Great news for ISIS: Obama says more U.S. troops in Iraq wouldn’t make any difference anyway

Let’s all agree on one point: President Barack Hussein Obama loves to be on TV and hear himself read from a teleprompter. But being a narcissist doesn’t make you a strategic thinker.

Take for example the recent Saturday morning press conference as Marine One awaited to whisk him away for a vacation to Martha’s Vineyard — bad optics. The president had already given a late night Thursday press conference regarding the problems in Iraq with the terrorist army, ISIS. As I wrote here, I applaud Obama for doing something, albeit quite narrow in scope and limited in execution — one artillery tube, seven trucks, and two mortar positions are hardly national security strategic objectives.

And so Obama took the stage Saturday morning for what? As reported by the Washington Times, “The president held the impromptu news conference before heading off with his family for a two-week vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. He sought to reassure Americans that his authorization of airstrikes against the militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) won’t lead to a return of U.S. ground troops in Iraq.”

Again Obama continues to find it necessary to tell us — and actually the enemy — what he is NOT willing or wanting to do. The good thing is that the Kurdish Peshmerga Army is providing the boots on the ground. The problem is that Obama has not filled any of their requests for weapons support, which would enable them to effectively confront ISIS. As well, Obama has not committed to a U.S. air campaign to support Kurdish ground operations — something he was just “giddy” to do for the Libyan Islamists.

But when asked the tough question Saturday morning, whether he regrets not keeping a residual U.S. force in Iraq, Obama went into his usual diatribe of blame. As the Times writes, “the president at first laid blame on the Bush administration for the current situation, then claimed Iraq is so dysfunctional that it wouldn’t have mattered how many U.S. ground troops were stationed there to keep the peace.”

“I find interesting the degree to which this issue keeps coming up, as if this was my decision,” Mr. Obama said. “Under the previous administration, we had turned over the country to a sovereign, democratically elected Iraqi government. In order for us to maintain troops in Iraq, we needed the invitation of the Iraqi government and we needed assurances that our personnel would be immune from prosecution. … Let’s just be clear. The reason we did not have a follow-on force in Iraq was because a majority of Iraqis did not want U.S. troops there.”

No let’s be clear here, Barack Obama ran in 2008 to end the war in Iraq and so in 2011 he had no interest in policies supporting a residual force in Iraq.

In fact, it was Vice President Joe Biden who stated that Iraq would be one of Obama’s greatest accomplishments. So c’mon Mr. President own up. You can’t try to take credit when you believe things are going your way, and then eschew responsibility when things don’t — on your watch.

On Saturday, Obama further demonstrated his lack of strategic vision saying, “The only difference would be we’d have a bunch of troops on the ground that would be vulnerable. However many troops we had, we would have to now be reinforcing, I’d have to be protecting them, and we’d have a much bigger job. And probably we would end up having to go up again in terms of the number of ground troops to make sure that those forces were not vulnerable.”

Of those who blame Obama for the current crisis, Obama said, “That entire analysis is bogus and is wrong. But it gets frequently peddled around here by folks who often times are trying to defend previous policies that they themselves made.”

Clearly Obama has no clue as to how a residual force would have been employed — as an outer security cordon focused on counter-terrorist operations. It would have been far more difficult if not impossible for ISIS to cross the border of Syria into Iraq. It would have been difficult for Iranian Al Quds forces to establish themselves in Iraq. We could have had better military-to-military relations with the Kurdish forces. And al-Maliki would have been hard pressed to “purge” Sunni leadership from the Iraqi Army. That’s simple strategic vision, not political posturing.

This is what happens when Obama keeps parading himself before the cameras — he exposes his incompetence and duplicitous hypocrisy.

Mr. President it was YOUR decision to campaign for and completely withdraw from Iraq.

It has been YOUR decision not to recognize the ISIS threat — hardly a JV team huh?

