Jimmy Carter leads the Democrat charge for anti-Semitism

As you all know, I am Georgia-born and raised and very proud of that. I love my home state and it’s the place where my parents were laid to rest. However, there is one thing that causes me utmost embarrassment from my home state: former President Jimmy Carter. And his recent incoherent ranting about Hamas and Israel further proves that sentiment. Jimmy Carter is an anti-Semite.

As reported by Fox News, “Former President Jimmy Carter once again is getting way out in front of the U.S. government on the Middle East, co-authoring an op-ed in which he calls for Washington to recognize designated terror group Hamas as a legitimate “political actor” — while blasting Israel for its military campaign in the Gaza Strip.The scathing column on ForeignPolicy.com was written by Carter and Ireland’s former president Mary Robinson.”

I guess stupidity comes in twos and as Garth Brooks once sang, “I got friends in low places.” What would compel a former U.S. president to pen a piece supporting an Islamic terrorist organization? Or perhaps Carter agrees with Nancy Pelosi that Hamas is a humanitarian organization. Jimmy Carter’s position reflects the deeply rooted anti-Semitism that exists in the Democrat party. It is a fundamental position of the progressive socialist Left.

According to Fox, “the article called the current conflict a “humanitarian catastrophe,” and while acknowledging Hamas’ “indiscriminate targeting” of Israelis, focused its criticism on Israel. “There is no humane or legal justification for the way the Israeli Defense Forces are conducting this war,” they wrote. “Israeli bombs, missiles, and artillery have pulverized large parts of Gaza, including thousands of homes, schools, and hospitals.” “

Perhaps Jimmy fails to acknowledge that the IDF has been sending text messages, calling, and dropping leaflets to warn Gaza residents of incoming targets. It is Hamas who has told its own people not to heed those warnings, and as we shared here, have actively stated they would use their own people as human shields.

Has Carter missed the fact that Hamas uses schools and hospitals as ammunition storage locations and bases of operations? It is just unconscionable that the truth is so rejected by the liberal left when it comes to Israel. And if that be the case, how can it be that ANY American citizen who is Jewish ally themselves with this Democrat party?

Because Carter’s op-ed piece and sentiment is no different than that of Barack Hussein Obama, John Kerry, and Valerie Jarrett. Perhaps the true religion of American Jews JINOs (Jews In Name Only) is liberal progressivism. Apparently, they actually care less about what happens to Israel because their political party alignment runs deeper in their veins.

Let’s see what the South Florida Jewish Congressional representatives Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Ted Deutch, and Lois Frankel have to say about Jimmy Carter’s op-ed piece — don’t hold your breath for any condemnation.

Fox says, “former Presidents Carter and Robinson (a group of former statesmen and activists) also pushed the West to formally recognize Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip but is classified as a terror group by the U.S. They lauded the recently announced unity agreement between Hamas and Fatah, which controls the West Bank (Judea and Samaria, let’s use the right language) — an agreement that Obama’s State Department has voiced serious concerns about.”

And don’t forget, Fatah was the original Palestinian terrorist organization established by Yasser Arafat, responsible for the Munich Olympics slaughter of members of the Israeli team.

And of course it was former Democrat President Bill Clinton who invited the terrorist Arafat into the White House and Hillary who embraced Arafat’s wife.

Sadly, we don’t teach history in America so our children and grandchildren have no clue about the terrorist history behind the region. They are sent to these liberal dominated college campuses where pro-Islamic terrorist professors fill there heads with revisionist history — and propaganda. We have allowed Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups to influence political, educational, and cultural societal aspects of our country and spew forth their hate-filled message.

Carter, in what can only be termed as treasonous, has voiced support for Hamas in the past, and in 2009 visited with Hamas leaders on a high-profile trip. I do remember then-President Carter bringing Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat to Camp David in signing the peace accords. However, I also remember it was the Muslim Brotherhood who assassinated Anwar Sadat because he sought peace with Israel. And it is Carter’s beloved Hamas that is the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood — an inconvenient truth.

“The United States and EU should recognize that Hamas is not just a military but also a political force,” Carter and Robinson wrote. “Hamas cannot be wished away, nor will it cooperate in its own demise. Only by recognizing its legitimacy as a political actor — one that represents a substantial portion of the Palestinian people — can the West begin to provide the right incentives for Hamas to lay down its weapons.”

That statement clearly identifies the delusion of Jimmy Carter in believing Hamas, a terrorist organization, deserves legitimacy. He believes an Islamic terrorist organization whose charter calls for the destruction of a sovereign state will lay down its weapons once provided with the “right incentives” — what exactly are those? In other words, Carter, like Neville Chamberlain and Obama, believe that appeasement and negotiation with evil results in peace.

This could not be further from the truth but I suppose according to Jimmy Carter, Islamic State is just misunderstood as well and deserves recognition and legitimacy. As a matter of fact, if the West would just “provide the right incentives” to Islamic totalitarians and jihadists we could all coexist in peace – the problem is, the only “right incentive” they seek is our subjugation or destruction.

Jimmy Carter, the base anti-Semitism of the liberal Left, and the abject weakness of the progressive socialists in the Democrat party form the enticing aroma leading Islamists to believe victory is near — and causes grave concern for Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and the people of Israel who thought America was their ally. America is, but the Democrat Party is not.


  1. Jimmy Carter having been the worst president in American history now in competition with Obama for that position, has clearly stated in the past his abhorrence to Israel and the Jewish people. Since leaving office, he has continually ingratiated himself with the Arab nations, who Foote the bill for his visits to their countries. I don’t know how he grew up in the South, but I for one, am from the South, and support Israel completely, I believe in Biblical principals, and believe it our duty to support Israel.

    • Don’t forget about our darling Bush family being fast friends with the Saudi Royals.
      What amazes me is with this continued attitude towards the Jewish people in the USA, they still line up with the ProgTards. One would think an intelligent group of people would recognize the signs – not too much different now than what took place in 1935/1936. It’s the old “Thank you Sir – may I have another, Sir” routine.

  2. Carter the Coward is pissed that he’s no longer the WORST President in US History….this is his attempt to remind people he was just as bad as ObamI!!!!!

    • If you are using a pseudo name or Guest you are either a Coward or a Jew, or a Coward jew. So I am calling you out. You name it.

  3. I am amazed at the number of former United States Military officers who have gone bad. The more high profile ones are Jimmy Carter, John Glenn and John McCain.

  4. If the Palestinians were to lay down their arms for good, there would be peace. If the Israelis were to lay down their arms for good, there would be genocide! You don’t negotiate with terrorists or terrorist states. You either destroy them with overwhelming force or end up being destroyed by them. And there’s nothing immoral about using “disproportionate response” to defeat your enemies. It’s called “winning.” The alternative is to let evil triumph.

  5. Apparently, President Carter is concerned that his title as the most inept president in U.S. history is in jeopardy and is therefore taking steps to maintain his first-place position.

