Former NFL player: Democrat party is destroying black communities [VIDEO]

Lots of folks on the Left want you to think black conservatism is just some fad, while many in the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge blacks as conservatives at all. And of course there are the personal attacks, denigrating, demeaning, and disparaging assaults meant to instill fear in those daring to speak out.

Well, slowly it seems to be changing. The proof is in the pudding as they say –just look at the failures in American inner cities — the black community. It is in the urban centers where liberal progressives policies — brought to you by the Democrat party — have been prevalent, and the evidence is damning.

I hope you’ll watch this Newsmax interview with Steve Malzberg and congressional candidate Gary Cobb. Gary is a graduate of the University of Southern California and a former NFL linebacker with the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, and Philadelphia Eagles — one tough dude. Gary is also very concerned about the policy failures in the black community that have resulted in the breakdown of the black family, reduced educational opportunities, and a bleak unemployment future for black teenagers.

Now consider that each of these issues Gary addresses comes back to Democrat policies. President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” provided paychecks to women who have babies out of wedlock with the caveat that no man resided in the home. That one “incentive” effectively resulted in the out-of-wedlock birthrate in the black community exploding to 72 percent — replacing a responsible black father in the home with government dependence.

Furthermore, the two powerful major teachers unions (NEA and AFT) stand against school choice, charter schools, and home schooling options for parents — especially black parents, mostly single black mothers — which could provide better educational opportunities for their children. For liberal progressives, choice is only good when it pertains to killing babies — not educating them. Remember, it was the “first African-American president” who cancelled the DC school voucher program in April 2009.

All this progressive socialist talk about income inequality and higher minimum wage just means that part-time employment opportunities will dry up for black teenagers who already face an almost 40 percent unemployment rate. They are simply being pushed out of the labor market.

In short, these kids are coming from broken homes, sent to failing schools, and are left with few employment opportunities.

So why exactly should blacks continue to vote for Democrats? Why oh, why do they want more of the same?

Hat tip to US Congressional candidate Gary Cobb, a conservative black American who grew up modestly, successfully escaped the liberal progressive economic plantation, and seeks to lead others away.


      • Typical slime ball lib-scum response. And always absent any evidence. Either it’s ‘but Bush’ or ‘but Republicans’. I have 48 years of evidence your vile party has used, abused, pimped and pandered to blacks on many levels. You? Nothing but a mouthful of crap and diversionary swill.

      • Hey jag. YOU said the GOP was no different. So get your face out of Obama’s lap and tell the class HOW they are no different. Your party of scum and sleaze created this mess over 48 years. NOW you creeps want to blame the right for decades of crap from your ilk? We say ‘self determination’ and less govt teat and you POS’ say ‘they are tying to starve poor people’. You and your gang can GFY. NONE of you lib-scum want to do anything but maintain the social heroin pipeline because it buys you votes.

        LBJ: I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next ……/lbj-ill-niggers-voting-democratic-next-200-years/

        Mar 20, 2014 – LBJ: I’ll Have Those Niggers Voting Democratic For The Next 200 Years … Tags gop grand old party lyndon b. johnson republican party slavery

      • [[ you do know who Lee Atwater is?????? ]]

        Yep. And?

        [[ I asked why it’s ok to call whites who disagree names but not blks who disagree.]]

        Do you even know what the term ‘uncle tom’ means?

        [[ Come to think of it, why is it fine for you to call me names (party of scum, lib scum)??? ]]

        Because the terms apply no matter WHAT color you are.

      • so it’s okay to name call? Why did you make your statement about the first round, if it’s ok to name call?

      • Think some are just at a boiling point. Things are looking quite scary these days, and few Liberal`s are willing to admit Obama was a bad decision.Guess its kind of like Parents who defend their Kids when they`re clearly in the wrong, it certainly does the Kid no good at all, and promotes no character growth.

      • I don’t care what anyone says. ‘Uncle tom’ is about race. Deal with it and stop excusing it racist.

      • OldeJack is trolling you like crazy right now. Seems all he wants to do is trash you. Not add anything to the discussion. I feel bad for him.

      • Oldjag was ignored as a little tyke. He’s a needy libtard looking for a daddy figure. I’m ignoring him for now. Ticks him off even more 😉

      • Andy Martins a troll, don’t bother feeding him.
        I figure that he’s upset because he’s still a virgin and couldn’t get laid if he paid for it.

