Why are Democrats so obsessed with impeachment?

The recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll doesn’t bode well for President Barack Hussein Obama, with 54 percent disapproving of his performance. But it seems he’s become kryptonite to Democrats in Washington as well.

Last month out in Colorado, Senator Mark Udall came up with some really lame excuse — voting on a nothing measure — to avoid attending a fundraiser Obama was doing for him. And if you look at many Democrat candidates running this cycle in red states, they’re hammering him, like Natalie Tennant’s ad in West Virginia saying she’s going to shut the lights out on the White House — yeah right, methinks Harry Reid says differently.

Regardless, we’re not seeing the Democrats fall all over themselves to have the president hit the campaign trail with them – as a matter of fact, Allison Grimes in Kentucky is traipsing around with Bill Clinton. Hmm.

But just as Caesar was warned of the Ides of March, maybe Obama should be fearful of his own party? As reported by The Hill, “Congressional Democrats have talked about the impeachment of President Obama 20 times more than Republicans have on the House and Senate floors. Since the start of the 113th Congress last year, Democrats have used the word “impeach” or “impeachment” regarding Obama 86 times, according to a review of the Congressional Record by The Hill.”

“Utterances on the floor from Republicans about impeaching Obama, in contrast, have been relatively rare. Only three Republicans in this Congress have raised the subject on the House floor, and the words have been used a total of four times by GOP members. Most of the talk has come from House Democrats, with Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (Texas) alone using the words 18 times in two separate speeches late last month.”

Could it be that Rep. Jackson-Lee will be the one to whom Obama turns to say “et tu Brute?” One thing I always admired about the House Democrats when I served was the way they robotically follow the same talking points issued from central command — truly “Borg-like.”

Maybe Democrats will talk themselves into throwing their own under the bus — especially if it seems the existence of Obama could hurt their long term progressive socialist political agenda. Riiight.

After the tragic death of Major General Harold J. Greene in Afghanistan this week, I certainly don’t agree with Obama’s unilateral decision to negotiate with terrorists and release five senior members of the Taliban. They are still the enemy. They’re still fighting against our men and women in Afghanistan. So an American president deciding to violate his own National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and not inform our elected representatives of his intent to provide material support, aid, and comfort to the enemy — as well as aiding and abetting their objectives – ain’t good.

So in that respect, I’m thankful all these Democrats realize that as well and are speaking up about the constitutional measure given to us by the Founding Fathers to restrain presidential imperialism – not that it’s working particularly well.

The Hill says, “in the Senate, where the GOP hopes to retake a majority this fall, not a single Republican has mentioned impeachment on the floor over the last couple of years.” Talking up impeachment, the theory goes, could increase turnout among Democrats at the polls who will surprise us all and vote for the policies of Obama, which place our nation and our national security at a severe risk.

One reason Democrats are talking about impeachment so much is it raises them boatloads of money. The campaign arm for House Democrats raised $2.1 million in online donations over a single July weekend. I’m so grateful Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) realizes the importance of promulgating the truth about President Obama on this critical issue — violating his constitutional duty to support and defend our country.

See, just when I had lost all hope that Democrats were just partisan political hacks, they show me they really are concerned about addressing executive overreach and adherence to the rule of law. After all, what other reason would they be talking about “impeachment” so very much?

Hey Barack, beware the Ides of November.


  1. they are just tricking and fooling republicans ….. again….and they by their talking up a non event they will write history that the evil republicans did everything they could to impeach the Great Obama

  2. So.. if I hear that the Republicans want to impeach Obama and then I make a speech or comment to a news group that the Republicans want to impeach Obama, since I said impeach.. was that counted? And you will notice that the Article also says that no Republican has mentioned impeachment while on the floor. This is to say they did not get up and say impeachment while giving a speech to the House or Senate. Besides, even if the Republicans win all their expected seats in November there will still be no impeachment.

  3. A this point, Republicans would be very foolish to attempt impeachment. Let’s see what the balance of power is after the November elections. I truly believe, if Barry’s complete past were public knowledge, EVERYONE would be screaming to run this Marxist Moslem scoundrel out of the country.

    • I don’t believe that. Obama is another O.J., he can have a bloody knife in his hand, and they would STILL find him; ‘not guilty’. That is the Obama left lemmings, who will follow him off the cliff to their deaths if need be. So the Truth must come from those of us who love America and our Freedom.