It was YOUR decision not to support the Kurds when you know that Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki was cutting them off.

And it is YOUR weak excuse saying that Iraqi government reconciliation is the key to defeating ISIS. That is unconscionable — the two are mutually exclusive issues.

So, if I were advising President Obama, it would be to stay away from the camera and talk less. You should probably be less visible to the American people right now — they don’t like you anymore. Leadership is not about visual demagoguery, it is about showing vision, responsibility, and resolve, not the incessant game of blame.

As I was taught in the military, leaders take responsibility, they never take credit.


  1. I love you Allen West. You really know what you’re talking about. The President should be taking advice from you since you know what’s it’s like to be in the military and how the military works. Obama doesn’t even know how to operate a drinking fountain let alone run a country or be in Commander in Chief. Thanks for a great article on the situation and you are absolutely right!

  2. As usual you call it like it is Mr. West. However, I disagree that he should stay away from camera & talk less. The more he talks, the more he exposes his true allegiance. He is Muslim to the core and will always side with them. This man is an impostor and if his records can EVER be released it would reveal the truth!

    • I am torn – often I wish he would just shut up, but then on the other hand the more he talks the more we see what an complete and utter failure he is.

  3. As Commander in Chief, the Messiah in the White House should know better than to broadcast to the enemy what strategic moves the troops are going to make and what the battle plan is going to be. So as Colonel West says he should remain silent, but on the other hand they probably don’t listen to what he says anyway because he is a habitual liar

    • Shouldn’t broadcast what your plans are “Unless” your wanting to warn them up front so they can avoid more damage/loss……….
      Wouldn’t surprise me any if he is doing just that…

      Nor would it surprise me if he is just stupid enough to think people fear what he says..

      • maybe he is doing this on purpose, maybe he is just stupid. He did the same thing when announcing to the world when we were leaving Iraq like down to the month. The bad guys say thanks Obama, we will just take a vacation till all the Americans are gone, we will put it on our calendars. They laugh at us and our Commander in Chief.

      • Gives them warning as to what we will and wont be doing so they have time to prepare or move out of the way..

        Things should happen and then “if” it needs to be spoken explain briefly what we done.

        I did hear that isis got some of the food/water drops we made for those trapped folks on the mtn.

      • Why would i “wish” he was warning ISIS before sending bombs?

        Why would “Anyone” fear this clown?

        The answer is

        Not hardly and 1 No way in 2 h3ll no, so sry No wishful thinking here.

      • Wishful thinking that he would do what you think you would want him to do, or not do. I stand by my post.

      • “WANT HIM TO DO”? If you really were in the Military then you would Know that telling the enemy where/what/when you plan to do and also what you Wont be doing is insane!

        What i`d expect (not want) is that you get the job done quickly with as little life loss as possible Before you spew your plans worldwide……
        Just like you don’t lay your cards face Up for all to see while playing poker.

        Want someone with some dang brains perhaps….

      • Bear with me. This personal story may a bit of time. Your premise is that ISIS would have no idea what was coming when.

        When we were flying Linebacker II (Look it up.) We flew the first night. December 18, 1972. Lost some planes and good crews. Second night we flew. Guess what? We flew rhetorical very same courses. Same altitude, headings and air speeds.

        A navigator friend of mine, reached up to set the targeting computer. The coordinates were already in the computer! The plane flew the SAME route the night BEFORE! See, the genius planners thought it would be a good idea to fly the same routes night after night.

        We’ll on night #2, there were no SAM’s. No AA. We lost no planes that night. But what we did have Migs on our wing tips and tails. They were just following us. Guess what they were gathering.

        At our debriefings, we reported what we saw. The “intelligence” officers? Didn’t believe us. To a man.

        Night #3. We lost more planes than any night of the ENTIRE campaign of, “The 18 Day War!”

        ISIS? They will find out. BTW, based on what I read on this blog, I thought our government and military was riddled with Muslim spys. Can’t have it both ways.

