I’ll be the first to cheer Obama on if…

Yesterday I heard that the CAIR, the infamous Muslim Brotherhood front group and unindicted conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding trial, announced it has condemned the Islamic State — so what? I have yet to see a major Muslim protest in America against IS but I have seen plenty supporting Hamas — the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. So CAIR’s pronouncement is just “taqquiya” — and if you don’t know what that means, look it up. There are no actions being taken to confront or combat Islamic terrorism and barbarism.

I also think about how America has two staunch allies in the Middle East — Israel and the Kurds. Yet the Obama administration has found it easier to condemn Israel and deny arms support to the Kurds. As the representative of the Kurdish government stated on Fox news Friday, “we have boots on the ground.” What has happened is that Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki has cut off any arms supplies to the Kurds and President Obama has denied their requests for support. Yet, the Obama administration was just “tickled pink” to provide F-16s and M1A1 Abrams tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egyptian government under Mohammed Morsi — but refused to support the Egyptian government that ousted Morsi and his Islamist brethren.

And why the silence from the Arab League?

Don’t these countries have a military and weapons — like an air force? Why are they not going after ISIS since they condemn it? The goal of ISIS is to create an Islamic caliphate, which means the destruction of secular governance in the region of Iraq, Sham, and the Levant. It would certainly be in their interest to defeat ISIS — unless they somehow want to see it successful. One has to ask why Obama’s friend Turkish Prime Minsiter Recip Tayyip Erdogan isn’t conducting strikes against ISIS which is operating just to his south?

I guess what is so perplexing to me is that everyone is talking — but the only party taking clear action is this evil we know as the Islamic State. It’s as if the world is paralyzed with some type of fear to coalesce and crush this enemy. We all look around as if to say, “what are you going to do?” And I keep hearing there is no military option or America is war weary. What we need is national security and military strategy not advocated by those who are careless or the “Starbucks” crowd.

In Operation Desert Shield/Storm the military was given task and purpose and unleashed to perform its mission — 100 hours and you saw the results. If we had principled and resolute leadership, the same would be the result for ISIS.

The objective is not nation-building, never should be. The goal here is to destroy this enemy, as General Colin Powell said during Desert Storm, “cut it off and kill it.” Again, Iraqi governance is not a determining factor in the need to destroy ISIS.

The Kurdish Peshmerga Army is a renowned fierce fighting force but right now they are bringing a plastic spoon to a gunfight. As far as the Iraqi Army we did train, after we shamefully withdrew from Iraq, al-Maliki purged the Sunni generals and replaced them with his cronies.

There is a ready air base in Kirkuk and from there we could launch offensive air support operations in support of Kurdish Peshmerga Army ground operations — first we need to arm them up — and unleash hell against ISIS. The mission is annihilation. Of course this could have been done months ago when we clearly realized what ISIS was – but we did not. Time has not run out, but we are nearing critical mass.

So far we’ve blown up an artillery tube, seven trucks, and some mortar positions — something that an infantry platoon patrol could accomplish. Where is our strategic vision and determination?

I guess President Obama will talk some more at 10:30am today, if he is on time. Mr. President talk less, provide arms support to the Kurds, establish an Air Combat Task Force in Kirkuk and crush ISIS — I will be the first to cheer you on!

But then again, Obama and Congress have gone on vacation while Yazidis and Christians are trapped on Mt. Sinjar.


  1. One side the Sunni ISIS vs the Shia side of Muqtada al-Sadr probably supported by Iran… meanwhile the Kurds are left out to dry by the US. The Iraqi govt under Al Maliki is totally corrupt and no help. There’s no winners here. I just hope Barack gets a good golf score. 😛

  2. Colonel West, I hope whoever becomes the next GOP President appoints you as Secretary of State. The limp wristed dimwits in 0bama’s cabinet have allowed this to deteriorate, just like the Jimmy Carter peanutbrains did in the 70s.

      • Your daily stalking of Col. West and trolling on his web site is really getting old.
        You’re not really so daft to believe you’re accomplishing anything, are you? Get a life!!

      • Me coming to allen (leave my men behind) west’s blog to introduce some FACTS in this FACTLESS VOID is getting old? SO BE IT!

