Millions of uninsured won’t have to pay Obamacare penalties. Heck, let’s just grant the whole country an exemption.

I really don’t need to remind you that Barack Hussein Obama’s signature achievement, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is quite unpopular. But you’d think with all the media support, speeches, unconstitutional waivers, corporate exemptions and delays it would be working. No, of course not.

So this latest “revelation” about Obamacare is no surprise — as if anything about Obamacare surprises us anymore.

As reported by Fox News, “A new congressional report has estimated that more than 25 million Americans without health insurance will not be made to pay a penalty in 2016 due to an exploding number of Obamacare exemptions.

T”he Wall Street Journal, citing an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation, reported that the number of people expected to pay the fine in 2016 has dwindled to four million people from the report’s previous projection of six million. Approximately 30 million Americans are believed to be without health insurance. The latest report is likely to spark fresh concerns among insurers, who have maintained that the number of exemptions to the law’s individual mandate are resulting in fewer young, healthy people signing up for health insurance.”

The greatest concern is how will this monstrosity be financed if that heavily required funding stream dries up — before it’s even supposed to begin? Remember all those new IRS agents are part of Obamacare, because next year you’ll be required to check a box on your tax return confirming you have health insurance and provide policy information. If not, then you were supposed to be fined.

As Fox Reports, “under the Affordable Care Act, the fine for not purchasing health insurance is either $95 per adult or 1 percent of family income, whichever is greater. That amount is set to increase to $695 per adult or 2.5 percent of family income in 2016, with a total family penalty capped at $2,085.”

“The Act provided exemptions to the penalty for certain groups, such as illegal immigrants and members of certain Native American tribes or religious sects. The Obama administration has since added exemptions for hardships like domestic violence, property damage suffered in a fire or flood, or having a health plan canceled when Obamacare came into effect this past October 1. One exemption, written as being for people who “experienced another hardship acquiring health insurance” does not require documentation.”

But who knows what Obamacare is nowadays anyway? It’s been taken through so many backdoor machinations and iterations it nowhere near resembles what was passed back in 2010 – or should I say “shoved,” since it passed using non-standard House and Senate procedures.

Apparently the residents of those 21 states opting not to expand their Medicaid program under the health law may also be exempt from the penalty. And remember all those Americans whom Obama referred to as their health insurance plans as “junk?” Well, the Obama administration gave those people, whose insurance plans were canceled because they didn’t meet Obamacare’s minimum coverage requirements, an exemption that runs until October 2016. They’re also allowed to buy a minimum amount of coverage originally available to people under 30. So why were their plans cancelled in the first place?

Never forget the infamous words of then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, ” we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it ” — here we are four years later and no one knows what is in it.

I can bet ya won’t be hearing any Democrats talk about Obamacare this August or running up to the November midterm elections. And I know why. They don’t have a freakin’ clue what’s in it either.


    • I don’t get it either. Every now and then, tho, I hear a story from a poster who says their adult daughters now can afford insurance and they even received a refund from their ins. co. Others say they now have coverage for pre-existing issues. But just a handful of positive reports on Obamacare compared to those who hate it because they are paying more for less. All I know is that it’s costing me more now than before Obamacare. Cuts to Medicare have been made while the premiums have gone up. My out of pocket went up a thousand dollars a year and I lose my doctor at the end of this year…a doctor that I’ve been going to for over 20 years. It seems United Healthcare (my supplemental) is kicking a few thousand doctors out of their network. And that I believe is just the beginning. Who knows what’s going to happen next year?

      • Well I know I won’t be insured. My premium and deductible have more then doubled making it useless. I’ll be canceling about the second week of October. I guess it’s liberty tax time for me.

      • So now we have 30 million uninsured that have been given an exemption from the penalty. Aren’t we back where we started? Only I think it’s worse than before Obamacare. Mr. Know it all in Chief said those who lost their insurance had sub-standard premiums anyway. Maybe but they seemed happy with what they had. It worked for them. So again a small percentage of people get what they need and the rest of the country pays for it. I guess that’s what you call re-distribution of wealth.

      • No that is what you call redistribution of POWER. Once everyone’s health care is a collectively provided thing, everyone’s health choices are no longer theirs to make! Realize what a power grab this truly is. MONSTEROUS!