    • OhBummer’s presidency all along has been revealing secret strategy. On top of that, Hollywood was let in on secrets to produce the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” about the hunt and demise of Osama bin Laden. National security can’t hold a candle next to political popularity and reward with this presidency.

      • thank you for your service, and I am truly sorry the effect your PTSD has had on you emotionally, spiritually and physically.

      • Sorry, Nancy. I am not quite sure how to take that. Must be my Ole Barnacle Brain and the fact that my wife just got home from 5 weeks in the hospital due to a stroke. But my PTSD has not affected my ability to discern right from wrong.

      • I hope you take it the way it was intended – with sincerity. My husband is retired Army, a gun ship pilot in Viet Nam with 43 medals of valor for flying into direct combat, plus the other medals. He says those medals wouldn’t buy him a cup of coffee. Need I say more?

      • since when were you invited into a conversation between myself and B52 EWO 72-76? ever since it was referred to as Nam

      • My hat is off to him and salute him. I knew many EWO’s who went into 130’s. Some are still there.

      • Is the beheading of little children right or wrong? Just asking. It looks like you are so caught up with getting the troops out that you just ignore that fact. As you I don’t really care for getting caught up in ever single conflict that pops up throughout the world but look guy this is different.

      • Joey, I think your comprehension skills are lacking. I urge you to read my comment again line by line ,and when you do not know what it says get help from somebody else to read it for you. The gist of the whole comment is That OBAMA should not tell the enemy what we are doing. And if you can not understand that, it is you who is the Moron, If I were you I would refrain from commenting because all your doing is embarassing yourself.

      • Were you not commenting on an article written by the moron allen west? I am pointing out that this moron, who’s article you commented on, is a complete loser- I need not further justify or otherwise defend posting this. Can you comprehend that?

      • Joey ,really you think he’s a loser?Colonel West was a Battalion Commander in Iraq, Colonel West Served this country for over 20 years in the U,S, Army, Colonel West served in the House of Representative in Washington D.C. ,Colonel West is a much in demand analyst on numerous Television programs,In his Army career He has completed numerous tasks to achieve his Rank,He has completed OCS, jump school ,was awarded numerous medals and badges,earned the respect of hundreds of thousands of Veterans ,I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. Now I would like to know what you have accomplished. I would guess judging by your comments above that you haven’t accomplished much.For you to speak bad of such a great leader says volumes of the sad existence of the life that you must lead, you a not half the man that Colonel West is. By you coming on this site and spouting your nonsense, You are just embarassing yourself and proving just how stupid you really are, so if I were you I would just quit now and stop making a fool of yourself.

      • Yes joey, I get that you think Colonel West is a loser,but you have proven to everyone on this site that is you who is the biggest LOSER. You are a sad human being ,who must lead a horrible life.

  4. Our Commander In Chief : as I understood him to say, like if we put troops on the ground then we would have to put more troops on the ground to protect the troops on the ground, like what the heck Barry, excuse me but the troops on the ground are gonna be protecting themselves already, what the hell does he think they are going to be doing, sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows? This man is more of an idiot every single day.

      • My brother, retired AF, flying C130 during the evacuation of Saigon….We ‘common’ citizens have NO idea what you and other vets, like my brother and husband have actually gone through.

      • You are right. It is a Brotherhood that cannot be put into words. But I fear the same thing will happen in Baghdad. 🙁

    • We have a JV president in the Oval Office is a direct quote from Dr.Savage. Next time you quote a person ,place quotation marks. (” “)

      • Should I assume somebody, somewhere, has already said everything before and, therefore, I should always use quotation marks even if I am not aware of it? Oh, excuse me. “Maybe I should be using quotation marks right now.” Had I known I was quoting Dr. Savage,even though I’ve never heard him, “I would have used quotation marks.”