      • Than I will tell him about dirty whores who wear no protection when they have sex bec the gov refuses it pay for it . The minorities who holding me in bondage and sucking he’s resources dirty. And Mrss Obama, who loves to excerize until is hot, sweaty and stinking .

        That should keep Andy occuplidied for a while.

      • I figured out that that one he can’t stand is mentioning his inability to earn a scholarship to community college is one of his peeves.
        I had listed several of his standard attacks but it must have scared him because he flags my comments now. …

      • Man, you just fell into her lap. You are the one’s I was just talking about. God help us from both sides!

      • Take a seat lefty. Your history precedes you.

        From you—And don’t DARE bring up the Tea Party!! Whew! When one gets close to sacred territory, the ppl guarding it get NASTYYYY

      • You haven’t a effing clue. I have already escaped from two communist dictators. you are nothing. you completely missed the point. In my opinion, the TP is our only hope. Get a grip

      • Andy Martin’s a troll, don’t bother feeding him.
        His next statement will be something to the effect of “I know you are but what am I?”
        By the way, he was on the Obama team in 2012 despite what he says.
        Here’s his prior published work;

      • Fair enough. They way it read, you seemed to be mocking the TP. My mistake.

        And I have more than a ‘clue’ no matter who you claimed to have escape from. Yes, there is plenty of vitriol on all sides with good reason. So grip that. You seem to have a problem with the way people ‘debate’ and ‘discuss’ politics from what I’ve read from you. You have the right to ignore it if it upsets you that much. IOW, your disdain for our ‘poisoning the country’ means ‘nothing’. You can always return to the nations you claimed to have escaped.

      • Andy’s a troll, don’t bother feeding him.
        He pull’s that same line on everyone trying to get them into an argument, apparently he has no life beyond his McJob.

      • You went from complaining about sources to blaming republicans after hearing the proof. Wow, didn’t see that liberal spin tactic being used from a mile away…lol

    • it’s terrible when blacks who disagree, call eachother, “uncle tom”, but what about whites who disagree with each other? “Moron, idiots, liars, commies, confused, socialist, get out of Amer if you don’t like it, libertards… How is that different?
      PS, no body is holding a gun to anyone’s head and forcing them to take the money?

      • [[ but what about whites who disagree with each other? “Moron, idiots, liars, commies, confused, socialist, get out of Amer if you don’t like it, libertards… How is that different? ]]

        It has nothing to do with color. Don’t act stupid.

        [[ PS, no body is holding a gun to anyone’s head and forcing them to take the money? ]]

        You talking about black people? You fraud! YOU’RE the racist here pal. Thanks for making my point.

      • you must be having trouble with your short term memory.
        You mentioned- uncle tom”, that’s a term blks use on each other.
        the statement about holding a gun- I never mentioned color- you did.
        and the point is on top of your head.

      • Don’t spin race pimp. What did you mean by this?

        PS, no body is holding a gun to anyone’s head and forcing them to take the money?

      • the title of the article says “destroying blk communities.”
        a side from that, “a gun to anyone’s head?” “forcing them”? where did I mention race?
        did you read the article I sent you about Lee Atwater? He says the n-word 6times. LBJ, only once.

      • [[ did you read the article I sent you about Lee Atwater? He says the n-word 6times. ]]

        Lee was the POTUS? He was elected to office?

        Here was the context lefty………….

        Carter Tries, Fails to Prove Republican Tax Policy Racist…/Left-Media-It-Is-Racist-to-Oppose-T...

        by Joel Pollak – Nov 14, 2012 – The tape is a 1981 interview of Republican strategist Lee Atwater that leftists have … You start out in 1954 by saying, “Ni**er, ni**er, ni**er. … The only problem is that the full context of Atwater’s remarks reveals that he was …

      • That LBJ comment is hearsay. JBJ supposable said it to 2 governors on AF1 and reported in a book by Ronald Keesler. Where the tape? Who are the 2 governors? Where are they statements?
        Plus, Kessler isn’t credible –
        In an article for Newsmax, on March 16, 2008, Kessler incorrectly reported, based on a previous Newsmax story by a freelance writer, that Senator Barack Obama attended a service at Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ on July 22, 2007, during which Rev. Jeremiah Wright gave a sermon that blamed world suffering on “white arrogance”.[33] The Obama campaign denied that Obama had attended the church on the day that sermon was delivered and other reporters discovered that Obama was in fact in transit to Miami, Florida on that day.[34] Newsmax posted a clarification while standing by the story, suggesting that perhaps the sermon occurred on a different day in July.[33] Shortly after the controversy broke, Kessler confirmed to TPM that he attempted to remove information documenting it from his Wikipedia biography.[35]

      • it’s called a credible source. something you and the rest of the clowns how no interest in using.

