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We get lots of emails from folks who are painfully frustrated by the direction of this country. Forgetting for a moment (however hard it may be) the conflagration in Israel and the Middle East, the question is, what can we do NOW in our nation? What can we do to change its course?

I will tell you. Simply share this video.

Because the more Americans understand the message of conservatism, the faster we can change course. We have a chance in less than 100 days to begin that process.

There are 530,000 elected offices in America. Every one of them is important. And every one can help propel the conservative wave.

Please share this video. And vote.


  1. The problem remains: The tainted and self-indulgent progressives that need to hear this message will not watch it or listen to any part of it. They are so blind to the truth that socialism will not work. We are simply never going to change their minds. They keep growing their own so they can keep receiving their dole, forcibly taken from an increasingly dwindling working middle class, handed to them on silver platters by their masters. Paraphrasing Margret Thatcher: Eventually, you run out of other people’s money.

    • Conservatism and unionism are polar opposites. Even for issues in which unions are on the “right” side (pardon the pun), that action is better achieved through the efforts of the individual, rather than collective bargaining and the inevitable waste and cronyism that follows.

      • Plus this sounds like way too many Republicans and Democrats in office.

        noun -nē-ˌi-zəm
        : the unfair practice by a powerful person (such as a politician) of giving jobs and other favors to friends

      • Agreed that cronyism on either end of the spectrum is ruining (has ruined?) American business and politics.

      • If, by “fair wage,” you mean compensated according to their market value; yes, I like that a lot. OTOH, if you’re implying that people band together via unionism and collective bargaining (and the accompanying threat of strikes, etc.) to extort from employers more compensation than what their labors are worth? No, I’m opposed to that.

        If a worker wants greater compensation, he should make himself more valuable in the market, not resort to pseudo-mobster tactics to wring more compensation for the same level of performance.

      • I agree with that to a point. When good hard workers are being taken advantage of in a bad economy because business owners know jobs are scarce, something has to be done. I never liked unions, but many businesses in crappy economies show why some unions are needed.

      • Like Wal-Mart huh, they pay fair don’t they. How much do their CEOs n such make? Hmm, Imagine if a Union could get fair wages from them.

      • I suspect that the skill sets of the “CEOs n such” are valued a lot more highly in the marketplace than the non-exempt employees who’d be eligible for union representation, so your comparison doesn’t make much sense.

        Employees working at Walmart — or anywhere else — who don’t like the compensation are free to take their skills to greener pastures. They’re employees, not slaves. No one’s forcing them to work where they feel undervalued.

      • Wow, I feel sorry for you. Not everyone can “head for greener pastures”, as you said. Ya, your the problem. Thinking it’s OK for supposed “more important” ceos to make multi millions while the real workers make pennies. I am done after this post, doesn’t do any good to try and get you to see the point. Also, in case you are wondering my political views lean either way depending on the subject. The poor are getting poorer while the rich just get richer. But that sounds how you like it.

      • Ok I will answer this. Especially since you just made an a#$ out of yourself by assuming. It was definitely NOT the idiot in office right now.

      • “Fair” is a term that is a lie. There is no such thing as fair. Life is not “fair”. If anyone told you that, they LIED to you. If conditions somewhere are not to your liking, LEAVE. No one if forcing you to work anywhere you don’t want too. I worked in the post office and was absolutely DISGUSTED with the unions there. They ruined the postal service and are solely responsible for the state of the postal service that literally hemorrhages money annually. I watched as the lazy and belligerent were constantly defended while non-union employees were shunned and bullied. Merit should replace what is “fair”. Prove your worth and good things happen. Demonstrate you are unreliable, then take your well deserved pink slip.

      • If you read my statement above I did agree, that yes, not being able to get rid of the bad workers is a big problems with our unions. Trying to blame the unions for all the problems with the Postal Service is just, well ignorant. Ya, I am sure it was just the union that is the problem, not the rest of the Federal Government that runs it.