      • I see here where you in fact ate an extra slice of pizza last Tuesday comrade, 30 days in the hole.

      • All policies for people with children were substandard because medical is now required to cover dental and vision for all children under 26. SO everyone who had children lost their policies.

      • Do you mean that NO insurance companies offered coverage of dental and vision for children? That seems odd to me. But it would explain, now that I’m retired, why I don’t have coverage for dental or vision. We seniors are really taking it in the shorts.

  1. This may be the biggest scam of all time on the American people! Thank you O for ruining so many lives. Thank you liar in chief.

    • We also have the azz-wagons who voted obama into power to thank. Freakin’ a-hole koolaid drinkers and low information voters!

  2. cant wait till 2016 when everything Obama put into law gets reversed . unless that hilliary wins. then obamas stuff will stay. just say no to hilliary . and yes to allen west. and dr. Carlson. that would be a dream ticket.

    • Don’t hold your breath Paul….the Republicans have no intention of repealing anything. They too are very happy with the power this law gives them. They all need to go in 2016….we need ALL NEW REPS in Congress and the Senate SAY NO TO THE INCUMBENTS!!

  3. “The Act provided exemptions to the penalty for certain groups, such as illegal immigrants and members of certain Native American tribes or religious sects.” Wouldn’t this mean that charging anyone else a fine would be discrimination based on race or religion… because you’re a DIFFERENT race than Native American or a DIFFERENT religion than the one exempted?

  4. I sure am glad that I didn’t vote for obama because as things get worse, those who did vote for him are going to get the blame for it -BIG TIME.
    Wouldn’t want to be them! Whew-WEE!!

  5. How nice, When I retire the end of this year, with my ACA discount on my 30K a year pension, insurance for my wife and me will only be $1,000.00 a month. I worked my entire life to provide health care to those who didn’t. Thanks to all the liberals who voted this tyrant into office.

    • I’m not sure of course, but doesn’t that come under the “One exemption, written as being for people who “experienced another
      hardship acquiring health insurance” does not require documentation.”? Why can’t you simply do as so many others have and insure for catastrophic coverage and pay cash for everything else? I know I may sound naive’ but I’ve seen it working for lot’s of older people in the same boat you are. They can’t say you aren’t insured, as you are self-insured.

      • Good question. You must understand that out of my small pension comes federal income tax, property tax and local school tax. Then factor in the cost of utilities, food and monthly prescriptions, gasoline, heating bills, home repairs, car repairs, etc. It would only take one “catastrophic” event to wipe us out and put us on the homeless list for missing property tax payments. According to the federal government. we are wealthy, news flash, we’re not. I’ve also paid into social security for over 42 years. The liberal progressives now refer to my benefits as an entitlement, really? What would you call dipping into SS for the purpose of handouts to those who never paid a dime into it? We can blame several recent administrations on that one. Before the ACA I had insurance lined up for $600.00/month, not cheap but we need it. This year that same plan is now over $1,500.00/month with higher co-pays and much higher deductables. But have no fear, I am elegable for a discount of $500.00 under the ACA. What a deal !

  6. It’s a sad state of affairs. Affordable-Not; Insurance for the Uninsured-Not; Saves families $2,500 a year-Not; Fair and Balanced-Not. What is good about this law?

  7. Because of Obamacare I no longer have insurance! The cost is soooo unreallistc!!! Can’t afford it. It seems The president we have wants us all to suffer in more ways than just this on! Chaos has been created! How are we going to insure those that have come across our border’s? Why should we have to pay for birth control of other’s or anything else than ones self or immediate family? There is a way to have insurance where it will be fair to people and those that provide the well being of other’s. To not allow waste or greed from the insurance companies, hospitals, doctor’s. Make sure medical coding, test are done correctly,medical supply companies,etc. The gift of life was given so take responsibility of ones health. It should be mandatory law that companies list ingredients in food. So people & animals too are not fed empty calories, test for heavy metals and other unhealthy additives. To stop the use of deadly pesticides. We can be a healthier nation. Insurance can be affordable. Doctors and hospitals will always have business.


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