      • Sooooooo, does that mean he’s leaving or grabbing more friends? I’m confused. Besides Earl, I have watched your posts for a while now and have noticed that you don’t ever comment on the stories that are being told, but just bash West repeatedly… seriously bro, how much money they paying you to troll and not think for yourself?

      • what’s really telling about Earl’s plight is no support from the ‘zillions ‘ of West haters- oh there aren’t any?

      • there are no allen (leave my men behind) west haters because AMERICA don’t know who allen (leave my men behind) west is!

      • You’re just angry that your ‘blacks shall not be conservatives’ ideology is leaving you in the dust of your own bigotry.

      • Earl, you are simply a sheep…deal with it. You have created your own blind spot and refuse to see it.

      • I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure he’s got a compulsive paranoia complex. There’s no indication in his comment history that he comments anywhere else.

      • I’m a sheep but you actually believe that this man has a chance of being ANYTHING in ANYONES administration? This would make you a LOON!

      • earlylee

        What is your problem with Lt. Col. West, an American Patriot and War Hero … were you in the Army with him? Did he punish you or kick your @ss while you were under his command?
        You never comment on the articles, you really have nothing to say …. just these chicken $hit comments about Lt. Col. West.
        You have some serious issues – see a head doctor – get some meds.

      • American War Hero? Sorry but just the opposite…a disgrace to the uniform! You can’t be relieved of comman, violate the ROE and the UCMJ! You don’t leave your men to face charges and refuse to stand with those men….these are not actions of a WAR HERO…these are the actions of a COWARD!

      • Not picking on obama…he is already the POTUS. allen (leave my men behind) west only post to blogs! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • earlylee

        Long enough – to do what … more harm in the US and the World.
        The best thing that this guy can do is to stay on the golf course …

      • This makes any and all statements you have ever spoken, wrote, or posted anywhere to be of zero consequence. If this wasn’t satire. Then you are either blinded or unbelievably one of the dumbest men who have walked this earth.

    • I wish you people knew SOMETHING about politics! If you did you would know that allen (leave my men behind) west has no chance of becoming president. You would know that allen (leave my men behind) west would not win the republican nomination and you would know that allen (leave my men behind) west would not make it past the iowa primaries! During the conservative leadership conference allen (leave my men behind) west spoke and finished 9th in the straw poll!

      • I really wish you were aware what a donkey’s rear you’re making of yourself.
        BTW, I thought broken records went out with the arrival of compact disks and MP3s. Copy and pasting repeatedly your diatribes is clearly your forte. New day, but the same old sh!t.

      • I have disputed you elsewhere. I’m just not incessant like you.

        Taking a page from the lefty game plan, and after looking at your avatar, it’s probably a racial thing. It’s also pretty safe to say that you’re baffled that a black man can think for himself AND be conservative. I call that hypocrisy.

      • So what you are saying is that the only BLACK MEN that can think for themselves are right wing black men? COMEDY at its BEST!!!

      • You know I didn’t say that.
        Let me clear it up for you. Despite your preconceptions, “a black man can think for himself” without the stigma of acting/speaking with support of the Democrat party or fears of being labeled disgusting racist terms like “Uncle Toms”, “house-Negroes” and “sell-outs”. Not all black Americans are beholden to your ideology, live with it and get over it.

      • “. It’s also pretty safe to say that you’re baffled that a black man can think for himself AND be conservative. I call that hypocrisy.” Your words!!!

      • Now you’re just behaving like an obstinate brat.
        Since you don’t deny my observation, and as with Cinderella, we can say the shoe is a perfect fit.
        You should’ve told us what your true motives were from the beginning. You’re a bigot.

  3. It would help if, when Muslims protest jihadists (and they DO), if the news Media would actually report it. But that would take away the fear-mongering you use to make people hate their neighbors.
    You, Mr. West, lie so much, you couldn’t even get re-elected in your own state!

    • Diana ,it is almost impossible to get elected when your opponents cheat at the polls,which was what happened in Colonel West’s district. Diana could you point out where Colonel West lied, please be precise, we await your answer.

      • “More Americans receive food aid than work in (the) private sector.”

        “Back door gun control is in full effect in the United States” due to “Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency.”

        “More Americans receive food aid than work in (the) private sector.”