      • There is literally no need for unions. They are a socialist construct, utilitarian in nature. Ma’am, I assure you, I have studied more than just the unions in the Post Office. When I was initially hired I did a lot of research to find out what unions were all about. Beneath the smiles and pats on the back, they exist for their own gain. I decided to not join the union and the backlash I received was nothing short of school yard bullying. The escalating threats forced me to start keeping a go-pro camera on me and a dash cam in my personal vehicle to prove to my supervisors that people had it out for me. On one occasion, I almost resorted to physically defending myself until the offender realized he was being recorded. Even with video evidence, it was virtually impossible to get the offenders terminated. I eventually threatened to go to the police and had to threaten a law suit. To assume that one is ignorant is just ad hominem. It proves that you have no real point other than not agreeing with me or those that have my stance on the issue. Unions are vote generators for the democrat party, they instill fear in people to achieve their ends. No union entity should have any say in the day to day operations of a company, especially if that organization is affiliated with the U.S. government.

      • Difference between non union and union. Non union, Job profits go to the bosses, no benefits. Union, job profits pay for benefits

      • Another difference between union and non-union, in a union shop the worthless do not get fired , they just keep making the paycheck and causing others to do their work.

      • I’m conservative, and don’t subscribe to a political party because bi “bi partisan politics” is a term that has destroyed our country from both sides of the isle. So many issues are bickered over because of something slipped into a bill that was not supposed to be there. Both sides are guilty of it. The closest I have ever been to supporting a President since Reagan was Ron Paul. I am fearful that we as a country will never know a conservative President ever again. Our best hopes are Allan West or Ben Carson, and to be honest I don’t know if they are running.

  2. You’ve GOT to be kidding! The video says “Vote for a Conservative” with the face of Mitt Romney behind it. I blame Republicans like him more than Obama for our mess. They suck conservatives in and then compromise them with powerful careers in exchange for being “team players”. They can’t identify, much lest condemn, the evil of statistism because they share many of the same values, a highly regulated and taxed economy, generous social welfare, crony capitalism, centralized education curricula, etc… It breeds further corruption, and is the reason the Democrat party doesn’t collapse. They can always point to Republicans and say, “You think WE’RE messed up? If you don’t vote for us those, self-serving corrupt hypocrites will win.”

    Solutions will not come from Republicans until they see their former ideological base forming a new party, perhaps not even then.

    • You need to face the facts and not your ideology… who spends, who destroys economies, who hampers personal growth , Who has controlled the cities that have claimed bankrupt across America.. here is a hint… it is not the republicans.

      Detroit is a great example of democrat control. Stockton California bankrupt and rated worst place to live in California but Democrat controlled for years. etc etc etc on the worst cities in economics, job growth, corruption in america always democrat controlled.

      elf man… you can try to bamboozle others to give you thumbs up but the facts show democrats use scare tactics and empty promises to low informed people and make up boogymen to get votes.

      War on women, war of wealth, divide this country among race by calling anyone who questions this administrations as racist.. on on and on of lies from people like yourself and where are we now?

      A divided country. worst then the civil war days… this administration and the media took us back 30 years in race relations by dividing us by skin color. Obama has not brought us together but has made us as americans see anyone who thinks different as someone taking something away from our lives.
      He has also made todays democrat party not a balance party to the republican party where anyone or any color can choose either one , but a party only for minorities and wealthy whites that feel guilty.

      He is the worst President in the History of our country. He will be remembered as the first black president but also the most unqualified and divided president we have ever had…

      • Your are confused. “Face the facts… [of] who spends”? Really? “Not the republicans”? What?

        Where where you when Republicans raised the dept ceiling over $5 trillion in just the last 6 years? Where were you when Bush borrowed and printed $4 trillion more, often with the help of a Republican House and Senate? And that’s just on top of trillions more voted on by Republican led bodies before that. Those are the “facts” you claim I need to face, not a supposed product of my ideology.

        I don’t know why you’re rambling on about the failures of Democrats to me. I just explained how that game works, “vote for this criminal party because the other is worse”. Not any more baby… You have to decide for yourself if a party can really be for a balanced budget while voting against it for decades, be for limited government while expanding it for decades and be for secure boarders while ignoring their destruction. How many times does Lucie have to pull the football away before you learn? I’ve been a constitutional conservative/libertarian political nerd for the last 26 years of my adult life, and I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me 22 of those to get it. The GOP is in a high intensity gorilla war with constitutionalists right now and I oppose those self-serving feckless frauds just as strongly as I oppose the DNC.

