Putin tests Obama’s resolve: Russian bombers fly close to U.S. airspace

We keep hearing that Russian President Vladimir Putin is operating from a position of weakness and that sanctions are having an effect — or something like that. Well, it seems Obama’s “flexibility” promised to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev includes some frequent flier miles for Russian military aircraft — REALLY close to our airspace.

As reported by USA Today, “For the second time since June, Russian nuclear bombers escorted by fighter jets have flown near U.S. and Canadian airspace around Alaska in recent days, prompting precautionary intercepts by American warplanes. The encounters come amid Russian war games along the border with eastern Ukraine, raising Western concerns that Moscow might invade to support pro-Moscow separatists battling the Kiev government since spring.”

In the military we call this a “probing attack.” The purpose is to see how far your adversary can be pushed and of course what its response will be. And at a strategic level it’s not just the response of “scrambling” interceptors — Russia expects that. It is a matter of gauging the response of the media outlets and the populace. And I can tell you simply, Putin is masterful and sees this isn’t being heavily reported and therefore, no one is paying attention. I’m quite sure the average American on the street could tell you more about the latest Hollywood scandal.

USA Today reports that “ U.S. air command official acknowledged at least 16 Russian forays around Alaska and northern Canada in the past 10 days, describing them as routine training missions. One intercept spotted a Russian spy plane among the Tupolev Tu-95″Bear” bombers and Tu-142 reconnaissance and anti-submarine aircraft. Over the past week, NORAD has visually identified Russian aircraft operating in and around the U.S. air defense identification zones,” Maj. Beth Smith, of the U.S. Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command, toldThe Washington Free Beacon. Russian bombers have regularly flown along thesensitive airspace between Russia, Alaska and Arctic Canada, but Smith called the latest missions “a spike in activity.”

Commanders are taught not believe in coincidences, but rather to look for indicators and warnings, and make proactive assessments. So one has to ask, why is it this “spike” is happening at this time? Could it be Russia is keeping the U.S. looking at this while they continue to build up a force along the Russia-Ukraine border? As well, is it possible that Russia is positioning assets as a demonstration to create a confrontation if they do cross into Ukraine?

Some U.S. military officials feel the excursions carry echoes of the Cold War, when Soviet nuclear bombers tested U.S. air defenses. There is no doubt we are in a Cold War. There is also no doubt that we are reacting — and you never win reacting, or on defense. My assessment is that Putin’s actions are more about displaying belligerence and an act of defiance before the United States to elevate his appeal and power before his own people. It also serves to mock President Obama to say, “your sanctions are not effective and Russia is not intimidated.” This is classic KGB psychological operations.

Putin knows America is reducing its military and Obama as president continues to tell EVERYBODY that there is “no military solution.” And I just gotta tell ya, it’s like telling a bully after he hits you and is preparing to hit you again, that fighting back is not an option for you. Guess what the bully will continue to do?

USA Today says “Russian Air Force Chief Commander Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondarev called the Arctic drills “the top goal” of air exercises in Russia’s southern Astrakhan region. In July, Tu-95s bombed simulated naval targets in the Black Sea. In response to the overthrow of the Moscow-backed president of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea in April. The July drills came a month after U.S. F-22s intercepted four Tu-95 Bears over the far western Aleutian Islands. Two of the strategic bombers then flew within 50 miles of the Northern California coast before turning away.”

As history teaches us, Hitler did lots of “drills” as well before his actions — and an appeasing world did nothing as he took over the Rhineland without firing a shot.

To this point, Vladimir Putin has gotten away with annexing sovereign territory of another state, Crimea. He has gotten away with supporting separatist insurgent forces in Ukraine. He has fired rockets and artillery from Russia against Ukraine. And, he has successfully backed the shooting down of a civilian airline killing 298 people.

And his response? He has massed over 20,000 combat troops at the Ukraine border and increased flying nuclear bombers and fighters VERY close to sovereign American airspace. What should we do? Stop telling bullies there is no military option for starters.


  1. I find myself feeling like I have no dog in this fight, as the saying goes. Vlad Putin and Russia may be our enemy, but when you see what Putin is doing, the actions he’s taking, and the morality he stands for, well…

    He’s a corrupt thug, but he’s a corrupt thug who stands for right-wing, moral, nation-building measures. Can you blame me for liking him over our own corrupt thugs who stand for leftist and immoral measures for no other reason than that the Left actively seeks the death of our nation?