        “After Patrick Murphy’s charges were dropped, Murphy’s father gave the prosecutor a huge campaign donation.”

        An “Obamacare slush fund” paid to spay and neuter dogs and cats, then counted it as an “anti-obesity campaign.”

        About 78 to 81 House Democrats “are members of the Communist Party. … It’s called the Congressional Progressive Caucus.”

        The EPA “wants to hire 230,000 new government regulators that will cost the taxpayer $21 billion.”

        “This is the first time in the history that we’ve had the raising of a debt limit also with spending cuts.”

        “China owns about 29 percent of (the U.S.) debt.”

        “We had an amendment in the health care law that said the federal government is going to take over education.”

        “If you look at the application for a security clearance, I have a clearance that even the president of the United States cannot obtain because of my background.”

        Ron Klein “repeatedly voted in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

        “Klein did not hold a single town hall meeting (on health care) where the general public was invited to ask questions or present their views.”

        “Currently we have some 40-45% of Americans who are not paying any taxes.”

        And those are just the ones that have been professionally fact checked.
        Also, no proof of “cheating” in the district. AND things were actually stacked favorably for the GOP by the GOP when redistricting.

      • Sure he did diana…you people say the same thing whenever people decided that a republican is too LOONEY to get elected!

  4. Mr West when you become President (“not”) what do you think you would do? Do you really believe that President Obama makes all his military decisions on his own? I believe he has several high ranking Officers that he consults with in regards to military issues. Big Pic, do we really need more of our country men and women dying on foreign soil? We can not even take care of our own military service men and women’s current emotional, physical, and mental health, as is let alone send more military boots. No way! Let’s take care of USA! Let’s assist the countries who can help us in time of need. Be smart man, don’t talk junk! When the president talk you shut up and listen! If he were to keep quiet, you and many others would say he is not saying much or enough. We may not all like our President but he represent us “we the people”. Can you give the man a little respect by writing the truth.

    • Here is some truth for you the longer we allow ISIS to perform religious genocide the harder it will be too keep them there in Iraq.
      Second truth we that saw what war looks like didn’t go there to come home in coffins, missing body parts, and the horrible memories that comes from war to watch our hard work and enormous sacrifices become a huge waste of time and money.
      Yes Bush set a departure date but Barack Obama could have and should have worked on an extension but sad part is his failure to extend our stay there is why this is going on. Just wait this will turn into another world war

    • Yeah he fires the ones who had brains. And he is the idiot that allows borders to be open and not think the terrorists aren’t already here. You are as blind as all the democratic followers. He is a muslim traitor.

    • Dolores , in the words of Jack Nicholsen ” you can’t handle the truth”. First off the high ranking officers you speak of are all yes men, the ones that were not yes men were given their plnk slips, secondly I do believe he is making his decisions based upon what all the community organizers on his staff are telling him, third how can we respect a man who has consistently LIED to us , cheated to get elected, and disrespects the office of the presidency. And that is the truth. I urge you to educate yourself and stop voting and supporting someone based only on that persons skin color, for that is a sign of a true racist.

    • Perhaps in a rare moment of objective clarity, you will decide to actually research some of these fact-less platitudes you’ve just flung into the stratosphere. Believe me, the hard core, disturbing truth will open your eyes wide.

      In the meantime, carry on living in a bubble sweetheart. Soon enough, that bubble will burst – and not because we “cons” want it to… but because it is inevitable end result of so much sophomoric, morally relative ineptitude being carried out by Obama’s “fundamental transformation”.

      Hopefully you can reconcile with the mistake you’ve made backing this man’s Presidency, and deal quickly through those 5 stages of grief. Otherwise, stock up on some anti anxiety meds. I do hope you’re tooled up though, because unless someone right’s this ship fast, we’re in for very dangerous times ahead, from which point you’ll likely find the need to protect your loved ones from the harm this man has already allowed befall this nation.

    • “When the president talk you shut up and listen!” Really? Did you do that when G.W. Bush was president? I find it amusing that this theory only applies to Liberal presidents.
      The people are not peasants to the king. And if he ever said anything that was worth listening to, we wouldn’t be here discussing DISAGREEMENT with presidential policy.

      Theodore Roosevelt once said, “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

    • This President’s (and with the previous 8 Presidents) idea of “Taking care of the USA” is to kill her off.