    I was just about to share this when it was all ruined when at 6:43 on the video, a picture of Mitt Romney as a conservative appears!!!. He’s not conservative, barely if at all a moderate establishment big-government RINO. He’s also very dangerous. Everyone should read this link: If you are a true CONSERVATIVE, share this link and help prevent the nomination of another RINO non-conservative GOP candidate.

  4. I take it my comment was a problem?
    I see you took it down,,,
    did it break your myth about Reagan?
    Is that’s how it works here?

    • Ok, I can understand you grieving Robin Williams, but it does not belong in this forum. Try to stay on subject, please.

      • I don’t know what happens here in west la-la land,,
        but everywhere else when you are on a thread,,if somekind of important news breaks,,,we post it,,,nothing wrong with that
        wasn’t trying to change the conversation,,,it’s all one way
        here, so,,,,spare me your input…

  5. I read the stupid statements about Mitt Romney being the sign that this video is somehow false and he single handly stopped the message. Fool-aid drinkers wake UP, Good Lord, Romney has been right on EVERYTHING HE CLAIMED !! BUSH was CORRECT on the WMD in Iraq, we just didn’t know where they were hidden, and that some have been found now and others showed up in Syria MAKES HIS REASONS RIGHT!! These TWO men would have fought tooth and Nail to keep America from falling into the abyss we are in NOW. yet you FOOLS can’t admit it. I am ashamed of the mentality that a responsible businessman can make a profit give away millions yet demonized by Stupid people like you!! THAT Mentality and VOTER FRAUD has gotten us 2 years of crap and another two to look forward to. We have a CRIMINAL as our top cop. We have a UNKNOWN , UNIDENTIFIED, IDIOT that even his supposed wife opps and says he’s Kenyan born and the White House that hates the MILITARY that is VOLUNTEERS ! He hates JEWS, WHITES, and yea AMERICA yet we can’t do a thing about him because REID is the gate keeper that needs to be removed! I am a Kentuckian and I don’t like McConnell and want term limits, BUT I WANT HIM IN OFFICE !!! He is our ONLY HOPE ! To undo the Nuclear vote Reid did, to have a hope of UNDOING some of the damage of the OBOMINATION we are now in !

    I want a President that I don NOT have to say I’m sorry about, that doesn’t insult the Queen of England a Lady of Grace and strength like the world hasn’t seen in many many years! I want to be able to buy groceries more then ammo but as it looks now he is tearing this Country apart. Ammo is becoming as important as any type of some minor expenditure. I haven’t had a vacation in over 15 years, I haven’t been able to spend a dime that didn’t need to go to something else. I look at my son and know that the America I grew up in will forever be different for him and that breaks my heart. So you spout your gall at Romney I am so sorry that the election was stolen from him and the CRANKS in California, that is a state that if it fell in the sea I would cry over the Landscape more then the idiots that run it. Pelosi and Ried need to have MENTAL HEALTH holds BY INDEPENDENT PYCH DEPARTMENTS.

      • Earl, you may have missed the chemical weapons Basher Assad in Syria has been using against his own people.

      • Sure he did! Sorry but there were NO wmd’s in IRAQ to justify a war! How can you move that much WMDS without satellite detection?

      • Excuse me sand and a GPS unit can cover a world of things that are there and then by the time you get troops there they can’t find em.. it took a while to get into the chemical sites and found parts and such but no actuall weapons what makes you think that what has been found in the last 5 years wasn’t some of the WMD of Iraq?? They just got moved around.. they were and are there, You think ISIS can’t find em, bet they come to light before christmas.

      • Earl, remember the caravan of trucks speeding out of Iraq into Syria? As for nukes, the point was to attack BEFORE they finished building it. Kind of useless to do anything once they have it. Just look at North Korea and Pakistan. What I will agree with you is that our troops should never have remained behind to help rebuild. They had plenty of oil and thus money to do it themselves. As far as trying to force arabs to have a democracy, that was indeed lunacy or I suspect, naivete, thinking we can impose that on a completely different culture.

    • That’s brain dead. Romney was thoroughly unwilling and/or incapable of articulating
      what was wrong with the anti-imperialism of Obama, the progressive statism of
      both parties and the cover up of the Benghazi gun running to ISIS’s allies
      (which was factually supported by the first debate). Something more is wrong
      with him than just forcing socialized medicine on his state and raising fees on everything that moves and everything that
      doesn’t move. I don’t know what it is. Maybe he thought that Americans couldn’t peacefully
      digest the truth or/and there was dirt on him, but the time for excuses has
      passed. Romney’s compromised principles and his unwillingness to deliver the
      truth right between the eyes is why Republicans failed, and it is representative
      of why most Americans should distrust them.