  6. We’re at a tie at the moment as to who will win the coveted title of “Worst President in History”. Carter or Obama? Both are working very skillfully at winning.

    • Very proud for you First Sergeant, nice job. However you are wrong. Tell me how/where Bush is better than Obama? Please don’t blow up I have been Chewed by Tops before and it was not pretty.

  7. What could anyone expect from a retired member of the KKK of Georgia. To bad he never went back to his peanut farm but then again I guess he needs the cash flow to support him being a dumb ass.

  8. Is Carter jealous of the fact that Obama’s out front for Worst President ?? Jimmy’s not gonna get outdone, is he………

  9. What’s he gonna say when he stands before Jesus on Judgement Day about choosing with his party over God’s chosen people!

  10. As an PAJ (Proud American Jew), I love the term JINO (Jews In Name Only), it is so perfect. How any self respecting Jew can be a liberal and actually have any respect for the terroristic Hamas is beyond me.

    • I too am a proud American Jew, and to be honest I have said the same exact thing you have said for years. Sadly I think sometimes these people would have voted Hitler into power if given the chance. The worse are the fools that go to Iran in support of denying Israel, stand by the the holocaust was a myth, how any self respecting Jew could say that is beyond me. Got in some fights with them in New York, do not understand these fools.

  11. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy …

    You just can’t be happy with being the 2nd worse US president in history, you gotta try to regain your title and beat obama out for number 1 ….

    Why don’t you spend your time trying to save the Christians in Iraq who are being slaughtered by ISIS?

    Jimbo , hamas is just like every other islamic terrorist group in the Mideast and Africa, they would cut of your Christian heads in the town square without even thinking about it.

  12. Gee…Carter an anti-semite?…And all this time I thought only white CONSERVATIVES could ever possibly be racist…I stand corrected…(note sarcasm)

  13. Here’s the problem. One can be anti-Zionist Expansion without necessarily being anti-Semitic. Remember, Arabs are Semites as well. Does that make the Israeli’s anti-Semitic?

    Much confusion stems from the fact that many people feel that since 1948, the Israeli government has marginalized indigenous Palestinians and evicted them from lands they farmed and lived on for several hundred years, just to create settlements for NON-ISRAELI Jews from the Bronx and other lands. They did everything within their power to be certain that Israeli’s would always outnumber Palestinians ten to one and keep them from ever having any say in government. And they continue to evict Palestinians and build settlements, knowing full well that this will lead to trouble.

    That does NOT, however justify the existence of terrorist organizations like Hamas. That’s an entirely different story and I feel that terrorists should not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. And if Palestinians allow terrorists to run free and store their arsenals of weapons in schools and launch missiles into civilian Israeli neighborhoods from the roofs of hospitals, and if they are cowardly enough to use women and children as human shields, then so be it; those schools and hospitals NEED to be blown up and the responsibility for collateral damage and civilian deaths belongs with Hamas, and not with Israel for merely defending itself against terrorism.

    • This idea that anyone who opposes the actions of the Israeli government harbors a secret hatred of Jews is just stupid. Some of the biggest critics of the Israeli government I have known are Israeli Jews, left wing. It’s like saying Occupy Wall Street is anti-Christian because they protest a corrupt government in Washington.

    • When did Israel ever evict anyone from their lands?

      The Arabs may say this publicly because people like you do not bother with facts, but lets see what they say among themselves.

      “The Arab armies entered Palestine to protect the
      Palestinians from the zi0nist tyranny but, instead they abandoned them,
      forced them to immigrate and to leave their home land, imposed upon them a political and ideological blockade and threw them into prisons similar to the ghettos in which the Jews used to live in eastern Europe, as if we were condemned to change places with them. The Arab states succeeded in scattering the Palestinians and indestroying their unity.
      abu-mazen (Falastin el-Th’ora,beirut, march 1976)
      Secretary General of the Arab League, Azzam Pasha, agreed that
      Arab leadership encouraged Palestinians to temporarily leave their homes:

      “It was promised that conquering Palestine would be a military picnic, our
      advice to the Palestinians was to temporarily leave their homes” (Al-Huda,
      Lebanon June 5th, 1951).
      Syrian Prime Minister, Khalid Al-Azam (in his book Memories,
      1973) laments and writes:
      “We brought disaster on the refugees, when we urged them to abandon their homes”

      Wonder why it is we are hearing one thing from them, but among themselves they are saying another. It is called the Muslim practice of lying to deceive non believers to obtain their ends.

      So they left on their own accords, but Israel took their land? Funny, Al Jeezera, a Arab news paper came out and broke a story where the Palestinian Authority which Abbas leads wrote a legal brief to the UN and admitted that Israeli’s did not steal the land where the settlements are built, they actually purchase them, and then deeds were passed in exchange for cash. http://www.ajtransparency.com/en/projects/thepalestinepapers/201218203525218283.html

      The problem in dealing with Arabs there is getting to the truth. The Arabs have been offered multiple times a settlement that would have resulted in them having self rule. But their tenacity has prevented them from achieving it because of their outright unrealistic demands. Their demand for Jerusalem is the best example, Israel offered part of the city once, I can promise that unless this is dropped, they Palestinians will never have their own nation because the nation overwhelmingly supports keeping the city united as Israel’s capital. The Palestinians agree to this, to not allow any military to enter their lands, and to lease bases out to Israel in the Jordan Valley (since every attack since ancient times has come through this area) they would be celebrating statehood very shortly.

      The rest you wrote I agree with, Israel though could see if they could work a deal out with Egypt and then go in and kill every terrorist in Gaza.

      • The fact is that is Palestinian land before 1948. You can can say what you want about some Sky Fairy giving the jews some land. that is a Myth the jews made up to do some more stealing. And only a jew or a coward would use a pseudo name or “Guest”. I am calling you out, use your real name or we know you are a Jewish Troll.

      • Palestine never existed as a country, It was groups of nomadic tribes without a central government. There is no such thing as a Palestinian. They are not a race or citizens of an country. It is a region where Arabs and Jewish tribes lived. The Jewish tribes have as much claim to the name Palestinians as the Arabs do.

      • My point exactly, Palestine has as much claim to that land as the jews. Everything you say about the Palestinian people is also true about Israel. The only difference is the jack booted thug Jews have had there boot on the Palestinians neck for the last 50 years. And it was put there by the US and Great Briton with the help of the U.N. This “eye for a eye” will end up with a lot of blind people. This is the equivalent to Apartheid in South Africa. All this is for the gas wells that Russia found off the coast of Gaza Strip. The same as always $$$$$. And one thing a Jew can not resist is $$$$$.

      • How was it Palestinian land before 1948? Tell you what, tell me the name of just one Palestinians leader, for that matter I challenge you to find me just one Palestinian poet prior to 1969.

        The facts are there were not, there was never a country called Palestine, prior to 1969 a Palestinian was anyone that lived in that area, even the Palestinian Authority in their very own charter call the Jews that lived there Palestinians.