    • Your entire comment , We have a JV president….was taken directly from Dr. Savage. When you use another persons words, put it with quotation marks especially from a Highly intelligent person like Dr..Savage!

      • Well, excuse me for not ever having listened to, or for having read, Dr. Savage. “Your entire comment” instructing me to “put it with quotation marks” makes me think I should put quotation marks around everything just in case somebody else may have uttered it first.

      • Listen girl, A site like this is way over your head. Copying Famous intellectual peoples words must always be quoted. Your IQ level is to low to be on political sites. Do your commenting on the Disney site!

      • You are a 100% liar. Your IQ level is to low to be on political sites. Do your commenting on the Disney site!!!

      • Well, genius, I do know that your word “to” should have had had an extra letter in it. The word is “too” to be correct in the way you used it. You are a fine one to be to accusing somebody else of having an IQ level that is TOO low.

      • You are lying 100%, but it is a compliment that you took Dr.Savages words directly from his show. (word by word) When you deliberately/intentionally use a very well known/popular

  5. This idiot doesn’t have a clue. He hates the military and is a pansy himself, get all the friendly’s out and nuke the place. Or better yet a neutron bomb

  6. Thanks for the excellent military strategy, Mr. West (Major? Captain?)

    The USA had easy control of Iraq since the end of the war (1990) to defend Kuwait. The USA also had the justification to attack and take over the Iraqui military. But… all that was thrown away just to be supposedly a good-pal to the iraqui people, and not get blamed for potentially going after the Iraq’s oil fields. We could have avoided the second USA invasion of Iraq by keeping a stronghold on Iraq’s government and toppling Hussein right then. The General in charge certainly was willing, ready, and recommending that solution. The dictator had already set fire to his country’s oil wells!

    But no, USA had to turn over the power to the dictator who just wasted his nation’s non-renewable resources, only to have to spend trillions to topple him later after experiencing 9/11, and all the bad treatment we get now from our own government for “security reasons”, plus they read our emails and log our telephone calls (against the 5th Amendment to the USConstitution…….
    After a costly way, in which many American military gave their life for honor and bad Veteran care,…..amazingly the “great and powerful” UnitedStatesOfAmerica handed over the conquered country to the Iraquis, who supposedly voted (in a fair election?) for their leader. And we did not require oil-rich Iraq to keep (and pay for) more than enough American soldiers (yes, boots on the ground as there are now). Now…. here we go again! More taxes, for more bombs, and we lost Iraq…. ouch!

    Isn’t the USA plain Stu Peed?

  7. Obama is the greatest or luckiest president in the history of the United States. Everyone forgot about Obama’s high crimes. All Americans forgot about the V.A.scandal,fast and furious,our open borders and the undocumented aliens spilling over on our soil by the Thousand that continue to walk freely on our soil and the many other high crimes that were/are committed under this administration. Obama is a genius,as he puts out scandals at warp speed,making Americans forget about prior scandals.You Americans forget fast!

    • We haven’t forgot, most are just too lazy or Apathetic to care. They have a home, food, and Tv.. Just like fire take away one of these elements and the Apathy will die.

      • With the same results. And just out of curiosity, why do so many of you posters apparently find it impossible to be civil. And, no. “Dummy,” does not hurt my feelings. I am disappointed by the lack

      • No one cares what you are “disappointed” by, imbecile.

        If you don’t like being referred to as “dummy” or “Imbecile”, then I suggest you avoid posting like a “dummy” or “imbecile.

        Capisce, dumbass?

      • Not to worry, Neanderthal! I’ll not respond to any of your future posts. In fact, they will go directly from my in-box to my garbage can…where they rightfully belong…

      • Cute. A simpleton calling ME a neanderthal?


        Let me let you in on a little something, Chair Force boy.

        You served in the Chair Force. That’s nice. A whole lot of Airmen think they’re the smartest dudes in the service (like you apparently do).