      “When the president talk you shut up and listen!” When the President has talked I have listened. Then I have watched what the actions with my own eyes. Are you familiar with “Actions are greater than words?” When ones actions are different than what the words are. Then this makes one a liar. YOUR President is both the foreign AND domestic enemy of the Constitution the President swears an oath to serve and protect. There are many enemies that are in both sides of the house. Both sides of the Senate. The ones that Obama/Soetoro serves own the banks, wall street, insurance co, media (news & entertainment) including cable, radio, newspapers, magazine and book publishing. Control Hollywood and motion pictures. Music. They control big pharma, food and water. They own all energy. Oil, electricity, gas, coal., They plan, control and implement policy in medicine. They decided what modern medicine philosophy is. They decided that medicine will be taught to profit. “Healthy people are not profitable” and bad for business. They control the FDA, the EPA, and the FCC. They have a revolving door of employees of the companies who SUPPOSEDLY answer to each agency as their decision makers. As well as reward and recruit the agencies employees who job is to watch over them. They publish the school books. They dictate curriculum. By placing at least 1 member of their foundation on every college board as requirement for the generous grants they give. Since they own the Federal Reserve. The funds are virtually an endless supply. They don’t actually give any of THEIR money away. The middle east and wars are just a means to control the world. To have us fight THEIR wars to further their grip on humanity. Then send us a bill for the honor. With interest of course.Then they OPENLY write in their memoirs of their plans. Publish how they want a one world government. One religion. One police state. They want to reduce the population to 500 million. They etch the plan deep into granite in many languages for all to see. They are preparing to wipe out 7.5 billion people. It’s written on the Georgia Guide Stones. The truth has been written. Have respect for those who have died at the hands of the “man” you worship. Because they died because of those who STILL are blinded by the truth. You are proof that many are incapable of seeing the truth when it’s right at you nose.

    • Not no but hell no this man does not respect any one or does he ask any one what to do he thinks he smarter than the stupid people who voted for him

  5. Here is some truth for you the longer we allow ISIS to perform religious genocide the harder it will be too keep them there in Iraq. 
    Second truth we that saw what war looks like didn’t go there to come home in coffins, missing body parts, and the horrible memories that comes from war to watch our hard work and enormous sacrifices become a huge waste of time and money. 
    Yes Bush set a departure date but Barack Obama could have and should have worked on an extension but sad part is his failure to extend our stay there is why this is going on. Just wait this will turn into another world war this a president just doesn’t care he just wants to point a his finger and say it’s this person’s fault

  6. The Democrats believe that if government stability miraculously is restored in Iraq,ISIS will pick up it’s marbles and leave. Not gonna happen folks.Obama has waited too long. He plays on vacay after vacay because he actually has no plan and no one close to him,with enough intelligence to formulate one. He is the kid who never studies for a test in school and tries to talk his way out of the “F”. He is the one whose dog ate his homework. The one who waits until the night before to put together a school project that he was given months to do. Not trying to simplify. But he just isn’t and never will be presidential material. And God help us,we are in harm’s way because of it.INstead of eradicating ISIS ,where they stand,he is now consumed with getting those people off the mopuntain top. Kill ISIS.Obliterate them and remove the threat. Then the people can come down on their own ,minus the monsters who were ready to wipe them out.Two fold,Mr. President. ISIS gone. People everywhere benefit.

    • But other than report the news, what is he actually DOING about any of this?
      What are any of them actually DOING about any of it?

      • Better question; what are WE doing about it?

        And honestly, I see your point but what can anyone in Allen’s position do about it besides inform and document the numerous scumbag maneuvers coming down from on high day after day. He’s run in elections, and he’s taken all kinds of heat to be in the position to make his case against Obama’s meandering crapfest.

        The media is the very machine that elected Obama twice, before a single vote was counted. If anything, media IS the battleground.

  7. All the talk and yet I see Obama and the Democrats are still in charge and do nothing. And the U.S wonders why it’s reputation in the world has diminished. Now we know there are other BS artists other than Expendables 3……..

  8. Excellent article. And we dont need amnesty for illegals we need leadership that cares about the American taxpaying citizen!