      • It’s not different…there is enough vitriol on both sides of the aisle to poison the country. And don’t DARE bring up the Tea Party!! Whew! When one gets close to sacred territory, the ppl guarding it get NASTYYYY

      • The difference is Whites are the most diversified voting block there is. Ironic that the word diverse applies here, when one is referring to Whites, isn’t it? They never vote 90% plus for a certain party. In other words, the nasty names are meaningless to Whites…but most Blacks will do anything to keep from being thought of as acting White or an Uncle Tom, etc. That threat keeps most voting the same old Dem way… in my opinion… although there are other reasons as well as to why so many vote that way.

      • Thanks for figuring out black people for me. Whites do that so well.
        The republicans turned their backs on blacks and now, with the help of blk reps. ( mouthpieces) they are making a half ass attempt to win them back. it won ‘t work bec they really don’t want them to join.
        Right after Obama won election second time, the reps had a push to attract more blacks. They abanded that 2 weeks later and went for “minorities entitlements ” with support of blk reps.
        The dems may not offer the best, but it’s better than anything the republicans will ever do for them. There have been 11 republican presidents bet Lincoln and LBJ and none of them helped out the Blks in the same scale as Civil rights bill.
        Where were the republicans during Jim Crow? Voting restrictions? Seperated but equal?

      • Your’re welcome. It’s not hard to do. That’s why Whites are as successful and invent anything and everything and why you and your people are pretty much about the sorriest group to ever exist. Every race laughs at you, but don’t worry, Whites will keep giving you and racists like you millions of dollars, so you won’t starve. I gave you facts on Whites and you don’t like the answers, but that’s why you are suck hind butt. Your comments are laughable, uniformed and as ignorant as is your racist avatar. Dems are the ones who have turned their backs, but racism and ignorance keeps the majority where they are as far as voting. They will never change until someone tells them too. Whites vote their values, not because off racial pressure. Obama only won because conservative Whites stayed home. Romney was too left for them as was mention 10,000 times. If you weren’t out molesting goats and other farm animals, etc, you would know that. But racists and bigots like yourself always stay the same. You will always be last..always, always, always. But then again, you can’t as a group be anything else.

      • I guess you think West is a joke and useless. Condi Rice, Ben Carson, Colon Powell too. And math, science, animal domestication, astronomy were all invested in Africa.
        Instead of saying horrible valueless things like your comment, I will only hope you open your heart and allow peace to let you see the beauty in all people. The more you know, the better you do.

  1. This man can do things for all races. Doing things for the Black Community,especially young black Americans, will affect all Americans in a positive way.

  2. America is both a Capitalist (republican) country and a Socialist (democrat) country. Those who choose to work and have their own business enjoy the fruits of their labor in many ways. Those who refuse to work go on the Socialist govt programs of welfare, wic, ssi, section 8. Yet these peeps that are on the Socialist programs blame the Socialist system as why they are being held down and are being lied to by obama that Capitalism is the cause…

  3. Allen; It isn’t just black children being disenfranchised it is all children to some extent. The teachers union has lawsuits against many of the States wanting to stop homeschooling completely and turn it back over to local school boards. They are failing but they keep trying. Listen or better yet request lyrics to many rap and hip hop CD’s and you can understand why all of our young people are embracing a lifestyle conducive to failure. The lack of morality in many of the so called black rap stars is totally unacceptable to the general public as a whole. I actually caught by accident one of the rap stars a few years ago doing a late night show laughing about the lyrics of his top hit and saying on TV ha would never allow his children to hear his music if he could possibly keep them away from it, he wanted his kids to be in the exclusive private Catholic school so they wouldn’t be corrupted. This man is extremely wealthy from his filth.
    Teens today are inundated with the idea have free sex, get pregnant and get rid of the baby numerous times with no conscience about taking a life, and those same kids will get upset over a dog, cat or other animal being mistreated, or one of their gangster kids being shot down in the street by a rival gang. Many of us are tired of reading about scandals where so called leaders (men and women both) have affairs while married as if they have no morals at all. Going into public service with the express intention of becoming wealthy while in office and using any means to achieve this status.