        But lets look deeper, what do the very founders of the so called “Palestinians” say”

        The romans (who changed the name from “JUDEA” to
        “syria-palestina”) used the word to describe a -PROVINCE- never a nation nor a country. (in all of the roman tax archives of provincia IVDÆA they only mention Jews).
        The funny part in all this story is that it was the JEWS who were first called “Palestinians” by the Europeans ! (in 1750 Emmanuel Kant referred to the Jews as: “Palestinians living among us”).

        -Professor Azmi Bishara(Arabic: عزمي بشارة)– a
        “palestinian arab” “There is no “palestinian nation” so when were there any Palestinians??? LOL
        Until the end of the 19th century, Palestine was the south of “Greater Syria” another resent invention.there is only an arab nation! The word “Palestine” itself is a colonial invention used by the Romans in order to erase the Jewish identity of Judea and Israel. even the “Palestinian National Charter” recognizes all the Jews living in the region prior to the 1948 war as “Palestinians”. Its an intellectual fad, divorced from the concerns of uneducated people”

        Zuheir Mohsen (Arabic: زهير محسن)- top PLO member responsible for Damur massacre.
        “The “Palestinian people” does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians,
        Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a “Palestinian people”..”
        world’s most famous Palestinian, ARAFAT=born in Egypt.
        His ancestral tribe “AL-QUDWA”= from syria.

      • One more thing, they stole the land? That is why Al Jeezera broke the story that outraged the Arabs and now the “Palestinians” are not getting the support they used to from Arab nations. They found that the Palestinian Authority, which is headed by Abbas, sent a letter to the UN where they openly admit that the settlements were built on purchased land, land that was paid for, deeds were passed for money, in the case file they openly admit that they would have to reimburse them for land they purchased since all the land was rightfully gotten.

        So if they paid for land, land by the way that had nobody living in 100 years ago, that is considered by you as stealing, then tell me where you live so I can liberate the house that you must have stole by paying for it.

        Wonder what people said that visited this land that was “stolen” in the past:

        “There is not a solitary village throughout its whole
        extent (valley of Jezreel, Galilea); not for thirty miles in either direction… One may ride ten miles hereabouts and not see ten human beings.
        For the sort of solitude to make one dreary, come to Galilee… Nazareth is forlorn… Jericho lies a mouldering ruin… Bethlehem and Bethany, in their poverty and humiliation… untenanted by any living creature.
        – Mark Twain, “The Innocents Abroad”,1867 –

        “There are many proofs, such as ancient ruins, broken
        aqueducts, and remains of old roads, which show that it has not always been so
        desolate as it seems now. In the portion of the plain between Mount Carmel and
        Jaffa one sees but rarely a village or other sights of human life. There some
        rude mills here which are turned by the stream. A ride of half an hour more
        brought us to the ruins ..”

        – B. W. Johnson, in “Young Folks in Bible Lands”: Chapter IV, 1892 –
        “The land in Palestine is lacking in people to till its
        fertile soil”.
        – British archaeologist Thomas Shaw, mid-1700s –

        “Palestine is a ruined and desolate land”
        – Count Constantine François Volney, XVIII century French author and historian

        -“The country is in a considerable degree empty of
        inhabitants and therefore its greatest need is of a body of population”.
        – James Finn, British Consul in 1857 –

        In 1844, William Thackeray writes about the road from Jaffa to Jerusalem: “Now the district is quite deserted, and you ride among what seem to be so many petrified waterfalls. We saw no animals moving among the stony brakes; scarcely even a dozen little birds in the whole course of the
        “In Judea it is hardly an exaggeration to say that for
        miles and miles there was no appearance of life or habitation.”
        -Penrhyn Stanley, British cartographer, 1881-

        Photos of the Temple Mount (1877)


        It must be a Jewish troll thing to post facts with accusations while people like you can never provide anything, can you?

      • I never said the “Sky fairy” gave them the land, the facts are that historical, archaeological, even remains show that there has been a Jewish presence there for the last 4,000 years.

        In Jerusalem they have synagogues that predate Islam, they actually had multiple, but during Jordan rule of East Jerusalem they burned down and destroyed all but one Synagogue, dug up grave stones and used them for urinals and paving stones.
        Shragai, Nadav. “The Mount of Olives in Jerusalem: Why Continued Israeli Control Is Vital”. Jcpa.org. Retrieved 2014-04-20.

        But tell you what, name just one country, one nation that has had Jerusalem as their capital other then the Jews and the crusaders, (I will be waiting forever because no ever has).

        -Ibn Khaldun (Arabic: أبو زيد ولي الدين عبد الرحمن بن محمد بن
        خلدون الحضرمي)-one of the most creditable Arab historians, in 1377 c.e. wrote: “Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel extended over 1400 years… It was the Jews who implanted the culture and customs of the permanent settlement”.
        “In the East, however, crafts have established themselves since the days of ancient Persian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Israelite, Greek and Roman rule”.[Ibid., p 55] <<(LOL…no mention of Arabs…weird isn't it ??)

        in The 13th century Arab biographer -Yaqut ibn-'Abdullah(Arabic:
        ياقوت الحموي الرومي‎)- noted "Mecca is holy to muslims; Jerusalem is holy only to the Jews"

        Again, why is it only this "Jewish troll" can come up with verifiable factual references?

      • Funny people forget how Jordan treated the Palestinians when they controlled the west bank. The koing of Jordan placed a price on the head of Arafat because of his attacks on Jordanian government.

  14. Carter does not care now, nor has he ever cared about the facts. The man was a horrible president, and each time I see him open his mouth, I wonder what ever possessed me to vote for the idiot. Of course I was just eighteen, and he was the last time I ever voted for a democrat. I learned then that they do not represent our interest, they actually do not care what Americans think, they they we are stupid people and they know what is best for us. To me the antisemitism has grown from Carter, actually got worse with Clinton, who refused to share intel with them, which Israel was doing back with us, at the time Clinton said he was worried that they would use the intel to attack Iraq’s nuke facilities. You think Iran with a nuke is bad, can you imagine trying to go against Saddam with one. He had no problem using chem weapons on his own people and against Iran, I do not think he would have cared about our possible retaliation, he would have used a nuke against our forces.
    We then went to Obama’s administration, the most hostile to Israel and her interest I have ever seen.

      • Trickle down worked fine for me. I wasn’t a lazy POS whining because there was no libtard POTUS to wipe my arse for me. And JFK started trickle down.

      • Ohh, you still angry Reagan got in, too bad he is looked at as one of the greatest leaders in the last 100 years.
        Of course being a brain dead liberal, I guess to expect any type of honest looking at a GOP president would be asking too much.