  9. Are your forgetting that 0bama purged all our great military leaders and replaced them with sympathizers? As a seasoned officer you should have seen this coming.

  10. If the Palestinians were to lay down their arms for good, there would be peace. If the Israelis were to lay down their arms for good, there would be genocide! You don’t negotiate with terrorists or terrorist states. You either destroy them with overwhelming force or end up being destroyed by them. And there’s nothing immoral about using “disproportionate response” to defeat your enemies. It’s called “winning.” The alternative is to let evil triumph.

  11. i think it all has to do with obama’s allegiance…no one really knows who or what he is aligned with as far a s i can tell; he is only out for what is good for obama and the polls! a total photo opp king with no substance or leadership capabilities period… shallow shallow president!

    • “I will stand with (the Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction,”- Barack Obama.

      Does that give you a clue?

  12. Allen (leave my men behind) West can only post to a blog. That doesn’t change anything…Don’t talk about it allen …DO SOMETHING!

  13. Obama is a dirty Muslim, why wouldn’t he be laughing and having a great time on the American budget..Fvckin’ sandniggers!

  14. The incessant stalker of Col. West and daily troll, @swtearl:disqus, despite what else he writes, has been outed as a hypocritical bigot because Col. West is a black conservative. Everything else @Earl Lee scribbles is smoke and mirrors to disguise his true motives.

    • Facts are not smoke and mirrors. Don’t blame me because you can’t accept the FA CT! When you are too stupid to know the difference between Allen (leave my men behind) West opinions from FACTS…you shouldn’t be allowed to play with others!!

      • Nah, nah!! Throwing tantrums will get you no where.

        AGAIN you haven’t denied your bigotry against black conservatives. I find your race-based ideology disgusting.

      • bigotry against black conservatives? Being a black conservative and you ignore things that harm the black community like the fake VOTER ID issue and you say nothing means you spit on all the black people that died to give them the right to vote! I don’t call them UNCLE TOMS…I call them UNCLE RUCKUS!

      • You’re digressing and deflecting again. We haven’t discussed those things your throwing up in panicky defensiveness, nor has it been discussed in this thread.
        What is your definition of a black conservative? If you don’t answer that question directly, you’ve spilled your own beans.

      • Well there we have it, FINALLY. Thank you for revealing your true motives and expressing your own vile hate. Too bad you don’t know how wrong you are. You know, it’s people like you who keep racial hate alive. You’re the kind of person who believes ‘race’ and ‘racist’ are synonymous with “I don’t like your opinion”. There’s a name that describes those who play the race-card to get what they want. The Grievance Industry. Pretty disgusting.
        Everything else you’ve scribbled here daily has been a dishonest ruse to hide your racism and deceit and thus renders your words meaningless. If you continue this ruse, I’ll do my best daily to remind other commenters of your motives.
        Shame on you!

      • Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, E. W. Jackson, Star Parker, Herman Cain, Condoleza Rice, Clarence Thomas. Try telling one of them they are not conservative.

      • earlylee

        ” the fake VOTER ID issue”

        You need a photo ID to get food stamps, medicaid, medicare, public assistance of any kind … SO … why no photo ID to vote?

        That’s not a fake issue.

        Why was a photo ID required to get into the 2012 DNC? Was that racist?

      • Its a fake issue designed to discourage as many minorities from voting. Republicans cannot win on their policies….2012 proved that so they have to make up and change the rules to get fewer and fewer people voting for democrats….they use the cover of voter fraud but if you research voter fraud you will see that voter id laws don’t prevent voter fraud! A study showed that 1 in 1 billion votes were cast by voter impersonation which is the only type of fraud voter id would prevent. In 12 years there have been 32 convictions of voter fraud and most of those were by republicans!

      • This is bullshit and nothing more than the Democratic scripted talking point. That tells me you are a mindless idiot and probably shouldn’t be voting in the first place. Incidently, I am not a Republican. I have no use for either the Far Right wingers nor the Far Left wing Socialists. I am an Independent. I also have little use for so called “Informed” voters that aren’t.

      • Number of convictions has no bearing on the number of times it has occurred.

