3 years after shoot down of Extortion 17: Still so many unanswered questions

I hope you haven’t forgotten the story of Extortion 17, the greatest single-day loss of Navy Special Warfare Group personnel. The shoot down incident occurred three years ago to this date — but most Americans have no memory of it.

You may be aware of the stories of Blackhawk Down or Lone Survivor, but will there ever be a film that depicts what happened that fateful day in the Tangi River valley in Afghanistan?

Billy Vaughn, the father of SEAL SOC Aaron Vaughn, wrote Betrayed to keep the story of his son’s and 29 others’ loss alive.

Please watch and share this the four-minute video, lest you forget as well. Why are there still so many unanswered questions? And add Betrayed to your summer reading list.

May God keep their souls and bless the families of the men who were sacrificed in the mission known as Extortion 17.

Molon Labe, Aaron!


  1. It is ironic that I have been reading the book Betrayed for the last two days and this comes out. Check out the Rules of Engagement in the war in Afghanistan under Obama. Check out the bargain he made with the President of Afghanistan. Our SEALs are being sold to the highest bidder for a lot of money. Does Obama pocket that money for himself or his Muslim Brotherhood?

  2. They should all be remember and thank you Lt Col for reminding us of this tragic. My prayer today will be for the families of these brave and honorable men…Mexico release our Marine you have in jail… To the power elit in Wash D.C. if this Marine was one of your love ones I would bet the farm he or she would not still be in jail….step up someone from D.C. instead of taking a summer vacation. Do you really care about our men and women in uniform. Talk is cheap. God Bless all of these. To me they are very special.


  3. This is so seriously F’d up! America is falling and all the voices of reason are being called crazy… I have to say that I am really afraid of what is on the horizon! My parents were Holocaust Survivors, who came to America, LAND OF THE FREE and HOME OF THE BRAVE! and to think that it that can happen again to them in their lifetime is scary as s**t.. These fantastic human beings should have never died! The biggest problem I see, is that we are letting our government get away with it. We must make it stop before it is too late. (or maybe it is already). This story and so many others need to be shouted from the roof tops of every home, not only in the USA but all over the world! Plus, we need to shut down Qatar sponsored CNN. And I say that because if you go out of the States, all the ads on CNN are from Muslim countries and mainly Qatar, but you wouldn’t know it in USA! Mr. West, keep this up and maybe the world will open their eyes finally.

    • I and others have been trying to get the truth out. ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN AND OTHERS ARE BEING PAID BY OBAMMY. There is the Far-Left liberals, progressives, socialist, communist, demo’s, muslim brotherhood, unions and many others that are stopping the progress. upholder and obammy have put there own judges into office and put the other judge out to pasture. He has threathen people in congress and the states, but they are protecting their people from hitler. After the elections will be a rough road to hull. We can’t have demo’s in charge of the Senate as things will get so bad after the elections. If you don’t like the USA now it will get so bad after the elections. We need to have the house with the GOP/Tea Party, as again it will be very serious. I have already seen what will happen. We can’t have this country any worse then what it is.

  4. The frustration level is high. These heroes are gone and somebody must answer for their loss. Obama, the traitor, must answer.

  5. My father served in WW2 and lived the rest of his life in fervent loyalty and service to veterans and taught all six of his children to do the same. From heaven, I can feel him kicking my butt to cry out to not only demand answers from our government about how could such tragedies occur against our military, but expect prosecution of such deeds. Hillary doesn’t think it makes a difference? My soul cannot rest until the families of the Fallen receive the verdict they deserve for the sacrifice of their loved ones – that brave American soldier. And every single politician promoting sabotage for their own personal gain should be in prison for life.

  6. Obozo’s People-did it and the heathen dog eater doesn’t care a spit ! Lord-are the twice voting OweBaMao voters STUPID to the core !

    • No…..remember Fast and Furious? upholder gave all of the guns to the cartel to get more and more drugs into the USA. They wanted the people to be so drugged out so they could not make a simple judgement of anything obammy did and that is one of the reasons he won the 2nd elections. Cheating, dishonest, liar and so on.

  7. CW 4 David Carter was the second pilot on Extortion 17. He was a member at Eastern Hills Community Church. I remember chatting with him at coffee hour. He seemed like a nice man and had beautiful eyes that sparkled. That was about five years ago and I left the church soon after. There are reports that I read, last year, that bin Laden died in 2002 from kidney failure. who actually knows who’s body was buried at sea? Seal Team 6 Michael Strange was home a few days before Extortion 17 was shot down. His father has stated at least twice that Michael was acting strangely when he was home on leave and made sure his dad knew where his important papers were kept. He said that Michael had never talked about these papers before. The impression Mr. Strange has is that Seal Team 6 realized that it was not bin Laden that they killed in Pakestan. To me, this is just as damnable at Bengazi.

    • So very true. They didn’t get bin Laden as obammy told the world. It was a big cover up from the very beginning. I knew that it wasn’t bin Laden they had gotten, It was another poor soul and then they rushed to bury him at sea. No one seen his body or anything. These men died because of obammy and his evil doings. He is a murderer of the 17 and the seal team 6. Then there is Benghaki and obammy seen everything that was going on that night as he watched the whole thing. We have a very evil illegal prez.

  8. I don’t understand why somebody won’t man up & tell the truth about the mission of Extortion 17. It seems obvious to me that these men were set up

  9. This coverup is prima facie evidence that this president is a traitor. He not only doesn’t care about our armed forces, he is contemptuous of them. He is worse than despicable.