    • I am afraid Carter is sadly mistaken on many things!! He deserted the Taiwan government and sided with communist China back in his days as president and he is so devastatingly wrong about Hamas. They say there will never be peace as long as any non muslim lives in this world so he is by action anti semitic!!! He claimed to be a Baptist, but you cannot be a God fearing, believing Christian and not see that God gave Israel to the Jewish nation and it has NEVER belonged to Hamas.

      • Do not forget that he put the entire security of the US in peril by giving away the Panama Canal. Communist or Islamic control of Panama could have prevented the US fleet from deploying quickly if they needed to move from one ocean to the other.

    • As a Christian of Jewish decent, I can tell you first hand MANY so called Christians dislike God’s chosen people. Just because he calls himself a Christian means nothing. “If Israel were to lay down their arms there would be no more Israel. If Hamas were to lay down their arms there would be no more war!”

      • We will never know because Israel will never ever lay down their arms until the devil tells them to. And that’s not going to happen.

      • Do you really think Israel is the aggressor? Where would you rather live, among Islamists or Jews?

      • The way I heard it was three Arab teens were shot in the head by a Hebrew speaking man, tells them to bend their heads. With out a investigation Israeli soldiers burn one teen alive and beat the crap out of his cousin an Arab/American. the Russians discover gas fields offshore from Gaza a few months ago and now it’s on to get Palestinians out of Gaza Strip. Also in the world there are more Muslims then there are Jews. a little over 7 trillion people on Earth, Christian 33.39% Muslim 22.74% Jewish 0.22%. And considering Jews have ~50% of the money you decide what is going on. Making all that noise 0.22% of the population? Where is “Voice of the People?” Hear that? it’s Zionism. You have been living in a Christian/Muslim world for a while now. I know you don’t like facts but that’s it.

      • And the thousands of rockets that have been landing in Israel prior to the current engagement, what were those? Peace offerings?

      • Your statement makes no sense. If they lay down their arms, Hamas and its allies will attack Israel without mercy. Do some reading on this conflict and see for yourself instead of believing the lies. Israel has offered them peace more times than can be counted, but Hamas continues to kill Israel civilians.

      • The devil has been telling them to lay down their arms. In this case the devil has taken the form of Hamas, ISIS, IRAN, and Jimmy Carter.

      • The Devil has asked them to lay down their arms. He goes by the names of Hamas, ISIS, Obama, and just about and Liberal Dem in Congress and the Senate.

  15. There are some very short sighted people here. Israel is only test the weapons that will be used on us in the future. When the FEMA camps are open do you think there will be one jew in the Camp. Hell no. Jews are only 14% of the United states and have ~50% of the money. They are doing here what they tried in Germany after WW1 while the leaders were pre occupied with war. We were distracted, our attention was on petty battles in Washington. All these comments using pseudo names or Guest are Jews trying to hide and calm you down. watch this and learn at the end he tell you how the Israelis are training our police force to oppress us. Be quick this will not be here for long. http://youtu.be/93hqlmrZKd8

      • Prove it’s legit with verification and you can talk. Slanted crap posted by a Hamas sycophant is useless. Chew on this for a while

        News for hamas hiding behind civilians
        French TV Shows More Evidence of Hamas Hiding Behind …
        Arutz Sheva ‎- 14 hours ago
        After Indian TV crew films Hamas rockets from their hotel room, France 24 … carrying out attacks from within densely-populatedcivilian areas.
        Forum: Hamas has no problem hiding behind civilians

        Peoria Journal Star‎ – 3 days ago
        ‘Don’t Use Me’: Reporter Admits Seeing Rocket Fired from …

        TheBlaze.com‎ – 3 days ago
        More news for hamas hiding behind civilians
        Israel’s Netanyahu: Blame for civilian deaths falls on Hamas …
        The Washington Post
        by Philip Bump – Jul 20, 2014 – Hamas, he said, is “targeting civilians and hiding behind civilians. That’s a double war crime.” The targeting of civilians referred to the group’s …
        Hamas’ Tactic: Require Israel to Cause Civilian Casualties
        The Huffington Post
        Nov 19, 2012 – The Hamas fighters hide in underground bunkers but Hamas refuses to provide any shelter for its own civilians, who they use as “human …
        Watch: Terrifying Proof That Hamas Is Hiding Behind Civilians

        Jul 14, 2014 – Hamas using Palestinian civilians as “human shields.”
        In Gaza, Hamas fighters are among civilians. There is …
        http://www.theguardian.com › News › World news › Gaza
        The Guardian
        Jul 24, 2014 – Israel’s accusation that Hamas is using civilians as human shields has grown … Hamas hides weapons and missile launchers in densely populated areas. …. A Palestinian protester behind a barricade of burning tyres uses a …
        In a hospital. At the beach. Hamas, Israel tells us, is hiding …
        http://www.theguardian.com › Opinion › Gaza
        The Guardian
        Jul 21, 2014 – Richard Seymour: According to Israel, Hamas is cowardly and cynical. … At the beach. Hamas, Israel tells us, is hiding among civilians.
        Why 70% of the people killed in Israel-Gaza violence are …

        Jul 30, 2014 – (Hamas is frequently accused of using civilians as human shields for … tohide behind (or even provoke the bombing of) Palestinian civilians, …
        Hamas Orders Civilians to Die in Israeli Airstrikes – Free …
        The Washington Free Beacon
        by Adam Kredo – Jul 10, 2014 – Hamas Orders Civilians to Die in Israeli Airstrikes …Hamas’ Interior Ministry has ordered residents of the Gaza Strip to remain in their houses if they are about to be bombed by … Report: Government Accounting Hides Debt.
        Hamas Officials Hiding in Gaza Hospital Maternity … – Haaretz
        A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt – learn more.
        Forum: Hamas has no problem hiding behind civilians …
        Journal Star
        4 days ago – What seems to be becoming more apparent about the current Palestinian-Israeli war is that Hamas is more than willing to sacrifice innocent …

      • You are wrong, there is no racism there. It’s anti-Zionist Expansion at Palestinians expense. It is illegal, the UN that gave them the land in ’48 told them to remove the settlements from Palestin after ’67 expansion.

  16. I have never seen so many gullible people gathered in one place. Here you are complaining about a black president and looking for another. Are you stupid or just really really slow? It’s the same wine different bottle.

    • It’s not the color of the person that’s relevant. It’s their character. Stop hating. It hurts you more than your target…

      • I agree 110%, I am in the same boat with you brother. I like what this President has done. Even an Idiot can see the racism behind most of the comments in this article. If we do not all come together here soon the outsiders will own this country.

      • If you see racism as the reason we disagree with this man then you must be as you say yourself an idiot. Quit falling back on the tried and true defensive position of claiming racism every time your position is weak. You destroy ever bit of credibility you may have had by resorting to the lame racism claim to defend your position.

      • His actions in the eyes of many makes him a POS. There was much worst said aboutr Bush and no one was called racist because they called him worst names.