  4. Why would they (Republicans) impeach him? Barrack Obama has done more to destroy the Democrat Party with his failed policies and incompetence than any Republican was ever able to. Congressional Democrats are running away from him on the campaign trail. He is the reason Democrats lost the House of Representatives (in 2010) and are set to lose the Senate this November. Leave him in for the last 2 years and he will have single-handedly destroyed the Liberal/Progressive/Socialist agenda with his mishandling of everything he touches. Americans finally see that all of his Hope & Change was just Smoke & Mirrors. After 2014, The DNC will finally give up on Obama and focus on a Candidate for 2016- not associated with his administration.

    • The Democrats will say anything to win, then turn around and keep doing what they always do. They support him as much today and they did the first day. I keep wondering when the people will wake up and realize it is not the American Citizen they care about, it is the Illegals and Muslims.

  5. Impeachment proceedings would make the Republicans look foolish as many of their crowd pleasing accusations they level against Obama would be proven false and hurt them in their reelections.
    Democrats want impeachment proceedings so they can expose the Republicans.

    • The Impeachable offenses Obama has done are many..and they let him get away with them. So he thought he was invincible, so why not commit more? After all he has his pen and phone”. He needs Impeachment for the Sake of America.. Not the Republicans or the Democrats, but for America as a Whole. Obama’s Agenda IS taking America down, and now even a blind man can see that. If you would get your nose out of O’s B.. you would see it too.

      • I am not an Obama fan and there are many policies of his that I disagree with.
        Your assumption that I must be a supporter just because I think impeaching him is stupid is wrong.

        You day there are many impeachable offenses… okay.. can you name any?
        I’m not talking about things he did that you don’t like… but things that were actually illegal and can be connected to him.

      • One. When He by-passed Congress and released 5 known Terrorist Leaders for one suspected deserter: NDAA, H.R. 3304, Section 1035 of the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act. He violated 5 sections of the Law. I cannot write the whole thing out, but you can read it by Google .
        Also he violated the Constitution of the United States, Article 1, which requires the President to meet with Congresss and get equal approval when making Decisions that affect the “National Security of the United States”. He based his resason on this Law, but has yet to explain HOW releasing 5 Terrorists for Bergdahl effects our National Security. What he has done actually does just this, but the great probability of these terrorists killing Americans in the future and/or comitting another 9-11.
        These violations call for his Impeachment by themselves, but he has done others that are just as bad. Our Congress needs to put a stop to him, which the House tries, but the Senate always defends his corrupt actions. ANd it goes no where. This is a reason the Republicans need to win the Senate this election time. Obama will not be pulling his corrupt trick any more when they get control of the Senate.

      • this is the section to which you are referring…

        “(Sec. 1035) Authorizes the Secretary to transfer or release any
        individual detained at Guantanamo to such individual’s country of origin
        or another country if: (1) the Secretary determines that the individual
        is no longer a threat to national security, or (2) such transfer or
        release is to effectuate an order by an appropriate U.S. court or
        tribunal. Requires, as further determinations prior to such transfer,
        that: (1) actions have been planned or taken that will substantially
        mitigate the risk of such individual engaging or reengaging in any
        terrorist or hostile activity that threatens the United States, and (2)
        the transfer is in the U.S. national security interest. Outlines factors
        to be considered in making such determinations, including any confirmed
        cases of recidivism of individuals previously transferred to such
        country. Requires the Secretary, at least 30 days prior to such a
        transfer, to notify the defense, appropriations, and intelligence
        committees. Defines a detained individual as one located at Guantanamo
        as of October 1, 2009, who is not a U.S. citizen and is in the custody
        or control of DOD or otherwise under detention there. Repeals superseded

        He did not violate that.
        While you may disagree with him, his argument is that recovering a captured US soldier is in our national security interests.

        There is too much grey area to prosecute under that because it is left open to interpretation.

  6. The more Republicans call for impeachment, the more desperate, stupid and racist they appear. Must suck to be them, unable to pin any real scandals on the black President. Whatever happened to his Kenyan birth certificate, or Benghazi? loL!

    • You must have an extremely difficult time with reading understanding. Pretty difficult to see through a brown channel?

    • Yeah, all three of them Republicans who called for Impeachment. It was the majority of desperate and stupid Demon..crats that hollerd the loudest, or can’t you read? Obama is so steeped in Scandals that it will take ten years to investigate them all, and he knew it when he was committing the corruption in each one. He is crafty as the snake from the Kenya brush .

  7. Braying about the narcissistic brat’s potential impeachment is nothing more than misdirection to draw voters’ attention away from his other SNAFUS and FUBARS.
    BTW, as long as Reid reigns in the senate and Holder occupies his throne at DOJ(Department of jackasses), the brat is as safe as a tick in a rug.