        Me? I served in the Army (like Colonel West). I left the service as a 97E (see my user name?). A 97E was a senior Enlisted HumInt Collector.

        I’m pretty sure I outscored you on the ASVAB, dipshit.

        Have fun with that, asshat.

        -97E 504th Parachute Infantry 82nd Airborne US ARMY 1998-05 WIA Afghanistan

      • Oh, 97E, you have no idea how I have been looking forward to respond to your drivel. Not sure where to start, Brother-in-arms. It is quite clear you have no respect for officers and the USAF.

        Don’t want e your Purple Heart in front of me and expect me to be impressed. I don’t think I am one of, “…smartest dudes in the service.” I do, however consider myself one of the luckiest.

        Vietnam. Linebacker II. Ever hear of it? Look it up, “intelligence expert.”

        Ya, see. This “Chair Force” officer had his “Chair” and ass blown out of the sky one terrible night in December 1972 and lost three beloved crew mates over Hanoi. Missed being a “guest” of the Hanoi Hilton by 15 minutes, that’s how close the NVA was behind me when “Chair Force” land and sea rescue pulled me out of the jungle. Your Purple Heart? How did you earn it as a 97E?

        As for the ASVB? You have no idea what I needed to qualify as an Electronic Warfare Officer, as well as qualify for a B52. And, “Ain’t no one keepin score, ” (Jimmy Buffett).

        As for “military intelligence? ” Isn’t that an oxymoron? Kind of like Central Intelligence Agency? Military intelligence got a lot of us killed during Linebacker II. Long story. Won’t bore you with it.
        Yes, Lt. Col. served. Got drummed out, too. Read the hearing transcripts.

        Neanderthal: primative, unenlightened, culturally and intellectually backward, reactionary.

        42nd Air Division
        8th Air Force
        9th Bombardment Wing
        B52G Electronic Warfare Officer

      • How did I earn it?

        Every soldier (and Marine for that matter) is a rifleman first. The Airborne needed someone to speak Pashtu.

        I happen to have been fluent in Pashtu. So I was assigned to the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment. I jumped into the Stan on the first day of the (ground) war.

        I took a round in the left thigh in a firefight near the top of a mountain. Can’t say why I was there, other than that it involved a piece of vital local civilian infrastructure. The impact knocked my legs out from under me, and the first part of me that landed was my head, on a rock. My head “won” the encounter, smashing the rock. Unfortunately, I also suffered a brain injury from the impact, and the swelling eventually caused an aneurysm in my cerebellum to rupture. Hence why I no longer speak Pashtu (I just plain don’t remember it).

        You call me a brother, yet we fight like we’re anything but.

        I suggest that maybe we call a truce on this matter. I am somewhat reactionary, as I’ve grown rather tired of dumbass liberals constantly trolling every article regarding Iraq & Afghanistan. Largely a bunch of basement-dwelling turds who have never served or even contemplated serving.

        As a grandson of a Vietnam vet (LDO Lieutenant Commander, Ordinance Officer, USN Air Warfare) I have nothing but respect for your service, sir. I am very glad you came back alive, I just wish you weren’t so deadset against the Colonel and the rest of us who agree with him.

      • I am truly sorry about your TBI. It might interest you to know that I spent the last 5 years of my professional career, working as a TBI counselor for the “Sovereign” State of Illinois. I worked with many SW ASIA vets who could not get services from the VA. They had to rely on Medicare. Made me sick.

        As soon as my wife recovers from her stroke, acute congestive heart failure and acute lung disease and lung inflammation, I intend to volunteer my counseling skills to the local veterans’ clinic.

        I would like this “fight” to stop as well. All I am seeking is civil debate. You up to that, Brother?

      • Forgot to mention. I am not dead-set against Allen. BTW, he was a “light Colonel.” Not a full Colonel. I take issue with referring to him by a rank he was not awarded. I learned that from many Lt. Col’s who I respected and referred to themselves as, “Telephone Colonels.”