      Constitutional conservatives are not running
      against Obama in 2016, we’re running against the GOP and a different radical Democrat. We have to articulate what’s wrong with the
      progressive socialism in principle, not Obama. Romney failed in what should
      have been a landslide.

      Stale 4 minute overly polished videos at 3th
      grade reading levels don’t have a prayer of being seen by someone who reads like a 3rd grader and isn’t already a Republican. We have to label both our left and right leaning
      progressive opposition for what that are and clearly explain why that is
      destructive to voters and to humanity, the same way Dinesh D’Souza, Glenn Beck,
      Ted Cruze, Buck Sexton and Mark Levin do. We have to be willing to recognize the corruption
      in both parties and be honest in our solutions or people will recognize us a
      just more politicians and vote for the ones who gives them the biggest Christmas

  6. Granted, the Police shooting yet another unarmed American is quite disturbing. The Police State under control of the Gov is one monster of an Organized and Legal Crime Syndicate. BUt with the most recent shooting in St. Louis, we have the regular Racial Arsonists’ and Poverty Pimps rearing their ugly two-faced heads. Where is the outrage on all the endless Black on White Racism as evidenced by blacks assulting, raping and murdering white people? Where’s the outrage for the hundreds of thousands of these victiims of Black on White crimes of racism, assult, and murder?!?

      • No the proof goes to you. You were the one to bring up violence against whites. Where is it? Please not from your KKK news letter.

      • How about the FBI, imbecile?

        Didn’t I already tear you a new one a few months ago?

        I thought you may have learned from that event, but it seems that you’re too stupid to catch on.

        Feel free to NEVER grace the internet with your particular brand of stupidity ever again.

        Now shoo, child. Adults are conversing.

      • from the Hofpo-hate crime in the US

        ◾Of the 5,331 known OFFENDERS,
        54.6 percent were white and 23.3 percent were black. The race was unknown for
        11.5 percent, and other races accounted for the remaining known offenders.
        from wilipedia- Hate crime in the US
        Analysis of the 1999 FBI statistics by John Perazzo in 2001
        found that white violence against black people was 28 times more likely (1 in
        45 incidents) to be labelled as a hate crime than black violence against white
        people (1 in 1254 incidents).[60] In analysing hate crime hoaxes, Katheryn
        Russell-Brown propounds a hypothesis explaining the disparity in how hate
        crimes against whites are viewed with respect to hate crimes against blacks.
        She hypothesises that the prevailing view in the minds of the public, that
        hate-crimes-against-blacks hoaxers intend to take advantage of, is that the
        crime that whites are most likely to commit against blacks is a hate crime, and
        that it is hard for (in her words) “most of us” to envision a white
        person committing a crime against a black person for a different reason. The
        only white people who commit crimes against black people, goes the public
        belief, are racially prejudiced white extremists. Whereas in contrast, she
        continues, the situation with hate-crimes-against-whites hoaxers differs,
        because the popular perception is that black people in general are liable to
        “run amok, committing depraved, unprovoked acts of violence” against
        white people.[61]

      • That’s never going to happen.
        You have nothing, as usual. Take my advice and stop with empty threats . I babysat badder asses than you.
        When the adults are finished conversing , is that when you start cleaning up?

      • darling you never touched me. You people have nothing to offer anything thinking person but empty threats. I have every right to be on this site and all over the internet or does freedom of speech apply only to you?

      • It is on FaceBook. A MASS OF PEOPLE PRAYING TO GOD AT THE SAME TIME TO HELP US DEFEAT THE EVIL IN THE WORLD! Thatis the sight however, we are getting such a tremendous response, that the event/sight may be trying to stop people from attending. However, everywhere in the world, we are trying to get as many people as we can to pray to defeat ALL evil.. So if you can spread the word and help us make this a movement that can bless us all, then it would be greatly appreciated and you will be truly blesssed!! I am sure that it can’t hurt, considering the world is at war at all ends!
        Thank You and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask..