  8. Were I a Deemer and had been one to allow the WH Faker to gain office without proper legality in place and backed all his lies and deceptions, it would behoove me to run for the hills when the force called We the People got PO’d and came looking for revenge….the time is near for the Deemers….

  9. So allen (leave my men behind) calls for impeachment then has the nerve to post why democrats are obsessed with impeachment..TWICE?? The hypocritical of it all! Allen West is a man with no honor!

    • And ALL of you are TROLLS who look to try and twist a square Obama into a round hole…It will not work. He is a Failure. The DEMON..crats are failures, and the biggest Losers of all..the Left Liberal Lemmings. Alllen West is so above Obama and the likes of you that it’s not worth comparing. Please feel free to move to a Country where they believe as you do….We Americans will not miss you a bit.

      • Allen west is above obama? Lets compair…one is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and the other is a disgraced, relieved of comman, faced 11 years in prison, one term congressman….you are right…no need to compare!!

  10. how much did Rubes / Cons raise off of all this birther crap???
    As per in Red State..

    Ok, let’s say Obama WAS born outside of the United States. Let’s ask ourselves two questions of Ann Dunham (Obama’s Mother) and if they square up, he’s still a Natural Born US Citizen Answer to both be YES (this asumes Obama Sr and Ann Dunham’s marriage was invalded due to him beinging already married back in Africa):
    Was Ann Dunham a U.S. citizen at the time of the Obama’s birth? Yes.
    Was Ann Dunham physically present in the United States or one of its outlying possessions for a continuous period of one year prior to the Obama’s birth? Yes.


    but the idiots keep screaming,,
    scared little white folk can be funny,,eh??

    • All your ranting and raving, with turning things backwards and inside-out will NOT make Obama, one iota of a better man nor a better President.. He will Still be the Liar who failed as the President of the United States, and believe it or not: Obama’s color has NOT a thing to do with his incompetence. Period. So get over it and face the facts of Truth.

  11. Republicans shouldn’t raise money off Benghazi: U.S. lawmaker

    (Reuters) – The new head of a congressional panel investigating the 2012 attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya, criticized on Wednesday some Republicans’ use of the deadly incident to raise campaign funds.
    During an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, Representative Trey Gowdy of South Carolina was asked whether he would appeal to his fellow Republicans to stop such fundraising efforts.

    “Yes, and I will cite myself as an example. I have never sought to raise a single penny on the backs of four murdered Americans,” said Gowdy, the newly appointed chairman of the special House of Representatives committee.

    hey,,,and Goody is the new Messiah, huh??, if it wasn’t sad and pathetic,
    I’d be laughing my @@s off

  12. What you fail west to say ( as par ) is that both parties do it,,something bad happens,,and they exploit the crap out of it..
    It’s by no means right,,,but it’s what both parties do,,
    but a lot of your drells here don’t get that.. they just see what they want to see,,
    helped along by the crappy, un honest picture you paint…

  13. Op-Ed: Can the GOP reinvent itself? Are they even trying?

    Even as the American voting public becomes more diverse, the far-right wing of the Republican Party continues to cling to the politics of polarization, making the party whiter than ever before, and threatening to make it irrelevant.

    It’s not just the message. It’s the GOP’s opposition to every policy and piece of legislation important to minority groups. And as for the message, the one that’s getting out comes from the ultra-conservative Tea Party wing, one that feeds on the fears and prejudices of its conservative white base.
    On the subject of immigration: there are some 11 million undocumented aliens in the United States. The overwhelming majority are working, trying to give their families a better life. Yet, the far right insists on demonizing them as drug-dealers and other criminal types.

    According to an article in the Boston Globe, at least three Republican congressman have taken advantage of the fear surrounding the Ebola virus by making the completely baseless claim that the thousands of unaccompanied children who have been showing up at the U.S. border could be carrying the deadly virus.

    In the national elections between 2000 and 2012,
    (118 million were cast in 2012)
    there were only 633 incidents of voter fraud nationwide,
    and yet red states feel the need to address this rampant problem / snark
    which raises the question — what are Republicans more afraid of?
    Criminals with guns or minority voters?

    • Are you even an American? What have you against the Constitution, and the Oath to Uphold it? As a matter of fact what do you have against Freedom?
      Knowing that every Policy of the present Administrations is anti-American? You are a typical Left Lemming who twists and turns everything backwards to suit your dark intentions. “to make evil seem to be good, and good to seem evil”, this fits you perfectly and your Presidents intentions for our Nation.