      • Bush displayed an appalling lack of basic human
        compassion in his slow reaction to the suffering in New Orleans after Katerna. However, He’s just a run-of-the-mill overly privileged American who appears to have no soul. My point is most of the people in the US that really really hate the President is because of race. You can take it or leave it, that’s the truth. And it will be the same way with a certain percentage of people no matter which black president we elect. Obama or Allen West. I live in Florida and I tell you he is not popular here.

      • Not so sure we’re in the same boat, bro’. Even though I am totally against racism (which includes the far more frequent black-against-white variety), I’m not an Obama supporter. I think he’s the worst president we’ve had since Jimmy Carter. He’s inept at what he should be doing and too capable at what he shouldn’t be doing. Deep down, I think he really hates America. If he didn’t, why would he want to “fundamentally transform” it?

    • “It’s the same wine different bottle.”
      You are the racist. You can only see Allen West skin color, not his character or substance. Which in NO way is he the same as Obama.
      Hillary and Obama, that’s the same wine different bottle. Not because of color or gender, it’s their policies and ideology.
      It is you who is the stupid one.

      • I have never voted for none of the ones you mentioned. And I am a racist I admit it freely. I am trying improve but I know that I am a racist. I was born and raised in the deep south. But one other thing I am not is I am not ashamed of my name. You are either a Coward or a Jew or both. I am calling you Coward Jew Trolls out. Use your real name!

      • What happened fisty boy? One of your Hamas buddies stuff a bagel up your arse when you were young?

    • Stupid, slow, and gullible? Because you are that 2% of the population that is really smart, eh? If you want a conversation, don’t resort to name calling. Just makes you look really foolish.

      • Your response was much better. I had no Idea that only 2% of the population was considered smart. I reviewed your past comments and you are not only a beautiful woman you are at least a College Grad, very intelligent, and tollerant. You should be the admin for this site. It’s very seldom I see people like you on this or any other Website of this kind. You and William seem to be the only sane ones around, your Nemesis, but you both seem intelligent. Please do me one favor and watch this video and tell me if I am too far out there believing this. http://youtu.be/93hqlmrZKd8

    • His color is not the issue. His idiotic liberal views are the issue. The color of a man’s skin means nothing it is his value system. Obama has a very sick value system.

      • I can be a anti-Zionist without being
        anti-Semitic. Remember, Arabs are Semites as well.

        Also just so we are straight here people that use pseudo names or “Guest” are either Cowards or Jews or both, I am calling you out Troll. Which is it ?

      • I guess I’m a coward. Because if I put my real name and picture up while voicing conservative opinions (i.e. support for traditional marriage) I could very well end up in the bread lines. I can’t even drive down the street with my Cuccinelli bumpersticker without getting verbally harassed. Such is the extent of liberal tolerance. Maybe when I don’t need to pay my mortgage or eat I’ll get a little more backbone.

      • How is that even possible Virginia is a Red State. Even conservatives don’t like Cowards? Count the number of Conservatives on this page. I use my real name here.

      • Wow, you’re really pretty stupid…and I don’t generally insult people on these sites. 1) Virginia is not a red state any more than the US is a red country. Geographically speaking, more of it is covered in red (just as the Bible Belt makes most of the US red if you’re looking at a map). As a population, it went Democrat the last two presidential elections and currently has two Democrat senators. In it’s entire history, it’s only had five Republican senators, four of which only served one term. I am in northern VA, which is deep blue. 70% Democrat….thus the hostility towards people who don’t hold lock-step liberal views. 2) Antisemitism, as a word, doesn’t mean “against semites”. Look it up. It specifically means anti-Jew. If you were merely anti-Zionists, you’d not hate the Jews as a whole, just the ones that support a Jewish state and are fanatical about their Jewry. 3) Jews have been in that area as long as the Palestinians so why is one claim greater than the other? For 100 years the the Palestinians have refused two-state solutions (Peel Commission and 1947 Partitian), sided with Germany in WWII and Hamas, and attacked Israel time and time again only to have their asses handed to them. Maybe, if they don’t want war, they should accept any of the plethora of offers made, stop siding with people who want to kill Jews and stop attacking Israel. Not that hard, really, IF what they want is peace…..

      • Every map I look at shows Virginia as a Red State also every Red State I look at has the lowest IQ of all the States. So that explained your “Wow, you’re really pretty stupid…and I don’t generally insult people on these sites.” or “My HEAVENS you’re an idiot!,Do you EVER get tired of being such an ignorant, easily-led, mentally
        weak cow to slaughter? You may want to at least put some tinted
        moisturizer on your glaring stupidity.” Maybe you hit your head while playing Football Missy. Sorry I had to take the shot, it was too easy. lol

      • Ugh! I SAID if you look at a map, it’s red…so is the United States. I’m happy to exchange our current electoral system of a “per voter” basis for a “per square foot” basis. If you want to make a deal where the 8k people that live in a square mile of Alexandria, VA carry the same electoral weight as the 8 per square mile in Highland County, I’ll take it! But why stop there? Why not make the 56K that live in a square mile of Union, NJ equivalent to the 2 that live in a square mile of Hot Springs County, WY in Presidential elections? And did you look at the posts of the one other guy I called an idiot, out of hundreds of people I’ve responded to? He was an idiot…spewing all sorts of demonstrably false things (i.e. the war in Afghanistan wasn’t Constitutional, Sarah Palin said she can see Russia from her house, “tens of millions of people” have saved money with Obamacare when DHS only says 8mm signed up, or going off on weird, off-topic impeachment tangents). Wrong, on nearly every assertion he made. Every now and then I have to calls ’em as I sees ’em. Painful as it might be for me, since I am a lady and would prefer to be civil.

      • That’s a interesting theory, but the country would go to the Richest person around Who ever owns the most land will do most of the voting. Kinda like we have now I guess.

      • No, what we have now – at least in the United States – is whoever promises the most handouts, gets the most votes!

      • I’ll bet you’re every bit the punk your Hamas heroes are. They gutlessly hide behind others also. My guess is you’re their beotch. Bent over in some tent as they pass you around.

      • And we are to believe your name is Steve Hill and that is your pic. How long have you worked for Hamas?

  17. Sir, the current administration is cutting the military, and trying to tell everyone it is okay because we have won the war on terror.
    I read history and Chamberlain said the same thing in 1937. He was wrong then &&Obama is wrong today. The only reason we have been as safe as we are in my life time, is we’ve been the Pit Bull on the block, and we had leaders who used it.

    • Hey Ken, we have not won any war on terror. We were never meant to, we are to spend the money in American/Jewish corporations financing wars. This is a pro war economy. As long as we occupy their lands, they will attack us to run us out of their country. They have patriots just like ours. We would attack them if they built forts in the United States. I don’t blame them at all, I blame the ones that sent our Men and Women to fight a war that could not be won. We have not won a War since WWII. You are a Historian tell me I am wrong.