      • Looks like you should also go back to school and learn how to spell.. Im only calling it like I see it… You want to play with the big dogs, educate yourself with the facts and perhaps try using a little less obnoxious behavior and try being more civilized and you wouldn’t get such a response…

      • More civilized? By spewing insults? Good one. You fools know nothing unless it’s feed to you by special interests morons and you lap it up.

      • you were the first to spew the insult buddy.. I only call them like I see them.. Chill out.. move on.. There are greater issues to be discussing than this peddly bs… Peace.. Love… Pray..

      • No I’m not going to fall for your BS, You darling started it. You know nothing about peace and love bec you thrive on hate. Pray, we pray to different Gods. Mine respects people, yours checks IDs and let’s the right on in.

      • Yours is a fake god who allows children and little girls to be raped, killed and tortured! You are an insult to the human race! I guess you like being abused and used as a slut and kept hidden under your veils. Well, go back to where you came from.. Take your sharia laws an quran with you.. Or be a real american and live by Our Constitution and Bill of Rights and respect our American flag… Stop talking your petty ID and right wing stuff and focus on real issues.. Get with the program and I will pray to my Great I AM,who created the heavens and the earth and sent the Lord Jesus Christ so that you may have everylasting life, that you also may be saved from yourself.. Have a good day and God Bless You.. Now I am going to go eat me some Prok Chops!! Yum Yum…

      • lady, PLEASE change your deodorant, our smell of desperation is coming thru my computer. My avatar is a Halloween costume. I went as Miss Terrorist 2010. I can’t believe you people think I’m Muslim. Have you seen the other avatars out there? Much weirder than mine, but you fools pick on me.
        I give up, you won. Not sure what, but you won. Good day. loser.

      • Fried Pork Chops smothered in bacon grease, lots of bacon, mushrooms, and onions all simmering with a pork gravy… Yum yum…

      • Dear Heavenly Father Who Art Thou In Heaven, Hallow Be Thy Name, Please look after your children and send the Holy Spirit upon them that they may know you… I am asking for forgiveness for myself, for letting myself be human, but at the same time, I am asking that you send your angels to this person who uses genitals in her name, and let her be blessed by your Love. You tell us to pray for our enemies, so Lord, I am asking you, if it be your will, let it be done… Amen

  7. I was a dumocrat for many years too. Unfortunately, what opened my eyes was 9/11 or rather how my party responded to 9/11. I then thought hell must have frozen over, because the “evil” Rush Limbaugh made sense to me. I agree that when properly and simply explained, no one would be against conservatism.

  8. I was a liberal when I was younger, believed that they had the answers for society’s ills, as I grew up I realized that just talking about a problem and throwing money at it
    never solved it. You can’t spend money you don’t have to solve problems that require intelligent planning and hard work. I am a staunch conservative, believing that the American people can do more to solve problems and get things done without breaking the bank than our wasteful, bloated and corrupt government ever will. In an emergency, who gets things taken care of ASAP? Volunteers from every town across the country with goods and money donated by American people. Americans put in millions of hours of volunteer time every year, they accomplish more and do a better job at a lower cost. Our government is so broken, so corrupt and wasteful that it is destroying our country. November is coming, vote out the majority of Congress who are not doing their job to represent us and take care of business in DC for us. Remember when they asked for our votes and promised to do that? They failed us, our government has failed us…..

  9. “If
    you’re not a liberal at 20 you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at 40
    you have no brain.” Winston Churchill

  10. The only part of this video I disagree with is the naming of some of the talk show hosts as conservative, like Sean Hannity or Mark Levin. Those guys are more centrist at best! They really do not know and promote the Constitution. They promote Republicans and the GOP has been hijacked by the same kind of Progressives as the Democrats have. But it is still a good video to watch.

  11. Perhaps in addition to sharing the video, friends, families, colleagues and neighbors ought to be asking themselves if there lives are any better since the year 2008 and if not, tell them it’s time to vote ALL CONSERVATIVE!

  12. Three Charts to Send to Your Right-Wing Relative, Guaranteed to Make Their Head Spin
    We’ll be in real trouble if we go back to the Bush administration-era’s economic policies.

    Problem: Your right-wing relative is plugged into the FOX-Limbaugh lie machine, and keeps sending you emails about “Obama spending” and “Obama deficits” and how the “stimulus” just made things worse.
    Solution: Here are three “reality-based” charts to send to him. These charts show what actually happened.