        My main issue with Lt. Colonel is his tactics as a blogger. Jumping the gun, switching “opinions, ” i.e., impeach Obama, don’t fall into the impeachment trap. Check the archives.

        As a historian, I object to him stating his opinion as facts. He has a weakness for not including verifiable sources. But I love civil debate.

      • I hope you are not bashing the Air Force and if you are can you remember a time that the Air Force saved your rear end with the Specter Gun Ship or can you remember the time that you were running low on ammo and food and the C-130 come to your rescue. Did you ever take the time to view a C-130 which had been shot to hell and back while trying to get ammo or food to you. If you did not then my friend you did not see much action. No one in the military slams another branch of the service. I don’t do that nor do any of my veteran friends do that. We respect each other no matter what branch of the service we were in. It took all of us to cover each others back. By the way I dropped 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg. Would you like to know how many of you I gave burp bags to? Yes I have seen some of you guys so scared you puked on my aircraft. Now don’t get me wrong I would have been scared also but you are trying to make your self out to be some kind of Rambo. I went through the Congo and Vietnam and I could have counted the Rambo’s on one hand. Most were just like me, scared shitless.
        Former Crew Chief USAF, 776th PACAF.

      • If some one were going to behead your child would you except the excuse, “we don’t want to get involved because some of us might come home in a body bag”. I didn’t think so. See how things change when you put the shoe on the other foot.

      • Chad, I would blow them away, of course. My objection is, we have been the world’s policemen since 1945. Isn’t it about time someone else to pick up that mantle? The Shia nations have more than enough fire power to take care of the problem in their own backyard. Yet they sit back and “let” us be their proxy. The Saudis could handle it on their own. With the assistance of Egypt and Iran…game over.

        Western nations that are concerned about their citizens who are leaving to join ISIS, could step in as well. Why is it ALWAYS us?

      • We’re the policeman because we’re part of NATO as well as the U.N. and we follow their direction for the most part such as the present circumstances. Such was the same with Iraq and Kuwait regardless of what the naysayers say. They write the rules and we follow them contrary to what the major news media might lead one to believe.

      • We have been proxies for OVER 15 years with NO success! Arab nations need to clean up their own back yard. Aren’t over 5,000 American deaths and 22 suicides a day enough for you?

      • More Americans remember the last Four shows of American Idle than than Obama’s scandals and high crimes Fifty percent (50%) of Americans are Factually stupid!

  8. I have appreciated much of what Mr. West has had to share in the past, and I am completely in favor of ISIS being decisively dealt with.

    My concerns center on the manipulation of Americans into perpetual warfare overseas and the surrender of freedom and liberty at home in the name of fighting groups like ISIS – which itself is a “Made by the USA” entity.

    I am also greatly concerned at the hypocrisy of Americans in desiring to bomb and go to war (again) “for the children”, when we murder, mangle, and dismember millions upon millions of innocent children here in America on a regular basis.

    If we were truly a God-fearing people with actual concern for the well being of innocent children, we would repent of our own ongoing massacre of innocents. It seems as though a *selective* concern for some children is being manipulated and used to fuel the calls for yet another war.

    There are more detailed thoughts along these lines in two recent articles:

    “If only ISIS would murder and dismember children in nice little downtown clinics…” which can be found at

    and “Note to Allen West: American “Christians” have dismembered FAR more children than ISIS this year”, which can be found at

    I hope and pray that the tragedy in Iraq will inspire us all to think things through more carefully and seek to act more wisely and consistently, both at home and abroad.

    • You are absolutely correct! We have no compunction to dissecting living, breathing, pain feeling innocents while still in the womb, so much so that it has become a litmus test for politicians. The Arabs are only exercising their pro-choice rights! What would ‘we’ do if they tried to negotiate us out of having abortions? Yup, go on with what we have always done. Leave ’em be.