  4. I hope this gentleman gets elected in his area. Black communities need a true leader that can lead them out of poverty, not a victim in poverty! God Bless Gary Cobb!

  5. If LBJ’s Great Society was such a failure to the black community, then why didn’t Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, or Bush2 fix it?

      • I thought it was a valid questions.
        with some much flack I’m getting, it seems nobody has a good answer for me.

      • In name only. Demos are better at threatening members…Repubs will split off if they don’t like the party line…a majority isn’t enough for a 2/3 vote.

      • If the republicans wanted to change, then where are all the endless speaches like they did with Obamacare and Benghazi ?

      • This is just my opinion….Boehner was overheard talking to Reid….”We’ve got them (repub voters) right where we want them”! This is a huge clique of bargain basement politicians. As I said…I can count the good guys on two hands. Don’t count count of RINO’s any more than so called LIBtards….get my drift? It is DC, something in the water…power corrupts. So if 10 people want change…the rest of us have to change the rest of the RINOLIBtards. You, me, freethinkers like us.

      • Do I need a dictionary to keep up with the new words coming out of this blog? RINOLIBtards?
        I’ve given up on both parties. Even when people say, let’s vote them out, they vote them back in. Reminds me of a abused wife who always goes back.

      • LOL…the problem is, including many of the comments here, that most people are only wannabe freethinkers. Thinking out of the box in this country WILL get you in trouble. It is very hard to get beyond your cultural background. Whether ethnic, Western, US, Christian, Athiest, you name it…being REALLY objective is not only hard, but dangerous. Everyone is looking for the smallest error, mistake misspeak…ANYTHING to criticise….WE DON”T WANT CHANGE! We…we distort, call names, chastize, we kick the wounded until they leave…then we slap our hands together, and back to biz as usual.

        I highly recommend a vacation OUT of the country, to any other place in the world….It will serve you well 🙂

    • Because Congress had been controlled by the Democrats since the 1950’s until 1996? And both Bushes were actually centrists that leaned heavily toward their statist democrat colleagues’ policies. Note the dramatic expansion of the federal government and the “surveillance state” under both Bushes.

      • I was referring to republicans. If the demos started the problem, why didn’t any republican president fix it?
        Did you read West’s post?

  6. Hopefully Bill Cosby and other leaders will get behind him. One of my favorite questions for Democrats is “What is your plan to get people off of Welfare and to WORK?”. Most immediately change the subject and a few others try to blame the Republican House. IMO Congress needs to revisit Bill Clinton’s Welfare reform Law and remove ALL exemptions for remaining on Welfare beyond the 2 and 5 year time limits. Everyone likes to say the Bill Clinton balanced the Budget but forget that the Welfare reform Law helped make that happen.

  7. It is also largely the Liberals who insist on bringing in the illegal aliens. You know, the ones who are being given preference in the job market. “Poor Immigrants just looking for a better life”. Those who will work for cash at less than minimum wage taking what few jobs there are away from the less skilled (younger) blacks. The ones flooding the welfare, healthcare and food stamp programs. The poorest Black communities face enough problems without adding to it with this latest attack.

  8. Black people vote democrat because conservatives can’t stop drooling on and on about “LBJ” and “broken homes” and “liberal progressive economic plantation” whatever the hell that means. The message is always “look at the democrats” is a loser plain and simple. Nothing inspiring always blaming people for their condition it’s tired and it’s old and patronizing.

    • He’s not blaming people. Did you watch the video? He’s blaming the system that encourages single parent families (raised by mother only). If you really don’t know what “broken homes” means take a look at the statistics that show around 80% of Black homes are fatherless. What is your opinion as to how things are going for Blacks at the moment? Is it good enough for you to blindly vote Democrat without even giving this man’s opinion a thought?

      • Great points. But I wouldn’t expect a reply from “Boondocks Boy”. Common sense isn’t a reality for him.