    • Cool story. Tell me more about how the liberal media thinks for you. Democrats are helping the middle class, right? Bwahaha

    • Alternet. Seriously? That’s like referring my Jewish friends to Stormfront. The Democrats don’t believe in debt ceilings, budgets, fiscal responsibility, or even sp[ending the money they don’t hav honestly, judiciously, and on the people who need it the most. Obama has screwed over every minority and middle-class family in America. If Bush’s deficit spending is “unpatriotic,” and “irresponsible,” then Obama’s spending is both criminal and treasonous.

      But the list of high crimes and misdemeanors (felonies) would stretch from floor to ceiling. One scandal after another. The Benghazi Lies where four Americans were left to die to protect his re-election and to hide the fact that he was running guns to Al Qaeda. Speaking of running guns, there was Fast & Furious that put 1,200 assault weapons directly in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. The NSA spying scandal where our government is collecting every bit of private information on every US citizen without probable cause or a warrant, using the IRS as a weapoin to destroy his political opponents before the 2012 election and the ongoing cover-ups from his office and the DOJ, and now the orchestrated invasion of 300,000 disease-ridden illegal aliens (along with MS-13 gang members and Islamic terrorists posing as illegal aliens) illegally dispersed throughout the country.

      As bad as Bush was, he didn’t despise America. He didn’t despise white people. He didn’t despise Jews. He didn’t make, as his priority, the destruction of capitalism and free enterprise. He didn’t side with our enemies.

      Obama has created more chaos in this country and around the world than any other President in history. He is a totally delusional megalomaniac, pathological liar and narcissist, who has not only sided with our mortal enemies, such as Al Qaeda and ISIS, but has supplied them with heavy weaponry. He has overthrown the governments allied with the United States, such as Qaddafi and Mubarrak, and replaced them with members of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.

      He is oblivious to the genocide of Christians around the world, and has been since he became a US Senator. He has sided with radical Islam at every turn. To claim that he is a Christian is like saying that Mohammed was a Pope

      He has destroyed our health care system and our insurance industry, as well as putting 4 million people out of work. In 5 3/4 years in office, ahe has not created even a single net job. Over 95 million people are out-of-work,the highest in history, with 46 million on food stamps, also the highest in history.

    • so i guess you are on the take then – i am middle class and my taxes have sucked since obama was elected – regardless of what any frickin charts say

  13. Why is Obama still in the White House? He should be impeached NOW! What is the problem with our Senators in allowing this LYING EVIL person that refuses to put a stop to all the evil and the extermination of all the Christean’s and the children being beheaded what more evil has to be done before you impeach this heretic.

  14. Misleading video Mr. West.

    The War costs and the annual interest are now on the books.

    2009 all on Obama?
    You’re dishonest, West.

    When you start sacrificing your first dime to pay for your wars and occupations of choice you cheer led for years, we’ll start taking you seriously.

    • Good thing he didn’t make the video huh. Listen we need to be honest. This country is falling. Either catch it before it crashes or fall with it. Period. I’ll be damned if I let my country become no different than all the other countries that fell from freedom and grace. As an American it is unpatriotic and disrespectful and ignorant. Good Day.

  15. He is not an Islamist. He is a leftist using the Islamists to bring chaos. He is part of the ruling elite. Until people wake up to the fact that a relative few very wealthy people control national and world wide decisions, we will be moving to a worldwide feudal system. This is why there is such a push to disarm the peasants.

  16. now wait a second: wasn’t pres. obama the least wealthy of our contemporary presidents to take office? and surely folks like the kock brothers (sorry, can’t resist misspelling that name, those bros are so abhorrent in every way) with their billion$ buying any politician they want, funding stupid commercials ad nauseum, are the true puppet-masters controlling our nation and thus our world; and, of course, those people called corporations, with their endless billion$? i don’t pretend to understand everything political, but i do know all you have to do is follow the money, and the real money is republican and tea-partyan as historically it has been for some time (minus the tea partiers til recently). obama trying to “bring chaos”? oh please. everyone else in the world’s got that covered. i really believe he’s just trying to keep the planet from being nuked into oblivion. anyone else want the job? step right up, let’s see how well you can do it. i sure as heck don’t want the job, lots of naysayers, no helpers.


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