      • The ONLY time we have not been successful in any military conflict was when Democrats controlled things and over ruled the military.Truman relieved McArthur and then restricted the focus in Korea. Could have eliminated a major supporter of Communist aggression and prevented Viet Nam from occurring. LBJ sat in the White House and chose which targets the Air Force could and could not attack. Tied the hands of the Army and Marines to prevent them from taking offensive action to wipe out the NVA and Viet Cong after the failed Tet Offensive. Leaving them only the option to fight in defensive mode. Then the Democrat House and Senate pulled the rug out from under troops under fire in the field by cutting off funding. The kill rate in both wars was over 6-1 for the US with the kill rate getting close to 10-1 in Nam when the Dems cut the troops off at the knees.

        BTW the US military completely destroyed the Iraqi troops and drove them out of Kuwait in a matter of weeks Jan 16th to Feb 27th.

      • If we don’t fight them over there, they will be killing us in our own country. Oh, wait, they are already killing us in our own country….September 11th!

      • The US with some help from the UN, did throw North Korea and China out of South Korea. Truman passed up the chance to let the 8th Army cut off and finish the Chinese armies in Korea and Manchuria, but pushing them back to the 38th parallel was still a limited VICTORY. It was the first time after WW2, that the Communists were stopped.

  18. I’ll give Carter credit—just when Obummer was given the title of WORST prez. ever—Jimmy comes out swinging in an attempt to retake the crown.

  19. Democrats in general suffer from the delusional belief that all we have to do is to sit down and talk to people and they will become out friends. Comes from their radical 60s up bringing. Flower power will change the world if we only believe. They refuse to comprehend that there is plain evil in the world which has no desire to be our friend. Much of it wants to eliminate the west from existence. .They just sit around playing “imagine” over and over and standing on mountain tops singing “I like to teach the world to sing” They actually have no concept of reality when it comes to the mindset of those who want to kill those who do not believe as they believe.

  20. Carter the man who brought us 22% interest rates and militant Iran, gave away the Panama Canal and never met a dictator he didn’t kiss the boots of. A perfect example of a man who should sit down and shut up!

  21. Jimmy knows the truth about what is happening, just as he knows the truth of God’s word concerning those who would curse Israel. He has selectively stepped around the the truth in both cases and formed an opinion without any merit in reality and truth. God Loves Israel and it’s people warts and all. But jimmy is stepping out on very thin ice here and he most certainly is aware..

  22. Readers, trying to argue with Israel hater is hopeless, they have existed from the beginning of the Bible. If you believe in G-d than just look at how he protects Israel, 500,000,000 Arabs(with large amounts of funds) surround 3,000,000 Israelis, thousands of rockets raining down and very little deaths. Remember all of the wars which the Arabs nations have brought upon the Holyland, and how G-d was with them throughout them all. I will not respond to haters, I will let the G-d of Israel do the judging on them all. G-d bless America..

  23. So if the Jews are Gods children then send your own children to go die for them. So if the Jews are Gods children why did they betray Christ? So if the Jews are Gods children then why do you choose not to convert to Judaism ? What a crock!

    • It was God’s plan for Christ to die on the cross as the sacrificial lamb so that all men can be saved simply by believing in him. Hence no need to convert to Judaism. Understand?

      • Yeah, I went to Catholic school. Save the bullshit for another day. So God forced the Jews to betray Christ, is that it Jim? If the Jews are Gods children shouldn’t they believe in the Son of God Jesus Christ? Why would God’s chosen people not believe the word of Christ? Till this very day? So you are saying that the Jews will not be going to heaven? Or will they receive a free pass?

      • Christ was raised Jewish Joe – Disciples were Jewish too. Many Jews did and do believe in the Son of God, Jesus Christ. God didn’t force the Jews to betray Christ, some of them did so on their own – by their choice. And anyone (even you – no BS) can choose heaven thanks to God’s grace through Christ’s sacrifice – but only through Christ.

      • Yes, I’m aware that Christ was a Jew. The point I was trying to make was, if the Jews are God’s chosen people, God’s children, then why do they deny Jesus Christ as the Messiah? And, if the only way to the Father is through Christ, the Son, then Jews do not qualify entry to Heaven. Unless they get a free pass, just for being a Jew. Doesn’t sound like they are God’s chosen people to me.

      • Joe, not all Jews deny Christ. Peter, a Jew, didn’t deny Christ (okay, maybe three times – but not after that). And we’re all God’s chosen people if we accept Christ as savior. We all have access to the Father, Jews and Gentiles, through our Lord, Jesus Christ. People lable people “Jew” or “Christian” – God lables us His through Christ.

      • I like your moxie. I believe that the Creator sent a very special human being into our midst. To teach us the power of forgiveness, unconditional love and much more. A very special gift, but we failed ourselves. We murdered him out of fear. Then we made up a story, in order to condone that failure.

      • I could have stopped reading early considering I had already known a few of the reasons. However, I stopped reading as soon as I read the word Talmud. I read much of the Talmud. It is one of the reasons why I don’t like Jews, generally speaking.

      • You asked why Jews don’t accept Christ as their savior. Now you can’t say you don’t know.

        What you’ve said here is a mess of contradictions. You seem to accept the words of Jesus as gospel, but denigrate and dismiss His own religion, and its modern adherents, because you reject His primary teaching, which is that it is not your place to judge your fellow man. It seems as if you’re cherry-picking from the bible to justify your prejudices.

        At least you admit to being an anti-Semite. It saves anyone from having to call you out.

      • You assume too much. I asked that question to a Christian, not a Jew. I believe Jesus was the greatest man that ever lived. Notice I wrote,”man.” Not the Trinity.

        Have you read the Talmud? I have. And I wipe my ass with the word Antisemitism. Jews are the biggest bigots ever. Just ask an Ethiopian Jew how they are treated in Israel.

        Just ask a Palestinian how fairly they are treated in Palestine. Yes, Palestine, not Israel. But what do I know? I am just a filthy Goy.

      • Maybe the Talmud is bigoted, but that is not the reason to stop reading. To be truly educated one must read/listen to all sides and then decide.

      • Joe, don’t stop thinking about Christ and who He is, at least for a few days. You used a capital “C” for the word creator. Pray about it, You’ll be amazed at what will happen. And, hopefully we’ll get to talk about it more when we get home.

      • It’s all about religion. Man’s words and actions. Man mimics nature. Been that way for millions of years!

      • Each religion has its own interpretation of God’s story. You have yours, the Jews have theirs, the Protestants have theirs and so on. My belief is we will all go to heaven if we believe there is a higher power and trust in that higher power.

      • So you demand that people give you respect for your faith, but you refuse to accept that others believe differently. You would have made a great crusader. You are nothing but a coward and a fool.

      • Maybe because Jesus wasn’t the Messiah.

        “The Messiah” was a Jewish prophecy and the fact is that Jews didn’t believe Jesus fulfilled it. And before you go dissing other people’s religion, it might help to learn a bit about it. Heaven is a Christian invention, Judaism doesn’t feature heaven.