    • Nobody blamed the people for their plight. West & Cobb are blaming the democrats policies. Their policies are losers, plain & simple. The fruits of those policies have come to harvest

      Sometime I think you read what you want to hear & miss the meaning of these articles.

  9. The “proof” is NOT in the pudding! I love ya Allen but “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”….my pet peeve. And yes ‘they’ do say “the proof is in the pudding” but that is complete nonsense! As for the article, I’m sure there are many black conservatives, just not so many who want to ‘out’ themselves and be destroyed by the repressive regressive left.

  10. When republicans get 1% of the black vote….nuff said! And by the way for the IGNORANT LOONS among you…not all BLACK people get food stamps, section 8, welfare, WIC or any other government assistance! We work, pay our taxes just like WHITE FOLKS DO! Reading these comments some of you believe that WHITE FOLKS don’t get government assistance…EVER!!!

    • I don’t believe anyone thinks ALL Blacks are on welfare. There are more whites collecting welfare than Blacks. But on a per capita basis there are far more Blacks on the system than any other race. That’s the point this guy is trying to make and he’s on your side. A lot of us “Whites” are on your side.

    • No where in the the article was that implied. Earl, you need to read and think before you post, unless you’re trying to instigate.

      From your post, couldn’t I imply you are trying to discredit Col. West as a black man, a regular tactic to demean ones character & worth used by liberals. Next time just write that he is an uncle Tom & leave it at that

    • Obama Money – Where Did it Come From? – YouTube
      ► 1:29► 1:29

      Oct 9, 2009 – Uploaded by 775LiveKen Rogulski of WJR in Michigan interviewed a few Obama moneyhopefuls. Listen to what they have to say …

      Free Obama Money – YouTube
      ► 1:57► 1:57

      Oct 20, 2009 – Uploaded by Douglas JohnstonPeople line up after hearing rumors that “free money from Obama” was being given out. From FOX News Glenn …

      BEST of OBAMA VOTERS – YouTube
      ► 5:41► 5:41

      Sep 27, 2012 – Uploaded by Glenn Woods’ Bold Republic Radio ShowObama voters talk about FREE STUFF and NO WORK!

    • Your damn right im sure there are just as many whites as there is blacks getting some sort of government assistance and I appreciate you commenting back with respect instead of being like alot of us are and just being ruthless asses and I’m white not that my opinion matters to you but I just wanted to let you know how I felt about your comment

      • Little Andy incapable of being civil. …
        Has he said “your history precedes you” yet? It’s one of his favorite lines to troll with.

  11. Welfare destroys people, period. Color isn’t the issue. The minute you live to protect that government income, you stop doing the things that keep you and your mind strong and healthy. I’ve seen this happen over and over. It can happen with people getting social security too.

  12. More whites are on welfare than blacks. More welfare recipients live in Republican states. Yet they would have you believe otherwise. Welfare doesn’t destroy people, nor does it cost as much as the subsidies we give corporations and rich people. Poverty destroys people. Allen West, you are so predictable.

    • winners and losers are not a skin color. There are losers in every ethnicity. I’ll break it down. If you want to remain poor, vote democrat but if you want to have opportunities to improve your life vote the party who passed the cival rights, opposed slavery, and believes in right to work. IF you want to remain poor vote for the party that started the kkk, supported slaverly, and opposed the civil rights.Grab a copy of the next best seller before they run out!

    • Welfare has killed blacks moron……………….

      28.75% of Blacks are on welfare compared to 5.13% of Whites

      According to [link to]

      – 29 million people are on welfare
      – 39% white: 11,661,000
      – 38% black: 11,362,000

      According to [link to]
      – US population: 313,544,041
      – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
      – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549


      Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
      Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%

      Study: Income Inequality Greater, Growing Faster in Blue States

      March 12, 2014 – 12:15 PM

      By Barbara Hollingsworth

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      (AP graphic)( – President Obama has said that reducing the growing gap between high and low income earners is one of his top domestic priorities. But a new studyfinds that residents of states that voted for Obama in 2012 “are experiencing more income inequality than people in other states.”

  13. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H. L. Mencken
    “Divide et impera” – Julius Caesar
    The Democrats are polished masters of rhetoric designed to divide Americans and set them against each other, effectively keeping both groups distracted and expending their energies against each other rather than the *real* enemy – those who would be Kings.


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