    Let us not go to war with Russia, for they have much we could learn from.

    Wow… the irony… When Russia was communist, it was the Left siding with them.
    Now that Russia is advocating values that are righteous, Real Americans must, if not side with them outright, at the very least not advocate war.

    That said, I’d never take a side against America, but it has become very hard to side with America.

  2. Never, never, never believe any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on the strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter.
    The statesman who yields to war fever must realize that once the signal is given, he is no longer the master of policy but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events. ~ Sir Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965)

      • When they faced charges for their actions on that night…allen (leave my men behind) was not standing with those men. He was there…he was in command and he was GONE!! COWARD!

      • I am in need of more information I still have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. Where can I find it?

  3. Putin and obama are BOTH a couple of belligerents and none of us would have to be worrying or dealing with either one of them if obama hadn’t of baited any voters.

  4. A lot of words and words…..Russian planes fly near American air space………….a few weeks ago, A US spy plane was being chased away from Russia, and flew into Swedish airspace, it was told to “get the hell out of Swedish airspace”….not in those words, but it did

  5. Putin is using Hitler’s playbook. Testing the waters in the Ukraine and making nice with the democracy “haters.” Iran and the rest. It is already scary, not knowing, just how far his plan has gone and who is involved.

    • ?…First he was never convicted of any wrong doing. Second what does that have to do with Oblamer being a weak-,kneed lily livered cowerd who’s put our country on the fast tract to servitude!

      • Why are you referencing Obama? Oh wait… I mention how West brought dishonor upon the military and you go into defensive mode. Brilliant critical thinking skills. You fit right in here at this website. Ten comments per poorly written article by a disgrace to the uniform.

      • The article is about how Obama’s weakness has lead to Russia being so brazen. I said he was never convicted of any crime and asked what does his past have to do with the story in the first place how exactly does that make me a sycophant? Oh wait I get it you don’t want to answer the question so instead you just come out with an ad hominem attack instead. Nice way to keep it classy!

    • First, unless you have successfully exceeded his accomplishments in the performance of his duty to his country, in this case promotion in rank, show a margin of respect for accomplishments you have not achieved yourself. The proper rank is addressed as Lieutenant Colonel.
      Second, I missed his insults directed at you and your accomplishments, or the lack of them. This makes you appear as one who lacks both the coping skills to handle opposition or views that differ from your own.Perhaps this social shortcoming could derive from lacking the ability to articulate your point of view logically resulting the need to revert to personal directed slander and belittlement against a person who has done no harm to you.
      Conclusion would be (prior to dismissing you as an under educated basher of people who actually hold value in the US, its people, our nation’s future, and achieved to levels you know you are unworthy to achieve yourself) you had a slip of control, and allowed your emotions to overcome you. Maybe you have a valid point but failed to inject the reasons you feel Mr West has disgraced himself in the performance of his military service. When you take the stand of the almighty and feel you are qualified to judge others, its a general acceptance you state your reason.
      If you would, please inform me as to any given facts or actions which merits Mr West being labeled disgraceful. Until that is presented where I can review the facts and see your reason for your slanderous post, I care what Mr West says. It would be people like you which I give no merit to their thoughts because of the action, similar to those I reference above, which indeed you have committed. That is unless your introduction was a moment of passion and would like to properly state your view point, everyone has those rare moments of socially acceptable misconduct.
      I wait your facts which merit your slander. If the best you can do is respond with insults and unfounded insults, then clearly this is not a “moment of passion” mishap, but rather just rants of a socially inept bottom-feeder, who lacks character to do much more then sling dung and howl, similar to a Panamanian Howler Monkey.

  6. Thanks to Obama showing total weakness, and bending over to offer up his ass to the whole world to…… we now have a cold war with Russia, again. Now my sons get to live thru it too. Oh joy!!!

  7. What I read earlier in the week said they flew into not close to United States airspace. Either way if we had someone willing to put teeth into their threats (other than the ones against their own people) they wouldn’t dare fly that close to us!

  8. How about US Submarines near Russian waters? US spy planes near Russian airspace? Oh, yea, they are American so they don’t count, right?

  9. I like the idea of the mix of Allen West and Rand Paul for the next vice-pres and president of the US. We would have a strong defense in our military with West and Paul as president would follow our constitution in military matters. The two dynamics would get this country back.


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