      • Lol. I don’t diss. I doubt. My previous comment was directed to a Christian, not a Jew, my dear. Most Christians believe the nonsensical hogwash that Jews are God’s chosen people. Which I find hilarious.

        I want to know, from a Christian point of view, why the Jews get a free pass into heaven if they deny Christ. If I deny Christ, I won’t get a free pass, but a Jew will, from a Christian point of view. How is that fair?

      • You were raised jaded because you were raised a Catholic. Catholics believe they are the only true believers. Their teachings are skewed. I know this because I have been Catholic.

      • LOL Yep. For one, I am against organized religion. They are money hungry and there is to much corruption within. For me it is in the wonderful stories in the Bible and what is in my heart formed from what I have witnessed in my 65 years. I have seen proof. God is there for us all.

      • It would be convenient for you to turn this discussion to merely one of religion, rather than a people’s right to exist, for which you have no good argument.

    • This is nothing more then a excuse to wave away your antisemitic views. You are nothing but a coward using your false brand of Christianity to justify it. Funny how you fools seem to forget that Jesus died a Jew, he was born of a Jew, and lived his life among them. If he did not love them he would have moved to Rome.

    • Why don’t you make the same lame argument for every ethnic group? In fact, your view is un-American, because it divides, and finds any excuse to whimp out against terror.

  24. Jimmy Carter is the father of nuclear Iran and nuclear N Korea. All of his efforts are to get revenge on the US for voting him out of office in 1980

  25. I think Jimmy Carter, the so-called first born-again president, should remember he is marked for death as are the rest of the infidels…

  26. West. Stupid is as stupid does. Fox worthy is right, you can’t fix stupid . too bad Carter can’t keep his mouth shut

  27. I’m proud to say I’m a Georgian who never voted for Carter and plans to never vote for anyone even remotely related to him, as I think his “wisdom” genes run strong in that family. (Please note the sarcasm when referring to his “wisdom.”)

  28. His treason & treachery goes a lot further & deeper than Anti-Semitism.
    He along with Brzezinski was solely responsible for the starting of modern day terrorism – the grandfather of terrorism if you will.
    He was directly responsible for the removal of the late Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi who was a strong ally of the West AND Israel. In fact he was the 1st Moslem leader to recognise Israel in 1948 & Iran the 1st Moslem country.
    Iran was a member of OPEC that set the prices of oil. Carter wanted the Shah to sell oil well below what Saudi Arabia did, which no one in their right mind would do. The Shah refused. Why should he sell Iran’s oil a lot cheaper than Saudi Arabia? From early 1978 Carter began plotting the demise & destabilisation of Iran & using the CIA made covert contact with Killer Ayatollah Ruollah Khomeini – whom Cater described as “a Gandhi-like figure”.
    The Soviet Union warned Killer Carter that they would invade Afghanistan if Iran was destabilised & the Shah removed. The rest is history. That of course is where Bin Laden got started & learned to hate America, not just because of Islam but also American duplicity.
    When the Shah was deposed & the Islamic Republic of Iran was installed, there ended a continuous 2,500 year reign of Shahs from Cyrus the Great to Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi & ushered in modern day Islamic terrorism.
    Anybody remember the American Embassy hostages? Held captive for 444 days because Carter being so piss weak couldn’t negotiate & the ill-fated Colonel Oliver North expedition tried to rescue them?
    It was only because President Reagan was elected that Iran finally negotiated the release of the American hostages – they knew Reagan would take military action.
    It also helped that Carter secretly transferred through the CIA $Billions to Iran the day before President Reagan’s inauguration.
    The rule of the Mullah’s began. Hundreds of thousands of the Shah’s supporters were rounded up, tortured, imprisoned &/or executed.
    From there, they sent out death squads to kill expatriate Iranians – especially in France. Set up Hezbollah & funded many other terrorist organisations which continues to this day.
    Why is Carter still walking the streets as a free man?

  29. Anyone who feels this way about Hamas should go live with them. Carter was the worst president until Obama stole his way in .

  30. Who are more tolerant, the Muslims or Jews? As a Christian, would you rather live on the West Bank or in Israel? In Iraq or Israel? In any Arab country or Israel?

  31. I have realized something as I have continued to read about this conflict and the reactions of different people to it: in large part, the people who comment on either side of the issue are hopelessly uninformed as to the realities of the situation. In the case of Allen West, I don’t know what he knows about the conflict itself, but from what I just read about the op ed Jimmy Carter wrote, I would be led to believe that Carter had said some truly heinous things about Jews. And, in that sense, Allen West is uninformed. Unlike the majority of the people who have so far commented on this article, blindly taking West’s words at face value, I read the op ed. And, to my surprise, it was actually a rational argument that contained reasonable explanations for his opinions.

    Here’s the link, for anyone who actually wants to know what they are talking about: http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2014/08/04/how_to_fix_it_jimmy_carter_mary_robinson_israel_palestine_gaza_hamas

    I guess the message here is this: blindly following the words of an uninformed person is a truly stupid way to live one’s life. And all of you have just done it.

    • I’ve listened to Carter for years. Living in Georgia, it’s a little difficult to get away from him, to be perfectly frank. While Carter may not specifically say horrid things about the Jews or Israel, his ideas for “peace” in that region are truly ludicrous. Trying to coexist or make peace with a people who vows to pursue your total destruction is just foolish. The Palestinians elected a terrorist organization to run their government. No, all of the Palestinians did not, but, like the minority here, they are left to deal with what the majority has decided. Unfortunately, since Hamas tells them to ignore the Israeli warnings, many have died. Of course, the fact that Hamas hides its weapons behind women and children has nothing to do with it, right? While Carter may seem reasonable to you, those of us who have had to suffer listening to him for years on end (really, Rosalynn should do a better job of keeping him home on the farm in Plains) know that is not the case.

      • The problem these people like Carter have today is that they, if they were in charge would never have involved the US in war with the the Nazi’s. They would have stood back, cried about how misunderstood they were, Carter or Obama would have most likely had this man in the White House and talked about his wonderful intentions for his people.
        The Democratic party was not full of liberals, in fact if the democrats from back then saw how their party has turned out they most likely would have changed parties. The Democratic party today is nothing but idiots who blame everything on race, refuse to do anything, thinking their ideology is more important then the rights of the american citizens. I my opinion they are nothing but traitors.
        You want to hear a man who does not use race as a excuse, does not try to divide but rather is looking for ways to unite this country, look no further then Dr. Ben Carson. If this man runs I will be the first to stand in line and vote for him.

    • Concerned Citizen: Please cite specific examples of where Allen West is uninformed. Straddling the fence, criticizing the left/right, and presuming you’re above the fray is a convenient position to take, but one already assumed by our ineffectual president.