  9. barry has not committed to a U.S. air campaign to support Kurdish ground operations — something he was just “giddy” to do for the Libyan Islamists… this is so true and I remember it clearly! He is in fact the one who supplied arms to them through Benghazi!! When he was asked if he regrets not keeping a residual U.S. force in Iraq, barry went into his usual diatribe of blame saying it was Iraq’s fault that he didn’t leave any troops there. His ego is so dang huge that he wanted all the glory for “ending the war in Iraq” and couldn’t get out fast enough!! He is to blame for the genocide of the Christians and the beheading of children there!! barry is pathetic as a leader and needs to be arrested and thrown in prison instead of vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard!!

      • you’re right….where is Portugal, Sweden, Germany and on and on and on. Let some other country(s) jump in for a change. If our military were allowed to fight without being politically correct it would be different. Our administration uses it for their gain in many ways. And our brave military gets NOTHING! It is appalling, not only the precious lives lost by our military heroes, but the billions and billions of taxpayer dollars that fund these travesties.

      • I agree with you on many of your points except one. When animals behead children then you have a moral obligation to do something no matter where it happens or when it happens. As you I think a lot of the fighting we have done has been useless and I add Vietnam to that and I am a Vietnam vet but in this I say stop ISIS because they are just down right evil.

      • And I agree with you! My husband is retired Army and Vietnam vet (helicopter gunship pilot). ISIS is downright evil, although not everyone would agree with us. If our government would allow our military to go in and fight unfettered they would be home quickly. Sorry about the collateral damage, but that’s war. Better there than here. We are so spoiled here that we cannot comprehend what we would do (or will do) when they come here, which I am sure will happen. Thank you for your service and I am sorry the Vietnam vets did not get a heroes welcome upon their return home.

    • Obama is like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Jumping all over the place but not accomplishing anything. It took him weeks to figure out he could not send the Kurd’s weapons through Baghdad because if he did they would end up in the hands of ISIS. So finally he decides that it is best to send the weapons directly to the Kurd’s. DUH! I tell you the man is useless.

  10. His stand on this is no different than his telling the Taliban when the US was leaving Afghanistan so they could just wait us out. The same thing is going to happen there, watch.

      • Problem IS…..the “arab world” isn’t satisfied with staying in the arab world. They are coming HERE and have flooded Europe and fighting to institute sharia law everywhere they go. They ARE the modern day nazi’s. Historically they sided with the German axis in both world wars. Hitler would be proud of them what they’re doing to Christians in Iraq. Beheading children notwithstanding.

      • Guess we have been reading and viewing different news sources. If what you are suggesting is true, where are the other western nations? According to your logic, they are in danger as well. So tell me, why aren’t they in the fight?

      • Let’s say some crazy is going to behead your child. What are you going to do? Will you go after the nut or will you stand there until your neighbor shows up. There comes a time when you don’t worry about what other nations are going to do and this is one of those times. Why are they not in the fight? Who knows but lets let them live with their conscious but we should never forget that we also have to live with ours.

      • When it turns into humanitarian all bets are off. When animals start to behead little children all bets are off. Forget the politics when it comes to beheading little innocent children. We will have to fight these animals sooner or later and that you can take to the bank.

  11. “[…] President Barack Hussein Obama loves to be
    on TV and hear himself read from a teleprompter. But being a narcissist
    doesn’t make you a strategic thinker.” Says the man with his name on his own website promoting his book with his face on the cover.

  12. I know, most of you are tired of my posts, but I have to put this in an actual thread. I don’t know what Allen wants. More Americans coming home in body bags? We have no dog in this fight. Do people REALLY believe that this mess in Iraq and Afghanistan is worth ONE more American life? I don’t.

    This is an Arab nations problem. As long as we are there, they will let us do the fighting. How much help have they been while we are fighting this fight? When we leave for REAL, they will be able to handle it themselves. After all, we sold/gave them top of the line weaponry! About time they used it. ISIS is more of a threat to the Arab world right now, than they are to us! MHO.