        An ID is required to:

        cash checks
        deposit checks
        drive a car/rent a car
        visit a new doctor/dentist
        board a plane/train/ship
        take the SAT
        send a package via UPS
        attend a NAACP rally
        get a mortgage/loan
        sign a notarized document

        Now, which of those activities is more important than choosing the leader of the free world? Also, in states that recently passed voter ID laws, they also offered the IDs FREE OF CHARGE and even offered free transportation to go get them. Real discouraging, right?

      • So Skippy…what in the world does:
        Shortening early voting days
        Eliminating voting on Sundays
        Accepting a hunting licence as ID
        Eliminate same day registration
        Moving polling places where its takes 2 hours to get there by bus

        Have to do with VOTER FRAUD???

      • There is Bigotry against Black Conservatives and it comes for outright ignorance. Thay are unable to think for themselves and listen to others and are like mindless Zombies. The Black Community has been hurt by Obama and his minions and no one else. Thorugh his entitelment programs, he has enabled people to sit at home on theor fat lazy asses an live on the taxpayer dime. As for the Obama Phones, if you have a Cell phone and check your bill, you are paying for those things in the form of a tax. Liberals live by voter fraud and the reason voter I.D. is necessary. My Mother died in Feb. and I have removed her from the voter rolls so that she will no longer be casting a ballot ( that would invariably be for a stinking liberal ). Incidently, The Colonel is a Conservative, but Dr. Ben Carson is not. By his own admittance, he has been a Liberal at one point and a Conservative at one point. These days he considers himself an Independent. Compare him with Obama and tell me who is smart and who is Ignorant. Obama is nothing more than a two bit Chicago street hustler. Ever wonder why you have never seen Obama’s College Transcripts. Probably because he was given his Degree(s) like everything else he has gotten. He has earned nothing.

      • And, oddly, he was given a second term… not because he was worthy… but because he was akin to the Pied Piper. His followers are now beginning to see him for what he is ~ nothing more than a community organizer. I’ll bet he wasn’t even good at that!

      • Yep. How does it feel to be hustled? He is not now or ever has been President, he has just held the office and lives for the perks. In short, he has hustled a nation. They talk abiout Voter I.D. , I’m thinking they need to require a competency test for all voters. By his own admittance he is lazy and doesn’t want to be bothered with “Work”. Here in Va.we had a black Democrat that ran for Governor, L. Douglas Wilder. He won the election, and yes I voted for him. He was the right man at the right time. He had served in the State Legislature and was fully competent for the job. He was a very good Governor and left the State in very good shape. This Jackass in the White house should be charged with and tried for Treason.

    • We know he is, he is a liberal dummy..so clear! The only facts that Earl Lee has are the rhetorical ones from the DCP, and main stream propaganda machine news outlet, and when I say “news” that is a joke!

      • When @swtearl:disqus says “there are no such a thing as a BLACK CONSERVATIVE”, it reminds me of thought-control communist regimes who jail, torture or murder those who deviate from ‘official’ government thought directives. I wonder which communist country Mr. Lee would rather live in. LOL!!

  15. Mr. West – apparently you DO tolerate racism if it is against President Obama…Mike Crowley • 2 hours ago

    “Obama is a dirty Muslim, why wouldn’t he be laughing and having a great time on the American budget..Fvckin’ sandniggers!

    Ramp up your game.

  16. Typical late 1930’s all over again! The world just stood by, and left Hitler build up a huge ware machine, and take over several countries around him, which he later used the males as foot soldiers in an endevour to control all of Europe, and much of Asia

  17. I can not tell if Obummer is sympathetic with ISIS or if he is just a bumbling dunce. I suppose it does not make a difference to those who are being victimized by those evil beasts.

    • He is far from stupid–no way. The stuff he says and does is deliberate. Stupid, no; evil, yes. I sincerely hope he will die,

  18. My suggestion after viewing and making a few comments to Earl Lee, is ignore the dang troll fool. He is a fool, and not worth even answering or making a comment to! He is just here to get everyone off subject.

  19. It could be all the criticism that America recieves from foreigners for getting into others business. I agree, we need to help people going through things like this. Argue it with one of these critics, however. arrrggg.

  20. Taqiyya is an idea of Islamic jurisprudence that has been redefined and appropriated by Islamists as part of their political strategy.
    Hard to define exactly, it has been variously translated as dissimulation, concealment, lying and diplomacy.


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