    • You are a fool. The only one that is hopelessly uniformed is you, take one link and fools like you take that as a fact without bothering to even research the legitimacy of it. This opinion was the least informed that I have ever seen. Not once does Carter say that this started not because of Israeli attacks, but because of Hamas firing rockets at Israel.
      He says nothing about tunnels whose only reason for being made is to sow terror and give the ability to slaughter and kidnap Israeli citizens. No place do they talk about the previous cease fires, many of them asked for by Hamas, who then broke them before they were even fully implemented.
      Until the pathetic excuse we have for president now came along Carter was the worst Commander in Chief we ever had, but Obama has been working very hard not to be outdone by him.

    • “And all of you have just done it.” – Whenever somebody like Concerned Citizen speaks in generalities, accusing everybody else with one broad brush, my b.s.-o-meter goes off. Is he projecting his own inadequacies?

      • I’m not going to have an ad hominem debate, but I would implore you to read the opinion written by Carter.

      • Ad hominem debate? Do you even know the meaning of ad hominem? Because you just interjected it into this discussion where it didn’t exist before. That’s a logical fallacy and a red herring.

    • Why do so many people make this about President Obama? It’s as if he was the one to write the op ed, not Jimmy Carter.

  32. Why can’t he just go back to his farm in Georgia, sit on his porch, and keep his mouth shut. We don’t need any advice from him.

  33. Read what former Secret Service agents had to say about him. He was probably one of the worst presidents ever. He should have stuck with peanut farming or perhaps joined his brother in brewing Billy Beer.

  34. Send the guys in white coats out to recapture this senile, demented moron…..when he’s put back in the asylum….double the guards!! Do NOT let this idiot escape again!!!

  35. Arab – Israel Conflict —- Why I’m on Israels Side … — History & Facts —

    History of the Arab-Israel Conflict:

    Britain promises Arab land if they helped defeat the ‘Turks’ in World War 1.
    Of course, Britain being backstabbing bastards went back on that deal.
    Then they decided to give them most of the Middle East in the 1930’s/40’s.

    In 1917, The Balfour Declaration, a document drafted to set up a “Jewish Homeland”, was created by the British Government in an attempt to win over Jewish support in their country and from Jews. The Jews, after going through a several hundred year long exodus from their ancestral home, which had been wrongfully taken by the descendants of Ishmael, and later the Muslims, wanted to return home. Towards the beginning of Hitler’s reign more and more Jews returned to the homeland, a land which the British government had no right to give to the Arabs.

    There never was a Palestinian state.
    It was a mandate of the British government.
    Palestine was a Greek term which originally referred to the Jewish people.
    It was one of several Mandates that the British government had rule over.
    They had already given the Arabs most of the Middle East.

    In 1948, the STATE of Israel was reborn.
    Therefore, it is a legitimate nation. Palestine is not, as it never existed.
    After the formation of Israel, they were immediately attacked by all surrounding Muslim or Arab nations because they couldn’t stand not having
    that one little piece of real estate like selfish children.

    Israel, and the people of Israel has had the crap kicked out of them from day 1.
    The current campaign which they were in was rightfully justified.
    They were building terror tunnels into Israel.
    They were willfully (under Hamas’ direction) firing rockets into Israel.
    They also kidnapped, raped, tortured, and then finally murdered by immolation(burned to death) three Jewish teens, one of which was also from America.

    Finally, Israel said enough was enough and launched the most significant military campaign they’ve had in 8 years. Their counterattack was completely justified. Hamas uses women and children to hide behind them with their missiles and weapons

    “Why would they all stand there knowing they were going to die? They wouldn’t.”

    Well, Hamas and the PLO force people to stand their ground for this very reason.
    If they don’t stay where they tell their civilians to stay, they shoot them on their own.

    They do it intentionally to garner support from the U.N.
    Even their religious leaders have stated this. If there is to be peace in Gaza.
    Hamas must be uprooted through cooperation between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza. Israel doesn’t want war, they want peace.

    It’s the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and all these terrorist organizations which surround all the countries of the Middle East that want Israel dead. Israel has every right to defend themselves. When civilians die in war, it’s an unfortunate side effect of a conflict between two factions. We both wish it didn’t happen, but it does. Deal with it.

    #StandForIsrael #StandForTruth #StandForFacts

  36. That apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Jimmy Carter’s mother attended at least one Ku Klux Klan meeting we know of while Jimmy was the President of the United States. Google Lillian Carter Ku Klux Klan.


    Barbara Walters was the reporter for ABC News on the story. Lillian Carter testified under oath in court she was at a Ku Klux Klan meeting.

    • Gay rights exist in Israel. Not so in Gaza, or in most Muslim countries. Iran, Hamas’s and Jimmy Carter’s friend, hangs gay people in public.

  37. It was always an unspoken rule that when there is a regime change at the white house, that past presidents stay our of it. They do not try to second guess the decisions made by the new guy and in their silence, they give the fellow their support whether or not they agree with them. Carter was the first to totally break that rule. He has come forward to complain and take sides in all sorts of ways and to act like he is the ruling royalty straightening everyone out. He needs to sit down and put his pen down and let these presidents make up their own minds. He did such a terrible job when he was in office, no one cares what he thinks now anyway.

  38. Jimmy needs to start doing what George H.W. Bush has been doing; parachuting out of planes each year on his birthday. Jimmy needs to let the adults deal with the Middle East. He could not even run this countries affairs for 4 years let alone Israel and the Middle East.

  39. Who ever wrote this is stupid like the rest of the American people that have been supporting Israel knowing clearly that what the Jews has been doing for 47 years to the Palestinian people. Let me ask you this, If this were you, how would you feel or react to the enticement of the Jewish people?. If someone has been occupying your land illegally for 47 years, don’t you think that should you STAND up tall to the oppresser and make him/her understand the pains that you’ve been going through? And if you think fighting for freedom is wrong, then I think all the freedomFighters in GAZA MUST continually fight until their wrong is actually recognized as Right.

    • The militant, hostile, “freedom fighter” attitude towards Israel isn’t making things better for Palestinians in Gaza. It would be better for everyone if they made peace with Israel. When the Europeans came to North America and started taking over land, the natives had two choices 1.) Be assimilated by the conquering society, or 2.) resist and be decimated.

    • The Gazans could have everything, except the one thing they seem to want above all else, which is no Jewish people in the Middle East. That comes straight out of the Hamas Charter, which I doubt Mr. De Crevecoeur has ever bothered to read. The Palestinians in general have had multiple opportunities since 1967 to establish a permanent diplomatic land agreement, but they have declined at every turn. If expansion was Israel’s goal, they could occupy Gaza. They don’t, which should tell you something. All Mr. De Crevecoeur’s oppressor “stand up” talk is faux-revolutionary garbage, high on rhetoric and short on knowledge.

  40. Has Mr. West said anything untruthful in this article? Jimmy Carter is best known as a failure. Apparently, he likes it that way.

  41. When palestinians accept the existence of israel and stop voting for a vile organization not much better than isis, then they will have a much better life. Until then they will only invite grief and devastation upon themselves


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