My message to American single moms

Is the American dream slipping away, and especially so for one segment of our society? One of the foundational aspects of American society — or any society for that matter — is the family. And by that I mean the traditional family of one man, one woman and their children.

For young American mothers, that dream seems to be slipping away particularly quickly – and that’s the real War on Women. It doesn’t have to be this way — it shouldn’t be.

According to CNS News, “More than one in five women who gave birth in 2012 reported living in someone else’s home instead of their own household, according to a recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau (CB). In some states, such as New Mexico and Mississippi, the percentage was even higher, with one in three new mothers living with her child in another person’s home.”

Now of course we know the result of government-driven home ownership policies, so I’m not advocating a return to the insidious Community Reinvestment Act mentality. But as the recent WSJ/NBC News poll shows, Americans feel this country is on the wrong track, and the American dream may not be there for subsequent generations.

Why? Because opportunities in America are diminishing and people are feeling it — and no more spin can hide it.

CNS says “there are no statistics available on the marital status of new mothers who are living in someone else’s home, but of the four million babies born in 2012, 1.6 million were born to unwed mothers. Twenty years ago, half of all births to women ages 15-22 occurred in wedlock, but since then that number has been reduced to just a quarter.”

Numbers don’t lie, and we’re looking at the breakdown of the traditional American family. In an economy such as ours, the struggles for a single mother are just exacerbated.

In addition, “though women of all ages report not having their own domiciles, 60 percent of mothers ages 15-22 live in someone else’s home, with the vast majority of them (70 percent) living with their parents, according to the CB study, which was based on the 2012 Supplement to the Current Population Survey and the 2012 American Community Survey.”

Just yesterday we reported on the plight of Ms. Shaneen Allen, a single black mother of two who is facing three years in prison and a possible felony conviction because she took a wrong turn into New Jersey not realizing her legal concealed weapons permit was not valid in that state. Why on earth would New Jersey want to prosecute this woman who has no previous criminal incidents? This is just another example of how the odds are stacking up against mothers in America.

CNS reports “though teen births continue to decrease, the CB study notes that “adolescent parenthood continues to be linked to poverty, low academic achievement, and familial instability. Additional evidence suggests that many of the negative repercussions of adolescent pregnancy are present for women in their early 20s, such as the need to rely on their parents for housing.”

Of course the liberal progressive Planned Parenthood response is — well, you know.

“Children and communities bear the brunt of the growing number of out-of- wedlock births, says Brad Wilcox, a sociologist and director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia. “Many kids that are born outside of marriage do just fine,” he said, “but when large numbers of kids are born outside marriage as a consequence what we see is that the community and the country at large suffer.”

The real War on Women has to do with limiting the choice of better opportunities for these mothers and for their children to enjoy the American dream — and I’m referring to American moms, not those coming here illegally.

Sadly, liberal progressives only see one solution – the choice to terminate a life — and are more concerned with moms here illegally siphoning off hard working American middle-income family resources.

And instead of supporting life — and a better life of promise, progressive socialists take the easy road that benefits their political agenda.

I say to all of the American single moms, hang in there, we will turn this around and ensure you’ll be able to earn a better standard of living and enjoy that day when you put the key in the door of your own home — one you’ve earned.

It’s all about being a victor, not a victim!

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Excellent article Col. Allen West, but we need to teach our young women that crawling in bed with every guy who winks at them isn’t the thing to do. We need to teach that modesty and self-esteem is what is going to solve these problems. Ladies you deserve better than this, you deserve better than tattoos, phoney promises by the cute guy who tells you that you have a nice a$$. You deserve better than the attention from the first male who walks pass you in the hallway at school. For your children and the future children you need a… Read more »
K Moots
Sadly, the majority of women in this country do not believe what you are saying. They think you are an old prude for saying they shouldn’t be “sexually free”. Girls now days in middle school are wearing those colored plastic bracelets we used to wear but they have new meaning. Now they are color coded to “how far” a girl has gone and with how many different boys. I am disgusted at the way American girls and young women think now. They have no respect for themselves or anyone else. It’s cool to have sex before you even start your… Read more »

Sadly true.

We need to return to family. And we need to repent, and return to Jesus.


Pat Clarke

As long as the media and the press glorify loose women popping out bastard children, and the government makes it financially rewarding, this will continue.


the government is not holding a gun to women’s heads to take money.

No, Honey, they don’t put a gun to your head. What they do is worse. Guidance counselors give you a list of options available to them in 11th grade. If you are white and your parents don’t make enough to pay for your college, your only option is to get pregnant sometimes. Get pregnant and the government rewards you as a future life-long slave on the demoRat plantation. You job is to have multiple demoRat votes registered in your name. End welfare for anybody that can work. At any job. Nobody should be paid for raising their own kids. Don’t… Read more »

Demos? And what about the republican presidents after LBJ that could have done something to change? This a problem all presidents could have solved. Reagan, Bush, bush ? Very convineant to forget them.


Words are cheap. It isn’t going to turn around soon and never if we don’t become a nation that believes in God and has a sense of morality. I see so many 20 and 30 somethings that are just floating through life with no moral compass and their lives, which most of the time involve one or more children, are witness to that very fact. Very sad.


60 percent of mothers 15 to 22 years of age are living in other people’s home…….well, the answer is simple, if you are those ages (especially 15 to 19) you should not even be a mother………another simple fact for women that age CLOSE YOUR DAMN LEGS AND KEEP THEM CLOSED.


It takes two to tango. What happened to Common Sense

Earl Lee

How are *YOU* going to turn anything around ALLEN WEST?? You only post to BLOGS!

Tabatha Carter
reading most of the comments on here makes me really sick. it is not ONLY the younger people that have a problem and need help, but you people who are all high and mighty on your high horses looking down your noses and passing judgement on others situations when you know NOTHING about how they got where they are or how hard they are fighting just to keep their head above the water so they don’t drown and take their little one down with them or leave them without a parent at all!! Shame on you all! I am one… Read more »

Fine! You are a single example. You chose to be with him. Nobody forced you to get pregnant either. Go to your church for help.


Nobody forced them to get pregnant! That was their choice. They are the ones that should be paying for it. Not me. I don’t care. I don’t pretend to be compassionate any more. I am sick of poor choices being celebrated and proper choices being denigrated.