people like animals, you get what you expect. So, yes, Mrs. West is
    “acting white” (and, despite her dying wish to make her act into
    reality, she can only act) by pretending that institutional racism and white
    privilege do not exist. Just because someone is in denial about the white
    elephant in the room, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t–in fact–a giant white elephant
    looming in the corner, an elephant that has been eating far more than peanuts.
    He has been fattened by the enslavement, colonization, and deprivation of
    others; and he grows larger by the second.

    • So, let them realize it’s up to them THEMSELVES to pull themselves up and stop blaming everyone else for the fact that WE all make our OWN choices and decisions and WE alone are responsible for the Consequences and NO other!

      • I have said the same thing and always get jumped on for it Twila. We all make our own way. We are responsible for where we go in life. Don’t matter how bad you have it, there is always someone who has it worse.

      • NO doubt. I’ve seen handicapped people far more responsible, happy, grateful, and hard working than many in the black/illegal immigrant communities.

  72. Pat Thompson . I feel your pain All us must educated ourselves and be responsible for our choices and actions no joke ,the pain of injustice is wide spread We can’t talk about one injustice to excuse another . just a quick point Your right there are crazy people in all walks of life they are everywhere ( government has their share ) But no one said you have to take out a bad loan.Bankruptcy is a good thing it allows you wipe clean most debts, walk away and start fresh . ponzi are illegal ,still buyer’s must be aware of all contracts they sign, if you don’t understand it get help from someone you trust to read it and explain it to you Bitchin about one race, group ,color,etc ect is exactly a waste of time . (example myself on facebook complaining about a 10 billion dollar train to nowhere in Calif and less than a third of that heading for needed water storage. I could go on but I hope you see my point. Respectfully Doug Williams

  73. “Would I be “acting white” if I asked why in God’s name are black people looting and destroying their own neighborhood in St. Louis? ”
    people who “know” what they are looking at know why this happen.
    its repeating history of segregation under a so call racist democracy. people have not change in st louis. they are still living in the 1930s. st louis white district don’t sell houses to blacks like you! they don’t sell their house to asians too. even if you are a millionaire or a doctor. the racist is in grain in the white business and politics. its was a social experiment that was made to explode. it happen before and it will happen again. this government don’t get it. these white people in st. louis don’t get it. and clearly YOU DON’T GET IT!

    • Wouldn’t that be great. But sadly, the black feel all is owed and theirs regardless of the fact they prove to be the most racists of all races. They love the victim mentality….it keeps them stupid. Dems love that same narrative as well. Helping them to keep themselves down.

  74. We need folks like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (whew, he stopped it) of the backing of Black Panthers to stop feeding the hate of the 60’s which has long past. I lived through the Los Angels Riots. The violence and hatred just fed a cycle and destroyed their own selves, their credibility, and all respect.

    Can’t we all get along?

    • That hate was already well evident, to judge by Booker T Washington’s very astute analysis of it, a full century ago.

    • Riots dont happen until white folks do something stupid..look.. black people are just plain tired..and will burn the whole country down to see change..when stuff like this happens all of that american stuff goes out the window. Cuz yall white folks remind us that we are not your equal (you are right we are better) more than half the products/appliances in your house were invinted by black people.even the traffic as far as yall being so smart is simply not make up 50% of the population we make up 14 or 15..natually it looks as if youve done more..but fact is america was built on the blood and sweat of everyone but white people..

      • Burning down your own neighborhood doesn’t help anybody and surely doesn’t help your cause. Speaking out against injustice is one thing, but being destructive and participating in criminal activity is wrong, no matter what color your skin is!

    • Not till the black stops being so dam*ed racist! They hate and kill themselves and all who make the mistake of passing through their self-created neighborhoods of hate and crime.

  75. I don’t appreciate the insinuation [perhaps unintended ?] that it would make more sense if the black looters [opps, I mean protestors] would loot some mostly nonLocal white neighborhoods.