  10. After all the crimes Al Capone escaped accountability for, they got him on tax laws. I hope they audit Obama… My understanding is he stands to make $85 million dollars over the next 10 years for strategically selling/buying stock before the BP oil spill in the Gulf. He’s looking to buy a $4million house in CA. He spends more on vacations each year than he makes. Follow the money…

    • He has bought a big mansion in Rancho Mirage, Calif. That is by Palm Springs in the hot desert and they have a lot of gays living there. That ought to suit him just fine. Over a year ago, he used a presidential executive order to give himself a million dollars a year. I think it was $750,000 a year and then the V.P., upholder and Congress had gotten a raise. They don’t even care about the people who aren’t working or can’t find a job, but they are taking our hard earned tax money. When he goes and campaigns for ever and ever, he uses OUR air-force one and the tax payers pay for that and have ever since he has been in office the first time to present. That is not fair. That is his own expense and it should come out of all of the money he makes to pay for his trips. He is so dishonest, liar, and everything else. They go on vacations and do as they darn well please, that isn’t there money. They think they are the king and queen of the USA. I have said many times that there won’t be a king on the American soil as this land is God’s land and he will reign as the king and no other person will have that honor.

      • This is Part 2) This is from D&C chapter 10 verses 11-16.
        v. 11 And this land shall be a land of liberty unto the Gentiles, and there shall be no kings upon the land, who shall raise up unto the Gentiles.
        v.12 And I will fortify this land against all other nations.
        v. 13 And he that fighteth against Zion shall perish, saith God.
        v. 14 For he that raiseth up a king against me shall perish, for I, the Lord, the king of heaven, will be their king, and I will be a light unto them forever, that hear my words.
        v. 15 Wherefore, for this cause that my covenants may be fulfilled which I have made unto the children of men, and will do unto them while they are in the flesh, I must needs destroy the secret works darkness and murders, and of abominations.
        v. 16 Wherefore, he that fighteth against Zion both Jew and Gentile, both bond and free, both male and female, shall perish; for they are they who are the whore of all the earth; for they who are not for me are against me, saith our God.

  11. As noted below this administration is getting away with it. We can do what we can to replace criminal politicians every other November. But that’s not going to cut it. The fastest way to reclaim our country is to reclaim the media. The MSM gives him a pass so there is no accountability. If we all were to stop watching TV shows on the three networks and let them know why we’d see a return to real journalism in a hurry. I doubt it will happen. Hard to coordinate, and folks love Jimmy Fallon. But if the big networks ratings tanked, and with it their source of income, They might find covering for Obama just isn’t fun anymore.

  12. They were among the best of the best, and were betrayed by their own government. That breaks my heart. Every one of them a hero. Rest in peace.

  13. After a life’s worth of experiences and my fair share of the ‘things men do not speak of in polite company’ I would without any doubt believe the enemy was either tipped off as to their position or this was a planned maneuver by the Administration to assinate our own for ‘the good of the nation. as it is called when a high ranking official wants to get rid of those who they feel ‘know too much’.

    Yes, we are talking about the ‘potus’. If you have to ask, then you are a bigger fool now than you were when you voted for this Muslim, Marxist, Socialist, Anti-Christ illegal alien immigrant from Kenya. A man who was illegally elected and is being protected by ‘those who wish to rule the world’.

  14. Forgetting this event would be like forgetting Benghazi, D Day, Pearl Harbor, and any other unforgettable event. Rest in peace warriors and hopefully the truth will come out some day and heads will roll… I am so tired of the idiots in this administration because of all the damage they have done to America, it’s reputation, and to our military…

  15. Praying for the TRUTH to come out! My heart aches for these brave souls who lost their lives and for their families and our Country……:'( God help us.

  16. I’ll never forget Extortion 17, or the betrayal of the Obama administration(s) for what they’ve done not only to SEAL Team 6 and their families, but the transformation of our military as well as the transformation of America.

    He and many in Washington have never had our troops backs.

    God Bless the families of all of these incredible and brave fallen. I pray for truth to come out. Our nation is being “led” by traitors.

    “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague.” Cicero

  17. Anyone who personally knows or has known a Navy SEAL knows the tremendous loss these families and our country suffered that day. May prayers continue…

  18. i question the whole thing right from the beginning. NAVY SEALS sent to rescue ARMY Rangers? what happened to the Rangers that were in trouble? why go out n a regular chopper and no SPECOPS chopper? many more questions but the most important are why are good soldiers covering up for this administration? i understand following orders but this? really? someone needs to come forward!

    • They were going to come forward, but they were killed. You people out there want to have h. clinton in office since she will not tell the truth. Why is obammy still in office when he shoots every body now as he doesn’t want the truth known on a lot of things. This is what a dictator and a hitler does to its people. Yes—obammy has compromised a lot of things with the American people. Do you want a Constitution that has been in place for over 200 years or do you want a Sharia Law? Study that Law and you aren’t going to like it. I DON’T WANT THAT LAW IN THE USA. I WANT OUR CONSTITUTION OVER OUR BLESSED COUNTRY. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE, OBAMMY AND H. CLINTON.

  19. joe byden and The Obama directly set these guys up for slaughter either out of raging stupidity or on purpose….which ever what at this point does it matter anyways…we have traitors, or untrustworthy people trying to lead us

  20. These devils are masters of diversion. Scandal after scandal gets pushed aside by the border crisis, hamas Vs. Isreal, ISIS, We have no DOJ anymore under Holder. When the people have had enough then and only then will things change.


  22. I can’t watch the video. When I try my antivirus kicks in and shuts it down. Is any one else having this problem? I can watch other videos just not this one.

  23. and yet those same people still make up Obama’s administration and what does anyone do about it ? Nothing !! If the U.S elects Hillary Clinton the next President, frankly you deserve what you get and will be the laughing stock of the whole world. Might as well elect Marge Simpson……


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