      • Knowing that every Policy of the present Administrations is anti-American………..

        you know that,, or believe that,,I don’t

    • Who exactly (names please!) are these far-right wingers of whom you speak? As a Conservative older GWM, I have nowhere to turn but the GOP. Not that I have anything in common with the “Inside the Beltway” Republicans. I’m trying to figure out some way to bring the relevance of Constitutional authority back into the party “leadership’s” minds. Perhaps the message of the so-called “TEA Party wing” is getting out because it resonates with a lot of people. Can you stipulate to that? It certainly isn’t appealing to liberals, democrats or, for that matter, “mainstream, moderate” Republican “leadership.”

      Speaking for myself, I would hasten to add that “…policies and pieces of legislation important to minority groups…” mean nothing to those around the world who seek to decimate us – that means you, me, gay, straight, young, old, white, brown, red, yellow… you get the picture. I happen to believe, for example, that it’s much more important for EVERYONE in the country to have our borders secured than it is to grant legal “marriage” status upon the LGBT community nationwide. It’s a matter of priorities, really. And please don’t conflate the subject of “immigration” with the issue of “11 million undocumented aliens” as if they were one and the same. 40% of the 11 million are VISA stayovers, according to ICE reports. That’s 4.4 million people who decided to just stay here, even though their worker/student/special VISA expired. That leaves us with 5.6 million illegals, most of whom I’ll agree, are probably hardworking, but not contributing to the community in ways that “legal” citizens are (payroll taxes not withheld, wiring money “home i.e. Mexico, Central, South America” every week instead of spending locally, etc.). And then there are the so-called DREAMERS, who arrived as minors, accompanied by parents or others who brought them here. I believe they should be given special consideration, because they weren’t in a position to make the decision to make the long trek northward. On the other hand, the current crisis on our southern border is a man-made political crisis, meant to demonize the Republicans while filling the voting rolls for the Democrat party, so as to overwhelm the voting demographics in favor of marginalizing Republicans and providing a solid voting base for the Democrats in perpetuity. They need to be successful in this effort with the Latino base, since they see the Black base eroding before their eyes.

      I’m concerned, for example, that there are numerous documented reports of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) coming across the border with lice, scabies, chicken pox, TB, measles – you know the kind of childhood diseases that we used to commonly see here in the US some decades ago. The way the Feds are handling them – trucking and bussing them around the country in the middle of the night for resettlement in communities who aren’t even aware of their existence – is setting us up for health and education issues on a mass scale. That’s not feeding on the fears and prejudices of some narrow political subgroup – it’s going to impact communities of all stripes. Many of these communities are ill equipped to deal with their current social, educational, and economic challenges. But also keep in mind that you’re attempting to conflate this category of UAC and some partial families, who represent approximately 20 to 30% of the actual number of people crossing our border, with the other 70 to 80% of people coming across as… wait for it… drug dealers and criminal elements. There are also reports out from the Border Patrol, DHS and ICE documenting the numbers of illegal trespassers from countries that are overtly hostile to us being captured at the border, trying to get in. If we accept the numbers being thrown at us that about 60,000 UAC are expected between last October and the end of September this year, and that they represent 25% of all illegal traffic across our border, then math tells us that around 180,000 people are also arriving illegally. Those are the people I’m most afraid of. They are the ones more likely to be carrying deadly viruses or weapons of mass destruction into our country. Yet those are the ones who the media seem to be ignoring…

    • There are so many legal reasons to impeach this failure of a President. Better and shorter to ask: “When has Obama NOT; broken, corrupted, ignored, by passed Congress, any Law he was trying to get around? In fact what has he done that is beneficial/good for America since he has been in office? Any one care to answer these questions TRUTHFULLY without all that liberal double talk?

      • Let me put it another way, there is no valid reason to impeach Obama that Republicans will address. IMO he should be sent to the Hague to face trial for war crimes.

  14. Republicans who fear that Obama is a secret illegal alien, or a secret socialist, or a secret anti-white racist, or a secret Muslim (or whatever) are people who simply cannot accept a black man in the White House.

    • You are exactly right…and it doesn’t make any sense. He sat in Rev Wrights church for over 20 years and they complained about that but he is actually a MUSLIM? IDIOTS!

  15. We should be asking Why are Democrats so obsessed with Destroying our Country?????? What do they have to gain????? More Money????? More Power over people????????? What will they do when the USA finally collapses into Fire and Ruin?????? Where will they run to then??????


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