    • Problem with your reasoning is that now with a Muslim terrorist in our WH.THIS COUNTRY IS SQUARELY IN THEIR SIGHT.AND THIS HALF BREED TRAITOR IN OUR WH IS WAITING WITH OPEN ARMS

      • Sooooo…….obama isn’t a traitor despite his arming of Al Queda which incidentally is supposedly where ISIS GOT their weapons in the first place?

      • Obama didn’t arm AL Qaeda. Those weapons were left for that idiot Al-Maliki to defend Iraq. It is not Obama’s fault the inept Iraqi military left the weapons behind instead of defending their country. Put the blame where it rightly belongs.

      • Well explain this to us. The Kurd’s would have stopped ISIS in its tracks if they had the air support and the weapons to do so. Why did it take Obama so long to figure out that he could not send the weapons through channels in Baghdad or to order the air strikes. The man is slow to act and that is a pure fact. Personally I can not figure out what is wrong with the guy. But I do know one thing, and that is, he has no place in the White House.

      • I agree with you on this one, Chad. But Obama, unfortunately, WAS “elected” to the White House. 🙁

      • Obama a Muslim him self, and he has said as much, thinks he can sweet talk a group like ISIS into doing the right thing. Sure I would like to be friends with every one on the face of the earth and if left up to me that is the way it would be but you can not be friends with a group like ISIS. No amount of love will change these people. I wish it would but you have to be realistic here. This group has gone beyond the point of no return.

    • This is an Arab nations problem. Yup. Hitler’s march across Europe was a European problem. Pol Pot’s genocide was an Asian problem. Boko Haram’s reign of slaughter and kidnapping is an African problem. The Wounded Knee killings were an indian problem. The Holocaust was a Jewish problem. How convenient is your casting of blame on the victims! Watcha gonna to do when they come for your family? Wet yourself?

      • Missed my point, Phil. And don’t lecture me on WWII! My father was a combat medic with the 4 1st Sunrise/Jungleers Division. The average life span of a medic in the SW Pacific was 6 weeks. My father was on the line 6 MONTHS!

        He also took some of the first photos of Hiroshima/Kure. BEFORE the press was let in. A set of which I am donating to the WWII museum in New Orleans.

        My point? There is no comparison to WWII and what is happening in SW Asia. WWII was a justified WORLD war! Many nations were involved in fighting the atrocities you list. Those other nations did a whole lot of the heavy lifting.

        So answer me this. Who else is doing any of the heavy lifting there besides the US? And don’t give me that bullshite about, “other nations are being represented. ”

        The US is again fighting a proxy war. Something that we have NEVER waged successfully.

        As for what I would do if “they” showed up at my door? Fight! I am not afraid of them. One sorta loses that kinda fear after being blown out of the sky and losing three beloved crew mates one terrible December night in 1972. It was Operation Linebacker II, in case you are interested.

      • Answer me this. Who gives a rats rear end about other nations? They are beheading children. Does that not ring a bell with you?
        There comes a time when you do not worry about what other nations are doing. This is one of those times. If some nut case was beheading your children would you care who showed up. When it becomes humanitarian you throw politics out the door.

    • Being a Vietnam Vet I am not in favor of policing the world but this is different. You are dealing with pure evil here. Beheading children should never be excepted no matter where it takes place. I saw some bad stuff in the Congo and Vietnam but I never saw a child which had been beheaded. Should we get involved in this? Absolutely! You can not stop ISIS you have to kill them period.

  13. At the end of the day, the Kurds hold the keys to solving their own plight. If they declare independence, they will have aid running over….the presence of oil in their areas would be a secondary bonus. But such an operation needs to be Kurdish-led (and the Kurds are very good fighters).

  14. This is what I like about American blogg sites………….everybody knows best and everybody is a liar………… calling right across the board, me included


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